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North Cray with index of names at end

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A transcription of the memorial inscriptions found by Mr Leland L. Duncan when visiting the churchyard of St James', North Cray, Kent, on the 8th August, 1920, and contained in one of his field notebooks.
                                                    This transcription made by Frank Bamping, 25 February 2001.

North side by the porch
1. A low tomb. Mary Burgin wife of Joseph Burgin of this parish died 20 October 1802 aged 52. The above Joseph Burgin died 16 December 1817 aged 79. Frances Burgin daughter of the above died 27 October 1853 aged 66. Charles Robinson died 18 June 1874 aged 47.

2. Mr Thomas Carpenter Quick, formerly of the City of Hereford, died 31 May 1810 aged 32.

3. Mrs Fanny Burgis, late of Footscray died 4.10.1821 aged 43. Left issue Mary, Ann and Harriot children of her former husband Mr Richard Ambrose.

4. Thomas Audsley of Grove Place, Crayford, died 1.9.1861 aged 53. Also Elizabeth Ann, widow of the above died 7.11.1888 aged 79.

5. Ferdinand French died 13.12.1862 aged 34. Hannah, wife of the above died May 26 1890 aged 61.

6. William Petty died 20.2.1880 aged 74. Susannah Jane, wife of the above died 21.9.1863 aged 52. Ellen Worth, youngest daughter of the above died November 30 1854 aged 32.

7. Elizabeth Cane died at Woollet Hall in this parish 15.8.1864 aged 70 after a faithful service of 40 years.

8. A granite tomb opposite the porch.
South side. In memory of John Dann of the parish of Bexley died 13.4.1832 aged 54. Mary Ann Dann, wife of the above died 23.8.1841 aged 60. John, eldest son of the above died 28.12.1838 aged 30. Thomas Dann died 11.2.1888 in his 78th year.
North side. Frances Emma, wife of Thomas Dann died 1.6.1846 aged 34. Thomas only son of the above died 15.8.1873 in his 35th year. Ellen, wife of Thomas Dann died 19.7.1878 in her 71st year. Lucy Robinson, relict of Charles Robinson and daughter of Thomas Dann died 11.11.1887 aged 51.
West end. Bertie Leonard Robinson youngest son of Charles and Lucy Robinson died 30.1.1899 aged 31.

9. Elizabeth, wife of John Reed died 22.4.1850 aged 25. Annie daughter of the above died 3.2.1865 aged 15. William son of the above died 20.3.1869 aged 20. The above John Reed died October 13 1884 aged 61. Also Emily Reed wife of the above died 23.11.1909 aged 86.

10. Mary Ann Price died 13.7.1900 in her 73rd year. John Price, son of the above died 5.8.1892 in his 40th year. Also John Price died 7.5.1914 aged 86 and is buried at Berkswell.

11. A cross. To Western Wood born 4.1.1804, died 17.5.1863, and Sarah Letitia, his wife born 27.3.1809 died 24.4.1870. Also Alice Phillips their youngest daughter and wife of Col. William James Morris born 29.3.1848 died 1st December 1892. Her children arise up &c. And in memory of William James Morris died 29.10.1916 aged 83. Also Harriet Charlotte, their second daughter and wife of Neville Lubbock born 27.2.1839 died 20.11.1878.

12. Thomas Mount Marshall died 14.11.1868 aged 40. Youngest son of the late Edward Marshall of this parish. Also Edward Thomas Marshall only surviving child of Edward Mount Marshall late of Honduras who died off that coast November 24 1876 in his 23rd year.

13. Edward Marshall, H.E.I.C.S., died at North Cray 21.3.1861 aged 71. Also Elizabeth wife of the above died 18.4.1875 aged 86.

14. William Richard, son of Edward and Elizabeth Marshall of North Cray died 20.3.1844 aged 27. Also Edward Mount Marshall, brother of the above died at Truxillo, Honduras, 6.5.1868 aged 48.

