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Elmstead with index of names and places at end

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The Monumental Inscriptions in Elmstead Church noted by Leland L. Duncan and Caroline Duncan 

                                                                    Typed up by Dawn Weeks, checked by Zena Bamping

Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 22nd August 2007

Notes from the church:-

In the Chancel.
Two small slabs on the floor.
1. Thomasine daughter of Sir Edward HONYWOOD Baronet and Elizabeth his wife aged 74 years Interred 25th of April 1734.

2. Repositæ sunt hic Exuviæ Virginis Dignissime et pietate singulari Ornatœ Dominœ Eliza HONYWOOD Filiœ 3tice Domini Thomœ Honywood Equitis Avrati. Obiit XX die Februarii Anno Dom 1628 Ætatis 44
[Drawings of arms]

3. On the church floor [pencil sketch of shield] Here lyeth ye body of John TAYLOR ye only sonne of Thomas Taylor Esquire by Katherin his first wife, he died before marriage ye 14th of November 1642 in ye 18th yeare of his age.

4. On the chancel floor [pencil sketch of arms] Here lyeth ye body of Ms Katheren Taylor Gentlewoman fourth daughter of Sir Thomas HONYWOOD late of ys place Knight who lived most religiously, being in all hir actions grave and provident (and as Grace had filled her with inward Beauty so had nature adorned her with outward comlyness) She dyed in childbed ye first of October 1625 ye 30 yeare of hir age leaving to hir husband 4 children, ye eldest not above 6 yeares ould vid: John, Elizabeth, Mary and Katheren, in memory of home Thomas Taylor of Willesborow Gentleman hir loving husband placed here this stone 1626

In the South chancel.
5. On the floor a brass. [pencil sketch] The inscription is lost.

6. On a brass plate: Here lieth the body of Sir William HONYWOOD Baronet who died the 8th of June 1745 in the 94th year of his age.

7. Brass in the south chancel: Hic iacet alma Parens miserisq salvtifer Ignis Quem Liquido extinæit frigore dirus Hydrops Tantus amicorum fletus defluxit in Ægram Ut nimio accepto flumine, mersa perit In fœlix iterum tristisq supervenit Unda Et minor est alijs obrutus orbis aquis. Psalmus LXIX Serva me Deus quia perueniunt aquœ usq ad animam. Maria filia Thomœ Godfrey de Lid armigeri nupsit Johanni Honywood de Elmsted militi cui superstites reliquit tres filios et quatuor filias obijt November Septimo Anno Domini 1638.

8. Brass inscription in the south chancel:- Dame Anna Christiana HONYWOOD wife of Sir William Honywood Baronet Second daughter of Richard Newman of Fifehead-Magdalen in the county Dorset Esquire aged 79 years Interred the 3rd of November 1730.

In the South chancel
9. Dignissimus vir D Joh HONYWOOD de Elmested eques auratus, filius et Heres D. Thomas Honywood equitis aurati, iuxta unicam charissimam coningem Mariam hic in Domino obdormit novem omnino liberorum septem superstitum Edwardi, Guilielmi, Johannis, Elizabethæ, Mariæ, Janæ et Katherinæ necnon plurimorum orphanorum prudens providus et indulgens Pater Qui erga Deum sincera religione erga Patriam summo studio et amore in gravissimus justitiæ negotiiis indefessa industria inter proximos pacis & unitatis fideli conciliatione erga pauperes amica miseratione Pientissimi patrissabat Natus Dec 27 1584 Denatus November 26 1652 Ætatis sue 68.

In the North chancel
10. Here lieth interred the body of Edward HONYWOOD Esquire youngest son of Sr William Honywood Baronet Judge Advocate of his Majesty’s Navy, who died April the 16th 1724 aged 39 years Also Mary his wife eldest sister of Sr Clement Wearg Knight his Majesty’s Solicitor Generall who died February ye 15th 1726 aged 43 years.

