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Four Monumental Inscriptions in Elham Church
                                                                           Noted 5th October 1891 by Leland L. Duncan  

The following is as far as possible an exact transcription of Mr L.L. Duncan's field notebook for the M.I.s in the Folkestone area where he seems have stayed during September and October 1891.  His notebook written up in his shorthand, in pencil, on the site leave something to be desired. The paper of the notebook has over time become somewhat dirty and aged but is an immensely valuable record of that date.
                                                                                 Transcribed and typed up by Christine Pantrey

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 17th March 2008

312. In yard (South):- Rachel HUXTEP Died 18th March 1879 aged 70. Also Bridget wife of Joseph Huxtep Died 22nd July 1879 aged 78.

313. In Elham Church – North Aisle:- Underneath this stone is Interr’d the Body of Mr Walter DEVEREUX, Gent Born in the County of Waxford in Ireland He died September the 15th 1718 aged 66 years.

314. In the Nave:- Here lieth interred ( Expecting a joyfull Resurrection) the body of Captaine William SYMONS who departed this life – ber the 19th Anno 1674 in the 61st year of his age. A Captaine Captive here doth lie perdu Untill his General shall his force renew To face his foes then he for service past Shall have a crown yt will for ever last Follow your leader Sirs to the Gates of Death Preserve your honour though yu loose yr Breath.

315. In the nave a brass plate:- EVTW ETAVPW TOV XPISON Here lieth the body of ye Reverend Mr John HILL, Dean and Vicar of Elham who died ye 9th of February 1730 aged 43 years.

Elham  5th October 1891.

315 a  Besides the above there are a couple of stones in the North Aisle to the SALL family and one in the chancel to ANDREWS of Forth Elham – and apparently no others of any kind although the Church is an unusually large one.

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 17th March 2008

1. On a Flat Stone, within ye Communion Rails, wth. this Coat.
[Erm. 2 chevns. gu]. (Griffin note: SOMNER). Here lies the Body of John Somner Gent. son of the learned Mr William Somner of Canterbury. Who died, June ye 7th 1695 in the 29th Year of his Age.

2. Here is a very Handsome Altar Peice.

3. On a Plate on a Flat Stone, without ye Rails. Here Michell PYX interred lyes/of Folkestone Mayor, & Hythe./Bayliff to Yarmouth once he was,/Long Time before he died./ His only Son he left behind,/Who, Thomas hath, to Name;/With blubberd Cheeks, and pensive Mind/He caus’d to wright the same./ He decessy’d ye 25th of Sept. Anno 1601 being of the Age of 70 Years.

4. On a Plate on a Flat Stone, which has formerly had Another Plate and 2 Coats, now lost, is ye Following imperfect Inscription. The Epitaph of Nicholas *WAREHAM (*As it seems) …../Time ……../in Tranfiroke Gentelman ……/Clare the Daughter of John TOKE of Great Chart, Esquire, and of Cyslie the Daughter of Sr. Thomas KEMP, Knight. The which Nicholas lived 70 Yeares, and died at ……../ in Elham the 8th of Maye 1577 at Wingmore (betw. Elham and Barham – V.J.T.) ……/ have,/….. much/ …./ to Poor he gave. …../Daies/…..Poore/…..alwaies.

5. Here are also 3 other Ancient Flat Stones, but none of them are now legible. 1 of them has had a Brass Plate on it.

In The Middle Isle.
6. On a New or Modern Plate of Brass, fixt to an Ancient Fl. Stone. EV TW Etavpw TE Xpi58. Here lieth The Body of The Revd. Mr John HILL, Dean and Vicar of Elham, who died Feb. 9 1730/1 Aged 43 Years.

7. On Another Flat Stone, with this Coat.
[¼ly of 6: 1,3,5) Sa. a cinquefoil or. 2,4,6) Or]. (Griffin note: SYMMONDS see Swingfield). Here lieth interred, expecting a joyfull Resurrection, The Body of Captain William SYMONS, who departed this Life ye 19th of 7ber 1674 in The 61st Year of his Age. A Captain Captive here doth lie perdu,/Untill his Gen’ral shall his Force renew,/To face his Foes; then he, for Service past,/Shall have a Crown that will forever last./Follow your Leader, Sirs, to th’ Gate of Death/Preserve Your Honour, ‘tho You loos’t Your Breath.

8. In The South Isle, Is an Ancient Flt Stone, without Inscription, and ye Brasses lost.

In The North Isle.
9. On a Flat Stone. Underneath this Stone is interr’d the Body of Mrs Mary SALL, Wife of Mr Francis Sall, Surgeon, of The Family of Salls, in ye City of Cassell, in Ireland. She died, May the 23d. 1719. Aged 43 Years. Left Issue 1 Son, and 2 Daughters – Richard, Frances, and Mary. Mr Francis Sall died April 5 1730. Aged 72.

10. On Another. Underneath this Stone is interr’d, The Body of Mr Walter DEVEREUX, Gent, born in the County of Wexford in Ireland. He died Sept. 15 1718. Aged 66 Years.

11. Here are also 2 other Flat Stones, not legible, wch. seem to be Ancient.

In The Church Yard.
12. An Altar Tomb – without Inscription; said to belong to ye Family of WARLEY.

13. Another – not legible, of the Family of NETHERSOLE. I made out ye Figures 167./.

14. Another – for Thomas GINDER, Gent, in 1680.

15. This Church consists of a Tiled Chancell, and 3 Isles cover’d with Lead. On the South Side of the Chancell, are the Ruins of Another. In The Steeple, which is a Tower, Pointed with a Lofty Spire, hang 5 heavy Bells, all made by John WLNAR in ye Year 1659 (sic). (Real date was 1639. Recast (all save No.7) 1763 by L & Pack. No.7 is T. MEARS & Son, 1809 – Stahl. 267).

16. It is a Vicarage, In the Gift of Merton College in Oxford – and is dedicated to St. Mary. The Present Vicar is Philip BEARCROFT, D.D. viz. 1757.

17. The (sic) is a fair Tumulus, in a Field, calld the Broomfield - belonging to a Farm call’d Bowick - in this Parish – and between ye Town and Rood’s Minnis – the present Tenant’s Name is Wm. ELGAR – 1772 – I think David PAPILLON Esq. – is ye Land Lord.

18. There is Another Tumulus, between ye former, and Ottinge – on the Left Hand going from Rood’s Minnis to Ottinge – it stands on the Land of one John FAGG.

19. There was another somewhere at Ottinge, which was, about 10 Years ago, dug down, and the Earth carried away – by Henry, Richard, and John ROLFE – the present joynt Owners of Ottinge – they are supposed to have found Money, and Things of Value, in it.

20. There is, also, Another Tumulus, on the L. Hand of the High Road, going from Ottinge to Lyminge – it is in a Field used by One NICHOLLS, a Butcher, at Elham.

Index of Names and Places

DEVEREUX 313, 10
HILL 315, 6

SALL 315a, 9
SYMONS 314, 7
Barham 4
Canterbury 1
Cassell, Ireland 9
   Forth 315a
Folkestone 3
Great Chart 4
Hythe 3
Swingfield 7
Wexford in Ireland 313, 10
Yarmouth 3
Bayliff 3
Butcher 20
Captain 314, 7
Mayor 3