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          Some Monumental Inscriptions of Nackington Church,  Noted by Leland L. Duncan 30th August 1891

Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett 1758, added September 2007

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

1. George MOUNT died 15 April 1868 aged 60 years. Left surviving Martha his widow, 5 sons and 2 daughters. Also Henry, son of the above died 7 August 1872 aged 32 years.

2. David COLLARD of Stodmarsh Court, born 9 October 1831, died 19 January 1885 aged 53 years. Left surviving a widow and 14 children.

3. In rails. George COLLARD of Elverton near Faversham died 29 March 1852 aged 54 years. Left surviving Sarah his widow, 7 sons and 9 daughters. Also the above Sarah his widow, and daughter of Henry MOUNT of this parish, died 22 March 1855 aged 48 years.

4. Altar stone in rails. South side. Jane, eldest daughter of Thomas and Sarah COLLARD died 4 January 1863 aged 60 years. Also Charlotte, 2nd daughter of the above, died 17 May 1873 aged 69 years. Also Kate, 4th daughter of the above died 9 March 1885 aged 77 years. Also Herbert, 5th son of the above, died 24 June 1886 aged 69 years. North side. Sarah, wife of Thomas COLLARD of Sextries Farm in this parish died 11 September 1858 aged 76 years. The only daughter of the late Henry MOUNT, who died 1791. Also the above Thomas Collard died 11 March 1867 aged 91 years, the 4th son of the late Thomas White Collard of Little Barton in this county.

5. Robert COLLARD of Sextries, Nackington died 12 January 1887 aged 63 years, leaving a widow, 7 sons and 2 daughters. Also Sidney, 4th son of the above died 30 April 1887 aged 28 years.

6. In rails. Mary CLIFFORD died 9 April 1844 aged 47 years. Also Mrs Grace Clifford, mother of the above, died 17 June 1846 aged 82 years.

7. Altar stone, north side. Henry COLLARD Esq. of Little Barton in this county, died 9 February 1852 aged 81 years. Left surviving Louisa his widow, 2 sons and 1 daughter, viz: William, Frank and Julia. Also Louisa, relict of the above died at 2 Clarence Road, Herne Bay, Kent April 19 1881 in her 82nd year.

8. South side. Filmer COLLARD died 17 February 1837 aged 29 years. Henry Robert Collard died after a long and severe illness 5 April 1839 aged 32 years.

9. Inscription on top. Ann, wife of Mr Henry COLLARD of Little Barton Farm, near Canterbury died 22 August 1812 aged 36 years. Left 2 sons, viz: Henry Robert, Filmer. Also Dorothea, daughter of the above Henry and Ann Collard died 28 May 1804 aged 1 week. Likewise an infant died January 13 1805.

10. Small crosses. Bertram Ash COLLARD, born 28 February 1876 died 11 March 1876. Eleanor Elizabeth Collard, born 28 October 1877 died 2 January 1878. Edgar Vivian Collard, born 31 July 1881 died 28 April 1882. Reginald George Collard, born 15 September 1879 died 11 January 1880.

11. Elizabeth, 2nd daughter of George Plomer COLLARD and Elizabeth his wife died 28 October 1864 aged 21 years. Also Elizabeth, wife of George Plomer Collard died 4 February 1871 aged 58 years.

12. John, infant son of John and Anna Maria JACOB of Sextries in this parish died June 14 1798.

13. Richard, only son of the late Richard BRICE of Bridge Place died at Canterbury 10 September 1875 aged 56 years.

14. Tomb in rails, north east corner of churchyard. In memory of Robert, son of Dora and Major Robert CAMPBELL H.M. 73rd Regt., died at sea August 21 1853 aged 10 months.

15. Mary, wife of Edward MILLS died 5 March 1817 aged 44 years.

16. Edward MILLS died 18 February 1851 aged 79 years.

17. In memory of The Revd. Joshua DIX M.A. Minor Canon of Canterbury, Rector of Old Romney, Vicar of River and thirty three years Curate of this parish who died December 13 1809 aged 64 years. Also of six infants, children of the said Joshua Dix and Martha his wife. Also in memory of Martha, wife of the above Revd. J. Dix who died December 30 1823 aged 72 years.

18. Frances DIX died August 25 1866 aged 82 years.

19. Altar stone, north side. Richard MOUNT late of the City of Canterbury, attorney at law born 2 April 1765, died 31 August 1826. Also Hannah his wife born 17 January 1766, died 2 July 1832. South side. Richard Minter MOUNT formerly of the City of Canterbury, solicitor and late of Wingham, only son of Richard and Hannah Mount born 24 February 1804, died 3 August 1875. Also Isabel his wife, born 23 August 1802 died 7 October 1886.