11. Here lieth the body of Annabella wife of John HONYWOOD Esquire of Holt in this parish. She was daughter of William Goodenough Esquire of Langford in ye county of Berks She died the 22nd of July 1737 aged 33 years. She left issue two sons and two daughters William, Edward, Annabella Christiana, Thomasine

12. Here lieth the body of Anna Christiana wife of Walter BRAEMS of Bridg in this county Esquire Lieutenant Colonel in the army and widow to John DOD of Broxton Esquire in Cheshire and daughter to Sir William HONYWOOD Baronet of Evington. Died March 23 1738/9 aged 62 years. Also the abovesaid Colonel Walter Braems Obt March 16 1741 Æt 71

13. Here lieth interred ye body of John Harbord DOD of Broxon in the county of Chester Esquire, Controller of ye Revenue of Tenthes and First Fruites Grandson of Sir William Honywood Baronet He married Elizabeth daughter of Charles Matthews of Exeter in the county of Devon Gentleman who as a memorial hath caused this stone to be laid He died July 3 1752 aged 34.

14. On the floor a brass plate (coat of arms lost): Here lyeth buried the body of John ?C?LOKE late of Northleighe in this parish Gentleman who departed this life the 21st of January Anno 1617 Ætatis sue 58 Veni vidi vici Thus death triumphs and tells us all must die Thus we triumph, to Christ by death to flie To live to dye, is not to dye but live To dye to bliss is blessed life to give Aske how he lived and thou shalt know his end He died a saint to God, to poore a friend.

15. Here lyeth the body of Mrs Susanna MATTHEW who departed this life April the 27 1769 aged 68. Here also lyeth the body of Mrs Elizabeth Whitmell her sister and the widow of the ……………………. Whitnell of ……………………. October the …………………….aged 67 …………………….Matthews their sister …………………….85 aged 75 years.

In the North chancel are also tablets to
16. Dame Mary Ann HONYWOOD wife of Sir John Courtenay Honywood Baronet who died at Isleworth House Middlesex 10 March 1841 aged 50 erected by her children. Coat Honywood. Impaling arg a chevron sa cotised gu between 3 trefoils slipped.

17. Also a mural monument to: Sir John HONYWOOD of Evington Baronet by his first wife Annabella daughter of William Goodenough of Langford in county Berks Esquire he had William, Edward, Annabella, Christiana, Mary and Thomasine. By his second wife Dorothy daughter of Sir Edward Filmer of East Sutton Baronet he had Filmer, John and Mary. He died 26 June 1781 aged 71. In the same vault lies Dame Dorothy Honywood second wife of Sir John Honywood died October 7 1781 in 70th year.

In the North and South chancels are many further monuments to the Honywood family.

18. A flat stone in the nave:- In memory of John LUSHINGTON late of Helchin in this parish who died the 12th day of June 1770 aged 37 years. He left issue by Mary his wife four children Mary, Elizabeth, John and Sarah.

End of notes from Elmstead Church August 1890

The Churchyard
Notes from South East corner of Elmstead churchyard

19. Dorcas wife of Daniel Sutton of this parish died 14 March 1850 aged 79. Also above Daniel SUTTON died 19 September 1851 aged 85.

20. Mr George NEWPORT late of this parish died October 21 1835 aged 75. Susan wife of above and daughter of Mr Thomas KIDDER of Hastingleigh died June 25th 1850 aged 78.

21. Mary eldest daughter of Joseph and Sarah GAMBRILL who died October 27 1882 aged 50.

22. Sarah wife of Joseph GAMBRILL formerly of this parish who died April 8th 1866 aged 74. Also the above Joseph Gambrill who died July 26th 1879 aged 84.

23. Elizabeth Ann daughter of John and Catherine GAMBRILL who died June 18th 1866 aged 4.

24. John GAMBRILL of Chartham late of this parish died February 20 1882 aged 58.

25. Thomas son of Joseph and Sarah GAMBRILL died April 13 1853 aged 21. Also their daughter Jane died June 4th 1836 aged 2.

