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Hunton with index of names and places at end

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A  transcription of Vol 6, pages 86 to 121 of Leland. L. Duncan's manuscript notebook, that he copied from the notebook
 of Miss F. L. Hall, daughter of the Rev J. R. hall sometime Rector - lent to him in Jan 1894

                                                                                Transcribed and typed up by Margaret Broomfield

This listing by Leland Duncan, care of Miss Hall is a whole jumble of information ranging from some M.I.'s., Register entries,
Accounts, Family Trees etc., etc.  There are many names mentioned and the following index is an attempt to allow you to locate
them. The numbers following each name refer to the 'Sections numbers' that the list has been broken up into.

Name Index
Lord Abergaveny 2
Allens 23
Amos 25
Baldock 25
Barton 10
Battely 10, 14
Baysfeld 10
Beale 6, 8
Becston 25
Beeston 13
de Bettryng 10
Bishop 15, 25
Bishoppe 13
Boby 9
Boteler 2
Brandrede 10
Burton 10, 17, 25
Butter 25
Car 25
Chambers 25
Chawkling 25
Clifford 10, 25, 26
Collins 27
Denys 10

Duddy 25
Fage 10, 15, 16, 21, 26
Fane 2, 3, 4, 13, 18, 
Field 27
Foote 23
Fowell 10
Fuller 25
Gabriel 1
Gladstone 11
Gravet 25
Gromebridge 25
Hall 1, 10, 11
Hatley 23
Hattey 25
Hert 10
Higgons 1, 6, 8, 10, 27

Hoby 27
Holliman 25
Hollimond 24
Hony 10
Houbbed 26
Hovenden 23
Humphrey 27
Hunt 13, 24
Jalys 10
Jobe 25
Kennard 25
King 25
Knocke 10
Latham 18, 19, 27
Law 25
Liddell 11
Longley 11
G:L:M. 17
Masca 10
May 25
Moore 10
Morton 27
Moyce 25
Murray 10
Mychilborne 10
Nichell 10
North 25
de Okeborne 10
Pack 25
Parker 10, 25
Paule 7, 10
Penyngton 10
Pickering 25
Plain 25
Porteus 10
Proby 25
Pylkynton 10
Pymock 25
Ravis 27
Ridar 4
Roan 9
Scudder 4
Snatt 20, 24
Snatts 21
Le de Spencer 2
Taylor 10
Tregonwell 2
Turner 15
Wakelin 25
Webb 17
Webbe 21
West 25
Earl of Westmorland 2
Wilson 10, 14
Woods 1, 9
Wooster 19
Wridge 25
Yardley 10, 13

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Section 1
A letter from Francis C. Hall  to Leland L. Duncan,   Dated Jan. 25th  (no year)


Dear Sir – Thank you for your very kind answer to my inquiries about Gabriel Higgons. I am sending you an M.S. book in which I collected various pieces of information respecting this Church and Parish, and in which you will find perhaps, something that may be of use to you.
   J.W. Higgons was a staunch Churchman, and was turned out of Hunton by the Puritan party. He seems to have had rather a remarkable career, and to have been a restless, dissatisfied sort of man. The particulars about him in my book were gathered from Woods’ "Athena Oxoniensis" and our own parish registers Walkers Sufferings of the Clergy gives a very short account of him. In the entry of Gabriel’s burial Mr. Higgons has made two mistakes – first as to the date either 6th or 7th Sep: - second – he puts Gabriel’s age at 24 – when he really was some months past 25! I have copied the entry as nearly as possible in Mr. Higgons’s handwriting.
   Do you think the Archdeacon of Canterbury/Bishop of Dover/ could help me to any information? If so I should have no difficulty as he is my cousin and a great friend.
   It is very interesting to note the great gaps that occur in the registers during the time of the Rebellion, showing that even quiet Hunton did not escape. I wonder that the Rector was able to stay here so long as he did.
   There is no stone or monument in the church or Churchyard to any Higgons, but that is probably owing, I think, to the disturbed state of things at that time. Also a lot of interesting old stones on the floor of the Church were recovered during its restoration in 1876, when I was too young to take any interest in such matters – so there may have been one to Gabriel.
   There is a great deal in Hunton to interest any one of Antiquarian tastes. Please return my book when you have finished with it, but there is no hurry about it. I can vouch for the authenticity of all information in it. During the time my Father was Rector I had free access to the registers and copied out a great deal that interested me. We always took great interest in the Higgonses.
                                                         Again thanking you – I remain Yours truly Frances C. Hall.
Section 2
Inscriptions on Fane Monuments in Hunton Church.

