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The Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard of Postling Church
                                                                      Noted on 2nd October 1891 by Leland L. Duncan  

The following is as far as possible an exact transcription of Mr L.L. Duncan's field notebook for the M.I.s in the Folkestone area where he seems have stayed during September and October 1891.  His notebook written up in his shorthand, in pencil, on the site leaves something to be desired. The paper of the notebook has over time become somewhat dirty and aged but is an immensely valuable record of that date.
                                                                                 Transcribed and typed up by Christine Pantrey

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 21st February 2008

In the churchyard:-
284. Eleanor wife of Valentine REVELL of Postling, died November 13th 1755 aged 78. Valentine Revell of Postling who left issue one daughter. He died November 27th 1754 aged 86.

285. Mary HOLT daughter of Valentine and Eleanor REVELL died September 25th 1764 aged 47. Left one son and one daughter viz John Holt and Eleanor wife of Richard WOODHAMS.

286. Thomas PAGE of this parish died September the 17th 1769 aged 65.

In Postling Church.
(Tablet in chancel – South side):-
287. In a vault near this place lieth the remains of Anna Maria STOCK She died February 3rd 1785 aged 61. Also those of her Husband the Rev. John Agge Stock late of this parish Vicar. He died June 25th 1792 aged 67. Leaving issue One son and one daughter (viz) Robert and Anna Maria who out of affection to their beloved Parents erected this tablet..

288. (Within the altar rails is a tile with this inscription):- Elizabeth CUMBELTON 1674.

289. In Postling Church on each side of the nave about three feet from the Chancel arch are two stone brackets, one on each side and on them the remains of the Rood beam where it has been sawn off- with the colours – Red and blue- still fresh. The beam was a moulded one .

In the Chancel about halfway to the altar are two more brackets on each side having the sawn off ends of two more beams also coloured –

289a On the North side of the Chancel is a stone with this inscription:-

289b There are two flat stones forming the step at the chancel arch apparently to the TOURNY family – and there is another slab forming a step to the "reading pew".
                                                                                                                                          2nd October 1891.

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 21st February 2008

In The Chancell.
1. On a Flat Stone is ye following Inscription & Coat.
[Erm. a + engrld. gu.]. Here lieth Buried Benjamin The Sonne of Joseph NORWOOD Gent/ … 1662 …../.

2. On The North Side of The Communion Table, is a very ancient Altar Tomb, fixt into the North Wall, without Inscription.

3. On a small square Stone in ye North Wall of this Chancell, with the following ancient Inscription, in ye same Characters (as nearly as I could copy them) as they are ingraved. XIX te L SEPTEM/S EVSEBII CFSR/G HEC ECCTA/FVIT DEDICATA/I W HONORE SCE/DI ORATRS OS FFLE/ Which I thus Interpret 19 Kalendarum Septembris/Sancti Engebij Confessoris/&c. haec Ecclesia/Fuit dedicata/In Honore Sanctae/Domini Matris Mariae.

4. I take ye Word Die to be understood in ye 2d. Line; and the &c., in the 3d. to mean, et Martyris. The Sense then is plain and easy. *Dr. White KENNET takes Notice of this Inscription, in his Par. Antiq. P.609.
*His Father was Vicar of Postling. This appears from the following Memorandum, wch. I found in ye Register Book of that Parish. "Basill KENNET inducted into ye Vicaridge of Postling the eight Day of August, 1668, per Virum Reverendum Gulielmum Thomas, Cara. de Folkestone".

In The Body.
5. On a Flat Stone. …. BROWNING died 19 August 1612 and had Issue Thomas ….. and Abigail, Wife to Thomas TOURNAY.

6. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Laurence KITHAM, Father to Richard Kitham; Richard, Father to John Kitham; John, Father to Will Kitham; Will, Father to Thomas Kitham; decessy’d 1641.

7. On Another Flat Stone. Here lieth The Wife of Daniel KINSFORD, and John STEELE, and Daniel GOODWIN. She died December the 18th Day 1641. Aged 70 Years.

In The Church Yard.
8. On an Altar Tomb, near the Porch, wth. this Coat.
[Erm. on a fess gu. 3 bezts. BARTON imp. Paly of 6 arg. & sa. a tent. or lined az. on a chief or a fret betw. 2 crescents GIBSON]. In Hope of a Blessed Resurrection. Here lies the Body of Henry BARTON, son of John and Eliz. Barton of Hadlow in this County; who died July the 13th 1737. Aged 57 Years. Also Anne Barton, Wife of The Abovesaid Henry Barton, and Daughter of James GIBSON of this Parish, who died January the 24th 1736/7. Aged 52 Years.

9. This Church consists only of One Chancell, and One Isle. It has no Altar Peice. There are some Remains of good Glass in the East Window of The Chancell.

10. The Tower, which is cap’t with a Low Spire, stands at ye West End of The Church. In it hang 3 Small Bells, thus inscribed.
   1, Joseph HATCH Made Me. 1623.
   2. Sancte Petre, Ora pro Nobis. +.
   3. Santa Maria, Ora pro Nobis. +.

11. This Church is dedicated to St. Mary. It is a Vicarage, and is in the Gift of

12. The Arch. Bishop. The present Incumbent is Silas DRAYTON, A.M. viz. 1757.

13. In The Road, near ye Church Yard, (not in it, as HARRIS falsely asserts) rises one of The Heads of ye Lesser Stour. Its Waters have a petrifying Quality, as may be seen by its Effects on ye Moss wch. grows near it. It does not rise (properly speaking) out of ye Ground; but descends from ye Bank, in a Cascade-like Manner, wth. a Noise which may be heard at ye Distance of, at least, 10 Rods.

14. As some People, about ye 1st of August 1773, were digging Chalk, in a Pit, at a Place, call’d Linsey’s, on ye West Point of an Hill, in this Parish, call’d Palm Tree Hill, they discover’d an Human Scull in ye Side of the Pit – and, on taking it out of ye Ground, discover’d a small Fibula subuectans – on examining ye Place still further, they found 2 other Skeletons – and with them, another Fibula, exactly like the former. a Piece of slender gold Wire, a brass Buckle, and some Pieces of old Iron. The Fibulae, were, each of them set with an Ivory Hemisphere, in ye Center, and 3 Garnets round it – the Intervals between ye Garnets, are wrought and gilded. I have several of ye same Sort wch. I have dug up, at different Places. I purchased these, also, of the Persons who found them. The Farm, to which this Spott of Ground belongs is calle’d the Court Lodge. It belongs to Sr. Edward KNATCHBULL, Bart. who is Lord of ye Manor.

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