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Upper Hardres with Index of names and places at end

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               Some Monumental Inscriptions of Upper Hardres Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In the Chancell, within ye Communion Rails.
1. On a very Handsome Mural Monument, on an Altar Tomb, which stands on 2 Steps – On ye South Side, with this Coat. [Gu. a lion rampt. erm. debruised by a Λ or. HARDRES imp. THORSBY Arg. a chevn. betw. 3 lions rampt. sa.]. Here under lieth ye Body of Thomas Hardres of Upper Hardres Knt. who married Elenor, Daughter and Heir of Henry Thorsby Esquire. By whom he had 4 Sons and 2 Daughters, viz: Richard, Thorsby, Peter, Thomas, Jane and Elisabeth. He departed this Life 17 March 1628(9) in ye 55th Year of his Age.

2. On ye North Side on a very neat Mural Monument of Wh. Marble, with ye annex’d Coat. [Arg. a lion rampant sa. JONES imp. WHITFIELD Arg. a bend cotised engrailed (the cotises only) sa.]. H.S.E. Reverendus Vir David JONES A.M. Origine Cambro – Britannus, Oriundus e Myvod et Brongain in Agro Montgomerensi; sed, Vitâ Cantianus: Fuit enim hujus Ecclesiae Rector, per Annos … itemq per Alios 13 Regiae Scholae Cante. Archididascalus, benè Notus, et Numerosâ bene Literatorum Generosorum Classe faelix. Uxorem duxit Robertam, Johannis WHITFIELD Generosi ex Urbe Cantsi tertiam Filiam, lectissimam Faeminam, et Omni Virtute, praesertim Conjugali, ornatissimam. Sed illa, correpta Febre, obijt prior (Proh Dolor!) 23 Die Octobris, A.D. 1744. Aetatis 75; et Moriens postulavit, ut jaceret hic prope Maritum; ut, qui concordes unà placidam transegerant Vitam, in Morte etiam conjuncti, simul resurgant, et, simul accipiant laetum Euge, a charissimo Jesû (uti speramus) proterendum. David Apoplexiâ tèr prostrates *obijt …. et ovans dilectissimam secutus est Sponsam, saepe recitans hunc Versiculum. Farewell, Dear Wife, Bles’t Saint, Since Thou art gone before, I’ll love Heav’n better to see Thee Once More. Husbands love your Wives. Eph.5. 25. (*I think he died in ye Year 1750 (Aug.20, 1750, Hastd. III. 735) – if so, he was about 76 Years of Age; for, I find, by a Diary of his own writing, that, he enterd into his 60th Year on 22 July 1733. These are his Words – Mens natalis Dies, transijt prorsus inobservatus; ut em penitus e Memoriâ excidit).

3. Underneath is an Ancient flat Stone, on wch. have been (as appears by ye Vacancies), ye Figures in Brass, of a Knt. between 2 Women, near one of wch. were those of 2 Children. The fig. of ye Knt. now only remains, with 1 Coat (a Lyon Rampant). The other Figures, with another Coat, and ye Brass Plate on wch. was ye Inscription, are now lost. Here is another Flat Stone not legible.

4. On a very elegant and sumptuous Monument of Bl. & Wh. Marble, on ye North Side of ye Chancel without ye Rails, on ye Altar Tomb of which lies ye Alablaster Figure, at full Length, of an armed Knight, is ye following Inscription, and Coats.
[In line.
¼ly 1&4). Az. 3 demi lions passt.
2). Az. 3 roses or.
3). Az. 3 bends arg.
In pretence: Arg. 2 bars gu.
*II. (as 1&4 of last) imp.
¼ly 1). Arg. a Λ sa. on a chief gu. 3 demi-lions passt.
2). Gu 3 lions passt. or, on a fesse or 3 slipped trefoils gu.
3). Gu a + engrld. or, in 1st ¼ a molet or, for diffce.
4). Arg. crusilly & 3 cinquefoils sa.
III. as I, without pretence].

(*This Coat (viz: of HAMON of Acryse) is sometimes emblazond thus – Party per Pale – az. & or 3 Demilyons passant. Arg. as at P.63 of this Vol).
This Figure representeth ye Person of Sr. Thomas Hamon Knight hereunder Buried; Who was ye Youngest Son of William Hamon of Acryse in ye County of Kent Esq. He departed this Life in September, and in ye Year of Our Lord God 1634. His First Wife was Elisabeth ye Eldest Daughter, and one of ye Coheirs of Nicholas MARTIN of Athelhamstone, in ye County of Dorset Esq. By whom he had Issue 3 Daughters, Mary, Katherine & Elisabeth. His 2d. Wife was Dorothy ye Eldest Daughter of Thomas WILDE of St. Martin’s in ye said County of Kent Esq. Who also lieth buried in this Chancell. (Qu was not this Dorothy the Widow of Peter GODFREY of Lydd).

