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Westwell with index of names at end

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The Monumental Inscriptions in The Church and Churchyard of Westwell, Kent.
                                                                        Taken in September 1920 by Leland L. Duncan.

                                                       Typed up by Christine Pantrey, checked by Zena Bamping

Also some Monumental Inscriptions noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758, added 30th January 2008

Plot A. The South-Eastern corner, East of the porch.
1. James DUNGATE of this parish, 9th June 1875 aged 83. Sarah, his wife, 14th January 1877 aged 83.

2. James BUTLER JONES, born at Portsmouth 17th September 1794, died 21st September 1868.

3. Henry MARSH of this parish, 30th August 1739 aged 71. Left issue one son, James. Martha his wife erected this stone.

4. Henry ANDREWS of this parish, 10th May 1817 aged 82. Left issue surviving by Elizabeth his wife, five sons and two daughters: Henry, Thomas, Stephen, Edward, James, Anne and Charlotte.

5. Catherine wife of Henden HOUGHTON late of Ashford, 25th February 1803 aged 23. Left issue two sons and one daughter: Thomas, Usherback and Sarah. Sarah daughter of above 19th December 1804 aged two years.

6. Amy widow of Usher BACK, 9th January 1819 aged 72.

7. Usher BACK, 12th November 1787 aged 43. Elizabeth Back daughter of said Usher and Amy Back, 12th September 1776 aged four years. Amy their daughter, 26th March 1779 aged (? two years).

8. Here lieth the body of Jane RICARDVN wife of Danell Richardon of this parish who departed this life the nineteenth day of June anno Domini 1687 aged 22 years. Dafter of Edward AVCHER Shee lived of all beloved but now lies here, of all lamented but spends a tear for her whose life was to all virtue given, but cease for shee too good for earth found heaven.

9. Mr John AUSTEN only son of John and Mary Austen of Chartham in this county, 15th March 1795 in 70th year.

10. John CHAPMAN of this parish, Yeoman, July 1826 aged 74. Mary his wife January 1822 aged 66. Sarah their daughter May 1827 aged 31. Elizabeth eldest daughter of John and Mary Chapman 8th October 1863 aged 73. Sarah Chapman 9th November 1869 aged 75.

11. William SHIPWASH late of this parish 5th March 1814 aged 62. Left issue surviving by Mary his wife two sons and two daughters: William, John, Elizabeth and Mary.

12. Henry WOOD 18th December 1855 aged 37. Ann wife of above 16th June 1866 aged 46.

13. Catherine HATCH daughter of William and Elizabeth CHAPMAN of this Parish, 24th March 1791 aged 34.

14. William CHAPMAN of Periton Court in this parish, 8th November 1792 aged 68. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife one son and two daughters: John, Elizabeth and Catherine.

15. Effie DAVIS, 27th March 1892 aged 32.

16. Thomas CHAPMAN, 24th July 1891 aged 66. Elizabeth his wife 16th November 1892 aged 56.

17. John ELVY of this Parish, 17th May 1769 aged 80. Ann his wife 18th February 1770 aged 79.

18. James BURDEN 26th October 1893 aged 84.Harriett his wife 16th July 1881 aged 77. Walter J.R. SMITH their grandson 29th May 1874 aged 7.

19. John STONE of this parish, 27th January 1812 aged 75. Mary his wife 26th December 1815 aged 77. They had Issue ten children, six of which survived them: William, Thomas, Robert, Sarah, Mary and Eleanor.

20. John CHEESMAN, 1st March 1891 aged 52.

21. William CHAPMAN, 20th August 1748 aged 77. Near him lie his two infant sons William and Thomas. Mary (Martha ?) the wife of William Chapman, 12th February 178 [0?] aged 88. [Westfield Parish Register 4th March 1780 L.L.D.]

22. Jane Margaret Stevenson elder daughter of the Rev. Henry Honywood D’OMBRAIN, Vicar of this parish, 14th July 1893 aged 44. (2013-08-16 Charles Nelson tells us that Jane died a spinster. Also the rose 'Mlle Marguerite d'Ombrain' was named after her, it seems, and there is also a rose named after her father - 'Rev. H. Dombrain' - and her mother - 'Mrs D'Ombrain' - and yet another after her sister 'Edith D'Ombrain'.)

23. The Rev. Henry Honywood D’OMBRAIN for 37 years Vicar of this Parish, Born 10th May 1818 died 23rd October 1905. Eldest son of the late Sir James D’Ombrain knight [Direct descendent of J. D’Embrun a Huguenot who fled from France at the massacre of St Bartholomew in 1572].Catherine widow of above died on her 87th birthday 27th September 1912. Interred at Southborough.

