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Eythorne with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Eythorne Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted late 1750's

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Zechariah Cozens about 1795, added 3rd November 2008

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In The Chancel – Here is No Altar Piece.

1.   On a Flat Stone - with this Coat
(THOMSON (3.10, Wye). imp. A chevn. betwn. 3 roundels). Hic jacet Johannes THOMSON hujus Ecclesiae Rector a pluribus Equestribus. Familys orinndus reliquit Unicam ex Barbara COLDINGA Filiam Dorotheam , Johanni, Farnabio doctissimi Farnabij Filio enuptam. Obijt Etatis sud 57.21 Octobris Anno Dom. 1661. Debita Pauperibus serevit persolvere hetus Justitiae et Cistam longa aperire Manu Imperio Mentis Mammon. Se subdidit altae Subscripsitq Animo Dextra benigue Pio Hospitio acceptus Juerat Vicinus at Ille. . . . . . . . *  * This Line is hid by a Pew.

2.  On Another with this Coat.
[2 bars, upr. bearing 3 roundels, lower 3 martlets imp. BARRY of 6, in chief 3 cocks, in the 2nd a molet of 5 pts, for difference].

3.  Here lieth the Body of Mr Thomas WATSON, 37 Yeares Rector of Eythorne who died July 14 1698 in the 84th Yeare of his Age. He lived beloved and died lamented. Here also lieth the Body of Rebecca his Wife, who died near the 70th Year of her Age. Also here lieth Dorcas, the Daughter of Mr William MARTEN, and Wife of Mr Dan. Kelley, who died Aug. 11 1712, in the 63rd Year of her Age. As she liv’d above the World so She left it without Concernment . . . . . . . . .*    *The rest is hid by the Communion Rails

4.  On Another. Here lieth the Body of Edward MONYNS, Second Sonne of John Monyns, …. & Mary his Wife who died December the .. 1647.

5.   On Another. Beatam Resurrectionem hic expectat Julielmus FOSTER, Cantabr. A.M. Roberti FORSTER de Acris Sen. Filius, Viz. per totum Vitae Curriculum Sobrius, candidus, pius. Qui nulla Labe Sacros Ordines temeravit. Qui Deum et Corde integro coluit et Proximae Amicum se erastans nec de Absentis Fama detraxit, nec Praesenti adulatus est. Hinc Ecclesiae undecim circiter Annos Pastor fidelis Praefuit. Febre Landem exitiali correphus maturam Caelo Animam efflavit, An. Et 36, A.D. 1708 Elisabetha, praedicti Gulielmi Foster charissima Conjux Hoc Marmor Sepulchrale marens posuit quae obijt 25 Die Junij, Anno Domini 1730. Aet sud 63.

6.  In the South Window is this Coat.
(Az. a bend cotised betw. 6 lioncels or). * I take this to be ye Arms of BOHUN. See Drake’s York. 534 ye 2 adjoyning Plates).

  On Each Side of the East Window is a Nitch for a Statue, &, on each side of the Chancell, is, an Arch in the Wall, where it is likely some Founders, or other respectable Persons have been buried.

7.  In the South Chancell. Round A Flat Stone. Here lyeth Edward CHAMBERS who died the 2th day of July Ano 1596.

8.  On a Flat Stone, with this Coat.
(¼ly. of 6, in 2nd & 5th, a cinquefoil imp. A chevn. charged with 3 crescents betw. 3 lions’ paws). Here lies Edward Son of Captaine Edy RUMSEY of Orickhowell in Brecknockshire, by Eliz. his Wife, Daughter of Majr. HARVEY, late of this Parish. His exemplary Piety, Numerous Vertues lively Parts and close Application, made his Parents hope he would prove an Ornament to his Country, as well as Family. But, to their unspeakable Loss, he died at Westminster School, May 6 1718. Aged 18.

9.  On Another. Mary, the Daughter of Richard and Elisabeth HARVEY of Elminton
(or possibly Elvington) in this Parish died Oct. 5th 1739 Aged 4 Months.

10. In the East Window of this S. Chancell is this coat.
(Arg. a saltire engr. betw. 4 camels’ heads erased sa)
, which was the Arms of The Family of BETTENHAM, which was once in Possession of Elvington in this Parish.

11.  In The Body of the Church – On a Flat Stone. Here lieth the Body of Mr Henry PEARCE of Deale in this County of Kent, Mariner, who departed the 1st Day of May 1704 in the 75th Year of his Age. And also 4 of his Children, by Lydia his Wife.

12. On Another Flat Stone. Here lyeth the Body of Mary the Wife of William FULLER of Deale; She was buried the 6th of August An. 1667 And was aged 48 Yeares. They had issue Rose and Catherine.

13. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Mary, Daughter of John RUFFIN of Raynom Gent. She died the 29th of July Anno. 1661. Aged 4 Yeares.

