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What follows is a transcription of one of the many pocket field notebooks belonging to the noted author and antiquarian, Mr Leland L. Duncan. For many years right up until his death Duncan visited Kent churches and churchyards and noted in his own shorthand the memorial inscriptions contained therein. These inscriptions he compiled are not "as carved in stone" but in his own standard form. Sadly he used a stub of a blunt HB pencil on cheap paper which over 100 years later is sometimes hard to read. However, in the period which has elapsed, many of the inscriptions are now even more difficult to read which makes L.L. Duncan's efforts all the more valuable.

                                                                                                            Frank Bamping  22 September 2000

                                                   N U R S T E D


There is a large oast near the Church -   E   H + A  1771

North yard. [Western side] 3 in rails near gate.                                 


1.         A headstone. Henry Edmeades of Nursted Court. Died 16.10.1820 in his 79 year left issue 3 sons, Henry, William and James. Above James Edmeades died 12.2.1855 aged 86


2.         A tomb. Henry only son of Henry and Mary Edmeades of Owletts, Cobham in this County, died 27.9.1833 aged 35. Emma Edmeades daughter of Henry and Mary Edmeades of Owletts, Cobham, born  11.5.1796 died 10.6.1875. Henry Edmeades, Esquire of Owletts in the parish of Cobham, died 7 December 1835 in his 71st year. Mary his wife died 3.9.1840 Aetat 68.


3.         A tomb. Captain Thomas Baker formerly of Boley Hill, Rochester, died at Owletts, Cobham, 8.1.1871 in his 78th year. Maria his wife, the eldest daughter of the late Henry Edmeades, Esquire, of Owletts, Cobham, died 27.12.1847 aged 52. Also four of her children who are buried in St. Nicholas Church, Rochester, Louisa died 27.12.1830 aged 2 years, Frederick died 29.12.1830 aged 7 months, Louisa died 18.6.1835 aged 5 weeks and Maria Catherine died 23.2.1839 aged 12 years.


                                      Nos. 4 & 5 in same enclosure

4.         A flat stone. Lillian Baker died 18.3.1859, infant daughter of Thomas Henry Baker, Esquire, of Owletts, Cobham.


5.         A cross. Maria Frances, child of Thomas Henry Baker, Esquire, of Owletts, Cobham, born 28 February 1856 and died 21.12.1861.


6.         A cross. Thomas Henry Baker of Owletts, Cobham, son of Thomas and Maria Baker, born 27.3.1825 died 25.7.1904, and Frances Georgiana Baker born 7.10.1830, married 15.6.1852 and died 21.12.1916. 


7.         Mary wife of John Bennett of this parish died 31.10.1881 aged 67. Elizabeth daughter of the above died 8.7.1862 aged 7. The above John Bennett died 2.1.1891 aged 76.


8.         Sarah wife of John Seager died 5.12.1895 aged 81. The above John Seager died 24.11.1901 aged 89.


9.         A cross. Isabella wife of William Stevens died 13.1.1898 aged 63. The above William Stevens died 21.11.1906 aged 74.


10.       Small granite flat stone. This slab marks the spot upon which the Rev. W.H. Edmeades, Rector of this Parish, for 59 years suddenly expired on his way to perform Divine service on Whit Sunday June 13 1886.


                                              Northern yard (East)


11.       Hugh McPherson died 16.1.1888 aged 44. Maria wife of the above died at Gravesend 30.1.1900 aged 52.


12.       Charles Lester born 12.8.1795, died 9.11.1865. Charlotte Elizabeth Lester daughter of the above born 22.5.1847 died 16.6.1871 aged 24. Charlotte wife of the above died 12.1.1884 aged 75.


13.       Here lyeth ye body of John Edmeades who departed this life ye 25 day of September in ye yeare 1710 aged 25 years.


14.       William Langford died at Nurstead Court 18.12.1858 aged 61. He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much.


15.       Jane eldest daughter of John and Elizabeth Harris of St. Just Lane, Cornwall died at Round Street, Cobham, 17.3.1884 aged 51.


16.       A cross. Richard William Bishop Marsh, Priest, born 6.2.1817 died 9.9.1902. Catherine his wife born 27.4.1818 died 7.12.1909.


17.       A cross. Mary Elvira widow of John H. Cutting, M.A., born 17.4.1807 died 17.2.1886.


18.       A cross. William Hicks late of H.M. Navy died 5.7.1893 aged 77. Elizabeth his wife died 29.2.1908 aged 86.


19.       Susannah widow of the late C.L. Mills of West Malling died 8.6.1895 aged 67.


20.       Frederick Simmons for 40 years resident in this parish died 5.1.1897 aged 70. Ann his wife died at Horton Kirby 20.7.1897 aged 71.


