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The following paper is, as far as possible, an exact transcription of a field note book compiled by the Lewisham antiquarian and author Mr Leland L. Duncan. It is one of a number which he compiled over a uncertain span of time. In carrying out his work of listing the memorial inscriptions he used a shorthand which at times is difficult to interpret particularly as it is written in pencil on poor paper.                              Frank Bamping October 3rd 2000

Completed 28th August 1921 Leland L. Duncan    

Eastern part of the churchyard
1. Mary Webster, wife of George Webster of the parish of Saint Andrews, Holborn, London, and daughter of Robert and Ellenor Carpenter of this parish died 16 October 1751 aged 36.

2. Ellenor Carpenter, wife of Robert Carpenter of this parish died 27.9.1751 aged 61.

3. An altar tomb. Here lyeth interred the body of Daniell Langworth, youngest son of Francis Langworth who ended this life October 13 1665 aged 17 yeares 5 moneths 7 dayes.

4. Here lies the remainder of Mary Langworth, daughter of Francis Langworth who departed this life April 30 1663 at the age of [?18] years 3 months and - days.

5. Altar tomb. Here rest the bodyes of Francis Langworth, gent., and Mary his wife who lived in wedlock sixty years and were married ye 7th of July 1628. The parents of seven sons and three daughters. He died the 1st day of June 1688 aged 91 years and 3 months being the 5th son of John Langworth, D.D. decd. Born February 25th 1597. She dyed the 29th day of January 1701 aged 98 years and 10 months being the second daughter of George Tucker, Esq., of Miltoni uxta Gravesend, decd. Born March 1st 1602.

6. Altar tomb. Here lyeth interred the bodyes of Sarah and Bartholomew Langworth. She dyed ye 5th of September 1650 aged 19 yeares 9 moneths. He dyed April 24th 1653 at ye age of eight yeares 1 moneth 22 dayes. She was the eldest daughter and he the 6th sonne of Francis Langworth. Here rest the body of Elizabeth Sedley daughter of Francis Langworth, gent., of this parish and relict of George Sedley citizen of London by whom she had issue 2 sons and 5 daughters. She died ye 8 of October 1693 aged 61 years 15 days.

7. An altar tomb by the East window. In the memory of Mr Robert Selby, late of London, who departed this life June 14 1772 aged 31 years. Likewise of Mary his wife who survived him untill April 16 1795 aged 50 years. Whose remains with their infant daughter are deposited under this stone. Honour thy father and mother.

8. Mr John Gar[?r]ison many years blacksmith in this parish died 26 July 1807 in his 71st year.

9. Elizabeth Fauchon late wife of William Fauchon of the parish of Sutton at Hone died 27.2.1767 aged 61. Also her children Elizabeth died May ye 12 1742 aged 3 months, Michael died March ye 9 1745 aged 18 months and Mark died February ye 8 1748 aged 15 months.

10. William Fauchon late of Sutton at Hone died 12 ....ry 1781 aged..
(the rest covered by the footstone - L.L.D.)

11. James Harman died 13.12.1750 aged 68. Ann Harman his wife died 19.7.1730. Also on the North side lyeth the body of Barbara Harman ...[the rest covered by footstone - L.L.D.]

12. Ann Parsons late wife of John Parsons of this parish died 23.11.1777 aged 60. In memory of John Parsons late of this parish died .... 1798 [the rest covered by footstone]

13. Edward Polhill died August ye 2 1736 aged 31 years.

14. David Polhill, yowman of this parish died January 28 1735 aged 59.

15. Jane wife of David Polhill died 16 August 1736 aged 60.

16. A footstone. J.C. 1777

17. Mr James Harding late of this parish died 28.2.1799 in his 60th year. Also Mrs Frances Harding his wife died 5.10.180(?8) in her 60th year. [Wilmington Burial Register -Frances Harding buried Oct. 10 1802 aged 69. Buried the same day as her sister Elizabeth Ingram aged 73.]

18. Mr William Killick late of this parish died 16.11.1835 aged 78. Jane his wife died 11.4.1796 aged 35. Jane, daughter of the above died 22.9.1788 aged 9. Elizabeth daughter of the above died in the parish of Lee, Kent, 8.7.1813 aged 58.

The Southern part
19. A tomb within rails. Anne Golding only daughter of Mr John Sears of Dartford and wife of Mr John Burn, surgeon of the same place died 18.12.1858 aged 42.

