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Ashford, Kent with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Ashford, noted 1758

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

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1. I shall here give a True Copy of a Manuscript, in ye Hands of the Reverend Mr John CLOUGH, ye Present Vicar of Ashford, wrote by ye Reverend William WARREN, L.L.B. who was Curate of Ashford, in ye year 1712. This Book is by him call’d, Some Account of The Church, College (now Vicarage House), Free School etc. of Ashford in Kent. By William Warren L.L.B. Curate of Ashford 1712. Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758. Illius quidem Loci, (etc).
[PARSONS copied the Warren Ms. before 1794. It was printed, in 1895, by THOMPSON, of Ashford, and transcribed by me from Thompson’s book. So I omit all B.F.’s copy of the original Ms. until he resumes his own additions to it. V.J. TORR].

2. Wm. WARREN. Trinity Hall Cambr. Nov. 29 1722.   Thus far Dr. Warren’s Manuscript To which I have added the Coats of Arms, (i.e. as Many as are now remaining) which were omitted in his Account. And, have brought down ye Inscriptions to the present Year 1758 when, on visiting this Church, I was surprised to see, how many Inscriptions which were in Being in The Doctor’s Time, are now totally defaced and gone; and wch. without his Care, wd. have been forgotten. Br. FAUSSETT.   Some Additions to Ashford; being a Continuation of The Inscriptions of ye Year 1758. And an Acct. of ye Coats of Arms, omitted by Dr. Warren.

3. On a Flat Stone near ye S. Door, with this Coat. [Arg. a bend cotised invected sa. imp. On a saltire invected a trefoil slipped]. William WHITFELD Gent died Nov. ye 30th 1739. Aged 66 Years, leaving Issue William, John, Elizabeth, Francis and Thomas. Reodus. Gulielmus Whitfeld, A.M. Praedicti Filius Natu Maximus, Coll: Jesu Cantab. Soc. obijt Prid. Idus Xbris, Anno Salutis 1742. Anno Aetatis 45. John Whitfeld died January ye first, in ye Year of Our Lord 1745/6. In ye 46th Year of his Age. Elizabeth, ye Abovementioned Daughter of William Whitfeld died April ye 28th in ye Year of Our Lord 1749, and of her Age ye 47th. Also Francis, Son of ye abovesaid William died June 19 1751 in ye 46 Year of his Age. Jane Relict of ye abovesaid William, died Nov. 27 1756 Aged 78 Years.

4. On ye Flat Stone for Mrs Anne IRBY
[ob. Jan 23, 1680-1, aged abt. 16 months] (see Page 96) this Coat. [Arg. fretty sa. on a canton gu. a garland or].

5. On Another Flat Stone with this Coat.
[A chevn. betw. 3 fleurs-de-lis imp. Arg. a spreadeagle sa. debruised by a bend gobony gu & or]. In this Vault lieth interrd the Body of Captain Wilfrid HART who departed this Life March the 28th 1720, in ye 46 Year of his Age. Here also lieth interr’d the Body of Gilbert ROSE, who departed this Life June ye 23d. 1722, in ye 70th Year of his Age. Also here lieth the Body of Elisabeth, Wife of the said Captain Wilfrid Hart, & Daughter of the said Gilbert Rose, who departed this Life August the 5th 1724 in the 44th Year of her Age.

6. On Mr WARREN’s Stone (see Page 102) is this Coat
. [Gu. a lion rampt. arg. a chief checky or & az. imp. Arg. a chevn. purp]. (Samuel, ob. 16 Mar 1720-1, aet. 84).

In The South Chancell & Vest’rey.
7. On a very handsome Mural Monument, adorned with Military Ensigns etc. in ye South East Corner of ye Vestrey wth. this Coat.
[Gu. 3 bars arg. imp. Az. a griffin statant & a chief or]. Beneath This Monument lies interrd the small Remainder of Arthur APSLEY of this Towne Esq. who near 20 Years with Loyalty, Courage & Good Conduct discharg’d the especiall Trust reposed in him by their Majesties KING WILLIAM & QUEEN ANNE, As Cornet, Lieutenant, and Exempt of their First Troop of Horse Guards. He married Mary, Youngest Daughter of George EVELYN of Godstone in Surry Esq. by whome he left no Issue. He died Dec. 29th 1719 in ye 50th Year of his Age. Near him also is interrd the Body of Arthur APSLEY, Father of the aforesaid Arthur, who died Dec. 4 1723 in the80th Year of his Age. Here also lieth interr’d the Body of Thomas Apsley of this Towne, who out of Filial Duty and Brotherly Affection erected this Monument to their Memory. He died June ye 7th 1736 in ye 58th Year of his Age. Near him also is interred the Body of Anne, Relict of Thomas Apsley, who died Feb. 12 1741/2. Aged 63 Years.

