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                    Some Monumental Inscriptions of Ringwould Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Zechariah Cozens about 1795, added 10th October 2008      

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In The Chancell.
On a Monument on the South Wall.
(Erm. on a bend sa. 3 acorns or) M.S. Here, underneath lieth interred, the Body of Mr Richard DAWLINGE, Patron and Rector of this Church. He had two Wives, of good Families; Elizabeth, Daughter of Mr John TOKE, of ye Family of the Tokes of Goddington, in Kent. and Elizabeth, Daughter of Mr Richard TYLDEN of Milstead in the said County. By the first, he left 4; by the last 5 sons. ob. Anno Aetatis 63. Dom. 1679.

2. On a Flat Stone with ye above Coat. Here lieth the Body of Mr William DAWLINGE, late Citizen of London, who departed this Life March ye 29th 1703 aged 41 years.

3. Flat Stone without Inscription.

In The Body. of the Church
4. On a Brass Plate, under ye Fig. of a Man, in Brass, fixt to a flat Stone. Of Your Charitye pray for the Sowle of John UPTON, wch. dyed the Yere of our Lord Mcvcxxx.

5. On a Brass Plate, under 3 Figss. in Brass, out of the Mouth of the middlemost of which proceeds a Label, or Scroll, with this Sentence – "Jhu Merci, Ladyhelp". and under them a Group of 5 small Figures, all fix’t to a flat Stone. Of your Charyte pray for the Soulles of William ABERE, Alys, and Anne hys Wyfes. which William deceased the xth Day of October, the Yere of our Lord, Thousand, ccccc et v. On whose Soullis Jhu have Mercy! Amen!

6. On a Brass Plate, on another Flat Stone. Here lieth Elizabeth, Wyffe of Robert ….UNT who lyved vertuously, and dyed in Chyldbed very godly, ye xx of September 1589.

7. On a Brass Plate, fix’t to a very large & ancient Flat Stone, which was formerly inlaid with Brasses coeval with it. Here lyeth interred the Bodys of Capt. John JEKEN, late of Oxney, and Susanna his Wife (Daughter of John VERRIER, late of Sandwich, Gent. deceased) by whom he had Issue 5 Sons, and 5 Daughters. She died 18 Feb. 1715-16 aged 68 Years. He died July 1720 aged 75 years. Here were also interred Susanna, eldest Daughter. She died 3 June 1681 aged 13 Years. William 4th Son, died 24 Sept. 1712 aged 24 Years, ¼. John, second Son, died 26 May 1718 Aged 39 Years, ¾.

8. n a Flat Stone. Here lieth interred the Body of James JEKEN, late of Oxney, he left surviving Mary his Wife, by whom he had Issue 4 Sons, and 4 Daughters. He died May 17 1745 Aged 62 Years. Here also was interred, James 2nd Son of the said James Jekin, who died 20 April 1723 Aged 7 Days.

In the North Isle –
9. On a Flat Stone.
(Gu a .?. betw. 3 cocks or [SOOKIN] imp. EDOLPHE [2,60, Alkhm]). Here under this Stone, lieth the Body of Jane, the late Wife of Thomas SOOKIN of Harbledowne, Esq. and Daughter of Sr. Thomas EDOLPH Knt. She died the 5th of December A.D. 1690.

10. On Another Flat Stone – with EDOLPHE (in a Loz) impalg. Edolphe. Here lieth interred the Body of Barbarey late Widow of Thomas Edolphe, Esq. Son of Sr. Robert Edolphe, and She the Daughter of Sr. Thomas Edolphe of St.* Tradygints Abby. by whom She had Issue 2 Sones & 6 Daughters. She departed this Life the 4th of Feb. 1692/3 in the 77 Year of her Age. She sleeps in Peace, and here her Ashes may, Expect, in Peace, the dreadfull, joyfull, Day).
   * St Radigund’s Abby in the ** Parish of Pougton (Poulton),
  ** There is no such Parish.See ye same Word Used Vol.2, P.60 – it shod. have been spelt Polton (Poulton), wch. is a small parish adjoining to Alkham contg. only the Manor Farms of Polton (Poulton) and St Radigunds. One Cottage & a few Acres besides the Church dedicated to St Mary was standing 1523. there are now no Remains of it but a Stone with an Inscription marks the Scite vid. Hasted Vol.3 p.363…)

11.Another Flat Stone, very ancient, with a Cross, in Brasso releivo, upon it.

12.In the East Window are the Remains of good Painted Glass.

13a.  This Church consists of The Chancell, Body, and a North Isle. In an handsome Tower, at the West End,
hang 5 Bells, thus inscribed.
      1. J.W. 1638.
      2. J.W. 1638.
      3. Johannes est Nomen ejus.
      4. J.W. 1638.
      5. Franciscus DERING, Deo et Ecclesiae, dedit 1638. J.W.

