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Whitfield with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Whitfield Church,  Noted by Bax & Rice Saturday 14th May 1892

                                             Pages 77 to 78 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759, added 8th June 2007

1. Numerous memorials to "JONES". There are many old stones falling back and difficult to decipher.

2. HS East of church In memory of William HOWIS-CASTLE late of Piccadilly, London son of Stephen and Mary Castle of this parish who departed this life the 20th day of August 1812 aged 33 years. Also of Robert Castle his brother who departed this life the 1st day of September 1800 aged 13 years. Also the above Stephen Castle who departed this life the 2nd day of January 1823 aged 82 years. Also Mary his wife who departed this life the 20th day of November 1826 aged 73 years.

3. Handsome pedestal with urn above, railed, to COURT of Dover (wine merchant) and other "Court" memorials.

4. HS (East) 2 cherub’s heads above, winged To the memory of Elizabeth wife of John TIPPER of St. Bartholomews near Sandwich who died the 16th of October 1773 aged 50 years leaving three sons (viz) John, William and Joseph. Also of the above said Mr. John Tipper who died the 29 of March 1779 aged 64 years.

5. HS cherub’s head winged, clouds above In memory of Rose May daughter of William and Tomrin May of this parish. She departed this life February ye 13 1744 aged 27 years.

14 May 1892 Copied by Mr. R.G. Rice
6. Small HS South of church – a scull and 2 bones at top Here lieth ye body of William TUCKER of this parish he died April 10th 1704 aged 47 years. Left issue 2 sons and one daughter (sunk).

7. Small HS close to the N of last, scull and bone at top Here lieth ye body of Elizabeth wife of Caleb TUCKER. She died December 28th 1719 aged 27 years. Left issue 2 twins Elizabeth and Margaret.

8. HS West of church – 3 sculls at top (one large one in a shield, 2 small ones), 2 roses, scythe, arrow, foliage etc. Here lieth interr’d the body of Isaac WOOD, Youman (sic) of St. Margaret parish at Clift. He departed this life ye 30 of January 1736 aged 55 years who had issue by Elizabeth his wife two sons and one daughter surviving.

9. HS East of church – draped urn at top of which is the word "Sacred" To the memory of Susanna the wife of Edward HOUGHTON of Dover who departed this life the 11th day of December 1831 aged 42 years. Left issue 1 son and 1 daughter viz. Thomas Pinch and Sarah Bowles.

10. HS broken off and resting against the E wall of chancel Here lyeth interred the body of Richard INNEUER? who departed this life June the 10 1692 aged 74 years. Also here lyeth Anne his wife who died May the 4 1723 aged a hundred and one year who had issue one son and 8 daughters. [?"on son and 4" broken away].

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Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759, added 8th June 2007

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

11. In this Church, is no Inscription; but there are 4 flat Stones, which seem to be very ancient – 2 of them are in ye Porch; and 1 of them has a Cross upon it in releivo. This Church is very small and irregular, consisting of a Sort of Chancell, the Body, and 2 small Isles. It has no Steeple; but, in the North West Corner, hangs one small Bell.

12. In The Church Yard, are Memorials of HENNEBER, HORN, MAY, TUCKER, WOOD and WOODCOCK.

This Church was dedicated to St. Peter.
It is a (blank).
The Present (?)Vicar is Mr Francis D’AETH who is also Rector of Knowlton. 1759.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Bowles 9
Castle 2

May 5, 12
Pinch 9
TUCKER 6, 7, 12
WOOD 8, 12
Places Index
Dover 3, 9
Knowlton 12
Piccadilly, London 2
St. Margaret at Cliffe 8
Sandwich 4

wine merchant 3
yeoman 8