1. Sir Thomas Fane and Dame Helen. Here resteth in assured hope to rise in Christe Sr. Thomas Fane of Buston, Knight, Lieutenant of Dover Castle and Dame Helen Somersett his wife, who having lived forty years together died both the yeare of our Lord 1606. Mary their sole daughter and heire, wife to Henry Fane of Hadlow Esq., died in childbed of her only sonne Thomas, who died shortly after, whereuppon he wanting issue made Sr. George Fane, Knight, second sonne of Sr. Thomas Fane of Badsell and Dame Mary Baroness Le de Spencer, his heire, who in
dutyfull memory of his deare unkle erected this monument.  

2. (within the Chancel rails)  Francis Fane:-   Here sleepeth in hope the body of Francis FANE grand-child of the Right Honorable Mary Baroness Le Despenser and youngest son of her second son Sr. George Fane of Baston in ye County of Kent, Knight, and of the Lady Anne his wife the only daughter of Sr. Oliver Boteler of Teston in the same County, Knight. He came in to the world the 25th of November 1627 and left it for a better the 19th of December 1651.

3. (Brass in North wall of Chancel)  Lady Anne Fane:-  Neare this place is interred ye body of ye vertuous lady Anne Fane wife unto Sir George Fane of Buston and daughter of Sir Oliver Boteler, She departed this life the 5th of March Ano. Domini 1663 and left her daughter Elizabeth Fane (wife unto John Tregonwell Esq.) her sole Executrix; who in dutyfull comemoration of her most deare Mother caused this monument to be erected. Nostra brevis vita transit cito linguimus cunabula et illico festimamus et Sepulchram.

4. (within the rails on the South side) Thomas Fane:-  Underneath lies interred the Body of Thomas Fane Esq., late of Buston in this Parish. Son and Heir of Sr. George Fane, Kt. only brother to Francis Earl of Westmorland and both the sons of Sr. Thomas Fane of Badsel in this County, Kt. by Mary his wife Baroness le Despencer, sole daughter and Heir of Henry, Lord Abergaveny. He died Septem. ye 5th 1692 in the 66th yeare of his age.  He was Loyal to his Prince and in the worst of times faithfull to his country, vigorously asserting the cause of its religion and laws. When thrice unanimously chosen a Representative in Parliament for the Town of Maidstone against the restless Designs of Popery and Arbitary Power. He was a Charitable Reliever of his poor neighbours and no less a Bountifull and liberal master to his servants, of which he left a very Remarkable Instance at his Death. Tho’ he made celibacy his choice, chiefly for ye sake of contenplation and Retirement, yet his great aim and design was to perpetuate the younger branch of his Ancient and Noble Family, in Pursuance whereof, he by his last will and testament devised his whole estate to Mildmay Fane, youngest son of Vere, late Earl of Westmorland, who from a just sense of his kinsman’s favourable choice and approbation of his and to testify to Posterity his constant gratitude for such a Benefaction, dedicates upon his first enjoyment of it this monument to his memory. Anno Dom: 1711.  Vivat post Funera Virtus