21.       A cross. John Saxby died 2.3.1895 aged 81. A faithful servant at Hazell for 61 years. Sarah his wife died 29.1.1899 in her 89th year.


22.       John Saxby died 24.10.1827 aged 45. Rebecca his wife died 4.10.1874 aged 83. Edward their son died 9.7.1818 aged 6 years. Elizabeth their daughter died 23.1.1823 aged 7 years. James their son died 21.6.1829 aged 10 years.


23.       Maria Davis died at Nurstead Court after 46 years of faithful service. January 16 1880 aged 64.


24.       Robert son of Richard and Elizabeth Parker died 22.8.1877 having been clerk of this parish for 23 years. Also A [?Alice] .... ark.... wife of the above died 31.3.1888 aged 72.


25.       A flat slab & cross. William Spencer Dawson died 6.3.1887. Sarah Frances Dawson born December 17 1820 died April 27 1909.


26.       A cross. Roger Ernest Rands died 1.12.1917 aged 17.



                               Eastern part - in front of East window.


27.       An altar tomb in rails. Elizabeth wife of William Edmeades, Esquire of Nursted Court in this parish. Died 30.9.1836 aged 62 after 8 years chastening of the Lord. Mary daughter of William and Elizabeth Edmeades died 7.6.1808 aged 6 years. Robert the youngest son of the said William and Elizabeth Edmeades died 26.11.1836 aged 25.


28.       A cross. Gladys, only daughter of Charles Gibson, rector of this parish and Florence his wife died 18.6.1872 [sic] aged 12. Alan Leslie their son who fell in action 23.4.1917 aged 22. Charles Gibson, M.A., Priest and Rector of Nurstead with Ifield from 1899 - 1912, died 23.1.1912 aged 62.


29.       The Rev. William Crakelt, M.A., of Northfleet, 36 years Rector of this parish died 24.8.1812 in his 71st year.


30.       A cross. Mary Elizabeth wife of Major General H. Edmeades of Nursted Court and daughter of the late Rev. W.T. Collings, Seigneur of Sark, died at Ashley House, Folkestone, 12.2.1887 aged 38.


31.       A small cross. Amye, child of Henry and Mary Edmeades died 28.12.1880 aged 4 years.


32.       Small cross. Philip twin son of Henry and Violet Edmeades died 14.11.1912 aged 4 months.


33.       A cross. Major General Henry Edmeades, Royal Artillery, of Nursted Court, died 16.4.1914 aged 78


34.       A cross headstone. Mary Ann Taylor for many years resident at Nursted Court and latterly at Eltham where she died 14.2.1886 in her 86th year.


35.       A cross. Caroline Frances Ford died suddenly at Nursted Court 31.5.1901


36.       A cross. Elizabeth Fenner born 22.6.1807 died 18.9.1887. For 45 years faithful housekeeper to John Alfred Edmeades of Hazells.


37.       A cross. William Wellard died at Hazells 24.11.1890 after 50 years of valued service, aged 68. Mary his wife died 28.3.1909 in her 84th year.


38.       Coped stone. John Alfred Edmeades of Hazells, the second son of William and Elizabeth Edmeades of Nursted Court died 12.2.1882 aged 73.

                                                  The South yard


39.       A cross. In loving memory of Lt. Col. James F. Edmeades, M.V.O., West Kent Queen's Own Yeomanry, of Hazells born 1843 died 1917.


40.       William eldest son of William and Sarah M.J. Edmeades died 12.5.1885 aged 51.


41.       A cross. Sarah wife of the Rev. W.H. Edmeades of Nurstead Court died 27.1.1885.


42.       The Rev. William Henry Edmeades of Nurstead Court. 59 years rector of this parish born 27th July 1803 died suddenly at the church door when about to perform morning service on Whit Sunday 13.6.1886.


43.       Coped stone. Jane Edmeades born August 18 1773 died May 8 1852.


44.       Headstone. Sarah Edmeades of Wrotham died 23.11.1838 aged 67. Jane Edmeades sister of the above born 18.8.1773 died May 8th 1852.


45.       William Edmeades, late of Yaldham, who died 5.5.1831 in his 56th year.


46.       Sarah Elizabeth daughter of Robert and Ann Edmeades of Nicells in the parish of Wrotham died 31.12.1823 aged 4 years 7 months.


47.       Rachel Edmeades of this parish died 5.2.1813 aged 69. Mary her sister died 23rd October 1833 aged 94.


48.       William Edmeades of Yaldham in the parish of Wrotham died 25.7.1803 aged 57 leaving issue Sarah, Jane, William and Robert. Sarah his wife died 8.5.1818 aged 74.