(Or, a saltire sa. in chief a molet sa. for a diffce.) (Jn WILMAR of Borden). All 5 recast at Whitechapel in 1887.

14. In the Church Yard are Altar Tombs for KELSEY, MAY, NASH, & PETTIT, and 2 others not legible. And Headstones for ARNOLD, AUSTEN, BRET, EDWARDS, ERRIDGE, GARDNER, IGGULDEN, JONES, MARSH, PAIN, TAYLOR, NANSTAL and WOOD.

This Church was dedicated to St. Nicholas.

15. It is a Rectory, in the Patronage of The present Rector is Mr
[Richd.] MONINS [Eaton]


Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Zechariah Cozens about 1795, added 10th October 2008

16. About the distance as Sutton lies to the South-east of Ripple, lies Ringwould, to the south east of Sutton. This Parish appears to be better inhabited than most of the surrounding ones, having a pretty village not far from the church, besides several tolerable houses in different parts of it.

17. The Church is a small building consisting of a Nave with a North aile and a chancel, all very low pitched. At the West-end is a handsome square tower of brick, containing five Bells.

In the Chancel.
18. At the North side is a very neat Mural Monument of white & yellow Marble, having a fine Urn covered with drapery, exceedingly well executed. On an oval table is:

19. In the Vault beneath are deposited the Remains of Mrs Ann TUBB, wife of Marchant Tubb, Esqr. late of the Island of Jamaica. She died 26th of June 1777, Aged 55 Years. In Testimony of whose Virtues, As an affectionate Wife, A Tender Parent and a faithful Friend, This Memorial is erected By her surviving Husband Who too severely feels The Loss he records. Lancashire Fect. Bath. Arms, on the Urn: Tubb, viz. Ar. a chev. Sab. betw. three gournets haurient, Gu. impaling, Or, on a chev. Gu. betw. three Birds heads eras’d, Sab. as many oak branches, bearing an acorn each, Ar. on a canton of the 3rd three martlets of the 4th. Crest: a beaver passt. in his mouth a gournet, proper.

20. At the South side is a mural Monument of alabaster, with a tablet of black marble, inscribed: M.S. Here underneath lieth interred the Body of Mr Richard DAULINGE Patron & Rector of this Church. He had two wives of Good family’s, Elizabeth, Daughter of Mr John TOKE of the family of the Tokes of Godington in Kent & Elizabeth, Daughter of Mr Richard TYLDEN of Milsted in the Said County; by the first he left foure, by the last five Sons. Ob. An. Aetatis 63, Dni. 1679. Arms: on a Bend, three Acorns, proper.

21. On a mural Monument of white marble, with fluted pilasters, urns, etc. near the above: In this Chancel were buried the Reverend Richard Monins EATON, Patron and Rector of this Parish and of Charlton near Dover, eldest Son of the Reverend Richard MONINS by Mary his Wife, Sister to John DAULINGE, Esqr. late Patron of this Rectory, Feby. 28th MDCCLXX
(1770). And his Sisters Catherine, Wife of John WOODWARD, Esqre. Captain in the LXX Regiment of Foot, Jany. 29th MDCCLXI (1761). Grace MONINS, Feby. 18th MDCCLXIV (1764). Maria Monins, April 1st MDCCLXIX (1769). Also Catherine-Ann, Daughter of John Woodward Esqr. by Catherine his Wife, Feby. 21st MDCCLXIV (1764). Arms: Monins (of Waldershare in Kent) viz. Gu. three crescents Or.

22. On a plain black marble slab: Here lieth ye Body of Mr William DAULINGE late Citizen of London who departed this Life March the 29th 1703 aged 41 Years. Arms: Daulinge.

23. On a small grey stone: In Memory of Catherine WOODWARD. She died the 23d. Jan. 1761 Aged 29 Years.

24. At the North side of the Chancel are two Hatchments, with Arms as on Tubb’s Monument.

In the Nave.
25. On a brass plate, under the Effigie in the middle of a grave stone: Of yor charyte pray for the sowlle of John UPTON yt. dyed the yere of owr. lord MVXXX

26. On another stone is an inscription plate, and formerly there were the Effigies of a Man between his two wives & 5 daughters; of which one half of one Woman and the Effigies of the Children remain: Of youre charite pray for the sowlis of Willm. ABERE , Alys and Anne his wyfis which Willm. decessid the xth day of October the yere of oure lord thousand CCCCC & V
(1505) on whose soullis itu have mercij amen. (On the label which came from the Man’s mouth: Jhu mercij lady help).

27. On another brass plate is: Here lyeth Elizabeth wyffe of Robert GAUNT who lyved vertuufly and dyed in Child bed very godly the xxth of September 1589.