20. Margaret Lander late wife of William Lander of Dartford died 25.7.1782 aged 52. Also N....... {the rest covered by footstone]

21. Elizabeth Eager daughter of James and Mary Eager of this parish died 14.8.1747 aged 10. [or possibly 19]

22. Wooden rail. William Eves of this parish died May 15 1807 aged (?68). Mary Eves wife of William Eves who died ...... .aged 71.

23. Elizabeth Fisher wife of William Fisher of this parish died 9 February 1776 aged 51. Mary Fisher daughter of the above died 18.10.1789 aged 35. Likewise William Fisher husband of the above died June 180.. [the rest covered by footstone]

24. John Fenn of this parish died 27.11.1758 aged 69.

25. Mrs Mary Wickhurst wife of Mr Thomas Wickhurst died 25 August 1802 aged 38. Also Mrs Elizabeth Wickhurst who died August 30 1793 aged 78.

26. Mrs Ann Jenkins wife of Mr Timothy Jenkins died 28.9.1782 aged 42. Mr Timothy Jenkins was for many years clerk of this parish died 7 February 1809 aged 88.

27. Mr Jacob Sutton of this parish but formerly of St Pancras, Middx. died 25.3.1860 aged 67.

28. Richard Glover died 2.8.1770 aged 60. Mary Glover his wife died 2 December 1738 aged 27.

29. A.M. Weller 1858; M.A. Weller 1864.

30. An altar tomb, South side. M.S. Stephani Stephani Richardi Dena Guilielmi Hobbs Gen. Parentum Annae et Torum Annae Dorotheae Dorotheae etiam terliae Guilielmi se Perchara Conjuge Elizabetha Dickson suscepta Prolis. Ille 1654 57 Obiit Ista Anno D. 1671 Aet. suae 67 Haec 1682 7 Hoc suae erga suos pietatis monumentum Unus omnium superstes Et utring iam orbatus Guilielmus Moerens posuit North side. Guilielmus Hobbs civis Londiniensis. Pharmacopoeus in materia medica cuniprimus versalis. Fato. Quod aliis strenue prot. lauit... acquam milate summa cessit. Anno Domini 1685 Ats 52.
West side. Coat of arms surmounted by a falcon crest [drawing]
East side. Coat of arms surmounted by a crest [drawing]. (A fine tomb: LLD)

31. The family vault of George Russell, Esq. of Wilmington Hall. Sacred to the memory of George Russell eldest son of George Russell, Esq. of Wilmington Hall died 24.3.1852 aged 27. Jane wife of George Russell, Esq. died 16.8.1855 aged 62. Also George Russell of Wilmington Hall Esq. died 14.2.1856 aged 61.

North part of churchyard
32. Phillis wife of John Flewin of this parish died 25.6.1866 aged 76. John Flewin died 18.12.1867 aged 81. Also 2 of their grandchildren; Thomas Weller died 4.4.1865 aged 16 and John Weller died 21.6.1869 aged 12.

33. Thomas Allchin son of William and Martha Allchin of the parish of Dartford died 10.9.1852 aged 38.

34. Martha wife of William Allchin of the parish of Dartford died 18.10.1843 aged 73. The above William Allchin died 23.6.1867 aged 89. James son of the above died 25.12.1842 aged 35. Mrs Sophia Ward, daughter of the above William and Martha Allchin died 23.11.1850 aged 45.

35. Mr James Allchin died 15.12.1829 aged 42. Mary Allchin his wife died 17.12.1830 aged 28. Ann Allchin, mother of the above James Allchin died 12.10.1835 aged 92.

36. B.P. Parsons 1863.

37. Mr William Parsons of this parish died 20.8.1863 aged 35. Benjamin Parrick Parsons, son of the above died 8.9.1863 aged 4 years and 4 months. Mary Jane wife of the above died 16.11.1892 aged 63. William James Parsons, son of the above died 7.9.1905 aged 47.

38. A cross. Harry Edward Parsons died 30.6.1912 aged 49.

39. Elizabeth Chapman, born at Shire Hall in this parish died at the house of her nephew, William Ewsters of Wood Street, Cheapside, 20.2.1814 in her 82nd year. Adjoining lie Henry and Elizabeth Chapman her father and mother.

