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Fordwich with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Fordwich Church,  Noted by Bax & Rice April 1897

                                                       Pages 128-132 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 12th July 2008

Names in Churchyard
30 April 1897
1. Rev. F.C. Kennett Primitive Methodist Minister 1886, Col. Charles James Cox of Fordwich House the last Mayor of Fordwich who d. February 18th 1889 aged 77 years and to his wife. Jarvis, Pilcher, Croydon 1792, 1823, Arter 1848 1864, Brown, Moy, Farrier, Gilbert, Somerville, Gammon, Port, Leman 1863, Lilly, Crayford, Mountford, Stringer, Castle, Noble, Bench? 1799.

2. HS scull Here lies the body of Ann the wife of Mr. John SMITH of Rye, merchant, who died the 30th day of September 1703 in the 74th year of (sunk)

3. HS scull Here liel ye body of Ann HART ye wife of John Hart who dyed ……… (sunk).

4. HS Here lyeth the bod………….. wife of John ……… who departed this life …………..

5. HS scull Here lieth the body of John NIXON Senior who died April …………. (sunk).

6. HS (scull) Here lieth ye body of Sarah ye wife of William SMITH of Rominsgate? ye daughter of Ino. Nixon Senior she died June (sunk).

7. HS 2 sculls and bones Here lies buried ye body of Henry BROWN late of this Town he departed this life January the 2nd day 1720/1 aged ………. (sunk).

8. HS Here lyes ye body of Elizabeth BROWN ye wife of Henry Brown of this parish who departed this life ye 6 day of January 1706/7.

9. HS scull Here lieth the body of William MANGER who died April ye 18th 1723 aged 29 years. Also H……….. Sarah…………

10. HS scroll work In memory of Catharine the wife of William SMITH after enduring her share of affliction with Christian patience she died the 13th of March 1758 aged 67 years.

11. Flat stone To the memory of Mrs. Ann WARREN late of this parish who died June 7th 1811 aged 85 years. Widow of Mr. Isaac Warren formerly accountant to the East India Company.

12. HS scull very primitive Here………………………………….. body …………………………….. Joh…………………

13. HS (opposite side of path) To the memory of Charlotte daughter of Henry and Mary KENNETT of this Town who died September 13 1814 aged 31 years. 4 lines of poetry.

14. HS 2 cherub’s heads, 2 sculls below, an hourglass Here lieth the body of Simon WATSON who died July 5th 1737 aged 65 years. Also the body of Anne wife of the above said Simon Watson and daughter of Alex and Alice Hart who died March 24th 1731 aged 51 years and left issue 5 sons and 5 daughters.

15. HS Here lieth ye body of John WHITE who departed this life ye 18 of march 1719/20 aged 25 years. Also here lieth ye body of Mary Emptage who died February ye 12 1763 aged 89 years.

16. HS Here lieth the body of Thomas RAYNOLDS sonn of Ely Raynolds late of ….. of ….. he died ye 29th day 9 of November 1686 aged 61 yeares.

17. HS ……… buried the body of Judeth late wife of Edward YOUNG she died the 22 of August 1648 being aged 60 yeares.

18. HS …………H… Jurat ……………………… of march 1671 ………………… yeres.

19. HS scull and cross bones Here lieth ye body of Thomas GIBBS grandson of Elizabeth Raynolds son of Nicholas and Bennet Gibbs. He departed this life June ye 19th 1705 aged 12 years 46 weeks.

20. High tomb lower part of stone on the slab above Here also lieth …………. body of Bridget wife of the laid Ino. BIX? who departed this life January ………. 1710 aged 90 years and likewise ye body of Ino. Bix Gent. son of ye above laid Ino. and Bridget Bix who was 4 times Mayor of this Twon (sic). He departed this life October 8th 1720 aged 57 years.

21. HS (Elderly cherub’s head above) In memory of William SILK late of ye parish, coal merchant and farmer. He died August 29 1740 aged 45 yea…. leaving a sorrowful widow, one son and 5 daughters.

22. HS cherub’s head, wings and trumpets To the memory of Thomas SILK late one of the Jurates of this town who died 17th August 1763 aged 63. If merits, truth and diligence could save the good, the just, or pious from the grave, the earth too soon this sober tenant found. Whom ties of love and faithful service bound. Oh death, alas by Heaven’s decree he fell, espous’d by one and yet by all lov’d well. Remembrance this excites the generous tear and loving wife and child chief mourners here.

