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Kingston, Kent with Index of names and places at end

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               Some Monumental Inscriptions of Kingston Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1756

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

1. On ye North Wall of ye Chancel, is a Small Monument, which has 2 Figures in a kneeling Posture, upon it; and, under them ye Following Inscription. Johannes NETHERSOLE, de Nethersole, Vincenti Filius; Thomae, Johannis, Wilsfordi, Francisci, Gulielmi, Annae, Sarae, et Rebeccae, ex Peregrinâ, Francisci WILSFORDI Filiâ, Pater optimus. Natus A.D. 1546. Denatus 1627. Hic, in *illoquiesceus, expectat Diem ultimum. Tantum est caetera in utrinsq Parentis Honorem adscribenda, si isti tacerent, Lapides hi Loquerentur. Abi, Lector, benè, Itentidem merere de Tuis, Epitapluo ad Encomium, Vel non habens, non carebis. The Latter Part of this Epitaph is very unintelligible, owing, perhaps to its being not properly pointed. There appears to have been formerly a Brazen Plate with ye Arms, wch. now are lost. (on verso of flyleaf: *sc: in Domino, ut puto).

2. On ye South Wall of ye Chancel, on a neat Marble Monument is this Inscription. Hic Sitae sunt Reliquiae/Gilberti BURROUGHS, Scoto:Britanni,/Hujus Ecclesiae, per Annos viginti Sex, Rectoris./Nec non, Regiae Scholae Cantuariensis,/Hypodidascali perdiligutis./Quâ de Provinciâ, quinque post Lustra,/Sexcentos verò Labores ibidem haustos,/Demigravit; ut sibi viveret,/Accedente Senectâ./Cujus ipso in Limine,/Quinto Quinquagesimo Anno,/In Febrim delapsus,/Quod Mortale fuit Morti concessit,/Summo cum Dolore, ac Desiderio,/Omnium, quibus perspecta fuerat/Mirifica Illius adversus Superiores Libertas,/Erga Aequales Comitas, in Alumnos Lenitas,/Qui Illi secondùm Liberos suos ita fuerunt,/Ut paeuè pares essent./Uxorem habuit Margaretam, Filiam unicam/Thomae SEYLIARD, Rectoris de Deal./Morum Suavitatis, Prudentiae, et Oikovouias,/Egregium Exemplar./Dein, Janam, Filiam Tristrami STEVENS, Dulrensis./Ex Hâc, Nullam Prolem; ex Illâ, Tres Filios,/Totidem Filias, suscepit/ Gilbertus, Gulielmus, atque Anna,/Hoc Saxum, Pietatis ergo, posuerunt./Diem obiit 5 Cals. Octob./A.D. MDCCXVIII.

3. On ye North Side of ye Chancel, within ye Communion Rails, on a Marble Monument, neatly odorn’d , is ye Following Inscription. M.S. The Remains of Margaret, ye Wife of Thomas TURNER, of Ileden, Esq. by whom He had Issue, John, Thomas, William, Charles, and Henry: Mary, Martha, & Susanna; all living at ye Time of her Decease: also 2 Sons, and 3 Daughters, More, that all died young. She was humble, virtuous & religious. A Benefactor, and Physician to ye Poor; An excellent Wife, a true Friend, & indulgent Parent. She dyed at Lincoln’s Inn, 4 Aug. 1698. In ye 47th Yeare of her Age, & 26th of her Marriage. Her Body, underneath doth rest; Her Soul, (no Doubt) in Heav’n is bles’t. Gloria, in Excelsis, Deo. Also the said Thomas dyed April 1 1715 in ye 68th Year of his Age; & lies In ye same Vault. On ye Tomb are these Arms.
[¼ly of 6: 1,3,5). Sa. a millrind or. 2,4,6). Erm. With THEOBALD in pretence. imp. Gu. 6 cross crosslets fitchy or, 3,2,1 (Theobald). Motto: VIRTVTE ET LABORE. 2 Crests: 1. (TURNER). On a torse, a lion seisant, holding in its dexter forepaw a millrind. 2. (Theobald). On a torse, a bird with wings expanded].
On ye Mont. is ys. Atcheivemt. (no crest).
[¼ly of 6, TURNER (as above), with pretence of Theobald imp. Per bend sinister or & gu. on a bend voided & cotised 3 lions passt. all countercharged. Written round edge of shield: (Top side) In Memory of Susanna ye 2d. Wife of Thomas Turner of Ileden Esq. She died at London on the First of April Anno Dni. 1704.

