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The Monumental Inscriptions in the church of Wye Church noted by Leland L. Duncan  

                                                                                                             Typed up by Dawn Weeks

Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 24th July 2007

1. On the north side a brass plate with this inscription:- In memory of Charles JENYNS Esquire Son of the Reverend George Leonard Jenyns of Bottesham Hall Cambridgeshire Born August 15th 1798 Died at Spring Grove House in this parish May 5th 1887 Having resided there as tenant for 43 years. His body lies buried in the churchyard together with his second wife Louisa daughter of Walter YOUNG Esquire.

2. In the north aisle:- In a vault near this place are deposited the remains of John NEAME of this parish who departed this life May 9th 1814 in the 74th year of his age. Sarah Neame wife of the above. Died March 16th 1820 aged 74 years. They left an only son John Rigden Neame residing at Rushelt in this country whose affectionate regard For the best of parents Hath induced him to erect this tablet To record their mortality and his irreparable loss.

3. In the north cross aisle:- Under this stone are interred the remains of Mr John BEALE Surgeon. He died the – March 1770 æt 62. His constant affectionate Behaviour during the space of 34 years to his wife: his peculiar tenderness and Humanity to his patients his frankness and generosity, to his friends, make him an example worthy of imitation by us who survive Also of Mrs Ann Beale widow of the said ……….. Beale …………………..J…………………………..4 aged …. years.

4. A brass in the nave of a lady and her two husbands and this inscription John ANDREWS instus, Thomas PALMER qz ?????????, exempli ??? claudut marmoro duro Consors at ????? mutatur Alicia cladem, ut viviant defio non ???? te ???? esto.

5. In the centre of the nave a large stone:-In hope of a joyful resurrection within this vault are deposited the remains of Gregory BRETT buried March 6 1541 Gregory his son churchwarden 1582, 83, 84 He rebuilt the old steeple (burnt by lightening) on July 15, 1572) to which he was a great contributor by forgiving the parish a debt of £92.12.6 besides his sess of £30 for which benefaction they granted this burial place to him and his heirs, on paying 6s.8d at every interment. Buried February 18 1586. Thomas Brett son of Edward, son of the first Gregory. Baptised November 25 1543 Buried January 20 1631. Gregory Brett son of Thomas. Baptised June 29 1581. Buried September 20 1658. Thomas Brett son of Gregory. Baptised July 13 1606. buried April 5 1645. Thomas Brett son of Thomas. Baptised November 11 1640. buried February 28 1695 and Lætitia his wife daughter and heir of John BOYS of Betteshanger Esquire. Born March 4 1644 Married June 29 1665. Died August 25 1731. Thomas Brett of Springrove son of Thomas. Born September 3 1667. Doctor of Law 1697 became Rector of Betteshanger 1703 and of Rucking 1705, resigned both 1714 because he could not comply with the terms then imposed with a safe conscience, died March 5 1743 and Bridgett his wife, daughter of Sir Nicholas TOKE of Godinton Knight. Born September 25 1677. Married September 22 1696. Died May 7 1765. Of twelve children which she bore him seven are interred in this vault. Three only survive. Nicholas, Margaret, Sarah. The same Nicholas Brett, clerk, born April …… 3 died August 20 1776 ….versally esteemed for his great ….ning general knowledge and extensive Benevolence.

6. On the chancel floor  (sketch in pencil of coat of arms)  Sub hoc marmor iacet Mrs Katherine MACHAM Daughter of George FINCH Gentleman of this parish eminent for virtue piety and good works: religion was her care and heaven her aim. Reader go, imitate her and be happy. She dyed January 27th 1713. [See no. 13 for picture]

7. In the street leading from Wye station is a timber built house apparently of the 17th century. The overhanging upper stories have brackets consisting of figures bearing shields of arms – a chevron between three swans – the chevron is either ermine, or has 7 arrows thereon, points upwards.