23. HS 2 cherub’s heads, scroll work etc. In memory of John WOODRUFF late freeman of this Town. He departed this life December the 21st 1752 aged 61 years. He married Ann daughter of John Drayson of Eastry who died without issue. He afterwards married Mary the daughter of ye Revd. Mr. John Nicholls Rector of Fordwich who died the 7th of April 1763 in the 46th year of her age by whome he had one son and one daughter (viz) John and Elizabeth whome he left surviving. Also of Thomas son of the last mentioned John Woodruffe aged 4 years (sic).

24. HS In memory of John WOODRUFF late one of the Jurates of this Town who died July 20th 1802 aged 66 years. Also Mary the wife of the above named John Woodruff who died June 15th 1802 aged 70 years. And of Henry their son who died June 6th 1796 aged 32 years.

25. Low tomb – on top Here lyeth the body of John DENN Gent. who died in Fordwich the 19 of December 1655 aged 61 yeares.

26. NB There is a low tomb near the SE wall of church with very long inscription probably mostly poetry – difficult to decipher.

27. HS 2 sculls and cherub’s heads Here lieth the body of Alexander HART who departed this life August 20 1740 aged 84 years. Also Ales his wife aged 73 years by whom he had 7 children only 2 daughters surviving. (4 lines poetry). Also S……. relict of Thomas Silk late of this Town one of the daughters of the above said Alexander hart she died September ye 11th 1769 aged 78 years.

28. HS To the memory of Mary the wife of Thomas SOMERFORD of this parish who died 26 of 1819 aged 61 years. Left issue surviving three sons and six daughters. Also of the above Thomas Somerford who died August 3rd 1824 aged 63 years.

29. The only tomb on the N side of churchyard is to:- Rev. Edward BRAILSFORD MA, Rector, died 29 March 1893 aged 86.

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 12th July 2008

In The Chancell.
30. On A Brass Plate, fixt to a Flat Stone. The Arms lost. Here lieth The Body of Catharine NORTON, late Wife to Valentine Norton of Fordwich, Gent, and sole Daughter and Heir of William WICKHAM of South Mimmes in Hartford Shire, Esq. who dyed the 16th Day of January 1610/11 Anno Aetatis suae 21. Fame sounds so shrill over this tender Coarse,/The Dead growne deafe, and Fame herselfe growne hoarse./Malicious Envye cannot carp at Fame;/For, what She sounds, the Dead deserv’d the same./All speake her Worthe, that knew her, mayde or Wyfe;/Yet all speake all too little to her Life./Fate is excuse’d, it robs not her, of Blisse,/But us, that such a lively Mirrour miss./One only Son She bore, at whose dear Byrthe,/She chang’d her earthly Joys for Heav’nly Myrthe.

31. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth The Body of Elisabeth DAREL, Widow of Robert Darel, Esq. who died Octob. 14 1680.

32. On Another. Robert DAREL Esq. Sonne of James Darel Esq. Brother to Robert Darel of Cale Hill Esq. who died June 10 1668.

33. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Samuel SHORTE, late of this Towne, Esq. who died Dec. 10 1716 and Elis. Shorte, who died Sept. 28 1706.

34. On Another. …./Darel SHORT…../ 1697.

35. On Another Flat Stone. Under this Stone lieth The Body of John NICHOLLS, Rector of Fordwich above 28 Years. He died ye 20th Day of Mar. A.D. 1741/2 in the 68th Year of his Age. He was sometime Vicar of Sheldwich, and, near 40 Years Minister of Harty. He married Martha, only Daughter of Robt. CUMBERLAND, Vicar of Chilham, who lived lovingly, and faithfully together upwards of 42 Years. They had Issue 5 Sons, and 3 Daughters, of whom he left only 2 Daughters, and a sorrowfull Widow surviving. Close by him, on the right Side, lieth also, the Body of the above said Martha, his Wife; who died July ye 20th 1747 in the 74th Year of her Age.