4. An Atcheivement on ye South Wall of ye Chancel within ye Com. Rails.
[¼ly: I. Tierced: 1). Az. 3 leopards’ heads or. 2). Arg. 2 flaunches sa. each bearing a leopard’s head or. 3). Erm. a fesse checky az. & or. II. ¼ly of 6: 1). Arg. 2 chevns. betw. 3 martlets sa. 2). Arg. a chevn. sa. betw. 3 bears’ (?) heads couped gu. 3). Arg. 2 chevns. gu. 4). Gu. 3 pickaxes arg. 5). Or, a chevn. sa. 6). Az. a chief erm. III. Tierced: 1). Arg. on a chevn. gu 3 garbs or. 2). Gu. 4 fleurs-de-lis or, 1,2,1. 3). Gu. 3 crescents arg. a aborder erm. IV. ¼ly of 6. 1). Sa. a fret or. 2). Arg. a leopard gu. 3). Sa. a spreadeagle or. 4). Gu. 2 bars arg. on a canton arg. a lion passant sa. 5). Az. 3 swans arg. 6). Arg. a bend az.].

5. Another.
[BARRETT of Lee, accg. to NAIRNE’s list sent to PARSONS). [¼ly: 1&4). Or, a chevron sa. bearing 3 lions passt. or, betw. 3 molets sa. 2). Az. on a bend arg. 3 stags’ heads caboshed or. 3). Az. 3 stags trippant or. In pretence: Or, 3 roses gu. imp. Or, 3 roses gu. Crest: On a torse or & sa. a leopard coucht. or, holding in its forepaws a molet sa.

6. On ye South Side of ye Chancel without ye Rails on a Mural Monument of White Marble, is this Inscription.
[Az. 3 leopards’ heads or]. Near This Place, lies interrd, ye Body of Vincent DENNE Esq. Serjeant at Law; and Mary his Wife, Daughter of Thomas Denne Esq. deceas’d. By wch. said Mary, He had Issue, 4 Daughters, Dorothy, Mary, Bridget and Honeywood; Which 3 last are all dead. And, ye said Dorothy, ye surviving Sister, who Is ye Widow & Relict of Thomas GINDER Esq. deceas’d, Caused This Monument to be set up, in Mem’ry of her Said Father, and Mother. He departed this Life ye 28 October 1693. Aged 65. She departed this Life ye 19 November 1701. Aged 78. Over it is this Atcheivement.
(Thomas Godfrey. FAUSSETT queries this as CRISPE).
[On a lozenge, ¼ly of 6: 1). Az. 3 leopards’ heads or (DENNE). 2). Arg. 2 flaunches sa. each bearing a leopard’s head or (Denne). 3). Erm. a fesse checky or & *sa. (CRISPE). (G. note: Quex). *Parsons has az. 4. Arg. on a chevn. gu. 3 garbs or. 5). Arg. a fesse betw. 3 griffins’ heads erased az. 6). Gu. 3 crescents or, a border erm.].

7. On a Flat Stone wth. a Brass Plate. In ye Chancell. Here lyeth John HASLYN, that was Pson. of Kingstone, 28 Years. He had to Wyfe, Margaret HOGBINN; and, he had Children, by her, Mary, John, Joane, and Alfry. HEE (sic) died A.D. 1600. Die Augusti. 24.

8. On Another Flat Stone, with a Brass Plate. In ye Chancell. Robertus DENNE, charus Pauperibus, caeteris dilectus, Exiguo Vitae/Curriculo rectè et laudatè confecto, Ardente Febri, immaturam/Mortem obijt. Ex Unicâ Uxore, Thomasina, Filios quinque, duasq/Filias, Superstites relinquens, Vicessimo Septimo Die Mensis Martij,/Anno Domini, Millessimo, Quingentessimo, Nonagesimo Quarto. Ann/Aetatis suae agues Quadragessimum Quintum.

9. On a pew, in ye Chancel, this Inscription is cut in ye Wood. HEARE LIETH ALES HASLIN BVRIED IN THIS PLASE WHO MADE A VIRTIVS END ONLY BY GODS GRACE YE ZI OF APRI. 1597.

10. In ye South Wall of ye Chancell, is a very Old Flat Stone under an Arch, which appears to have had brass upon it, wch. is now lost. There are also 3 other Flat Stones in ye Chancell whose Brass is gone.

11. On ye North Wall of ye Body of ye Church is ye Following Inscription, on a very handsome Marble Monument.
[3 shields, a large flanked by two small. I.(small). ¼ly of 6, as before (TURNER). ¼g. the impaled coat as before for Thos. Turner. II. (small). Turner. III. (large) as I. imp. ¼ly of 6: 1,3,5). Purp. 2,4,6). Or. 2). charged wth. a bull’s head erased sa. 4&6). With a garb gu. Crest: Turner as before].