26. Joseph GAMBRILL of this parish died February 5th 1829 aged 75. Jane his wife, died May 16 1845 aged 82. They left surviving two sons Joseph and Stephen.

27. Mary Ann wife of Stephen GAMBRILL of Waltham died October 7 1849 aged 50. Stephen GAMBRILL died March 16 1870 aged 72. Also Ann his wife died October 24 1873.

28. Sarah wife of Stephen LEGGETT daughter of John and Sarah HARVEY of Petham who died 21 October 1824 aged 50. Leaving issue 5 children, John, Mary, Elizabeth, Stephen and William.

29. Thomas GAMBRILL died 13 November 1803 aged 9. Also Jane Gambrill died 27 October 1803 aged 4.

30. John LEGGETT formerly of this parish but late of Ramsgate died April 24 1854 aged 70.

31. Thomas MARSHALL died 11 April 1878 aged 85. Also Susanna wife of above died 28 September 1832 aged 38 and of Mary Elizabeth relict of above died 6th August 1887 aged 82.

32. Harriett Sutton MARSHALL daughter of Thomas and Mary Marshall of this parish died January 16 1854 aged 31.

33. Sophia second daughter of Henry and Sarah GAMBRILL died 1st April 1856 aged 31. Also Mary Jane daughter of above died October 9 1867 aged 47.

34. Sarah wife of Henry GAMBRILL died February 28 1849 aged 58. Also Henry Gambrill of this parish died September 23rd 1871 aged 79.

End of Elmstead Notes August 1890 Leland L Duncan

End of church notes taken August 1890 Leland L Duncan Caroline E Duncan

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Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 22nd August 2007

Typed up by Pat Tritton

In The Chancell.
35. On 3 Blue Flat Stones, enlaid with White Marble are ye Following Arms & Inscriptions – Within ye Comn. Rails.
[Arg. on a chief sa. 2 boars’ heads couped or imp. Arg. a Λ betw. 3 hawks’ heads erased az. (HONEYWOOD)].

36. Here lieth ye Body of Mrs Katherine TAYLOR, Gentlewoman, Daughter of Sr. Thomas Honeywood late of this Place Knt. who liv’d most righteously: being, in all her Actions, grave and provident. And, as Grace had fill’d her with inward Beauty, so had Nature adorn’d her with outward Comelyness. She died in Child Bed, the First of October 1625, ye 30th Year of her Age; Leaving to her Husband, 4 Children. The Eldest not above 6 Years Ould, viz: John, Elisabth, Mary, and Kateren. In Memory of home, Thomas Taylor of Willesborough, Gent, her Loving Husband, Plased this Stone. 1626.

37. Repositae samt Hic Exuviae Virginis dignissimae, et Pietate singulari ornatae, Dominae Elisa HONEYWOOD, Filiae 5x Thomae Honeywood Equitis Aurati. obijt 20 Die Februarij Anno Dom. 1628/9. Aetatis 44. On ye Same Stone. Thomasine, Daughter of Sr. Edward HONEYWOOD, Bart, and Elisabeth his Wife, Aged 74 Years. Interr’d 25 April 1734.

38. Here lies ye Body of John TAYLOR, ye only Son of Thomas Taylor Esq. by Katherine his First Wife. He died before Marriage, ye 14th Day of Novemb. 1642 in ye 18th Year of his Age.

39. Without ye Com. Rails are 3 very Ancient Flat Stones without Inscriptions. One of them has been inlaid with Brass, wch. is gone.