24. Daniel WOOD, 18th May 1860 aged 75. Left surviving a wife and seven children viz John, Frances, Amy, George, Mary, Helen and Jane. Mary wife of above, 3rd September 1877 aged 88.

25. Daniel HORNE of this parish, 3rd September 1848 aged 82. Mary his wife, 28th October 1865 aged 84. Leaving one son and one daughter: Amy and John Austen.

26. Amy wife of John PAINE of Berwick manor Lympne daughter of the late Daniel Horne of this parish, 24th December 1874 aged 65. Leaving issue two children Ellen and Caroline.

27. Mary Jane wife of John Austen HORNE of Periton Court, Westwell, 24th July 1889 aged 63. The above John Austen Horne, 15th October 1899 aged 87. Left surviving two sons: George and William Smart.

28. Eliza Jane only daughter of John Austen HORNE of Periton Court, Westwell, died suddenly 28th May 1891 aged 26.

Plot B. East of Chancel.
29. (First of six stones in an enclosure) Robert CHEESMAN of this parish, 20th July 1872 aged 74.

30. Mary Ann wife of Robert CHEESMAN, 1st December 1857 aged 52.

31. Elizabeth eldest daughter of Robert and Mary Ann CHEESMAN 14th June 1851 aged 19.

32. Edward third son of Richard and Mary Ann CHEESMAN 4th February 1850 aged 10.

33. Edward son of Richard and Mary Ann CHEESMAN, 16th April 1837 aged 22 months.

34. Frances CHEESMAN born 11th November 1847 died 15th January 1879.

35. Elizabeth youngest daughter of the late John BURCH of Lympne, born 15th August 1801. Died 22nd May 1887.

36. Thomas KENNETT of this parish, 18th March 1872 aged 79 leaving a widow eight sons and three daughters: John, Thomas, William, Mary, Hezekiah, Charles, Laud, Ann- Elizabeth, Sarah, Henry and Edward.

37. Mary widow of the late Thomas KENNETT of Shottington farm, 17th December 1886 aged 86.

38. Elizabeth wife of John WHITMORE late of Hillmorton, Warwickshire, 27th November 1874 aged 64. John Whitmore, 16th May 1894 aged 87.

39. To our Mother Sarah BAKER died at Ashford 29th April 1888 aged 69. To our Father Samuel Wilson Baker, 29th July 1888 aged 70. Interred In Egutpoora Cemetery, India.

40. Ann wife of Thomas KENNETT, 19th August 1890 aged 56. He died 15th March 1903 aged 81.

41. William B. SHARPE of Bakers’ Cross, Cranbrook 23rd June 1891 in his 83rd year. Ann his widow 10th November 1892 in her 85th year. Elizabeth Louisa wife of W. J. WINCH of Cranbrook, only child of above 8th February 1888 [no age]. [See no. 168]

Plot C. North of the Church.
42. Henry PRATT 14th October 1878 aged 65. Lydia his wife 22nd December 1878 aged 68.

43. Stephen PRATT 9th January 1892 aged 82. Michael his brother 30th June 1888 aged 80.

44. Richard VAUGHAN 21st December 1888 aged 87.

45. Frances Kate youngest daughter of Edward and Jane MILES, 23rd April 1885 aged 17. Rebecca MOON eldest daughter of above E. and J. Miles, 9th October 1886 aged 29.

46. John GILES, 14th June 1881 aged 70. Sarah his wife, 25th October 1890 aged 77.

47. Mary Ann DUNGATE, 17th June 1882 aged 60.

48. George GILES, 17 years clerk of this Parish 11th October 1858 aged 52.

49. John COOK of this parish, 29th December 1874 aged 82. Margaret Ann his wife, 18th November 1868 aged 75.

50. William WOOD, 21st September 1874 aged 76. Charlotte his wife, 21st May 1888 aged 83.

51. Caroline KIRBY, 22nd May 1870 aged 20.

52. James Robert PEARMAN died at Hothfield Station 9th August 1904 aged 68. Elizabeth Pearman step-mother of above 20th May 1903 aged 93.

53. William GILBERT of this parish, 12th February 1907 aged 77. Ann his wife, 26th January 1904 aged 69.

54. Valentine HOBDAY of this parish, 23rd June 1907 aged 50.

55. George, sixth son of the late Robert CHEESMAN of this Parish born 6th July 1845, died 21st May 1913.

56. Maria Alice wife of Joseph WHEELWRIGHT of 7 Nevill Park, Tunbridge Wells, 23rd March 1906. Joseph Wheelwright her husband 12th August 1911 in 80th year [See 179].

57. Elizabeth Susannah (Bessie) HARMS, 14th February 1903 aged 35. Mabel Beatrice Harms, 30th September 1908 aged 30.

58. Frances Louisa wife of John MILLEN of Dunn Street farm of this parish, 19th February 1902 aged 72, John Millen her husband born 1st May 1824, died 14th April 1911 aged 87.

