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Waldershare with Index of names and places at end

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                    Some Monumental Inscriptions of Waldershare Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett in 1759

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Zechariah Cozens about 1795, added 1st November 2008       

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

1. On a neat Monument on The South Wall. Here lyeth Buried the bodies of Sir Edward MONINS of Waldershare in ye county of Kent, Knight, and of his Wife, Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas LOVELACE of Hever in the said County, Esq., by whome he left 1 sonne, William, and 4 daughters, Eliza-beth, Mary, Priscilla and Frances. The said Sir Edward was buried 27 November A.D. 1602 and was Brother of John Monins Esq. who dyed issueless, and sonne of Richard Monins of Waldershare; and of Katherine the Daughter and Heire of Thomas ALIFFE of Colshall in Milton (near Sittingbourne) , Esq. Hoc Monumentum in Memoriam Patris, longe charissimi. P. posuit Juliet mus Monins de Waldershare, Baronettus, Filius et Hares ejus. Near to This Place, also, resteth the Bodies of Sir William Monins of Waldershare, Baronet, who died the 24th of Feb. in the Yeare of our Lord 1642-43 and of his wife Jane, the Daughter of Roger TWISDEN, Esq. of Royden Hall in Peckham, in Kent, who died the 27th of March in ye Yeare of Our Lord 1639. by whome the said Sr. William had 4 sonnes, viz: Edward, Thomas, John & William; and 6 Daughters, viz: Dorothy, Elisabeth, Anne, Frances, Ellen and Jane. In this Chancell, also lieth buried the Body of Elizabeth, ye 2nd Daughter of Sir William MONINS, who died unmarried, and was buried the 23rd of Feb. in ye Yeare of Our Lord 1624-25. In this Chancell, also, lieth the Bodie of William MONINS, Esq., 4th Sonne of Sir William Monins who died unmarried the 26th of January in the Yeare of Our Lord 1647-48

2. On a Flat Stone. Here resteth the Body of the Lady Jane MONINS, Daughter of Roger TWISDEN of Peckham, Esq. and Wife of Sr William Monins of Waldershare, in the County of Kent, Baronet. She departed this Life, 27 March, Anno Dni. 1639. Here also lieth interred the Body of Edward Monins, eldest Son of Sr Edward Monins, Baronet, who departed this Life, Anno Dni. 1640.

3. On another Flat Stone, with The same Coat. Here resteth the Body of Sr William MONINS of Waldershare in the County of Kent, Baronet, who married Jane the Daughter of Roger TWISDEN, of Peckham, Esq. by whom he had 4 Sonnes, and 6 Daughters, he departed this Life the 24th of March, Anno Dni 1642-43
In The East Window are some Remains of fine glass.

In the South Chancell.
4.On a handsome Altar Tomb, which stands in the Middle of this Chancell, lie the Statues, as large as the Life (at full Length, and Hand in Hand), of the Honourable Peregrine BERTIE, and his Lady, with the follg. Inscriptions and Coat.

5. On the South Side of the Tomb.
(Arg. 3 battering rams in fesse sa. headed az. horned ppr. with Monins in pretence imp. Monins (written only). In This Vault is intended to lye The Honourable Peregrine BERTIE second Son to Mountague, EARL OF LINDSEY, Lord Great Chamberlaine, of England; who was Volunteer at the famour Seige of Arras, in the Yeare 1654 under Marshall TUREN, and afterwards a Captaine of a Troop of Horse, in the EARLE OF OXFORD’s regiment, when KING CHARLES the 2nd was restored. His Father Mountague attended KING CHARLES THE FIRST, in all his Troubles, and in his Imprisonment in the Isle of Wight, and, at last, was one of the 4 Lords, who were loyall, not only unto, but after, Death; by attending his sacred Majestie to his Grave and giving him Xtian Burial, at Windsor, after his barbarous & horried Murder.

6. On the North Side of the Tomb. In this Vault lies interred the Body of The Honourable Susan BERTIE 4th Daughter, and 1 of the Co Heirs of Sr Edward MONINS of Waldershare in the County of Kent, Baronet, by Elisabeth his Wife, Daughter of Sir Thomas Styles, of Wateringbury, in the said County, Bart, and Wife to the honourable Peregrine Bertie 2nd Son to Mountague, EARL OF LINDSAY, and Lord Great Chamberlain of England. She had 3 Daughters, Bridget, Elizabeth, and Mary of which, Elizabeth died in her Lifetime. She departed this Life at Rochester the 30th of Decemb. in the Year 1697. This Monument was erected by the Honourable Peregrine BERTIE, as a lasting Testimony of his True Affection to his dear and beloved Wife; desiring, that, when God shall please to summons him hence, his Body may be here deposited by her.