August 1890 Leland L Duncan

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Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759, added 8th June 2007

8. This Church was formerly a very Large Building, consisting of 3 Isles, and 3 Chancells, with a Tower Steeple in the Center, supported by 4 Pillars; which (on ye 21st of March 1685/6 giving Way, The Steeple fell down, and, by its Fall, destroy’d all The Chancells. The Parish has since built a small, but very neat, Chancell; and a very strong, ‘tho low, Tower, on ye South side of the Chancell, with 8 very Musical Bells in it. Several Tombs and Monuments which were formerly in ye Old Chancells are now in ye Church Yard; whose Inscriptions You will, hereafter, meet with.

In The Chancell.
9. On ye South Wall is a very Fine White Marble Monument, with ye following Coat, and Inscription.
[BARRY of 10 gu. & arg. on a chief arg. a castle gu. imp. Gu 3 embattd. ships’ poops or].

10. Near This Marble lyes interred ye Body of The Right Honourable ye Lady Joanna THORNHILL, Daughter of Sr. Bevile GRANDVILL, who, at the Battle of Lansdown, gloriously dyed, in Defence of his Sovereign, KING CHARLES, The Martyr. And, Sister to John, EARL of BATH, who, with his near Kinsman, General MONKE, afterwards DUKE of ALBEMARLE, was The Noble Instrument of the happy Restoration of The Church and Monarchy, in ye Year 1660. She was Second Wife of Richard Thornhill, of Ollantigh, in This Parish Esq., Commander of a Regiment of Horse, which he had raised at his own Charges, for The Service of KING CHARLES YE FIRST. A Gentleman, whose Loyalty and Sufferings, steady Adherence, and large contributions to The Royal Cause, were not Inferiour To the greatest Examples. She liv’d with Him, in ye most entire Affection, near Three Years; being in ye 22d. Year of her Age, at the Time of his Death. She survived him Fifty Two Years, which She Spent, in ye Most Devout and Religious Widowhood. She was Lady of The Bed Chamber to QUEEN CATHARINE, Consort to KING CHARLES THE SECOND, to ye Time of her Death. And, being adorned with the most amiable Virtues, a rare Piety, Singular Chastity, and most abundant Charity, Might here challenge ye Greatest Character, as her just Due, in ye several Stations of her Life, had not her peculiar Humility expressly forbid it, upon her Death Bed. She was born ye 30th of September 1635, and Dyed January the 7th 1708/9. She chose to be Buried in this Place, out of a due Regard to The Memory of her excellent Husband, and Manifested her Love to This Parish in a large & lasting Benefaction, toward ye Support of Poor House Keepers, and ye Teaching their Children to Read and write.

11. On an Acheivement, with this Coat, on the South Side of The Altar, is ye Following Inscription
. [Az. a lion rampt. or imp. Gu 2 bars arg. & a chief erm]. Here, in This Isle, lies Buried The Body of Anne (Youngest Daughter of Robert THOMSON, of Royton, in ye County of Kent, Esq, by Dorothy his Wife). The entirely Loving & Beloved Wife of Henry DARRELL, Youngest Son of Sr. Sampson DARRELL of Fulmer in The County of Bucks, Knight. She changed her Earthly, for an Heavenly Tabernacle. Sept. 6 A.D. 1662.

12. In The Chancell hang ye 3 Following Atcheivgfements.
[In line: I. Gu. a mule passant & a border arg. (MOYLE). II. Az. on a Λ arg. 3 pheons gu. betw. 3 suns or (JOHNSON) imp. Arg. a \ checky erm. & az. betw. 2 lions’ heads erased gu. on a chief az. 3 billets or. III. Gu. a saltire arg. voided or betw. 4 millrinds arg. (FARR) imp. or a – checky arg. & gu. betw. 3 closed helmets arg].

13. On a Large Black Stone on ye Floor with this Coat.

                        Ledger stone                                                  Medallion with coat of arms

  [A chevn. betw. 3 greyhounds courant imp. Arg. a chevn. betw. 3 griffins passt. sa]. Mrs Katherine MACHAM, Daughter of George FINCH, Gentleman, of This Parish; eminent for Virtue, Piety, and good Works. Religion was her Care, and Heaven her Aim. Reader, so imitate her, and be happy. She died Jany. 27 1713/4.

