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Little Chart with index of names and places at end

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The Monumental Inscriptions In the Church and Churchyard of Little Chart, Kent.
                                                                        Noted September 1920 By Leland L. Duncan.

Typed up by Christine Pantrey and checked by Zena Bamping         

Little Chart Churchyard

A - On the South side of the Church.

  1. Clement wife of Edward MANOOCH of Little Chart daughter of D……WITT of Tenterden, 22nd May Anno Domini 1674. Left issue five sons and one daughter.
  2. George MISSING of Charring, 8th April 17??, in the 85th year. [Apparently the George Missing Baptised 1st March 1691 and buried 15th April 1777 see Registers].
  3. Daniel MANOOCH of this parish, yeoman, sonne of Edward Manooch, - December 1694 in 43rd year leaving issue one sonne and seven daughters [ buried 31st December].
  4. Edward MANOCH son of Daniel MANOCH and Mary his wife, 16th December 1691 in ye…. Year. Also Judeth MANNOCH daughter of Daniel Manoch, 19th December 170- in ye (?1) 4th year. [ Edward and Judeth Menouch, both of Charing, are shown in the Registers as buried on 19th December 1701].
  5. William BANISTER of this parish, 5th January 1808 aged 68. Amphillias his wife was buried in the family vault on the North side of the church. Left issue two sons, William and John.
  6. A large Altar tomb of late 17th or early 18th century, No inscription now to be seen.
  7. Lewis MUNN of this parish, papermaker, 30th August 1804 aged 54. Sarah Munn his widow, late of this parish, 5th October 1825 aged 73.
  8. Sophia MUNN fourth daughter of Lewis and Sarah Munn, 24th April 1840 aged 55.
  9. William Foster ELLIOTT, priest, the first vicar of Saint John the Evangelist, East Dulwich and for nine years Rector of this parish. Born 2nd January 1822 died 4th December 1901.
  10. Richard PERKIN from London, late joiner at……Calehill,….M…h ye 2nd …[broken] [a Richard Perkin buried February 3rd 1756].
  11. Edward BURFORD, 21st November 1824 aged 78.
  12. Elizabeth wife of Edward BROWN, 16th June 1771 aged 75.
  13. In memory of John …est who d…30. 1746…
  14. John WEST, 30th August 1746 aged 48 [ replica of 13].
  15. Charlotte widow of Stephen SHEADER, 26th June 1875 aged 89.
  16. Stephen SHEADER of this parish, 9th April 1848 aged 72, leaving his widow to lament his loss.
  17. Charlotte SHEADER of this parish, 8th April 1883 aged 75.
  18. James AKHURST of this parish, 1(?5) April 1742 aged 65. Left issue Jo…[? John], Samuell, Elizabeth; Thomas, John, James and Jo….h [ ?Jospeh]. Elizabeth his wife, 2nd April 17…. Aged? 77.
  19. Elizabeth wife of Joseph AKHURST of this parish and daughter of John and Elizabeth JENNINGS of this parish, 3rd September 1759 aged 29. Also Jennings their son died an infant [ he was buried 8th October 1752].
  20. Jane late wife of Thomas AKHURST daughter of Thomas and Jane WERGET of Kennington, 5th September 1762 aged 45.
  21. Joseph AKHURST of this parish, miller, 27th July 1790 aged 66. Left issue by Elizabeth his second wife, five sons and three daughters: Joseph, Edward, John, James, Jane, Elizabeth, Charlotte and Thomas Hopkings. A painfull long illness & c. Elizabeth his wife, 29th July 1807 aged 67.
  22. Elizabeth wife of James AKHURST of this parish, yeoman, 8th December 1770 aged 51. He died 30th November 1787 aged 70. Elizabeth RECORD their daughter: 17th January 1789 aged 50 and left issue eleven sons and two daughters: Elizabeth, John, Thomas, James, Joseph, Richard, George; Abigail, Robert, Jinnings, Stephen, William and Henry.
  23. Sarah wife of Richard AKHURST, 27th November 1778 aged 33. Issue two daughters: Mary and Sarah.
  24. Richard AKHURST late of London and son of James and Elizabeth Akhurst of this parish, yeoman, 17th August 1787 aged 30. [ The Register calls him Robert Akhurst – he was buried 22nd August 1787].
  25. Richard Samuel OLDHAM, Rector of this parish from 1881-1905. Born 13th April 1823, died 24th June 1914 in 92nd year.
  26. Mary Annie HANN many years devoted nurse of the Reverend R.S. Oldham, Rector of this parish, 29th November 1914.
  27. Thomas WEST of this parish, papermaker, 25th August 1808 aged 94. Jane his wife, 1st August 1770 aged 65. They had issue five children of whom Thomas and Ann survived them. Mary died 20th October 1759 aged 21; Martha, 28th May 1760 aged 12; Jane, 8th November 1766 aged 21.
  28. Jane WEST, 8th November 179[?2] aged 21.

