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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Sturry Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In The Body.
1. On a Brass Plate, fixt to a Flat Stone. Hic requiescunt Corpora Thome CHILOMEL, de Parochiâ de Sturrey juxta Cantuariam, Joline, et Katrine, Uxorum ejus; qui quidem Thomas dedit huic Ecclesie Plumbū ad Valorem quadraginta Librarum, et multa alia Fecit bona, in predicta Ecclesiâ qui obijt xxvi Die Julij A.Dni. MCCCCCVI
(error for 1496).

2. On a Flat Stone. Arg. on a bend sa. 3 covd. cups arg. NAYLOR imp. Az. a fess embattd. betw. 3 molets or. (of 5 pts., pierced) PARAMOR]. (only bar is at end). Here lieth buried the Body of Angelica NAYLER, late Wife of Thomas Nayler of Sturrey, gent, who deceased the 10th of August …./ Issue by the ./.

3. Round The Sides of a Flat Stone, & on Brass Plates. The Body that here lyeth buried in Tombe, dyed in ye Yere of Christ Mvlij. Whose Name to knowe thou shallt full sone, these Lynes yf thow read diligently. Knowe This O Thowe this Worlde that holdst so lyef,/As Flowers that vade thy Tyme doeth passe and wear./And though Thow gettest the Treasures of India/To the Earth yet shallt thou leave them agen./Have in Mynd now, then, thy Baylywicke alac,/Er Tyme untymelie tourne thee on thy Back./Remember, I say the powre and the miserabl,/In thys transitorye Lyfe, as thou art able./Nought hither broughts thou, nought hens mayst thow cary,/Ensured to Thee, loe thus is Thy Gayne./Epitaphium Elisabethe FRENCKLYN, Filie Nicolai Frencklyn./Quid, nisi Terra, sumus? Quid est nisi Fumus?/Sed nihil est Fumus; Nos nihil ergo sumus./

4. On Another just by. Epitaphium Nicolai FRENCKLYN. En, Ego sum felix, Carius qui Mole solutus, Mutavi Aeternis deteriora bonis./Nam cum Me Rerum Series, fixusq Dierum/Ordo, vetat, Mundo vivere, vivo Deo.

5. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth the Body of William KENDALL, late of this Parish, who departed this Life 4 March 1731/2 aged 61 Years. He married Margaret, Daughter of William PICARD, late of Sturrey, who died 1 Aug 1715 aged 45 Years, leaving no Issue. He afterwards married to Mary, Daughter of Mr Robert YOUNG, of Long Port, in the City of Canterbury, whom he left surviving, with 1 Daughter. Here also lieth the Body of Margaret, Daughter of William and Mary Kendall, who died 6 Jan 1730/1 in the 7th Year of her Age.

6. On a Buttrice, at the West End. Here lyeth buried the Bodye of Katherin CHURCH, late the Daughter of Johnn Church, sometym of Sturry ……./Lyfe in the Yeare, a thousand CCCCCXLIX (1549).

7. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth interred the Body of Ann the Daughter of Mr Henry BENNET and Johanna his Wife, she departed this Life March the 30th Day 1695 in the 21st Year of hir Age.

8. On Another. Here lieth The Body of Johanna the Wife of Mr Henry BENNET, who died, the 21st Day of September 1702 in the 64th Year of her Age.

9. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Henry BENNETT, Gent, who serv’d the Right Honble. Philip SMITH, Lord Viscount STANFORD, and his Lady, as a just and faithfull Servant above 45 Years. He died June 21 1724 aged 82 Years.

10. Two Other Flat Stones in the Body, which appear to be very ancient; but their Inscriptions, and Brasses, are gone.

11. There are some Remains of good Painted Glass in the Windows.

12. In The Church Yard are Memorials of TIDDEMAN, WOOTTON, MOYSE and PICARD.

13. This Church consists of The Chancell, Body, and 2 side Isles. In The Steeple which is a neat Spire, and stands at the West End, hang 5 Bells, thus inscribed.
1. Joseph HATCH made Me. 1622.
2. Richard PHELPS…. 1710.
3. Joseph HATCH made Me. 1622.
4. Joseph HATCH made Me. 1622.
5. Joseph HATCH made Me. 1622.

14. This Church is dedicated to St. Nicholas, and is in the Patronage of ……./.

15. It is a Vicarage – The Present Vicar is The Revd. Mr Wheeler TWYMAN, viz. 1757.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
BENNET 7, 8, 9

PICARD 5, 12

Long Port, Canterbury 5