Section 3
Entries in the Registers of Hunton relating to the Fanes of Buston:-
1606. Sir Thomas Fane Knight was buried ye 23rd of October. And his Ladye Elenor Somersett also Lady Fane was layed beside him the 23rd of October.
George the sonne of Sir. George Fane Knight was borne July 11 1622 (being Thursday) and baptized July 27th 1622.
Spencer, ye sonne of Sir. George Fane, Knight July 13 1623.
Ann, the daughter of Sir George Fane
Knight, was baptized September 30 1624. 
George, ye sonne of Sir George Fane, Knight, dyed Aug. 25th 1625 (3) was buryed at Mereworth.
Thomas the sonne of Sir George Fane Knight, was baptized September 7th 1626.
Francis, the sonne of Sir George Fane, Knight, was baptized November 25 1627.
Margaret, ye daughter of Sir George Fane, Knight, November 19 and she died 10 dayes after.
Mary ye daughter of Sr. George Fane Knight, was baptized Octob. 19 1630.
Sr. George Fane Knight, July 1 1640.
Mrs. Mary Fane, daughter of Sr. George Fane and Dame Anne, his wife, buried May 4th 1643.
Mr. Spencer Fane, son of the late Sr. George Fane, buried 19th July 1643.
Memorandum that ye honourable Lady Anne Fane of Burston, was buryed March 17th Ano Dom: 1664.
Thomas Fane of Buston Esq., Wednesday in 14th September 1692.  Buried in Linnen
Section 4
Dwellers at Buston since the death of Thomas Fane in 1692 – from Assessments made and entered in Churchwardens books etc., -
1706. the heirs of Thomas Fane Esq.
1710. The Honourable Mildmay Fane Esq.
1715. The Honble. Mrs. Fane.
1716. The honourable John Fane Esq.
1720. William Ridar Esq.
1739. Mrs. Rider.
1742. The Earl of Westmorland
1746. Mr. Scudder.

Section 5
Table showing the Fanes of Buxton and their relationship to the Earls of Westmoreland


Section 6
The Family of the Rev. Theophilus Higgons –
Robert Higgons of Chitton nr. Brill, Bucks
Theophilus – b. 1578. ed. at Free School, Thame, Student of Ch.Ch. 1592. MA 1600. Censor of Ch. Ch. Domestic Chaplain to Bishop of Gloucester. Lecturer at St. Dunstan’s Fleet Street. Pervert to Rome 1607 – Re to Church of England 1610. Rector of Hunton August 1610. 
     m. 1st Margaret – she died 1615. 
     m. 2nd Anne – she died 1645.
                                   I               He died at Maidstone 1659.
 Robert             Alice             Gabriel          Anne      Thomas     Theophilus
b. 1617          b. 1620            b. 1622        b. 1624     b. 1627      b. 1629
             m. John Beale Esq   d. 1647

Section 7
Mr. Anthony Paule, Parson of Hunton was buried Aug. 16 1610.

Section 8
Entries in the Hunton Registers relating to the family of Higgons:-
   Here beganne the Resgister of Theophilus Higgons, Parson of Hunton, Anno Domini 1610, August 23 in vigilia S. Bartholomei – Quam quidem Rectoriam habuit ex collatione Reverendissimi patris D. Rich. Bancrofte, Archief. Cant. ex procuratione vero nobilissimi docissimiq. viri et optimi patroni D. Eduardi Hoby Militis cujas no en in benedictioe –

Margareta uxor Thophili Higgons, Rectorio hujus ecclessaie, Sepulta Aprilis 19th 1615.

Robert Higgons, the sonne of Theophilus Higgons, Rectour of this church, was baptized February 21 1617. [N.S. 1618].

Alice, the daughter of Theophilus Higgons, Rectour of this church was baptized March 31 1620.

Gabriell the sonne of Theophilus Higgons April 23 1622.

Ann, the daughter of Theophilus Higgons Rectr. of this church was baptized Novemb. 19th 1624.

Thomas the sonne of Theophilus Higgons Rectour of Hunton, was baptized Octob. 2 1627.