15. Hannah, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Mount of Aldington, died January 21 1854 aged 46. Near lies William Richard, son of Edward and Elizabeth Marshall died 20.3.1844. Deeply regretted by his family. [No age given - L.L.D.]

16. A stone before the West door. Mrs Elizabeth Morse died March 6 1803 aged 63.

17. A flat stone. Jeremiah Glanvill of this place, late of St Margaret's, Westminster, died May 5 18[?3]8 in his 76th year.

18. A cross. James Bury Capel of North Cray Place, died 2 February 1885 aged 67. Georgina, his wife died 28.2.1889 aged 68.

19. A flat stone. ......wife of .... the late Robert \I\O\BD.....

20. Elizabeth Richardson died 17.5.1918 in her 78th year.

21. A cross. Harriet, wife of Henry Purton died 27.5.1910 aged 62.

22. A cross. Francis Richard Pease born 25.5.1858 died January 18th 1913.

23. A cross. Alice, wife of Captain Vansittart, late of the 7th Dragoon Guards, died 19.2.1919. [No age given - L.L.D.]

24. Elizabeth Wain, wife of Mr James Wain and daughter of John and Elizabeth Delver of this parish died December 7 1776 aged 46. Also the above Mr James Wain died 4 August 1785 aged 52.

25. A small cross. Rhona Brownlow, fifth daughter of Arthur and Ann Cutbill born 12.8.1884 died 9.9.1884.

26. In memory of the wife of John Edward Hilton, Reca, died at Ruxley 27.2.1896 aged 33. Also John Edward Hilton born 25.7.1844 died 27.3.1917 at Lambourne, Berks.

27. A cross. Sarah Jane, wife of ..... esq ....born ..... died February 9 1886. Also Alfred ..... Crispin, esq, born 7 July 182- died 29 September 1892.

28. A coffin tomb with a cross on top, coped. Catherine Pauline Johnston born 29.7.1840 died 27.5.1908. R.I.P. Also Hugh William Johnston, M.A., Hon. Canon of Canterbury, for 54 years rector of this parish died 1 September 1918 aged 81. +

29. Margaret, wife of the Rev. William Henry Drew, M.A., died 14.7.1870 aged 39. Also Ann, his mother died 6.7.1872 aged 78.

30. Mrs Lydia Munn died November 22 1773 aged 49.

31. Samuel Salter died 27.6.1872 aged 55. Sarah Ann Salter, wife of the above died 16.11.1901 aged 86.
On the other side. Mrs Ann Burster died 13.12.1831 aged 73. Mr Thomas Russell died 30.11.1839 aged 80. Sarah Russell, widow of the above died 21.6.1845 aged 78.

32. A tomb. Jane Lee died July 19 1785 aged 83.

33. William Fordyce died 17.6.1797 aged 48.

34. Mrs Sarah Kettel, relict of the late William Kettel, esquire, of Wateringbury in this county died 29 December 1831 in his 91st. Also George Kettel youngest son of the above William and Sarah Kettel who was murdered by the natives of New South Wales at Schanning Creek near Moreton Bay on the 5 February 1854.

35. A flat stone. Henry, son of Robert and Elizabeth Allen of Ruxley Farm in this parish died August 11 1856 aged 4 years and 4 months. Robert, eldest son of the above died suddenly 5.5.1888 as a result of an accident aged 43. Edmund Frank Angell died February 23 1892 aged 39. Also Robert Allen born June 12.1841 died June 18.1897. Also Eliza, wife of the above died 12 August 1899 aged 84. Also El. Itisie I Angell [sic, bad cutting for Elizabeth? - L.L.D.] died 22.2.1915 [No date given - L.L.D.]

36. James Humphrey, for many years resident of this parish died 27.6.1855 aged 75. Sarah Humphrey, wife of the above died 22.11.1822 aged 40. James Humphrey son of the above died 24.4.1883 aged 68 and is interred at Foots Cray churchyard.