40. Mr Richard Harman of this parish died 6.3.1793 aged 74.

41. A headstone now flat and broken. Thomas Natt late of this parish died 28 December 1798 aged 71.

42. Mrs Mary Natt wife of Mr Thomas Natt died 5.8.1811 aged 87.

43. Mary Natt wife of Mr John Natt of this parish died 3.6.1790 aged 50. Also the said Mr John Natt died 24.6.1808 aged 79.

44. A monument against the church. Hester Fowke daughter of Richard and Susannah Holland and wife of Edward Fowke who raised this monument. She left one only child and died July 27 1750 aged 26.

45. A coped granite stone. Mabel Boverton Reed the daughter of Ernest and Annie Reed died at Raamsdonk, Holland 18.1.1902 aged 19 and is here interred.

46. Gladys Mary, twin daughter of Charles and Letitia Florence Hind born 3.12.1892 died 12.6.1895, at Hawley Grange. Also Florence Ethel Hind born 27.1.1888 died 9.4.1900 and Charles Frederick Hind born 12.7.1884 died 12.5.1909.

47. A cross. Arthur William Morgan born at Hulsewood 17.3.1892 died 16.6.1892 aged 3 months. Also James Morgan born at Hulsewood 19.1.1898 died at Malvern College 8.10.1913.

48. A cross. Harold Herbert Glyn died at Broom Hills, Bexley. 26.12.1898 aged 21. Donald Lewis Glyn died and buried at sea 20.3.1899 aged 17.

49. Mr William Cartwright for many years a farmer in this parish died 3.8.1841 aged 86.

50. Edward Moss for nearly 16 years a faithful servant of Mr William Cosier of Wilmington Hall, died 24.2.1866 aged 55.

51. Mr James Fauchon died 22.11.1811 aged 60. Mr Robert James Fauchon the son of the above died 3.11.1830 aged 56.

52. Mr Thomas Cartwright of Beaden Well, in the parish of Erith in this county, farmer, died 28.3.1831 aged 78. Also Mr Robert Steer died 23.10.1869 aged 64 and Mary Ann wife of the above Robert Steer died 15.3.1901 aged 91.

53. Mrs Elizabeth Cartwright, 43 years wife of Mr Thomas Cartwright of Beadon Well in Erith, farmer, died 10.12.1824 aged 61.

On the North wall of the vestry

54. This Race all run but Crownd alone is he Whose daye's conclude in Grace & Pietie Then Fear, Love, Hate, Attend God, Goodness, Sinn The End [Three dragon heads] A drawing of a coat of arms crested by an animals head as in 1st quarter Possibly a Langworth but no name or date. L.L.D.

Western end of the yard beginning at the South
55. A low tomb. Mrs John Mortis of this parish died 14.2.1858 in her 65th year. Mr John Mortis died 5.3.1862 in his 69th year. Mrs Elizabeth Phillips daughter of the above died 1.9.1861 in her 42nd year.

56. A tomb. Charles Hussey Fleet, Esq., of Hulsewood in this parish died 31.10.1862 in his 80th year. Also Agnes Cotton Fleet, widow of the above died 11.12.1878 aged 85.

57. A large coffer-like monument. Mary Ann wife of Edward Thompson, Esq., of Salter's Hall, London and Wilmington House in this parish, youngest daughter of Dr Richard Marshall, formerly of Totnes, Devon, died 6.3.1855 in her 42nd year. A Tender Mother. Also Edward James Thompson, Esq., born 15.7.1790 died 3.12.1874.

58. A large flat stone. In the vault beneath lie the remains of the Right Hon. Sir Samuel Hulse, Grand Cross of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order, Field Marshal in the Army, Colonel of the 62nd Regiment of Foot and Governor of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. He was the second son of Sir Edward Hulse of Breamore in the County of Hants., Baronet and nephew of Richard Hulse, Esq., to whose estate in the County of Kent he succeeded in the year 1805. He was born on 2 March 1746 and died on the 3rd of January, 1837.
This is then followed by his career in the Army, etc.
Also in the same vault are deposited the remains of Charlotte, Lady Hulse who died on the 6 February, 1842, in her 90th year. A drawing of two coats of arms and a note that there is a large hatchment within the church.

