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St Mary's Churchyard M.I.s, Selling
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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Selling Church,  Noted by Bax & Rice April 1897

                                             Pages 127-128 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1760, added 23rd July 2008

Names in the Churchyard
29 April 1897
1. Elwyn (very numerous), Hyder, Glover of Seasalter, Tyler, Marlborough, Dodd, Waggon, Couchman (of Canterbury), Sayers, Hogben (modern), Rooke, Neame, Chambers, Wiles, Smith, Baldock, Harris, Fox, Lansdell, Edwards, Butcher, Queen, Pearman, May, Simonson, 1776-1780, Hulse, Mi…., Hilton (4 modern) Wildash, Sladden 1799 1793, Packman 1797, Hall, Ridley and Hilton, Gambrell, Bellsden, Searles, Stephen, Hilton of Trafalgar House in this parish late commander of HM Navy 1872, Hilton and Tucker, Pitcher, Reynolds, Dixon, Huxley, Mears, Coverlid and Arnos, Anders, Clackett of Cushmore Farm, Houghting, Beardsworth, White, Wood, Hopkins, Rev. George Beardsworth Vicar of this parish b. 30th April 1813 d. December 1st 1868, Clark (of Sheldwich), Neame of Selling Court.

2. Double HS Cherub’s head, bones Here lyeth the body of Simon CLINCH of Sheldwich who died March ye 15th 1727 aged 66 years. Judith his disconsolate widow Blank

3. Here lieth the body of Henry SCOTT who departed this life ye 24 day of August in the year of our Lord 1707 aged 47. As I am soe must you be prepare you all to follow me.

4. Here lyeth interred the bodyes of Lewes and Katharine LEE late of Silling whome had issue 3 sonnes and … daughters, Lewes Waltar and Margret are dead Waltar the 3 sonne Elizabeth Ann and Susanna are now surviveing shee died October the 21 aged 61 years 1681. My soule cleave fast to God above nothing on earth deserves fit love. To live it is not but to die. To live in all securitie in heaven with thee Lord let me bee.

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1760, added  23rd July 2008

In The Chancell.
5. On A Brass Plate, on a Flat Stone – wth. this Coat. [Erm. a + engrld. gu.]. Gulielmo NORWOOD Sa: Theologiae Bacctio; Rectori Ecclesiae Sti. Dunstan’s orient: London; Collegij Omnium Aiarum in Oxon: quondam Socio; Ministro Verbi Dei docto, diserto, pio, probo. Andraeas Norwood, Frater, et Alexand: Norwood Patrnelis Pietatis ergo, maerentes posuerunt. obijt e lentâ Tabe, admirabilis Patientiâ Fiduciâ, et Aequanimitate Animi, 19 Junij Anno Dni. 1596. Aetatis sue 47.

6. On Another flat Stone. H.S.E. Edvardus FISHER, A.M. per 30 circitèr Annos hujus Parochiae Vicarius, eruditus, probus, pius; qui, Carnem, Quieti, Caeloq Animam reddidit 2 Die Februrij A.D. 1709/10. Aet. 59. Edvardus, Filius unicus, septultus fuit 18 Die Junij 1697. Aet. 10.

7. On Another. Here lieth the Body of the Revd. Mr. John BURTON, Master of Arts, and Minister of this Parish who departed this Life 29 Nov. 1735. aged 39 years.

8. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Nicholas DAVIES the Son of William Davies, Vicar, who died the 28th May 1657.

9. In the East Window, are the 5 following Coats. (drawn in line).
I. Or, 3 chevns. gu. (179b in pencil – EARLS of CLARE?).
II. Lozy. az. & gu., the latter each charged wt. a f-de-l or.
III. ¼ly 1). Gu. a castle or. 2,3,4) lost.
IV. Old England (not drawn).
V. Checky az. & or. (179b in pencil – GATTON? (sic for WARREN – V.J.T.).

10. In The South Chancell.
On a Monument on the East Wall. Near this Place lies buried the Body of Mr Charles FURMSTON, Surgeon, late of Faversham, who departed this Life June ye 23d. 1755. aged 37 Years.

11. On a small flat stone, C. FURMSTON 1755.

12. On another Monument on the East Wall. (Sa. a chevn. or charged wt. a cresct. gu. for diffce, between 3 5foils or. imp. Arg. 3 battle-axes]. (1,2,3 in fess line, heads up) sa. GIBBS]. Near this Place lieth the Body of William CHAMBERS, late of this Parish, Gent. He departed this Life Nov. 14 1724 aged 32 Years. He married the only Daughter of Robert & Susanna Gibbs, by whom he had Issue 4 Daughters. Also the Body of Susanna, Wife of the abovesaid William Chambers, who departed this Life, Nov. 5 1758, aged 64 Years. Also, Anne, Daughter of William and Susanna CHAMBERS, who departed this Life Jan. 12 1722/3 aged 8 Months.

