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               Some Monumental Inscriptions of Petham Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1756

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

1. On a Mural Monument on ye S, Side of ye Chancell. [Barry of 6 gu. & arg. a chief erm THOMSON imp. MOULT Sa. 3 bars wavy or, in chief 3 lis or]. Memoriae Sacrum. Henrici Thomson de Chartham, in Agro Cantiano; sed, Hospitij Interioris Templi, Alumni. Qui cum ad Quinquagesimum Septimum Aetatis suae Annum, Vitam, honestè, et pie; (sic) transegisset, Vicesimo Nono Die Septembris Anno Salutis reparatae, Millesimo, Septingentisimo, (sic) Tricesimo Secundo, in certâ Resurrectionis Spe, Animan Deo, Ossa Terrae, commisit. E Luciâ Filiâ Georgij Moult, de London, Armigeri, Filium habuit Unicum, Qui hoc Monumentum Patri optimo, Maerens, posuit.

2. Underneath, within ye Rails, is ye following Inscription, in Engh. for ye same Henry Thomson on a Flat Stone. Here lies interr’d Henry Thomson, late of ye Inner Temple, London Esq. Son of Thomas Thomson, of Chartham, in ye County of Kent, by Phoebe, Daughter of Anthony HAMMOND, of St Albans, in ye Parish of Nonnington Esq. He married Lucy, Daughter of Mr. George MOULT, of London, by whom He left one Son. He died September ye 29th 1732. Aged 57.

3. On a Flat Stone within ye Rails. Sub hoc Marmore, Corpus Johannis THOMSON, de Kenfield, Armigeri, requiescit./Primogenitus Henrici Thomson, Armigeri, Filius; et Johannis/Thomson, Militis, de Familiâ praedictâ, Haeres Vitam hauc/Mortalem, pro Sempiternâ, mutavit, decimo septimo Die/Mensis Januarij, Anno Incarnationis Domini, 1712/3. Annoq. Aetatis 82.

4. On a very long Flat Stone, on Plates of Brass, are ye following Arms & Inscriptions – within ye Communion Rails.
[Brasses arranged thus. Shields 1&4). Arg. 2 bars gu* a chief erm (* at 1st hatched & painted az. & then corrected with red paint, now flaking off). 2&3). Ditto imp. Az. 3 leaves slipped or. On scroll over the large inscn. in equal Roman capitals: MORS MIHI LVCRVM. Large inscn. Hic jacet Thomas THOMSON, Armiger, Pietate, Probitate, et Benignitate, clarus. In Matrimonio duxit Elisabetham LEVISON, Filiam Thomae Levison, de Halling, Armigeri; cum Quâ Annos 44 vixit. Ex Quâ Sex Filios, et Quatuor Filias suscepit. Tres vero Filios et Unam Filiam, Dens, ante Obitum ejus, recepit. Et tres Filios, nempe Johannem THOMAM* (error for Thomson) Militem, Henricum et Antonium; et Tres Filias Elisabetham, Katharinam, et Claram Superstites reliquit. Little insn. below the last: Obijt Oct. 11 Aetatis Anno ..63. Salutis Anno 1626.

5. On a flat Stone without ye Rails. Here lye/Interr’d ye Bodys of/Mr John YATES/and Elisabeth his Wife,/Daughter of John THOMSON,/Late of Kentfield in/this Parish Esq. She/died Jan. 24 1732./Aged 73 Years.

6. On a Mural Monument on ye South Wall near ye Com. Table
[Gu. 2 bars arg. a chief erm (THOMSON) imp. Or, a griffin sergeant sa. a border gu (BOYS)]. P.M.S. Secundum Christi Redemptoris. Adventum, sub hoc Tumule, Expectat Johannes THOMSON, Miles; Filius Thomae Thomson, de Kenville, Armigeri, Natû Maximus, Cui Conjux fuit Francisca, Edvardi BOYS, Sen. de Fretville, Militis, Filia. Maritus/Amantissimus. /Filius Obsequeus. /Frater/Amicissimus. /Affinis/Benificus. /Annicus/Fidelis/ Dominus/Beniguns. Vir apud suos clarus; Summatibus, atq Infimatibus, Juxtà Charus. Magnos Honores semper Sprevit, Frugali Vitâ contentus. Post longam Invalitudinem, Deo placidè Animam reddidit, a Pauperibus multam Desideratus. Funeris Pompam Testamento vetuit. Francisca. Uxor Maestissima, Viro Charissimo, Amoris, et Observantiae, ergo, Hoc Monumentum Posiut. Obijt Anno Dni. 1645. Aetatis Suae Climacterico Nono. Aerumnarum Requies Mors.