29. Elizabeth late wife of John ASHBEE of this parish, 7th April 1848 aged 62. John Ashbee, 30th November 1870 aged 85. Joseph their son, 22nd October 1848 aged 34; James their son, 10th October 1849 aged 37.

B Stones to the East of the Chancel

(beginning North and going Southwards row by row)

30. James Postlethwaite Francis WATSON of Bannister House, Little Chart, 20th October 1909 [ no age].

30.B. A footstone: H. B. 1825.

  1. Sarah wife of Richard Chapman JENNINGS, 21st October 1851 aged 49.
  2. Frederick son of Richard Chapman and Sarah JENNINGS, 28th May 1843 aged 2. Richard Henry Jennings brother of above, 19th February 1844 aged 19.
  3. Stephen Glazier JENNINGS son of Richard Chapman Jennings and Sarah his wife, 10th August 1836 aged 4. Also Edward their son, 17th August 1836 aged 2 and William, 18th August 1836 aged seven months.
  4. Ann wife of Henry JENNINGS of the parish of Westwell, 18th February 1833 aged 69. He died 12th November 1838 aged 75.
  5. Ann wife of Thomas THURSTON and daughter of Richard and Ann JENNINGS, 27th October 1812 aged 62. [not in Registers].
  6. William JENNINGS of this parish, 3rd February 1803 aged 42. Also Richard Jennings late of the parish of Pluckley, 7th March 1806 aged 46.
  7. He…./ lieth…./ of John…. ng../ of th…./who d…. y/ ye…..4 / aged…. s/ a..o M……y of John JENNINGS / son of J……. Margaret Jennings / who died… ye. 16, 1752 aged 3 years. [right half not filled in]. This probably is John Jennings buried 29th May 1754 and John Jennings, a child buried 23rd July 1752.
  8. John JENNINGS of this parish, 2nd August 1742 in ye 72nd year. Elizabeth his wife, 20th February 1752 aged 62. 
  9. Thomas son of Edward and Elizabeth ASHBEE of this Parish, 7th November 1805 aged 13 years.
  10. 40 Elizabeth wife of Edward ASHBEE of this parish, 14th March 1822 aged 68. She left issue surviving one son and five daughters: Edward, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Lucy and Sophia. Also Edward Ashbee, 11th December 1835 aged 79.
  11. Richard ASHBEE, (?4) February 1808 in (?8)3rd year. Sarah his wife, 1(?3) February 1794 aged 60.
  12. A flat stone within rails – no inscription apparent.
  1. William ASHLEY late of this parish, 14th December 1788 aged 61. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife two daughters Mary and Eleaner . Elizabeth his wife, 11th October 1809 aged 78. [in the Registers the name in each case is given as ASHBY] which is without doubt correct].
  2. Elizabeth wife of late Thomas TASSELL of Maidstone - born 1st February 1780 died 30th December 1870.
  3. Isabella CHEESMAN, born 29th November 1813, died 19th November 1894.
  4. William CHEESMAN of Chart Court in this parish born 1st March 1804 died 7th July 1852. [44. 45 and 46 are all in one enclosure].
  5. Edward CHEESMAN of this parish, yeoman, 21st May 1837 aged 61. Jane his wife, 3rd January 1854 aged 86.
  6. Edward son of Edward and Jane CHEESMAN of this parish, 19th June 1819 in 20th year. Mary Ann twin sister of above, 21st July 1801 aged 2. John brother of above, 11th March 1820 aged 22.

49. Footstone: M. A. C. 1801 (probably refers to No. 48).

  1. John JENNINGS late of Charing, 7th May 1844 aged 66. Eleanor his wife, 14th June 1838 aged 53.
  2. Thomas MISSING of the parish of Charing, 5th March 1793 in 50th year. Left issue surviving by Elizabeth his wife three sons and two daughters; Thomas, William and Mosses (sic), Mary and Elizabeth. Elizabeth his wife, 16th December 1814 aged 68.
  3. 51 A. A broken stone…. / aged…./ issue surviving viz William, John and Thomas. Footstones W. H. 1818. A. H. 1814 [? William and Ann HOLMS, whose sons were baptised: William 1782, John 1786 and Thomas 1789].