37. A cross. To the dear memory of Elizabeth Scotland Wright who died 15.7.1909 aged 84. Also Arnold Davison Blyth who died 14.3.1917 aged 60.

38. Eleanor Hart, daughter of the Rev. H. Marton Hart, M.A., formerly curate of this parish ....................

39. A large tomb within rails.
North side. To James Lowe, late of Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, Middx. and of this Place, esquire, died 16.9.1840 aged 77.
South side. Elizabeth, relict of James Lowe late &c., she died 28.12.1842 aged 66. Anne Catherine Lowe second daughter of James Lowe born January 5 1805 died February 6 1880. Caroline Lowe born August 22 1806 died April 24 1892.
East end blank.
West end. Henry Lowe, late of Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, Middx., and of this place, esquire, died 6.3.1844 aged 43.

40. Mr Robert Eves of this parish died 5.7.1802 aged 56. Ann Eves, his daughter died 13 October 1794 aged 18. Thomas Eves, his son died 24.10.1797 aged 29. William Eves his son died 9.1.1802 aged 30. Also three children died in their infancy. Mrs Ann Eves, wife of Mr Robert Eves died 29 July 1817 aged 67. Mr Robert Eves, son of the above died 3.1.1836 aged 63. Catherine Eves, daughter of the above died 27.10.1839 aged 17. Edward Eves died 1 November 1842 aged 56.

41. Here lyeth the body of William the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Hawse of this parish who departed this life 9 September 1748 aged 17 years, 3 months and 14 days. Also 3 more of their children.

42. A cross. Harriet, wife of the Rev. P.R. Egerton was suddenly called to her rest December 13 1907 aged 72. Also Philip Reginald Egerton, M.A., B.C.L., priest, born 14.7.1832 died 28.4.1911, Jesu Mercy.

43. A coped tomb. Phoebe Anne, wife of Abraham Shore, of the Vale Maskal, North Cray, died 31.8.1868 aged 49. Abraham Shore of Clarendon Road, Kensington and formerly of Vale Maskal, died August 28 1875 aged 64.

44. A monument with urn within rails by the chancel.
Frances Madocks ob. January 22 1790 aet. 30.
Frances ob. June 1782 aet. 5 weeks.
Edward ob. August 19 1788 aet. 4 years and a half.
Henry ob. September 1 1788 aet. 3 years and 2 months.

45. A low tomb. Martha Rellet, relict of the late Lt. Col. Rellet of the Royal Blues died ..... June 1804.

46. Margaret, wife of George McPherson Grant, of North Cray, died 19.6.1880 aged 50. Also George McPherson Grant died 3.4.1895 aged 61.

47. Maria Elizabeth Gosling, wife of Richard Gosling died 17.10.1854 aged 58. Richard Gosling of Ecclesfield, Ashford, Middx., eldest son of Richard and Maria Elizabeth Gosling born 6.3.1822 died 20.7.1889. Maria Shuldham Gosling, wife of the above Richard Gosling of Ecclesfield and daughter of the Rev. P. Shuldham Henry D.D., born 27.7.1829, married 20.11.1850, died 23.5.1916.

48. In this vault is deposited the body of Emma Martha Vardon of Honeyden in this parish, ob. 27 August 1856 aged 69. Also Ellen Vardon of Honeyden in this parish ob. 14 April 1878 aged 73. Also Emily Vardon of Honeyden in this parish ob. 22.1.1884 aged 78.

49. A flat stone within ornamental iron rails.
In loving memory of Edric Vesey Holt died April 1 1908 aged 18.
And Geoffrey Vesey Holt / killed in action / September 2 1917 / buried at Passchendaele / near Ypres / aged 19 / beloved sons of / Vesy and Mabel Holt / of / Mount Mascal / Pitifully behold the sorrows of our hearts.

