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The Monumental Inscriptions in Godmersham Church  
                                                                                Noted by Leland L. Duncan August 1890

                                                                    Typed up by Dawn Weeks, checked by Zena Bamping

1. A tablet on the south wall of the aisle:- Underneth this tablet are deposited the remains of Harriet KNATCHBULL daughter of Charles PARRY of Oakfield Berks Esquire and widow of the Reverend Dr Wadham Knatchbull (third son of Sir Edward Knatchbull of Mersham Hatch, Baronet) Prebendary of Durham and Vicar of Chilham and Moleash. She died 12th October 1794 aged 83 years leaving two sons Charles and Wyndham and one daughter Catherine (married to Thomas KNIGHT Esquire of this place who caused this monument to be erected to the memory of their beloved and most excellent parent.
                                                                                                                   Leland L Duncan   August 1890

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Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett in 1757, added 2nd August 2007

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton          

2. On an Handsome Mural Monument, On ye S. Wall.
[Per Λ sa. & arg. a tower countercharged in chief 3 plates (MUN) imp (HOPKINS) Sa. a chevn. betw. 3 muskets arg.]. Near This Place, In hopes of a Joyfull Resurrection, resteth ye Body of Richard MUN, Mr. of Artes, Vicar of This Church for ye Space of 7 Years; born at Stockerton in ye County of Leicester, ye only surviving Son of his Father Mr Richard Mun, Rector of that Place 50 Yeares. He Married Sarah ye Daughter of Capt. Sampson HOPKINS, of ye City of Coventrie, in ye County of Warwicke, Esq; by whom he had Issue 1 Son Richard, who died in his Infancy, and lies Buried nigh his Father, and Ann yet surviving. He was Orthodox in his Judgement, excellently principled, Exemplary to all, for his Piety towards God, his Loyalty to his King, his Charitie to ye Poore, his Faithfullness to his Friend, and Courteous Behaviour to all, but, especially his Conjugal Affection to his Beloved Wife; he was generally belov’d of all, but, especially ye Jentry, which his sweet Carriage, & learned Discourse, endeard to him, even almost beyond Beleife; and, therefore his Death was the more lamented; but, by None More than his Dear Wife, now his Mournfull Widow; at Whose Charge this Monument was erected for ye Preservation of his Memorie, which ought never to be forgotten. He departed this Life ye 23d. of April, in ye 44th Year of his Age, Anno. Do. 1682. (Under Mr MUNN’s Monument is a Small Flat Stone setting forth ye Time of his Death).

3. On a Flat Stone under the Com. Table.
[*Erm. on a bend sinister 3 bezants]. (*This Coat, I find by GUILLIM belong’d to ye Name of CUTTS. The Bend should have been a Dexter one, engrailed, but, on ye Stone it is as I have described it. Guillim says ye Field shd. be Argent). Here lies the Body of Frances OTWAY, Wife of Simon Otway; he had Issue by her 1 Son, and 4 Daughters. She was ye Daughter of Robert CUTTS, of ye Parish of Fulham in the County of Middlesex, Gent. She died March ye 24th 1682/3. Aged 34 Years. Here also lieth the Body of Simon OTWAY. He died April the 1st 1708. Aged 83.

4. The Body of The Church, on a Large Flat Stone. Hic Jacet Thomas BRODNAX qui obijt 7 Die Septembris 1602. Over ye Vault of ye Brodnax Family, on a Large Stone is ye Coat.
[Brodnax Or, 2 chevns. gu. on a chief gu. 3 cinquefoils arg].

5. On a Neat Monument on ye S. Wall with this Coat.
[Gu. a - or charged with a crest. betw. 2 martlets sa. betw. 3 rabbits seiant arg]. (Christmas of Colchester). Patri et Matri. Jacobo CHRISTMAS, A.M. Eccleae. de Ulcombe Rectori Revd. ac hujusce de Godmersham dismissimo Vicario, Johannis Christmas de Southfleet Gen. Filio Natu Maximo qui obijt VI Cal. Feb. A. Christi 1712/3 ac etiam Annae ejus Uxori, Georgij CARTER de Crundale Gen. Filiae Natu Maximae quae Virum praeivit Jdibus Feb. A. Dni 1711/2 quibus Trina superstabat Proles; Filius unicus Johannes, Binaeq, Filiae, Elisabetha et Juditha. Quarum Prior in Testamento Patris Executrix sola nominata, cum hoc Monumento Maerens parentavit.