In The Body or Middle Isle.
14. On a Flt Stone. The Brass now lost. Here lieth ye Body of Thomas BRETT of Kennington, Gent, The Youngest Son of Thomas Brett, whose Grave Stone is near adjacent. He died without Issue ye 16th Day of January 1672/3 aged 84 Years, and 5 Months (baptised 16-01-1588 Jim Miles 07-01-2015). To whose gratefull Memory his Executor, William Brett, Gent, hath laid this Monument. Sum, ut eris. Here also lieth the Body of William Brett, late of Kennington, Gent, who departed this Life 7 Septr. 1705 Aged 60 Years.

15. On Another, at the Head of the Former. Here lieth the Body of Gregorie BRETT, late of Wye, deceased 17 Feby. 1585/6. And Thomas Brett of Wye aforesaid, his Brother’s Sonne his Executer deceased ye 17th Day of January 1631. His jacet Corpus Tho. Brett, Nepotis egusd. Thos. Gen qui obijt 5 Apr. 1645.

16. Close to ye last mention’d, is a large White Stone, on which are enlaid, in Brass, ye Figures of Two Men and a Woman, who is between them. And, between the Woman, and The Man on her Right Hand, are ye Figures of Eleven Children. Under Them, on a Brass Plate, is the following Inscription. John ANDREW Justus. Thomas PALMERQ venustus. Exempli Sec’lo, claudut Marmore duro. Consors et similem imitatur Alicia CLADEM. Ut vivant Xto, non immemor, Te precor, esto.

17. Under this Stone is a Vault, in which, as the Sexton inform’d Me, The Remains of The Learned Dr Thomas BRETT, are deposited.

18. On Another Flat Stone. Here lieth The Body of Charles HARVEY who departed this Life 27 March 1741. Aged 21 Years 6 Months.

19. On Another. Joshua DAN died Feby. 7 1750/1. Aged 43 Years.

20. The Following Atchievements hang over Mr SAWBRIDGE’s Pew, which is about The Middle of The Great, or Middle Isle.
[In line. I. Or, 2 bars az. voided indented arg a chief indented az. In pretence: Or, crusilly fitchy & 3 Crescts. gu. II. ¼ly 1&4). as I. without pretence supra. 2&3). as pretence ditto imp. Arg. a millrind sa. III. As I without pretence imp. pretence supra. IV. as I. In pretence: Sa. a + or. imp. Sa. a + or].

21. On a Black Flat Stone, at ye W. End of The S. Isle. Hic reponuntus Cineres Dignissimi Viri Johannis POWNOLL, nati ex antiqua et generosa Stirpe Pownollorum, de Pownoll, in Comitatu Cestiensi. Qui Patrias et Avitas Virtutes suis adornavit, quae nullo Vitioru Confinio laederentur, eluxit incorrupta Fides, Nudaq, Veritas; absque Adulatione Comitas; sine Scurrilitate Lepos: Nihil Severitati ejus Hilaritas, nilil Gravitati Humanaitas, detraxit: Sed Omnes Mansuetudine devinctae aequumsibi Animum, Amicis Delicias pepererunt, hen, quantum desideratus! Hic Loci, post Nultum Sanguinis in Praelio juxta fusum, Commilitonibus Caroli
(sic) Martyne fidissimis, et Bello plusquam civili longe Supstes, placide Vitam duxit, et animose finijt; Fortitudinem in moriendo, ac in pugnando parem, satis testatus, de Perduellibus (quantum per Infantiam licet) extinctis, de Morbo et Morte Triumphum agens vere gloriosum. Illum imitari, sequi discas, Viator et Summo fruere Bono. Obijt Die XIX Mensis Martij Anno Salutis MDCCV/VI. Aetatis LXXXII.