Theophilus the sonne of Theophilus Higgons Rectour of Hunton was baptized Septemb. 18 1629.

John Beale, and Alice Higgons were married May 22nd 1638.

Anne the wife of Theophilus Higgons Rectour of Hunton was buryed January 9th 1645.

Gabriell Higgons sonne of Theophilus Higgons Rectour of Hunton aged 24 yeares was buried Septemb. 7 1647.

Theophilus Higgons Rector. 

1630. Margaret Paule, widdow, wife lately to Mr. Anthony Paule, Parson of Hunton, August 3rd.
Section 9
See Woods "Athene Oxonienses" page 240 for an account of Mr. Higgons – (see post)??
He wrote the following:-
   "A Scholastic Examination of Man’s Iniquity of Gods Justice" London 1608 (written before he
turned Papist).
   "First Motive to adhere to the Roman Church etc. with an Appendix" printed in 1609 and
   "Apology refuting Sir. E. Boby’s Letter against this first motive" Roan. 1609 and Sermon:-

   Sermon on Ephes 1.2,4,5.6.7. in "Testimony of his Hearty Reunion with the Church of England" London 1611 in 4 to Preached at St. Pauls Cross. 3 March 1610 –
   "Reasons proving the Lawfulness of the oath of Allegiance" London 1611.
   "Mystical Babel or papal Rome – a Treatise on Apocalypse 18-2 in two sermons London 1624 – 4 to –
Section 10
Rectors of Hunton or Huntynton
1315-1357 William Hony
1357-1361 Johannes de Okeborne
1361-1412 Richard de Bettryng
1412-1434 William Jalys
1434-1457 William Hert
1457-1499 Matthew Brandrede
1499-1509 Robert Baysfeld – Abbot of Boxley
1509-1524 Thomas Denys
1524 John Penyngton
1524-1529 Richard Mychilborne alias Masca
1529-1544 John Parker
1544-1566 John Nichell
1566 John Knocke
    -   Alexander Barton – exact date unknown.
1568-1570 Henry Clifford
1570-1575 Thomas Pylkynton
1575-1610 Anthony Paule*  * Those so marked are known to be buried at Hunton.
1610-        Theophilus Higgons ejected about 1647 George Latham ejected 1662
1662-1682 Thomas Yardley
1682-1685 John Battely
1685-1687 James Wilson
1687-1701 Rihcard Burton*
1701-1728 George Fage*
1728-1763 Herbert Taylor
1763-1765 John Fowell
1765-1787 Beilby Porteus, Bishop of Chester and London D.D.
1787-1803 Lord George Murray M.A.
1803-1865 Robert Moore – Canon of Canterbury*
1865- John Robert Hall M.A.
Section 11
Rev. John Robert Hall. died Thursday Sept. 22nd …….at Spitzbrook, Marden, Kent.
Born at Batsford Rectory in 1808. ed. at Westminster School. Mat. Ch: Church. May 1826 was a nephew of Archbishop Longley and had for fellow students Mr. Gladstone, Dena Liddell etc. was cox of the first Ch. Ch. eight. Ordained in 1832. curate of Bourton on the Hill near his father’s rectory. In 1838 was Vicar of St. Mary Mag: 1844 vic of Frodsham. Appted. Chaplain to his uncle Dr. Longley Bp. of Durham he went to Boldon near Newcastle – and on Dr. Longley coming to Canterbury he followed him to Coulsden in Surrey and soon after to Hunton near Maidstone becoming Rural Dean and Hon. Canon of Canterbury. Restored the church and a new rectory built – Retired after 26 years service - He married twice and left a widow and only daughter.
Section 12
A note of such things as belong unto the parish church of Hunton – made 21 April 1611.
Infor A Communion Cuppe of Silver and a cover to it.
Itm. a pewter pott of ii/ pints
Itm. 2 Spitts
Itm. a Communion Table wth. a (Lynnen Cloth
(Green Carpett
Itm. a surplice
Itm. the booke of martyrs
Itm. Erasmus on the New Testament
Item a booke of Canons
Itm. a cheste for Almes wth. 3 locks
Itm. (spade, shovell, mattocke
