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Ash next Sandwich


 Ash next Sandwich with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Ash next Sandwich Church
Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1760. Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In The Chancell.
1. On a Monument on The E. Wall, on ye N. Side of The Communion Table. [Or, a fesse embattled betw. 3 wheels az.]. In a Vault in This Chancell lieth interred The Body of Mrs Eliz. CARTWRIGHT, Widow, who departed this Life Dec. 2 1713. As also of Gervas Cartwright Esq. her only Son, who died Apr. 6 1721. And Mrs Eleanor and Mrs Anne Cartwright, her Daughters, who died ye one, Jan. 20, the other Feb. 19 1721/2. At their Desires this Chancell was beautyfied and adorned; and, by their Order a Charity School was erected in this Parish, and munificently endowed forever.

2. On a Flat Stone. with the above Coat. H.S.E. Gervasius CARTWRIGHT, Armiger Londini natus hujus Parochiae, dum vixit Decus et Tutamen. qui sinceram in Deum Pietatem in Cognatos Charitatem in egonos Beneficentiam in Omnes deniq Morum Suavitatem ita exercuit, ut, non magis omnibus peramatus vixerit quam desideratus occiderit. Vitam tranquillè instituendo, semper felix evasit. eandem aequa Serenitate Animi deponendo, felicior. Cum enim Mors ipsa, apertis armata Terroribus, certum intendebat Telum mirâ Constantiâ crudelem imperteritus excepit Ictum; et Deo Conservatori Animam placidissimè reddidit. Ingens sane Xtianae Fortitudinis Exemplum nec vanum futurae illius quam animitus anhelebat Felicitatis Indicium. In Pauperiorum hujus Parochiae Alumnorum eruditionem ……/ impendendas, in perpetuum, reliquit. Obijt 6 Die Aprilis Anno Domini 1721. Aetatis suae 44. Juxta hunc Locum conduntur Reliquiae dilectissimarum Sororum Eleonorae et Annae CARTWRIGHT, Virgimum. Quae, ne nimium diu tam charo Capite carerent post decem Menses, Morte Fratrem libentèr secutae sunt. Illa, 20 Die Januarij haec, 19 Februarij Anno Domini 1721/22. Aet. 47, 46.

3. On a Brass Plate, on a Flat Stone, under the Fig. of a Woman. The Coats lost. Pray for the Sowle of Jane KERRIEL,/Ye Friendis alle that forth by pass;/In endlesse Life perpetuell,/That God it grant Mercy and Grace./Roger CLETHEROWE her Fader was./Thowgh Erthe to Erthe of Kynd retorne,/Pray that the Sowle in Bliss sojourne.

4. On a Monumt. on The E. Wall, on the S. Side of the Communion Table. [Arg. 3 pheons sa. on a chief sa. a greyhound courant arg. imp. Arg. a bull statant gu. on a base (?ppr, for earth: now coloured brown though hatched \\\\ as though for purp.].

5. In a Vault in This Chancell lieth interred the Body of Henry ROBERTS Esq. Grandson of Sr. William Roberts of Wilsden, in ye County of Middlesex, Bart. who died Feb. 25 1718/9. He had Issue, by Susanna his Wife 3 Sons and 2 Daughters, viz. Katherine, Henry, Harry, Susanna, and Henry, of which the first and the last only survived. The rest are with him in the same Vault. As also Mrs Eleanor Roberts, his Sister who died Feb. 1 1719/20. In the same Vault is also interred the Body of Mrs Susanna Roberts, late Wife of the above Henry Roberts Esq. obijt the 11th of Feb. 1730/1. Aet. 44.

6. Two Other Flat Stones, wch. have the Appearance of Antiquity – whose Inscriptions, and Brasses are lost.

7. Under a Gothick Arch in the North Wall, is the Figure of an armed Man lying Cross Leg’d, at full Length, on an Altar Tomb – without either Coat or Inscription. Philpot (Fol.52), says it is in Memory of 1 of The Family of LAVEROCK; and, that, in his Time, his Arms were painted on his Sheild.