20. On back. Henry MOUNT, late of New Cross, London son of Plomer Mount of this parish, died 11 November 1857 in his 30th year. Left surviving Sarah his widow and 2 children, Henry-Herbert and Clara. Also Thomas, 2nd surviving son of Plomer Mount died 14 December 1862 aged 39 years. Also of Catherine, wife of the late Plomer Mount died 29 September 1875 aged 84 years. On front. Mary, wife of Mr Plomer MOUNT of this parish, died 8 March 1813 aged 30 years. Also Henry, their son died in his infancy and Plomer, their eldest son died 25 February 1847 aged 35 years. Also George-Nicholas died 18 February 1837 aged 7 months. Also the above first named Plomer Mount died 21 August 1851 aged 65 years.

21. Henry MOUNT of this parish died 17 April 1791 aged 40 years and 2 children who died in their infancy. Also Jane Mount, wife of the above died 19 May 1800 aged 43 years. On back. Also Mary SLATER, wife of Edward Slater of Chislet and elder daughter of Henry and Mary Mount of this parish died 24 April 1880 aged 75 years. Also the above Edward Slater died 2 February 1885 aged 80 years.

22. Mary, wife of Henry MOUNT of this parish died 3 June 1851 aged 78 years. Also the above Henry Mount died 3 March 1866 aged 81 years. On back. George, son of George and Martha MOUNT died in his infancy 30 April 1839. Also Mary, eldest daughter of the above died 28 November 1862 aged 20 years.

23. Coffin tomb. Mary ELLIS, late of Canterbury, youngest daughter of Moses Ellis Esqr. of London died 31 March 1857 aged 89 years. Frances, wife of Robert Cooper KERSEY M.D. Littlebourne and niece of Mary Ellis died 13 November 1869.

24. George, son of George PILCHER and Ann his wife died February 14 1733 aged 17 years and 5 months.

25. Thomas LOWEN, late of the parish of All saints in the City of Canterbury died 14 November 1792 aged 53 years. Also of Dells Lowen his widow who died 9 April 1806 aged 54 years. Likewise Sarah STARR their granddaughter and daughter of Thomas Starr of the Precincts of the City of Canterbury and Dells his wife. She died 8 January 1797 aged 4 years and 7 months.

26. George PILCHER died 23 November 1761 aged 55 years. Also Dells, wife of the above age 8.died 7 April 1789 aged 77 years.

27. By east wall of chancel. Frances FOX, wife of William Fox died November 16 1743 in her 59th year. Also the above William Fox died January 13 1747 aged 63 years.

28. Sarah, wife of John TADHUNTER died September 21 1742 aged 40 years. (rest gone).

29. Cross like the old one in St Martin’s yard to Hew Whyte. Thomas Godfrey Godfrey FAUSSETT September 19 1829 – February 26 1877.

30. By the yew tree. William MACMILLAN died September 9 1763 aged 31 years.

31. Susan, 3rd daughter of the late Henry Godfrey FAUSSETT of Keppington died 7 May 1861 aged 77 years.

32. Henry HARDEN died 1 February 1741 aged 36 years.

33. James HOLLANDS died 18 April 1884 aged 63 years.

34. John HOLLANDS died 6 June 1874 aged 54 years. Also John and Henry John, sons of the above, died in infancy.

35. Thomas CREED, late of the city of Canterbury, carpenter, died January 30 1819 aged 56 years. Left surviving Cecilia his wife, 1 son and 1 daughter.

36. Austen Thomas HOLLANDS died 4 October 1854 aged 68 years. Also Thomas, son of the above died 27 April 1835 aged 1 year. Also Emma, daughter of the above died 9 April 1842 in her 17th year. Sarah, wife of the above, died 23 June 1867 aged 76 years.

37. Stephen COBB, late of this parish died 3 July 1839 aged 72 years. Left surviving Elizabeth his wife and 3 daughters, Sarah, Charlotte and Martha. Also Martha, 4th daughter of the above died 10 July 1839 aged 25 years. Also Mary, 2nd daughter of the above died 30 March 1839 aged 38 years, interred in Beaksbourne churchyard. Also Elizabeth, widow of the above died 10 August 1852 aged 74 years.

38. Ann FOLWELL died 28 February 1862 aged 76 years. Also Henery Folwell, husband of the above died 9 March 1863 aged 79 years.