8. On a Flat Stone with this Coat.
[3 crescents in a border erm. imp. Gu. 3 bars arg. & a canton erm]. (no tinctures). Here lieth interr’d the Body of James READER, late of this Towne who departed this Life Aug. 24 1727. Aged 52 Years. Near him also is interrd the Body of Elizabeth, Relict of ye aforesaid James READER, and Daughter of Arthur APSLEY. She died Oct. 17 1741. Aged 64 Years.

9. On Another – with this Coat.
[Erm. 2 chevns. imp. 3 bends, a chief erm. (BULL)]. (no tinctures). Sub hoc Marmore conduntur Cineres Johannis FENNER, Generosi, hujus Oppidi non ita pridem Incolae et Ornamenti. qui obiit 15 Die Julij, Anno Dni. 1702. Aetatis suae 36. Vir erat multis certè Nominibus Memorandus utpote qui Fidelis Ecclesiae Anglicanae Filius, Orthodoxae Fidei Pietatem adjunxerit, Vitaeq Integritatem. Quinetiam (quod illi omnino dandum est Laudi) Feliciter monstravit benignam ingenij Venam. Sermonem festivum, Moresq Faciles, non tantum cum Religionis Gravitate convenire, sed Virtutem ipsam gratiorem redderet, et Magis amabilem. Uxorem duxit Saram, Thomae BULL de Mersham, Generosi, Filiam natû Maximam; Faeminam sane tali Viro dignam; quae obijt 5 Die Aprilis 1715 et hic juxtà jacet sepulta. Ex Hâc septem suscepit Liberos, quorum tres praematuro Fato abreptos, Pater maestus ploravit. Quatuor Superstites, Mariam Franciscam, Saram, Eizabetham, et Priscillam, moriturus Testamento reliquit Haeredes. Elizabetha, Anno Aetatis undecimo vix dum expleto Variolis occubuit. Tres reliquae Marmor hoc, Pietatis et Gratitudinis ergo posuere, An. Dom. 1724.

10. On Another Flat Stone with this Coat.
[Or, a saltire sa. in chief a cresct. gu. for diffce. (DERING) imp. Az. a chevn. arg. bearing 3 crosses gu. betw. 3 pheons or (WIGHTWICK)]. Here lieth interrd the Body of Henry Dering, Gent, late of Shelve, who departed this Life January ye 15th 1752, Aged 37 Years. Here also lies interr’d the Body of Hester, Wife of the said Henry, who departed this Life Oct. ye 6th 1751. Aged 38 Years. They left Issue 4 Sons & 4 Daughters.

11. On Another. Beneath this Stone lie the Remains of a good Christian Elisabeth the Wife of Josias PATTENSON ye Younger, Gent. She died the 18th of May 1755 in ye 27th Year of her Age, leaving Issue 1 Son.

12. On Another. Here lieth Grace, Wife of Thomas WHITFELD, who died May 18 1752 aged 36 Years, leaving Issue Thomas, John, Francis, Lewis, Grace & Jane. Jane WHITFELD died May ye 3d. 1753 aged 3 Years. Here also lieth the abovesaid Thomas Whitfeld, who died Nov. ye 12th 1755. Aged 46 Years.

13. On Another. Here lieth Mary the Wife of John LAMB of this Towne who died June the 20th 1744. Aged 58 Years. Here also lieth Mary Daughter of John Lamb and Mary his Wife who died April the 4th 1748 aged 31 Years.

Lord STRANGFORD’s Chancell. See Page 93.[not reproduced here]
14. The 3 Tombs in this Chancell are all of them of very elegant & Costly Workmanship, and the Statues and Figures on them extreamly well cut. The Coat of Arms of this Family are as follows. I have omitted the ………. their being by Time greatly worn out & defaced.
[Az. a chevn. engrailed betw. 3 leopards or].