8. On The same Side of this Chancell, but more Westward, and between it and the North Chancell, on an Altar Tomb also, lies the Figure of Another Man, arm’d and Cross Leg’d as the former; and, under him the Figure of a Woman, both at their Full Length – without Inscription. On The Sheild of the Man has been painted his Coat Armour; on the Feme Side, I, with much ado, made out the Arms of SEPTVANS – als HARFLEET, as in ye following Page – but the Baron Side was quite effaced. Philpot says, this Tomb is in Memory of Sr. John GOSHALL, a worthy Knt. who lived in the Reigns of E.3 & R.2 – and, that his Arms, viz. Az. a Ly: ramp: within Semee of + Arg. – he thinks ye Fig. underneath, was design’d for his Skeleton – Fol.50. But I am sure it was done for a Woman.

In The North Chancell.
9. Under an Arch in the North Wall, on a large and high Altar Tomb, lie ye Figg. at full Length, of a Man in compleat Armour, and a Collar of S.S. And of a Woman, in The Dress of her Time, both large as the Life. All the Brasses are torn off, except a small One, fixt to ye Top of the Arch, which bears the following Coat. [Az. 3 winnowing fans or (*SEPTVANS) imp. A fesse erm. betw. 3 fleurs-de-lis in chief (no tinctures) & 3 fishes naiant in pale in base*The Motto to the Arms of Septvans was, "Dissipabo Inimicos Regis mei ut Paleam". alluding to the Coat – viz. 3 Thrasher’s Vans, or Fans. (see App. to Somner’s Cnterbury. Edit. Battely F.32).

10. On The South Wall is a very sumptuous Monument, bearing the Figures of a Man and a Woman, kneeling at a Faldstool. Under the Woman are the smaller Figures of 7 Daughters, all kneeling. The Marble under the Man (on which, I imagine were ye Figures of the Sons), is lost. It has the following Coats and Inscription. [3 shs. in line – I & III small, II large.
I. SEPTVANS as Above imp. ¼ly:
1&4). Lozengy gu. & az. 13 martlets (or?) 3,2,3,2,3 [HENDLY – see My M.S. Book of Heraldry].
2&3). Arg. a saltire engrld. erminois betw. 4 torteaux.
II. ¼ly of 7:
1). Septvans.
2). Arg. 2 bars or (sic), debruised by a bend sa. bearg. 3 crescents or.
3). Az. a chief indented arg.
4). Arg. on a fesse az. 3 torteaux (sic).
5). Lozengy gu. & or, a chief arg.
6). Gu. 3 boars’ heads couped arg.
7). Sa. a chevn. or betw. 3 hawks’ heads erased arg. imp. Arg. crusilly & 3 fleurs-de-lis in a border invected sa.
III. BERESFORD imp. Gu. 6 bezts., each bearg. a fl-de-lis sa.].
Here lyeth The Bodies of Sr. Thomas SEPTVANS, alias HARFLEETE, of Moland in this Parishe Knt. who died the *………../ And the Lady Bennet his Wife, Daughter of Michael BERESFORD of Westram in the County of Kent Esq. which Lady Bennet died the 2d. Day of July A.D. 1612 being of the Age of 46 Yeares. *The date never has been cut.

11. On a Flat Stone. Here lyeth the Body of Sr. Thomas SEPTVANS, alias HARFLETE, of Moland in this Parishe, Knight, who died ……/ And the Lady Bennet his Wife, who died the 2d. Day of July 1612.

12. On Another Monument on the S. Wall, wch. bears a Man and a Woman, kneeling at a Faldstool. [Az. a fesse & in chief 2 + +lets fitchy or]. Here lyeth The Body of Christopher TOLDERVEY of Chartham, Sone and Heire of Christopher Toldervey, late of London Esq. deceased. Hee had to Wife, Jane, Daughter to Sr. Thomas HAREFLEET, Knight, with whome not long livinge he departed this Life Apr. 25 1618 in the 32d. Yeare of his Age. In Acknowledgement of whose kind Love, as well ye said Jane his Wife, as Richard CAMBDEN Gent, his Kinsman, have caused this Remembrance of Him, to bee here erected.