In the North Chancell
7. In The Area of this Chancell is a very sumptuous, and large, square, Marble Monument, at each Corner of which, is, a very fine Female Figure of white Marble, veil’d, and sitting in a Chair; all of them in Postures and Attitudes, expressive of deep Greif. This Monument, is, 12 Feet in Length; 10 Feet, in Breadth; and, as near as I cd. guess, about 24 Feet, from ye Floor to the Top of the Obelisk. On The Sides are ye Following Coats, and Inscriptions.
   On the South Side
. (Arg. a talbot seizant az. in a border sa., in chief ULSTER in pretence. imp. Arg. a fret sa. a canton gu) Under This Monument lies interred the Body of Dr. Henry FURNESSE, Knight, and Baronet, and Alderman of the City of London; who was born at Sandwich, and, having, by the Blessing of God, acquired a plentyfull Estate, was an Imitator of ye bounteous Hand that gave it him by a truly noble Disposition, and by many liberal Acts of Munificence. Being early distinguish’d, by the Favour of our Great Deliverer KING WILLIAM, he faithfully adhered to the Cause of Liberty, and the Protestant Interest, with a steady, and indefatigable Zeal. And, as his native Generosity made every Accession of Wealth and Honour, sit gracefully upon him; so, by an exemplary Course of Liberality to the indigent, Bounty to Friends, and Publick Service to his Country, he had the Happyness of enjoying, without Envy, the great and good Character of a charitable Xtian, a noble Benefactor, a firm Patriot. Leaving Issue by his First Wife, Ann, daughter of Robert BROUGH Esq, one son Robert; who, to the Memory of his honoured Father, erected this Monument. And, by his second Wife, Matilda, widow of Anthony BALAM Esq. and Daughter of Sr. Thomas VERNON, one Daughter, Matilda. He departed this Life, Nov. 30 1712, aged 54. Matilda FURNESSE was married to Richard EDGECOMBE Esq. of Mount Edgecomb, in the County of Devon.
   On the East Side.
(Furnese imp. Sa.on a –arg. betw. 3 starts of 5 pts. arg. 3 ogresses). Here also lies deposited In Hope of a blessed Resurrection the mortal Remains of the virtuous, and much lamented Lady, Ann, Daughter of Anthony BALAM Esq. and Wife of Sr. Robert Furnese, Bart. whose native Disposition, religious Principles, unaffected Piety, and amiable Behaviour, had the Praises of every Tongue, and were equally engaging and inimitable. having joined by her Nuptials, the 2 Families, before united, in a closer Union, She completed her Parents Hopes, and her Consort’s Happyness, by the most endearing Filial Duty, and Conjugal Affection. But, by the too common Fate of the eminently good, being as mature in Virtues, as tender in Years, She was crop’t as a blooming Flower; and, leaving issue, Daughter Anne, exchanged this Life for a better, May the 29th 1713 aged 25.
   On the North Side.
(FURNESE imp. Paly of 6 or & az. a canton erm). Here lies interred The Body of Sr. Robert Furnese Bart. Heir to his Father’s Virtues and Estate; who, after exerting, in several Parliaments, Integrity, Zeal, and Spirit, for the true Interest, & Support of our happy Constitution, both in Church and State, was elected Knight of the Shire, for the County of Kent. A publick Testimonial of the Trust and Confidence of his Countrymen whose Hearts and Affections were naturally engaged by his most affable Behaviour, and liberal Spirit. He was born Aug. 1 1687 and died 14 March, 1733-34 deservedly beloved, and lamented by his Family, as a Husband and a Father; as a Master, and a Friend. His first Wife was Anne BALAM, by whom he had one daughter Anne, married to John, LORD VISCOUNT ST JOHN. His second Wife was, the Lady Arabella WATSON, by whom he had issue, Henry, and Katherine. His 3rd Wife was, The Lady Anne SHIRLEY Daughter to Robert, EARL OF FERRERS, who survived him and by whom he had Issue, Anne, who died an Infant, and Selina.
   On the West Side.
(FURNESE imp. Arg. on a // az. betw. 3 martlets sa. 3 crescents or). To the Memory of Lady Arabella WATSON 6th Daughter of Lewis, EARL OF ROCKINGHAM by Katherine, Daughter of Geo. EARL OF FAVERSHAM; born 15 March 1693-94 married 8 July 1714 deceased 6 Sept. 1727 leaving a most amiable Example of unaffected Piety, and chearfull Innocence; of Benevolence, and Complacency of Temper, which added a peculiar Grace and Lustre to all those Virtues and Accomplishments whereby she was eminently distinguished, in every Station & Relation of Life. Her Son, Sr. Henry Furnese, Baronet a Youth of promising Hope and Expectation, died, on his Travells, at Marseilles 17 March 1745-46 aged 19, and lies under this Monument. Katherine Heiress to Sr. Harry, her Brother, was married on the 10th of April, 1736, to Lewis, EARL OF ROCKINGHAM, Son of Edward, LORD VISCOUNT SONDES and grandson of Lewis, Earl of Rockingham.

