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Stowting with index of names and places at end

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Inscriptions in the churchyard of Stowting, Kent. Taken August 1890. by Leland L. Duncan

Typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 10th January 2008

1. Headstone – Henry FOORD of this parish died 9 August 1830 aged 81. Also Mary his wife died 8 August 1821 aged 71 and 3 daughters of the above – Mary died in 1776 aged 3 years, Everell died at Goodnestone in 1806 aged 27, and Susannah died at East Church in Sheppey in 1822 aged 35. Left surviving Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Ann, William, Richard and Thomas.

2. Head – Stephen CORNELIUS late of this parish died 16 February 1800 aged 86. Also Mary his wife died November 20, 1784 aged 74. Also Mary FOORD died July 9, 1776 aged 3 years.

3. Head – Charles Francis HOGBEN died May 9, 1876 aged 76. Also Mildred his wife died September 23, 1867 aged 71. Left surviving 2 sons and 3 daughters.

4. Head – Henry HOWELL late of ye parish of Stowting died 2 May 1754 aged 61. Henry son of Henry Howell died December 13, 1736 aged 7 years.

5. Head – Daniel FAGG died January 14, 1802 aged 52. Left surviving his wife and 6 children viz:- Richard, John, Daniel, Elizabeth, Mary and Margrate (sic).

6. Head – Stephen FOREMAN died 15 June 1789 aged 87, erected by his son Stephen Foreman. Also Charles Foreman died January 31, 1796 aged 35. Skull and bones here lieth ye body

7. Susanna daughter | of Thomas GODFRY Elizabeth his wife who died October 11, 1730 aged 4 years 7 weeks.

8. Head – (with skulls carved above) Here lieth the body of Katherin wife of Thomas MAXTED who died August 19, 1706 aged 45 years also Katherine and Mary daughters of Robert KNOWLER and Mary his wife Katherin died May 6, 1721 aged ………. weeks. Mary died May ……….. aged 4 years.

9. Head – Mildred Emma JONES died 10 May 1878 aged 10 years. Also Caroline Elizabeth Jones died 17 September 1878 aged 1 year and 11 months.

10. Head – William PENFOLD died November 7, 1883 aged 76. Also Elizabeth wife of the above died March 7, 1879 aged 66.

11. Head – John IGGLESDEN died February 15, 1878 aged 68. Also Charlotte wife of the above died April 30, 1877 aged 71.

12. Low tomb – Caroline WEBB died January 19, 1866 aged 30.

13. Head – Richard WEBB died July 7, 1809 aged 66. Left issue surviving by Mary his wife – 4 sons and 4 daughters. Richard, Thomas, David, William, Elizabeth, Mary, Anne and Susannah.

14. Head – David son of Richard and Mary WEBB baptised 4 December 1771. Elizabeth wife of the above was buried August 9, 1808. The above mentioned David Webb was buried October 27, 1819 aged 44.

15. Jane widow of the late William MILLS died April 5, 1887 aged 70.

16. Head – Sarah wife of James SWINNARD of The Elms, Sellindge – died November 16, 1889 aged 66.

17. Head – Ann SWINNARD died January 11, 1882 aged 73.

18. Head – Jane wife of John BIRCH died March 1, 1872 aged 77. Also John Birch died March 31, 1886 aged 87.

19. Head-cross – Sarah wife of Thomas BIRCH died March 23, 1835 aged 73.

20. Head-cross – Thomas BIRCH died April 6, 1851 aged 80.

21. Head-cross – Thomas BIRCH of Stonehill, Sellindge, born April 10, 18…, died September 15, 1883.

22. Head – John Frewen LORD died February 23, 1872 aged 71.

23. Head – William LORD late of Ruckinge died September 10, 1858 aged 65. Also Thomas George RUBIE grandson of the above died May 7, 1861 aged 2 years. Also Charlotte
Lord sister of the above died January 12, 1863 aged 75.