13. Round the Edge of, and on a Brass Plate fixt to a Flat Stone, & under ye Figures of a Man and a Woman, are the Following Inscriptions – and ye same Coats as on the Mont. for Sr. Tho. SEPTVANS, P.145 – I have, therefore, drawn only this. [Impaled sh. with writing only: Septvans as Before imp. HENLY quartering as at P.145]. [natus fuit xx Die Julij](now lost) ….. HENDLY, de Ottam, Armigeri, quae nata fuit xxix Septembris 1530 et obijt xxvii Die Maij 1602. Quid gemis [genus] humanum sine Christo? Pulvis et Umbra/…../Faex, Fumus, debita Massa Neci./Quid gemis [genus] humanum in Christo? divina Propago/Christi solius Morte redempta Deo./Ergo, nosce Deum, Christum cole, sperne Cadaver;/Aeternâ Vitâ, Morte fruere, piâ.

14. Round The Verge of, and on a Brass Plate fixt to, another Flat Stone, wch. also bears the Figures, in Brass, of a Man, a Woman, and 6 Children; under wch. last are these Names "Thomas. William. John. Jane. Mercy. Jone". This Stone also has on it the same Coats as are On ye Monument for Sr. Thomas SEPTVANS, P.145 – and the Following, wch. is not on that Monument, viz: [*SEPTVANS imp. Az. 3 mascles & a chief or (CHALONER)]. *This Coat is also painted on a Board wch. hangs in Beakesbourne Chancell. Hic jacet Corpus Walteri Septvans, alias HARFLET, de Cheker, in Parochiâ de Ash, Armigeri, qui natus fuit Die Sti. Michaelis, A.D. 1567, et obijt 4 Die Junij 1642, et Jana Uxor ejus, Filia Johannis CHALONER de Fulham, Armigeri, quae nata fuit 23 Julij 1576 et obijt 4 Die Dec. 1626. Nominis egregium Decus, et solidata Propago./Nunc Cinis (amplexus Conjugis Ossa) jacet./Quàm bene disposuit commissa Charismata Servus,/Si Fas sit, dicas, utilis ille fuit./Impiger et prudens, Vitae Documenta reliquit,/Et moriente Omnes hinc didicere mori.

15. On a Brass Plate on another Flat Stone. [Per bend sa. & arg. 2 spreadeagles countercharged (BROOKE)]. *John Brooke of the Parishe of Ashe/Only hee is now gone./His Days are past, his Corpse is laid/Now under this Marble Stone./Brooke Streete hee was the Honor of,/Rob’d now it is of Name,/Only because hee had no Seede,/Or Childe to have the same. Knowing that all must pass away,/Even when God will, none can denay./He pass’d to God in the Yere of Grace/A Thowsand, Fyve Hundredth, Fourscore and two it was.(1582-3) /The Sixteenthe Day of January, I tell you playne/The Fyve and Twentyth Yere of Elizabeth’s Raigne. *an Acrostick.

16. On Another Flat Stone. [2 chevns. betw. 3 martlets imp. 3 molets](no tinctures). Here lies The Body of Mr Thomas SINGLETON, late of Molland, in this Parish, descended from the Ancient Family of the Singletons of Broughton Tower, in Lancashire. He was educated in the College of Peter House in Cambridge, where he took his first Degree in Physick, and afterwards married Mary, Daughter of Mr Abraham DAWES, Merchant of London who with one Son (John aged 10 Years) survived him. He died Dec. 7 A.D. 1710 in the 40th Year of his Age.

17. On Another Flat Stone. [Az. 3 talbots passant or (PEKE) imp. Sa. a chevn. betw. 3 leopards’ heads or (WENTWORTH)]. Here lieth interred the Body of the virtuous Dame Elisabeth Peke, Relict of Sr. Edward Peke Knt. and Daughter of Sr. George Wentworth Knt. Brother to the most illustrious Thomas, late EARLE of STRAFFORD. She departed this Life the 29th Day of Feb. 1691/2.

18. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Thomas PEKE, of Hills Court in this Parish Esq. eldest Son to Sr. Edward of the same Place, Knt. who departed this Life the 7th of August 1701 in the 29th Yeare of his Age. He married Elisabeth, eldest Daughter of Mr Anthony BALL of Bromley, in Kent, by whome he had 6 Children, viz. Thomas, Edward, Ann, Eliz. Margaret, and Sarah.