14. In the North Isle. On A Neat Monument on The N. Wall, with ye Arms of HARVEY – see P.104. To the Memory of Richard HARVEY Esq. of Dane Court in Tilmanstone Parish, who was interred in a Vault near this Place July 1 1732. Aged 78. He married 4 Wives of this Neighbourhood, by the First of which, he had Issue 5 Sons and 4 Daughters; Of whom at his Death were surviving of the First Ann, Elizabeth, Richard, Margaret, and Solomon; and of the Second Mary, John and Catherine which said John caused this to be erected.

15. Round the Verge of A Flatt Stone. Here lieth Henrie GRANT, who dyed the 15th Daye of January 1598-9

16. This Church consists of The Great, and North, Chancells, The Body, and North Isle. The Tower is over the Porch, or Enhance, on the North Side. In it hang 3 Bells thus Inscribed.
          1. Joseph HATCH Made Me 1622.
          2. Sancta Katarina, Ora pro Nobis.
          3. Nomen Magdalene, Campana geret Melodie.

The 2 last have this Impression of a Coin on them, nearly of this size. I cd. not Make out The Legend.

17. This Church was dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul.
It is a Rectory, in the Gift of The Family of TURNER of Canty.
The Present Rector is the Revd. Mr J. MINET who is also Rector of Nether Hardress.


Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Zechariah Cozens about 1795, added 3rd November 2008

18. From Waldeshare we passed on to Eythorne, the adjoining parish to the Northward. It has two small pleasant villages with a Church about one mile and a half from the last described. It is a decent structure, consisting of two ailes, and a chancel, with a square tower, at the North side of the West end of the North aile, containing three Bells; which being over the entrance to the church, they stand to ring them in the porch.

In the Chancel.
19. On a mural tablet of white marble, at the South side of the Altar: Hic jacet Johannes MINET, A.M. Rector Ecclesiae Eythorne, Expectans Resurrectionem Obiit 13 Nov. A. Chri. Nat. 1771. Anno Aetat 77. Arms: Quarterly, 1st & 4th Er. 2nd & 3rd. Ar, 3 Bars, Gu. Crest: on a torce, a wing, Ar.

20. On an oval tablet of white marble, at the North side of the Altar: To the Memory of the Revd. Francis D’AETH youngest Son of the late Sr. Thomas D’Aeth of Knowlton, Bart. After living twelve years Rector of this Parish he died most sincerely regretted by his Friends and Neighbours the 29th Jany. 1784, Aged 58 Years. Arms: D’Aeth.

21. On a plain stone: Here lieth ye body of Mr. Thos. WALTON, 37 Years Rector of Eythorne, who died July 14th 1698 in ye 84 Year of his age. He lived beloved and died Lamented. Here also lieth the Body of Rebecca his Wife died near ye 70th Year of her Age. Also here lieth Dorcas ye Daughter of Mr William MARTEN & Wife of Mr Danl. KELLY, who died Augst. 11, 1712 in ye …………………../ (*hid by altar rail) …………./ ye world soe She left it without concernment, In hope that when Christ who is her life shall appear She also may appear with him in glory. Arms: Walton, viz. 2 Bars, one charged with three roundlets, the other with as many martlets; impaling 2 Bars, on a chief three cocks, a mullet for difference.
*filled in from Bryan Faussett MS 3, 103: 63rd Year of her Age. As she liv’d above.

22. On a black marble slab, in the middle of the chancel: Hic jacet Johanes THOMSON twius Ecclesiae rector a plurimis equestribus familos oriundus reliquit unicam ex Barbara COLDINGA filiam Dorotheam Johanni Farnabio Doctissimi Farnaby filio enuptam obiit Aetatis suae 57 in 21 Octobris an. Dom. 1661. Debita pauperibus suevit persolvere laetus Justiciae et larga cistam aperire manu Imperio mentis mammon se subdidit altae Subscripsitq animo dextra benigna pio Hospitio exceptus fuerat vicinus at ille Nunc vera in patria gratior hospes adest. Arms: Thomson impaling a chev. betw. three annulets. Crest: Thomson’s.

23. On another, adjoining the above: Beatam Resurrectionen hic expectat Guliel FOSTER Cantabr. A.M. Roberti Foster de Acris Gen. Filius Vir per totam vitae curriculum Sobrius, Candidus, Pius. Qui Deum ex corde integro coluit Et proximo Annicum se praestans, Nec de Absentis famâ detraxit, Nec Praefenti adulatus est Huic Ecclesiae undecim circiter annos Pastor fidelis praefuit Febre tandem exitiali correptus Maturam Caelo Animam exhalavit Anno Aetat. 36 A.D. 1708. Hoc Marmor Sepulchrale Maerens Uxor Posuit. Hic etiam jacet Elizabetha praedicti Gulielmi FOSTER Charissima Conjux Quae Obiit XXV die Junii Anno Dimini MDCCXXX. Aetatis Suae LXIII.

