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Stalisfield with index of names and places at end

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The Monumental Inscriptions in The Church and Churchyard of Stalisfield, Kent. Taken in September 1920 by Leland L. Duncan.
Typed up by Christine Pantrey, checked by Zena Bamping

These notes, by Leland Duncan, are not always literal transcriptions of the gravestone

A. On the north side of the church and East of the path to the porch.
1. Elizabeth wife of James BARNARD, daughter of Robert MATTHEWS, 29th June 1870 aged 51.

2. Robert MATTHEWS, 4th June 1879 aged 87.

3. Thomas WOOLLEY late of Darby’s Court of this parish, Farmer, 28th December 1792 aged 65. Mercy his Wife 20th November 1793 aged 58. Left issue surviving two sons and six daughters:- Thomas, James, Mary, Mercy, Ann, Susanna, Elizabeth and Rebecca.

4. Thomas son of Abraham GOAR and Mary his wife, of this parish, 17th February 1719/20 in his 48th year.

4a. [flat stone East of Tower]. Here lieth buried the Body of Abraham GOAR of this Parish. He left this life February the 16th 1718 in the 78th year of his age. [On right edge]: Here Mary Goar his wife desires to lye. [On left edge]: Here lieth buried the body of his son John Goar who died in the full strength of his youth. [at foot]: By order of Abraham Goar her son.

5. Elizabeth GORE wife of Robert HARRISON of Woodsell farm, of this parish, 17th December 1846 aged 71.

6. Mary wife of Henry VANT of this parish 20th June 1862 aged 45. Also Maria, daughter of above, 21st June 1860 aged 7 years. Left surviving one son Frank.
6A. Henry VANT 29th December 1878 aged 6 years.

7. Thomas BARNARD, 19TH August 1836 aged 72. Henry Barnard, 27th June 1846 aged 24. Mary Barnard, 29th May 1855 aged 73. Martha Barnard, 11th October 1855 aged 43.

8. James BENSTED of this parish, 3rd January 1880 aged 79. Jane his wife,15th September 1846 aged 39. Ann their daughter, 27th January 1832 aged 3: Henry their son, 26th February 1837 aged one month : Elizabeth their daughter: 15th April 1847 aged 3. Eliza their daughter: 12th June 1856 aged 24 years.

9. (foot-stone) M.A.M. 1853 (Mary Ann Mutton? See below)

10. Septa Mariah BIGG, 13th January 1842 aged 43, Mary Anne MUTTON, 15th January 1853 aged 52. Erected in memory of a beloved mother and aunt by Adolphus Bigg.

11. James MILLER, 27th January 1865 aged 77. Elizabeth his wife, 20th October 1864 aged 75. Left surviving two sons, James and Henry.

12. To our dear father John MILLER, 9th April 1900 aged 86.

13. James MILLER, 30th April 1898 aged 90. Lived at Valley farm 82 years. Elizabeth his wife, 6th December 1901 aged 83.

14. William MILLER of this parish, 2nd February 1837 aged 56 . Likewise Mary JACOB of this parish, November 1831….

15. Samuel John EALES D.C.L. Vicar of this Parish 1891- 1896. Died 5th August 1896 [no age].

16. Frances Elizabeth wife of the Rev. J. N. VLIELAND Vicar of this Parish. Died 20th August 1864 aged 38.

17. The Rev. Jerome Nicholas VLIELAND for 18 years Vicar of this Parish died 22nd January 1877 aged 51.

B. North East part of Churchyard.
18. Helena MILLEN, 3rd May 1860 aged 18 months..

19. William HINSON, priest, incumbent of St Mark’s, Old Street, London. Died at Folkestone 1st September 1865 aged 50.

20. Ann SAMWORTH, 31st December 1871 aged 88.

21. John ELY, 30th April 1865 aged 79. Mary his wife 23rd March 1863 aged 72.

22. Harry, infant son of Thomas and Mary-Ann MAXTED, 16TH September 1871 aged three months.

23. Catherine Annie Hollingsworth who died in infancy and Robert Graham Hollingsworth who died 20th February 1856, children of the Rev. Oliver HOLLINGSWORTH Vicar of this parish and Frances BAIN his wife.