19. On Another. [PEKE as Above imp.Brown (hatched |||| for purp.) a cross engrld. erm. in the 1st ¼ a molet, for difference]. Here lieth interred the Body of Thomas Peke of Hills Court Esq. (Son of Edward Peke Esq. of the same Place) who had to Wife Katherine, Daughter of Dr. William KINGSLEY, Arch Deacon and Prebend of Canterbury; by whom he had Issue 6 Sons, and 6 Daughters: whereof are left, Sr. Edward, Peter, Charles Damaris, and Elisabeth. He died the 8th of October, Anno 1677. aged 74 Yeares.

20. On Another.[¼ly: 1&4). PEKE. 2&3). A chevron betw. 3 crescents]. Here lyeth buried the Body of Susanna Peke, Daughter of Edward Peke Esq. who died the 26th Day of October, in the 17th Yeare of her Age, A.D. 1633.

21. On Another. Here lies interred the Body of Mrs Margaret MASTERS, the Wife of Mr John Masters, Second Daughter and Coheiress of William WILDE Esq. of Goldstone in this Parish, who departed this Life the 18th of April 1758, in the 58th Year of her Age.

22. Three Other Flat Stones, without Inscription.

23. In the Westmost Window, are the 2 following Coats. [I. Gu. a lion rampant arg. II. Arg. a cross gu.].

In The Body.
24. On a Flat Stone. In this Vault lieth the Body of John SAYER, Son of William and Mary Sayer of this Parish. He departed this Life the 4th of Dec. 1756 aged 32 Years.

25. On Another. Here lieth interred the Body of Mrs Mary BAX, Wife of Mr John Bax, Gen. who departed this Life 14 June 1743 aged 58 Years.

26. Also the Body of the abovesaid John BAX, Gen. who departed this Life, July11 1759 aged 77 Years. Hark, from the Tombs a dolefull Sound!/My Ears attend the Cry./Ye Living Men, come view ye Ground,/Where You must shortly lye.

27. Seven other Flat Stones, whose Inscriptions are lost.

In The South Isle. [=S. Trans.].
28. On a neat Monument on the S. Wall. [¼ly:
1&4). HOUGHAM as at P.128 (St Mary’s Sandwich).
2). Or, on a chevn. gu. 3 molets arg. betw. 3 elephants’ heads erased gu.
3). BROOKE as at P.147.]. Near unto this Monument lies the Body of Richard Hougham Gent. late of Weddington, of this Parish, and Elisabeth, his Wife, who was the Daughter of Edward SAUNDERS of Norbon nere Sandwich, Gent, which said Richard and Elisabeth had Issue 3 Sonnes and 1 Daughter, viz. Michael, Edward, Solomon, and Ann. The aforesaid Michael and Ann are also interred here. This Monument was erected according to the last Will, and Testament of the aforesaid Ann Hougham deceased, who was baptised the 17th of January 1601/2 and departed this Life June 9 1661. If Grace and Vertue could have deified,/Here lies interr’d a Maid who ne’er had died./Her Charity on Earth she spent, her Love/On Heav’n; fit only for the Saints above./Let theise frayle Ashes a Memento be,/Her Life a Pattern, and a Legacy. Le Neve, Vol.1, P.8, says that the following Inscription was in this S. Isle, but I cd. not find it. (NB. It is in ye Body on ye S. Wall, near the Pulpit). "Piae, cordatae, modestae, amabiliq Faeminae, Fidelissimae Conjugi, dulcissimaeq Dorotheae (Filiae Gulielmi TIGHLMAN Gener. ex Susannâ Filiâ Thomae WHETENHALL armig). 27. Aetatis Annum agenti, Tres Filios, Thomam, Johanrem, Vincentium, Filiasq duas, Deboram, et Dorotheam chara Pignora, superstites, Marito relinquenti, 18 Die Septembris, Anno Dom. 1605 (circiter tres Horas post Partum Vincentij praedicti) suavitèr in Christo obdormienti. Thomas ST NICHOLAS maestissime vidnatus, piae Memoriae, gratiq. Animi ergo, hoc Monumentum statuit.