  4. Edward BROWN late of this parish, 21st September 1797 in 80th year. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife three sons and two daughters: Edward, Richard, Jesse, Elizabeth and Sarah. Elizabeth his wife, 11th May 1811 in 88th year. Richard son of above, 18th July 1841 aged 82. Catharine wife of above, 26th January 1842 aged 84.
  5. Susanna wife of John SEDGWICK of this parish, 1st June 1819 aged 71. He died 5th September 1833 aged 85.
  6. Jane JENNINGS, 12th September 1907 aged 75.

55. Richard FAGG, 4th June 1898 aged 77. Sarah his wife, 3rd February 1902 aged 84.

  1. John JENNINGS died at Winchester, 20th June 1871 aged 36.
  2. Elizabeth wife of Thomas CORNWELL of Ickham, Kent and third daughter of the late Henry JENNINGS of Charing Heath, 19th May 1866 aged 40.
  3. Henry JENNINGS, 12th December 1849 aged 59. Left surviving by Harriot his wife six sons and five daughters: Sarah, Ann, Henry, Glazier, Elizabeth, William, Mary, Jane, John, Richard and Edward. Harriot his wife, 3rd August 1871 aged 74.
  4. A broken stone only two lines of verse remaining. On footstone W. J. 1832.
  5. John JENNINGS late of Pluckley, 14th May 1817 aged 63. Elizabeth his wife, 16th October 1813 aged 62. Near lies Jane their daughter, 3rd December 1797 aged (?3) years.
  6. Alice wife of John JENNINGS of Pluckley, 12th August 1797 aged 56. Mother of 23 children and none of them lived to be baptized. John Jennings, 3rd October 1760 aged 50.
  7. Richard JENNINGS late of this parish, 11th December 1802 aged 82. Ann his wife, 29th December 1814 aged 93.
  8. Jane, daughter of William and Jane JENNINGS of Charing, 14th October 1775 aged 75.
  9. Jane wife of William JENNINGS, 28th July 1758 aged 28. [ other half of stone, blank]. Left issue two daughters, Elizabeth and Jane.
  10. Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth MISSING of Charing, 14th Septamber 1800 aged 16. Mary wife of John George HENDERSON and daughter of above, 12th June 1803 aged 25. Moses their son, 21st March 1805 aged 20 (or 29). [Moses Missing buried 27th March 1805].
  11. No stone.
  12. An enclosure but no stone.

68. Henry JENNINGS, M.R.C.V.S.L. of Chelmsford, 26th July 1888 aged 36, leaving wife and five children, Alice- Frances, Henry Richard, Ellen, William and Edward Almond posthumous.

  1. Maria JENNINGS, widow of Henry Jennings, M.R.C.V.S.L., 19th October 1909 in 54th year, mourned by her five children.

70. William Hodges ASHBEE, 3rd August 1905 aged 84. Emma his wife, 6th October 1918 aged 90.

  1. Alfred son of Luke and Susanna LANGLEY, 4th June 1898 aged 47. Edward died 5th December 1901 aged 48.
  2. Susanna wife of Luke LANGLEY, born 31st July 1814 died 16th July 1907.
  3. Alfred FREED son of Charles and Ann Freed, 28th December 1891 aged 20.
  4. Anne Maria wife of William WOOD, 8th July 1900 aged 68.
  5. Jonathan LARGE, 2nd January 1856 aged 13.
  6. [ In same enclosure as 75] John LARGE of Swallow Mill, Little Chart, 22nd August 1869 aged 75. Mary Ann his widow, 20th May 1895 [ no age].
  7. George LANGLEY for upwards of thirty years occupier of Ford Mills in this parish, 15th December 1881 aged 76. Eliza his wife, 5th October 1891 aged 83.
  8. William Henry son of George and Eliza LANGLEY of Ford Paper Mill in this parish, 26th November 1855 in 5th year.
  9. Thomas BAKER (formerly of New Romney) 4th October 1917 aged 69.
  10. (A monument with urn) In a vault beneath, James Haydock HAYDOCK Esquire, late of Datchet in Bucks who died at Canterbury, 22nd March 1855 in 55th year. Left surviving Mary Maria his wife, four sons and one daughter. Joseph Haydock BOARDMAN Esquire, late Colonel of the Royal Scots Greys died in London, 9th December 1803 aged 49 and was buried in the chancel of this church. Also Barbara wife of Joseph Haydock Boardman and daughter of Philip DARELL Esquire of Calehill, died at Bristol, 30th July 1806 aged 51 and was buried there. Left surviving one son James Haydock Haydock and one daughter Barbara. Mary Maria Haydock wife of James Haydock Haydock died at Brighton, 21st November 1875 in 63rd year and is interred in the vault beneath.
  11. Joseph BATCHELOR, 1st June 1820 aged 74.