Plot D. South Western position beginning at South gate and going westward line by line.
59. James MILLEN, Yeoman, of this parish, 28th January 1819 aged 65. Left issue by Elizabeth his first wife one son James, and by Grace his second wife two daughters: Lydia and Elizabeth.

60. (Modern Gothic altar tomb) John MILLEN of this parish, Yeoman died 16th June 1794 aged 48. Elizabeth his wife, 22nd April 1812 aged 68. They had issue one daughter Elizabeth. John APSLEY of Ashford, builder, died 20th February 1837 aged 62. Elizabeth his wife, daughter of John and Elizabeth Millen died 1st May 1823 aged 40. They had issue two sons John Millen and Alexander and four daughters: Susannah, Elizabeth, Ann, and Margaret. John Millen, Susanna and Margaret, children of John and Elizabeth Apsley died- John Millen, 18th July 1814 aged nine months; Susannah, 31st January 1812 aged two years; Margaret, 21st January 1834 aged 12 years.

61. Elizabeth wife of James MILLEN of this parish, 24th January 1792 aged 29. Left issue one son James.

61 A. (Footstones) G.B. 1790 - S.P. 1786. J.W.B. 1784.

62. William son of William and Mary PEARSON, 11th December 1811 aged 25.

63. Mary wife of William PEARSON late of the parish of St George the Martyr in the City of Canterbury, 3rd October 1800 aged (5?)7. William Pearson, 2nd December 1813 aged 73, left issue surviving one son and two daughters.

64. James MILLEN late of this parish, Yeoman, and Lydia his wife. He died 12th December 1792 aged 85; she 9th February 1791 aged 79. They left issue surviving three sons and four daughters; Mary, John, Thomas, Lydia, Elizabeth, Jane and Sarah.

65. Frances Elizabeth wife of John Thomas JONES, 14th November 1881 [ No age].

66. Maud Henrietta Emily daughter of the Rev. R. ORGILL-LEMAN of Brampton Hall, Suffolk, who died at St Coud near Paris on Xmas Eve 1876 aged 11. Ellen Maria widow of Rev. R. Orgill-Leman of Brampton Hall in Suffolk, 18th January 1883 aged 66.

67. Edward ADAMS late of Hurnhill (sic) 9th December 1762 aged 78, Deborah his wife th February 17(8?)0 aged (69?). She left issue four sons and four daughters: Edward, David, Thomas and John, Susannah, Deborah, Mary and Elizabeth.

68. Winifred Marian infant daughter of Clark and Elizabeth A. MAYLAM of Park House, Westwell, Born 3rd February, died 22nd February 1887.

69. Charlotte only daughter of Isaac and Sarah BEER of the City of Canterbury and Granddaughter of the late Mr James MILLEN, Yeoman, of this Place, 4th August 1812 aged 16.

70. Frances daughter of Thomas and Frances BACK, 4th November 1823 aged 19. Amy sister of above 7th September 1837 aged 30. Mary Ann wife of John COOK of London and sister of above died at Park House in this Parish, 10th October 1857 aged 43 leaving one son John.

71. Thomas BACK of this parish, Farmer, 18th December 1816 aged 42. Left surviving by Frances his wife four sons and eight daughters- Thomas, Usher, John, George, Catherine, Susannah, Sarah, Frances, Amy, Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Maria. Frances wife of above Thomas Back died in London 15th January 1844 aged 70.

72. Sarah MILLEN late of Great Paddock Farm, Challock, 11th January 1873 aged 76.

73. Lydia Millen, 4th October 1880 aged 85. Catherine Millen formerly of above farm and late of Barrow Hill Terrace, Ashford, 28th December 1891 in her 95th year.

74. Thomas MILLEN late of Challock, 5th March 1809 aged 62. Left issue surviving by Sarah his wife three sons and three daughters; James, John, Stephen, Lydia, Sarah and Catherine. Sarah his wife 23rd October 1848 aged 86.

75. John MILLEN of Great Paddock Farm Challock, died at Ashford 9th January 1866 aged 73.
Mary second daughter of James MILLEN of Dunn Street Farm, Westwell, 2nd December 1899 aged 82. Lydia Mary Millen, 11th March 1905 aged 90.

76. Thomas BENNETT late of this parish, 16th November 1805 aged 72.

77. James FLINT late of Bilsington, Yeoman, 3rd August 1829 in his 56th year. Erected by his wife Ann who died 18th August 1831 aged 72.

78. Ann Flint MOORE widow of the late Edward Moore of Beaver Farm, Ashford, 18th January 1895 aged 75. Edward Moore, 16th February 1888 aged 75. Interred in Ashford Cemetery.