In The Body. (of the Church)
8. On a Flat Stone, with this Coat
(A chevn. bew. 3 battle axes).
Laurentius WRIGHT Artium Mag. hujins, et Ecclesia de Elmsted Vicarius. Uxorem duxit Katherinam, Filiam quartam Capitanei Stepheni PILCHER de Colred. vixit, nulli Pietate secundus; obijtq 11 Die Decemb. A.D. 1707. Sub hoc Marmore Uxor moriens posita est Marito ejus amantissimo requiescere volens.

9.In the Church Yard, are Memorials of FREND-HALL and THOMPSON.

10. This Church, wch. is amall, consists of, the Middle, North, and South, Chancells, and the Body. The Tower, which is low, and cap’t with a low shingled Spire, stands at the W.End; in it hangs 1 Small Bell, the Gift of Lady Arabella FURNESE, in ye year 1714 at, or soon after, her Marriage.

11. This Church is dedicated to All Saints. It is a Vicarage, in the Patronage of the EARL OF NORTH and GUILDFORD, who by Marriage with Katherine, Daughter of Sir Robert FURNESE, and Widow of Lewis, EARL OF ROCKINGHAM, is the Present Possessor of Waldershare.
The Present Vicar is, The Revd. Mr R. GEENHALL. 1759.

On The Downs between Waldershare and Wymenswould, (abt. half a mile from Waldershare Park Gate) are 2 Parcells of Tumuli Sepulchrales, nearly opposite to each other, being parted by the High Road. Those on the *Right (viz. in going from Waldershare towards Wymenswould) are in Number abt. 40; and 1 of them seems to have been opened – Those on the **Left Hand are, in Number, abt. 140. And further on, between these and Snow Down, are 3 large Tumuli, on the Right Hand of the Road; The biggest of which is near 70 feet in Diameter, at the Bottom; and about 16 Feet in Height; and appears to have been opened in 2 Places.

* In the Parish of Barfriston.
** In the Parish of Sibertswould.
See my Account of their Contents in the 4th Vol. of my Inventorium Sepulchrale.


Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Zechariah Cozens about 1795, added   November 2008

13. From Sibertswould then to Waldershare is two miles. A place little known formerly, and which indeed would have been less known now, but by the celebrity of Waldershire house and gardens, the property of the present and which was frequently the residence of the late EARLS of GUILFORD, which is in this parish. This circumstance has given considerable consequence to a place, which without it could not claim any attention; for there are only two houses more in the whole parish, and they are dependent on, and have been built as appendages to, the mansion; one being a farm; the other a public house. The mansion house, which is supposed to have been built in the reign of KING WILLIAM or QUEEN ANN, is very spacious and convenient and has a good external appearance, being on a regular plan. Its situation being low and surrounded with lofty trees; it impresses the mind with the idea of peace and retirement more than of riot, luxury and ostentation; the too frequent inhabitants of the seats of our nobility. But the gardens and pleasure grounds, more than the house have been the causes of the notoriety of this spot. The gardens are spacious and have every necessary auxiliary; but the pleasure grounds, which contain many acres are laid out in exquisite taste, and being exceedingly wooded, form many noble vistors and agreeable walks. At the extremity of the grounds to the Westward, is a square building, called the tower or belvidere, built by Sr. Robert FURNASE for a Banqueting house, but never finished. It is a conspicuous object to, and commands a fine prospect of, the adjoining country. These excellent grounds are further ornamented by temples, statues, etc. Half a mile to the Eastward of the mansion-house stands the Church, which is a very small structure, to appearance not very antient, of one aile and a chancel, with a chapel at each side of it; that on the South belonging to the BERTIE’s, the corresponding one to the FURNESS’s. At the West end is a small turret containing one Bell, inscribed: The Reverend Joseph WILCOCKS, D.D. Rector* R. PHELS fe. 1716. (*The Living is not a Rectory but a Vicarage).

