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St Peter & St Paul Churchyard M.I.s. Saltwood
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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Saltwood Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In The Chancell.
1. No Altar Peice. Remains of good Glass; especially in The East Window.

2. On a Flat Stone. Here lyeth the Body of Jane the Daughter of Thomas BOYSE, Gent, and Wife of Thomas TOURNAY ye Elder of Saltwood, Gent, by whome she had Issue 6 Sons and 3 Daughters, and died in July 1653.

3. On Another with this Coat.
[Arg. a chevn. betw. 3 bulls statant sa. imp. Gu. a fesse betw. 8 billets or (4&4)]. (Griffin note: TOURNAY, MAY). Here lieth interrd the Body of Thomas TOURNAY Esq. Mayor of Hythe, who departed this Life, Octob. ye 17th 1712 in ye 63d. Year of his Age. leaving Issue, by Mary his Wife, The Daughter of Captn. Robert MAY of Brookland, who surviveth him 4 Sons viz. Robert, John, William and Thomas; and 2 Daughters Mary and Martha.

4. Here also lieth interred, The Body of Mary The Wife of ye said Thomas TOURNAY Esq. who departed this Life, March 25th 1722. Aged 71 Years. – Here is also interrd ye Body of Robert Tournay Gent, Eldest Son of the said Thomas Tournay, by Mary his Wife who died Nov. 19 1747. Aet. 70.

5. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Elisabeth REVE, ye Eldest Daughter of Ralph HAYMAN Esq who was first married To Thomas TOURNAY, Gent. by whome Shee had Issue 3 Sonnes and 5 Daughters. and, surviveing him, was remarried to Thomas Reve, Gent. but had noe Issue by Him. Whom she, alsoe surviving, dyed at The Age of 62. July The 18th 1641.

6. On Another. Here lieth The Body of Robert the Son of William TOURNAY by Katherine his Wife, who departed this Life, April 18th 1725. Aged 9 Months.

7. On Another. Robert PAYNE Minister of this Parish with Hythe 32 Years. died Oct. 23 1741 aged 57 Years. He order’d This Text of Scripture. So teach us to Number Our Days, that we may apply our Hearts unto Wisdom.

8. On an Ancient flat Stone, with ye Figure of An Angel, and this Coat – in Brass
. [Tierced per pale: (no tinctures shown) (naturally, as brass).
1). a chevn. betw. 3 wolves’ (?) heads erased.
2). a chevn. betw. 3 swords, points upward.
3). 3 cross crosslets].

Here lyeth The Bowells of Dame Anne MUSTON, late Wyf of William Muston; which Dame Anne decessy’d ye 7th of September. The Year of Our Lord 1496. On whose Soul Jesu, have Mercy.

9. On a flat Stone, with The Figure, to ye Waste, of a Priest in Brass, is this Inscription. Hic jacet Dominus Johannes VERIEU, quondam Rector Ecclesiae de Sandherst, cujus Aie p potietur (sic) Omnium Rector Deus.

10. Here is also a very large Flat Stone, which has been very richly inlaid with Brass; but, both that and The Inscription, are now gone.

In The North Isle.
11. On a Flat Stone, inlaid with ye Figures of a Man and a Woman, in Brass, is ye Following Inscription, on a Fillet of Brass, round the Verge; and this Coat, which is ye only one remaining out of Four.
[Gu. a cross engrailed arg. betw. 12 + +lets fitchy imp. Arg. a chevn. betw. 3 eagles displayed sa.]. (FYNEUX – V.J.T.). Hic jacet Thomas *BROCKHILL, Armiger, qui obijt iii Die Januarij Anno Dni. 1437/8 et …../ (The rest is hid by a Pew wch. stands on it).
*The North Isle of this Church was built by Margaret The Wife of William Brockhill; of which there was the following Memorial (preserv’d by Philpot) it Its East Window – Viz. Margareta la Femma, Gillam De BROCKHILLA, Fio fera sata Shapella.

12. Next to this is Another very Ancient Flat Stone – The Brasses of which are lost.

13. The Font appears by its Carv’d Work, to be very Old.
[this refers to its carved oak case (c.f. Cheriton & Newington-by-Hythe), now lost. See Hasted, III.- V.J.T.].

14. This Church consists of a Chancell, Body, and North Isle. The Steeple, in which hang 5 Tuneable Bells, is a pointed Tower,
(saddle-back- now gone) and stands at The

West End.
15. The Bells have no other Inscriptions, but that they were made in 1722 & 1723, by John WAYLETT, and Thomas PEPPER, Junior.
(1,3,4 by J.W. 1722, & 5 by J.W. 1723. 2 by T.P. 1722, - Stahl. 389). The Church and Tower are both built with ye Neighbouring sort of Stone (ragstone). It is dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul. It is a Rectory and has the Chappel of Hythe annext to it. The Present Rector is Dr. Thomas RANDOLPH (who has also The Vicarages of Petham & Waltham, wch. are also annext); President of Corpus Christi College; and the present Vice Chancellor, of The University of Oxford, viz. 1757.

16. The Living is in the Gift of the A. Bishop.

17. Concerning The Castle here (which is The finest Peice of Ruins I ever saw) see PHILPOT’s Villare Cantianum, Page 299, and KILBURNE P.236. Over the Great Gate are the Arms of Arch Bishop COURTNEY, who, is said to have repair’d it in The Time of KING RICHARD YE SECOND. This Coat is also in the Windows of Tremworth Manor in Crundale. See back Page 21. Part of this Castle was thrown down by an Earthquake 6 Apr. 1580 – See Kilburne P.236.

18. Here is also a paved Way, made after ye Manner of ye Viae Stratae of The Romans; which, some learned Men, (particularly Dr. PLOTT) have, not without some Probability, imagined to be really Roman. As if The Romans, after having lost their Old Portus Lemanis, (under what is now call’d Stutfall Castle) & being, then, settle’d at Hythe, had made this paved Way, in order to joyn it to their old Way from ye Portus Lemanis to Durovernum or Canterbury.

19. In The Chamber Window of The Parsonage House, The following Coat of Arms, wch. belong’d to Arch Bishop BOURCHIER, is still to be seen; as was also his Portrait, which latter is now broken.
[Az. a pall humet ppr surmounted by a cross (head only) paty arg. imp.
¼ly: 1&4). Arg. a + engr. gu. betw. 4 water buckets sa.
2&3). Gu. a fesse betw. 18 billets arg. (9&9)].

20. This Coat is also To be seen in The East Window of The North Isle of ye Parish Church of Lyminge.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index

TOURNAY 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
Brookland 3
Hythe 3
Petham 15
Waltham 15
Captain 3
Mayor 3