6. On Another Neat Monument on ye S. Wall with this Coat.
[Or, 2 lions rampt. combatant gu. in chief a cresct. sa. for differce]. Near this Place lies the Body of Thomas CARTER of Bilting Gent. Second Son of George Carter of Whinchcomb in Crundale Gent, and Jone his Wife; he lived piously & died penitently Septre. ye 29th 1707. Aged 57 Years. Leaving 2 of his Younger Brothers, William and Robert, his Heirs and Executors, at whose Charge this Monument was erected in Memory of him.

7. These 2 Monuments formerly were affixd to the South Wall of a Chantry or Chappel, which stood on ye South Side of the Church’ which was, a few Years ago pulld down, in the Place of part of which are now 2 very large and Handsome Pews for Mr KNIGHTS and Mrs GOTT’s familys.

8. Under that of Mr KNIGHT is a very Large Vault for ye Burial of his Family.

9. On Two escutcheons over Mrs GOTT’s Pew are The following Coats.
[I. Per saltire arg. & sa. & a border countercharged imp. Or, a chevn. az. charged with 2 insects(?) arg. betw. 3 stalked roses gu. II. "Same as before" imp. Sa. a \ betw. 6 + +lets fitchy arg.].

10. On a Flat Stone. Anna CLARK Uxor Samuelis PEGGE Vicarij jugus Parochiae. Mulier, si qua Alia, sine Dolo, Vitam Aeternam et bonam fidenter hic Sperat, nec erit frustra. 1746.

11. On Another. 1736. Christophorus PEGGE, Infans.

12. On Another Large Flat Stone. Here lyes Willyeam BRODNAX, Esquire, Barrister, of ye Middle Temple, wch. Wilyeam was ye Sonne of Thomas Brodnax Gent, deceased, and of Julyan his Second Wife, the Sole Daughter of Henry BROCKMAN of Newington next Hythe, Gent. deceased. Which Thomas had Issue between them, Henry, Henry, and John BRODNAX, who died in their Minorities: Margaret, Mildred, Elisabeth, Johane, Ann, Jane, Sara, Susanna Brodnax. And the said Thomas Brodnax, ye Son, in ye pious Remembrance of the said William Brodnax, his Deare deceased and only Brother, caused this Monument to be Made. And which said William died in ye trewe Faith of his Blessed Saviour ye 24th of January Ano. Dom. 1609/10.

13. This Church is built of Flints, and consists Now, of only ye Chancell and Body, both tiled. The Tower, which is low, stands at the North Side. In it hang 5 very heavy, but Musical Bells, all founded, as appears by their Inscriptions, by Christopher HODSON in 1687. It is a Vicarage, dedicated to St. Laurence, and is in ye Gift of the Arch Bishop. (Annex’d to Challock).

14. The Present Incumbent is Mr Adan LEE
(Ley). 1757.

15. The 2 Following Coats are Painted on 2 Pannells of Oak, in Frames of good Carved Work, over the Parlour Chimney at the Vicarage House at Godmersham. It is supposed they came from Ollantigh, in Wye, ye Anct. Seat of the Family of KEMP.
I). (sh. flanked by T.K. (Thos. Kempe) and 1574). [¼ly 1). Kemp (1,41, Chilham).
2). Az. 3 lions rampt. arg. (Chiche, as I think) and 2 lines erased.
3). On a voided bend cotised 3 leopds. betw. a griffin’s head erased in chief & a molet in base (Modern pencil note [by T.G.F.] Thos. Godfrey Faussett. "BROWNE of Betchworth but obs. the griffin’s head!").
4). Gu a lion rampt. or quartering Sa. a fret arg. (Ditto note: "FITZALAN quartering MALTRAVERS, see p.151" [Ashford]. II. (sh. flanked by I.M. and 1574 (The M may be MOYLE). [¼ly 1&4). A fesse with 3 anchors betw. 3 griffins’ heads erased. 2&3). Per pale indented, 3 escallops, surtout a chevn. (Ditto note to 1&4: "This is the coat of FARMOUR, but qu?")

Index of Names and Places

Name Index
GOTT 7, 9

Knatchbull 1
Knight 1
LEE 15
Ley 15
Parry 1
PEGGE 10, 11
Sampson 2
Places Index
Artes 2
Betchworth 15
Bilting 6
Chilham 1
Coventry 2
Fulham, Middlesex 3
Newington next Hythe 12
Mersham Hatch 1
Moleash 1
Oakfield, Berkshire 1
Stockerton, Leicestershire 2
Whinchcomb, Crundale 6
Barrister 12
Capt 2
Baronet 1
Prebendary of Durham 1
Reverend 1
Vicar 1