In the Chancel.
14. On a handsome mural Monument of black and white Marble, of the Corinthian order, with Columns, Entablature, and open Pediment, on the South side of the chancel: Here lyeth buried the bodies of Sr. Edward MONINS of Waldershare in ye County of Kent Kt. & of his wife Elizabeth ye daughter of Thomas LOVELACE, of Hever in ye said County Esqr. by whome he left one Sonne William & 4 Daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Priscilla & Frances: ye Said Sr. Edward was buried 27th of November An.Dni 1602 & was Brother of John Monins Esqr. who Died Issuelesse & Sonne of Richard Monins of Walwarshare (sic) & of Katherine ye Daughter & Heire of Thomas ALIFFE of Colshall in Milton Esqr. Hoc Monumentu in Memoriam Patris longe charissim P. Posuit Gulielmus Monins de Walwarshare Barronettus filius et heres eius. Near to this place also resteth ye bodies of Sr. William Monins of Walwarshare Baronett who dyed ye 24 of February in ye year of our Lord 1642/3, & of his wife Jane the daughter of Roger TWISDEN Esqr, of Rayden Hall in Peckham in Kent who dyed ye 27 of March in ye year of our Lord 1639 by whom ye said Sr. William had 4 sonnes, viz. Edward, Thomas, John & William & 6 daughters viz. Dorothy, Elizabeth, Anne, Frances, Ellen & Jane. In this Chancel also lyeth buried ye bodie of Elizabeth ye second Daughter of Sr William MONINS who dyed unmarried and was buried the 23d. of February in ye yeare of our Lord 1624/5. In this chancel also lyeth ye bodie of William MONINS Esqr. fourth sonne of Sr. William Monins who dyed unmarryed the 26th of January in ye yeare of our Lord 1647/8. The Arms are lost.

15. On a plain black marble slab, at the South side of the chancel: Here resteth the body of Sr. William MONINS of Waldershare in the County of Kent Baronet, Who maryed Jane the Daughter of Roger TWISDEN of Peckham Esq. by whom he had 4 sonnes and 6 Daughters. He departed this life ye 24th of March Anno Dni. 1642/3. Arms: Monins, impal. Twisden, viz. Gyronny of 4, a Saltier, voided, betw. as many crosses crosslets.

16. On another adjoining the above: Here resteth ye body of ye Lady Jane MONINS, Daughter of Roger TWISDEN of Peckham Esqr. & wife of Sr. William Monins, of Waldershare in ye County of Kent Baronet, She departed this Life ye 27th of March An. Dni. 1639. Here also lyeth interred ye body of Edward Monins, eldest sonne of Sr. Edward Monins Baronet, who departed this life Anno Dni. 1640.

South or Bertie chapel.
17. In the center of the chapel is an elegant tomb of white marble, on which are lying the whole length effigies of the Honorable Peregrine BERTIE and Susan his wife, they are habited in the uncouth dresses of the time in which they lived. On the North side of the tomb is inscribed: In this Vault Lies Interred the body of the Honble. Susan Bertie, Fourth daughter and one of ye coheires of Sir Edward MONINGS of Waldershare in the county of Kent, Baronet by Elizabeth his wife, Daughter of Sir Thomas STYLES of Wateringbury in ye sd. County, Bart & wife to the Honble. Peregrine Bertie, second son to Montague, EARL of LYNDSEY, Lord Great Chamberlaine of England. She had three Daughters, Bridget, Elizabeth & Mary, of which Elizabeth dyed in her life time. She departed this life at Rochester the 30th of Decem. in the year 1697. This Monument was erected by the Honble. Peregrine Bertie, as a lasting Testimony of his true affection to his Dear and beloved wife, desiring that when God shall Please to Sumons him home, his body may be here Deposited by her.
   On the South side of the Tomb: In this Vault is intended to Lye ye Honble. Peregrine BERTIE*, second son of Montagu, EARLE of LYNDSEY, Lord Great Chamberlaine of England, Who was Volunteer at the famous siege of Arras, in the year 1654, under Marshall TURIN, and afterwards a Captn. of a Troop of Horse in the EARLE of OXFORD’s Regiment, when KING CHARLES 2nd . was restored. His father Montague attended KING CHARLES 1st in all his troubles, and in his Imprisonment in the Isle of Wight, and at last was one of ye four lords, who were Loyall not only unto, but after death, by attending his Sacred Majtye. to his Grave, and giving him Christian burial at Wyndsor after his Barbarous and horrid Murder. Arms: at the West end, Bertie, viz. 3 Battering Rams, surtout MONINS, impaling Monins. In the wall at the North side of the chapel, hang his Helmet, Banners, Trophies, etc. (footnote) *Coll. Peer. Vol. II, p.16 says he died and was buried as he here desires, at Waldershare.

