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Woodnesborough with Index of names and places at end

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               Some Monumental Inscriptions of Woodnesborough Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759  

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Zechariah Cozens about 1795, added 23rd December 2008      

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In the Chancell.
1. On a Mural Monument, on The North Side of the Communion Table.
[Arg. a Λ betw. 3 wolves’(?) heads gu. on an escn. of pretence: Sa a Λ betw. 3 f-de-lis arg]. Under This Marble lyeth The Body of John CASON Esq. of this Place, and one of his Majestie’s Justices of the Peace, for this County who died the 4th Day of February in The Year of Our Lord 1718-19. Aged 70 Years. And Mary Relict of The above John Cason Esq. who died the 18th of August in the Year of Our Lord 1723, aged 62 Years. Here also lieth the Body of John Cason, Esq. the eldest Son of the above John and Mary, who died the 9th of March 1755 aged 77 Years.

2. On a Mural Monument on The South Side of The Communion Table.
[BLECHYNDEN (2.30, Aldington) im. BOYS (3.77, Non), both written]. Sub hoc Marmore resurrectura Thomae BLECHYNDEN Arm. conduntur Ossa, ex antiqua Blechyndenorum Familia de Aldington in Agro Cantiano proguati, hic, Pietate, Justitia, Humanitate, insignis. Tandem gravi…../ Rebusq publicis assidue ac graviter administrandis, fractus, Annos natus 77. Novembris 22 1661 Occubuit.

3. On a Brass Plate now fixt to The South Wall, but formerly to a Flat Stone on The Floor. Here lieth Sr. Johan PARAAR
(really PARCAR), late Vicar of this Churche, whiche dyed the 5th Dai of May A.Dni MVXIII. On whose Soul God have Mercy.

4. On Another Brass Plate, formerly fixt to a Flat Stone, now on ye S. Wall. Hocce jacent Saxo SPENCERI Membra, Viator; Plura cupis? – Superi corripuere Animam Flebilibus si quod Tampus Maeroribus aptum, Ullave si maesti Causa Doloris erit; Flebile jam Tempus; jam maesti Causa Doloris; Nam Parcae nobis dissecuere Decus. Nulla potest Dextras Virtus cohibere ornentas, O Parcae? Pietus? Religio? Gravitas? Quid non Hic habuit quod Vir Mortalis haberet? Vir Pietate gravis – Vir Gravitate pius! In Te Juris habent Nil, SPENCER, Regna Tyranni, Regua neganda Bonis, Regena parata Malis, Secum conjunxit Te Te Servator Jesus; Ac ait, O Spencer, Tu Mihi gratus ades. Nicholaus Spencer, Armiger, Mortem obiit 1111 Octob. Ao. 1593.

5. On a Brass Plate fixt to a Flat Stone under a small Figure of a Priest, out of whose Mouth comes a Scroll, with these Words – "Miserere Mei Deus!".
[(114b). ¼ly. 1). ON a Λ 3 crosses. 2). Per pale erm. & plain. 3) A + betw. 4 leaves. 4). 3 bars wavy]. Here lyeth The Body of Master Michell HEYRE sumtime Vicar of this Churche wch. died the 22d. daie of July, the Yere of Our Lord, MVXXVIII. On whose Soul Thu have Merci.

6. On a Brass Plate on Another Flat Stone & this Coat
[A Λ engrld. charged with 3 cinquefoils, betw. 3 garbs]. Here lieth The Body of John HILL of the Parrishe of Nassall In The County of Stafford, Gent. who depted. this Life ye furst of November, Anno Domini 1605.

7. One other Flat Stone without Inscription.

In The South Wall is a fine Piece of Gothick Arch’d Stone Work, supported by 4 very neat Pillasters – and under it a very ancient Altar Tomb, without either Inscription or Coat.

In The South Isle.
8. On a Monument on the West Wall. Near This Place lieth interred the Body of Elisabeth, the loving and virtuous Wife of Benj. SHRUBSOLE, who departed this Life the 11th of Nov. 1710. Aged 48 Years. She left Issue Benj., John, Eliz. and Mary. She was a holy Woman, and an harmless too; In saying this I give her but her due. A Woman which had more than common Worth; I want a Tongue enough to set it forth. Could Prayers, Tears, and Sighs have kept her here, She had not died, You need it not to fear. But now she enjoys that ever blessed Face; In hopes thereof she run an happy Race. She now hath chang’d her Crosses for a Crowne; Her Bed of Wrackness, for a royal Throne.

