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New Romney with index of names and places at the end

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M.I.'s from Inside Church only

New Romney  Book 1
Front cover
On the house opposite the Victoria Hotel H / IC / 1746
359. On north wall of sanctuary
To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Julia Lett SOUTH widow of the Reverend Richard Musfratt??? South who passed away May 7 1916. This tablet was erected by the parishioners of New Romney as a mark of esteem and admiration of her faithful work in the parish.

South aisle
320. 2 wings charged with fleur de lys On a bend 3 fleur de lis between 3 ? chev engrali? erm between 3 ? trefoils Here lieth interred Susannah wife of Edward BACHELOR (daughter of Paul Loftie??? of Smeeth) who departed this life May ye 5 1755 aged 60 years. She left issue 6 children (viz) Elianour, Edward, Anna-Maria, Elisabeth, Ann and Margaret. Here also lieth the above first named Edward Bachelor who departed this life / September ye 17 1768 / aged 83 years. He was many years a Jurat of this corporation / the best of fathers / and a sincere friend /.

321. Here lieth interred ye body of Edward BACHELER Son of Edward Bacheler by Susanna his wife who departed this life / January ye 22 1768 aged 45 years / He was one of ye Jurats of this Corporation and once Mayor.

322. Here lieth the body of Jane daughter of Edward BACHELER by Susanna his wife. She died September ye 10 1743 aged 28 years. Near this place lie also eight more of their children viz 3 sons and 5 daughters. Also the remains of Anna Maria Reynolds daughter of Edward and Susanna Bacheler who departed this life the 3rd / of July 1786 aged 61 years /.

322a. Small stone. EB 1721

323. Out of a ducal coronet a demi leopard ramp. Chev between 3 cocks Chev between 3 bulls heads couped. Here lieth interred ye body of Robert COBB / sometime mayor of this town and port / son of Robert Cobb of Reculver. / He married Catherine the daughter of Thomas Curteis? of Ashford by whom he left issue four sons viz John, Robert, Thomas and Benjamin. He departed this life 15 day of December 1727 aged 55 years. Also the bodies of Catherine his wife who died May the 5th 1751 aged 75 years. Catherine daughter of Benjamin and Catherine Cobb who died the 9th of the same month aged 3 years.

324. Demi bear (?) out of a crown 3 cocks Cross ???? within a bordure ???? (not on left side) Here lyeth the body of Benjamin COBB fourth son of Robert Cobb and Catharine his wife. He married Catharine daughter of Allen Grebell of Rye, Gentleman, by whom he had five children Catharine, Mary, Ann, Benjamin and Thomas. The four last survived him. Seven times he served the office of mayor of this corporation and being again elected he died during his mayoralty October ye 6th 1757 aged 40 years. (2 lines cut out)

The following are in the 14th century part above the step:-

325. Demi? bear out of crown Chev. between 3 cocks Here lieth the body of John COBB who departed this life the 23rd of August 1731 in the 33rd year of his age. Also the body of Robert Cobb. He died March the 6th 1734 in the 35th year. Beneath in the entrance to the vault of Smith Cobb constructed 1823 Reposed thereunder in hope of heavenly grace are the remains of those here inscribed. Sarah Cobb born 10 August 1793 died 18 December 1823. Sarah Coates Cobb born 28 August 1823 died 21 November following. Smith Cobb born 18 February 1786 died 17 January 1833. Also the Reverend Benjamin Cobb MA Son of the above Rector of Newchurch 1870-1875. Born 16 May 1820 died 19 July 1875. And Ann Elizabeth his wife. Born 22 January 1831 died 22 August 1909.

326. Cobb impaling cross ???? a bordure engrailed?? (not on left side) Here lieth the body of Catherine relict of Benjamin COBB and daughter of Allen Grebell Gentleman of Rye in Sussex. She died 1st February 1785 aged sixty three.

327. In chief 3 wolves heads erased 2 bars ? 3 demi lions or lions jambs? Here lieth interred the body of Peter KNIGHT of …………… towne and port of ……………….ney Gentleman sonne ………….. Knight deceased …………….the said town………….. He married ? Knight of Piddington in the county of Northants and York? Rebekah the daughter of John PL?????? Gentleman and ………… of the Tov….. and who …………..e of ………….d Rebekah ?3 …………….and 7 daughters (viz)…………… Rebekah, Elizabeth and Peter. Also deceased whose bodies lieth here interred under this ……………..This life the 18th of ………….. Anno Dom 1(?7) ………..

328. A lion or bear? ramp no erest? Here lyeth ye body of Johanna the wife of John HUNT of this towne, Gentleman, who dyed in childbirth of a daughter buried with her the 18th of April 1682 in the 24 yeare of her age and left issue one sonne. In this deaths cruelty you see who with the fruite shakes down ye tree Yet is his malice all in name For tree and fruite shall spring againe. Crack in stone ?erum Resurgam

In the South Chancel
329. ody of John / hn MASCALL / pew He departed ary 1746 rs

330. Here …….. the body of W…………?m? WILCOCK youngest sonne of Robert / …………….. times Jurat of this / ……………………… John and Robert ………………of …………….wife Elizabeth who lived …………. the moth……… Be / and dying? ………….. In the …………..mbe / He dyed April ye III the ………. ean of his age Anno 1642. They died Iv…. 2…….. 27 28 An….ntd ………….rst…………….of th……………………… …………………ni 1642.

