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What follows is a transcription of one of the many pocket field notebooks belonging to the noted author and antiquarian, Mr Leland L. Duncan. For many years right up until his death Duncan visited Kent churches and churchyards and noted in his own shorthand the memorial inscriptions contained therein. These inscriptions he compiled are not "as carved in stone" but in his own standard form. Sadly he used a stub of a blunt HB pencil on cheap paper which over 100 years later is sometimes hard to read. However, in the period which has elapsed, many of the inscriptions are now even more difficult to read which makes L.L. Duncan's efforts all the more valuable.

Frank Bamping  22 September 2000       



In the church - chancel mural - North

1.         Sarah wife of the Rev. John Tucker died 12.2.1798 aged 40, and their children; Elizabeth 1.4.1790 aged 6 and Jane Brunswick 22.2.1798 aged 3 years.


2.         A flat stone. Thomas Reynolds Parker, Gent., late of Milton next to Gravesend, died January 5 1795 aged 75.


3.         A flat stone. Nicholas Child, Gent., Lord of this Manor at whose care and cost chiefly, this church was repaired and beautified, who changed this life for a better place died ye 7 November and was here interred November ye 10 A.D. 1638.


4.         A brass. Here lyeth ye body of Elizabeth Parkir the only daughter of Robert Parker and Elizabeth his wife who (being of ye age of 10 years and 7 months) departed this life and was buried ye 14 day of April in ye yeare of Our Lord God 1670.


5.         George Lauder, rector of Ifield and Nursted died April ye 26 1720 aged 84. Scotia me gemuit &c.


6.         Beatrice Stanley wife of Thomas Colyer Fergusson of Ightham Mote and Wombwell Hall, third daughter of the Rt. Hon. Prof. MacMüller died 17.6.1902 in her 38th year. [drawing of coat of arms]    


7.         A tablet. Louisa, wife of Sir James Ranken Fergusson, Bt., of Spitalhaugh, Peebleshire, and Hever Court in this parish. Born 1846 married 1877 died 1878. [2 shields of arms] 


8.         A brass mural in chancel. Newcombe Willis, B.A., T.C.D., Clerk Rector of this parish from 1884 and of Nurstead cum Ifield from 1887 - 1899. Born November 1817 died August 1906. Anne his wife born April 1831 died November 1902.



In the church yard - East - (old part)

9.         A monument to the children of Isaac and Elizabeth Brown. Deborah Ann died 15.11.1839 aged 4; Thomas Clinch died 20.11.1839 aged 9; John Vinson died 25.11.1839 and is interred in the burial ground of Princes Street Chapel, Gravesend, aged 2; Codelia Elizabeth died 30.6.1847 aged 14; Ann died June 13 1847 aged 1 year.


10.       A cross. Joseph Davies born in the County of Hereford 15.4.1828 died in the parish of Ifield 2.6.1878. Susannah his wife born 12.7.1828 died 22.3.1894. George their son born 29.7.1856 died 28.12.1858. Esther Matilda their daughter born 19.11.1858 died 24.11.1885.


11.       Henry, youngest son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Solomon died 10.3.1863 aged 16. Edward their 4th son died 13.7.1875 aged 36.


12.       Elizabeth, wife of Jeremiah Solomon of this parish died 6.11.1876 aged 74. The above Jeremiah Solomon died 24.4.1878 aged 77.


13.       Joseph Solomon of 40, Darnley Road, Gravesend, died 29.10.1880 aged 77.


South side of the church


14.       Mary Frances, daughter of Richard Frances and granddaughter of Stephen Squier died 11.3.1713 in her 20 year.


15.       William Squier died 15 July 1692 aged 13.


16.       Stephen Squier died 17 Aprill 1692 aged ..... [unreadable]


17.       Mary Squier, late wife of Stephen Squier died 20 May 1713 in her 71st year.


18.       John Squire, late of this parish died July ye 30 1732 aged 63.


19.       Rhoda, wife of Thomas Redsell and eldest daughter of William and Emma Deadman died 9.10.1917 aged 70.


20.       Wooden cross. Helen Amy, daughter of Gabriel and Helen Deadman died 8.7.1893 aged 2 years 5 months.


Western yard - South side.