24. William Horton LORD died February 20, 1849 aged 32.

25. Head – Mary wife of Valentine LAKET died ye 16 of July 1762 aged 49.

26. Head – Valentine LAKET died December – 1770 aged 71 also John and Mary son and daughter of the same.

27. Head – Elizabeth wife of Samuel SANKEY died march 18, 1743/4 aged 34. Leaving issue 4 sons and 1 daughter.

28. Head – Samuel SANKEY died November ye 2, 1741 aged 39. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife five children 4 sons and 1 daughter – John, Samuel, William, Thomas and Elizabeth.

29. Altar tomb near the porch. Here lieth buried the bodie of Reginald ANSELL clerke. Master of arts, late Rector of this parish of Stowtinge of the age of 81 yeares when he died and was buried ye 6th day of September 1679. And also ye bodie of Magdalen his wife of ye age of 71 yeares when she died and was buried ye 19th day of January 1680. He had issue by Magdalen his said wife 3 sons and 3 daughters the 3 eldest viz: Robert, Elizabeth and Matthew dyed before his death and ye other 3 Maria, Phebe and John survived him.

30. To the memory of Top of Altar tomb Benjamin ANDREWS next S. porch. late of this parish who departed this life January 26th | 1800 aged 84 years. Also of Elizabeth wife of the said Benjamin Andrews who departed this life February 26th 1779 aged 56 years. Archer Thomas UPTON born March 12, 1801 intered into rest January 7th 1875. Jane wife of Archer Thomas Upton died on the 4th February, 1881 aged 84.

31. Head – Here lieth ye body of William FUKES and Elizabeth his wife, whom God did bless through Christs mercy their souls do it (?). O hide not thy face from me nor cast not thy servant away in displeasure. I said I will confess my sins unto the Lord as so thou forgives the wickedness of my sins – for I acknowledge my fault and my sins are ever before. Ye Elizabeth Fukes died June ye 20, 1741 aged 71.

32. Low tomb – Maria WRENCH born January 15, 1769. Died September 14, 1854.

33. Low tomb – Mary Buxton WRENCH born 26 December 1799 died 27 March 1886.

The following inscriptions are at the Eastern and Northern parts of the churchyard:-
34. Low tomb – John JENKIN born February 3, 1797 died September 20, 1881 aged 84.

35. Head – Charles JENKIN Commander of the Royal Navy, second son of Charles Jenkin of Stowting Court, born March 5. 1801, and Henrietta Camilla his wife born February 8, 1808, who dying within a few hours of each other were laid to rest together on February 10, 1885.

36. Head – Henry Charles Fleeming JENKIN of Stowting Court only son of Captain Charles Jenkin R.N. born March 25, 1833 died June 12, 1885.

37. Head – James KEELER died March 27, 1883 aged 84.

38. Head – Minnie FILE died November 7, 1886 aged 18.

39. Head – Annie FILE died November 6, 1884 aged 20.

40. Head – Alfred ANDREWS died April 28, 1871 aged 19.

41. Head – Norris FILE died February 20, 1884 aged 65.

42. Head – John FILE died September 18, 1883 aged 22.

43. Head – Joseph eldest son of Norris and Ann FILE of this parish died December 20, 1870 aged 19.

44. Flat tomb – Henry BARKER born April 21, 1804, died September 8, 1883.

45. Flat tomb – Benjamin ANDREWS born 10 October, 1760 died 2 December, 1847. Albinia Sarah his wife born 20 November, 1766 deceased 31 March,1866.

46. Flat tomb – John Benjamin ANDREWS, born 2 May, 1815 died 2 July, 1881. Ann Andrews born 25 January, 1812 died 6 May, 1875.

47. Head – Mary Ann wife of Robert MARSHALL of this parish and daughter of Thomas ANDREWS of the parish of Postling died 9 February, 1824 aged 29. Also Henry Robert son of the above, died 20 June, 1824 aged 3 years and 7 months.