50. A table tomb. Mr James Bedell, gentleman, tenant of the Manor House and Farm of Ruxley, held by succession in his family ( also buried near this spot) for more than one hundred years. He was highly esteemed and much respected in this parish and neighbourhood and by all who knew or heard of him for his singular talents and many useful and benevolent services. He died March 10th 1793 aged 63. Leaving to deplore the loss of an affectionate husband and parent, his wife Elizabeth and four children viz. Elizabeth, Anne, James and William of whom his two sons William the youngest who died March 21 1800 aged 51 and James the elder who died October 17 1803 aged 37 are buried in the same grave with their father, as is also William the infant son of the above William Bedell, deceased September 14 1796 aged 4 months and 16 days. Also Mrs Elizabeth Bedell, relict of the above Mr James Bedell died 28 November 1803 aged 70.

51. A cross. Andrew Lawrie of Mount Mascal, North Cray, died 23.11.1884 aged 60.

52. Thomas Taylor of North Cray died 20.5.1857 aged 37. Also Emily Taylor died 22.9.1876 aged 74. Also Mary Ann Taylor died February 5 1878 aged 28. Also Mary Taylor, wife of the above died 2.10.1901 aged 77.

53. A low coped tomb with a cross.
Elizabeth Lawrie born July 24 1792 died May 4 1868. Margaretta Lawrie born February 14.1821 died August 19 1890. Caroline Jemima Lawrie born 1 January 1831 died 26.4.1862.

54. An altar tomb within rails - inaccessible at present - L.L.D.
In this vault are deposited the remains of Thomas Nettleshipp, esquire, who died .....? 1810... Miss Ann... who died .... aged .... Samuel Nettleshipp late of ... and ... Grosv... who died ... widow... On the side: William ... and S..............

55. William, son of Edward and Sarah Gunstone of this parish died 28.9.1769 aged only 6 days. Also William a second son of the above died 21 August 1770 aged 4 months. Also John Gunstone died 25.4.1778 aged 6 years and 6 months.

56. Mr Edward Gunstone died 7 July 1813 aged 67. Sarah his wife died 13 January 1821 aged 91.

57. A fine altar tomb by the chancel head.
Top. In a vault underneath lieth the body of Roger Frith late of this parish who died May the 30th 1701 aged 79. He left issue John who was buried here July the 6th 1714 aged 60. He married Sarah, daughter of Antho: Neighbours of East Wickham who was likewise here buried April 23 1728 aged 54 and left issue by the said Sarah three sons and four daughters viz. Sarah, Elizabeth and Henry lye buried here; John Mary Susan and Neighbours are now surviving. Neighbours Frith the last survivor of the family died 17 January 1776 and his remains lie here by those of Anna Maria his wife and of his children. Mary and Sarah who were interred 14 May 1737 and 6 November 1739 respectively.
North side. Here lieth the body of Ann Maria Frith wife of Neighbour Frith and daughter of William Upfold of London who departed this life September 18 1771 aged 53. [Drawing of coat of arms.]

58. An altar tomb. Top.
In a vault near this stone were interred in January 1753 the remains of Edward Cokayne of the City of London. He married Elizabeth, daughter of John Frith of this place who was interred in the same vault 5 May 1726. They had issue John Andrews and Edward who died 26.3.17[? 43 or 5] and 13.10.17[?53]. The former of whom lies interred with Them remains of the latter are deposited in a vault beneath, by the side of whom lie those of Frances his wife, daughter of Edward Lucas of the ....geford in the county of Berks who died 30 January 1763. They had issue John Andrews who died 31 May 174[?9], Edward who died 22 March 17 [?5] 0, Ann who died - November 1751, Edward John Andrews' of whom one lies in a vault near this stone and two are deposited in a vault beneath. Edward John Andrews their only surviving heir who, in compliance with the will of Neighbour Frith, esquire, late of this place, deceased, has by authority of Parliament assumed the name of Frith only in regard to the .......... and that of his own son Edward Cokayne Frith who died 11 April 1780 aged .. months and lies interred here, has caused this stone to be inscribed.
North side. Sacred to the memory of Margaretta, wife of the Rev. Edward Cokayne Frith of Bridgen Place and also North Cray, daughter of the Rev. James Armetriding, rector of Steeple Aston, Oxon. She died 3 June 1827 aged 33 years.
West end. Three coats of arms [Drawings.]