39. Charlotte, 2nd daughter of Thomas and Ann ROUSE, formerly of Dover. She died 24 June 1866 aged 70 years.

40. Sarah MILLER, widow of Lieut. Martin Miller of the Royal Navy, died 8 February 1879 aged 80 years.

41. Ann, wife of James SOUTHEE of the parish of Ickham died 10 October 1800 aged 65 years. Also James Southee, late of Faversham died 26 January 1814 aged 86 years.

42. By porch. John HALKE, late of this parish died September 12 1748 aged 38 years. Issue by Susanna his second wife 2 sons, viz: Richard and Thomas, whereof Richard only surviveth.

43. Anna, wife of John HALKE of this parish had issue 1 son and 3 daughters, of whom John and Mary are surviving and 2 daughters lie buried here. She died October 28 1740 aged 28 years.

44. Joseph SHARP died August 20 1722 aged 45 years.

45. Lizanner, wife of Henry ADAMS died 25 August 1864 aged 47 years.

46. Philip BARBER died 7 March 1862 aged 53 years. A faithful servant for many years in this parish.

47. Hannah ADAMS died 3 December 1886 aged 78 years. Death little warning to me gave, it quickly sent me to my grave.
48. Flat stone. George GULLIVER, F.R.S. died 17 November 1882 aged 78 years.

49. William GRAHAM, born at Oxford 29 March 1800 died at Canterbury 1 March 1884.

50. George WYBORN, late of Southampton, warden of Victoria Gaol, Hong Kong died 20 November 1860 aged 29 years. Interred in the cemetery Wong Vei Chung, "Happy Valley", Hong Kong. His widow Charlotte erected this. Also Mary Ann LIGHT, 2nd daughter of William KEMP of this parish died at Haskeui, Constantinople October 9 1862 aged 43 years.

51. James HARLOW of Ryde, Isle of Wight died 20 January 1859 aged 70 years. Also William KEMP, eleven years clerk of this parish died 3 April 1858 aged 78 years. Also Elizabeth, wife of the above William Kemp died 10 February 1871 in her 89th year.

52. South side of yard. Kezia TWYMAN died 21 April 1872 aged 65 years. Also Henry Twyman, husband of the above died 2 May 1876 aged 70 years.

53. White monumental cross. James BEER died 25 June 1859 aged 73 years. Also Mary Ann, relict of James Beer died 13 July 1861 aged 71 years. Also James Henry, eldest son of James and Mary Ann Beer died 17 June 1889 aged 75 years.

54. William WALLAB, late of Thanington died 24 October 1783 aged 81 years. Also Susanna his wife died 8 July 1788 aged 86 years.

55. John BROCKMAN of this parish died March 16 1792 aged 76 years. Also Sarah his wife died July 16 1794 aged 76 years.

56. Mary, wife of Thomas BIRCH, only daughter of John and Sarah BROCKMAN died March 22 1774 aged 23 years.

57. Double stone with skulls, etc. (1) John BENFORD died February 25 1743 aged 76 years. Also 3 of his children by Susanna his 2nd wife viz: John, Susanna and Thomas all died infants.(2) Elizabeth, wife of John Benford of Thanington, youngest daughter of John HILLS, late of Ensen in Chilham, died September ………./ (under grass)

58. Altar tomb, on top. Thomas BROCKMAN of this parish died 29 December 1828 aged 80 years. Also Hannah his wife died 20 February 1828 aged 74 years.On north side, apparently the same, but worn.

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Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett 1758, added September 2007

59. On a Flat Stone, within the Communion Rails. Under this Stone lyeth Buryed the Bodie of John SHIPTON who died the 28th of July 1616. Aetatis suae 68. Death is to Me Advantage.

60. On Another. Here lieth Buried The Bodye of James SHIPTON who died the 25th of May Ano. Dni. 1629. Aetatis 49. Dignus Nestoream, Pater Optime, vivere Vitam/ Hospite Si tali Digna fuit Humus./ Caelum jam Patria est, Christus Via, Mors Tibi Vita;/ Caelum Animae Domus est, Corporis hic Tumulus./ Pie Pauxit Plauxitq Jacobus, Filius.