331. Here lieth interred the body of Humphrey WIGHTWICK Jurat of this town. He departed this life March 17 17-0 aged –2 years. He married Mary only daughter of Ed……d (?Edmund) Marten Gentleman by whom he left issue two sons and four daughters. Here also lieth interred ye body of Humphrey son of ye abovenamed Humphrey Wightwick and Mary his wife. He married Ann daughter of John Coates of this town by whom he had issue 9 children, three lie buried here the rest are surviving. He died the 12th of July 1758 aged 43 years. Near this place lieth buried Ann the affectionate wife of HW sic the younger who died the 13 December (?1792 or 1802) aged 84 years.

332. William WIGHTWICK died 14 October 1781 aged 7 months.

333. Nor? WIGHTWICK who died April – 1785 aged 8 months. Thomas Wightwick died the 2 October 179-

334. A stone with 1799.

335. SW died in 17(?5)7

336. In memory of Richard WIGHTWICK who died ye 17 March 1783 aged 63 years.

337. A tile JW 1792.

338. Here lieth interred the body of Joseph PHILPOT, Gentleman, (son of Joseph Philpot of ye parish of Worth? near Sandwich) who departed this life / September ye 11 1768 / aged 67 years / Here also lieth the body of / Edward Elsted / many years Riding Officer of this place / He died the 4th November 1787 / aged 51 years / and left issue by Affra his wife / 6 children (viz) Sarah, Richard, Edward, / Affra Katherine and Philpot. / Here also lieth the body of / Affra Elsted relict of the above / Edward Elsted who died / 5 September 1812 aged 77 years.

339. A cock Here lieth interred ye body of Robert WILCOCKE / Gentleman, Master of Artes of Magdalen Hall in / Oxford third son unto Robert Wilcocke Gentleman / sometime Jurat of this town who died / July the 18 Anno domini 1665 being 59 years of age.

340. Altar tomb with brass inscription on top:- Here lyeth buried the bo/dye of Richard STUPPENYE / Jurate of this town in t/he first yeare of King Henry VIII who / dyed in the XVIII yeare of the / sayde Kynges reigne of wh/ ose memorye Clement St/up -penye of the same port his / great grandsonne hath / caused this tombe to be / new erected for the use of the / Auncient? meeting and elec/tion of maior and jurats / of this port town June / the 10th Anno Domini 1622

341. Here lieth interred the body of Edmund MARTEN Gentleman son of Edmund Marten Gentleman formerly Freeman of this town and port. He married Elizabeth only daughter of John Young of ye Antient towne of Rye in ye county of Sussex Gentleman by whom he left issue one daughter named Hester. He departed this life November ye 24 1727 aged 42 years. Here also lieth interred the body of Mrs Elizabeth Marten only wife of Mr Edmund Marten of this town and only daughter of John Young of ye antient town of Rye in ye county of Sussex Gentleman by whom she left issue one only daughter named Hester. She departed this life February ye ….. aged 34 years. Here also lieth interred the …………. Hester Marten only daughter …………. Marten and Elizabeth his ………….departed this life ye 5th day ………… aged 13 years.

342. Here lies buried ye body of Edmund MARTEN son of Edmund Marten and Elizabeth his wife he died ye 13 of April 1720 aged 2 years and a half. Also John Marten an infant.

343. Here lieth the body of Elizabeth MARTEN daughter of Edmund Marten and Elizabeth his wife who departed this life February 6 1725 aged 8 months. Here also lie ye body of John Young Marten son of Edmund Marten and Elizabeth his wife who departed this life June 13 1726 aged seven weeks.

344. ………………. uried the body / old stone MARTEN daughter / coffin Marten and Elizabeth / here departed this life / aged 3 months. Also Ann Marten another of their daughters who departed this life 26 January 1723 at the age of six months.

345. On two small stones let into what was the altar pavement of the south chapel …………………… of (?K)…../ …………………….. WILCOCKE / IVRAT who resigned his soule unto God the 25 day ???/I I’ILL FE YE of (APR) /…………………F HIS AGE 45 ……. N……….1--9 (?1649)

347. Tablet on east wall of the south chancel (south of eastern window) Thomas LANCASTER who was captain of ye militia of this town many years and mayor of this corporation many time and supported ye canopy over Queen Caroline at ye coronation October ye 11 1727 lyed invaulted in this place. He intermarried with Mary one of ye daughters of Mr Whitfeld of Biddenden who lyes beside him. He died ye 9th day of December 1728 aged 52 years. She died ye 16 day of May 1722 aged 47 years. A lion passant ??????? Whitfeld