28. On another: Here ly Interr’d ye Body of Captn. John JEKEN late of Oxney & Susanna his Wife (Daughter of Jn. VERRIER late of Sandwich Gent deced) by who he had Issue 5 Sons & 5 Daughters. She Died 18 Feb 1715/6 Aged 68 Yrs. He Died 11 July 1720 Aged 75 Yrs. Here were also Interr’d Susanna eldest Daughter Died 3d. June 1681 Aged 13 Yrs. Wm. 4th Son Died 24 Septr. 1712 Aged 24 Yrs ¼. Jn. 2d. Son Died 26 May 1718 Aged 39 Yrs. ¾.

29. On a black marble slab: Here lieth Interr’d the Body of James JEKEN late of Oxney. He left surviving Mary his Wife by whom he had Issue 4 Sons & 4 Daughters. He died May 17th 1745, Aged 62 Years.

30. Here also was Interr’d James, 2d. Son of the Sd. James JEKEN died 20th April 1723 Aged 7 Days. Here also lieth Mary, Widow of the above Sd. James Jeken who Died June 22d. 1760, Aged 66 Years.

31. In a Vault near this Stone lieth the Body of Mary the Wife of James JEKEN of Oxney who died the 16th of August 1789.

In the North aile.
32. On a black marble slab, at the East end: Here under this stone lyeth the body of Jane ye late wife of Thomas GOOKIN of Harbledowne Esqr. and daughter of Sr. Thomas EDOLPH Kt. she died ye 5th of Decr. An.d. 1690. Arms: (Gu.) a chev. (Er) betw. 3 Cocks (Or). impal. (Er) on a bend (Sab) 3 Cinquefoils (Ar) On a hatchment above are the same Arms. Crest: a Cock (Or).

33. On another: Here lieth Inerr’d ye body of Barberey, late widd. of Tho. EDOLPH Esqr. Son of Sr. Robert Edolph & she ye daughter of Sr. Tho. Edolph of St Tradygins Abby in ye Parrish of Poughton, by whome she had Issue 2 Sones & 6 Daughters. She departed this life ye 4th of February 1692/3 in ye 77th year of her Age. She sleeps in peace & here her Ashes may Expectt in peace ye dreadfull Joyfull day. Arms: in a Lozenge, Edolph, impaling Edolph.

34. On a wooden tablet at the South side of the Nave: Edward TAYLOR. In the Year of our Lord 1728 exactly one Hundred Years after it Had been before repaired by the Piety of the Former this Church was Cieled by the voluntary Contributions of the present Parishioners, out of A due Regard to the Glory of God and that Decency which ought to appear in Places set apart for his Worship. Psalms 29th Verse the 2d. Give unto the Lord the Glory due unto his Name: Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness. 1st. Cor. Chap. 14th. Verse 40th. Let all things be done decently & in Order. Church Warden.

35. Date on the back of the Pulpit 1621.

36. In the North aile is a cross flory standing on a freice, on a coffin shaped stone.

37. On the Bells.
1st. I.W. 1638..
2. I.W. 1638.
3. Johannes est nomen eius.
4. I.W.
5. Deo et Ecclesiae dedit Franciscus DERING 1638.
All 5 recast at Whitehapel in 1887.
(I.W. = Jn. WILNAR of Borden).

38. On the steeple on the outside: S.S. 1628.

39. On the East end of the chancel: 1692 D.

40. This Parish is of considerable extent, and has been noted as it constituted part of the revenues of FULBERT de Dover, from whom it descended at the extinction of his family, to the noble family of BADLESMERE, one of whom Bartholomew obtained a grant of a market and of a three days fair, in the ninth of EDWARD THE 2nd. Afterwards it was the property of the VERES, EARLS of OXFORD, then of the BELKNAPS, from whom it descended to the EDOLPHS, etc.

41. The soil is much lighter than in the last Parish, and consequently more sterile; but the prospects are more extensive and pleasing.

42. The Living is a Rectory, and the Church is dedicated to St Nicholas.

43. Patron: John MONINS Esq. 1795. Incumbent George GIPPS.
King’s Books £13.12s.6d. Tenths: £1.7s.3d.

Having thus completed our observations at Ringwould, we proceeded on our Visitation to East Langdon

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
….UNT 6
ABERE 5, 26
DAULINGE 20, 21, 22
DERING 13, 37

EDOLPH 9, 32, 33
FULBERT de Dover 40

JEKEN 7, 8, 28-31
MAY 14
MONINS 15, 21, 43
S.S. 38

TAYLOR 14, 34
TOKE 1, 20
TUBB 19, 24
TYLDEN 1, 20
UPTON 4, 25
I.W. 37, J.W. 13a

Places Index
Alkham 10
Borden 13b
Charlton near Dover 21
Goddington, Kent. 1, 20
Harbledown 9, 32

Jamaica 19
London 22
Milstead 1, 20
Oxney 7, 8, 28, 29, 31
Sandwich 7, 28

St Radigund’s Abbey 10
St Tradygins Abby, Poughton (Poulton)10, 33
Waldershare 21
Whitehapel 37
Captain 7, 21, 28
LXX Regiment of Foot 21

Church Warden 34
dyed in Chyldbed 6