South Chancell.
40. On a very fine Mur. Monument on ye S. Wall. Optimo Viro D. Tho. HONEYWOOD Militi Aurato, ejusdem Familiae de Honeywood Haeredi Primario, qui, hic intra, una cum Jana Conjuge ejus Prima, in Domino obdormivit. Religiosus erat, atq. R.P. Faelicitatis studiosus. In gravissimis justitiae Negotijs versatus. Pacis et Amicitiae Procurator fidelissimus; Pauperumq Amiens amicissimus. Primam habuit Uxorem Janam Filiam Edvardi HALES de Tenterden apud Cantianos, Armigeri. Equa suscepit 7 Filios, Filiasq, Septem. Secundam vero duxit in Uxorem, Margaretam, Filiam Francisci BULLER de Comitatu Cornubiae, Armigeri. Illa eum supervixit; Unamq Filiam reliquit. Obijt Ille 4 Die Decembris Anno Dni. 1622. Aetatis 64. Johannes Honeywood, Eques auratus, Filius Natu Maximus, ad Aeternam Patris Memoriam, et Amoris Tesseram, hoc Monumentum devotissime posuit.
On ye Top of the Monument is this Coat. Quarterly. 1. HONEYWOOD., 2. Argent a Cheveron gules, charg’d with 3 Lionels Passant, Or., 3. Sable 3 Coverd Cups, Or, within a Bordure of ye second., 4. Argent 3 Bars Sable. On One Side. HONEYWOOD impaling HALES. On ye Other Side. Ditto, impaling BULLER. At ye Bottom, Ditto impaling GODFREY.

Between ye Above and ye East Window, on a neat Mural Monumt.
41. Near this Place lies interrd, Mary ye Youngest Daughter of Sr. William HONEYWOOD, Bart. She died in ye 25th Year of her Age. May 25 1708. On ye Top of this Mont. in a Lozenge is ye Same Coat as that on ye Top of Sr. Thomas Honeywoods, above mention’d, with ye Addition of the following Quartering, viz: Gules, 3 Crescents Argent.

42. On ye South Wall more to ye W. End is a very neat Mural Monument Shield: Fashion, with ye following Arms and Inscr.
[HONEYWOOD as before imp. ¼ly 1&4). Sa. 3 molets arg. 2&3). Arg. In pretence: Gu. a portcullis crowned or (all sa. by error)].

43. Near this Place lies the Body of Sr. William HONEYWOOD Bart. of Evington in this Parish. Who died June ye 8th 1748 in ye 94th Year of his Age. He married Anna Christiana, Daughter of Richard NEWMAN of Fifehead Magdelan, in ye County of Dorset Esq. Who died Oct. 26 1736. Aged 79 Years.

44. Underneath this Monument on a Black flat Stone, with the Same Coat as that on ye Monument of Mrs Mary HONEYWOOD above described – with the Addition of this Quartering, viz: A Chev. bet. 3 Martlets. Colours not express’d.

45. The Body of Edward HONEYWOOD Bart, Eldest Son of Sr. John Honeywood Knt. He died n ye 42nd Year of his Age, leaving 2 Sons and 3 Daughters behind him. Interr’d ye 14 of September 1670. Near this Place also lies interr’d Mary the Wife of Edward HALE of Devonshire, his Eldest Daughter. Under the Monument of Sr. Thomas Honeywood, On a Flat Bl. Stone, with ye Same Arms, as on ye last mentioned.

46. Dignissimus Vir. D. John HONYWOOD de Elmsted, Eques Auratus; Filius & Haeres D. Tho. Honeywood Equitis Aurati, juxta *Unicam charissimam Conjugem Mariam, hic in Domino obdormit. Novem omnino Liberorum, septem Superstitum (*See her Epitaph, No. 40) Edvardi, Gulielmi, Johannis, Elisabetha, Mariae, Janae et Katharinae, nec non plurimorum Orphanorum, prudens, providus, et indulgens Pater. Qui, erga Deum, sincera Religione; erga Patriam, summo Studico et Amore; in gravissimis Justitiae Negotijs, indefessa Judustria; inter Proximos Pacis et Unitatis, fideli Conciliatione; et erga Pauperes, Annica Miseratione; pientissime patrissabat. Natus. Dec. 27 1584. Denatus Nov. 24 1652. Aetatis suae 68.