49.       Robert Edmeades of Nicells in the parish of Wrotham died 20.7.1821 aged 43. He left issue 2 daughters; Mary Ann and Sarah Elizabeth.


                                                South of the tower


50.       A cross. Mary wife of Jesse Garratt died 14.12.1909.


51.       Beside it a curb. Hilda Mary Garratt died 15.8.1914 aged 16 days.


                               Inside the church - the floor nave West


52.       Philip, son of Henry and Elizabeth Edmeades died 22.1.1770 in his 15th year.


53.       Ann Maria, daughter of Henry and Ann Edmeades died 23.11.1795 aged 25.


54.       Elizabeth, daughter of Mr Henry and Elizabeth Edmeades died 25.4.1761 in her 24th year.


55.       Mr Henry Edmeades of Nursted Court, died 10.12.1756 aged 42. He left issue Elizabeth, Mary, Henry, Rachel, William, Amy, Robert, and Philip.


56.       Elizabeth, wife of Henry Edmeades of this parish died 22.8.1765 aged 44.


57.       Louisa, daughter of Henry and Mary Edmeades of Owlets in the parish of Cobham died 17.1.1794 aged 6 months.  Elizabeth Allen, daughter of said Henry and Elizabeth Edmeades died 28.6.1803 aged 3 years. 


58.       Ann, wife of Henry Edmeades of this parish died 17.7.1776 in her 33rd year.


59.       William Edmeades of Nursted Court died 23.1.1713 in his 63rd year, who married Amye, daughter of Henry and Amye Lane of Horton Kirby by whom he had issue 5 sons viz William, Robert, John, Henry and Thomas; and 2 daughters, Amye and Sarah who died in their infancy. He married his second wife, the widow of Richard Masters of Meopham by whom he had one daughter, Mary.


60.       Amye wife of William Edmeades of Nursted Court who was buried 27.7.1691 aged about 33.


61.       Susanna nuper uxor Ruishij Wentworth arm. obiit sep. 23.1681. A coat of arms consisting of 3 lion's faces and mulet on the left side and 3 cherubs heads and 2 bands on the right. [drawing]


62.       Same coat of arms. Ruisshei Wentworth, Arm. 8 Junii 1686. (see Thorpe for long latin inscription.)

                                                    Mural. - North

64.       Susanna coupi Rushi. Wentworth 23.9.1681. (see Thorpe)


65.       Henricus Edmeades died 27.9.1833 aged 34.


                                                     On East wall


66.       A tablet. ? Craggus. ?Nicholas Craggs (see Thorpe for latin.)


67.       A brass. The East window replaces one which bore the inscription  The gift of Thomas H.A. Poynder and Mary Ann his wife 1854.


68.       A large mural on the South side of window. John ?Adye of Dodington in Kent with arms see Thorpe. [drawing]


69.       The East window glass is to the memory of Major General Edmeades died 1914 see No.33.

                                                      South side


70.       To Lt. Col. James Frederick Edmeades, M.V.O., West Kent Queen's Own Yeomanry erected by the Regiment. He was gazetted Cornet April 1863 and retired October 1907 after 44 years devoted service, beloved by his comrades of all ranks. Born 9.7.1843 died 6.2.1917.


71.             A window memorial to Robert Edmeades from his brother John. He died 26.11.1836. Includes the Edmeades coat of arms [drawing].

Compiled by Zena Bamping

Name Index
Adye, 68.
Baker, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Bennett, 7.
Collings, 30.
Craggs, 66.
Crakelt, 29.
Cutting, 17.
Davis, 23.
Dawson, 25.

Edmeades, 1, 2, 3, 10,
  13, 27, 30, 31, 32, 33,
  36, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42,
  43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48,
  49, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56,
  57, 58, 59, 60, 65, 69,
  70, 71.
Fenner, 36.
Ford, 35.
Garratt, 50, 51.
Gibson, 28.
Harris, 15.
Hicks, 18.
Lane, 59.
Langford, 14.
Lester, 12.
Marsh, 16.
Masters, 59.
McPherson, 11.
Mills, 19.
Parker, 24.
Poynder, 67.
Rands, 26.
Saxby, 21,22.
Seager, 8.
Simmons, 20.
Stevens, 9.
Taylor, 34.
Wellard, 37.
Wentworth, 61, 62, 64.

Place Index
Nursted Court, 1, 14, 23, 27, 30, 33, 34, 35, 38, 41,
                          42, 55, 59, 60.

Owletts, Cobham, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 57.
Boley Hill, Rochester, 3.
St. Nicholas Church, Rochester, 3