South Transept.
15. On the Flat Stone for Mr. Elisha BRETT
[ob. 11 Mar 1718-9) aged 43] (see Page 102 [not reproduced here]) is added the following Inscription. The Stone bears this Coat. [Or, crusilly fitchy & a lion rampt. gu. imp. Gu. a leopard’s head jesst.-de-lis arg.]. Here also lieth ye Body of Sarah the Wife of Elisha Brett, who died June the ……. Aged 49 Years.

16. On Another with this.
[A lion passt. betw. 3 cinquefoils (no tinctures)]. Here lies interrd the Body of Catherine WELLER who departed this Life Dec. 25 1719 Aged 55 Years. She was Daughter of Mr Daniel PRITCHARD, Minister of South Harting in the County of Sussex.

17. On Another with this Coat.
1). BULL as Before P.147.
2). Arg. 3 battle-axes in chevn. sa. (GIBBS).
3). Arg. a chevn. sa. betw. 3 bulls’ heads caboshed gu. (CURTEIS)]
. Thomas Bull Gent died Jan. ye 19th 1709/10. Aged 50 Years & is here interr’d, he had 2 Wives. The First was Sarah, Daughter of Robert GIBBS, Gent, by whom he had Issue 3 Sons and &1 Daughter, of wch. their Son Thomas only is surviving. He* (*seems error for "she") died Jan. 6 1701/2 Aged 39 Years, & is here interr’d. His Second Wife was Sarah the Dr. of Thomas CURTEIS Gent. Thomas Son of Thomas Bull abovesaid Gent died Feb. 11 1716/7 aged 25 Years & is here interr’d.

18. On The Stone for Mary ye Wife of Matthew WAGE [ob. 21 Apr 1716 aged 35] (see Page ye 101[not reproduced]) are since added the following Inscriptions.
Here also lieth the Body of Matthew WAGE who died May 21 1737 Aged 75 Years. Here likewise lieth Chapman, Son of the said Matthew & Mary, who died Oct. ye 2d. 1740. Aged 26 Years. Under this Stone also lieth ye Body of John FRENCH who died Dec. 16 1750. Aged 54 Years. Who left Issue 1 Son & 1 Daughter by Mary his Wife. Also Mary, Second Wife of the above said Matthew, died Apr. ye 28th 1754 aged 60 Years, who left Issue 1 Son & 1 Daughter, viz. Matthew & Mary.

19. On The Stone for Martha LAKE [ob. June 26 1680, aged 59] (P.96[not reproduced]) are since cut the following Inscriptions. Here also lieth the Body of Mary Lake, late of Ashford Widow, who died Apr. 16 1720. Aged 63 Years. She left Issue 5 Sons & 3 Daughters. Likewise here lies the Body of Mary, Wife of Thomas BARRET, & Daughter of Thomas Lake, Gent & Mary his Wife, who died Aug. the 1st 1739. Aged 57 Years.

20. At The South East End, or rather Side, of this Transept, has formerly been a Rood Gallery, The Stone Stair Case, wch. led to it, is now remaining.

North Chancell.
21. On The Stone for Mrs Mary TOURNAY [ob. 27 May, 1716, no age given] (see Page 101[not reproduced]) is this Coat, and additional Inscription.
[Arg. a chevn. betw. 3 oxen passt. sa. imp. Erm. on chief gu. 3 pears or]. Here also lieth the Body of The said John Tournay, who departed this Life February the .. 1735/6 in the 56th Year of his Age. He left Issue 2 Sons and 2 Daughters, by Anne his Second Wife. Daughter of C. WORGER of Smeeth.

22. On The Stone for Frances, Wife of Edw. WADE ([F.W. ob. 30 May 1700, no age given] (see Page 100[not reproduced]) this Coat.
[Az. a saltire betw. 4 escallops or imp. A bend vair]. On the Stone for Edw. Wade, Gen. [E.W. ob. 15 May 1711, aged 37] (see page 101[not reproduced]) is this Coat. [Tierced. 1). Wade. 2). A griffin Segrt. 3). A chev. betw. 3 escallops].

23. On a Flat Stone. Beneath this Stone are deposited The Small Remains of Judith the Wife of Isaac RUTTON. She died on ye 9th Day of January 1753 leaving Issue 3 Sons, and 3 Daughters after having experience’d the Uncertainty of Human Happyness 33 Years.