346. On floor of altar pace south chapel partly covered by the organ 3 battle axes on a cross 5 pheons / vault are deposited / of Elizabeth wife of / jamin COBB / organ ter of John Rolfe Gentleman / arch 25 1782 aged 28 years. / thout / ssue / ane his second wife / Smith, Gentleman of Dymchurch / he 30th 1799 aged 32 years. / hildren were / ovember? 20? 1792 aged 11 months / hter died January 12 1798 / here interred / g are / ust 14 1811 aged 26 years / in the body of the church / September 5 1834 aged 47 years buried / in London
Charles buried in the body of the church Catharine died March 13 1867 buried at Ticehurst
Mary Anne Louisa died May 10 1807 aged 14 years buried in London
Eliza Robert and Thomas twins the above Benjamin Cobb died December 7 1835 aged 82 years interred at Calais.

348. On north side of eastern window Here lieth Isaac WARQUIN MD / born at St Quentin, Picardy in France who fled from / persecution found refuge in New Romney in 1684 where he continued in the practice of physick with success and genuine applause. And adorned this towne and port with useful learning and a truly christian charity. He died June ye 17 1725 aged 61 To whose memory this is erected by his executor John Deffray AM

349. On the south wall of wall dividing south chancel from chancel
Here under lyeth the body of Marjorie daughter of Peter KNIGHT Vicar of this place and to Margarett his wife who was baptised April 12th 1635 and was buried March 30 1636.

350. Mural tablet south wall In memory of Mrs Jane RUSSELL who died March 14 1869 aged 85 years.

351. Tablet to Thomas MATE born in this parish 8 December 1778 died at Taunton, Somerset, 4 October 1852.
Also Richard Pike Mate Vicar of Wymeswold Leicestershire late Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge only son of above died 6 June 1856 in 39th year. And within 9 months his youngest sister Elizabeth Martha Mate died at Taunton 19 March 1857 aged 41. And on 29 May 1862 aged 82 Elizabeth relict of above Thomas Mate and with those of her husband and two children her remains rest in a vault in the cemetery of Taunton.

352. Mural tablet John WALKER being??? only surviving son of John Walker Esquire by Ann his first wife daughter of Edward and Susannah Bacheler / died February 18 1857 aged 83. He was Mayor of this town and port 9 times. Harriet his wife youngest daughter of Edward and Mary Dering died April 27 1825 aged 45. They had issue 4 sons and 1 daughter John Dering, Edward Dering, Henry Bacheler, William Dering, and Charlotte Elizabeth. John Dering Walker died 31 May 1830 aged 26. Charlotte Elizabeth wife of George Bassett Jones died 15 February 1854 aged 39 Their remains are interred in the churchyard. ?az 3 mural crowns or arg a ??? ???

353. Mural John Dering WALKER JP only son of William Dering and Catherine Walker born at New Romney November 3 1847 died at Ivychurch January 2 1902 aged 54. This tablet also the tombstone in the churchyard were erected by public subscription in appreciation of the untiring and valuable services rendered by him to the district as – county councillor, Chairman of the Board of Guardians and Rural District Councillor Bailiff of Romney Marsh and Councillor of this borough.

354. Brass In loving memory of Annie--Frederica STRINGER the wife of Charles Stringer born in Penang July 15 1863 and died October 13 1913 while on a visit to Victoria British Colombia. Erected by her children.

355. Brass To the glory of God and in loving memory of Richard Rothwell DAGLISH. the chamber was built and the machines for blowing the organ constructed at the expense of his widow Laura Daglish July 15 1910. Also to the glory of God and in fond remembrance of Harry Rothwell Daglish son of the above this church was endowed in the sum of one thousand pounds for the preservation of the organ under the will of Laura Daglish who passed away beloved by all January 25 1915.

356. Brass To the glory of God and in affectionate memory of Charles STRINGER the dearly loved husband of Annie-Frederica Stringer and son of the late William and Mary Stringer of this town. For many years a resident of Singapore Straits ???????? and for some years member of the Legislative Council of that colony called to rest at Homburg VD Höhe 6 July 1905 aged 59. As many as are led by the spirit of God they are the sons of God Rom viii 1.4 This tablet is erected by his widow and children ? parte??? percher or and sa 2 egles in chfand flew de??? in base all counterchanged Beasts? dragon head holding a cross ??? ??????? Spem Longam? Reseces

357. Brass In loving memory of Thurston STRINGER Commander in the Royal Navy, second son of the late William and Mary Stringer of this town who died in the service of his Queen and country on 11 February 1886 aged 46 years and was buried in the European Cemetery at Bankok Siam where a memorial has been placed over his grave by his shipmates the officers and men of HMS Agamemnon.

End of those in south aisle

In the High Chancel there are only a few slabs – in the centre is a stone engraved

364. Odiarne COATES and others with

365. GCC 1821

366. MC 1809

367. George CHILDREN 1812

360. East window to parents and brothers by surviving members of the STRINGER family 1888 with arms as on brass.

361. Before presbytery steps Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of / Sally wife of William COATES / She died in the / parish of St Saviours Southwark the tenth day of March 1816 / aged forty five years / leaving issue Sarah, Henry Wise, William and Margaret / Margaret died 3rd day of July 1817 aged seventeen years / and is buried here / In the same vault are also / the remains of William Coates Esquire. / He died the 21st April 1825 / aged fifty five years.