24. William PARTIS born 27th October 1795 died 17th January 1875.

25. William FORSTER who was killed returning from Faversham to Stalisfield 2nd June 1879 aged 39. Erected by his eldest daughters.

C. South East part of the churchyard.
26. John CLEMENT of this parish, 11th August 1798 aged 61. Mildred his wife, 27th October 1800 aged 65. William, son of the above, 3rd December 1791 aged 10.

27. To my dear husband Thomas Wm Charles CREMER, 9th January 1918 aged 40.

28. Elizabeth BARNARD, 17th April 1881 aged 63. Anne Barnard, daughter of John and Mary Ann Barnard, 30th August 1878 aged 12.

29. Hannah wife of John SPILLETT of this parish, 8th August 1862 aged 55. Left surviving two sons John Thomas Frederick and Samuel.

30. P. T. WRIGHT born 11th December 1858 died 21st March 1859.

31. Thomas Harvey only child of Jane Isabella MORRIS died at Vent farm, Stalisfield, 5th May 1908 in his 18th year.

32. Elizabeth wife of John JELL, 4th November 1853 aged 67. "Dear children and kind friends" etc

33. John JELL late of the Court Lodge farm in this parish, 31st October 1856 aged 71.

34. Ann wife of Henry ORPIN, 19th March 1850 aged 37.

35. E.O. 1851 (Orpin ?).

36. E.A. O. 1854 (Orpin ?).

D. On the South Side of the churchyard.
37. Richard HOCKLEY, 9th June 1878 aged 78. Elizabeth relict of above, 6th September 1884 aged 83.

38. Henry CHAPMAN of this parish,15th December 1832 aged 48. Mercy LARKIN relict of above, 29th December 1840 aged 52.

39. William LARKIN of this parish, 5th September 1801 aged 81. Mercy, his wife, 9th April 1802 aged 77.

40. Thomas Goff CLINCH formerly of this parish 7th September 1842 aged 82. Mary his wife, 27th July 1838 aged 76. Mary their daughter: 24th March 1810 aged 17.

41. Charlotte Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel and Charlotte TATNELL, 23rd December 1…., aged 3 years seven months.

42. Mary Elizabeth HOCKLEY, 6th December 183(5?) aged seven months. Richard Clinch Hockley 20th December 1843 aged four months.

43. Mary Mercy, daughter of Daniel and Charlotte TATNELL, 19th October 1854 aged 13.

44. Daniel TATNELL, 11th April 1863 aged 62. Thomas James Tatnell, son of the above, 28th January 1861 aged 15. Charlotte Tatnell, 7th July 1867 aged 63.

45. Daniel Clinch TATNELL died at Henley on Thames, Oxon, 25th September 1870 aged 26.

46. William Henry TATNELL died at Ashford 12th October 1912 aged 72.

47. Arthur Frederick son of Sarah LANFEAR, 7TH August 1880 aged eleven months.

48. Daniel ELSTON, 6th November 1911 aged 84.

49. James Buckingham youngest son of the late Rev. Henry CADDELL M.A. born 31st January 1857 died 17th February 1907.

E. To the West of the church.
50. Thomas MATCHAM of the parish of Throwley, 6th October 1828 aged 50, leaving issue by Elizabeth his wife three sons and four daughters; John, Thomas, Charles, Elizabeth, Lydia Ann, Mary and Charlotte Maria.

51. Mary Ann daughter of Henry and Ann LONG 11th September 1851 aged 18. Also William their son died in infancy.

52. Henry LONG, 10th August 1858 aged 48. Left surviving by Ann his wife two children Henry and Harriet.

53. Elizabeth wife of Henry VANT, 2nd February 1894 aged 66.

54. John Elvy CHAMBERS of this parish,14th October 1860 aged 64, leaving Sarah his wife and ten children: John-Elvy, William, George, Susannah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Frances, Hope, Mary-Ann and Ellen. Sarah, his wife, 12th October 1877 aged 82.

55. Frances Sophia Elizabeth wife of James Thomas STROUD of this parish, 11th April 1871 aged 42. Left surviving three sons and two daughters: James, Fanny, Elizabeth, John and Thomas. Also Fanny FARMER, mother of above, 23rd June 1874 aged 83, late of Broomfield, Kent. Also Elizabeth Day Stroud youngest daughter of above James Thomas and Frances Sophia Elizabeth Stroud, 15th April 1882 aged 17.