12. The Atcheivement for Lady LOMBE which hangs near the Monument.
[In a lozenge az. TURNER, the shield surrounded with ornaments gu. & or].
To the Precious Memory of/Thomas TURNER,/Son of John Turner, of Ileden, Esq. and Hannah his Wife,/Daughter of Thomas LOWFIELD, of Surrey, Esq./Whose Duty to God, his Parents, Relations, and Friends/Express’d in a Course of early Piety, & strict Probity,/Made him, sooner than ordinary, ripe for Heaven./Immodicis, brevis est Aetas, et rara Senectus./He was expert in Business;/And, of such sweet and affable Deportment,/As, made him much belov’d in his Life,/And more lamented at his Death; being but 23 Years old./He died at Drapers Hall, London 21 April 1722;/And, lies buried here, in a New Vault.
Hic, si casta Fides, Juvenumve Exempla piorum,/Quid poterat, nondum debuit ille mori./Sed voluit Deus haec; et dignum vivere Terris/Praeripuit; Caelo quòd Magè dignus erat.
The said John Turner had 3 other Children. Elisabeth, since married to Sr. Thomas LOMBE, of London, Merchant. And John, and Susanna, who died Infants. Here also lies ye said John Turner, Who departed this Life ye 13th Day of July 1747. In ye 73d. Year of his age.
The above Sr. Thomas LOMBE departed this Life, The 3d. of January 1738
(9) aged 53, and left Issue Two Daughters, Hannah, ye eldest, married to Sr. Robt. CLIFTON, Bt. and Knt. of ye Bath. The Youngest, Mary Turner, married to ye Right Honourable James, EARL OF LAUDERDALE. Dame Elisabeth Lombe, Relict of Sr. Thomas Lombe, and Daughter of ye above John and Hannah Turner, departed this Life ye 18 of November 1753. Aged 52. And both are interred In this Vault.

13. In ye Ile in ye Body of ye Church, lies a Flat Stone; the Brass, on which ye Inscription was engraved, is torn off, and one half of it is lost; what now remains of it, and is preserv’d in ye Parish Chest is as follows. Hic Jacet Dns. Thomas BOTILLER, E… Obijt 12 Die Octobris Anno Dni. Mille …../ At each of ye Corners of this stone is fix’t a Brass Plate, in form of an Escucheon, or Shield; on ye First and Fourth of which, is engraved, an Ox; on ye Second and third, a Sheep; and, under Each, A graczar. There are still ye Brass Figures of a Man, and 8 Children (1 Son and 7 Daughters). The Figure of a Woman is torn off.

14. This Church is Small, but very Neat, and adorn’d with a very handsome Altar Peice, by Thomas BARRET Esq. of Lee in Littlebourne, in this County, who is ye Patron of ye Rectory, wch. is worth abt. 80 Pz. Year, clear.

15. There has formerly been good Painted Glass in ye Windows, as appears from some little of it still remaining. It has a neat Tower, embattled on ye Top, in wch. hang 3 Small Bells.
The First Bell has no Inscription.
The Second – Joseph HATCH made Me. 1610.
The Third – Ave Maria, Gracia Plena, Dns. Tecum.

16. The Church is dedicated to St. Michael (error for Giles). The Revd. Peter INNES A.M. is the present Rector. 1756.

17. Thomas BARRET Esq. is Lord of ye Manor of Kingstone.

18. On the Left Hand of ye Road, as You ascend ye Hill, from the Bridge, in this Parish, to ye Top of ye Downe, towards Ileden, are a great Many Tumuli; most of them very round and fair. I, this Year, 1767, by ye Permission of the Revd. Mr Dejoyas BYRCH, ye Psent. Lord of the Manor, opend no less than 54 of them. As I intend, God willing, to give a separate Account of them & their Contents, it will be sufficient, for ye present only to say, that, I am pretty sure, they are Roman; at least, Roman British; and, that, ye Person’s here deposited, were ye Ancient Inhabitants of this or some of ye Neighbouring Parishes, who had adopted the Roman Customs – certain, however, it is, that, they were not slain in Battle, as some have imagined, but, that they were Peaceable People, of both Sexes, & of different Ages. Those few indeed who had their Arms buried with them, I imagine, had formerly been Soldiers. This Year (viz: 1771) I opened no less than 174 more – by which I am fully convinc’d of my above Opinion.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
DENNE 6, 8


TURNER 3, 11, 12
Ileden 3, 13
Lee in Littlebourne 5, 14
London 12
   Drapers Hall 12
   Lincoln’s Inn 2
Surrey 12

Merchant 12
Serjeant at Law 6