79. Mary wife of William KINGSLAND, 16th July 1797 aged 77. Left issue three sons: Daniel, William and John.

80. Stephen ODDEN many years inhabitant of this Parish, 13th May 1787 aged 70. Left issue by Viginti his wife three sons and six daughters: James, Susanna, Elizabeth, Mary, Stephen, Catherine, Sarah, Lydia and Thomas.

81. Viginti ODDEN, 8th June 1814 aged 23. Stephen Odden son of Stephen and Viginti Odden of Shottenton Farm of this Parish 19th May 1792 aged 54.

82. Thomas ODDEN son of Stephen and Viginti Odden of Shottenton Farm, 13th January 1828 aged 57.

83. William Jessie HEAD of this Parish, 6th January 1861 aged 57. Rebecca relict (widow) of above, 11th April 1865 aged 67. Left surviving three sons: Thomas, John and William.

84. Edward HEAD late of this Parish, 6th September 179(5?) aged 65. Leaving issue by Merritt his wife three sons and two daughters: John, Mary, Edward, Elizabeth and Henry.

85. Henry, son of the late James HEAD of this Parish, miller, 26th May 1851 aged 59.

86. Elizabeth wife of James HEAD, Miller, of this Parish, 31st December 1815 aged (47?). James grandson of said Elizabeth Head who met with an accidental death on 6th July 1819 aged 8. Above James Head, 3rd April 1837 aged 78.

87. Henry and Elizabeth HEAD of this Parish. He died 4th April 1804 aged 84, she 8th May 1788 aged 61. Issue three sons; John, Thomas and James surviving.

88. Here lyeth ye body of Thomas RASSELL ye husband of Jane Rassell who dyed ye 14th of February 1686 aged 72 years.

89. William KINGSLAND late of the Parish of Kennington, Yeoman, 11th November 1799 aged 82.

90. Mary Ann wife of James NINN of Lacton, Westwell, 15th June 1885 aged 51.

91. (This and the two following are in one enclosure) Thomas BACK of Park House, of this Parish, 6th February 1872 aged 76. Left surviving Mary his widow and two daughters, Mary and Caroline. Mary his wife, 14th May 1875 aged 79.

92. Mary eldest daughter of Thomas and Mary BACK, 24th March 1897 aged 68.

93. To two sons and two daughters of Thomas and Mary BACK of Park House Farm, of this Parish . Thomas, 30th April 1842 aged 14.

94. James DURTNALL of this Parish, 17th January 1815 aged Left surviving by Lydia his wife three sons and two daughters: James, William, John, Lydia and Elizabeth. Lydia his wife, 31st July 1881 aged 83.

95. John PHILLPOT sonne of William Phillpot died the 4th day of March 1692 in his 23rd year.

96. William PHILLPOT died 1(5?) day of December in the year 1677 in the 40th yeare of his age. Heare also lieth Elizabeth ye wife of William Phillpott died 11th June 1706 in her 71st year.

97. Mary BACKET died first day of August in the yeare 1679 in the 78th year of her age.

98. Richard VNSTED….pril 29. 1765 ….(under grass).

99. Frances Louisa wife of William V. TABRETT of Goat Lees Lodge, Kennington, 26th June 1899 aged 37.

100. (Monument opposite west door) Walter James eldest son of John and Frances Louisa MILLEN of Dunn Street, Westwell, born 31st July 1860, died 23rd August 1898.

Plot E. North Western part of the yard.
101. Robert BRUCE of Charing Cross, London, died in this village 29th April 1830 aged 27.

102. Benjamin JELL late of Waltham abbey, Essex, died at Boughton Aluph 6th September 1840 aged 67.

103. Jane Sarah JELL daughter of Thomas and Jane Sarah Jell of Ripple Farm, 15th September 1858 aged 63. Mary Jell sister of above died at Ripple Farm, 15th October 1871 aged 80.

104. Jane Sarah wife of Mr Thomas JELL of this parish, 21st November 1831 aged 70, leaving issue two daughters; Mary and Jane Sarah. The above Mr Thomas Jell, 29th November 1836 aged 71.

105. Thomas CROUCH late of this parish, 19th March 1769 aged 66. Mary his wife 12th March 1802 aged 82. They left surviving five sons and two daughters: Thomas, Humphrey, William, Mary Ann and Jane Sarah.

106. James MILLEN of Dunn Street Farm of this Parish, 7th January 1852 aged 62. Lydia his wife, 12th February 1846 aged 60. Surviving issue three sons and three daughters: Lydia, Thomas, Mary, Sarah, John and George. James Millen son of above, upholsterer, 15th November 1848 aged 30. Left a widow and two children Lydia and John.