21.       John Bodman, son of John and Mary Bodman of this parish died 11.5.1757 aged 22.


22.       John Bodman of this parish died 24.2.1763 aged 67. Mary his wife died 9 February 1745 aged 38. Also of their children who died in their infancy.


23.       Mary, wife of Benjamin Hubble of this parish died 25.8.1768 aged 37. Also 3 children died in their infancy. Benjamin Hubble died 1.6.1797 aged 62. Also Mary wife of the above died 31.1.1838 aged 85. 


24.       George Hubble died 21.10.1811 aged 32. Also two of his children; Benjamin died 27.7.1814 aged 6 and Ann died 5.8.1814 aged 9.


25.       An altar in rails. Mary, wife of Henry Jones, Surgeon to the Garrison of Gravesend and Tilbury Fort died 9.7.1796 aged 32. Also their daughter Mary died in infancy. Also the above Henry Jones died 24.11.1814 aged 66. Also Benjamin Henry [?son of] the  aforesaid Henry Jones by Mary his wife died 6 August 18.... aged 23


26.       Mr William Elliott died 3.12.1827 aged 61. Charlotte, daughter of the above and wife of John Weller died 19.9.1839 aged 28. Elizabeth wife of the above Mr William Elliott died 21.4.1855 aged 81.


27.       Elizabeth, wife of John Butcher of Shinglewell in the parish of Northfleet died 27 March 1790 aged 47. The above John Butcher died 2.10.1800 aged 60.


28.       Annie Wickham died 1.2.1881 aged 31. Lydia Still, granddaughter of the above died 12.4.1892 aged 3. Edward Wickham husband of the above died 28.1.1917 aged 72.


Western yard - North 

29.       A cross. Percy Michael the child of the Rev. James Randell, rector of this parish and Angelina Julia his wife died 17.7.1878 aged 3 months.


30.       A cross. Frances Elkins Edwards, widow of Henry Charles Edwards (of Bargo Hill, Penrith, Cumberland), died 14.7.1888 aged 63.


31.       The family grave of Robert & Patience Page.

Elizabeth and Ernest Page died in infancy. Robert William Page eldest son of the above died 30.5.1897 aged 35. The above Patience, wife of Robert Page died 25.5.1899 aged 61. Ida, youngest daughter of the above died 23.1.1908 aged 27.


32.       Hannah Missing died 29.7.1864 aged 60. James Missing, brother of the above died 18.6.1864 aged 66. George Palmer Missing their nephew died 3.6.1864 aged 44. Harriet Goodyer sister of the above died 23.11.1867 aged 84. Thomas Graves died 4.9.1877 aged 69.


33.       Mr Thomas Clinch of Northfleet died 21.2.1860 aged 81. Mr William Clinch of Gravesend and son of the above died 10.8.1865 aged 47. John Ninson Clinch son of the above died 9.6.1860 aged 48.


34.       A coped stone. Hannah, wife of George Palmer Missing died 28.3.1904 aged 72. Also W.T.P. Simmons 2nd husband of the above died 16.1.1891 aged 71.


35.       John Edmund Burningham Curtis died 28.12.1868 aged 53. Edith Rosa, daughter of the above died 1 day of the same month aged 3 years 4 months.


36.       A coped stone. Mary the wife of Thomas John Leavens Sowter of the parish of Milton next Gravesend died 8.6.1862 aged 53.


37.       William Henry Owen, surgeon, died 19.6.1882 in his 80th year. Cordelia, his wife died 15.10.1894 in her 81st year. Cordelia, daughter of W.H. & C. Owen obiit 15.12.1911 aet 70.


38.       Richard Barnard died 28.3.1871 aged 65. Frederick Barnard son of the above died 3.1.1869 aged 19. Mary the wife of the above Richard Barnard died 5.1.1892 aged 85. Henry Kenward son-in-law of the above died 23.8.1907 aged 68.