9. On a Flat Stone. Martha, The Daughter of Benj. and Elis. SHRUBSOLE lies here.

In the North Isle.
10. On a Flat Stone, with this Coat.
[A lion rampt. on a chief 3 crowns [Error for f. de lys] (GILLOW) imp. Arg. a lion rampt. sa (JENKIN) (these words added, as I think)]. Here lies interred the Body of Richard GILLOW, of this Parish, Gent. who died Nov. 25 1725 in the 71st Year of his Age. Also Margaret his Wife who died Aug. 14 1709 in the 53d. Year of her Age. They had Issue 9 Sons, and 3 Daughters, whereof surviving the last but six; namely, Thomas, Jenkin, Elis. Richard, Francis, and Margaret. Here lieth also the Body of Richard Gillow of this Parish, Gent. who departed this Life the 20th of Oct. 1750 in ye 66th Year of his Age.

11. On Another Flat Stone. Here lieth The Body of Mr Richard GILLOW, Junr. who departed this Life ye 23d. of January 1744
(5) in the 22d. Year of his Age. As I am now, so must You be; Therefore prepare to follow Me. I often pass’d where You now pass; Now thou art in ye World, & so I was. But, yet, as I have done, so must thou, dye. Ann The Wife of Richard Gillow, departed this Life the 2d. of July 1747. Aged 63 Years.

12. On The Wood Work of a Pew which belongs to Ringleton in this Parish, is cut this Coat.
[A fesse dancety betw. 3 wolves’(?) hds. erased].

13. In The Church Yard are 3 Altar Tombs for JULL, SLADDEN and VERRALL and 2 ancient ones not legible. Also Memorials of Persons of the Name of ADCOCK, BAKER, BEARD, CASTLE, DEVESON, GIBBS, KELLEY, MEDGETT, MOTT and THOMPSON.

14. This Church consists of The Chancell, Body, and 2 Side Isles. The Steeple, which has a very handsome Spire, lately built, stands at The West End. In which hang 5 heavy Bells, all made by John HODSON, in ye Year 1667.

15. This Church is called St Marie’s. It is a Vicarage, in the Patronage of the Church of Rochester. The present Vicar is Mr Jonathan SOANE.

16.  Verstigan, in his Book, call’d The Restitution of decaied Intelligence, thinks that this Place took its Name from Woden, The Saxon Deity. If so, The high Mount just by the Church may possibly have been a Place where he was worship’d; but, was, I think, originally a Roman Tumulus. Roman Coins are frequently found near it.

17.  A Gold Coin of Julius Nepos was found in Ringleton Field, in this Parish, not many Years ago.

18.  Dr Harris say’s, that, The Road leading from This Place to Ash, was, in ye Time of EDWARD I, call’d *Lovekestreet. (116b) *Forsan, Lucij (sct. Veri) Caesaris Stratum. B. Faussett.


Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Zechariah Cozens about 1795, added 23rd December 2008

19. Woodnesborough is situated one mile and an half to the Northward of the last described church (Eastry). It is a village of a few houses, skirting the road at different places. On the rise of the hill stands the Church, a decent structure of three ailes and a chancel, with a square tower at the West end, crowned with a cupula, containing five bells, each bearing the following inscription: Christopher HODSON, John Hodson made me 1676. Richard PORDAGE, Richard NEAME, Church Wardens.

20. On an oval Tablet of white Marble at the East end of the Chancel is: Under this Marble lyeth the Body of John CASON Esqr. of this Place and one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for this County, who died the 4th day of February in the Year of our Lord 1718/9 aged 70 Years. Also Mary, Relict of the above Jn. Cason, Esqr. who died ye 18th of August in the Year of our Lord 1723 aged 62 Years. Here also lyeth the Body of Jn. Cason Esqr. the eldest Son of ye above John & Mary who died the 9th of March 1755 aged 77 Years.
Arms: Cason, Ar, a Chev. Sab. betw. 3 Wolves heads eras’d, Gu. over all an escutcheon of pretence, Sab. a Chev. betw. 3 fleurs de lis, Ar. Crest: a dexter cubit arm vested, Gu. cuffed, Ar. holding a round buckle, Or.