13. On a Flat Stone. [CHAMBERS as above imp. Erm. on a pale 3 martlets (no tinctures)]. Here lieth the Body of Abraham Chambers, Gent, who departed this Life the 13th Day of January, Anno Domini 1694/5 in the 48th Year of his Age, leaving Issue 5 Sons and 3 Daughters.

14. On a Brass Plate, fixt to a Flat Stone, under the Figg. of a Man & a Woman. Of Your Charite pray for the Soule of Thomas YATE which deceased the xii Daye of Maye, in the Year of Our Lord God MVXXII and for Julian his Wife – on whose Soulis Jhu have Mercy.

15. Here is another flat Stone, which seems very ancient, and has been rob’d of its Brasses.

In The North Chancell.
16. One Very ancient Flat Stone, without Inscription. It has been inlaid.

In The Body.
17. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth the Body of John RIGDEN who was buried the 18th Day of June, 1677. aged 43 Years.

18. On Another. Here lieth interred The Body of Thomas GREENSTREET, the Sonne of Thomas and Margaret Greenstreet, of Selling. he departed this Life the 11th Day of April 1681. aged 7 Yeares, and 4 Months.

19. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Thomas GREENSTREET, Senr. late of this Parish, he was buried the 16th Day of January in the Yeare of Our Lord 1692/3 in the 72d. Yeare of his Age. Here also lieth the Body of Margaret, Wife & Relict of the said Thomas GREENSTREETE. She departed this Life the 4th Day of Aprill, 1712. Aged 76 yeares, and 3 Months; left Issue, 1 Son, & 1 Daughter.

20. On Another. Here lieth interred the Body of Peter GREENSTREET, of this Parish who died 24 November 1733 aged 55 Years.

21. On Another. Here lieth interr’d the Body of Anne GREENSTREET, Relict of Peter GREENSTREETE, of this Parish, Gent, by whom she had Issue 1 Son and 2 Daughters, viz: Dering, Catherine and Mary. She died Oct. 24 1745 aged 57 Years. Mary the only Survivor, hath caused this Stone to be engraven to her Memory.

22. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Elisabeth GREENSTREET, Wife of Peter Greenstreet of this Parish by whom She had Issue 3 Sons, & 1 Daughter, viz: Thomas, John, Elizabeth & Peter; all which survived her. She departed this Life on the 30th Day of January in the Year of Our Lord 1715/6 aged 30 Years & 4 Months.

In the South Isle.
23. On a flat Stone. Here lieth the Body of Thomas GYLES the son of Antony Gyles who died in the Yeare of our Lord God, 1569, and, also here lieth the Body of Richard Gyles, who died the sixth Day of March the Year of our Lord 1654/5. Aged 92 Yeares.

24. Two other flat Stones not legible.

In the North Isle.
25. In the Eastmost Window
(= NE) are these Coats (in line). (1) Arg. a + engrld gu. wt. a plate arg. at centre. (2). A ln. rt. debruised by a fess (no tincts.)]. NB. There is something, Arg. in the Center of ye Cross – which I cd. not make out, but it appear’d like a Plate – as I have here drawn it. The Colours in the other Coat are so much perished, that I cd. not distinguish them; ye whole seeming to be Argent.

26. This Church consists of the Great, and 2 Side Chancells; the Body, and 2 Side Isles. The Tower stands in the Middle, between the Great Chancell, and the Body. In it hang 4 Bells thus inscribed:
1. Sancte Roberte, ora pro Nobis.
2. Sit Nomen Domini benedictum.
3. In multis Annis, vocor Campana Johannis.
4. William HATCH made Me – Mary – 1567.

27. The Arch over the West Door is a round one.

28. In the Church Yard re Memorials of BUNCE, HOGBEN, HYDER, MARLBOROUGH and TYLER.

29. This Church was dedicated to St. Mary. It is a Vicarage in the Patronage of the Right Honourable the LORD SONDES. The Present Vicar is the Revd. Mr Henry THOMSON. 1760.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Anders 1
Arnos 1
Baldock 1
Beardsworth 1
Bellsden 1
Butcher 1
CHAMBERS 1, 12, 13
Clackett 1
Clark 1
Couchman 1
Coverlid 1
Dixon 1
Dodd 1
Edwards 1

Elwyn 1
Fox 1
Gambrell 1
Glover 1
Hall 1
Harris 1
Hilton 1
HOGBEN 1, 28
Hopkins 1
Houghting 1

Hulse 1
Huxley 1
Hyder 1
Lansdell 1
May 1
Mears 1
Mi ? 1
Neame 1
Packman 1
Pearman 1
Pitcher 1
Queen 1
Reynolds 1
Ridley 1

Rooke 1
Sayers 1SCOTT 3
Searles 1
Simonson 1
Sladden 1
Smith 1
Stephen 1
Tucker 1
TYLER 1, 28
Waggon 1
White 1
Wildash 1
Wiles 1
Wood 1
Places Index
Canterbury 1
Cushmore Farm 1
Faversham 10

Seasalter 1
Selling Court 1
Sheldwich 1, 2

Silling 4
Trafalgar House 1
Commander of HM Navy 1
Surgeon 10
Vicar 1