362. Between choir stalls and presbytery steps Arthur KIGHT AM? Rector and Vicar of New Church died 18 March 1765 aged 60 and is here interred As is Anna his wife who departed 28 February 1756 aged 51 and also Arthur Sedgwick their grandson who died 18 May 1765 aged one year and three months.

363. Almost covered by choir stalls - The l………/Gover……………/ who d……………/ He m…………… / Art……………… / of…………………/ who………………/ 3…………………/ 5 chil ……………/ Marga……………/ He ………………/ elde………………/ Edwa…………… / his w……………../ the 22……………/. in the 37 year of her age.

370. Tablet high up between arches on south side to Odiarne COATES Esquire one of the Jurats of this corporation died 5 February 1798 aged ?55

368. Tablet high up on north side To George CHILDREN Esquire? of this parish who died without issue on the 12 April 1812 aged 40 leaving Elizabeth the wife of William Wightwick, Sarah Children spinster and Jane Russell widow his three sisters and co-heiresses.

369. Another high up between arches on north side near the altar: to Margaret CHILDREN wife of George Children Esquire who died – May 18?02 or 3 aged 4?3 years. She had by her former husband Odiarne Coates Esquire 2 daughters and 2 sons viz Esther, Ann, Baker and Odiarne.

358. Brass on north sanctuary wall To the glory of God and in loving memory of Richard Musfratt SOUTH MA Priest 39 years Rector of this parish died February 11 1915 aged 78. Erected as a mark of respect and esteem by his parishioners and friends.

See front cover for last in High Chancel.

On the national school:- This house and the National School Room were erected by subscription on ground presented to the charity by Mrs Sarah CHILDREN of this parish February 3rd 1820

At the New Inn the Georgian addition has EE 1711 on the lead water head. In the yard the cart shed has I G M 1822 (?Ivanclark????)

On an out house of the New Inn EM 1838

On cottages in lane at back of Cinque Ports Arms 18 S 21 IW

This hospital being the gift of John SOUTHLAND Gentleman Anno 1610 was rebuilt at ye charge of Sr Robert AUSTEN and Sr Henry FURNESS Baronets Anno 1734 And was further endowed by Thomas BAKER Gentleman Anno 1734 and by Richard Rothwell DAGLISH Anno 1908 MRCS On a brick below IM 1734

New Romney Book 2
371. At eastern end in front of present corporation pew north side:- Here lieth the body of Mary wife of Augustin GREENLAND and daughter of John Norman Gentleman by Ann his wife. She departed this life August / the 31 1746 aged 47 years /. Here also lyeth the body of the above named Augustine Greenland. He was one of the Jurats of this corporation and dyed February the 13 1761 aged 69 years.

372. Next bit a stone EN 1750

373. Next to above ;- Here lyeth ye body of Daniel NORMAN who dyed November the --- Anno Domini …………………… years.

374. In the centre aisle near litany desk:- Flat. A large stone. Chev between 3 cocks Here ies the body of Anne COBB youngest daughter of Benjamin and Catherine Cobb. She died May the 18th 1794 aged 43 years. Charles third son of Benjamin Cobb Esquire and Anne his wife. He was First Lieutenant of HMS Castillan and killed by a cannon shot in action with the first flotilla off Bologne 21st September 1811 aged 23 years.

375. A large stone which had an inscription cut along the edge now defaced.

376. Flat Sub hoc marmore recondunter cinere Mariae dilectissimae uxoris Gulielmi Finch Gen Quae obijt XVII die Januarii An Dom MDCXCIV ætat XXII per brevis quidem sed post se reliquit tres optimae spei Filias Annam Mariam et Elizabethan Quibis plures multo plures annos Omninari saltem exoptare fas est ut her long???em vitam maternas virtutes imiternur et compleant.

377. A small stone 1746

End of those in the nave.

North aisle beginning at west.

378. Flat stone. Here lieth the body of James eldest son of James RALFE of the parish of Burbage in the county of Wilts Gentleman He departed this life / March 28 1771 aged 42 years /. Also Catherine Ralfe only daughter of Thomas and Catherine Ralfe and niece of the above named James Ralfe who departed this life February 8th 1810 (or 6) aged 43 years.

379. flat Here lies interred John Edward WILSON Vicar of Selling. He married Anne daughter of Thomas and Ann Odiarne by whom he had 4 children Thomas, Sarah, John and Anne. Sarah died an infant and lies buried here. The others survive, the youngest being born 6 weeks after his decease. He lived and died a Christian with hopes full of immortality May 12 1761 aged 32 years. Here also lies interred the body of John one of the aforementioned sons of the said John Edward Wilson and Anne his wife. He died February the 23rd 1767 aged 7 years. Here also lies interred the body of Thomas Wilson the other son of the above named John Edward Wilson and Anne his wife. He died 26 April 1779 aged 22 years.