7. Here lyes ye Body of Thomas THOMSOn Gent, 2d. Son of Henry Thomson of Kenville Esq. He departed this Life Oct. 15 Anno 1683. Aetatis 49. And also ye Body of Phebe his Wife - 5th Daughter of Anthony HAMMOND of Nunnington in this County Esq. By whom he had 7 Sons, and 2 Daughters. She departed This Life July ye 11th Anno 1715. Aetatis 67.

8. Another.
[In a lozenge: HAMMOND]. Here lies interrd the Body of Hester Hammond, Daughter of Anthony Hammond, of St Albans, in the Parish of Nunnington, In this County Esq. by Ann his Wife, Daughter of Sir Dudley DIGGS, of Chilham Castle, in this County; Master of ye Rolls, and Privy Counsellor in ye Reign of KING CHARLES THE FIRST. She departed this Life ye 25th Day of May 1719. Aged 70 Years.

9. On a neat Mont. on ye North Wall. In Hopes of a blessed Resurrection near this Place lies interred Thomas LEFFROY, late of the City of Canterbury, & Phoebe his Wife, Daughter of Thomas THOMSON, Gent. She had Issue, 9 Children; two survived, viz: Anthony & Lucy. She was a loving Wife & indulgent Mother, & a Sincere Friend. In a Word a Woman of Faith & Virtue. She departed this Life, March 31 1761. Aged 81 Years. Rate Souls, that now sit crowned in ye Choir/Of endless Joy, fill’d with celestial Fire,/Among your fellow Angells; there to sing/Perpetual Anthems to our Heav’nly King.

9. Another, with ye Arms of THOMSON. Here lies the Body of Anthony Thomson, Son of Thomas Thomson of Kenville Esq. Who died in ye Year of Our Lord 1651. Ye rest not legible.

10. Flat Stone In The Body of The Church – with ye Arms of THOMSON. On ye North Side of This Stone under ye Pew, lies the Body of Henry Thomson of Kenville in this Parish, Son of John Thomson Esq, and Frances his Wife, Daughter of Robert Thomson of Royton Chapell in this County. He departed this Life October ye 10th 1737 (should be 1727 – Toke). Aged 73 Years.

11. Another. In Hopes of a Joyfull Resurrection, Here lies buried The Body of Thomas LEFFROY, of ye Parish of All Saints, in the City of Canterbury, descended from ye Leffroys of ye City of Cambray in France. He married Phoebe Second Daughr. of Thomas, Second Son of Henry Thomson of Kentfield In this Parish Esq. by Phoebe Daughter of Anthony HAMMOND of St. Albans in ye Parish of Nunnington, Esq. Who had Issue 4 Sons nd 5 Daughters. Only 2 survive. viz: Anthony and Lucy. He died ye 3d. of Nov. 1723. Aged 43 Years.

12. Another. In Hopes of a Joyfull Resurrection. Here lies buried The Body of Mary THOMSON, Eldest Daughter of Thomas Thomson, 2d. Son of Henry Thomson of Kentfield in this Parish Esq. by Phoebe Daughter of Anthony HAMMOND, of St Albans in The Parish of Nunnington Esq. She departed this Life Nov. 27 1740. Aged 63 Years.

13. Another. In Hopes of a Blessed Resurrection. Here lies interrd The Body of Martha, ye Wife of Benjamin MACAREE of The City of Canterbury Gent. Who left Issue 1 Son John. She departed this Life July ye 26th 1757. Aged 64 Years. She was only Daughter of The Revd. Alexander MIDDLETON, Who Married Phoebe Widow of Thomas THOMSON Gent. Daughter of Anthony HAMMOND Esq. of Nunnington.

