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Longfield with index of names and places at end

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A complete transcription of Vol. VII of L.L. Duncan’s manuscript notebook of Monumental Inscriptions for Hartley, Ridley, Longfield, Fawkham, Kingsdown, Knockholt  High Halden and the Martin Family. The original is lodged in the Library of the Kent Archaeological Society.

                                                                           Frank Bamping 2 March 2000

              Inscriptions in the Churchyard at Longfield, Kent.

                                                                                       Taken September 1890
In the North side of the Yard.

1. Head  Mr Thomas CROWHURST son of Edward and Ann Crowhurst of the Parish of Ridley died 27 December 1801 aged 39.

2. Head  Mrs Ann CROWHURST wife of Mr Edward Crowhurst of this Parish died December 31 1784 aged 53.

3. Head  Mr Edward CROWHURST late of Ridley but formerly of this Parish died 23 January 1799 aged 67. Left issue one son viz Thomas.

4. Head  Here lieth / the Body of / Tho. CROWHURST, yeo. / late of the Parish of / Stone in this County / he died ye 7th of March / 1747 aged 65 years / Left issue one daughter / Margaret wife of John/ PHILLIPS late of ye Parish / of Meopham.

5. Head  Here lyeth Interred / the Body of / John CROWHURST / who departed this life the / 27th day of November 1724 aged 72 years.

6. Head  Here lyeth ye body of Mary / the wife of John CROWHURST / of this Parish who departed / this life ye 20th of September / 1712 aged 54 years.

7. Head  Catherine CROWHURST died 16 January 1802 aged 77. John Crowhurst of the Parish of Darenth died 25 October 1800 aged 71.

8. Head  Mr Thomas CROWHURST died 9 March 1762 in his 36th year.

9. Head  Ann CROWHURST wife of Edward Crowhurst of this Parish, yeo., died 3 March 1747 aged 46.

10. Head  Edward CROWHURST of this Parish, yeoman, 24 February 1741 aged 45.

11. Head  Here / Lyeth the / Body of Mary / the wife of / Edward LOFTH / who departed this / Life November ye 26th / anno domini 1715 / aged 71 years.

12. Head  Mary wife of John DAVIGE late of Horton who died January 15 1772 aged 65.

13. Low tomb within iron railings John DOHERTY born 21 May 1812 died 10 April 1889. Archibald Charles Doherty youngest son of John and Elizabeth Doherty died 19 July 1878 aged 19.

14. Head  Thomas SAXTON son of Robert and Margaret Saxton of this Parish died July 4 1800 aged 53.

15. Head  Richard COLLINS died September 17 1862 aged 38.  Also the following children of the above viz -
Mary Jane died January 19 1852 aged 4 years,  Patience died April 29 1853 aged 1 year,  Clara died September 10 1854 aged 1 year,  Walter died August 14 1858 aged 1 year,  Caleb died August 21 1859 aged 4 years.

16. Head  George LYNDS died November 1 1863 aged 75. Also Mary his wife died September 12 1872 aged 77.

17. Cross  Edward PLUMMER who lost his life by falling into a well November 19 1879 aged 17 years.

By the East window

18. Head  Lizzie Ernestine daughter of Charles Edward and Lizzie CLIFFORD died 15 October 1887 aged 30 years.

On the South side of the Yard

19. A large granite tomb - on the north side - Maria ANDRUS / of Scadbury, Southfleet, died November 23rd 1867 aged 60.
On the south side - This Tomb is erected in Memory of Francis Andrus / of Scadbury, Southfleet. Died December 12th 1862 aged 64.
On the east side - Mordecai and Elizabeth Andrus of this Parish /The Parents of Francis and Maria, also lye here interred died 1838.

20. Granite tomb  In memory of Thomas MUGGERIDGE / Died 27th February 1873 aged 80 years / Also Anne wife of Thomas Muggeridge / Died 5th October 1836 aged 39 years.

21. Altar Tomb against the south wall of the chancel to Archdeacon PLUME, built of brick with stone top - Thorpe on page 995 of his Registrum Roffense says "inclosed with wooden rails" but these have been replaced by high iron ones - the inscription is -

Hic subtus jacet Archidiaconus Roffensis
Peccatorum Maximus, utinam et poenitentium
Nomen quaere in libro vitae
Veniet iterum, qui me in lucem reponet, dies
Obijt XXo die Novembris MDCCIV Aetatis

There is a memorial window to him in the church for which see later.

22. Head  Mary WHARTON eldest daughter of Thomas and Mary Wharton of Prescott in this Parish died December 12 1858 aged 21 years and 9 months.