380. Flat Here lieth interred Thomas WILSON Gentleman. He married Sarah daughter of Joseph? Coates Jurat of this town and port by whom he had issue two sons and two daughters. Thomas and Sarah lie buried here. John Edward and Ann are surviving. He bore a long and painful illness with exemplary patience: so with a noble and pious resignation did he meet his date the 19 of February Ad 1755 æt 52. Here also lieth the body of Anne daughter of Thomas and Sarah Wilson Obiit October 4 Ann Domini 1755 ætatis suae 24. Also here lieth the body of Sarah wife of the said Thomas Wilson who departed this life the 23rd of May1783 aged 80 years.

381. Brass Chev between 3 blazing suns Priez d’lalme Willia Holyng- broke qe dema le / VIII / M? October lan de grace MCCC l XXV.

The foregoing are in the North Aisle of the nave proper. The following are in the 14th century part above the step:-

382. Here …… nder lieth bu..ied th… of Anne the wife of Daniel NORMAN of London Esquire, Vicount of Jersey. Thay were ma…… ??????? 19 of December Ann…….. lived in love and peace …………… st 18 dayes during which ……………e………….d…..v…. 3 sonnes Daniell……………. l and John. The 2 first deceased th… on…. at 7 mounthes and 20 dayes….The other at one mounth and 10 dayes of their ages. She departed this life the 6……January Anno 1675…… mounthes and 5 days aft…….birth of the last sonn now living in the 36 yeare of her age She was the only daughter of Thomas Freebody of Vdimor? Gentleman and widow of Nicholas Durant of this towne Jurat.

383. 4 fleur de lys, 3 hearts, 3 crows Here lyeth the body of Nicolas DURANT Gentleman sonne of Thomas Durant Gentleman both jurats and sometime mayors of this town who married Anne the daughter of Mr Thomas Freebody and l……lived ye 32 was married 7 yeares She?????? died August 25 Anno 1649 Here lieth ye body of Mary Durant widow of Thomas Durant Jurat and some time mayor of this towne who left issue Thomas, Stephen, Nicholas, Mary, Elizabeth and Robert. She was daughter of Thomas Freebody of Frittenden Ob 17 February 1724 æt 71.

384. Leopard ?a dog sitting and looking back Crest – a leopard sejant reguard achev between 3 human hearts Here lyeth interred ye body of Thomas FREEBODY Gentleman who had issue by Mary his wife the daughter of Thomas Rucke of Hamonsole Yeoman one sonn and one daughter. He departed this life ye 20th of April 1682 aged 41 years. Here lyeth also Mary the daughter of the said Thomas and Mary Freebody who departed this life ye 7 day of May 1678 aged one mounth.

385. A fleur de ly.. lion pattée Here lie the remains of Thomas NORMAN Gentleman one of the Freemen of this corporation He departed this life the 14 day of September 1783 in the 82nd year of his age. His character in life was that of an indulgent husband and a kind and good master. Here also lieth interred Mary his living and affectionate wife who departed this life the 28 day of February 1790 aged seventy nine years.

386. A roman lamp alight lion passant Here lieth ye body of Ann the wife of William HAFFENDEN who departed this life February the 1st 1725 aged 44 years. Here also lieth ye body of William Haffenden who departed this life March the 21st 1734 aged 52 years. He left issue by Ann his wife one son and 2 daughters viz George, Ann and Elizabeth. And also the body of George son of William Haffenden who departed this life February the 12 1762 aged 45 years. He left issue 3 children (viz) Catherine, John and Ann.

387. A cross pattée Here lieth interred the body of Stephen BRETT Gentleman youngest son of Thomas Brett late of Snave Gentleman, Jurat of this towne and thris mayor and once Bayliffe to Yarmouth? one of ye barons that did beare ye royale canopye at ye coronation of Kinge Charles the second and Captain of ye Trained? Band who departed this life 29 of October Ano Dm 1669 in the 41 yeare of his age and last yeare of his mayoralty. He left issue by Judith his wife the daughter and heiresse of James Claybrooke Gentleman also Jurat of this town Ann, Thomas and Stephen born ye 30 of March after his fathers deathe. Hodie mihi eras tibi Here also lieth ye body of Stephen Brett Gentleman son of the above said Stephen Brett once mayor of this town who departed this life ye 6 day of May Anno Dm 17(?1)3 July??? 44th year of his age.

388. di / mas RALFE of / ounty of Wilts / in Majestys / n- guards / g. He settled / ine (italics) / affenden Jurat / He has left issue / Thomas / life / of December 1772 / s / moestissimis / am / above named / lfe / cer 23 1823 (lefthand side covered by a pew)

389. Coat / Here lie / Stephe / Stephe / this towne / 26th / He / and by hi / young / to / W
(righthand side covered by a pew)

390. Hereunder lieth the body of Judith BRETT widow of Stephen Brett Gentleman and daughter of James Claybrooke Gentleman who departed ye 13 of August Anno Di 1674 in the 46 yeare of her age Non mortua sed data somno.

