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Wootton with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Wootton Church,  Noted by Bax & Rice Thursday 12th May 1892

                                             Pages 75 to 76 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758, added 8th June 2007

No. B(ax's)

1. HS Here lie interred the bodys of Richard SPAIN yeoman and Mary his wife daughter of John Fagg of Hougham. He departed this life July the 17 day 1726 in the 82 yeare of his age and shee departed this life the 13th day of July 1726 in the 76 year of her age. Had issue 5 sons and 4 daughters where of 2 sons and one daughter lie buried here and 3 sons and 3 daughters surviveing (sic).

2. HS Scull, crossbones, pick Here lyeth ye body of Elizabeth daughter of ………… and Mary SPAIN who departed this life the 6th day of March 1713 in the 23rd year of ……….

3. 16 stones to "DUNN" family.

4. HS to NW of church In memory of Thomas BOWES (late of Womenswould) who died the 5th of April 1793 aged 42 years. he left issue by Sarah. [Here I was fetched to tea by the Rector Rev. Furnell Morgan who m. Miss Ada Garraway 1st cousin of Mr. R. Garraway Rice].

Copied by Mr. R.G. Rice
5. HS South of church – a child at top partly draped, right arm resting upon an hourglass Here lieth interred the body of Thomas ELGAR he departed this life the 25th of November 1770 aged 81 years. Also here lieth the body of Rachel wife of the said Thomas Elgar she departed this life the 26th of April 1771 aged 80 years.

6. HS south West of church Underneath repose the remains of Mrs. Anne BEAUDET for upwards of 50 years the attached, faithful and confidential servant of the Lady Isabella Brydges of Wootton Court where she died on the 30th of April 1840 in the 70th year of her age.

7. Note. There are some inscriptions to the Brydges family on a kerb enclosing a piece of ground to the NW of church.

8. "Mr. Bax went into church but I did not, having gone to call on the Rector etc. I noticed a white marble monument in the S wall of the Brydges family ?noted by RGR".

There is an original index from about 1546 to 1602 arranged alphabetically. No Bax within that period. Made the following rough notes from Vol I. 1622-3 Feb 16 Rachell the daughter of George ?Backy bapt. 1625 August 7 Margaret the daughter of George Backy was bapt. Burials – 1626 April 5 George Backy a poor man was heere buried ye 5th of Aprill 1626

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758, added 8th June 2007

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton                    

In The Chancell.

10. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth The Body of The Revd. Mr James JANEWAY, M.A. who was Rector of this Parish 26 Years. He died July ye 1st 1739. Aged 56 Years. And left a Wife, 2 Sons, and 1 Daughter. On his Right Hand lays Mary his Wife, who died Feb. 11 1754. Aged 61.

11. On Another, partly hid by ye Communion Rails. Under this Stone ….rred the Bodies of John COPPIN …. Beakesbourne Gent, 3d. Son of John ……late of Deale; He departed this Life …ay of December Anno Dni 1630 and … Year of his Age. And also of John C…..s 2nd Son, who Married Anne the D……. of Thomas GIBBON of Westcliffe …. by whom he had Issue 4 Sons, and …..ters, viz: John, Susan, Thomas, ….. still borne, Dorothy and Edward. .. ...parted this Life the 9th Day of Dece…. An. Dom. 1654. In The 39th Ye.. .. … Age. And also the Body of …… .oppin late of Canterbury Gent ….. of the last mentioned John Cop… ….. departed this Life the 8th Day of ….. Dni. 1701. In the 60th Year .. his Age.

12. On Another. Under this Stone lieth the Body of Mr Robt. GERRET, A.M. late Rector of this Parish; he died July the 3d. In the Year 1712. Aged 70. Here also lieth Mary his Wife, by whom he had a Daughter, married to Mr Richard HARRIS of Canterbury. She died without Issue aged 30 in 1702, and lies buried near her Father, in this Place.

13. On a Square Flat Stone, with this Coat in the Middle of it, is the following Inscription rounds its Verge.
[¼ly 1). Plain, with a label of 3 points. 2). A + flory. 3&4). Plain]. Here lieth buried John SEIPERN sumtime of this Parish Parsone ag.. 1580.

14. On Another Flat Stone. Here lieth the Body of Thomas PRITCHARD, who died the 17th of September 1615. Aged 68. Who was of this Parish Parson.

15. No Altar Piece.

In The Body.
16. On a Flat Stone. with this Coat.
[3 boars’ heads couped & a chief]. Here lieth interr’d the Body of Mr Edward COPPIN of Beakesbourne, formerly Minister of this Parish; who departed this Life the 30th of July 1689, in the 67th Year of his Age.

17. On a Small white Flat Stone. John Egerton, Son of Edward and Jemima BRIDGES, ob. 27 Feb. 1758. Aged 1 Month.

18. On Another. John, son of Edwd. and Jemima BRIDGES, ob. 26 of Mar. 1753. Aged 7 Months.

19. On a very ancient Flat Stone, without Inscription is ye following Coat. On a Brass Plate.
[Gu a fesse dancety betw. 6 mascles or]. I have since found this to be the Coat of FOCHE.

20. Next to this is another very Ancient Stone, with the Name of FOCHE to be seen in two Places; the rest of the Inscription is not legible.

21. This Church is neat but very Small, consisting only of the Chancell and Body. In the Tower, which is very low, and stands at the West End, is only *1 Small Bell thus inscribed. Joseph HATCH Made Me, 1629.
*There were 2 more, wch, as I am inform’d, were sold, not long ago, in Order to raise Money for ye Repairing & beautifying ye Church.

22. It is a Rectory, in The Gift of John BRIDGES Esq. It was dedicated to St. Martin. The Present Rector (1758) is The Revd. Mr Samuel FREMOULT.

Index of Names and Places

Backy ? 9

Bax 8
BRIDGES 17, 18, 22
Brydges 6, 7, 8

COPPIN 11, 16
Egerton 17
Fagg 1
FOCHE 19, 20

Furnell 4
Garraway 4

Morgan 4
SPAIN 1, 2
Beakesbourne 11, 16
Canterbury 11, 12
Hougham 1

Westcliffe 11
Womenswould 4
Wootton Court 6
Lady 6
Rector 4
yeoman 1