23. Cross - on the four sides of the base are -
Charles Pollexfen JENNINGS, R.N., second son of the Rector of this Parish. Born October 27th 1852. Called away August 29th 1873.
William Henry Mudge Jennings, B.A., third son of the Rector of this Parish. Born September 26th 1856. Entered into rest March 18th 1881.
Ada Mary Geraldine Jennings, youngest daughter of the Rector of this Parish. Born February 11th 1854. Fell asleep November 2nd 1879.
Helen Elizabeth Jennings, daughter of the Rev. H.E. Jennings and grand-daughter of the Rector of this Parish. Born June 15th 1878. Fell asleep January 29th 1880

24. Head  Mrs Elizabeth BENNETT wife of Mr John Bennett of this Parish died May 8th 1847 aged 77. Also the above Mr John Bennett died 14 March 1851 aged 82.

25. Head  James Bennett son of John and Elizabeth Bennett died May 20 1842 aged 43. Also Richard Bennett brother of the above died 25 April 1884 in his 82nd year. Also Rebecca wife of Richard Bennett died 8 January 1883. Interred at Barming.

By the North side of the new Tower

26. Head  Sarah wife of Thomas MACE of Northfleet died 9 October 1809 aged 33. Mary his second wife died 14 July 1833 aged 53. The above Thomas Mace died 10 April 1842 aged 70. Left issue one son and one daughter - Thomas and Harriett.

27. Large altar tomb  Thomas MACE of Northfleet died 17 October 1862 aged 57.

By the West end of the Church

28. Nellie NOAKES died 17 December 1883 aged 10 years.

29. Elizabeth ROUND died 21 January 1881 aged 73.

30. William Thomas eldest child of William Friern and Sarah Penelope TREADWELL born 6 September 1871 died 2 February 1877.

31. Mary Ann wife of William CONFORD died 1 September 1871 aged 56. William Conford died 1 February 1875 in his 64th year. Walter Ernest grandson of the above died 14 February 1875 aged 10 weeks.

32. George son of Thomas and Sarah BLACKMAN of this Parish died 19 October 1856 aged 25. Sarah wife of Thomas Blackman of this Parish died 31st October 1871 aged 62.

33. Phoebe wife of John DEWEY died 18 August 1886 aged 63.

34. Carleton youngest son of the Rev James KING Rector of this Parish died 2 February 1863 aged 21.

35. Low flat cross tomb  James KING 38 years Rector of this Parish died 21 June 1864 aged 63.

End of Longfield Churchyard

Thorpe in the Registrum Roffense gives, at page 995, the following which are still placed as stated by him.

Longfield Church

In the Isle [i.e. the Nave]

36. On a grave stone this inscription - Here lyeth the body of Mary Batt of this Parish who departed this life the 19th of September 1728 aged 49 years. Also Mr Robert Batt died August the 26th 1734 aged 60 years.  Left issue one son and one daughter, Robert and Elizabeth.

In the North Chancel [i.e. East end of North aisle]

37. On a grave stone this inscription in Roman Capitals - Here lyeth the body of Thomas Burrow ofHartley, Yeoman, who departed this life the 17th of July 1690 aged 69 years.

38. On another grave stone near [East of] the former, this inscription in Roman Capitals - Here lyeth the body of Margaret Borrow, wife of Thomas Borrow late of the Parish of Hartley who departed this life the 17th of October 1703 in the 70th year of her age.

To the above must now be added -

A tablet of black and white marble on the north wall of the chancel -

39. Charles Edward third son of the Rev James King, Rector of this Parish born 21 June 1834 died at Baree Ryang in Australia 11 May 1853. Erected by his father.

40. A window on the south side of the nave, by the pulpit - Erected by members of the University of Cambridge - 
To the Glory of God, in humble gratitude for the life and benevolence of Thomas Plume, D.D., sometime Archdeacon of Rochester, founder of a Professorship in the University of Cambridge - A benefactor of this and neighbouring parishes - His body lies in this churchyard until the daybreak - His works do follow him - [His tomb is under the window in the Yard - for the inscription see earlier].


Compiled by Zena Bamping

Name Index
Andrus, 19.
Batt, 36.
Bennett, 24, 25.
Blackman, 32.
Borrow, 38.
Burrow, 37.
Clifford, 18.

Collins, 15.
Conford, 31.
Crowhurst, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Davige, 12.
Dewey, 33.
Doherty, 13.
Jennings, 23.
King, 34, 35, 39.
Lofth, 11.
Lynds, 16.
Mace, 26, 27.
Muggeridge, 20.
Noakes, 28.
Phillips, 4.
Plume, 21, 40.
Plummer, 17.
Round, 29.
Saxton, 14.
Treadwell, 30.
Wharton, 22.

Places Index
Australia, Baree Ryang, 39.
Barming, 25.
Cambridge, 40.

Darenth, 7.
Hartley, 38.
Meopham, 4.
Northfleet, 26, 27.
Prescott, 22.
Ridley, 1, 3.
Rochester, 40.
Scadbury, Southfleet, 19.
Stone, 4.