29. Flat Stone without Inscription.

In The North Isle.
30. On a Monument on the E. Wall.. [¼ly: 1&4). Erm. a chief ¼ly or & gu. 2&3). A cross voided (no tinctures)]. Vincentius ST NICHOLAS, alias SENNICOLAS alias SENNICLAS, Generosus, obijt certâ Spe resurgendi, 20 Die Augusti, A.D. 1589, circitèr Aetatis Annum 58. qui Uxorem duxit Mariannam Filiam Edvardi BROCKHILL, Armigeri, quam superstitem, cum tribus Liberis, viz: Merciâ, Filiâ, Thomâ et Timotheo Filijs, ex ipsâ procreates, reliquit. Quibus viventibus Deus sit propitious" Civitatem futuram inquirimus.

31. On A Mont. on ye West Wall; partly hid by a Gallery. ……..d,/Esq……..tious Branch of …………../Line of his Family, who lived exemplarily in the Service of God, and of this his Country, under the eminent teachynge of that Grace. Tit. 2.11.12. etc. havinge Married Elisabeth the sole Daughter of Thomas ST NICHOLAS of this Parishe Esq. Dec. 25 1655 dyed in much sweet Peace 27 July 1656 in the 42d. Yeare of his Age. Ps.112.6. The righteous shall be had in everlasting Remembrance.

32. Two Other Flat Stones, with ye Arms of ST NICHOLAS, whose Inscriptions are gone.

33. This Church consists of The Great, and North, Chancells, The Body, and 2 Side Isles. The Tower, which is cap’t with a Spire, stands between the Great Chancell and the Body. In it hang 5 Bells, thus inscribed.
1. …………./ 1581.
2. Joseph HATCH made Me. 1615.
3. Joseph HATCH made Me. 1620.
4. Joseph HATCH made Me. 1620.
5. Henry WILNER made Me. 1641.


35. In Philpots Time there were several Altar Tombs here, which belong’d to the Family of SEPTVANS – Als. HARFLEET "all which (he sayd) had their Figures & Arms insculpt in Brass, annext to their Sepulchres, wch. by the Impression of Time, and the Assault of sacrilegious Hands, are quite dismantled, and torn off" Fol.51. There are at present several anct. Altar Tombs remaining, whout Inscription, and almost ruinated, which, I suppose, are those he mentions.

36. Over The Porch (wch. fronts to The North), is a Free School, endowed with a Sallery of £30 Per Ann. by the ‘forementioned Family of CARTWRIGHT – see the Epitaph – Pag. 143.

37. On each Side of The Entrance into The Porch, is an ancient Monument; they both have been adorn’d with Brass, which, together, with their Inscriptions, are now Lost.

38. This Church was dedicated to St. Nicholas. The Tithes are impropriated to the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, who appoints a Curate here. The Present Curate, is The Revd. Mr Benjamin LONGLEY 1760.

39. A Stone Coffin is said to have been dug up, at Goshall in this Parish, about the Year 1710.

40. Mr Somner, in his Roman Ports and Forts, Page 7, says that, at Overland, in this Parish, there was formerly a Chapel of Ease to Ash, as Ash itself was to Wingham; and, also, another Chapel of Ease at Nevil’s Fleet, in this Parish.

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Names Index
BAKER 34, BALL 18, BAX 25, 26, 34; BERESFORD 10, BROCKHILL 30, BROOKE 15, 28, BURROWS 34, BUSHELL 34;
PACKER 34, PEKE 17, 18, 19, 20; PETLEY 34, PORDAGE 34;

ASH - Goldstone 21, Goshall 39, Hills Court 18, Moland 10, Molland 16, Nevil’s Fleet 40, Overland 40, Weddington 28;
Bromley 18, Broughton Tower, Lancashire 16;
Chartham 12;
London 12, 16;
Norbon near, Sandwich 28;
St Mary’s Sandwich 28;
Westerham 10, Wilsden, Middlesex 5;

Arch Deacon Prebend of Canterbury 19;
Charity School 1;
Merchant 16;