107. Edward STACE of this Parish, 15th September 1829 aged 48 leaving issue by Elizabeth his wife one son and two daughters; James, Elizabeth and Celia.

108. Muriel Myra DAVIS, born 3rd July 1897 died 8th April 1898.

109. Anne WHITTLE, 28th July 1876 aged 86. Eliza Vinall Whittle sister of above, 24th June 1878 aged 86.

110. Mary AMHURST widow of Stephen Amhurst of West Farleigh, 4th December 1849 aged 75.

111. Elizabeth wife of Stephen HART of this parish, 12th March 1876 [no age]. Stephen Hart of Ashford, 1st March 1879 aged 68.

112. Esau WHITTLE late of this Parish, Farmer, 20th February 1825 aged 64. Left issue surviving by Nancy his wife four sons and two daughters. Henry their son, 23rd May 1828 aged 28. Nancy widow of Esau Whittle, 27th April 1856 aged 91.

113. William and Elizabeth PETTS of this Parish. He died ….April 178(4 or 1) aged 95. She died (February?) 17(69?) aged 80. Their issue, John, William, Simon, Elizabeth. John and William survived by whom this stone was erected.

114. John son of Michael and Esther BURDON of Ashford, 24th April 1811 aged 2 years 8 months. Also two who died in infancy.

115. Mary Ann wife of Thomas BURDEN 4th March 1837 aged 63.

116. Jane wife of William HUGHES, 4th March 1825 aged 39. John son of above, 27th May 1825 aged 16. William Hughes, 27th April 1878 aged 90.

117. Frances wife of John DURTNALL formerly of this parish and late of Milton, 5th July 1823 aged 28. Elizabeth his daughter, 22nd December 1823 aged 2years 11 months.

118. Richard STICKARD late of Kingsnorth. Born at Digg Farm of this Parish, died 22nd August 1803 aged 65, leaving Mary his wife who caused this stone. Near lies Thomas Stickard his brother who died ….1802 aged 74.James

119. COUTTS of this Parish, 6th April 1816 aged 64. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife one daughter, Charlotte. Elizabeth his wife, 31st July 1831 aged 88.

120. Charles VANT, killed at Boughton Blean 28th July 1893 aged 18. James Coldup Vant, 4th April 1882 aged 9 months.

121. Charlotte wife of James VANT, 27th October 1873 aged 63, leaving issue six sons and one daughter: James, John, William, George, Charles, Richard and Ann. Henry son of above 29th June 1851 aged 8 years.

122. William MAYLAM of Lacton Farm of this Parish, 27th September 1817 aged 71. Left issue by Mary his wife one son and one daughter: William and Elizabeth. In same grave lies Mary daughter of William and Elizabeth Maylam and granddaughter of above William Maylam who died 23rd November 1817 aged 2 months.

123. Mary wife of William MAYLAM of this Parish, 31st December 1825 aged 77.

124. Thomas ISTEED of this Parish, 2nd December 1812 aged 76. Had issue by Elizabeth his wife seven children, four of which survived him- Thomas, Ann, Elizabeth and Sarah. William son of above died at Chatham 20th February 1810 aged 25. He left issue surviving by Frances his wife one daughter: Frances.

125. Jemima daughter of Thomas and Jemima ISTEED of this Parish, 6thJanuary 1816 aged 16 months.

126. George AMOS, 9th June 1893 aged 77. Sarah his wife, 9th July 1887 aged 85. Interred in Charing churchyard.

127. Thomas ISTEED of this Parish, 14th December 1887 aged 81. Celia his wife, 28th November 1894 aged 78.

128. William AMOS, 14th April 1889 aged 70. Eliza Susan his wife 13th August 1893 aged 72.William Wellard only son of above, 14th May 1906 aged 54.

129. Elizabeth wife of Edward BISHOP, 6th February 1862 aged 27. Mary Ann wife of above 17th January 1890 aged 47. Albert Edward son of above, 8th January 1892 aged 27. Above Edward Bishop of Limekiln Farm, Smarden, 19th April 1904 aged 67.

130. William MAYLAM of Lecton Farm of this Parish, 20th December 1838 aged 53. Elizabeth his wife died at Folkestone, 26th January 1871 aged 83.

131. Edward MAYLAM, 11th January 1848 aged 23.

132. Thomas and Sarah STACE of this Parish. He died 17th December 1813 aged 73; she 17th March 1803 aged 60. Had issue twelve children, six of which survived, five sons and one daughter: John, Thomas, William, Edward, Jesse and Sarah.

133. James WOOLLEY of this Parish and formerly of Darbys Court, Stalisfield, 17th August 1840 aged 70..

134. Thomas WOOLLEY late of this Parish, Farmer, 4th October 1827 aged 66. Left issue surviving by Sarah his wife one son and one daughter.