59. A tomb with raised cross.
Katherine, wife of Edward Moberly of Essex Street, Strand, London, and of Morden Road, Blackheath Park in this couty, died 19.3.1890. Edward Moberly died at Eastbourne 25 October 1914 aged 75.

60. Mary Ann, daughter of James and Mary Ann O'Niel died 10.11.1834 aged 27. On the South side of the stone, Thomas Bratten died January 13 1838 aged 57.

61. A cross. 1914 - 1918. The Glorious Dead. For God, King & Country.

Captain A.J. North, M.C. Sergt. J.H. Saunders, M.M. Pvt. A.J. Taylor
2nd Lt. F.W. Corke Corpl. T.C. May Seaman H. Tuthill
2nd Lt. G.V. Holt Rifleman P.E. Bellingham Pvt. H. Wells
2nd Lt. T.A. Humphreys Driver E.B. Bridgen Driver T. Whiffen
2nd Lt. A.B. Vansittart Pvt. W. Harris Pvt. J. Wickenden
  Pvt. J. Johnson  

62. William, son of William and Mary Lee of this parish died 22.12.1881 aged 38. Also William Lee died 1.3.1889 aged 78. Also Mary Lee his wife died 6.11.1904 aged 94.

63. Thomas Andrew Ob. 31 August 1791 Aet. 31.

64. Ann Wood, wife of William Wood of this parish died August 4 1781 aged 62.

65. James Knights died March 1 1879 aged 86. Sarah his wife died January 16 1871 aged 70. Also their sons Frederick aged 15 months, Robert James aged 19 years, Thomas aged 16 years and James aged 19 years. Also Mary Ann Knights died May 22 1891 aged 51.

66. The infant daughter of Vesey and Mabel Holt died April 17 1896.

67. A large tomb within rails at the S.E. corner.
On the North side. Here lieth the body of Jeffery Hetherington, esquire, late of North Cray Place, who died 17 June 1767 in his 78th year. Beloved, honoured and lamented by all who knew him. He was an honest, good moral man and a sincere, virtuous and pious Christian.
West end. A coat of arms. [A drawing] East end. A crest.
South side. In the same vault are also interred the remains of his most amiable and beneficent brother and heir, the Rev. William Hetherington, M.A., who died December 1 1778 aged 80. To do good and to distribute were the delight of his life.

68. A tomb. Underneath this stone lyes the body of Mrs Frances Holcombe daughter of the Rev. D. Holcombe, Prebendary of Canterbury by his first wife Frances, sister of H. Hetherington, esquire. She died 6 May 1763 aged 61 and was buryed here in hopes of a happy resurrection to eternal life.

69. The Rev. Thomas Moore, M.A., for more than 50 years was the much respected rector of this and the adjoining parish of Footscray died February 1 1823 aged 85. Also Mary his wife died August 1819 aged 80.

70. A tomb. North side.
Within this vault is laid the body of Mr John Hakewill of Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, [London, W.1.] died 21.9.1791 aged 48. By his side are deposited the remains of his widow, Anna Maria, who died July 15 1818 aged 71. Proved her love for him by increased solicitude for their children's temporal and eternal interests.
West end. Sophia [?4] daughter of John and Anna Maria Hakewill died August 13 1843 aged 57. Mary, the second daughter of same died 12.7.1843 aged 65. Emma, third daughter and last surviving child of the above died 21.11.1855 aged 74. Anne Lucas, eldest daughter of Henry Hakewill of Ulster Terrace, Regent's Park. She was born 12.8.1805 and died 6.6.1868.
South side. Jane Catherine daughter of Henry and Sarah Hakewill died 19 April 1809 aged 7 months. Charles, youngest son of John and Anna Maria Hakewill died at Chicacole in the East Indies July 11 1815 aged 26.