82. The Hon. George Warren EDWARDS son of the second Lord Kensington, 21st February 1879 aged 76. Erected by his sister the Hon. Lady DERING of Surrenden Dering.


83A. Margaret wife of William SPENCER, 1st April 1882 in 80th year.

83 B. William COLLIS son of Richard and Ann Collis died Christmas Eve 1884 [ no age].

  1. Thomas HILLS, 25th July 1917 aged 58.

85. Reuben YOUNG many years a faithful servant at Calehill, 5th December 1839 aged 81. Catharine his wife, 1st June 1875 in 78th year.

  1. (A flat stone within rails) Helen Emily wife of William Baring de Lotbiniere BINGHAM Esquire only daughter of the Hon. G. PEMBURTON of Quebec, Lower Canada, born 2nd February 1832 died at Calehill, 25th December 1860.
  2. William Baring de Lotbiniere Bingham Esquire, born at Montreal, Lower Canada, 7th August 1832 died at Broome Park in this County, 8th March 1864. On a metal plate attached to the rails are these arms: Quarterly 1 &4 a bend cotised between six crosses pattee. On the bend an Escutchen (surmounted with a Ducal coronet) ? erm, on a chief - ? . 2 & 3 an arm issuant from dexter side, holding three arrows points down. [? Intended for Chaldecott]. Impaling a chevron between three buckets hooped and handled (Pemberton). Crest, an Eagle rising.

  3. Mary wife of Thomas FREED, 11th January 1846 aged 41, leaving surviving two sons and three daughters: Frederich, son of above Mary, 9th July 1844 aged fifteen weeks.
  4. On North side of Churchyard.

  5. Stephen SKINNER, 11th March 1847 aged 67. Left six sons and two daughters(but three names), Stephen, Mary, George, Charlotte, Ann, Henry, John, Daniel and Thomas. Hannah wife of above, 15th December 1861 aged 71.
  6. George BACK, 25th August 1902 aged 76.
  7. North of Tower.

  8. William eldest son of W. E. COLLIER and husband of Mary Emma Collier, 1st June 1895 aged 44. The above William Eastman Collier, 18th April 1900 aged 78. Mary Emma Collier, 26th December 1909 aged 60.

South of Tower.

  1. Thomas HILLS, 20th August 1747 aged 30.
  2. John MISSING of Pain (?) Street in Charing, 26th December 1818 aged 84, leaving issue by Ann his wife two sons and three daughters: John, James, Elizabeth, Ann and Sarah. Ann his wife, 27th July 1821 aged 72.
  3. …..Sarah……..CORNS…….who departed this life….January….aged 35 [ probably wife of 94].
  4. William CORNS/ of C…..g / 36 years…….er of / Offieldmi…….at parish / who died….of December 1844 aged….years.

West of Tower.

  1. Annie Maria HALES, 22nd December 1882 aged 60.
  2. Thomas BAKER of this parish, 18th May 1728 aged 65.
  3. Frances wife of Richard VAUGHAN, 7th February 1898 aged 59.
  4. Stephen COOMBER of this parish, 3rd February 1851 aged 65.

99. Robert WALLIS of this parish, 19th March 1870 aged 73. Mary Ann his wife, 6th April 1878 aged 72.

  1. Lester LANCASTER of this parish, 18th November 1866 aged 71.
  2. Lydia his wife, 31st October 1865 aged 72. Left three sons and three daughters.

  3. Frances wife of William CACKETT, 13th March 1883 aged 40 leaving one daughter, Mary Ann.
  4. William Robert WALLIS, 11th August 1835 aged 8.

Inscriptions in Little Chart Church.

In the Chancel.

