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Hastingleigh with index of names and places at end

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The Monumental Inscriptions in the church of Hastingleigh Church noted August 1890 by Leland L. Duncan  

                                                                    Typed up by Dawn Weeks, checked by Zena Bamping

Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 22nd August 2007

Inscriptions in the church 

Flat stones in the chancel
1. John James son of Reverend A H and Mary DUTHIE who died August 9th 1829 aged 9 months

2. Sarah wife of John SANKEY of this parish daughter of Hezekia MARSHALL and Catherine his wife late of Braborn who left issue one son Richard and one daughter Margaret died May 1731 aged 36. John Sankey died March 7th 1761 aged 77. Also Thomas wife of John Sankey died May 12th 1765 aged 75.

3. Margaret wife of Thomas BRIDGES died 8th July 1754 aged 32 daughter of John Sankey.

4. Richard SANKEY late of this parish died January 26th 1806.

5. A tablet on the north wall of the chancel: George Frederick SANKEY MD died 14th October 1876 aged 33.

6. Tablet on the north wall of the chancel: Reverend John CONANT Rector of this parish, Vicar of Elmsted, died in London April 2nd 1779 æt 73 buried in the cemetery of St George the Martyr Bloomsbury. Also his wife Mary daughter of Reverend William WAKE Rector of Walgrave Northamptonshire first cousin of Archbishop Wake, she was distinguished by superior qualities of mind and person. Died April 9th 1773 æt 61 buried in this chancel. Also to their 8 sons John, Rector of St Peter’s Sandwich and Vicar of Teynham died March 30th 1811 æt 75 buried at Sandwich. William died July 22nd 1753 æt 16 buried in this chancel Herbert died February 25th 1759 æt near 16 buried here. Nathaniel, knighted in 1813, died at his house in Portland Place London April 12th 1822 æt 77 born at Finchley. Culpepper MA Trinity College Cambridge, died May 8th 1815 æt 67 born at Mortlake Surrey Elias, died in Bengal September 20th 1765 æt 16 and 2 others who died in infancy.

7. Tablet on south side of the chancel In a vault in the churchyard John SANKEY Esquire died 18th October 1812 aged 58. Mary his wife died 23 September 1815 aged 60. Samuel SANKEY son of above died December 19th 1851 aged 74. Mary his wife died 26th October 1855 aged 66. Samuel John Sankey son of above died 30th April 1877aged 64.

8. On the north side of the nave George SANKEY Surgeon of Maidstone, youngest son of Samuel Sankey of Hastingleigh died on board SS Chimborazo on his way to Australia January 27th 1885 in the 54th year of his age. Tablet erected by his affectionate wife and children.

9. A brass on the floor of the nave.
[drawing of shield with bird]
Vir petyt sociam, nati tres unaque nata Matrem mitricem famuli famulœqz mopesqz Mors rapuit, Coniux annis opibusqz repletus Vir natis natus munerosa prole beatus Vt genunt rapitur subtexit corpora marmor Amborum hoc animi Christi pia gaudia gaudet. Johannes HALKE obijt 28 die Maij Anno Domini 1604 Aoqz ætatis 83 Anna uxor eius obijt 16 die Feb Anno Domini 1596 Aoqz ætatis 70.

10. In the south aisle is a gravestone much worn – with marginal inscription (see sketch) ? to one of the Coveney family of the 17th century. In the centre was apparently a coat of arms but the whole too much decayed to be decipherable.

The above are all the inscriptions in the church. 

The following are a few of the stones in the north side of the yard:
11. Head Hannah wife of Nicholas SWAINE died June 20 1782 aged 19 years.

12. Head John Harfleet MARSHALL of this Parish died May 28 1836 aged 43. Martha his wife died January 18th 1841 aged 46. Thomas, youngest son died March 30th 1836, 3 years and 5 months. John Francis died March 28th 1837 aged 19 years. Susanna died June 21st 1837 aged 16. Mark died July 7th 1844 aged 17. Left surviving William, Elizabeth, George and Mary. Also Robert infant son of the above William MARSHALL.

13. Head. James BROWNING late of this parish died May 16th 1819 aged 73. Also Martha his wife died December 7 1822 aged 75. They had issue 2 daughters, of whom Sarah is surviving ….

14. George BROWNING died December 9th 1886 aged 92 years. Sarah wife of George Browning died February 8th 1851 aged 52.

15. James BROWNING of this parish, died March 10th 1842 aged 42. Rebecca wife of above died May 21st 1873 aged 72 years. Also Edmund eldest son died August 15th 1845 aged 21. Also Mary Ann, daughter, died July 2nd 1842 aged 14.

16. Head. Isabella Louisa COOK died November 20th 1863 aged 24.

17. Thomas MANUELL of this parish died May 14th 1838 aged 56. He left surviving by Elizabeth his wife 9 children – Mary Ann, Elizabeth, William, George, Harriet, Daniel, Henry, David and James. Also John, Maria and Frances children of the above lie buried here. Also Elizabeth wife of the above died November 3rd 1875 aged 90.

18. Head. Thomas Weekes KIDDER son of Thomas and Susanna Kidder of Lidden Dane Farm in this parish, died 14th September 1843 aged 32. Also Thomas Kidder, grandfather of above, of the Court Lodge Farm in this parish, died 25th January 1806 aged 65.

19. Head. Susanna wife of George HAWKINS and daughter of Thomas and Susanna KIDDER of this parish, died 12th February 1847 aged 30 years.

20. Head. Thomas KIDDER of Lydden Dane Farm in this parish died 21st April 1853 aged 85. Also Susanna his widow died 12th August 1862 aged 82.