47. At ye Foot of ye last Mention’d is another Black Flat Stone.

48. Here lies ye Body of William HONEYWOOD, Esq. Eldest Son of Sr. William Honeywood Bart. Who died October the 13th 1719. Aged 43 Years.

49. On ye N. Side of ye Last is a Free Stone, not Legible.

(Now gone: slab is in floor near S.E. L of S.C.). Here is also a very Ancient Altar Tomb on ye Flat Stone of which have been 4 Coats of Arms, and 3 Figures (a Man & 2 Women) in Brass. 2 of ye Figures are lost; that wch. remains is of a woman standing in a praying Posture – 1 Of the Coats also is lost. The 3 remaining re as follows. [3 shh. in line: I. 1&4). Gu. crusilly & 3 lions rampt. or (GAY). 2&3). Per pale arg. & purp. on a Λ arg. 3 +s botony sa. II. (GAY, ¼ly) imp. Az. a lion rampt. or. III. The Same as The Second (written)].

51. On a Pillar over this Tomb is ye Figure of An Angel (in Stone) holding a Brass (sic – really stone) Scroll before him, on wch. is written in very Anc. Characters.

58. Pray for The Sowlys of Cristofer GAY, Agnes and Johan his Wyfes, ther Childer, and all Cristen Sowlys – On Whose Sowlys, Jesu have Mercy. Under ye Angel is a Lyon Rampant, as in ye Above Coat. (* This Gay, according to Philpot was ye Possessor of Evington, before it came into ye Hands of ye Honeywoods – he tells Us, that, One Christopher Gay, sold it to John HONEYWOOD Esq. abt. the beginning of the Reign of HENRY 7).

59. On ye South Side of This Tomb is a very large Flat Stone with the following Coat - & 3 Large Plates inscribed as follows.
[¼ly 1). Arg. a Λ betw. 3 hawks’ heads erased az. (HONEYWOOD)
2). Arg. on a Λ gu. 3 lions passt. or. (HALES)
3). Sa. 3 covd. cups in a border or. (BOTELER)
4). Arg. 3 bars sa. imp. Sa. a Λ betw. 3 pelicans’ heads erased or (GODFREY).

60. 1st Plate. Hic Jacet Alma Parens, Miseris Salutifer Igris;/ Quam liquido extinxit Frigore dirus Hydrops./ Tantus Annicorum Fletus, defluxit in Aegram,/ Ut, nimio accept Flumine, Mersa perit./ Infaelix iterum tristisq, supervenit Unda,/ Et Minor est alijs obrutus Orbis Aquis./ Psalmns 69 – Serva Me, Deus, quia pervenerunt/ Aquae usq ad Animan … Maria Filia Thomae GODFREY de Lid Armigeri nupsit Johanni HONEYWOOD de Elmsted Militi; cui Superstites reliquit tres Filios, et quarnor Filias; obijt Novembr. Septimo 1638.

61. 2d. Plate. 9. Dame Anna Christiana HONEYWOOD, Wife of Sr. William Honeywood Bart, 2d Daughter of Richard NEWMAN of Fifefield Magdalen, in ye County of Dorset Esq. Aged 79 Years, interr’d ye 3d. of Nov. 1736.

63. 3d. Plate. 10. Here lieth ye Body of Sr. William HONEYWOOD Bart. Who died the 8th of June 1748 in ye 94th Year of his Age.