135. Charlotte wife of William MACKELDEN 9th April 1887 [no age].

136. Charlotte daughter of Thomas HOLMES, 13th June 1881 aged 27.

137. William MACKELDEN of Ripple Court Farm of this Parish, 16th August 1876 aged 58.

138. Mary wife of Thomas HOLMES, 12th November 1875 aged 50. Charlotte daughter of above, 13th June 1881 aged 27.

139. Thomas FLINT of this Parish, 14th February 1851 aged 76.

140. Thomas FLINT of this Parish, 23rd December 1824 aged 49, leaving one son Thomas.

141. Henry HENERKER of this Parish, 25th December 1827 aged 26. Charlotte his wife, 18th January 1830 in her 27th year.

142. Abraham HIGHWOOD of the Parish of Little Chart, 5th October 1857 aged 70. Sarah his wife, 2nd November 1873 aged 82.

143. Mary wife of Thomas GILES, wheelwright, of this Parish, 13th February 1822 aged 55. She had issue three sons and two daughters, two of which only survived her- Mary and Sarah. Thomas son of above, 5th November 1811 aged 11. Also two died in infancy.

144. Thomas GILES of this Parish wheelwright, 8th June 1826 aged 55, leaving surviving Mary his wife and two daughters.

145. Sarah GILES of this Parish, daughter of Thomas and Mary Giles of this Parish, 3rd December 1828 aged 22 leaving an only sister- Mary.

146. John TUCK, 13th February 1845 aged 67. Charlotte his wife, 31st October 1847 aged 66. Charlotte Elizabeth daughter of above, 23rd August 1881 aged 74.

147. Isaac SETTATREE of this Parish, 6th March 1847 aged 67. Mary his wife, 21st September 1867 aged 72. Emily their daughter, 4th February 1838 aged 4 years.

148. A board – inscription perished.

149. Thomas FLINT, 21st March 1872 aged 67.

150. Mary wife of Thomas FLINT, 20th February 1871 aged 60.

151. Kitty Matilda wife of Frank ISTEED of Eastry 12th April 1909 aged 53. Frances daughter of above 16th February 1887 aged one year.

152. James son of Thomas and Rose LAW died suddenly 2nd February 1912 aged 9.

153. Mary Jane DAWSON wife of Rev. Joseph Dawson of Wychling Over, Westwell, born 5th May 1845 died 23rd March 1917.

154. Frances Jane NORTHCOTT, 14th January 1918 aged 60.

155. Robert fourth son of late Robert CHEESMAN of Court Lodge, Westwell, born 4th January 1841, died 24th April 1915.

On a buttress on South side of the church.
156. …./….John….?….rs….rish/ …./….ears/ also of Mary wife of …./ died March 28th , 1821 aged…./also….….tephen and Thomas/….of the above/ Stephen died March 27th 1804/ aged 28/ Thomas died August 25th, 1802.

Inscriptions in the Church

In the North Chancel
157. On the floor the upper part of a fine coffin lid with marginal inscription-HIC IACET THV….I….AMEN.

158. A brass plate. Hic iacet corpus Johis SHARPE de Nash , gent. Etatis 60 anorium fil. Johis Sharpe de eadem defunct?. Qui obijt XII die November Anno Domini 1607.

159. On the same slab is cut: Sub hoc marmore req….corpus pu…./….giosi vir….Joh….Sharpe nuper/….Thome Sharp generosi Que obiit/….nis anno….1616 etalis vero// ….o temneus….stundil…./….be….iam ….quies ci…./….ctans ch…./.

160. Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth SHARPE daughter of Thomas Sharpe gentleman….which Elizabeth deceased….of November 1619.

161. Heare lyeth the body of/ Mary WOLGATE virgine the/ daughter of John Wolgate/ of Borden, Gent; who died/ the 30th of November Ano. 1634.

162. Here / lieth the body/ of William son of / Barling and Sarah/ SHARPE of this Parish, who left this life the 19th of June 1780 aged 14 years-

163. Under this stone lieth interred ye body/ of James SHARP of Nash Gent/ who died January the 29th, 1741/ aged 95 years/ Near him lieth Ann wife of the said/ James who died April the 7th 1728/ aged 72 years.

164. Here/ lieth the body/ of William SHARPE/ of Nash Court who/ departed this life/ the 29th of January/ 1788 aged 70/ years.

165. Here/ lieth the body of/ Mary SHARPE of Gig Nash/ wife of William Sharpe Gent and/ daughter of John BARLING of/ Egerton who departed this/ life the 10th of May 1780/ aged 60 years. Left/ issue one son/ Barling. [On the same slab] B.S. 1853.