Without The Rails.
61. On a Flat Black Marble, with this Coat. [GODFREY (3.16, Wye) imp. A fesse betw. 3 rings]. Here lieth the Body of Henry GODFREY of Heppington, Esq. Heir of Sr. Thomas Godfrey of The same. He married Catherine ye Daughter of The Revd. Doctor Thomas PITTIS Rector of St. Botolph Bishops Gate, London; by Whom he had 2 Daughters; Catherine, who died March 12 1702/3. And Mary who survived. He died Dec. 24 1718. In The 43d. Year of his Age. (added). (*On The same Stone, added on My honour’d Mother’s Death. On the South Side of this Stone, lieth the above mentioned Catherine, Relict of Henry Godfrey, of Heppington, Esq. She died Oct. 25 1726, aged (blank) Years. And Under this Stone, in the same Grave with her Father, lieth the Body of the above mentioned Mary, Daughter, and sole Heiress, of Henry Godfrey, Esq. of Heppington, in this Parish, and Relict of Bryan FAUSSETT Esq. of the same. She died May 23 1761 in the 62d. Year of her Age. We know, that our Redeemer liveth!).

62. On Another with This Coat. [GODFREY as Before, with, in pretence: Arg. a Λ sa. on a chief sa. 2 martlets arg.]. Here lieth The Body of Dame Hester GODFREY, one of The Daughters and Coheirs of Sr. John WYLD, of This County & late Wife of Sr. Thomas Godfrey of Lyd, but, late of this Parish in ye said County Knight. She died the 27th Day of March 1699 in the 77th Year of her Age. (*This Gentleman purchased Heppington, in this Parish – and lies buried, on the N. Side of, and close to this Stone; but without any Memorial. – Br. Faussett).

63. On Another Flat Bl. Marble, with this Coat. [¼ly 1&4). Or, a lion rampt. sa. debruised by a bend gobony gu. & arg. 2&3). Arg. 3 piles purp. on a canton sa. a lion’s head erased or. In pretence (GODFREY): Sa. a Λ betw. 3 pelicans’ heads erased or]. Here lieth The Body of Bryan FAUSSETT (B.F.’s father) Esq. of Heppington. He married Mary the Daughter & Heiress of Henry GODFREY Esq. of Heppington, By whom he left Issue 3 Sons, and 7 Daughters. He died the 19th Day of September 1750. Aged 60 Years.

South Chancell.
64. On a Flat Stone, with this Coat. [NUTT: ¼ly of 6: 1,3,5). Az. a pheon or. 2,4,6). Erm]. M.S. Here resteth The Body of John Nutt Esq. who first married Anne, eldest Daughter of Sr. Edward MASTER, of East Langdon in this County, Knt. She died in ye Yeare 1641, and lies interr’d at Chigwell in Essex; by her he had 9 Children, of which Edward, William, and Anne, only survived Him. He afterwards married Anne, eldest Daughter of John ALDRICH of Norfolke Esq. who survived him; by her he had only issue John. He died the 10th of Octob. Anno Dni. 1668. Aetatis suae 63.

65. On Another. M.S. Here lieth the Body of Anne NUTT, eldest Daughter of John ALDRICH of Norfolke Esq. Second Wife of John Nutt of this Parish Esq. between her only Husband and only Child. Shee died the 21st Day of July in ye 63d. Year of her Age. Annoq. Dom. 1673.

66. On Another. Here lieth The Body of John NUTTS, Son of John Nutts Esq. by his Second Wife Anne, Daughter of John ALDRICH of Norfolke Esq. who departed this Life the 23d. of December in ye 2d. Year of his Age and in the Year of our Lord 1660.

67. On Another Flat Stone. M.S. Here lieth the Body of Thomas, the Son of Edward NUTT Esq. by Elizabeth his Wife, Daughter of Sr. Thomas WILLYS of Ditton, in the County of Cambridge Bart. he died the 19th Day of November, An.Dom. 1669. In the 5th Yeare of his Age.

68. On Another, with this Coat. [On a lozenge: Per fesse gu. & arg. 3 lions rampant countercharged in a border erm. imp. A fesse betw. 3 + +lets fitchy]. (no tinctures). Here lieth interr’d the Body of Katharine, the Wife of William WILLYS of London Esq. third Son of Sr. Thomas Willys of Fenditton in the County of Cambridge Barronet. She departed this Life the 20th of August 1720. Aged 69 Years. Sr. Thomas WILLYS Barrt. departed this Life the 17th of July, 1726. Aged 46 Years.

69. On Another – with this Coat. [Bendy of 16 gu. & or, a cross arg. bearing in its chief a label of 3 points sa.]. Here lieth the Body of John, Son of Humphry (sic) & Frances PUDNER who departed this Life Aug. ye 19th 1715. Aged 9 Months. Also, the Body of Frances Pudner who departed this Life May ye 11th 1721. Aged 7 Months. Here also lieth the Body of Mr. Humphrey (sic) Pudner, the only surviving Son of Humphrey (sic) Pudner Esq. by Frances his Wife. He died May ye 4th 1747. Aged 29 Years.