North, or FURNESE chapel.
18. In the center is a most noble sumptuous Monument of different kinds of marble, consisting of statues, pyramids, emblems of mortality, etc. executed by Thomas GREEN. On a tablet of white marble on the front or South side: Under this Monument lyes interr’d the body of Sr. Henry FURNESE, Knight & Baronett, & Alderman of ye City of London; Who was born in Sandwich & having by ye blessing of Providence, acquired a plentifull Estate, was an imitator of ye bounteous hand that gave it him by a truly noble disposition & by many liberal acts of Munificence. Being early distinguished by ye Favour of our great Deliverer KING WILLIAM, he faithfully adhered to the cause of Liberty & ye Protestant Interest with a steady and indefatigable Zeal. And as his native Generosity made every accession of wealth & honour sit gracefully upon him; so by an exemplary course of Liberality to ye indigent, bounty to friends, & publick services to his Country, he had ye happiness of enjoying, without envie, ye great & good Character of a charitable Christian, a noble Benefactor, & a firm Patriot. Leaving Issue by his first wife Anne, daughter of Robt. BROUGH Esqr. one son Robert, who to the memory of his much honoured Father erected this Monument; And by his second wife Matilda widow of Anthony BALAM Esqr. & daughter of Sr. Thomas VERNON one daughter Matilda, he departed this life November ye 30th 1712. Aged 54. Matilda Furnese was Married to Richard EDGCOMBE Esqr. of Mount Edgcombe in the County of Devon.