In The Church Yard.
22. *On a Black Marble, raised on Brick work, at ye East End of ye Church, & about 6 Feet from ye Steeple – is this Inscription & Coat.
[MOYLE as before P&g.II imp. THOMSON as before P&g 10]. Salve Hospes! Sub hoc Saxo Reliquias faliciter deponunt Johannes MOYLE de Wye, Roberti Moyle de Buckwell, in Agro Cantiano Armigeri, Secundus Frater et Dorothea, ejus Uxor, Roberti THOMSON de Royton Chappel Armig. Filia, Natu minima, et Edvardi MERIWETHER de Eythorn Generosi, quondam Vidua; hunc, Bina Prole; illum, Sex Filijs, et una Filia, faelicem reddidit. Din Conjuges floruerunt amantissimi; et in ipsa Morte, ne illos dissociaret quae caeteros dissolvit, Conjunctissimi, Mors, quasi Pronuba, illum iterum maritat illamq dedit in vetus Matrimonium. Illam Anno Domini 1669. AnnoAetatis 51. Illum Anno Domini 1677. Anno Aetatis 76. Mors Illacrymabilis occupavit. Sub hoc Saxo Sepultus etiam jacet Thomas MOYLE, Militum Tribunus Filius Johannis et Dorotheae Moyle, qui hoc Monumentum, qualecunq optimis illis Parentibus olim consecravit. Obijt 11 Die Novembris 1711. Anno Aetatis 59. Patrimonium suum Filijs Sororis Unicae STEELE nominatae, Moriens legavit.
*This Tomb was in ye South Chancell, before it fell, and laid on ye Ground.

23. A little Northward is another Black Marble, raised on Brickwork, with This Inscription. Here lieth The Body of Margaret, late wife of William CHAPMAN, Gent. of The Parish of Moldash, & Daughter of Tho. BELKE Gent. of This Parish. She departed this Life the 30th of November 1711 in the 70th Year of her Age; leaving behind her Two daughters, Mary and Frances, who dedicated this Stone to ye Memory of their Mother.

24. On an Old White Stone, close to ye last, Northward, on ye Ground. *This Stone, also, was in ye South Chancell, on ye Floor. *Near this Place lieth buried the Body of Valentine BELKE of Wye, Eldest Son of Gabriel Belke of Sheldwich Gent, who departed this Life February ye 14th 1647/8
. Aged 44 Years. Here also lieth ye Body of Ann Belke, only Daughter of Valentine Belke and Elisabeth his Wife.

25. At The Head of The last, nearer to ye Church, is a large white Stone, raised on Brickwork, thus inscribed: Here lieth interr’d ye Body of Ann, Wife of Henry WADE, Gent. and eldest Daughter of Doctor STAPLEY of Maidstone, who died April the 3d. 1720. She left Issue One Daughter. Here also lies The Body of Ann Wade the Daughter, who died 15 Aug. 1740.

26. Here is also Another raised Tomb, In Memory of James STREDWICKE, late of Wye, Gent, who died The 13th of April 1732. Aged 67.

27. *More Eastward, and further from The Church, is a very Handsome Black Marble, raised on Brickwork, with The following Coat and Inscriptions. *Before The Fall of The Steeple, this Stone was in ye High Chancell, which did belong to the EARLS of WINCHELSEA. It then lay even with ye Floor, but, upon the Death of the last Mention’d John GODFREY
(ob. 1719-20) it was rais’d on Brickwork. [SA. a Λ betw. 3 pilicans’ heads erased or].
Requiescunt sub hoc Marmore Reliquiae Richardi GODFREY Gen. ex antiqua Godfredorum Familia in Agro Cantiano, oriundi. Auspicatas contraxit Nuptias cum Maria, Filia Johannis MOYLE de Buckwell, Armig. quibus nati fuissent
(sic. perhaps for cum .. frilsent) Octo Filij, totidemq Filiae, et, tandem, plus viginti Septem. Annis cum Illa faeliciter transactis Moriturus, sanctis hisce Penetralibus, legavit Corpus suum, Jesum admorandum 15 Die Mart. Annis Salutis 1641/2. Aetatis 50.
His etiam jacet Johannes GODFREY, Generosus, unus ex Filijs praefati Richardi, qui, cum quadraginta quinque Anni a Partu et quin decim a Nuptijs cum Maria, Filia Thomae GOLD de Cantuaria, Generosi, contractis, praeterissent, ut superstitis Pietatis relinqueret Pignus, voluit, Cineres suos in Paterua Urna Sepultos fore, quos deposuit Londini 25 Februarij, An. 1673/4.
His etiam jacet Johannes GODFREY, Armr. unicus superstes Filius Johannis GODFREY, pdict. Qui, ex sec Filijs, et unica Filia, de Catherina nuper Uxore sua, susceptis, duos tantum Filios, Johannem & Chambrelan, superstites reliquit. Obijt Primo Die Februarij Anno Salutis 1719(20). Aetatis Suae 52.