48. Head – Mary Ann wife of Jonathan HART died February 11, 1849 aged 67. Leaving issue Anne Maria, Harriet, John, Sarah, Susannah, George, Louis, James, Richard, Thomas, Elizabeth, Caroline and Mary Ann. Also Jonathan HART died January 29, 1852 aged 76.

49. Head – Robert WHITE late of Hill Farm in this parish, died June 5, 1839 aged 83. Also Sarah his wife died December 23, 1832 aged 69. Also William Pay White, son of the above, died September 16, 1821 aged 17.

50. Head – Mary WHITE younger daughter of Henry and Mary White of this Parish, died 2 June, 1832 aged 19 years.

51. Headstones (1) Thomas GAMBRILL son of Thomas and Elizabeth Gambrill died September 7, 1856 aged 17 years. (2) Elizabeth GAMBRILL wife of Thomas Gambrill died May 4, 1852 aged 49. (3) Thomas GAMBRILL died January 29, 1859 aged 62.

52. Head – Thomas GAMBRILL formerly of the parish of Stelling and late of Stowting Court in this parish died November 24, 1833 aged 73. Also Mary daughter of the above died June 14, 1802 aged 14 months. Likewise Elizabeth his daughter died July 20, 1806 aged 10 years. Left surviving Elizabeth his wife one son and two daughters – Thomas, June and Ann. Also Elizabeth his wife died June 22, 1854, aged 83.

End of inscriptions in Stowting Churchyard August 1890 Leyland L. Duncan

Inscriptions in Stowting Church:-
53. On the South side of the Chancel a brass inscription under a window. In a vault on the south side of this window lieth the body of Mary the widow of Jacob George WRENCH of the City of London, Patron of this Church eldest daughter of John BUXTON of Coggeshall in the County of Essex. She departed this life at Grove Hill, Camberwell on the 14 September 1854. The remains of the said Jacob George Wrench are deposited in a vault beneath the Church of St. Magnus the Martyr, London. In the same vault rests the body of Eliza Mary, wife of Frederick WRENCH Rector of this parish and Patron of this living, eldest daughter of Captain John Lobb STRINGER, Scots Grays, of Hill Lodge, Effingham in the county of Surrey. She departed this life at Stowting Rectory, August 28th, 1869.

On the north side of the chancel a stained glass window "The Good Shepherd" and a brass inscription:-
54. To the beloved memory of the Reverend Frederick WRENCH who for upwards of 30 years was the faithful Rector | of this parish: and who restored, added to and embellished this church, built the adjoining schools, and also | partially restored St. Mary’s Church, Stanford. This window is placed by his son his daughter and his sister.

55. In the window – In memory of Reverend F. Wrench. Died April 20th, 1880.

56. On the North side of the chancel is a mural monument of white marble – on the top is this coat ----------- lion rampant. - and this inscription:- H.P.S.E. Thomas Thoma JENKIN of Stowting Court Gen. Filius Qui Vxorem duxit Eleanoram Gulieloni HAINES de Salehurst in Com. Sussexie Filiam Quam Post Duodecennale Conjugium Quarvous Susceptos Liberos Viduam reliquit If Eleanora Plus Viginti annorum Divortium agre fereus Mariti Gremio Hic tandem requiescit Obijt Hic anno Dom. 1674 Illa 1695 Quorum memoriae sacrum Hoc Sepulchrale marmor dicant curavit Thomas JENKIN filius unice superstes Anno Dom. 1698.
Beneath this coat:- a lion rampant impaling a chevron wavy between 3 lions

57. Immediately under the above is a brass plate with this inscription in Roman letters:- Neere unto this place lyeth ye body of Thomas JENKIN Gentleman who died ye 3rd of September 1657 in ye 49th yeare of his age being Proprietary of a living in Stowting Court who married Margarett ye daughter of Thomas JENKEN of Folkstone Gentleman by whome he had 5 sonnes and 9 daughters where of one son and one daughter dyed before himselfe and are likewise interred nere this place and ye other 12 children weare living at ye tyme of his death. Vita Vite mortalis est spes Vite immortalis.