21. Eliza KIDDER daughter of Thomas and Susanna Kidder formerly of Lydden Dane Farm in this parish, died at Guston near Dover December 13 1877 aged 71.

22. Head. Sarah SWAINE of the parish of Petham died December 4th 1822 aged 79.

23. Paul BROOKER late of Stelling Minnis, yeoman, died April 16th 1835 aged 83.

24. John SWAINE ………………

End of notes from Hastingleigh.
These include all the inscriptions in the church and some of those on stones in the north part of the yard,
August 1890. Leland L Duncan

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Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 22nd August 2007

Typed up by Pat Tritton

25 On a Broad Flat Black Marble. Here lies interr’d the Body of Margaret, The Wife of Mr Thomas BRIDGES who died ye 8th of July 1754. Aged 32 Years. This Dust alone remains, ‘tis all that dy’d:/Let hallow’d Earth ye Sacred Relicts hide./Shrin’d in My Breast her Living Image lies;/ And ye Pure Spirit triumphs in ye Skies.

26. On a Flat Free Stone near ye Former. Here lies ye Body of Sarah ye Wife of John SANKEY of this Parish, Daughr. of Hezekiah MARSHALL & Catherine his Wife, late of Brabourne. Who left Issue, 1 Son, Richard; and 1 Daughter, Margaret. She died May ye 5th 1731. Aged 36 Years.

27. Here is a good neat Altar Piece. And some Remains of good Painted Glass in ye East Window; in ye Top of wch. are ye 2 following Coats pretty entire.
[I. [¼ly 1&4). Or, 3 bars purp. a bend gu. 2&3). Or, 3 bars az. a bend az.]. This Coat is surrounded by a Garter with a Motto not legible; but it is not ye Motto worn by ye Knights of ye Order. On all ye Quarries or Panes adjoining to this Coat are Keys Crown’d. (These are ye Arms of ye Family of POYNINGS, and are to be seen in ye East Window of ye Great Chancell of Eastwell; and in the East Window of ye Parlour of ye College or Vicarage House at Ashford).
[II. Per pale purp. & or, a key in pale, ward downward, surmounted by a crown in chief, both arg.]. This Coat is surrounded with a Wreath of Flowers, in imitation of ye Garter round the former – and in all ye Panes adjoining to it, are Keys Crownd.

28. In the Body or Great Isle, on a Plate fix’d to a Flat Stone. Vir petijt Sociam, Nati hes unaq Nata./ Matrem Nutricem Famuli Famulaeq Inopesq./ Mors rapuit; Conjux Annis Opibusq repletus./ Vir Natis Natus, Numeroso
(sic) Prole beatus./ Ut gemuit, rapitur: subter it Corpora Marmor/ Amborum hoc: Animi Christi pia Gandia candent./ Johannes HALKE obijt 28 Mar. A. Dni 1604. Aq Aetatis 83. Anna Uxorejus obijt 16 Die Feb. A.Dni 1596. Aq Aetatis 70.

29. There is Another Plate on this Stone with an Hawke engraved upon it, wch. I suppose was design’d as a Rebus on ye Name, for it is not engraved in ye Manner of a Coat. This Family, as I am told had formerly a Mansion at a Place call’d South Hill in this Parish.

30. Here are 2 Other Flat Stones not legible.

31. In the West Window, are ye Remains of very fine painted Glass; but, almost all destroy’d, except a Group of 5 Figures, like Monks, in a Kneeling Post, one after another, in Blue Habits. And a Large Figure of ye Blessed Virgin, with ye Infant Jesus in her Arms, pretty perfect. Dr. HARRIS says, there were The 7 Romish Sacraments painted in ye Windows of the Chancell. If they were, they are now entirely destroy’d. ‘Tis more than likely, that he never saw this Church; or, he would not have told us that it consisted of only 1 Isle. For, there is another toward ye South – where there are 2 very Ancient Flat Stones, but not Legible; with some Remains of painted Glass in ye Windows.

32. In ye Porch are 2 very Ancient Flat Stones not legible; One has a Cross Fleury, upon it.

33. The Church, wch. is Small, but neat, is built of Flints – and has a low Tower at ye West End of ye Side Isle, in wch. hangs One Small Bell. I could not get at it, to see if it had any Inscription upon it. In the Church Yard I met with Northing Observable.

34. This is a Rectory in ye Gift of ye Arch Bishop and was call’d Saint Maries. The Present Rector is the Revd. John CONANT, A.M. who has partly rebuilt, and laid out a great deal of Money upon, ye Parsonage House. 1757.

Index of Names and Places

Name Index
Brooker 23
Browning 13 14 15
CONANT 6, 34

Cook 16
Coveney 10
Duthie 1
HALKE 9, 28

Hawkins 19
Kidder 18 19 20 21
Manuell 17
MARSHALL 2, 12, 26

Sankey 2 3 4 5 7 8 26
Swaine 11 22 24
Wake 6

Places Index
Australia 8
Ashford, Kent 27
Bengal 6
Braborn 2
Brabourne 26
Trinity College
    Cambridge 6
Eastwell 27

Elmsted 6
Finchley 6
Guston, near Dover 21
Court Lodge Farm 18
Lidden Dane Farm 18
Lydden Dane Farm 20 21
London 6
   Portland Place 6
   St George the Martyr
         Bloomsbury 6
Maidstone 8
Mortlake Surrey 6 
Petham 22
Sandwich 6
St Peter’s 6
SS Chimborazo 8
Stelling Minnis 23
Teynham 6
Walgrave, Northamptonshire 6
Archbishop 6
Rector 6
Reverend 6
Surgeon 8
Vicar 6
Yeoman 23