70. An Atcheivement on the East Wall of The South Chancell. [¼ly 1&4). NUTT as Before. 2). Gu. a Λ vairy or & az. betw.3 crescts. arg. 3). Sa. on a \ cotised arg. 3 martlets sa. imp. Az. a fesse embattd. betw. 3 hawks’ heads erased or (MASTER) imp. Or, on a fesse vert an ox passt. arg. (ALDRICH)].

71. An Athcheivement on ye West Wall of the South Chancell. [Erm. 2 interlaced chevrons humet set palewise sa. on a chief az. 2 wings or (MILLS) imp. ¼ly I & IV. ¼ly 1&4). Per bend indented sa. & arg. 2&3). Az. a lis or. II & III. Vert or purp (hatched vt, painted brown), a cross engrailed arg.].

72. Some of the Windows of this Church have remains of painted Glass in them; that at ye East End of the South Chancell, has ye Marriage in Cana of Galilee represented in it.

73. The Desk is at ye North Side of this Church; and, the Pulpit, at the South Side. It consists of the Great & South Chancells, and the Nave, or Body. The Steeple, which is a low Tower, cap’t with a Low Shingled Spire, is at the North West Corner of the Body; In it hangs only one Small Bell, thus inscribed. John TADHUNTER. C.W. – S.K. (Samuel Knight) 1724.

74. The Church was dedicated to The Blessed Virgin. It is a Curacy, in the Gift of the Arch. Bishop. The present Curate is The Revd. Mr Charles NORRIS, who is also Vicar of Brabourne, viz: 1758.

In The Church Yard.
75. On an Head Stone for Ann HALKE – 1740. The best of Wives, The Best of Mothers;/ The best of Neighbours, & a Friend to others.

76. On Another for John NORTON – 1749. O Readers, stay one Moment with ye Dead,/Have one good Thought, while thus on Graves You tread/Think where My Soul abode’s (sic), In Heav’n I trust/I there in Bliss, My Body in the Dust./O Readers, go and live, and learn to die like Men/That have immortal Souls; and then come here again./Memento Mori/Adieu!/Look to Eternity.

77. On Another, for Sarah TADHUNTER – 1742. A Pattern of Affliction sure She was here;/But now, I hope, her Soul in Glory doth Appear.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
ADAMS 45, 47
ALDRICH 64, 65, 66
BENFORD 57, 58
COLLARD 2-5, 7-11
Cooper 23
Dells 25, 26

DIX 17, 18
FAUSSETT 29, 30, 61, 63
Filmer 8, 9
FOX 27
GODFREY 61, 62
HALKE 42, 43, 75
HOLLANDS 33, 34, 36

KEMP 50, 51
Knight 73
MILLS 15, 16, 71
MOUNT 1, 3, 4, 19-22
NUTT 64-67, 70
PILCHER 24, 26

Plomer 11, 20
SHIPTON 59, 60
TADHUNTER 27, 73, 77
Whyte 29
WILLYS 67, 68

Places Index
Beksbourne 37
Brabourne 74
Bridge Place 13
Canterbury 13, 19, 23, 35, 49
   Canterbury All Saints 25
Chigwell, Essex 64
Chislet 21
Ditton, Cambs 67, 68
Dover 39
East Langdon 64
Elverton nr Faversham 2
Ensen in Chilham 57
Faversham 41
Fenditton, Cambs 68
Haskeui, Constantinople 50

Herne Bay 7
Ickham 41
Keppington 30
Little Barton, nr Canterbury 4, 7, 9
Littlebourne 23
London 23
London 68, St. Botolph Bishops Gate 61
   Heppington 61, 62, 63
   Sextries 5, 12
   Sextries Farm 4
   Stodmarsh Court 2

New Cross 20
Norfolk 64, 65, 66
Old Romney 17
Oxford 49
River 17
Ryde, Isle of Wight 51
Southampton 50
Thanington 54, 57
Victoria Gaol, Hong Kong 50
Wingham 19
Wong Vei Chung, "Happy
   Valley", Hong Kong. 50
   73rd Regt. 14
   Major 14
Royal Navy 40
attorney at law 19
carpenter 35
clerk 51
   Curate 17
   Minor Canon of Canterbury 17
   Rector 17
   Rev 17
   Vicar 17
servant 46
solicitor 19
warden 50