24. On a plain stone within the altar rails: Here lyes ye body of Edward MONYNS second Sonne of John Monyns Gent & Mary his wife who dyed December the 4th 1647.

25. On another, at the North side: Here lies interr’d the Body of Jane the wife of Richard DUKE Esqr. and only Daughter and heir of Richard STROUGHILL Gentilln. who departed this life the 17 day of January 1643 and left issue one only daughter Jane. Arms: obliterated.

Middle aile.
26. On a plain stone, at the West end: Here lieth ye Body of Mary, daughter of John RUFFIN of Raynom Gent. She Died ye 29 of July Anno. 1661, Aged 4 yeares.

27. On another: Here Lyeth ye Body of Mary ye wife of William FULLER of Deale. Shee was Buried ye 6th of August Anno. 1667, And was Aged 90 Yeares, They had issue Rose and Catherine.

28. On another: Here Lieth Intomb’d ye Body of Mr Henry PIERCE of Deale in this County of Kent, Mariner who departed this Life ye 1st day of May 1704 in the 75 Year of his Age. And also 4 of his Children by Lydia his Wife.

In the North aile.
29.. On an oval tablet of white marble: In Memory of John HARVEY Esqr. late of Dane Court, in the Parish of Tilmanstone, who died Decr. ye 3rd 1759 aged 63 Years. And of Margaret his Wife, who died March ye 22nd 1778 aged 78 Years. Arms: Harvey impaling Ar. 3 Bars, Sab. over all a Lion rampt. Gu. Crest: Harvey’s.

30. On a mural Monument of white marble at the West end: To the Memory of Richard HARVEY Esqr. of Dane Court, in Tilmanstone Parish, who was interr’d in a Vault near this place, July ye 1st 1732, Aged 78. He marry’d four wifes of this Neighbourhood by the first of which he had Issue five sons and four daughters, of whom at his death were surviving of the first Ann, Elizabeth, Richard, Margaret and Solomon and of the Second Mary, John and Catherine, which said John caused this to be Erected. Arms: Harvey.

31. On a black marble stone: Under this Stone in a brick’d Grave are deposited the remains of Anna Maria, Daughter of Richard BOTELER of this Parish Gent, and Ann his Wife, who died September ye 7th 1765, aged 16 Years. Also of Ann Wife of the abovementioned Richard BOTELER and Daughter of Robert JAGER of the city of Canterbury, who died April 25th 1787 aged 79 Years.

32. On a plain stone: Mary the Daughter of Richard & Elizab. HARVEY of Elminton (or possibly Elvington) in ys. Parish, died Octor. 1739, Aged 4 Months.

33. On another: To the Memory of Richard, Son of Samuel & Katherine HARVEY, of Elmton (or possibly Elvington) in this Parish, who died 7 March 1779, Aged 5 Weeks.

34. Round the verge of a plan stone: Here lyeth Henrie GRANT who dyed the 14 day of January 1598.

35. In several of the windows are some good remains of Painted Glass. In the East window of the North aile, Arms: Ar. a saltier engrail’d, betw. 4 bears heads eras’d, Sab. muzzled, of the field.

36. On another shield the same. In the South window of the Chancel: Arms, Az. a Bend cotized, Ar. betw. 6 shields, Sab. each charged with a Lion, Or.

37. On the Bells.
1st. Joceph HATCH made me 1622.
2nd. Sancta Katherina ora pro nobis.
3rd. Nomen Magdalena Campana Ceret Melodie: with two shields of arms, and a Coin, all obliterated.

38. This Parish is not very large, but well inhabited and the soil in general appears more prolific than in the last described Parish (Waldershare), and the prospects are more extensive, though not being so much enriched by art they are not altogether quite so pleasing.

39. The Living is a Rectory, and the Church is dedicated to St. Peter & St. Paul.

40. Patron: EARL of GUILDFORD and David PAPILLON, Esqr. 1795. Incumbent. Philip Papillon.
King’s Books £15.12s.6d. Tenths £1.11s.3d.

Having thus completed our observations at Eythorne, we next visited Barfreston.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index

FOSTER 5, 23
FULLER 12, 27
GRANT 15, 34
HARVEY 8, 9, 14, 29,
   30, 32, 33
HATCH 16, 37

KELLY 3, 21
MARTEN 3, 21
MINET 17, 19
MONYNS 4, 14

RUFFIN 13, 26
Places Index
Canterbury 17, 31
Dane Court, Tilmanstone 14,
   29, 30
Deal 11, 12, 27, 28

   Elmington 10, 
   Elminton 32
   Elmton 33
   Raynom 13

Knowlton 20
Nether Hardres 17
   Brecknockshire 8
Captaine 8
Mariner 11, 28