71. A tomb. Elizabeth, wife of Edward ? Leggatt who died July the ? 30 ?1837 .... aged .... Edward Leggatt ... September 30 18?38 aged? ..... [much more unreadable]

72. Mrs Mary Limbird died 26 September 1839 aged 58. Erected by her daughter.

73. Emma Henrietta, wife of Charles Earley died February 8 1907 aged 35.

74. William Harold Mann, infant son of William and Amelia Mann died 2 August 1880 aged 11 months.

The remaining stones i.e. those in the Northern part of the yard are all of recent date. - L.L.D.

                                                         Index compiled by Zena Bamping

Name Index
Allen, 35.
Ambrose, 3.
Andrew, 63.
Angell, 35.
Armetriding, 58.
Audsley, 4.
Bedell, 50.
Bellingham, 61.
Blyth, 37.
Bratten, 60.
Bridgen, 61.
Burgin, 1.
Burgis, 3.
Burster, 31.
Cane, 7.
Capel, 18.
Cokayne, 58.
Corke, 61.
Crispin, 27.
Cutbill, 25.
Dann, 8.
Delver, 24.

Drew, 29.
Earley, 73.
Egerton, 42.
Eves, 40.
Fordyce, 33.
French, 5.
Frith, 57, 58.
Glanvill, 17.
Gosling, 47.
Grant, 46.
Gunstone, 55, 56.
Hakewill, 70.
Harris, 61.
Hart, 38.
Hawse, 41.
Henry, 47.
Hetherington, 67.
Hilton, 26.
Holcombe, 68.
Holt, 49, 61, 66.
Humphrey, 36, 61.
Johnston, 28, 61.
Kettel, 34.
Knights, 65.
Lawrie, 51, 53.
Lee, 32, 61.
Leggatt, 71.
Limbird, 72.
Lowe, 39.
Lubbock, 11.
Lucas, 58, 70.
Madocks, 44.
Mann, 74.
Marshall, 12, 13,, 14.
May, 61.
Moberly, 59.
Moore, 69.
Morris, 11.
Morse, 16.
Mount, 15.
Munn, 30.
Neighbours, 57.
Nettleshipp, 54.
North, 61.
O'Niel, 60.
Pease, 22.
Petty, 6.
Price, 10.
Purton, 21.
Quick, 2.
Reed, 9.
Rellet, 45.
Richardson, 20.
Robinson, 1, 8.
Russell, 31.
Salter, 31.
Saunders, 61.
Shore, 43.
Taylor, 52, 61.
Tuthill, 61.
Upfold, 57.
Vansittart, 23, 61.
Varden, 48.
Wain, 24.
Wells, 61.
Whiffin, 61.
Wickenden, 61.
Wood, 11, 64.
Worth, 6.
Wright, 37.

Places Index
Aldington, 15.
Ashford, Middx., 47.
Berkswell, 10.
Bexley, 8.
Bridgen Place, 58.
Chancery Lane, 39.
Chicacole, East Indies,70.
City of London, 58

Crayford, Grove Place, 4.
East Wickham, 57
Eastbourne, 59.
Essex Street, Strand, 59.
Footscray, 3, 36, 69.
Hereford, 2.
Honduras, Truxillo, 14.
Honduras, 12.
Honeyden, 48.
Kensington, Clarendon Rd, 43.
Lambourne, Berks., 26.
London, 57.
Margaret Street, Cavendish Sq.,70.
Morden Road, Blackheath Park,59.
Mount Mascal, 49, 51.
New South Wales, 34.
Northcray Place, 67.
Passchendaele, 49.
Regent's Park, Ulster Terrace, 70.
Ruxley Farm, 35, 50.
Ruxley, 26.
Steeple Aston, Oxon, 58.
Vale Mascal, 43.
Wateringbury, 34.
Westminster, St Margaret's, 17.
Woollet Hall, 7.