59. A canopied monument with a urn and snake in the same enclosure as the previous stone. East side. Here lieth the body of Sir Edward Hulse, Bart., First Physician to his Majesty George the Second. He practised in London for forty years with reputation and success and retiring from business in the later part of his life died April the 10th 1759 aged 77. Also Dame Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of Sir Richard Levet, Knight, Citizen of London. She died 15th January 1741 aged 47. North side. Mrs Ann Hulse, sister to Sir Edward died in 1745. William Hulse, Esq., Late of Stone Castle in this County, brother of the above Sir Edward died in 1761. Mrs Elizabeth Hulse, relict of the above died in 1763. Mrs Mary Southwell late of Stone Castle died in 1768. Thomas Hulse, Esq., of Hutton in Essex 3rd son of the first Sir Edward Hulse died in 1767. Elizabeth Magdalen Berens, daughter of Joseph Berens, Esq of Hextable in this County and Elizabeth his wife daughter of the second Sir Edward Hulse died 28.5.1786 aged 11 years South side. The Rev. Westrow Hulse, 3rd son of the 2nd Sir Edward Hulse and Hannah his wife died 23.4.1787 aged 37. Edward Hulse eldest son of Edward Hulse, Esq., of Aldersbrook in Essex died 9.9.1789 aged 19. Sir Edward Hulse of Breamore House in Hampshire, Bart. died 1.12.1800 aged 85. Dame Hannah Hulse daughter of Samuel Vanderplank, Esq., relict of the last Sir Edward died 16.12.1803 aged 83. South side. Richard Hulse, Esq., formerly of Baldwyns and since of Blackheath in this County. He served the office of High Sheriff for this County A.D. 1768 and continued till his death to act as a magistrate in the Com. of the Peace with distinguished ability and integrity. He died 27.10.1805 aged 78. Also in memory of J. Buller Hulse 4th son of Sir Charles Hulse, Bart. of Breamore, Hants., who died 1.10.1861 aged 45.

60. A small cross. Mabel, child of Harry and Annie Thomas died 25.6.1899 aged 1 year 9 months.

61. A cross. Beatrice Edith wife of Edward Richard Wetherall of the Hyderabad Contingent and daughter of the Rev. Robert Jamblin, M.A., for 16 years Vicar of this parish and Edith his wife. Born at Rochester 19.4.1872 died in Marylebone 2.5.1899 aged 27. Edith Jamblin wife of Rev. R.Jamblin died 13.6.1920 aged 72.

62. Martha Williams died 28.6.1865 aged 80. This stone placed by those she served faithfully for 55 years.

63. John Wandin for 50 years the beloved and loving servant of the Rev. F. Heberden and family, also clerk of this parish died 7.3.1890 aged 89.

64. Frederick Heberden, Lieut. of H.M. 55th Regiment and only son of the Rev. Frederick Heberden died 27.3.1859 in his 22nd year. Also Frederick Heberden 36 years vicar of this parish who died 6.9.1876 aged 65. Also Eleanor St Barbe, widow of the above died 25.4.1879 in her 68th year. Also Eleanor St Barbe, elder daughter of the above died 28.4.1912 aged 76.

65. A tomb. Rosina, wife of Thomas H. Chapman of this parish died at Bexley Heath 18.8.1865 aged 47.

66. Thomas Furner of this parish died 5.11.1821 aged 45. Susan Furner his wife died 19.2.1872 aged 80.

66a. Martha, relict of the late William Buckland of Dartford died 20.2.1865 aged 65.

67. Mr James Black Miskin of the parish of Dartford died 10.8.1859 aged 40. Also his brother Mr Henry Charles Miskin of this parish died 14.3.1871 aged 43.

68. Thomas Edmund Farley of this parish died 11.11.1864 aged 54.

69. A curb. Louisa Vaughan died 18.8.11. [sic]

70. Thomas Smith, Esq., of the parish of Paddington died 22.1.1854 aged 86. Charlotte daughter of the above and wife of Mr Robert Wilks of the Parish of Dartford died 2.7.1862 aged 57.

71. Clarence Pigou, Esq., of the parish of Dartford died 28.12.1858 aged 60.

72. A small cross. Eirene Mary, daughter of Robert Jamblin, M.A., vicar of this parish and Edith his wife died 22.3.1881 aged 4 months.

73. In gothic letters now decayed. Tlmining Clul Hurndis died 7 February 1856 aged 77.

74. Edward Taylor died 30.1.1870 aged 70. Also Mary his wife died 12.4.1847 aged 44 and Thomas, son of the above died 22.12.1861 aged 28.