  1. (Tablet on South wall) to Richard Samuel OLDHAM, M.A. Oxon. Body Exhibitioner of Wadham College, and Kennicott Hebrew Scholar in the University of Oxford. Incumbent of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Glasgow 1851-1878. Dean of Glasgow 1877-78. Incumbent of Grosvenor Chapel, London 1878-1881, and for 24 years (1881-1905) Rector of this parish. Born in London 13th April 1823 died at Canterbury, 24th June 1914 in his 92nd year.
  2. (Tablet South wall) to Walter CHEESMAN born 8th September 1844 died 18th December 1916.
  3. A large slab under the altar having matrix of a brass inscription and shield of arms.

In the North of St. Catherine’s Chancel.

  1. (West wall) Here lyeth the bodie of John DARELL Esquire, second brother to Sir Robert Darell Esquire of Calehill. Hee married ye Lady HARFLET of East Kent, widdow, but died issueless. He was gentleman Harbinger to King James and King Charles 26 years. Aged 73 years. 1646. [He was buried 29th September 1646].
  2. P.M.S. Here lieth the body of Richard CAMDEN of London, Gent, who departed this life on ye 29th day of December 1642 in ye 65th yeare of his age. Sarah his second wife daughter of John DARELL of Calhill Esquire, dedicated this monument to the memory of her sayd husband, to intombe her owne mortality with his unto the ressurrexion of life.
  3. This partie here inter’d for pietie / was Eminent, and for his charitie / His hart was free, his hands were liberall / To publique good and privat helps to all / That pleased to use him, and hee led his life / A very trade of friendship free from strife / His meeknese and his modestie was such / His gohst doth jogg me not to speake to much.

    Above is a shield of arms, a fess engrailed between six cross- crosslets fitchee, a cresent for difference. Below another shield with same arms impaling a lion rampant crowned (Darell). [ Sarah daughter of John Darllel Esquire was baptized 15th January 1585. Her burial is not recorded].

  4. Here by lyeth Rhode CAMDEN, wife of Richard Camden of London, Gent: Shee was born at Eton neere Windesor and deceased here, October 1st 1625.
  5. This careful, loving wife, in God’s true feare did lead hir lief, Though childlesse she not barren was (all natures births, grace doth surpasse). Good deeds are hir long-lasting brood, This is the noblest motherhood. Poor children felt hir care and cost, and by hir death a mother lost. So good a lief cannot but have an happy death and hopeful grave Hir morneful husband sett this stone Hir virtues and his loss to owne. A part of grief hir kinsman beares who with theis verses dropps his teares. She being about 44 years of age. Thomas GOAD.

    Below is a shield of arms. Camden as in 107 impaling a chevron between 3 bugle horns stringed [probably Horne. ? was she sister to Anne wife of John Darell and a daughter and coheir of Robert Horne, Bishop of Winchester].

  6. ( A brass) Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth SEDLEY, late wife of Robert Sedley, Gent, which was ye daughter of George DARELL Esquire, which endid her lyffe ye 21st daye of June in ye yere of Our Lord 1577 leaving issue of her body foure sonnes and three daughters. Ye Lorde graunt her a yowfule resurrection.

On the North wall of this Chapel.

  1. Here resteth the body of Sir James DARELL Knighted at Turney, Captain of Hanimes in Artoys sonne and heyre of Sir John Darell. He deceassed 5th October 1521. With Dame Anne his wyfe, daughter of Nicholas DYKER of Barkshyre Esquyre. Shee died 12th January 1562. [above are the arms of Darell.]
  2. Here lyeth the body of Mary HALLES widdow of John Halles late of Tenterden in the Countie of Kent Esquire, desceased daughter to Robbert HORNE sometime Bishop of Winchester, who departed this life the 23rd day of October 1629 haveing one only daughter, who died about her age of vi yeares. Some fading honor this doth represent But she hath built her selfe a monument. That though this house of worms outdate her bones Yet shall her charitie outlive the stones Her kindred lost a mother at her end The church a member and the poore a friend; Such was her inward worth that you shall find She was the phenix of the female kind. Aetatis suae 77.
  3. Here lyeth the body of Sir John DARELL, knight, Squyre of the body of Kinge Henry the 7th who departed this lyfe 6th September 1509. From the auncient house of Darell of Seysey in the Countie of York are descended twoe houses, the one of Calehill by John the second sonne of Sir Marmaduke Darell of Seysey, aforesaid knight; the other of Littlecott in the Countie of Wilts by William the third son of the said knight. The difference of which twoe houses by order was this that Calehill should beare the Troyfull in the showlder of the Lyon and Littlecott should carry the crosse croslet for difference sake. But by the death of Thomas Darell of Seysey aforesayd whoe died without issew male 17 Henry.8 . the Darells of Calehill beinge nowe the eldest heyres male of right do give the auncient arms intire withoute difference.