391. A large altar tomb
On north side Here lieth interred the body of Thomas TOOKEY Gentleman Jurat of this town and once maior and bayliffe to Yarmouth /? who had issue by Sibbill his wife two daughters Joane and Mary. He died the 28th of March Anno 1653 aged 53 years. Alsoe here lieth interred the body of Sibbil the wife of the said Thomas Tookey (and daughter of Thomas Bate of Lid and Joane his wife). She dyed the 7 of September Anno 1656 aged 53 years.
South side Under these two stones three of one family who did so well agree they seemed but one to be ………… loving so no doubt …………ey live though life’s run out eere living now ther’s none But she who laid each stone
East end
West end

392. flat 6 ???? 3 crowns Here lieth interred ye body of Mary TOOKEY youngest daughter ?????? Thomas Tookey and Sibbil his wife who dyed the 29 of September Anno Dm 1656 in the 21st year of her age. Here lieth interred John Tookey some time mayor of this town. He left issue by Jane his wife four children viz Margaret Elizabeth Jane and John. He died August ye 7 1731 aged 49. Here also lieth Jane daughter of John and Jane Tookey age 22
She died May ye 17 1752 aged 34.

393. Flat ??????? 3 crows erm? Under this stone lieth buried Edward GOULSTONE / Esquire sixth sone of John Goulstone of Widdall in ye county of Hertford Esquire one of ye Protonotaeries of / the Kings Bench at Westminster who tooke to wife / Joane ye daughter and heyre of Thomas Tookey of / this place Gentleman who lived in wedlocke one / one yeare and one month and had one only sone Edward / Like a phenix he resolved with ashes ye fifth day / of August in ye six and thirtyeth yeare of his age / and in ye twentyeth yeare of ye reigne of Kinge / Charles ye Second and in ye yeare of our Lord God / One thousand six hundred sixty and six /. Non hic in aeternum damnatus ressurgam iterum. / Here lyeth the body of Mrs Joan Goul- ston / late of Tutsham Hall in this county the / eldest daughter of Thomas Tookey of / New Romney Gentleman the widdow of ye above / named Edward Goulston Esquire who died / the 20th of June 1699 aged 68 and left issue / Edward Goulston Esquire of Tutsham Hall/. Here lieth Jane widow of John Tookey Gentleman. She / died 2nd February 1759 aged 70 years and left one daughter / (viz) Elizabeth.

394. Flat with matrix of.

395. Brass of Thomas LAMBERT 24 August MDXIV

396. flat Here lieth interred Margaret widdow of George DAWES Gentleman eldest daughter of Mr John and Jane Tookey. She left issue two daughters viz Grace and Jane. She died June ye 10 1752 aged 40years.

397. Slab with matrix of and on the lower end of this reversed: John TOOKEY died June the 1-th 1757 aged 5- years.

398. A fine raised coffin lid with cross 14th century.

399. Flat In memory of Baker COATES Esquire who departed this life / on the 20 of January 1785 / aged 43 years / and during his mayoralty. His widow deeply sensible of the loss she has sustained? by the death of so kind and indulgent a husband has placed this stone here as a mark of respect to the dead and as a token of gratitude in the living???

400. Small stone John CEARY Junior died in 1729

401. Flat Elizabeth COATES Relict of Baker Coates Esquire She died August 12 1803 aged 63 years.

402. Small stone William ANSELL died August ye 30 1730 aged 44 years.

403. A stone with matrix About 4 ????? ? merchant marks inscription.

404. Flat small. Edward CRAYFORD died May the 19 1737 aged 30 years. Edward Crayford Junior died February 6 1736 aged 5 months.

405. On the back of a pew in south chancel are 2 panels inscribed as follows:
To the pious / memory of Sir? Henry FURNESE? knight? and / Baronet who out of / his great zeal and affection for this / town and corporation / of New Romney / ordered this chancel / to be beautifyd and / adorned at his own / cost to the Glory of / God and the honour / of the church /. As also the Mayor and Jurat seats 1712. To the Honour / of Sir Robert Furnese / Baronet one of the / Combarons of this / town and port of / New Romney who / completed this / pious work so / liberally begun / by Sir? Henry Furnese / his father whom / he succeeds in honour and estate. Of this work two panels remain of the ceiling of the chancel. dog ????? ???? red hand the other crest black dog no quarter 6 ??? starts arg Arg a talbto hound ????? with a bordure sa but no bordure here. The Furnese’s were of Sandwich and Waldershare.

406. On south wall Tablet to John RUSSELL of the Priory many years Jurat of this corporation and 8 times mayor of this town and port died 27 January 1863 in his 74th year.

407. Monument? on wall Near this place is interred the body of Ann wife to Nicholas DURANT Jurat of this town and port by whom she left issue Mary Nicholas, John and Ann. She died June ye 23rd 1722 to whose memory this monument is erected. Above 4 fleur de lys Below are 16 lines of verse.