56. Arthur George Champneys MILNER, Captain, R.M.L.I., 25th March 1914 aged 36.

57. Elizabeth wife of Frederick CHAPMAN of this parish, 22nd August 1849 aged 36. Thomas son of above, 8th March 1846 in his ninth year. The above Frederick Chapman, 2nd October 1893 aged 81. Interred in Ramsgate Cemetery.

F. In the South West part of the churchyard.
58. Richard ELLIOTT of this parish, January 24th 1730 aged 81. Left issue one son and one daughter.

59. Frances wife of Richard ELLIETT who dyed April ye 17th 1724 aged 67.

60. Sophia wife of James CLIFFORD of Charing, 21st December 1908 aged 49.

61. James Samuel KIRBY of this parish, 21st December 1885 aged 65, leaving a widow and ten children, four sons and six daughters. Sophia his wife, 25th June 1891 in 71st year. Frank Kirby son of above 2nd April 1863 aged one year.

62. John MILLER of this parish, 26th May 1841 aged 58. Frances his wife, 8th November 1832 aged 52.

63. Henry HAYWARD, 26th February 1917 aged 56.

64. John HORTON late of Charing, 29th February 1880 (no age). Sarah Horton his wife, 27th February 1890 aged 86.

65. William CHAPMAN of this parish, 31st January 1829 aged 72. Elizabeth wife of above, 11th April 1853 aged 85. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife ten children, two sons and eight daughters.

66. Sidney Charles COLLIS, 21st January 1905 aged 26.

Inscriptions in the church.
Before the altar piece three stones
67. Here lieth the bodey of James ELWYNE Gent, the youngest sonne of Henry Elwyn Gent late of Stalisfield who departed the last of November 1657 being then 23 years of age and nine months.

68. Here lyeth interred the body of Elizabeth the wife of William CHAPMAN of Westwell, Daughter of Thomas and Margaret HICKES of this parish. She departed this life the 10th day of May Anno Domini 1718 aged 35 years.

69. Here lieth the body of Henry ELWYN Gent of this parish and sometyme ancient of New Inne of the parish of St Clementh Dane of London who departed this life the 20th day of July 1647 aged about 85 years and Ann his wife who left this life the 5th of February 1637. Issue betweene them six sons and five daughters whose bodyes rest in hope and soulis in joy.

70. (Mural in chancel) To the memory of the Rev. Patrick KEITH late vicar of this parish, 25th January 1840 aged 70. Erected as a mark of affection by his disconsolate widow.

71. (Brass north side of chancel) To the glory of God and in memory of the Rev. John Nathaniel SMITH M.A. Vicar of this parish from 1880 to 1887 who died 20th April 1895. And of his wife Margaret who died 10th May 1889 and also of their three children Frederick Gordon Solomon, Winifred Mary and Emily Morwenna all of whom died in their youth. This window is erected by the surviving children AD. 1900.

72. (East window) to John RIGDEN of Faversham who died 9th October 1910 erected by his daughter and dedicated 20th November 1911.

Index of Names and Places

Index of Names
BARNARD 1, 7, 28
Buckingham 49
Champneys 56
CHAPMAN 38, 57, 65, 68


Elvy 54
ELY 21
GOAR 4, 4a
Goff 40

HOCKLEY 37, 42
JELL 32, 33
LARKIN 38, 39
LONG 51, 52
MILLER 11-14, 62

MUTTON 9, 10
ORPIN 34-36
TATNELL 41, 43-46
VANT 6, 6A, 53
Index of Places
Ashford 46
Broomfield, Kent 55
Charing 60, 64
Faversham 25, 72
Folkestone 19
Henley on Thames, Oxon 45

New Inne, St Clementh
   Dane, London 69
Ramsgate Cemetery 57
St Mark’s, Old Street,
   London 19

   Court Lodge Farm 33
   Darby’s Court 3
   Vent Farm 31
   Woodsell Farm 5
   Throwley 50
Westwell 68

Captain 56
Farmer 3
killed 25
priest 19
R.M.L.I. 56
Rev 16, 17, 23, 49, 70, 71
Vicar 15, 16, 17, 23, 70, 71