75. Ann Dora Rosa only daughter of Charles Robert and Caroline Eugenie Thompson of Notting Hill, Middx. died 18.9.1853 aged 5.

76. Gertrude, third daughter of William S. Sewell, Esq., sheriff of Quebec died aged 26 at Dartford on Xmas Eve 1859.

77. Edmund Turner Watts died 27.11.1860 aged 56. Also Leaver Borlase, son of the above E.T.W. and Elizabeth his wife died 22.9.1835 aged 11 weeks.

78. Elizabeth child of William and Elizabeth Cosier of Wilmington Hall died 4.12.1859 aged 2 years and 6 months. Robert Dunbar 2nd son of the above died 11.11.1862 aged 27.

79. A flat stone. Daniel Culhane, M.D., formerly of Glin, Limerick, Ireland, died 20.6.1801 aged 48.

80. Thomas Wood, son of William and Sarah Wood of this parish died 17.11.1850 in his 16th year. Catherine Wood sister of the above died 16.6.1877 in her 38th year.

81. Charlotte wife of William Blackman nearly 19 years the schoolmistress of this parish died 10.1.1864 aged 54. Nearby are interred the grandmother and sister of William Blackman.

82. Mr Thomas Southernwood of this parish died 9.2.1811 aged 84.

83. Mary wife of Mr Richard Thomas of this parish died 2.2.1850 aged 62. The above Mr Richard Thomas died 14.5.1861 aged 78, and Harriot Thomas 5th daughter of the above died 5.10.1889 aged 72.

84. Mr James Harman Farley late of this parish died 1.10.1848 aged 36. Charlotte Emma Farley daughter of the above died 24.10.1848 aged 3 years and 3 months. Also Esther Farley wife of the above died 15.8.1896 aged 89.

85. A low tomb. Robert Macky, Esq., died 28.2.1814 aged 79.

86. Mr George Novice late of this parish died 11.9.1804 aged 70. Mrs Anne Novice widow of the above died 19.1.1808 aged 71.

87. A wooden rail. William Hales died 12.3.1853 aged 60. The faithful servant for many years of Mr Shorts, 333, Strand Hotel, London. Also Sarah Hales widow of William Hales died 12.12.1858 aged 77. On the other side:- Sarah Wain died 10.7.1866 aged 83, also Thomas Wain 11.2.1870 aged 87.

88 Ann wife of Charles Northall of Shire Hall in this parish died 2.10.1836 aged 50. The above Charles Northall died 25.5.1865 aged 79.

89. Mr Joseph Gover late of Dartford and formerly of this parish died 6.5.1849 aged 73.

90. Charles Halsey Stevens infant son of the Rev. Henry Stevens, vicar of this parish died 6.1.1840.

91. A tomb in rails. John Harrison of Dartford died 19.5.1846 aged 59. Frances Harrison, wife of John Harrison died 24.4.1838 aged 48.

92. An altar tomb. The Rev. John Bradley, late curate of this parish and master of the Grammar School at Dartford. He was born July 29 A.D. 1752. He died June 2 1827. (Exordium on his life & character)

93a. Anne Elizabeth Tasker, wife of William Tasker of Hawley, youngest son of the late John Tasker of this parish died 23 ? 1830 aged 39. Elizabeth Tasker second wife of William Tasker, Esq., died 7.7.1847 aged 55. William Tasker, Esq., died 23.1.1864 aged 67.

93b. Elizabeth Tasker the second daughter of John Tasker, Esq., and Sarah Tasker his wife, died October 1822 aged 24. Henry Tasker second son of the above John Tasker, Esq., and Sarah Effield Tasker, Hon. Canon of Ely and for (?11) years vicar of Soham, Cambridgeshire, died 17.1.1874 aged 79. Also Sarah Tasker eldest daughter of the above John Tasker, Esq., and Sarah Effield Tasker died 26.3.1879 aged 87. Also Mary Tasker youngest daughter of the above John Tasker, Esq., and Sarah Effield Tasker died 13.1.1884 aged 84.

93c. John Tasker, Esq., of this parish died 12.9.1824 aged 64. Sarah Effield Tasker, relict, of the above John Tasker, Esq., died 3.5.1845 aged 88. John Campbell Wheatley Tasker, clerk in Holy Orders, eldest son of the late John Tasker, Esq., of Dartford and Ann Campbell, his wife died 26.4.1895 aged 70.