166. (Window of three lights on the North side of this chapel by William Warrington of London 1858) Barling SHARPE died 29th May 1853 aged 84. Erected by Barling Sharpe Esquire of Nash Court to the memory of his beloved parents. AD 1858.Elizabeth Sharpe died 9th June 1852 aged 77.

167. (Brass plate below the above window) To memory of Barling SHARPE of Nash Court in this Parish bachelor, who died 29th April 1877 aged 79. His remains, with those of his ancestors lie buried in this chancel. He was a descendant of William Sharpe formerly of Ninhouse, Great Chart, who purchased Nash Court in the reign of King Edward VI. His descendants continued owners of that Estate upwards of 300 years.

168. (Brass plate) In loving memory of Elizabeth Louisa wife of William J. WINCH of Cranbrook, only child of William Barling and Ann SHARPE formerly of Nash Court who died 8th February 1888. Interred in the family burial place in the adjoining churchyard. [See No. 41].

169. (Mural tablet) Sacred to the memory of Barling Sharpe, Gent. died 7th May 1823 aged 82. Sarah his wife, 31st May 1823 aged 76.

170. (Mural) Sacred to the memory of Barling SHARPE of Nash Court in this Parish, Yeoman, whose mortal remains repose in this chancel with his wife and two children. He died 29th May 1853 aged 84. Elizabeth his wife died 29th June 1852 aged 77. William their son died in infancy 3rd June 1799. Elizabeth their daughter, 7th August 1823 aged 21. Four children survived them:- Mary, Barling, Catherine and William Barling.

In the High Chancel

In front of the presbytery are three stones.
171. (North)- Matrix of a priest and inscription.

172. (Centre) A fine matrix of a priest and canopy. The latter and head and shoulders were of brass, rest of Eucharistic vestments to feet incised in the stone. Marginal inscription in Lombardic letters "Hic jacet Magister Jo…." (Remainder quite gone)

173. (South) Matrix of a floriated cross and inscription at the foot-

In the North Aisle
174. (at West End) A stone- J.A.R. 1836.

175. (Mural) Sacred to the memory of Amelia Carlotta Telesfora only child of Colonel Charles HOOD 58th Regiment and Helena Adelaide his wife and Granddaughter of the above J.A. Ross, clerk, who died 13th May 1869 at Westwell Cottage, Dulwich, aged 12 years.

176. (mural) Rhoda, relict (widow) of Alexander ROSS esq. MA of Gibraltar, eldest son of the Reverend John Ross MA. Minister of Ross Keen, Ross-shire N.B. She died 24th November 1824 aged 66. John Alexander died 17th May 1836 aged 11 years, Eldest son of the Reverend J.A. Ross MA., Curate of this Parish and Amelia Kezia his wife. Also Edward William and Adelaide the infant children of above John Alexander and Amelia Kezia Ross. This humble tribute to the memory of his mother and children was erected by the said Rev. J.A. Ross, 1888 .

177. (Brass) In loving memory of the Rev. John Alexander Ross MA. For 47 years curate and vicar of this Parish. He died 2nd February 1868 aged 71. Also Amelia Kezia his wife died 4th January 1892 aged 86.

178. (Brass) In memory of Captain G.C. ROSS, HM. 65th Regiment, fourth son of above Rev. J.A. Ross, died at Agra, East Indies, 2nd June 1873 aged 34.

179. (Brass) In memory of Maria Alice Wheelwright. daughter of the late Rev. John Alexander ROSS, died 23rd March 1906. This memorial plate and the Reredos were erected by her loving husband Joseph WHEELWRIGHT, 20th December 1907 [See 56].

180. (Alabaster Tablet) In sacred memory of John Austen HORNE second Lieutenant 6th Dragoon Guards, Eldest son of William Smart and Ann Elizabeth Horne of Nash Court Served in Gallipoli and Palestine 1915-17. Born 7th April 1893, died at Delhi Military Hospital, Tidworth, 2nd November 1918 aged 25.

181. (Brass) In loving memory of Frederick William ROBERTS M.C. Captain Royal West Kent Regiment, youngest son of the Rev, Henry Boys Roberts, Vicar of this Parish. Died of wounds received in action 1st October 1917 aged 22. Buried at Courtrai, West Flanders.

182. [Westwell War Memorial] To the Glory of God and in memory of the men of this Parish who died in the service of their Country in the Great War 1914-1918.


They died that we might live.

At West End of Nave
183. (left of Tower arch) Brass- In affectionate memory of the Rev. H. Honywood D’OMBRAIN for 37 years Vicar of this Parish. Born 10th May 1818 died 23rd October 1905. Erected by Parishioners and Friends.