Itm. an houre glasse
Itm. the Bible and Comon prayer booke
Itm. a book of Statutes
Itm. 2 Register Bookes
Itm. a booke of accompts
Itm. 2 bookes of Statutes Anno 1597 and 1601
Itm. 2 great cushion for the Pulpitt
Itm. a book Intituled Certain Sermons
Section 13
A note of things given to the Parish Church of Hunton by Christian, and well disposed persons in the yeare 1635 and afterwards –  Inprimis 1635 at Easter, the honorable  Ladye the Lady Anne Fane, wife of Sr. George Fane, Knight, gave a fayr communion-table cloth, fringed with silk, a pulpitt cloth, fringed likewise, and a pulpitt-cushion, fayrely wrought with silk –
   Item 1637, at Easter, Tamasin, the wife of Nicholas Bishoppe gave a fayr communion Table-Cloth of Damaske, marked in the middle with these letters W.G.T. [with red silk].
   Memorandum That in ye year of our Lord 1664 the Honorable Ladye, the Ladye Anne Fane of Burston in ye Parish of Hunton, gave unto the said Parish viz: One very fayre sylver Cupp to be used at the holye communion.
   Item – a fayre black hersecloth marked in ye middle with her owne Coate of Armes.
   Item – five pounds of lawfull monyes of England to the Poore of ye said Parish – wch. immediately after her death was faithfully distributed among the said Poore by the hands of Mr. Richard Beeston and John Hunt the Churchwardens pro rempore. Tho: Yardley then Rector. 1664.
Section 14
Memorandum yt. Dr. John Battely formerly Rector of Hunton did on ye 8th of June 1686 give to ye poor of this Parish ye sum of fifteen shillings and four pence which was distributed to ye sd. poor. Byrne Ja. Wilson Rector.
Section 15
A note of Things belonging to the Parish of Hunton taken May ye 12 1716 –
One comunion Table
One Green Cloath
One Diaper Knapkin for the Comunion Table
One Chalice and Patten, silver
One smaller Chalice and Patten guilt with gold for ye use of Private Communion given by Mr. Fage and to be always kept by ye Rector.
One silver flagon given by Mr. Thomas Turner
One Pewter flagon and 2 Pewter Plates
One Surplice
One crimson velvet cushion and cloath for ye Pulpit
One Book of Homilies
One Book of Martyrs
Two Books of Bp. Jewell
One Bible
One Comon Prayer Book
One other Table
Two chests
A Black Cloath for Funerales
One Pewter Bason for the Font
Two silver Plates given by Mr. Thos. Turner
Witness our Hand – Geo. Fage. Rector. Thos. Bishop junr., Churchwarden.
Section 16
Sept. 16 1728. George Fage clerk, Rector of Hunton was buried. 
July 13, 1701. Richard Burton, rector of Hunton buried.
Section 17
From the Registers – 1653
Martha Webb ye wife of Henry Webb and Anne his daughter deceased April 24 1653 – Buried both in one grave 27: Justly deserving this insusinge epithaph and intended once to bee engraven on a tomb stone –
Chapter 1 16:17 verses What Ruth to Naomi once replyd Under this stone is verified Mother and daughter each soe dear Whome God by death hath joyned more neare One house while luieinge them containinge In one grave now their dust remaininge One day they both shall rise together Noe more to die, but live for ever. By G:L:M.
Section 18
From the Registers –
A French youth belonging to ye Honble. ye Lady Fane of Buston was Buried August ye 23 1662.
Ultimo die praedicandi; ministri; moraliker mosisntis Geo: Latham: Postquam compleverit plusquam Annos 13; in
administrationibus: in Ecclesia hugis Hunto seu Huntingdon : Cor. 2.6.9. It is also asserted Isaiah 26.19. thy dead men shall live