21. On the opposite (i.e. the North) side of the East Window, on a small mural Monument of black and white marble is: Sub hoc marmore resurrectura Thomae BLECHENDEN
Arm. conduntus ossa, ex antiquae Blechendinoru familia de Aldington in agro Cantiano prognati. Hic pietate, Justitia, humanitate, insignis, tandem Gravi senio, rebusque publicis Assidue ac gnaviter administrandis frachis Anno natus 77 Novembris 22 1661 occubuit. Arms: Blechenden, viz. Az. a fess crenelle, Ar. betw. 3 Lions heads erased, Or, collar’d Gu. impal. BOYS.

22. At the South side of the Chancel is an antient Monument, ornamented with Gothic Pillars, arches, shields for arms, etc. Over the tomb against the wall are two brass plates, but which do not belong to the Tomb or relate to the Person who is buried under it, as the upper one certainly was taken from a stone in the middle of the Chancel; and the lower probably was from some other, though its place cannot now be ascertained. On the first is: Here lieth Sr. John PARCAR late Vicar of this Churche which died the V dai of May A.dni. MVXIII o h soul God have mici.

23. On the other is: Hocce jacent saxo SPENCERI membra viator Plura cupis? Superi corripuere animam. Flebilibus si quod tempus moeroribus aptum Ullaue si moesti causa doloris erit Flebile jam tempus jam moesti causa doloris Nam Parcae nobis disceivere decus. Nulla potest dextras virtus cohibere cruentus O Parcae? Pietas? Relligio? Gravitas? Quid non hic habuit? Quod vir mortalis haberet Vir Pietate gravis, vir gravitate pius. In te Juris habent nil (SPENCER) regua Tiranni Regna neganda bonis, regna parata malis Secum conjunxit tete Servator Jesus Ac ait, O Spencer, Tu mihi gratus ades. Nicholaus Spencer armiger mortem obiit iiii Octobris A.1593.

24. On a tablet of marble opposite the Pulpit is: In a Vault Near this Place lies Interred the Body of Mr James GARRETT, late of this Parish, who departed this Life the 30th Day of Octr. 1765 aged 47 Years. Also the Body of Margaret his Wife who departed this Life the 22d. Day of January 1784 aged 67 Years And also the Body of Richard GARRETT Junr. Citizen of London. Son of ye above who died 4th Decr. 1788 aged 41 Years.

25. Against the 2nd. Pillar in the Middle Aile is a mural Tablet inscribed: To the Memory of Mr. William GIBBS late of this Parish who died the 4th of March 1777, aged 77 Years And is interred under a small Stone near this Place. His Nephew Willm. Gibbs DEALE as a grateful acknowledgement for his Friendship caused this Monument to be Erected in the Year 1777.
Arms: Gibbs, viz. Ar. 3 Battle Axes, Sab. in fess. Crest: a dexter arm embow’d, holding a Battle Axe.

26. At the West end of the South Aile, on a Tablet of black Marble is: Near this Place lieth interr’d the Body of Elizabeth the loveing & virtuous Wife of Benjn. SHRUBSOLE who departed this Life the 11th of November 1710 aged 48 Years. She left Issue Benj. John, Eliz. & Mary. "She was A holy Woman and an harmless two/In saying this I give her but her due/A Woman which had more than comon worth/I want A tongue enough to set it forth/Could prayers tears & sighs have kept her here/She had not dyed you need it not to fear/But now she enjoys that ever blessed face/In hopes whereof She run a happy race/She now hath chang’d her Crosses for a Crown/Her Bed of Wrakness for a Royal Throne"/.

27. On a black marble grave stone is: Under this Marble lieth the Body of William DOCKSEY Esqr. of Snellston in Darby-shire who married Sarah ye youngest Daughter of John CASON Esqr. of this Parish and one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for this County, who departed this Life the 5th Day of April in the Year of our Lord 1760 aged 58 Years. Also Sarah, Relict of the above William DOCKSEY Esqr. who departed this Life the 10th Day of April 1774 aged 79 Years. Arms: Docksey,
Ar. a Lion rampt. Az. over all a Bend gobonated, Or, & Gu. impal CASON. Crest: on a Chapeau, a Lions head eras’d charg’d with a pale.

