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St Mary's Churchyard M.I.s, Sellindge near Hythe
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               Some Monumental Inscriptions of Sellindge Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

1. No Altar Peice.

2.. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth, in Hope of a blessed Resurrection, the Body of Elisabeth CADE, daughter of Dr. Edward LAYFEILD, and Relict of William Cade, late Rector of Aldington, and Neice to the ever blessed Martyr LAUD, A.Bp. of Canterbury. Save Me, O Thou, Who gavest Me Breath,/From Hell; I’ve overcome ye World & Death./Make no long Tarrying, O My God./ Ob. Dec. 16 1719. Aet. suae 82.

3. On Another, inlaid with ye Figures of a Man, a Woman, 7 Sons, and 8 Daughters. Hic jacent Johannes BERNS, et Johanna Uxor ejus; qui quidem Johannes obijt xxii die Mensis Marcij, Anno Dni. Millmo CCCCLIX
(1459) quorum Animat ppicietur Deus. Amen.

4. On a very handsome black and white Marble Monument, on the North Wall, with these Coats.
(3 shs. drawn in line).
   I. ¼ly, 1&4). Sa. a chevn. betw. 3 pelicans’ hds. rased & vulning or. GODFREY.
   2). Az. a fess or betw. 3 + +lets fitchy arg. PIX.
   3). Arg. a fess betw. 6 scallop shells arg. STROUGHILL.
   II. GODFREY imp. Gu. a chevn. vair betw. 3 lambs arg. LAMBARD.
   III. GODFREY imp. ¼ly 1&4). Arg. a fess wavy, & in chief 3 f-de-l sa.
   2&3). Arg. on a chevn. az. 3 crescts. or.
*Post Spinas Palma. (A Motto sometimes used by The Family).
Here lyeth interried the Bodie of Tho. GODFREY of Hoddiford in this Parish, Esq. Who had to his First Wife, Margaret, Daughter of William LAMBARD OF Greenwich, Esq. by whome he had Issue, 2 Sonnes. And, to his Second Wife Sarah the Daughter of Thomas ILES of Hammersmith Esq. with whome he lived in Wedlocke above 53 Yeares; and, by her had Issue 12 Sonnes and 4 Daughters. He was a great Lover of Learning and all Ingenuity, which he shew’d in ye generous Education of his Children. He served his Generation eminently, and faithfully, in several Capacities: with Christian Courage he overcame many Infirmities of this Life. Having lived beloved 47 Yeares in this Parish, he died lamented the 10th Day of October 1664, being the 79th Yeare of his Age. To whose Memory his sorrowfull Widdow erected this Monument of her lasting Affection.

5. On a Flat Stone – with this Coat. (no tinctures). [
GODFREY as Before, imp. (this side only is drawn) on a fess a stag coucht.]

6. Near this Stone lieth interred the Body of Mr. Thomas GODFREY, Gent. The only Son of Peter Godfrey Esq. late of Hodiford, who married Mary, the 3d. Daughter of Mr John DALLMAN, Gent, of Dunnistrop, in Staffordshire. They were married 19 Years. He departed this Life, without Issue on the 20th Day of July 1699, in the 48th Year of his Age. In Token of his Love to his said Wife, he made her his sole Executrix; who out of her great Respect to his Memory caused this to be laid.

7. Four other Flat Stones not legible.

South Chancell.
8. Under an Arch, between the Great (=N), and South Chancells, is a very handsome Altar Tomb, at the West End of which, is a Statue of White Marble, of a Man, kneeling on a Cushion, and wearing a Sword, and Cloak. Round about ye Tomb are these Coats; and, ye Following Inscription is on ye East Wall.
(4 drawn in line).
   1). Arg. a chevn. engrld. az. charged wt. 3 5foils or, betw. 3 martlets sa. HEYMAN imp. ¼ly 1&4). 
      2 bendlets. 2&3). quarterly (plain).
   2). 2 bendlets imp. quarterly, in the 1st a molet.
   3). ¼ly (1). HEYMAN. (2) 3 griffins’ heads rased. (3) a chevn. (4) 6 roundels, 3, 2, 1.
   4). HEYMAN imp. 3 martlets.
Memoriae Sacrum Petri HEYMAN Armigeri, et Eliz. Uxoris ejus, Filiae et Haeredis Willielmi TILL Generosi.

9. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth the Body of Elisabeth /… and Sidg…../ Wife of Thomas SANDFORD Gent. Master of Art, Clark, Rector of Hope, Vicar of Newington: by him she had 9 Children, 5 Sonnes, and 4 Daughters. After his decease she remained a Widdow .7 Yeares; and then became the Wife of Richard BURTON, Master of Art, Clark, Rector of Dimchurch, and Vicar of this Parish; with ……./

10. One Ancient Flat Stone, with a Cross cut on it.

In The Body.
11. At The North West Corner is a Wooden Gallery, on ye Front of wch. is this Coat. 1630 W.*M. (B.F. arranges this line thus: 1630 over sh. & W.M. 1 on each side). *MANTELL – of Horton Priory – erected by
¼ly of 8.
   1&8). Arg. a + engrld. betw. 4 martlets sa.
   2). Gu. a maunche or.
   3). Erm. on a chevn. gu 3 leopds. faces or.
   4). Gu. 2 bars wavy arg. over all a bend sa.
   5). Arg. on a bend gu. 3 billets or.
   6). Gu. a chevn. betw. 3 scallops or.
   7). Arg. a chevn. betw. 3 bulls’ hds. cabossed sa.

In The South Isle.
12. 2 Very Ancient Flat Stones, 1 of them has been inlaid with Brass.

13. This Church consists of The Great and South Chancells, The Body, and a South Isle. The Tower stands at ye West End, and is cap’t with a Shingled low Spire. In it hang 5 Bells, all made by Sam. KNIGHT, 1723.

14. In The Church Yard are Memorials of ELVEY, CLARKE and COLLET.

15. The Church was called St. Marie’s. It is a Vicarage, in the Gift of The King. The present Vicar is John WILSON, A.M. 1759.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index

GODFREY 4, 5, 6

Aldington 2
Dunnistrop, Staffordshire 6
Dymchurch 9
Greenwich 4
Hammersmith 4
Hope 9
Horton Priory 11
Newington 9
Sellindge Hoddiford 4, 6