14. Another. In Memory of Mary, Wife of Thomas HALKE Gent. late of this Parish. She died 16 Octob. 1739. Aged 53 Years. Also Hester, Wife of Thomas Halke, Son of ye Above. She died 2d. Jany., 1755. Aged 25 Years. Also Hester Halke died ye 26th of Jany. 1755. Aged 2 Years. Also Mary Halke died ye 9th of March 1756. Aged 3 Years. Daughters of Thomas and Hester Halke. (This Thomas Halke died 28 March 1747. Ag. 65 and is buried under an Alter Tomb in ye Ch. Yard).

15. In ye Side Isle. Near ye Desk. The Revd. John HONEYWOOD Clerk, only Brother of Sr. John Honeywood Bart. Master of Arts – Rector of Burmarsh, and Vicar of ye United Parishes of Waltham and Petham upwards of 47 Years. Aged 73. Interrd. 13 Sept. 1737. His Death much lamented for his great Charity to the Poor.

16. [On a loose sheet in another & later hand]. M.S. Thomae RANDOLPH A.M. Rectoris de Saltwood,/et hugusce ecclesiae vicarii;/in qua per 44 annos/rebus sacris administrandis/Sedulo invigilavit:/morum simplicatate, sinceritate et urbaintate,/integra fide, vitae probitate,/et vera pietate,/nemini Secundus;/amoris erga propinquos/et amicitiarum apprime tenax,/liberalis et benignus erga alios,/ita ut apud omnes, quibuscum commercium habuit,/triste sui desiderium relinqueret./Diem obiit supremum/Julii 18 A.D. 1808. aet. 68 (sic)/et juxta dilectissimae conjugis cineres/Suos depoui voluit.

17. There are Four or Five other Flat Stones disperd. about the Pavement, wch. from ye Figures of Crosses carv’d upon them appear to be very Ancient – but are not legible. One of ye Arches, between ye Body and The Isle is partly supported by 2 Small Taper Pillars; wch. are ye same black sort of Marble as that of which Many of ye Cathedral at Canterbury are Made; & taken by some to be an Artificial Composition.

18. The Church is Neat, but not Large; and has the Remains of much good Painting in ye Windows; especially in those of ye Chancell. In ye *Tower, wch. is low, and much decay’d, hang 3 Bells, with ye following Inscriptions.
1. Richard PHELPS Fecit Me. 1706. Thomas HALKE. C.W.
2. Josephus HATCH Feset 1617.
3, Vocor Campana Johannis.
(Added in blacker ink). *A.D. 1760. This Tower was taken down about half Way, and rebuilt; And at ye same Time, ye Old Bells were disposed of, and a very pretty Peal (‘tho a light one) of 6, were placed in ye Room of them. They are thus inscribed.
4. LESTER and PACK, of London, fecit 1760. Georgins III Rex. Weight: C03. Q03. L01.
5. Lester and Pack, of London, fecit 1760. Weight: C04. Q01. L06.
6. Lester and Pack, of London, fecit 1760. Weight C04. Q02. L16.
7. LESTER and PACK, of London, fecit 1760. Thomas HALKE. Weight C04. Q03. L11.
8. Lester and Pack, of London, fecit 1760. John POTTER, Bell Hanger. Weight C05. Q03. L02.
9. Lester and Pack, of London, fecit 1760. Bryan FAUSSETT, Curate. W. FORD. Ch. Warden. Weight C06. Q03. L06.
In pulling down ye Tower, a Stone Cross, such as one as is often seen upon gable Heads of ancient Churches, was found work’d up in the very Heart of the Wall; and, must have been very ancient, as ye Tower itself had an Appearance of great Antiquity & was extreamly decay’d. The following Inscription was engraved on it in very ancient Characters – PREY FOR THE SOLL OF WILLEM BYN …… thinking it would be Pitty to have it lost, I got ye Workmen to fix it outwards on ye West Ends of ye Tower; but they have placed it so high, that it cannot be read, from ye Ground (added in browner ink).