39.       Emily, wife of John Vinson Barnard died 22.3.1892 aged 38. The above J.V.B. died 26.9.1896 aged 55.


40.       The family grave of James and Maria Naomi Choat.

Maria Sophia Choat daughter of the above died 16.10.1869 aged 9. Ada Mary Ann Choat daughter of the above died 27.3.1870 aged 6. The above Maria Naomi Choat died 14.5.1874 aged 43. Also the above James Choat died 24.6.1889 aged 51. Eleanor Jane Choat 2nd Wife of the above died 8.11.1917 aged 75.


41.       Francis Rose Collison, wife of Daniel Collison died 9.3.1869 aged 45. Left issue one daughter, Eliza. The above Daniel Collison died 21.9.1897 aged 81.


42.       A cross. Mary, wife of John Light, late of Mortlake, Surrey, who died at Gravesend 23.8.1873 aged 68.


43.       A monument. William Bellingham, eldest son of the late William Bellingham Esq., of Ravensdale, Co. Kildare, Ireland, and late Captain in County Dublin L.I. died 14.1.1875 aged 32. Erected by his wife Grace Bellingham.


44.       An altar. Fanny Stewart, fifth daughter of Charles Andrew and Elizabeth Becket died 6.11.1863 in her 22nd year. Also Elizabeth Anne wife of Dr H.G. Thompson and daughter of Charles Andrew and Elizabeth Becket died 24.1.1875. Also Mary wife of Dr Charles Rigg and eldest daughter of C.A. & E.B. died 3.4.1894. Elizabeth wife of Charles Andrew Becket died 25.12.1855 in her 33rd year. Charles son of C.A. & E.B. died 9.11.1847 in his 11th year. Ann 4th daughter of same died 8 January 1858 in her 18th year. Charles Andrew Becket died 21.1.1858 in his 63rd year.


45.       A coped stone. Maria Henrietta Ridsdale only daughter of James and Martha Maria Alewyn died 26.4.1875 aged 67.  Also her godson and cousin Henry Fagel May who was drowned off the Cape of Good Hope 20.8.1859. Martha Maria Alewyn died 16.6.1880 aged 93.


46.       Mr John Francis Pensotti of Gravesend died suddenly 21.3.1873 aged 47. Sarah Parker Pensotti his wife died 27.7.1884 aged 60.


47.       Mr Mark Hubble late of West Malling who departed this life the 15.12.1803 aged 60. Mrs Elizabeth Hubble wife of the above died 29.6.1811 aged 66. Left issue one daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin Hubble of this parish.


48.       Ann Ingleton died 15.5.1866 aged 49. Mary Ann, wife of James Waterman died 20.12.1897 aged 76. The above James Waterman died 27.6.1913 aged 88.


49.       Mary, wife of Jonas Cleveland formerly of Mundsley in Co. Norfolk, died 27.6.1867 aged 81. Henry Waterman, son in law of the above died 24.1.1869 aged 56. Louisa Elizabeth wife of the above died 19.10.1879 in her 58th year.


50.       Hannah Hook died 15.2.1880 aged 75. James Hook, clerk of this parish for 40 years died 15.6.1880 aged 72. Mary daughter of the above and wife of Caleb William Beichteller born 11.3.1848 died 10.4.1895. And their daughter Eliza Hook died 13.8.1902 aged 68.


51.       John William Hook died 24.11.1859 aged 13. [Above is a small carved ship. L.L.D.]


52.       William Parsons died 21.9.1885 aged 73. Alice his widow died 25.6.1904 aged 74.


53.       Robert Baker Obee died 13.5.1874 aged 64.


54.       Ann Caroline Mackie died 12.11.1865 aged 42.


55.       Harriott, relict of Thomas West late of Kennington, died 26.11.1872 aged 78.


56.       A cross. George Bartholmew died 17.10.1901 aged 39.


57.       Coped stone. Patience Tickner wife of William Bliss died 5.9.1888 aged 76. William Bliss died 21.11.1902 aged 90. Also William Henry the infant son of William and Patience Tickner Bliss died 1.9.1851 aged 8 months.