28. On a grave stone at the North side of the Chancel, on brass plates, the Effigie of a Man is taken away, but on the label which issued from his mouth is: Miserere mei Deus. On a brass plate below is: Here lyeth the Body of Mast MYGHELL heyre sutyme Vicar of this Churche, which died ye xxii Day of July, the Yer of o Lord MVXXIII – whos soule Jhu have mcy.
Arms: Quarterly 4 Coats. 1st. on a Chev. 3 Quatrefoils in chief 2 annulets. 2nd. gone. 3rd. a Cross betw. 4 standing Cups. 4th. 3 Bars wavy.

29. At the entrance of the Chancel on a brass plate is: Here lyeth ye Body of John HILL of the Parishe of Nassall in ye County of Stafford Gent, who Depted. this Life the first of November Anno Domini 1605.
Arms: Hill, viz. on a Chev. engrail’d, betw. 3 wheat garbs, as many Cinquefoils.

30. On a small stone in the Middle Aile is: Beneath this Stone Lieth the Body of Mr William GIBBS.

31. On another is: Martha the Daughter of Benj & Eliz. SHRUBSOLE lyes here. Eliz. ye Wife of Benjamine Shrubsole lyes here.

North Aile.
32. On a black marble Grave stone is: Here lieth interred the Body of Richard GILLOW of this Parish Gent. who died Novr. ye 25th 1725 in the 71st Year of his Age. Also Margaret his Wife who died Augst. ye 14th 1709 in the 53d. Year of her Age; they had Issue nine Sons and three Daughters whereof surviving ye last but six namely Thos. Jenkin, Eliz. Richd. Francis & Margaret. Here lieth the Body of Richard Gillow of this Parish Gent, who departed this Life ye 20th of October 1750 in the 66 Year of his Age.

33. On another adjoining the above is: Here lieth the Body of Mr Richard GILLOW Junr. who departed this Life the 23d. of January 1744/5 in the 22 Year of his Age. "As I am so must You be/Therefore prepare to follow me/For where you pass I often pass’d now/ Thou art in the World and so was I/But yet as I have done so thou must dye"/. Ann the Wife of Richd. GILLOW departed this Life the 2d. of July 1747 aged 63 Years.

34. This Parish is of considerable extent, the soil is very various, some of which is fruitful, and the prospects are both rural and pleasing.

35. The Living is a Vicarage, and the Church is dedicated to St. Mary.

36. Patron: The Dean and Chapter of Rochester. 1795. Incumbent: John SMITH.
King’s Books £10.0s.7½d.
Tenths: £1.0s.0¾d.
Woodnesborough Church.
This Church was appropriated to the Abby of Leeds in this County, and on the Suppressions of that Priory by KING HENRY 8th was granted inter alia with the advowson of the Vicarage and all its Rights, Members and Appurtenances, in as full and ample a manner, as the said Priory held the same before its Dissolution, by that Kings Letters patent of Dolation, dated 20th June in his 33rd Year, to the new founded Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Rochester, who now possess the same. This Church is dedicated to St. Mary, was of the Patronage of one Asselina, who gave it to the Prior and Convent of Leeds, and for that Purpose surrendered it into the hands of Archbishop William, about the Year 1122; who gave and granted it to the Canons & the in proprios usus perpetuo possidendam specialiter ad inveniendum canonicis etc. necessaria indumenta.
In 1267 A Dispute was raised betwixt the Prior and Convent of Ledes, Rectors of this Church and Sir ADAM, then Vicar, about the Small Tithes, of the Crofts and Curtlages in the Parish of Woodnesberge, which was thus determined by the Prior of the conventual Church of Rochester, who was appointed the Popes Delegate to judge in this Controversy, viz. That the said Prior and Convent, Rectors of the Church of Woodnesberge shall quietly for ever wholly receive, without any exception, all the greater Tithes of Wheat, Barley, Oats, Beans, Pease and of every Sort of Blade, arising or to arise of all Lands, Crofts, Curtlages & the within the said Parish; and that the said Prior and Convent shall yearly pay for ever to the said Adam and his Successors, half a Seam of Barley and half a Seam of Beans, at the Nativity of our Lord.
In 1280, another Dispute was tried before the Archdeacons Official, betwixt the Religious and Sir WILLIAM, then perpetual Vicar of this Church, about the Payment of the Procuration of Sir Archdeacon of Canterburuy, cum in ecclesia de Wednesberge memorata visitaverit; which was adjudged to be paid by the Vicar. Reg. Prior, Leeds, penes dom Johannes FILMER.