184. (right of Tower arch) Brass. In loving remembrance of Robert, Lieutenant 1st Natal Native Contingent, second son of the Rev. H. Honywood D’OMBRAIN, Vicar of this Parish, who died at Fort Cherry Kraz Kop Natal, 6th April 1879 aged 32.

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758, added 30th January 2008

In the Chancell ….. No Altar Piece
185. This Chancell has a gloomy, solemn Appearance, and, as it were, Relgionem Intuentibus vel Intrantibus incutit.

186. On a small Wh. Marble, in ye East Wall, on ye s. Side of ye Com. Table. Near this Place lieth ye Body of Jane, Wife of William GURNEY, Vicar of this Parish. She died April 26 1731. Aet. 24. (PARSONS, 25. Oct.14 1790).

187. On The Floor are 3 very Ancient Stones, which have all been inlaid wth. Brasses, now lost.

188. At the West End are Six ancient Stalls, like those in Collegiate Churches; and on Each Side is a very ancient long Seat or Form, having a Desk or Ledge for Books; at ye East End of both which is a large Hole, of about 2 Inches Diameter, bored through ye Desk Part, having another smaller in ye Footstool, perpendicularly under it. I imagine they were made for ye Reception of some Standard, or ye Like, such as ye Monks used to carry about in their Processions.

189. In the South Wall is 1, and in ye North Wall are 2, Arches, or *Seats; wch. Harris called Confessionall Chairs;
(H. far more likely meant the 14c. Seda. than the 13c. mural seatings) but, I think, they seem rather to have been the Monuments, or rather Tombs, of some eminent Persons. *See Mr AUBREY’s Introduction to his intended Survey of Wiltshire. P. 37. NB. It is bound up, among some other Things, in a little Octavo Volume, printed by E. CURT, 1714. under the Title of Miscellanies on several curious Subjects.

190. The East Window has been a remarkably fine One.

In The North Chancell.
191. On a Br. Plate, on a Flat Stone. Hic jacet Corpus Jolis SHARPE, de Nash, Gen. Etatis 60 Anor. Fil. Jolis Sharpe de eâdem defunct, qui obijt xii Die Novembris, Anno Dni. 1607.

192. On Another Flat Stone. Here lyeth the Body of Mary WOLGATE, Virgine, the Daughter of John Wolgate of Borden, Gent, who died ye 3d. of November Anno 1634.

193. On Another
(sm. marble sq.). Here lyeth the Body of Stephen MILLEN of Egerton, Surgeon, who departed this Life Sept. 22 1737. Aged 49 Years.

194. On Another. Under this Stone lies interred the Body of James SHARPE of Nash, Gent, who died Jany. 29 1741/2. Aged 95 Years. Near him lieth Ann, Wife of the said James, who died Apr. 7 1728. Aged 72 Years.

194. In The Eastmost North Window these Coats.
[I. Gu. (sic) for az. a cross paty betw. 4 martlets or imp. Az. 3 imperial (sic) crowns or.
II. (drawn wrongly as tierced: true version shd. be O.Fr. & Eng. ¼ly imp. the ¼ly coat of ANNE of BOHEMIA, wife of RICHARD II.
1). Dexter coat of No.I.
2). "Not distinguishable".
3). ¼ly: 1&4). Or, an eagle displayed gu. (sic for sa). 2&3). Gu. a lion rampt. arg. crowned or].

195. In The South Chancell Are several very Ancient Flat Stones all without Inscription; One of them has been inlaid.

196. The Windows of this Chancell appear to have been very beautyfull.

197. In The North Isle Is a Staircase which formerly led up to a Rood Loft.

198. In One of the Windows are to be seen the following Coats.
[I. Az. a cross arg.]. [II. Arg. a cross gu.].

199. In The Body Are also some very ancient flat Stones whose Inscriptions are lost.

200. The Windows have been finely painted.

201. This Church, which is pretty Large, consists of The Great, North, and South Chancells, The Body and 2 Side Isles - The Pillars between which are very beautyfull. In a low Shingled Spire, at the West End, hang 4 Bells.
1. John WILLNAR made Me. 1630.
2. Joseph HATCH made Me. 1602.
3. Joseph HATCH made Me. 1616.
4. Has no Inscription.

201. It is a Vicarage, in The Patronage of The Arch Bishop. It was dedicated to St. Mary. The Present Vicar, viz. 1758 is …….

202. Some labourers, about 20 Years
(c.1738) ago, digging Chalk on Westwell Downes, discover’d some Human Skeletons, at the Depth of abt. 18 Inches below the Surface. Many of The Bones are now preserv’d in the South Chancell; I suppose, as Curiosities.

203. At The Court Lodge, wch. stands to the South East of, and joyns to, the Church Yard, are some Ancient Ruins.

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