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St Mary's Churchyard M.I.s, Sevington
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               Some Monumental Inscriptions of Sevington Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In The Chancell. No Altar Peice.
1. On a Flat Stone with ye Arms of BOYS. Here lieth interrd the Body of the Revd. Mr Edward Boys, Rector of Sevington in this County: eldest Son of Thomas Boys late of Mersham Gent. and of Margaret his Wife. He died November the 21st 1723. Aged 58 Years.

2. Here are 6 Ancient Flat Stones, which have been all richly inlaid with Brasses; which, together with the Inscriptions, are all torn off & gone.

3. In The South Chancell. On a Flat Stone. Requiescunt Heic Reliquiae Thomae BOYS, Armigeri, et Margaritae Uxoris ejus; per quam ….. 25 1659 ….. 1642 …….

4. In The Body. Are 4 Other Ancient Flat Stones without Inscription, which have also been inlaid with Brass.

Mr WEAVER has preserv’d the Following Inscriptions, which were in his Time in being, in this Church; but, are now not to be found there. See P.296.
5. "Hic Jacet Margareta BARRY, quondam Uxor Edwardi Barry, Armiger (sic) que quidem Margareta obijt … Mensis … Ann. 1400 cujus Anime, etc.". "Hic jacet Joanna BARRY, quondam Uxor Willelmi Barry, Militis. Pater de Caelis, Deus, Miserere Nobis Fili; Redemptor Mundi, Deus, Miserere nobis Spiritus Sancte, Deus, Miserere nobis! Sancta Trinitas, unus Deus, Miserere Nobis!".
"Orate pro Animâ Johannis BARRY Militis". "Orate pro Animâ Isabelle quondam Uxor (sic) Willelmi Barry Militis. Pater de Caelis, etc. As about the Verge of the other Grave Stone".

6. "Here is also (say’s He) a Monument whereupon a Man armed is pourtraied the Inscription whereof is altogether perished; which in all Likelyhood was made to the Memory of Sr. Wm. BARRY Knt. Husband of the ‘fores’d Isabell".

7. "At The Lower End of the Church, and nearer to The Bellfree, lyeth the Body of One of these BARRYEs, pourtraied in compleat Armour, and about the Verge of His Monument this Inscription". "Hic Jacet Umfridus BARRE Ar. quondam Dominus istius Ville, et Patronus istius Ecclesiae. qui obijt in die Sancte Marie Magdalene An.Dom. 1431 cujus Anime ppicietur Deus. Amen!".

8. "…… Johannes FYNCH, Armiger, qui obijt 19 Die Mensis Maij Ann. Dom. 1442. Cujus".

9. This Church, which is very Small, consists of the Chancell, Body, S. Chancell, and South Isle. At the West End stands a Shingled Spired Steeple, in which hang 4 Bells, all cast by Joseph HATCH, in ye Year 1630.

10. It was dedicated to The Virgin Mary.

11. It is a Rectory in the Gift of ……

12. The present Rector is The Revd. Mr. Stephen GREENHILL, viz. 1758.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
BARRY 5, 6
BOYS 1, 3
Mersham 1