5. On ye South Wall, over ye Door into ye South Chancell, on an Elegant Mural Monument – with this Coat. [Gu. a lion rampt. erm. with a molet for diffce. in dexter chief imp. Arg. 2 dolphins(?) embowed or (sic), on a bend gu. 3 lions’ heads erased or. (BARGRAVE) In pretence: Or, on a pale gu. a sword point upward arg. on a chief az. 3 bezants].
P.M.S. Juxta paternos Cineres jacet Thomas HARDRESINS Eques Auratus, Legum (si quis Alter) peritissimus. Curiae, Legumq Decus ac Ornamentum. Domini Regis ad Legem Serviens meritissimus. Vitam transegit sedulam, castigatamq, tam causas strenuè orando, quam pro Tribunali sedens Justitiam Omnibus Aequè distribuendo; et quod in Cumulum per Octodecim Annos, Civitati Cantuariensi a Memorijs fidelissimus extitit. Quem Virum! Cujus Stemmata non unâ fulgebant Provinciâ: Hinc etenim Cantianorum Hardresij, illinc vero Eboracensium Thoresbaea geus inclyta Patiem dederunt, Matremq, illustrem. Quos Parentes! Quam Prolem! Bis Maritus, utroq Conjugio Parens, e Priore, Dorcade BARGRAVIO, de Nunnington, Filium Filiamq suscepit; Carolum, Eleanoramq. Secundis vero Nuptijs cum Philadelphia, de celebri FRANKLINORUM de Maidston Prosapiâ, oriundâ, qunique Filijs anctus, viz: Thomâ, Jacobo, Edmundo, Francisco, et Petro; Filiaq unicâ Janâ. Me prope Lassum (Vim Verbo) Maritus, Pater, Herus, Cansidicus, Judex Optimus, Mori potuit; Londini denatus, hic verò loci albscentem resurgentiûm Auroram expectat Felicem – obijt 18 Die Decembris. Anno Salutis 1681. Aetatis 71.

6. On a Black Flat Stone on ye Floor, with this Coat. [HARDRES as Before imp. Az. a griffin passt. or betw. 3 molets arg.]. Memoriae Sacrum. Here lies inerr’d ye Body of Thomas Hardres Esq. Eldest Son of Sr. Thomas Hardres Knight, The Kings Serjeant at Law. Who died ye 25th of June 1688 in the 37th Year of his Age… Near unto lies buried ye Body of James Hardres Esq. Second Son to ye Said Sr. Thomas Hardres; Who died the 22d. Day of October, in ye Same Year. Aged 36 Years… Resurgemus.

7. On a Grey Stone, in ye Middle of ye Chancell, are ye Brass Figures of St. Peter and St Paul standing on ye Top of a Cross, at ye Bottom of which is the Figure, in Brass also, of a Priest kneeling; out of whose Mouth proceeds a Scroll, with ye following Words. "Clavig. Celor. et Paule Doctor Populorum, intercedere pro Me digner (sic) ad Regem Angelor". Underneath, is this Hic Jacet Magister Johannes STRETE, quondam Rector hujus Ecclesiae: qui obijt VI Die Februaij An.Dni. 1405(6). Cujus Animae propitietur Deus! Amen.

8. In The East Window is to be seen this Coat. [*Or, 3 chevrons gu.]. (*CLARE, Gilbert de Clare, E of Gloucester & Hereford, had a Manor in this Parish – 21. Ed.1 – See Harris – F.143).

In ye Side, or South Chancell.
9. On a Black Flat Stone with this Coat. [HARDRES as Before, wth. a Chevn. added imp. Arg. a Λ engrld. sa. charged with 3 chess rooks arg. betw. 3 rooks sa]. Here lieth interrd ye Body of Sr. Thomas Hardres Bar’t, who departed this Life on ye 23d. Day of February, in ye Year of Our Lord 1688/9 in ye 28th Year of his Age. He married Ursula 2d. Daughter of Sr. William ROOKE, Knt. by whom he had Issue 2 Children, viz: Frances who died in her Infancy, and William, now living. She died on ye 8th Day of January 1707/8 in ye 52d. Year of her Age; And also lies interr’d under this Stone.

10. On a Small Fl. Stone with a Brass Plate. Orate pro Animâ *Georgij HARDRES Armigeri, qui obijt 24 Die Aprilis A.Dni 1485. Cujus Animae propitietur Deus. Amen. (*He married one of the Dau. & H. of …. LUCY).

11. On Another - Ditto, with this Coat. [Hardres as Before imp. Arg. 6 f. de lis gu. & a chief indented or]. Hic Jacet Dorothea HARDRES Filia Domini Johannis PASTON, Militis: Quae obijt VI Die Septembris A.Dni 1533. Cujus Animae propitietur Deus. Amen. (*She was Wife of Sr. Christopher HARDRES, who died A.D. 1536).