28. On the Base of an Obelisk of Free Stone surrounded by an Iron Rail on the S. Side of ye Stone for Mr Richd. GODFREY etc. Arms of Godfrey with the Motto "Post Spinas, Palia".
Here lies interred Chambrelan GODFREY, Esq. youngest Son of John Godfrey, Esq. of Wye in the County of Kent. He resided many Years at Leghorn, in Italy. There, while he improved his Fortune by Commerce, he deservedly bore the Character of an honest, worthy Man. A.D. 1748, he returned to England and here, ‘tho retired from Business was sill assiduous in the constant Practice of benevolent Friendship & Charity. He died 25 Nov. 1766 Aetatis 67. To perpetutate the Memory of so good a Man, so kind of Relation Joseph PINFOLD Esq., his first Cousin and Executor, hath erected this Monument.
[Attached as a flap to F.15 is a drawing of this obelisk, with this title over it: The Monument for Chambrelan GODFREY, Esq. in the Ch.Yard of Wye in Kent].

29. On The North Side of The Chancell, are 2 Black Marbles, lying on The Ground, with the Following Coats and Inscriptions. *These Two Stones (for Mr COLE and his Wife) were in The North Chancell, while it was standing, which belong’d to The THORNHILLS, of Ollantigh; a Seat in This Parish, now in ye Possession of John SAWBRIDGE Esq. who has rebuilt it.
On the First
. [Arg. a bull passt. gardt. sa. horned & hoofed or, a border sa. bezanty (COLE)]. Januarij ix An. MDCLXIII. Maestissimus Maritus Robertus Cole, exuit Mortalitatem, et, cum dulcisciana sua Elizabethula placide condormescit, donec resonante Tuba expergefacti, indueruut ambo Immortalitatem. Composuit Maritus ipse R. Cole. On The Second, wch. lies close by ye First. [Cole imp. BARRY of 10 gu. & arg. on a chief arg. a castle gu. (THORNHILL)]. Hic dormit Elizabetha, Uxor Roberti Cole, Armig: Timothei THORNHILL Mil: Filia umica; quae Animam Puerpera Creatori suo religiose reddidit Novemb. 14 An.Dni 1651. Aetatis 31. Conjugij 10 reliquit Filiam Janam (Annor. Octo) Filium Richardum, qui mox ab Ubere raptus, in Sinu Matris conquiescit. Cujus dulci Memoriae sed nec minus acerbae (eomagis acerbae, quia maxime dulci). Trississimus Maritus sociale marmoranit Muemosynum.

30. On The South Side, near the Path, on an Old Altar Tomb, and at The East End of it, is this Inscription, scarce Legible. Here lyeth The Body of Robert COVENEY, who departed this Life, the xxx Day of November in Anno Domini 1615.

31. On a Mural Monument, in The North Chanclel, before it fell was an Inscription for Mrs Elisabeth THORNHILL of Ollantigh, as follows: Omer Elizabetha! O Maritella mea, Elizabethula! O Desiderium oculorum meorum! Hen, quam gravi afflixit Manu, Te Me eripiens Deus! Te, quam Nemo non amavit, qui noverit, quam amabilem Te fecerunt Pietas, Charitas! Quam conjugalis Amor! quam Gratiarum Cohors! quam Formae Décor! Virtutes, certe, omnes, tum Animi, tum Corporis concertarunt Te reddere omnibus plus quam commendatissimam! Sane, qui ademptam non deplorat, nec Suavitatem, nec Virtutem ipsam extinctam, deplorabit! Vale, Mea Elizabethula, mae stissimus ingemuit Maritus; vale! usque ad Resurrectionem, Valeto!