408. Brass on wall In loving memory of Florence Elizabeth NICHOLLS wife of W J C Nichols MA of the College Littlestone on Sea who passed away on 5 of September 1909. This tablet is erected by the Old Boys of the College in remembrance of her many acts of kindness her noble character and her sterling worth.

409. Tablet on wall Mrs Mary CORNWALL died 2 June 1840 aged 72 and whose remains are deposited near this spot. Erected by the sons and daughters of the late Reverend Patrick Maxwell in whose family and that of his wife, daughter of the late John Sawbridge, Esquire of Olanhigh? in this county. She was a valued and faithful servant for nearly 50 years.

410. Mural tablet Bacheler WALKER Esquire died April 17 1841 aged 70. Sarah widow of John Walker Esquire died March 29th 1832 aged 92.

This ends those in the south aisle proper up to the platform for the altar (now the vestry). In this are the following: An alter tomb on south side blocking the north procession door to the high altar. On west end of this: – LD

New Romney  Book 3

North Chapel on old altar platform
411. On east wall north side of window Near this place lyeth buried the bodys of John BASSETT Gentleman and Margaret his wife. They both dyed very suddenly and within one month and five days of each other as you may read on the stone under which they lay buried leaving no issue. He left several charitable legacies and the bulk of his estate to the children of his two nephews Thomas and John Edwards at whose expense this monument is

413. East wall south side of east window Here lieth interred the body of Richard BAKER Gentleman, Jurat and eight times mayor of this corporation. He maryed Martha daughter of John Anenden???? Gentleman. He died April 27 1725 æt 74 and left issue by (?her one son). Here also lieth interred Thomas Baker son of Richard Baker, Gentleman. He departed this life December ye 21st 1734 æt 37 whose death by all is much lamented. his life being exemplary, virtuous and charitable following the example of his deceased father at his death that the poor might not forget their kind benefactor. He left a valuable endowment to the Hospital of the four widows in this town and port and five pounds per annum to the poor of the parish to be paid perpetually on 14th day of October. To whose memory this monument is erected by John Coates, Gentleman, his heir and ?????? Christian stop and consider this double instance of ….. charity work whilst ????? day the night cometh when no man can work.

415. Altar tomb south side blocking procession door:- On west end Here lieth the body of Richard BAKER Minister of Gods Word AS ALSO late Govern..r OF THE Hospital of……………….of……….. OH……………This to…………………. RDVS Baker INSCRIPTVS safe A DESCRIPVS stands TIS 59 here S 1637 MISIT

417. On north side an altar tomb with brass of Thomas SMYTH, Jurat, and Mary his wife and Elizabeth and Mary their daughters. Lived 68 years died 3 January 1610 Figures of self wife and one daughter. Other daughter gone.

418. Flat Aliciae THOMAS Vxoris perquam charissimae hic reconditur corpus anima coelicola est ipsa cum superis beata In hoc tantum ffatum? nesandum est suo abscessit?? reliquit in felices??? conginem amicos vicinos omnes obiit Vto Octbs AD MDCL XXXIII æt XXXII Posuit hoc debilo minus maritus amantissimus Hunis Eccles vicarious Quacum decumbere Quacum resurgero cupiens Johannes Thomas Hoc quoque sub marmore iacet in sinu matris fuentios mae margarita dilecta et unice filia Ah febile sepulchrum marito et patri indigno Vtra que tam cito orbato Obiit et illa XXXVto Oct MDCLXXXI

414. Small stone Here lieth interred ye abovesaid Richard and Thomas BAKER.

412. Here lieth interred the body of Margaret wife of John BASSETT of this towne. She died July the 20th 1734 æt 61 Here also lieth the body of John Bassett ob ye 25th of August 1734 æt 65.

419. Here lieth interred Sarah wife??? of John COATES Gentleman daughter of Thomas Odiarne. of Rye in Sussex, Gentleman. She departed this life March ye 6th 1744 aged 72. Here also lieth interred John Coates Gentleman, Jurate and often time mayor of this corporation. He had issue by Sarah his wife 10 children, 8 of which he buried here and left two surviving viz Sarah and Ann. He departed this life September 3 1747 aged 76 years.

420. Small narrow Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth WINSHERST?? the daughter of Alexander Winsherst and Ann Winsherst who was borne the 2 of November 1645 and departed this life the 11 of February 1646.

416. Altar tomb. North side (eastward to that to Smyth)
On south side Here under lieth the bodye of John PIX late of this towne Gentleman who was borne at Rucking in Kent the 3 of May An Do 1587 who died the 4th of December 1629 aged 42 years to whose memory Hester his wife erected this tombe.

421. John COATES died November the 10 1734 aged 23.

422. Henry Wise (COATES) died July ye ?9 1767 aged ?2 years and 11 months. Mary Coates………….September the…………. aged one year and seven months.