12. On a Black Flat Stone. H.S.M. Philippi, Thomae, Jacobi, et Mariae, Trium Filiorum, et Unius e Filiabus, Thomae HARDRES de Civitate Cantuariae Armigeri, et Mariae Uxoris Ejus; Filij Thomae HARDRES Equitis Aurati, et Servientis ad Legem Dni Regis Caroli Secundi, qui obijt 18 Die Decembris 1681, et sepultus jacet in anstrali Parte Sacrarij Hujus Ecclesiae. Philippus obijt 23 Julij 1677. Aetatis suae 10 Septiman. Thomas opprimebatur 23 Septembris 1678. Aetat, suae 11 Septiman. Jacobus natus fuit 14 Sept. 1679 et obijt 28 ejusdem Mensis. Maria obijt 19 Feb. 1681/2. Aet. 16 Septiman.

13. On a Flat Stone inlaid with 2 Figures of Brass. Here lieth Buried The Bodys of Thomas HARDRES and Johan Hardres, ye Sons of Richard Hardres Esq. and Mabel his Wife; Which Thomas was buried ye 3d. of September 1572. And ye said John ye 5th of December 1575. Whose Souls do rest with Christ.

14. On a Flat Stone, with ye annex’d Coat. [¼ly 1). HARDRES as Before.
2). Az. 6 luces (or herrings?) heads upward. arg. (LUCY) (pencil note: Heringod).
3). Vair az. & arg. on a chief arg. 2 molets of 6 points sa. (FITZHERBERT).
4). Sa. 3 luces, heads upward, arg. in chief a molet of 6 pts. for diffce imp. Arg. on a bend gu. 3 lions’ heads erased arg. crowned or (WROTH)]
Here lies Buried ye Body of Mabel HARDRES, Daughter unto Sr. Thomas WRATH Knt. The Late Wife of Richard Hardres Esq. who deceas’d this present Life, ye 8th Day of August, in the Year of Our Lord God 1579. - Thomas, and Thomas, Roger, John, and Peter, Mary and Jane.

15. In The Body, on a Flat Stone. Hereunder lieth Buried the Body of Thomas ATWOOD who died ye 1st of February 1617/8.

16. On Another. Hereunder lieth ye Body of Thomas ATWOOD Esq. of Bersted; baptised ye 11th Day of March, A.D. 1576/7. Buried 13 December 1641. So that he was aged 65 Years, 9 Months, and 2 Days.

17. On Another. Hereunder lieth Buried the Body of Richard ATWOOD of Bersted. He deceas’d ye 23d. Day of August, and was buried ye 25th of August. Anno Domini 1617.

18. Here are some Remains of good Painted Glass in most of ye Windows.

19. The Font appears to be very Ancient.

Church Yard.
20. On an Altar Tomb on ye South Side, with this Coat. [Az. a pelican vulning arg. with a molet for diffce. in dexter chief imp. ¼ly 1&4). Per pale az. & or, 3 demi lions passt. arg.
2&3). Az. 3 roses or].
Here lieth interred ye Body of Mildred, Wife of George SHEARMAN, Gent. Who died ye 9th of Feb. A.D. 1675/6. Aged 30 Years. Domine, hic Ure, hic Seca, modo in aeternum parcas. Domine da milii modo Patientiam, et postea Indulgentiam. It is better to suffer for Our Offences here in this World, than in ye World to come. There is no Dying well, without Living well. Chuse which Thou will’t, Life or Death. If Thou livest not well thou cans’t not hope to die well; But, it will be ill with Thee forever. So live to God, that Thou mayst live with God. So live on Earth, as Thou mayst live in Heaven. Let Christ be thy End, and Thou shall’t reign with Christ World without End. Life is not taken from Thee, but is exchanged for a Better. Watch, therefore, good Christians, watch, I say. Let Me Live ye Life of the Righteous, that I may die ye Death of the Righteous; and, that My last End may be like hers.

21. This Church wch. is not large, consists of 2 Chancells, The Body, and a Side Isle toward ye South, and is built of Flints. As is ye Tower, which stands on ye South Side; In it are 3 Bells, with ye following Inscriptions.
1. Samuel KNIGHT Made Me. 1727.
2. Joseph HATCH made Me. 1609.
3. Sum Rose pulsata Mundi Katharina vocata.

22. It is a Rectory, in ye Disposal of Sr. William HARDRES Bart. and is annext to Stelling.

23. The Church was dedicated to St. Peter & St. Paul.

24. The Present Rector is ye Revd. Mr Thomas COBB, A.M. 1757.

25. I have, in My Collection of Roman Coins, a very beautyfull & fresh Golden One, of the *Emperor GRATIAN, turn’d up by the Plough, In this Parish, in a Field adjoining to the Stone Street Road, 1760.
 *a. DN. Gratianus, P.F. Avg.- His Head (wth. a Diadem of Pearls) to the Breast.
b. Victoria Avgg. Gratian & Valentinian sitting, & holding a Globe – over their Heads, a Victory .. at ye Bottom. TR.OB. it Weighs 02dr. 20gr.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
ATWOOD 15, 16, 17

HARDRES 1, 6, 9-14, 22

Acrise 4
Athelhamstone, Dorset 4
Bersted 17
Lydd 4
Maidstone 5
St. Martin’s, Kent 4
Stelling 22