64. In the East Window of this Chancell, among ye Remains of Old painted Glass, are 2 Modern Coats of ye Honeywoods.

North Chancell.
65. Near ye Communion Rails, on a Fl. Stone with this Coat.
[Sa. on a chief arg. a demi-lion rampt. isst. sa. imp. HONEYWOOD (written)]. Here lieth ye Body of Anna Christiana, Wife of Walter BREAMES of Bridge, in this County Esq. Lieutenant Colonel in ye Army; and, Widow to John DOD, of Broxton, in Cheshire, Esq. and Daughter to Sr. William HONEYWOOD Bart of Evington – died March 23 1738(9). Aged 62 Years. …. Also the above-said Colonel Walter Breams obijt March 16 1741/2. Aetatis 71.

66. Another with this Coat.
[¼ly 1&4). HONEYWOOD (written). 2&3). A chevn. betw. 3 guttes(?) sa.].

67. Here lies ye Body of Annabella, Wife of John HONEYWOOD Esq. of Holt
(Holt Fm. in N. of psh) in this Parish. She was Daughter of William GOODENOUGH Esq. of Langford in ye County of Berks. She died the 22d. of July 1737. Aged 33 Years. She left Issue 2 Sons and 2 Daughters, viz: William, Edward, Annabella Christiana, and Thomasine.

68. Another with this Coat.
[Erm. on a fesse gu. 3 crescents or imp. betw. 2 bars wavy sa. Arg. a lion rampt. sa.]. Here lies interred ye Body of (John) Harbord DOD of Broxton in ye County of Chester Esq. Controwler of the Revenue of Tenths and First Fruits. Grandson to Sr. William HONEYWOOD Bart. He married Elisabeth, Daughter of Charles MATTHEWS of Exeter in ye County of Devon Gent. Who, as a Memorial, hath caused this Stone to be laid. He died July ye 3d. 1732. Aged 34.

69. Another with ye Arms of HONEYWOOD. The Body of William HONEYWOOD Esq. Second Son of Sr John Honeywood Knt. He died a Batchellour in ye 80th Year of his Age. interr’d here the 21st of August 1711.

70. On a Mural Monument on ye N. Wall – with ye Arms of HONEYWOOD. 5. Hic Expectatione Christi requiescit Corpus Gulielmi HONEYWOOD, Filij Secundi Thomae Honeywood Militis Aurati: dum vixit Tribus Temporibus Magister electus Societatis Metaxariorum in Civitate Londini: et, cum Aetate consumptus, Octoginti et Unins Annorum, obijt 27 Die Junij A.D. 1669.

71. On a Loose Plate
(now fixed again into N.C. floor) Here lyeth buried the Body of John CLOKE late of North Leigh (in N.E. of psh. just off Stone St. W. side) in this Parish, Gent. who departed this Life ye 21st of January A. 1617/8. Aetatis suae 58. Veni, Vidi, Vici. Thus Death triumphs, and tells us all must die./ Thus We triumph, to Christ, by Death, to fly./ To live; to die, is not to die, but live./ To die to Bliss, is, Blessed Life to give./ Ask how he liv’d, and thou shall’t know his End./ He died a Saint; To God, to Poor, a Frend.

72. In the East Window of this North Chancell are ye Remains of very Fine Glass: among which is a Group of 5 Figures on their Knees. Over their Heads, on a Scroll, Jesu, Fili Dei, Miserere Mei.

73. The East Window in ye High Chancell has also been a very fine One but little of it now remains. The 2 following Coats are still to be seen.
[I. ¼ly 1&4). Az. a lion rampt. or. 2). Sa. on a fesse arg. 3 +s botony sa.
3). Broke. II. Broke imp. Az. a lion rampt. or.].

74. In ye Body of ye Church are 4 Ancient Flat Stones not Legible. The Church is built of Flints; and consists of the Body, and Great Chancell, 2 Side Chancells, 2 Side Isles, and a small Vestry
(W. end of N.A.). The Tower is at ye W. End, built also of Flints; but has been heighten’d with Wood, and has a shingled Spire.