Agreeably to our former plan, we shall close our observations on this Deanery by a brief description of its extent and peculiarities. Its form is a triangle, whose longest side is ten miles, from Sandwich on the North-east, to near Wootton, where it intersects with Elham Deanery on the South-west; its shortest side is eight miles from the above intersection to the sea coast near St. Margaret’s Cliff on the East. It contains two market towns, with twenty villages and twenty five Parish churches, besides three, viz. Stonar, Little Mongeham and West Langdon which are in ruins; and includes several seats of the Nobility and Gentry.
Its situation being high, it has no streams or running waters worthy of notice; that which supplies the Town of Sandwich, and which is called the Delf being the principal.
The soil in general is light, except the low ground which is principally marshland; the uplands are productive of most sorts of grain; and the neighbourhood of Sandwich is particularly genial for most kinds of esculents, and is therefore much occupied by the gardeners who supply their own and the adjacent markets with choice vegetables. There are very few plantations of fruit trees, or hops in this district; from which it appears that they are too much exposed to the sea winds to be productive; and indeed, throughout the whole extent there is hardly any woodlands, though it is rendered very pleasant, by the numerous hedge-rows, which are thick-set with elms, and other useful timber-trees.
The prospects are not various nor altogether so pleasing as those in Bridge Deanery; as we have not here such noble vallies, and consequently not so lofty hills: indeed it is of that nature, that the whole of it, as it were, lies open to the view at once; as it gradually rises from its commencement near Sandwich, to its termination at Sibertswould But when we turn ourselves towards the sea, those who are fond of those noble spectacles which there frequently present themselves, will give this Deanery the preference. And that we may do equal justice to this, as to the last Deanery, we will here also take an extract from Dr. PACKE’s work abovementioned, which is here particularly descriptive.
"But what gives us the noblest Idea, and exceeds all Description is the Broad, liquid, silver Margin, that mixes its bright Face with Earth and Heaven, and throws its glittering Arms around almost All its borders; for all this delightful Scene lies in full Prospect of the Sea at Sandwich Bay and the Downs. What a new field of Wonders is here! This at once separates that lovely Region from and connects it with the Universe. To the sprightly Aspect of the Land it joyns the Solemn Air of the Channel, and opens the Short confin’d View of this narrow neck of our Island into a wide extended Plain, bounded at the farthest ken of the Eye, with the White cliffs of the opposite Kingdom; and enrich’d near Home with the Awful Beauties of the mighty Waters. Here the Floating foundations of the Royal Castles of the British Navy like so many grand Palaces, gallantly Ride on the glorious surface of the Deep; and the numberless Sail of the Trading craft, from the rich India-man to the smallest Fisher-boat, make as varied an appearance by sea, as the houses of the nobility, the gentry, the farmers, and the cottages do by land; but with this beautiful improvement that the Still life of the Shore is here nobly contrasted with the moving Pictures of the watery Plain. Shadows Skim, Winds Ruffle, Billows Rise, the Breakers Foam; Lobsters Crawl, Porpoises Rowl, Sea-Gulls Hover, and the Ships – some Plough the Surge with a propitious gale, others Dance at anchor to the play of the waves".
If this were the case in the learned Doctor’s time, what must it be now, when our commerce is trebled, and our Navy increased in equal proportion and magnificence? But we can bestow no more time on these delightful views, therefore we proceed on our Visitation of Dover Deanery.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
CASON 1, 20, 27

GIBBS 13, 25, 30
GILLOW 10, 11, 32, 33
HILL 6, 29

PARCAR 3, 22
SHRUBSOLE 8, 9, 26, 31
London 24
Nassall, Staffordshire 6, 29
Ringleton 12
Snellston, Derbyshire 27

Church Wardens 19