Ye cause of ye incompleatnes of this booke for some yeares past was ye passinge of it through soe many hands, both of ministers and others, and ye severall changes of ye times, and not ye willfull neglet of him, who now at last had it in his custody …. He often earnestly descringe ye Parishoners to bring in ye names of such persons who ought to have been Registered; either for marriage, Baptizing or Buriall, and they not soe doeinge ye default must bee infuted unto them; and not to him  But for any such as came and informed him, concerninge ye same; had them set downe without delay or denyall, such as I remembred I registred of my owne word – 
                     [Mr. Latham’s apology for the many omissions in the Registers during the years he was at Hunton –
                              from 1647 to 1662 –
Section 19
Mary Wooster ye faithful housekeeper of ye aforesaid Geo: Latham minister departed this life Jan. 15: 1662 and was buried ye 20th of ye same month; neare ye Chancel doore: it may truly bee said of her, as of that Mary – Luke 10 ye last –
Section 20
1670 Dec 22nd Mr. Wm. Snatt was buryed 1671 

1671 Mr. Thomas Snatt of Sussex was marryed unto Mrs. Amye Snatt the daughter of Nichola Snatt of Hunton June 1 being the feast of Ascention –
Section 21
From the Registers
1674 Mary ye daughter of Parson Webbe of Barmin was buryed July 24th.

1746 On Midsummer Day this year happened the greatest storm of Thunder and Lightening wind and rain yt. was ever known in the memory of man.

1748 At the latter end of this year, Peace was proclaimed between England, France and Spain.

1763 On the nineteenth day of August this year happened a much greater storm of Thunder, Wind, Hail and Rain, than in the year forty six – The Hailstones being six and seven inches round.

1770 Mrs. Eliz: Fage of Maidstone buried 7th Feb.

1751 Here endeth the old style.
Tempora mutantur tandem renovatur et Anno: Scribere disce novo, sed meliore stylo Nos quoy mutemur centrum qui vixerit annos Fit vivendo diu grandior inde puer.
Section 22
Inscriptions on Tombs of the Snatts of Jennings – (South side of Church) –
Mr. Nicholas Snatt – To the memory of hir deare husband Mr. Nicholas Snatte, who deceased Febr. 22nd 1652, Mary his loving wife erected this monument –  To write an epithaph for thee, blest saint Whose life was such that none could justly taint Must use the Scriptures language to rehearse They reall, vertues and come short by verse Of whats’ they due, leaving so good a name? That others yet may imitate the same Who lives that sinnes not? Saith Divinity Who could expect thee faultless then and free? Yet such they care and conscience in the maine Toward God, and man, and keepe thyself from staine A faithfull husband to a loyall wife A tender father and no man of strife And though God sodenly did take thee hence It was but sooner thee to recompence – 
   Mrs. Snatt (same stone) Here lyeth also Interred Mrs. Mary Snatt relict of Nicholas Snatt of Jennings in Hunton Gent: who dyed Octob. 20 1666 Aetatis LII. 
  Amy Snatt (same stone) Here lieth interred the body of Amy Snatt relict of Thomas Snatt of Hunton, Gent. Deceased, and daughter of Nicholas and Mary Snatt of this Parish, who departed this life March the 26 1708. Aetatis sine 57.