93d. Ann Campbell Tasker, second wife of John Tasker, Esq., of Dartford, the eldest son of the late John Tasker, Esq., of this parish died 27.12.1823 aged 27. John Tasker, Esq., of Dartford died 25.1.1868 aged 77. Duncan Campbell Arthur Tasker, only son of the above John C.W. Tasker and grandson of the above John and Ann Campbell Tasker died June 1903 aged 34.

93e. Isabella Tasker third daughter of John Tasker, Esq., of Dartford and Harriot Susan his wife died May 1843 aged 24 years and 3 months. Harriot Susan Tasker third wife of John Tasker, Esq., of Dartford died June 1848 aged 47. Agnes Elizabeth Tasker second daughter of the above John Tasker and Harriot Susan his wife died December 27 1868 aged 28.

94. E.C. 1826

95. Edward Cresy, Esq., died 23.11.1838 aged 74. Lydia Cresy, relict, died 17.8.1848 aged 83.

96. A cross. Thomas Bowyer died 12.12.1917 aged 78. Edyth Muriell, Arthur and Percy Bowyer died in their infancy.

97. An altar tomb. Mr William Young of Dartford died 17.10.1837 aged 69. Mrs Ann Young, wife of the above died 2.9.1841 aged 69.

98. An altar tomb. Mrs Sarah Young, wife of Mr James Young of this parish died 27.4.1829 aged 65. Mr James Young died 23.7.1835 aged 77.

99. Mr John Clark died 11.9.1833 aged 72. He was for 14 years blacksmith of this parish. Mrs Jane Clark, widow of the above died 26.1.1856 aged 86.

100. Henry Still died 20.2.1840 in his 30th year.

101. William Still son of John and Lydia Still of this parish died 23.3.1836 aged 31. Emma his sister died 7.11.1828 aged 8. Thomas Still died 7.7.1841 aged 34.

102. A cross. John Alexander born at Grange Foyle, Strabane, died 17.10.1844 at Rowhill Grange 21.7.1915.

103. James Roots died 1.1.1863 aged 63. Henrietta Roots, wife of the above died 26.4.1899. Thomas Roots, son of the above died 5.12.1867 aged 16.

The Western yard (Second Plot)
104. William Weller of this parish died 23.1.1868 aged 77. Ann his wife died 17.11.1879 aged 87. Also the following children; Ann died 13.2.1820 aged 1 year, William died 19.4.1837 aged 2 years and John died 24.6.1837 aged 16.

105. The children of Benjamin and Isabella Miles of this parish; Walter James died 3.8.1865 aged 11 months and Isabella died 9.6.1866 aged 8. The footstone has W.J. Miles 1863.

106. J. Weller 1837. ? footstone to No.104 above..

107. Timothy Hood died 26.5.1828 aged 39. Mary Hood, widow of the above died 25.5.1881 aged 90. Louisa Hood died 10.7.1908 aged 83.

108. Thomas Hood died 12.12.1900 aged 78. Elizabeth Hood, his wife died 7.7.1911 aged 81.

109. William Miller died 14.5.1859 aged 3 years.

110. James Latter Huntley of this parish died 23.4.1868 aged 82. Martha Huntley, wife of the above died 23.8.1831 aged 49. Henry Huntley, son of the above died at North Cray, Kent, 22.11.1868.

111. Mary Bickers died 5.10.1862 aged 83.

112. Mrs Sarah Mills, wife of Mr John Mills of Dartford died 23.10.1818 aged 66. Also Mr John Mills died 14.9.1821 aged 67.

113. Mary, relict, of the Rev. Henry Trimmer died 23.4.1851 aged 52.

114. Mrs Ann Weller wife of Mr John Weller died 21.11.1808 aged 57. Also Mr John Weller died 14.9.1833 aged 77.

115. An enclosure covered with ivy. No stone to be seen.

116. Mr Thomas Lee Brooks of this parish died 15.12.1868 aged 64. Sarah Martha his wife died 28.9.1876 in her 71st year.

117. Sarah Brooks, daughter of Thomas Lee Brooks and Sarah Martha Brooks of this Parish died 21.9.1848 aged 21. Charles Brooks son of the above died 31.5.1837 aged 4 years 1 month.. Priscilla Brooks daughter of the above died 19.8.1837 aged 2 years 3 months. Joanna May Aunt of the above died 20.7.1829 aged 20.