19. The Arch Bishop and Sr. John HONEYWOOD present alternately to this Vicarage, and That of Waltham, wch. is annex’d to it. The present Incumbent is ye Revd. Dr. Thomas RANDOLPH, President of Corpus Xti College in Oxford; and also Rector of Saltwood, and Hythe. 1756. This Church was called All Saints.

20. Vicars of Petham. The Register begins 1558.
Ralph BOWER – inducted in 1558 - & was buried at Petham in Sept 1627.
James Shove SMITH, writes Himself Minister in 1627.
Richard INGE – Minister, buried at Petham 12 June 1641.
James SHIPTON – signs himself Minister in 1649.
Dr. TERRY, inducted in 1662 – bur. at Petham 29 Mar. 1691.
John HONEYWOOD, appears to have been Vicar from 1692 to 1737 – when he died, and was buried at Petham.
Dr. Thomas RANDOLPH – inducted into the united Vicarages of Petham and Waltham in 1737.

21. A Silver Denarius of Julia DOMNA, was, about 10 Years ago
(1750) found in this Parish, (not far from ye Via St[r]ata Romana, now call’d Stone Street, which runs by it), and brought to Dr RANDOLPH the present Vicar, who presented it to Corpus Xti College in Oxon.

22. Some labourers being employ’d in mending the Road wch. leads from Kenville (ye Seat of Thomas THOMSON Esq) to Swerdling Downs, this last Summer (1758) just where the Road leads out of the Lane, and winds to the Left hand to go on the Down, in the Right hand Bank of the Road they discovered an Human Skeleton, which lay partly in the Bank, and partly cross (15b) the Road; That Part wch. lay in the Road was not above 6 inches under the Surface, and but little of it to be found. That part wch. lay in the Side or Bank of the Road, was at the Depth of about 2 feet and a Half; and the Bones, consisting of the Skull etc, to the Hips, were very firm. It seemd to have been buried in Haste, or, cast into its Grave, Neck & Shoulders, as we call it; for The under jaw was, strongly cemented with the Collar Bone and 2 uppermost Ribs on the Left Side. There were no Reliques of any sort found with it by which any Judgement could be form’d how it came there: but, as there are 2 very fair Roman Camps just by, viz: in Iffin, & Pond Wood, and just by Swerdling the 2 Latter of wch., I myself, fist discovered., this last year (1758). It is more than probable that it fell in some Skirmish thereabouts. It lay due North and South, with its Head to the North.

23. At Kenville, The Seat of Thomas THOMSON Esq. are the Bass and Capital of a very large Gothick Stone Pillar, The former is used for an Horse Block. How they came here is not known, there being no Ruins in the Neighbourhood from whence they cd. have been brought. The Capital of Another, wrought somewhat after the Corinthian Order is to be seen in the Yard of The Deanary House at Chartham. (See page 28).

24. The Aylebourn which, occasionally, runs through this Parish, has its first Source in a Cellar, belonging to a Farm, calld Deane, in ye Parish of Elmstead. When it runs through, as they call it, wch. very seldom happens (perhaps not once in 50 Years) it empties itself into the Stoure, between Shalmford (sic) Bridge (in ye Parish of Chartham) & Chilham – it run through about ye 24th of February this Year – viz: 1772. Br. Fausett.

25. (2 leaves inserted after f.15: this plan is on 15d, 15e). An Exact Plan of a Roman Intrenchment, in a Wood call’d Pond Wood, belonging to Thomas THOMSON Esq. in The Parish of Petham in Kent, as discovered and measured, by Me, in the Year 1758. Br. Faussett.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
BYN …… 19
HALKE 15, 19
HAMMOND 2, 7, 8, 12, 14
HONEYWOOD 16, 20, 21

RANDOLPH 17, 20, 21, 22
THOMSON 1-7, 9-14, 24
Burmarsh 16
Cambray, France 12
Canterbury 9, 14
All Saints 12
Chartham 2
Chilham Castle 8
Elmstead, Deane 25
Hythe 20
London 2, 19
Inner Temple 2
Nonnington 14,
St Albans 2, 7, 8, 12, 13

Petham 16
Kentfield 12, 13
Kenville 7, 10, 11
Royton Chapell 11
Saltwood 17, 20
Waltham 16, 20

Aylebourn (stream) 25