Sir Henry Furnese was the eldest son of Henry Furnese, of Sandwich, by Ann the daughter of Mr Andrew GOSFRIGHT, one of the jurats of this town. Sir Henry’s father was a sergeant of dragoons and, upon his marriage, settled at Sandwich, as a grocer and tallow chandler, in a small house on the west side of the fish market, in which Sir Henry was born. It was pulled down in 1786, and the ground now forms part of the site of the New Rose inn. He was admitted a freeman of the corporation, by marriage, 10th Decr. 1657. and died insolvent 12th June 1672. in the 43rd year of his age. The effects were sold, and a part of the produce was distributed among the creditors; the rest was given to the widow for the maintenance of herself and family. The debts were fully discharged afterwards by Sir Henry with interest. Sir Henry purchased a house for his mother in Potters street, in which she resided till her death, which happened 6th Novr. 1696 in her 63rd year. In June 1689 she was cessed to the poll tax with one child, her man servant John BRANCH, and two maids. They had two sons, Henry and George, and three daughters Mary, Elizabeth and Anne.
Henry was born the 31st May 1658, and was bound apprentice to his uncle GOSFRIGHT of London, an hosier in Cheapside; but that being too confined a station for his enterprising genius, be became a general merchant, and by his industry and abilities, and a favourable concurrence of circumstances, he rose to eminence, wealth and honors. By means of his extensive correspondence he obtained the first information of the surrender of Limerick in 1691; which he communicated to the Queen, who conferred upon him the honor of knighthood, and dispatched him immediately to the King in Flanders with the important news. For this, and for having been always active and zealous in support of the revolution, he was distinguished by the favor of KING WILLIAM and of the whigs in general. The ministry patronized him, and promoted his interest on many occasions; particularly, by intrusting him with the remittances to pay the troops in Flanders and elsewhere, which gave him weight and influence both at home and abroad, and enabled him to serve his family in various ways. He was a great importer of laces, cambrics, etc. with which he furnished QUEEN MARY, QUEEN ANN, the ladies of the court, and the nobility in general; and he exported large quantities of woollen goods to Turkey, Portugal, and other countries. He served the office of Sheriff for London and Middlesex in 1701, and was chosen alderman of the ward of Bridge within in 1711. It was in the capacity of a citizen of London that SWIFT mentions him in the 40th number of The Examiner, dated 10th May 1711. "I know, says he, a citizen who adds or alters a letter in his name with every plumb he acquires; he now wants only the change of a vowel to be allied to the sovereign Prince in Italy; that that perhaps he may contrive to be done by a mistake of the graver upon his tombstone". Certain it is, I find the name thus variously written: FURNACE, FURNICE, FURNISE, FURNESS, FURNESE, FURNESSE. Sir Henry was admitted a freeman of Sandwich by birth the 3rd Jan. 1701, and represented the corporation in several parliaments. He was much esteemed by his townsmen, to whom he was affable and liberal in his life time, and to whom he bequeathed a handsome legacy when he died. Here was a shrewd sensible man, of most engaging manners, and totally void of pride; frequently mentioning, with pleasantry, the lowliness of his birth, and the servile offices in which he was employed when a boy. He was created a Baronet on the 27th June 1706 or 1707, and died the 30th Novr. 1712 aged 54 years. Boys’s Sandwich, P.484.
FURNESE, viz. Ar. a talbot seiant, within a bordure, Sab. on a canton, the arms of Ulster. Impaling Ar. a fret, Sab. a Canton, Gu. (erd. BALAM, viz. Sab. on a fess, betw. three etoils, Ar. as many pellets). Crest: on a Knights Helmet, a Talbot seiant.
   On the East side: *Here also1 lies deposited in hopes of a blessed Resurrection the mortal remains of the virtuous and much lamented lady Anne, daughter of Anthony BALAM, Esqr. & Wife of Sir Robt. FURNESS, Bart. Whose2 native good disposition, Religious principles, unaffected Piety, and amiable behaviour had3 ye praise of every tongue, & were equally engaging & imititable4. Having joined by her nuptials the two Families before united in a close Union, she completed her Parents hopes & her Consorts happeness by ye most endearing Filial duty & conjugal affection. But by ye too common Fate of ye eminently good being as mature in Virtues as tender in years she was cropt as a blooming flower, & leaving issue one5 Daughter Anne, exchainged6 this Life for a better, May the 29th 1713 Aged 25. Arms: Furnese as before. Impaling, Balam, viz. Sab. on a fess, betw. three etoils, Ar. as many pellets.
   *The three following Inscriptions being very inaccurately printed in The Topographer, Vol. I. p. 17, 18, 19, the Author of this work has inserted the errors in the margin; more to clear himself from the imputation of incorrectness, than to expose the faults of that respectable publication.
   1  Topp. "Here lyeth".
   2  Topo 2. Whom a. 3 gained the praises. 4 amiable. 5 a daughter. 6 she exchanged. 7 March 29th.
   On the North side is: Here lies Interr’d the Body of Sr. Robert FURNESE, Bart. Heir to his Father’s virtues & Estate, who after Exerting in Several Parliaments Integrity, Zeal and Spirit, for the true Interest and Support of our happy Constitution in Church & Estate, was Elected Knight of the Shire, for the County of Kent, a public Testimonial of the Trust & Confidence of his Countrymen, whose Hearts & affections were naturally Engaged by his most affable Behaviour & Liberal Spirit. He was born 1 Augst. 1687; & died 14 March, 1733, Deservedly Beloved & lamented by His Family as a Husband, & a Father as a Master & a Friend. His 1st Wife was Ann BALAM by whom He had one Daughter Ann, Married to John, Lord VISCOUNT ST JOHN. His 2nd. Wife was The Lady Arabella WATSON by whom He had Issue Henry & Catherine. His 3rd Wife was The Lady Ann SHSIRLEY, Daughter to Robert, EARL of FERRERS, who Survived him, by whom He had Issue Ann, who died an infant, & Selina, Who married 1755, Edward, eldest Son of Sir Edward DERING, Bart, and left a son Edward, and a daughter Selina.
    Lady Ann FURNESE after passing very honourably a widowhood of about 46 Years, died greatly respected, February 25th 1779 in the 72nd of her Age and was buried by her own desire in Audley Chapel, in the Parish of St. George Hanover Square.
Arms: Furnese, impaling, Or, two pales, Az. a Canton, Er.
On the West side: To the Memory of Lady Arabella WATSON, 6th Daughter of Lewis, EARL of ROCKINGHAM, by Kath. Daughter of Geo. EARL of FEVERSHAM, Born 15 March 1693, Married 8 July 1714; Deceased 6 Sept. 1727. Leaving a most amiable Example of unaffected Piety & cheerful Innocence, of Benevolence, and Complacency of Temper, which added peculiar Grace and Lustre to all those virtues & Accomplishments, whereby She was Eminently distinguished in every Station and relation of life. Her son Sr. Henry FURNESE, Bart. a youth of Promising hope & Expectation, Died on his Travells at Marseilles 17 March 1735, aged 19, And lies interred under this Monument.
   Katherine Heiress to Sr. Henry, her Brother, was married on 10 Aprill 1736, to Lewis EARL of ROCKINGHAM, Son of Edward, Lord Visct. SONDES, & Grandson of Lewis, Earl of Rockingham, Who died the 4th Day of December14 1745. Her Ladyship was married on the 13th Day of June 1751, to Francis LORD NORTH & GUILDFORD15 since EARL of GUILDFORD, & having Eminently displayed all ye Virtues of her Parents departed this life Universally Lamented on ye 22nd day of Decr. 1766 in the 52nd Year of her Age, Leaving no Issue. She was by direction of her Will, interred at Wroxton in Oxfordshire. Arms: FURNESE impaling Watson of Conington, in Cambridgshire, viz. Ar. on a chev. Az. betw. 3 martlets, Sab. as many Crescents, Or.
14  Who died Decr. 14th.
15  North & Grey, since created Earl of Guilford.