William Snatt (adjoining stone)  Here lyeth interred the Body of William Snatt, son of Nich: Snatt of Jennings in Hunton gent, who dyed December 18th 1670, aged 34 years in memory of whome his loving kinsman Thomas Snatt his executor caused this stone to be layed.
   (Also on this same stone) Here lieth also Interred the body of William Snatt son of Thomas Snatt of Jennings in this Parish gent, who departed this life Oct. 17 1701 – In the Twenty-eigth year of his age.
Section 23
Tombstone of Mr. Hovenden of the Clock House (East end of Church):-
Here lyeth the body of Samuel Hovenden of Hunton gentleman, sonne of Richard Hovenden of Cranbroke, who died the 28 of January 1653, aged 78 years – who left issue Mary, Elizabeth, Dorothy – (Mrs. Hovenden – same stone) Heare lyeth the body of Mrs. Anne Hovenden late wife of Mr. Samuel Hovenden deceased the 4 day of September 1646 –

Tombs of the Allens of Stonewall East end of Church –

Here lyeth the Body of Joane Allen the wife of James Allen …………………………

Adjoining stone – Heare lieth the body of James Allen the sonne of John Allen of Hunton desesed the 9th June in the yeare 1648 –

Inscriptions on other stones of note or interest in Hunton Church or Churchyard

Here lyes the Body of Francis Foote Esq who departed this life on the 27th day of June 1730 in the 48th year of his age. Defessus sum ambulando ……………………….

Under this marble are deposited also the Remains of Mary, Daughter of Benjamin Hatley and widow of Francis Foote Esq., who departed this life the 2nd day of June 1770 in the eighty-fourth year of her age. 
Section 24
From the Book of Churchwarden’s accounts at Hunton –

The accompts of Thomas Snatt Churchwarden with Thomas Hollimond of Hunton, the which Thomas Snatt was chosen at Easter 1672 made and given up in ye Presents of those whose names are heere subscribed May 18, 1674


1673 Nov. 2 It. This booke being 7 quier of Duch Royall Paper, Ruling and Bond 
1673 Nov. 2 For Bringing downe the Booke  
1673 Dec. 12 A Dust Baskett for the Clarke 
1673 Dec. 15 To Tho: Hunt for a foxes head 
[There are many such entries].
1673 Mar. 12 A matt for the Pulpett 
1691 Feb. 19 For 4 bell ropes waying 34 - 
1694 A man of words and not of Deads is Like Garding full of wheads –
1693 Nov. 5 Paid for mending of the dial 
1697 March Paid for a new stock and handing ye third bell - 
1697 March Paid for 10 ells of fine bag holland to make a surples
1697 March Paid for making of it 

  0. 0.6



Section 25
Hunton – September ye 20th 1700 collected £4.6.7½ by Richard Burton Rector, by virtue of a Brief for the Redemption of Slaves viz:
Given by Richd. Burton Rector 
do. Burton’s servants - 
Henry Hattey - 
do. Hattey’s servants - 
George Hattey - 
Richd. Jobe - 
Abraham Chambers - 
Mary Hattey - 
Edward Becston - 
do. Becston’s servants - 
Mary Wridge - 
Mrs. North - 
Servants at Buston - 
The widdow Amy Snatt -
do. Snatt’s maid - - 
Thomas Pickering - 
Thomas Proby - 
Francis Hunt - 
Edward Holliman - 
William Gravet - 
Iden Plain - 
Thomas Duddy Senr. – 
John Bishop - 
Thomas Bishops 2 sons - 
Thos. Duddy Junr. Jno. Kennard - 
Goodman Gromebridge - - 
Martin Parker - - 
Wm. Clifton - -
John Fuller - - 
Goodman Butter - - 
Edward Amos - - 
Gabriel Chawkling - - 
John Bishop’s sons - -
Goodman King - 
Goodman Parker -
Goodman Law - 
Edward Holliman Junr. - 
John Baldock - 
Thos. Bishop - 
John Car - 
Pack & Moyce - 
Goodman West - 
Richard Wakelin - 
Anthony Plain - 
Goodman Pymock - 
Goodman May - 

   - 6
- 6
- 6
- 6
- 6
- 6
- 6
- 6
- 6
- 6
- 6
- 6
- 6
- 6
- 6
- 5
- 4
- 3
- 3
- 2
- 2½