In The Body.
36. On A Brass Plate, on a Flat Stone.
[Arg. on a saltre. sa. 5 f-de-l. or HAWKINS imp. ¼ly of 6:
1). 3 swords, 2&1, hilts convergg. at fess point, in chief 3 maunches (no tinctures).
2). On a chevn. 3 talbots.
3). Or, 3 bars sa. an inescutn. gu. & a chief.
4). A chevn. wt. 3 stars of 5 points betw. 3 roundels, a chief checky (or rings).
5). a fess wt. 3 crosses, betw. 3 foxes (written).
6). A chevn. betw. 3 fusils].
(only 3 is tinctd.).
Here lieth The Body of Aphra HAWKINS, Wyfe of Henry Hawkins, Gent, and Daughter of Thomas NORTON, Esq. who scarcely having arrived to 21 Years of Age, fully attained to Perfection in many Vertues departed this frayle Lyfe ye XVIth of Janu. 1605/6.

37. On a Flat Stone.
(a fess dancy. betw. 3 roundels, (no tinctures) PILCHER imp. Paly of 6 or & sa. HURLESTONE). Here lieth The Body of Thomas Pilcher, Gent, sometimes Mayor; married 49 Yeares to Mary, Daughter of Thomas Hurleston Esq. Her Mother was Daughter to Thomas NORTON Esq. The said Thomas Pilcher departed this Life, the 9th Day of July 1692. In the ../ Yeare of his Age.

38. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Thomas NORTON Esq. baptised 19 Jan 1554/5 and dyed ye 7th of August 1625.

39. On Another. Here lieth interred the Body of Elisabeth, the 2d. Wife of Anthony JENNINGS the elder, of this Towne, who died 22 Jan. 1750/1. Aged 76 Years.

40. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth the Body of Sarah HILDEN, Wife of John Hillden, of this Parish, who died Feb. 11 1750/1 in the 56th Year of her Age. Why do we mourn departing Friends,/Or shake at Death’s Alarms?/Tis but the Voice that Jesus sends,/To call them to His Arms.

41. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Edward HILLDEN, who, by an industrious Application, from a mean Beginning, raised himself to an handsome Competence. He died in the 80th Year of his Age, 6 July 1723.

42. Five Other Flat Stones not legible.

43. This Church consists of The Chancell, Body, and an Isle to the North. In the Steeple, which is a Spire, and stands at the West End, hang 4 Bells, all made by Joseph HATCH, in ye Years 1624 & 1633.

In The Church Yard.
44. On an Altar Tomb. (Arms of BIX). Here lieth buried The Body of Thomas Bix, late of Faversham, Gent. He was interred July 21 1632. And Dorothy his Wife, interred Oct. 25 1652. Also Thomas, Son of Thomas and Dorothy Bix; who was 5 Times Mayor of this Towne, who died March 25 1662. Also John Bix Gent, of this Towne, who departed Nov. 27 1697 Aged 69. Also Bridget, Wife of the above John Bix, died 3 Jany. 1719/20 aged 90. Also of John Bix, Son of John & Bridget, who was 4 Times Mayor. He died 8 Octob. 1720 aged 57.

45. Another. ……/ John DENNE, Gent, who died in Fordwich 19 December 1655 aged 65.

46. On Another Altar Tomb. …./ Walter *BIGGE, late Jurate, and twice Mayor – who died 10 Jan 1631/2. Aged 68. who by his Will (beside other Works of Charity) gave Land, of the annual Rent of £8 for a Perpetuity to the Poore of Fordwich. *or PRIGGE.

47. One Other, not legible – and a very ancient Stone Herse, or Coffin.

48. It is a Rectory – and is call’d St. Maries. It is in the Patronage of ……../. The Present Rector, viz. 1757 is ……./.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Arter 1
Bench? 1
BIX? 20, 44
BROWN 1, 7, 8
Castle 1
Cox 1
DAREL 31, 32, 34
Drayson 23
Emptage 15

Farrier 1
Gammon 1
Gilbert 1
HART 3, 27
Jarvis 1
Leman 1

Lilly 1
Mountford 1
Moy 1
NIXON 5, 6
Noble 1
NORTON 30, 36, 38
Port 1

SILK 21, 22, 27
SMITH 2, 6, 10
Somerville 1
Stringer 1
Places Index
Chilham 35
Crayford 1
Croydon 1
Eastry 23
Faversham 44

Fordwich House 1
Harty 35
Rominsgate? 6
Rye 2
South Mimms, Hertfordshire 30
coal merchant 21
Colonel  1
East India Company 11
farmer 21
freeman 23

Jurates 22, 24, 46
Mayor 1, 20, 37, 44, 46
merchant 2
Primitive Methodist Minister 1
Rector 1, 23, 29