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Northiam, East Sussex with Index of names and places at end

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                    Some Monumental Inscriptions of Northiam Churchyard,  Noted by Leland L. Duncan
                                                                                                                          Typed up by Dawn Weeks

Mural tablets outside north wall of nave
1. Near this place lies interred William PIX of ys Parish (son of William Pix of Ewhurst in this County, Gentleman, by Ann his wife daughter of John MAWLE of Hawkhurst in Kent who died August 24 1755 in 52nd year. Leaving Ann his widow with Thomas their only son. Also Michael son of Michael and Mary WOOLLETT of Playden died in this parish under inoculation for the smallpox 4 April 1764 in 14th year.

2. To the memory of Thomas PIX son of William and Ann Pix died 20 June 1810 aged 70. He left surviving by his first wife 2 sons and the issue of 2 daughters and by his second wife 3 sons and 8 daughters. Hannah wife of Thomas Pix died 9 September 1824 aged 70. To Miss Ann PIX eldest daughter of the above Thomas and Hannah Pix his second wife. She died at Walworth, Surrey 28 August 1850 aged 76.

3. To John PIX fourth son of the late Thomas Pix of Higham in this Parish. He died at Chatham Place, Walworth, Surrey 11 January 1858 aged 75.

4. In rails In Memory of Samuel JENNER late of this Parish surgeon died 7 July 1797 aged 51. Here lies the Body of William son of Samuel and Mary PIX (late of Hawkhurst) Kent died November 10 1786 aged 34.

5. Flat in path Mary daughter of Thomas and Hannah PIX died 18 February 1816 aged 24.

6. Flat in path Ann daughter of William and Elizabeth PIX died 29 April 1818 in 20th year.

7. Flat in path John PIX January 11 1858 Samuel Pix June 18 1878 aged 85 Ann Baker MERYON March 31 1859 Harriot Meryon June 21 1864 Charlotte wife of Samuel Pix January 9 1873 aged 79.

There are no Woodgates or Martins

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Jenner 4
Mawle 1
Meryon 6
Pix 1 2 3 4 5 6
Woollett 1

Places Index
Ewhurst 1
Hawkhurst 1 4
Higham 3
Playden 1
Walworth, Surrey 2
Chatham Place 3
Gentleman 1
Inoculation for the smallpox 1
Surgeon 4