In front of this inscription is a fine alabaster monument of Sir John Darell. This shows the trefoil on the shoulder of the lion at his feet. It is also to be seen in the earlier monuments but not in the later as explained above.

113. Here lyeth the body of George Darell Esquire sonne and heyre of Sir James Darell, Knight, who desceased 2nd July 1578 with Mary his wife daughter of Whytehed of West Titherly in the County of Sowth: Esquire. She left this world 21st January 1585 leavinge issewe John and Elizabeth (above are the arms of Darell).

On East Wall.

  1. Here lyeth the body of John DARELL Esquire sonne and heyre of George Darell Esquire who desceased the 19th January 1618, with Anne his wife, daughter of Robert HORNE sometime Bishop of Winchester [ Hasted adds "and coheir"] who died the 4th of January 1624. Having issue eleven sonnes viz: George, Sir Robert, John, James, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Robert, Edward, Henry, George, and Richard and daughters Mary, Elizabeth Mary, Anne and Sara. Above are the arms of Darell.
  2. Virtus post funera manet. Here resteth the body of Sir Robert DARELL of Calehill knight, who in his lifetime served his country in several employments with diligence and faithfulness. He had two wives Allis PAYTON, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Payton of Knowlton in East Kent, who died issue lesse. Ye other was Jane TOLLDERVEY daughter and heyre of Christopher Tolldervey of London Esquire, by whom he had nine children viz seven sonnes and two daughters. He departed this life the 23rd of February Anno Domini 1645, being aged 76.

On the left hand side is a shield of arms: Darell impaling sa. a cross engrailed or a mullet.. arg. in the first Quarter (Peyton). On the right hand is another shield, Darell impaling az. a fess or, in chief two cross-crosslets fitchee of the second (presumably Tolldervey).

Above is a shield of six quarters.

  1. Darell.
  2. Arg. A fess dancettee gu, in chief three mullets pierced sa. (Barrett of Perry Court first wife of John Darell who died 1438).
  3. Gu. A cross botonnee [ or crosslet] erm.
  4. Gu. An Eagle displayed arg.
  5. Sa. three bugle horns, stringed arg [ Horne]
  6. Az. A fess or in chief two cross crosslets fitchee of

the second [Tolldervey].

  1. [Against South Wall] D.O.L.S. Nigh unto this place lyes interr’d the bodyes of two Sir John DARELLS late of Calehill, knights, who both successively enjoyed yt estate; the former had two wives, Elizabeth daughter of Sir Edward DERING of Surrenden, Baronet and Bridgett daughter of Thomas DENN of Denhill Esquire, and had issue only by ye first, one daughter named Elizabeth: whom the other Sir John Darell married, who was son to Edward Darell Esquire, second son of Sir Robert Darell; this last Sir John was eminently serviceable to his country in severall Parliaments during ye reigns of King Charles ye second and their present Maj’ys King William and Queen Mary. Ye first } departed this life 1675 at 60 Ye latter} " 1694 " 49

Horum memoriae devinctus Justinianus CHAMPNIES Ar: Reposuit.

On the floor of this Chapel.

117 [at West end] a large stone with the Darell lion thereon.

118. [Next to it] a stone with inscription now nearly obliterated:-…. ….o/ IAN………P…N/ TO N……..O…. / ESQVIE………… - /Sir/ O……… / WA….A..OD (?OM).. … WEEKES…….M…/ THE 15….A…AVGV…../

  1. Near the centre of the chapel is a stone with shield of brass bearing the DARELL lion [19th century].
  2. A large stone at South East end of the chapel with brass inscription to John DARELL who died 1438 and his second wife Florence daughter of William CHICHLEY. The figures are gone but part of the marginal inscription remains and shields of arms with Darell and Chichley ( a chevron between three cinque foils) also two verses. Si vis delere Tua crimina p. miserere
  3. mei flectit via dei Miserere miserator quia vere sum peccator unde vere licet reus miserere mei deus.

  4. Another stone with matrices of a man in armour and wife temp Henry VII and four shields of arms.

Hatchments in this Chapel.