118. A small stone. Joanna May.

119. A small stone. Charles Brooks and Priscilla Brooks.

120. Charles Brooks died 10.2.1851 aged 50. Mary Ann Brooks, widow of the above died 10.2.1861 aged 64.

121. Edward Smith of this parish died 13.3.1868 aged 75. Mary Ann daughter of the above died 21.8.1834 aged 15 years. Sarah Ann, wife of the above Edward Smith died 9.10.1874 aged 77.

122. Jacob Earney died 18.2.1890 aged 80. Sophie Earney, wife of the above died 26.11.1893 aged 79. Emma Earney died 30.5.1905 aged 56.

123. Mr Thomas Hawes of the parish of Dartford died 9.3.1849 aged 57. Hannah, wife of the above died 18.1.1880 aged 90.

124. Mr Thomas Hawes of this parish died 1.12.1836 aged 69. Mrs Ann Hawes the widow of the above died 13.2.1844 aged 80.

125. Erected by Mr T.M. Wyatt to the beloved memory of Mrs Mary Hoare who died 7.11.1873 aged 88.

126. A cross. William Bone died 3.12.1906 aged 73. Sarah Ann Bone died 19.12.1916 aged 77. William Bone died 5.12.1903 aged 97.

127. Mr John Ashdown of this parish died 29.5.1839 aged 82. Mrs Ruth Ashdown, widow of the above died 2.1.1842 aged 79. Also Sophia Ashdown wife of James Ashdown (son of the above) died 1.11.1856 aged 58.

128. A granite coped cross. Augusta Amelia, wife of Frederick Mühlenkamp died 18.2.1906 aged 61. Christian Frederick August Mühlenkamp died 29.10.1915 aged 69.

129. A small stone. Kathleen Nina the child of Henry and Emily Mühlenkamp born 23.4.1911 died 21.5.1911.

130. Susanna Bennet, wife of Samuel Bennet died 3.3.1828 aged 79. Also the above Samuel Bennet died 16.7.1839 aged 79.

131. A cross. Letitia Mary, wife of H.E.O. Reeves died 14.7.1902 aged 57. Also Henry Edward Owen Reeves born 31.10.1832 died 18.1.1911.

132. Mr John Natt late of this parish, wheelwright, died 11.7.1805 aged 33.

133. Mr Thomas Natt of this parish died 8.12.1825 aged 55. Mrs Elizabeth Natt, widow of the above died 12.11.1843 aged 75.

134. Mr John Natt, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Natt of this parish died 28.5.1832 aged 33.

135. Mr George Brooks of this parish died 30.8.1835 aged 77. Mrs Mary Ann Brooks, wife of the above died 12.11.1846 aged 74.

The remainder of the memorials in the Western yard are quite modern

On the North side is a piece of burial ground added about 1870 in which all the stones are modern and date from then. Amongst them is a large block of granite to:-
136. Charles William Minet, Esq., of Baldwyns. Born 27.5.1803 died 27.2.1874.

The church, except for a portion of the tower (Norman) is new and debased gothic of circa 1830 (?). The slabs given by Thorpe to Bathurst and Harman are at the East end of the nave and the tile to Mrs Morgan is let into the West wall. There is a good wood pulpit dated 1655 with a drawing attached here. L.L.D.

Appended to the above notes is a newspaper cutting from:- West Kent Advertiser dated 26.8.1921 (Snowden - Dartford).
Notes on Old Wilmington
The following notes, contributed by Sir Geo. Whitehead, Bart., appear in the current Parish Magazine:- "At one time there was a handsome brass to Oliver Godfrey, Esq., who died in 1610, the figure being that of a man, a modern inscription being inserted beneath." I am quite unable to discover when the brass was removed. -"Many generations of yeoman lie buried in the churchyard. A writer in the Gentleman's Magazine for 1747 stating, for instance, that in the preceding year a quantity of Henry IV's coins had been dug out of a grave, but the registers for burials do not commence till 17th Century" - "Baldwins, where the Asylum now stands, is, of course, in Dartford Parish, but it is interesting to note some of its owners. Sir John Baude Kut[sic] (from whom it derived its name), the Abbot of Lessness, Cardinal Wolsey, and Eton College. The last occupant before the mansion was razed before the Asylum was erected in 1879-1900 was Mr (afterwards Sir) Hiram Maxim, engineer and inventor."