19. On a black marble slab, before the Clerk’s desk: Laurentius WRIGHT Artium Mag. Hujus et Eccles de Elmsted Vicarius. Uxorem duxit Katherinam film. 4 Capn. Stephani PILCHER de Colred Vixit. Nulli pietate Secundus Annos 61 Obiitq. 11 Decemb. Anno Dom. 1707. Sub hoc Marmore Uxor Moriens posunt est Marito ejus, Amantissimo Requiescere Velit. Arms: WRIGHT, viz. a chev. betw. 3 pioneers axes.

20. On a grey stone, adjoining: Here lieth the Body of the Revd. Mr Robert GREENALL, A.M. late Vicar of this Parish, Rector of Blackmanstone and Curate of Nonington & Womenswould, He died Decr. 17th 1770. Aged 42 Years.

21. In some of the windows, particularly the Eastern, are considerable remains of painted glass, in one a fine representation of a cock on a wreath.

22. The soil in this Parish, except that part of it which is appropriated to Waldershare gardens and pleasure-grounds, is light and poor, and as to the prospects the beautifulness of them has been spoken of above.

23. The Living is a Vicarage, and the Church is dedicated to All Saints.

24. Patron: The Archbishop. 1705. Incumbent: Bladen DOWNING.
King’s Books £10.0s.5d. Tenths £1.0s.½d.

From Waldershare we passed on to Eythorne.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
ALIFFE 1, 14
BALAM 7, 18
BERTIE 4, 5, 6, 13, 17
BROUGH 7, 18

FURNESE 7, 10, 11, 18
FURNESS 13, 18

MONINS 1, 2, 3, 6, 14-17
Mountague 5

STYLES 6, 17
TWISDEN 1, 2, 3, 14-16
VERNON 7, 18
WATSON 7, 18
WRIGHT 8, 19
Places Index
Arras 5
Blackmanstone 20
Colshall in Milton
   (near Sittingbourne) 1, 14
Hever 1, 14
Isle of Wight 5
Limerick 18
   Cheapside 18
   City of London 18

Marseilles 7, 18
Mount Edgcombe, Devon 18
Mount Edgecomb, Devon 7
Nonington 20
Rayden Hall in Peckham 14,
   15, 16
Royden Hall, East 
   Peckham 1, 3
Rochester 6
Sandwich 7, 18

Waldershire House 13
Wateringbury 6, 17
Windsor 5
Womenswould 20
Wroxton, Oxfordshire 18
Alderman 7, 18
Captain 5, 17
dragoons 18
grocer 18
hosier 18
jurats 18
Lord Great Chamberlaine 5, 6
Seige 5
sergeant 18
siege of Arras 17
tallow chandler 18
Troop of Horse 17