58.       Charles Alfred Dunn born 26.8.1841 died 14.12.1897. Ellen Mary, his wife born 25.11.1844 died 17.8.1915.


59.       A cross. Bernard James Wilmot Buxton born February 17.1876 died 9.8.1896.


60.       A monument. John Wood died 2.7.1898 aged 78. Fanny his wife died 29.7.1884 aged 64. Harry Wood born 24.10.1844 died 29.11.1877. Ernest second son of the above [i.e. Harry. L.L.D.] died 1.1.1880 aged 6. Sarah Harriet wife of the above Harry Wood died 6.12.1891 aged 53. To Muriel daughter of George and Gertrude Wood who died 31.8.1883 aged 11 months.


In the new, Eastern part is the grave of Colyer Fergusson's wife with a curb and fallen cross.

The others also are quite recent.  L.L.D. 4.9.1921


Ifield Church is very small. The nave is not more than 27 feet long. This is followed by a small plan and notes of the features of the church

Outside by the roadside is a large plain stone cross to the men who died in the War.


In the village of Shinglewell is a good house with what no doubt was the door originally. Over the date is a globe ornament.



       R  *  E

         1675     ?Robert and Elizabeth Parker.


In 187? the house seems to have been altered and added to and a new porch and entrance made. The house is built of red brick with black `headers' and has the usual cornice over the first or ground storey with moulded bricks below. Plain corbel table under the eaves.

N.B. Hasted says this was the Parker's House and afterwards Benjamin Hubble's of Town Malling.

Index of Ifield
                                                                                  by Zena Bamping

Name Index
Alewyn, 45.
Barnard, 38, 39.
Bartholomew, 56.
Becket, 44.
Beichteller, 50.
Bellingham, 43.
Bliss, 57.
Bodman, 21, 22.
Brown, 9.
Butcher, 27.
Buxton, 59.
Child, 3.
Choat, 40.
Cleveland, 49.
Clinch, 33.

Collison, 41
Curtis, 35.
Davies, 10.
Deadman, 19, 20.
Dunn, 58.
Edwards, 30.
Elliott, 26.
Fergusson, 6, 7.
Frances, 14.
Goodyer, 32.
Graves, 32.
Hook, 50, 51.
Hubble, 23, 24, 47.
Ingleton, 48.
Jones, 25.
Kenward, 38.
Lauder, 5.
Light, 42.
Mackie, 54.
MacMüller, 6.
May, 45.
Missing, 32, 43.
Obee, 53.
Owen, 37.
Page, 31.
Parker, 2, 4.
Parsons, 52.
Pensotti, 46.
Randell, 29.
Redsell, 19.
Ridsdale, 45.
Rigg, 44.
Simmons, 34.
Solomon, 11, 12, 13.
Sowter, 36.
Squier, 14, 15, 16, 17.
Squire, 18.
Still, 28.
Thompson, 44.
Tickner, 57.
Tucker, 1.
Waterman, 48.
Weller, 26.
West, 55.
Wickham, 28.
Willis, 8.
Wood, 60.

Place Index
Bargo Hill, Penrith,Cumb.,30.
Cape of Good Hope, 45.
Darnley Road, 13.
Gravesend, 33, 42, 46.

Gravesend & Tilbury Fort, 25.
Hereford, 10.
Hever Court, 7.
Ightham Mote, 6.
Kennington, 55.
Milton next Gravesend, 2, 36.
Mortlake, Surrey, 42.
Mundsley, Norfolk, 49.
Northfleet, 33.
Princes Street Chapel, Gravesend, 9.
Ravensdale, Co. Kildare, 43.
Shinglewell, 27.
Spitalhaugh, Peebleshire, 7.
West Malling, 47.
Wombwell Hall, 6.