Section 26

1701 April ye 4 Paid for Bread and Wine 
                       Paid for Bell ropes 
        April ye 12 Paid to Mr. Houbbed the Countty Stock 
1702 Oct. 4 Payd to Mr. Hubbed for the County Stocke [occurs every year]
1704 April 20 Payd to Mr. Fage for the Booke of Homilies 
1705        Payd for on Prayer Booke
        Oct. Payd for vellvet and fringe for ye Pulpit and Desk 
1708 Pd. for a new Register Book
        Pd. Wm. Clifton for ye Ringers on ye 29th of May
        Gunpowder Treason day
        on ye Queens Accession to ye Throne
        and on ye Coronation day 

The Bells caused endless expenses – they seem to have had new ropes
        nearly every year –





Section 27
Notes on the Life of the Rev. Theophilus Higgons M.A. sometime Rector of Hunton Woods’ "Athenae Oxonisnses" p. 240
   The son of Robert Higgons, he was born at Chilton near Brill in Bucks about 1578, was educated at the Free School at Thame in Oxfordshire. Became a Student of Ch: Ch: in 1592 aged 14 or thereabouts. Took his degree in Arts, that of M.A. in 1600, he being then noted as "a young man of pregnant parts and a tolerable Latin Poet" –
   At that time he was "much stained with Puritanism" and was very violent against all such as favoured the Romish see. Became a Censor of Ch: Ch: and was very zealous, cutting down a Maypole because he thought it came out of a Romish Forest.
   Dr. Ravis, Dean of Ch: Ch: being made Bishop of Gloucester, made Higgons his Domestic Chaplain in which post he continued till the Bishop was translated to the see of London. Mr. Higgons was then made Lecturer at St. Dunstan’s Church, Fleet St. He was much followed there for his sweet and eloquent preaching. But "many thought his long prayers and spitting pauses too short, because the Bishops were ever left out for Wranglers and Antichristian Hierarchies" – 
   While here he married clandestinely. His Father and Relatives were much put out at this and blamed him. In consequence of this and the disrespect and neglect it brought him, he left his wife and went into the North of England but soon returned to London and published a small book against what he afterwards strongly seemed to maintain –
   But it all availed nothing, for being very ambitious and not finding preferment suitable, as he thought to his merits, he thereupon and through debts occasioned by his marriage, fell into a deep discontent, and was finally drawn over to Rome. Wrote a pamphlet about it, went to France and spent two years at Douay and at St. Omers, whither his father went to endeavour to fetch him home but  failed to do so –
   He now wrote "His first motive to adhere to the Roman Church" etc., - with an Appendix against Dr. Lawrence Humphrey, Dr. Richard Field and Dr. Thomas Morton etc. – printed in 1609 in Octavo –
   Sir Edward Hoby then wrote to him. he then went to Roan and lived there for some time, but found out not what he expected in "Respect, Preferment and I know not what", but he was at length regained to the English Church by Dr. Thomas Morton Dean of Winchester. He preached a sermon at St. Paul’s Cross, March 3rd 1610 on Ephes 1.2.4. 5.6 & 7 in Testimony of his hearty reunion with the Church of England and humble submission thereunto, Published in London in 1611 in quarto. This recantation sermon he made up on his being regained by Dr. Morton.
   He was made Rector of Hunton 1610 – where his first wife died in 1615 but he soon married again and by his second wife had six children, five of whom survived him –
   Mr. Higgons’s second wife died at Hunton in 1645 and he remaining there in spit of the troublous times and the sequestration of the living, as long as he could, was at last compelled to relinquish Hunton to Mr. George Latham and retired to Maidstone about 1647, when he lodged in the House of one Daniel Collins, in which house he died in 1659 a little while before the Restoration "as Collins told my friend (for his name stands not in the Register there)" and was buried in the cemetery belonging to the Church there, near to the South-East door of the Chancel, but he
has no stone over his grave -