58. Below the above is a small brass plate with this coat:- - a lion rampant regard impaling vert on a cross of 7 . Crest on a coronet a lion ramp and this inscription:- J. Jenkin Esq Died 1716 Mrs. D. Jenkin died 1717 Burwash

59. On the north side is a window and inscribed on a brass plate:- In memory of Jane UPTON who entered into rest on the 4th day of February A.D. 1881.

60. Over the west door of the nave:- In memory of Archer Thomas UPTON, Patron of the living this portion of the church was restored by his widow and 3 sons A.D. 1877.

61. On the South side of the nave is a perpendicular window square headed of 3 lights filled with old glass – Figures of donor wife and children (6 sons and 4 daughters) with three saints above – The remains of an inscription "orate pro animabus Ricardi STOTYNE et Juliane
uxoris rinus" …….

62. At the South end of the nave is a brass inscription:- Henriette Camille | nat 6 id. Februar. A.D. 1808 obiit Die Natali A.D. 1885 |. Conjuy fuit Caroli JENKIN ex Aula de Stowting in Classe Regia Navis Praefecti, Manorii Autem de Stowting Dormina | generosa ingenii perpolito artibus, musicae, praecifue peritia insignis literarum quoque et nostratium et externarum studiio erudita. Et filio eorundern unico Henrico Carolo Fleeming Jenkin Qui nat 8 Kal. April A.D. 1833 Obiit prid id Jun A.D. 1885 L.L.D., R.S.S. Edin. Socio mechaniae scientiae in universitate Professori Hic jugeta sepulto A.D. 1887.

63. In the porch on the south side of the nave – a 15th century wooden one restored – is a brass inscription – This porch was restored by Archer Thomas UPTON, 1873. Archer UPTON. Rector - John Benjamin ANDREWS and Thomas BIRCH Church Wardens.

End of Stowting August 1890 Leland L. Duncan

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 10th January 2008

64. In The Chancell. No Altar Peice.

65. On a Neat Monument, on the N. Wall. [Arg. a lion rt. sa. JENKIN imp. HAWES Az. a fess wavy betw. 3 leopds. or.]. H.P.S.E. Thomas Thomae Jenkin de Stouting Court, Gen. Filius; qui Uxorem duxit Ellonoram Gulielmi Hawes de Salehurst in Com. Sussexiae, Filiam: quam post duodecennale Conjugium quatuorq susceptos Liberos Vidnam reliquit. Ipsaque Eleonora, plus Viginti Annorum Divortium agrè ferens Mariti Gremio hic tendem requiescit. obijt hic Anno Dom. 1674. Illa, 1695. Quorum Memoriae Sacrum hoc Sepulchrale Marmor dicand. curavit Thomas Jenkins, Filius unicè superstes An.Dom. 1698.

66. On a Flat Stone, underneath, wth. ye Arms of JENKIN, in a Lozenge. Hic Jacet Rosa, Filia Natu Minor Thomae JENKIN et Eleanorae. Parentes, dum vixit, pie coluit; quin et ultimum ijs in Obsequij Pignus, vicinum Monumentum Thomae Fratri extinendum, moriens commen davit. Obijt Warbletomiae, in Agro Sussexensi 15 Julij, Anno Salutis 1697. Aetatis suae 27.

67. On a Brass Plate, fixt to the North Wall. Neere unto this Place lieth the Body of Thomas JENKIN Gent. who died the 3d. of Septemb. 1657 in the 49th Yeare of his Age, being Proprietary of, and living in, Stouting Court, who married Margaret the Daughter of Thomas Jenkin of Folkestone, Gent; by whome he had 5 Sonnes, and 9 Daughters (whereof 1 Sonne and 1 Daughter died before Himselfe, and are likewise interred neere this Place; and the other 12 Children were lyving at the Tyme of his Death). Vita Vitae Mortalis, est Spes Vitae immortalis.

68. A Very ancient flat Stone, without Inscription.

69. Remains of fine Glass in the Windows. The Arch, between the Chancell and Body, is a round One, and ornamented very like that at Barfriston.

