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Kennington with index of names and places at end

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The Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard of Kennington Church
                                                                                Noted August 1890 by Leland L. Duncan  

                                                                    Typed up by Dawn Weeks, checked by Zena Bamping

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 10th January 2008

1. In the churchyard an altar tomb near the south porch:-
Here lyeth the bodie of George MARSHALL (the sone of George Marshall of Boughton Aluph) who dyed the 25 of February 1619 in the 56 yeare of his age.

2. Another:-
Here lieth the bodie of George MARSHALL the son and only issue of George Marshall of Kennington (which lyeth entombed nigh heareunto) who dyed the 22 of September 1623 in the 28 yeare of his age a bachelour.

3.  NB marriage licence 31 January 1559 George Marshall and Mary Court of Boughton Aluph.

August 1890
Leland L Duncan

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 10th January 2008

In The Great Chancell.
4. No Altar Peice. Some Remains of Good Glass, in The Windows. On The Floor are 8 Flat Grave Stones; but all their Inscriptions are obliterated. Two of them have had Brass Plates on them, which are now lost. One is coverd by The Steps to ye Altar.

In The South Chancell.
5. Here are 11 Flat Stones, with The Following Inscriptions:

6. Hic jacet Corpus Gulielmi RANDOLPH de Burton, Jun, Gent; qui obijt 19 Die Novembris 1705. Aetatis 53.

7. Hic jacet Maria Antonij AUCHER Armig. Filia, et Gulielmi RANDOLPH Jun. Uxor, quae obijt 15 Die Augusti 1703. Aetatis 39.

8. Hic jacet Dorothea, Richardi HARDRES Baronetti Filia, et Gulielmi RANDOLPH de Burton, Armig. uxor; quae obijt 15 Die Junij 1664. Aetatis 29.

9. Here lie The Remains of Mrs Carolina KINGSLEY, Spinster; Second Daughter of William Kingsley Esq. She departed August the 17th 1756 aged 55 Years.

10. Sub hoc Saxo depositae sunt Reliquiae Gulielmi RANDOLPH, Armig de Burton; Regibus Carolo Secundo, et Jacobo Secundo, Gulielmo et Mariae, Annae, et Georgio, Justiciarij ad Pacem. Propositi vero semper tenacis; Et, Patriae Saluti, per Omnes Vicissitudines fixè et constantèr addicti. Obijt Maij 11. Anno Aetatis 81. Salutis 1715.

11. Here lieth interr’d The Body of Abigail 2d. Wife of Wm. RANDOLPH; who departed this Life May ye 30th 1728. Aged 88 Years.

12. Hic jacet Alicia, Gulielmi RANDOLPH, Armig. Filia; et Gulielmi KINGSLEY Armigeri, Uxor; quae obijt 26 Die Novembris 1705. Aetatis 44.

13. Here lieth the Body of Colonel JOHNSTON, who departed this Life, Sept. 15 1725. Aged 58 Years.

14. Here lieth The Body of Carolina JOHNSTON, Widow of Colonel John Johnston, and Daughter of William RANDOLLPH Esq. of Maidstone in this County. She died, regretted by all who knew her, the 15th Day of August 1743, in ye 68th Year of her Age, and was, in her Life, such an example of Piety, Charity, and universal Benevolence, that, Posterity may imitate, but never can excell.

15. Here lies The Body of Jane KINGSLEY, who departed this Life, May the 28th 1730. Aged 21.

16. M.K. Daughter of Thomas KNEVET Esq. aged 73. 1713.

17. On Two escutcheons are ye Following Coats.
[I. Gu. on a + arg. 5 molets sa. (RANDOLPH) imp. Arg. a bend sa. a border engrailed gu.
II. Arg. a + sa. on a chief gu. 3 woolsacks or imp. RANDOLPH]

In The Body.
18. One Flat Stone Without Inscription, and The Brasses lost.

19. Mr WEEVER has preserved the Two Following Inscriptions.
1. Orate pro Animabus Willelmi BRENT, Ar. et Elisabethe Uxoris ejus Filiae Rise Madris.
2. Orate pro Anima Willelmi WALKESLEY, Militis.

In The Church Yard.
20. An Altar Tomb for Christopher CREED of Canterbury 1746. Aged 66.
21. An Altar Tomb for George MARSHALL, of Boughton Aluph, who died Feb. 21 1619/20. Aged 56.
22.. An Altar Tomb for Elisabeth FRIEND 1754. Aged 28.
23.. Another for Susan BARROW 1653.
24. Another for John PHILLIPS 1720. Aged 70.
25. Another for Mary CREED 1722. Aged 36.

26. Three others not Legible.

27. The Church is built of Stone, and Consists of The Body and 3 Chancells
(really 2: 6+ & S.). The Tower stands on ye South (really W.) Side of the Church; In it hang 5 Bells, with The following Inscriptions.
1. Sancta Maria, Ora pro Nobis.
2. Robertus MOTTE Me fecit. 1602.
3. Sancte Paule, ora pro Nobis.
4. Jesus est Amor Meus.
5. Robertus MOTTE Me fecit. 1602.

28. In this Church were formerly Memorials of the Interment of Wm. BRENT, and Elisabeth his Wife; and of Sr. William WALKESLEY – see WEEVER P.290.

29. It is a Vicarage, in ye Gift of The Arch Bishop, and was called St. Maries. The present Vicar, viz. 1757 is……….

Index of Names and Places

Name Index
BRENT 19, 28
CREED 20, 25
de Burton 6, 8, 10

KINGSLEY 9, 12, 15
MARSHALL 1, 2, 3, 21

RANDOLPH 6-8, 10-12,
   14, 17
Places Index
Boughton Aluph 1, 21
Canterbury 20
Kennington 2

Colonel 13, 14