On West wall.

  1. A large hatchment with arms of BINGHAM as in No. 86 impaling erm on a fess gules three (? billets) or.

On North Wall.

  1. DARELL (az a lion rampant or crowned) impaling Quarterly 1 & 4 gyronny of four az & ar, a saltire gu'[ GAGE] 2 & 3 arg six chess-rooks sa. 3,2, &1 [ROKEWODE] Crest Darell (Saracens head wreathed and capped] The arms of Henry Darell of Calehill who married Elizabeth second daughter of Sir Thomas Gage Baronet.
  2. Quarterly of 8.
  1. Darell
  2. Per pale arg and sa a saltire England counterchanged.
  3. Az.? A chevron fretty . In second quarter a canton or.
  4. Arg fretty sa.
  5. Arg a fess daucettee gu, in chief three mullets pierces sa (Barrett).
  6. Gu, a cross crosslet erm.
  7. Gu, an Eagle displayed arg.
  8. Or. Three fleur delys sa.

On an escutcheon of pretence gu a chevron vaire erm and az.

  1. DARELL, impaling az a chevron between three eagles displayed or.
  3. [On East wall] DARELL impaling arg, on a chevron sa three Quatrefoils or [EYRE] The arms of Henry John Darell of Calehill died 1869.

Index of Names and Places

Name Index
Akhurst 18, 19-24.
Ashbee 29, 39-41, 70.
Ashby 43.
B- 30b.
Back 89.
Baker 79. 96.
Banister 5.
Baring (86).
Batchelor 81.
Bingham 86.
Boardman 80.
Brown 12, 52.
Burford 11.
Cackett 101.
Camden 107.108.
Chapman (31-33).
Chicheley 120.
Cheesman 45-48, 104.

Collier 90.
Collis 83b.
Coomber 98.
Corns 93, 94.
Cornwall 57.
Darell 80, 106 et seq:
Denn 116.
Dering 82, 116.
De Lotiniere (86)
Dyker 110.
Eastman (90).
Edwards 82.
Elliott 9.
Fagg 55.
Freed 73, 87.
Glazier (33).
Goad 108.
Hales 95, 111.
Hann 26.
Harflet 106.
Haydock 80.
Henderson 65.
Hills 84, 91.
Holms 51a.
Horne 108, 111, 114.
Jennings 19, 31-38, 50, 54,
      56-64, 68, 69.
Kensington (Lord) 82.
Lancaster 100.
Langley 71, 72, 77, 78.
Large 75, 76.
Manooch 1, 3, 4.
Missing 2, 51, 65, 92.
Munn 7, 8.
Oldham 25, 26, 103.
Pemberton 86.
Perkin 10.
Peyton 115.
Postlethwaite (30).
Record 22.
Sedgewick 53.
Sedley 109.
Sheader 15-17.
Skinner 88.
Spencer 83a.
Tassell 44.
Thurston 35.
Tolldervey 115.
Vaughn 97.
Wallis 99, 102.
Watson 30.
Werget 20.
West 14, 27, 28.
Whytehed 113.
Witt 1.
Wood 74.
Young 85.

Place Index
Brighton 80.
Bristol 80.
Canada 86.
Canterbury 80, 103.
Charing 2, 4, 50, 51, 57, 63, 65, 92, 94.
Chelmsford 68.

Datchet (Bucks) 80.
Dulwich 9.
Eton 108.
Glasgow 103.
Ickham 57.
Kennington 20.
Knowlton 115.

Little Chart:-
   Bannister House 30.
   Calehill 10,80,85,86,106 etseq
   Chart Court 46.
   Ford Mill 77, 78.
   Swallow Mill 76.
   Surrenden 82, 116.
London 10, 24, 103, 107, 115.
Maidstone 44.
New Romney 79.
Pluckley 36, 60, 61.
Tenterden 1, 111.
Titherly, West (Hants) 113.
Westwell 34.
Winchester 56.

Index of Armorials
Barrett 115, 124.
Bingham 86, 122.
Camden 107, 108
Chaldecott 86.

Chicheley 120.
Darell 107 et seq:
Gage 123.
Horne 108, 115.

Pemberton 86.
Peyton 115.
Rokewode 123.
Tolldervey 115.
General Subjects.
Army: Royal Scots Greys 80.
Miller 21.
Paper Maker 7, 27, 78.
Rector 25.
Yeoman 22, 47.