                                                                                                           Compiled by Zena Bamping

Name Index
Alexander, 102.

Allchin, 33, 34, 35.

Ashdown, 127.

Bennet, 130.

Berens, 59.

Bickers, 111.

Blackman, 81.

Bone, 126.

Bowyer, 96.

Bradley, 92.

Brooks, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 135.

Buckland, 66a.

Burn, 19.

E.C., 94.  
J.C., 16

Carpenter, 1, 2.

Cartwright, 49, 52, 53.

Chapman, 39, 65.

Clark, 99.

Cosier, 50, 78.

Cresy, 95.

Culhane, 79.

Dickson, 30.

Eager, 21.

Earney, 122.

Eves, 22.

Ewsters, 39.

Farley, 68, 84.

Fauchon, 9, 10, 51.

Fenn, 24.
Fisher, 23.

Fleet, 56.

Flewin, 32.

Fowke, 44.

Furner, 66.

Garrison, 8.

Glover, 28, 89.

Glyn, 48.

Golding, 19.

Hales, 87.

Harding, 17.

Harman, 11, 40.

Harrison, 91.

Hawes, 123, 124.

Heberden, 63, 64.

Hind, 46.

Hoad, 107, 108.

Hoare, 125.

Hobbs, 30.

Holland, 44.

Hulse, 58, 59.

Huntley, 110.

Jamblin, 61, 72.

Jenkins, 26.

Killick, 18.

Lander, 20.

Langworth, 3- 6, 54.

Levet, 59.

Macky, 85.

Marshall, 57.

Miles, 105.

Miller, 109.

Mills, 112.

Minet, 136.

Miskin, 67.

Morgan, 47.

Mortis, 55.

Moss, 50.

Mühlenkamp, 128, 129.

Natt, 41, 42, 43, 132-134.

Northall, 88.

Novice, 86.

Parsons, 12, 36, 37, 38.

Phillips, 55.

Pigou, 71.

Polhill, 13, 14, 15.

Reed, 45.

Reeves, 131.

Roots, 103.

Russell, 31.

Sears, 19.

Sedley, 6.

Selby, 7.

Sewell, 76.

Shorts, 87.

Smith, 70, 121.

Southernwood, 82.

Southwell, 59.

St. Barbe, 64.

Steer, 52.

Stevens, 90.

Still, 100, 101.

Sutton, 27.

Tasker, 93a-e.

Taylor, 74.

Thomas, 60, 83.

Thompson, 57, 75.

Trimmer, 113.

Tucker, 5.

Vanderplank, 59.

Vaughan, 69.

Wain, 87.

Wandin, 63.

Ward, 34.

Watts, 77.

Webster, 1.

Weller, 29, 32, 104, 106, 114

Wetherall, 61.

Wickhust, 25.

Wilks, 70.

Williams, 62.

Wood, 80.

Wyatt, 125.

Young, 97, 98.

Place Index

Aldersbrook, Essex.

Baldwyns, 59.

Beaden Well, Erith, 52, 53

Bexley Heath, 65.

Blackheath, 59.

Breamore, Hants., 58, 59.

Broom Hills, Bexley, 48.

Dartford, 19,20,33, 34,66a,

Glin, Limerick, Ireland, 79.

Grange Foyle, Strabane 102

Hawley Grange, 46

Hawley, 93a.

Hextable, 59.

HulseWood, 47, 56.

Hutton, Essex, 59.

Lee, 18.

London, 6, 59.

Malvern College, 47.

Marylebone, 61.

Milton iuxta Gravesend, 5.

North Cray, 110.

Notting Hill, Middx., 75.

Paddinton, 70.

Quebec, 76.

Ramsdonk, Holland, 45.

Rochester, 61.

Rowhill Grange, 102.

Royal Hospital, Chelsea, 58

Salter's Hall, London, 57.

Shire Hall, 39, 88.

Soham, Cambs., 93b.

St. Pancras, Middx., 27.

St. Andrew's, Holborn, 1.

Stone Castle, 59.

Strand Hotel, 87.

Sutton at Hone, 9, 10.

Totnes, Devon, 57.

Wilmington House, 57.

Wilmington Hall, 31, 50, 78

Wood Street, Cheapside 39