423. Sarah COATES died February the 24 1777 aged 8 years.

424. Here are deposited the remains of Sarah COATES wife of Odiarne Coates Gentleman one of the Jurats of this corporation. She died on the 8th day of February 1783 in the 43 year of her age beloved and lamented. She had five children Henry Wise, Odiarne, Sarah, William and Mary four of which are buried here William is surviving. Her indulgent husband has caused this stone to be here tender memory.

425. Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Henry Wises COATES Esquire Late of His Majestys 43rd Regiment He was born 19 March 1797 died 18 June 1827 having had issue by Ursula his wife youngest daughter of HenRY and Jane UNETT Herefordshire ETT in Herefordshire iam Unett ho survive Wise Coates was buried Herefordshire mains of their Lieutenant March 13 rs.

426. Flat. Here lieth the body of Odiarne COATES Gentleman. He married? Anne daughter of William Haffenden of Old Romney Gentleman and had issue by her 9 children 4 of which lie here interred viz William, John, Sarah and John and left surviving Margaret, Ann, Sarah, Baker and Odiarne. He departed this life February 20th 1744 aged 40. The body of Anne wife…………………..70 years.

Index of Names and Places

Name Index
Ansell 402
Anenden? 413
Bacheler 321 322 352
Bachelor 320
Baker 413 414 415
Bassett 411 412
Bate 391
Brett 387 390
Ceary 400
Children 367 368 369
Claybrooke 387 390
Coates 331 361 364
  369 370 380 399 401
  413 419 421 422 423
  424 425 426
Cobb 323 324 325 326
   346 374
Cornwall 409

Crayford 404
Curteis 323
Daglish 355
Dawes 396
Deffray 348
Dering 352
Durant 382 383 407
Edwards 411
Elsted 338
Finch 376
Freebody 382 383 384
Furnese 405
Goulstone 393
Grebell 324 326
Greenland 371
Haffenden 386 388? 426
Holyngbroke 381
Hunt 328
Jones 352

Kight 362
Knight 327 349
Lambert 395
Lancaster 347
Loftie? 320
Marten 331 341 342 343 344
Mascall 329
Mate 351
Maxwell 409
Nicholls 408
Norman 371 373 382 385
Odiarne 379 419
Philpot 338
Pix 416
Ralfe 378 388
Reynolds 322
Rolfe 346
Rucke 384
Russell 350 368 406

Sawbridge 409
Smith 346
Smyth 416 417
South 358 359
Stringer 354 356 357 360
Stuppenye 340
Thomas 418
Tookey 391 392 393 396
Unett 425
Walker 352 353 410
Warquin 348
Whitfeld 347
Wightwick 331 332 333
    336 368
Wilcock 330
Wilcocke 339 345
Wilson 379 380
Winsherst 420
Young 341

Index of places
Ashford 323
Bankok, Siam
     European Cemetery 357
Biddenden 347
Bologne 374
Burbage, Wilts 378
Calais 346
Dymchurch 346
Frittenden 383
Hamonsole 384
Herefordshire 425
Homburg VD Höhe 356
Ivychurch 353
Lid 391
Littlestone on Sea
    The College 408
London 346 382
   Westminster 393
New Church 362
New Romney 348 353 359 393 405
     The Priory, 406
     Tutsham Hall 393
     Hospital of the four widows 413
Newchurch 324
Olanigh? 409
Old Romney 426
Magdalen Hall 339
Penang 354
Piddington, Northants 327
Reculver 323
Rucking, Kent 416
Rye, Sussex 324 326 341 419
Sandwich 405
Selling 379
Singapore Straits 356
Smeeth 320
Snave 387
St Saviours 361
St Quentin, Picardy, France 348
Taunton, Somerset 351
Ticehurst 346
Victoria, British Colombia 354
Vdimor? 382
Waldershare 405
Widdall, Herts 393
Wilts 388
Word? near Sandwich 338
Wymeswold, Leicestershire 351
York 327
General Index
Bailiff of Romney Marsh 353
Baron 387 405
Bayliffe to Yarmouth 387 391
Captain of the militia 347
Captain of ye Trained Band?? 387
Chairman of the Board of Guardians 353
Combaron 405
Commander, Royal Navy 357
Councillor 353
County councillor 353
Executor 348
Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge 351
First Lieutenant, HMS Castillan
Freeman 341 385
Gentleman 324 327 328 331 338
   339 341 346 378 380 383 384
   385 387 390 391 393 411 413
   416 419 424 426
Governor of the hospital
His Majestys 43rd Regiment 425
JP 353
Jurat 320 321 330 331 339 370 371
   380 382 383 387 388 391 405
   406 407 413 417 424
Jurate 340 419
King 387 393
Knight 405
Lieutenant 425
Mayor 321 323 324 340 347 352
  383 387 392 399 405 406 413 419
Minister 415
MD 348
Member of the Legislative Council,
    colony of Singapore 356
Officers and men, HMS
Agamemnon 357
Priest 358
Protonotaery of the Kings
Bench 393
Queen 347 357
Rector 324 358 362
Reverend 324 359 409
Riding Officer 338
Rural District Councillor 353
Servant 409
Vicar 349 351 379
Vicount of Jersey 382
Yeoman 384