In The Body.
70. Here are 2 Flat Stones without Inscriptions. 1 of them very ancient, and has a Cross Fleury raisd on it. The Windows have been finely painted. In One Partition of the great South Window, are 2 Small Figg. of a Man and a Woman, on their Knees. In another Partition of the same Window, is, the Representation of a Person lying sick and emaciated in his Bed; on the Right Side stands a Person attending on him with Medicines etc. On the Left Side stands a Table, with a Book, Medicines, and a Candle. No Inscription is now remaining.

71. In the great North Window, are the Figures of 3 of the Apostles, as they appear to be. Under one of them are ye Remains of 5 Smaller Figures; and under them this Inscription. "Orate p Aiat. Rycardy STOTYNE, et Julyane". Over their Heads, "Itu, Fili Dei, Mise….." Under Another of the Apostles, are 2 other small Figg. under them this broken Sentence "……. Stotyne Ux:ejus". And, over them "Ste Johannes,…. ora p nobis". Under the 3d. are, also, 2 Figg. but the Inscriptions are lost.

72. This Church consists only of the Chancell, and Body, and has a very low shingled Spire at the West, in which hang 4 small Bells, all of them cast, in the Year 1721.

In The Church Yard.
73. Is an Altar Tomb for Reginald ANSELL, Clerke, A.M. Rector of this Parish, who died 1679 aged 81. And Magdalen his Wife, who died 1680. Memorials, also, of BEANE, GODFREY, HOWELL, TUKES, MAXTED and SANKEY.

74. This Church is call’d St. Maries; It is a Rectory In the Gift of – CRANSTON Esq. The Present (1759) Rector is – Cranston.

75. Dr. GALE, in his Commentary on Autoninus’s Itinerary, P.86, says, that Roman Coins & Urns, have been dug up here. And, Dr HARRIS, from the Deering M.S. says that, in the Old Park here, long before it was disparked, several Urns were found in a Stone Trough.

76. On the Top of the Hill N.E. of the Church, and abt. ½ a Mile from it, I myself saw a very fair Tumulus*. *There are 2 other very large Tumuli in this Parish – one, in ye Wood or Rufflet, on ye Right Hand of ye Road from Stoughting to ye Six Mile houses, as they are call’d; the other on ye Right Hand of Stone Street, between the sd. Six Mile Houses, & Monks Horton, in a Shave close to ye Road.

Index of Names and Places

Name Index
ANDREWS 30,40,45-47,63
ANSELL 29, 73
BIRCH 18, 19, 20, 21, 63
FILE 38, 39,41,42,43
FOORD 1, 2

HOWELL 4, 73

JENKIN 34, 35, 56- 58, 62, 65-67
LAKET 25, 26
LORD 22, 23, 24
MAXTED 8, 73

SANKEY 27, 28, 73
STOTYNE 61, 71
UPTON 30, 59, 63
WEBB 12, 13, 14
WHITE 49, 50
WRENCH 32, 33, 53-55

Places Index
Burwash 58
Camberwell, Grove Hill, 53
Coggeshall, Essex 53
East Church in Sheppey 1
Effingham, Surrey, Hill Lodge, 53
Folkstone 57
Goodnestone 1
   Church of St. Magnus the Martyr, 53
   City of London 53
Postling 47

Ruckinge 23

Salehurst in Com. Sussex 56
Sellindge, The Elms, 16
Sellindge, Stonehill, 21
Stanford, St. Mary’s Church, 54
Stelling 52
   Hill Farm 49
   Rectory 53
   Stowting Court 35, 36, 52, 56, 57
Captain 53
Captain R.N. 36
Church Wardens 60
clerke 29
Commander of the Royal Navy 35
Gen(eral?) 56
Master of arts 29
Patron of this living 53, 60
Rector 29, 53, 54, 55, 60
restored, added to and embellished
    this church 54
schools, built the adjoining 54
Scots Grays 53