75. The Bells are 6 in Number and are all of a late Date (cast, as I find since by John WAYLET abt. 1721).

76. In ye Ch. Yard are 3 very Old Altar Tombs, of some of the Family of LUSHINGTON.

77. *This is a Vicarage in ye Gift of ye A. Bishop. The present Incumbent is the Rev. John CONANT A.M. 1757. (*This Church was dedicated to St. James ye Apostle, on Whose Day here is a Fair Annually).

78. (Inscription on a Picture at Evington, in Elmstead, The Ancient Seat of The Family of The Honeywoods, and now ye Residence of Sr. John HONEYWOOD, Bart. Mary WATERS, Daughter & Coheir of Robert Waters, of Lenham in Kent, Wife of Robert Honeywood, of Charing in The said Countie Esq. There lawfully descended from Her, 367 Children; 16 of her own Bodie; 114 Grand Children; 228 in The 3d. Generation; and 9 in The Fourth. She led a most Pious Life; and, in a most Christian Manner died at Marke’s Hall in Essex, in the 93d. Year of her Age. And 44 of her Widowhood. viz: 10 May An.Dom. 1620).

79. Vicars of Elmstead.
John FARBRACE 1586.
James SHAW about the Year 1612.
John WILSON 1624.
John TAYLOR 1631.
Js. SHAW 1659.
Arthur KAY 1667.
Sl. RICKARDS 1675.
Lawrence WRIGHT 1686.
Egerton CUTLER 1707.
William SPRAKELING 1717.
John CONANT 1736.

80. The Aylebourne, which occasionally, runs through Petham etc. rises, first, in ye cellar of a Farm, in this Parish, call’d Deane
(in N.E. of psh); and, whenever it runs through, as they call it, it empties itself into the Stour, between Shalmford Bridge (in ye Parish of Chartham) and Chilham. This running through, does not happen above Once in 50 Years, if so often, as I am told. It run through about ye 24th of February this present Year, viz: 1772. Br. Faussett.


Index of Names and Places

Names Index
BREAMES 12, 65
CLOKE 14, 71
CONANT 77, 79
DOD 12, 13, 65, 68
Filmer 17
Gambrill 21-27, 2,9 33, 34
GAY 58

GODFREY 7, 40, 59, 60
GOODENOUGH 11, 17, 67
HALES 40, 59
Harbord 68
Harvey 28
HONEYWOOD 35, 36, 37,
   40-45, 48, 58-70, 78
Honywood 1, 2, 4, 6-13, 
   16, 17, 46
KAY 79

Kidder 20
Leggett 28 30
Marshall 31 32
Matthew 15
NEWMAN 8, 43, 61
Newport 20

Sutton 19
Taylor 3 4
TAYLOR 36, 38, 79
Wearg 9
Whitmell 15
Whitnell 15
Names Index
Bridge 12, 65
Broxon, Chester 13
Broxton, Cheshire 12, 65
Broxton, Chester 68
Charing 78
Chartham 24, 80
Chilham 80
Elmstead 7, 9
   Deane 80
   Evington 12 17, 58, 65, 78
   Holt 11
   Holt Farm 67

Devonshire 45
East Sutton 17
Exeter, Devon 13
Exeter, Devon 68
Fifehead Magdelan, 
   Dorset 8, 43, 61
Hastingleigh 20
Helchin 18
Isleworth House, Middlesex 16
Langford, Berks 11, 17, 67
Lenham 78

Lid 7
Marke’s Hall, Essex 78
North Leigh 71
Northleighe 14
Petham 28, 80
Ramsgate 30
Shalmford Bridge 80
Tenterden 40
Waltham 27
Willesborow 4
Baronet 1 6 8 9 12 13 16 17
Controller of ye Revenue of
   Tenthes and First Fruites
       13, 68
Judge Advocate of his 
Majesty’s Navy 9
Knight 4 9
Lieutenant Colonel 12, 65
River Stour 80
River Aylebourne 80
Solicitor Generall 9