32. In The North Chancell were buried several of The KEMPES, who were Possessed of Ollantigh, before it belong’d to The THORNHILLS. There are Two very ancient Stones, still in ye Church Yard (in the Place where ye North Chancell stood), which belong’d to them. One of them, was for Sr. Thomas Kempe and his Lady. They formerly had Brass Plates, and Portraits upon Them, which have been stolen away since ye Chancells fell. Close by These, was a Stone for *Sr. Thomas Kempe, and Beatrice his Wife; This was used at The Rebuilding The Steeple, to make Steps up to it. Several other Stones were sold by The Church Wardens, when the Chancell & Steeple were rebuilt, which was in ye Years 1705 and 1706.
*Weever says it had ye following Inscription. Hic sistunt Ossa Thomae Kempe, Marmore fossa, Cujus opus Pronum Se probat esse bonum. Dum vixit letus, fuit, et Bonitate repletus, Munificus viguit, Pauperibus tribuit. Jungitur huic Satrix Virtutum Spousa Beatrix, Que partitur Opes, sponte juvans inopes. Ex his processit, ut Ramus ab Arbore crescit, Cleri Presidium, Dux Sapiens Ovium. Christo Lectoris Mens cunctis supplicet Horis, Ut Patris Deitas luminet has Animas.

33. The Collegte, built by Arch. Bishop KEMPE, is a stone Building on ye East Side of The Church Yard, and is now Used for a Free School, where poor Children are taught to read & write, pursuant to The Will of The Lady Joanna THORNHILL, buried in the Chancell.

34. Here is also a very Florishing Grammar School, under the Care of The Revd. Mr TOWERS, who is the present Incumbent, viz 1757.

35. The Church was dedicated to St.GREGOGY and St. MARTIN – it was accounted as a Chappel, and so not rated in the King’s Books.

36. It is in ye Gift of The EARL of WINCHELSEA.

37. The Bells are thus inscribed.
1. The Gift of John SAWBRIDGE of Ollantigh. R. PHELPS Londini fecit Me. 1734.
2. The Gift of The Town of Wye. R. Phelps, Londini, fecit Me. 1734.
3. Robertus MOT Me fecit. 1594.
4. Robertus Mot Me fecit. 1594.
5. Robertus Mot Me fecit. 1593.
6. Robertus Mot Me fecit. 1593.
7. R. Phelps Made Me 1709 (N.B. This Bell was new Cast, having been broke by ye Fall).
8. Robertus Mot Me fecit. 1593.
The First Bell has the Arms & Crest of Sawbridge upon it. The 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th & 8th have all of them the Arms of KEMPE with many Quarterings.

38. On The Bridge are The Following Inscriptions. On a Square Stone, on the s. Side, inward. This Bridge was built with Stone at The Charge of the whole County, An.Dom. 1638. Sir John HONEYWOOD, and Robert MOYLE Esq. being Treasurers. Percival BRETT, Reynold COPELEY, and John KNIGHT, Surveyors.
On a Square Stone, on The N. Side. Inward. This Bridge was built att the only Charge of this County of Kent in the Yeare 1638, and repaired at the Charge of the said County, in the Yeare 1684. John MARSH, Gent, Richard SIMMONS, Gent, Henry COULTER, and John KENNET, being Surveyors, and Expenditors. John BIGGE, and John TAYLOR, John Bigge, Junr., Alexander BUTCHER, Caleb Bigge and James TASTER, Workmen.

Index of Names and Places

Name Index
Andrews 4
Beale 3
BELKE 23, 24
Boys 5
BRETT 5, 14, 15, 17, 38

DAN 19
FINCH 6, 13
GODFREY 27, 28
Jenyns 1
MACHAM 6, 13
MOYLE 12, 22, 27, 38
Neame 2
Palmer 4
SAWBRIDGE 20, 29, 37
THOMSON 11, 22
Toke 5
Young 1
Places Index
Betteshanger 5
Bottesham Hall, Cambridgeshire 1
Fulmer, Bucks 11
Godington 5
Kennington 14
Leghorn, Italy 28
Maidstone 25
Moldash (Molash?) 23

Royton, Kent 11
Rucking 5
Rushelt 2
Sheldwich 24
Spring Grove House 1
Springrove 5
Wye 7
Ollantigh 10, 29, 32, 37
General 10
Commander 10
Regiment of Horse 10
Battle of Lansdown 10
Churchwarden 5
Clerk 5
Doctor 25
Doctor of Law 5

Grammar School 34
Knight 5
Lady of The Bed Chamber 10
Rector 5
Surgeon 3
Surveyors 38
Tenant 1