24. On The Stone for William CLERKE, who died 14 Dec. 1706 is also this following Inscription. Deborah Clerke, Wife of the said William Clerke, died April the 28th 1728 in ye 63d. Year of her Age, & lies here interred.

25. The Date on the Beam over this Chancell (see Page 91) seems to Me to be 1595. Tho the Former 5, has some Appearance of a 3, owing, perhaps to the Unskillfullness of ye Person who cut it – it being something like a 5 backwards, thus ٦ – But, what Figure.

North Transept.
26. On The Stone inlaid with 2 Figures etc. for Thomas FOGGE, Esq. (see Pages 93 & 107[not reproduced]) is the following Coat.
[Fogge, 1.116, Ashford imp. ¼ly 1&4). A bend. 2&3). ¼ly 1&4). a lion rampt. 2&3). a fret (no tinctures)]. (T.G.F. note: FITZALAN quartering MALTRAVERS).

27. On ye Stone for Daniel NOWER [bur. 20 Aug. 1647, aged 29] (page 99[not reproduced]) this Coat. [(no tincture for field) 2 bars gu. on a chief 3 crescents gu].

28. On a Neat Monument on ye N.Wall wth. ye Coat.
[Erm. a cross engrailed gu]. In The Vault beneath lie interrd the Bodies of John NORWOOD late of this Towne and Mary his Wife, by whom he had Seven Children, Six thereof are in the said Vault with them. In Memory of whom their Surviving Son Edward has erected this Monument this 20 Day of Sept. 1743.

29. On a flat Stone underneath. 1732. In this Vault lie ye Reliques of Elisabeth, John & Mary NORWOOD. Here also lieth John Norwood, Father of the above mentioned.

30. On Another Flat Stone. Elisabeth WOODWARD buried here.

North Isle.
31. On a Flat Stone. Under This Stone lieth interred The Body of Jane, Wife of Thomas BIGG, who died Dec. 6 1731. Aged 61 Years.

South Isle.
32. On a Flat Stone – with this Coat.
[CURTEIS, 1.149, Ashford imp. CARTER, 1.77, Godmersham]. Here lieth the Body of Thomas Curteis, Gent, who died Sept. 23 1718. Aged 76 Years. Here also lieth the Body of Elisabeth The Wife of Thomas Curteis. She died July 13 1717. Aged 71 Years.

33. Over The Great West Door is This Inscription in Golden Letters. This Church was new Pwe’d and Paved In the Year of Our Lord 1745. The Revd. John CLOUGH, Vicar. George ELWICK, Richard GREENHILL, Church Wardens.

34. There are now 8 Bells – 2 Smaller having been added to the former Six, A.D. 1762. They were founded by LESTER & PACKE of London. In The Tower hang 6 Heavy Bells, thus Inscribed.
1. Josephus HATCH Me Fecit. 1620.
2. William HATCH made Me. 1651.
3. Josephus HATCH Me Fecit. 1633.
4. Joseph HATCH Me Fecit. 1620.
5. Petrus PARRIS, Josephus HATCH Me fecit. 1620.
6. John ASHERST, C.W., Josephus HATCH Me Fecit. 1620.

Church Yard.
35. On An Altar Tomb, at The East End of The Church, nearly under ye defaced Image of the Virgin Mary (see Page 81[not reproduced]) (with the Arms of WARREN, as at Page 147[not reproduced]) is the Following Inscription for the Learned Dr. William Warren, Author of the Account of Ashford, of which I have here given a true Copy. H.S.E. Gulielmus Warren, LLD, Aulae Trin. Cantabr. Socinq Reverendi Viri Samuelis Warren Hujus Ecclesiae olim Vicarij Filius Obijt iii Jan 1744/5. Aetatis suae 63.

36. Altar Tombs also for COLT, CORNISH 1657. DAVIS, *FITCH 1634. FLINT, GREENHILL, HORTON, MARSH and SHEPPARD, several others whose Inscriptions are gone. *This Tomb stands on ye rising Ground facing ye Church Gate: a Custom prevaild, for many Years, of paying Money for Bargains etc. on this Tomb.

37. Headstones & Rails for Persons of ye follg. Names. ACRES, ADCOCK, APSLEY, ATKINS, ATKINSON, BACK, BARRETT, BOTTING, BOURNE, BROOKES, BURBIDGE, BUSHELL, BICKLEY, BIRD, CAISTER, CARDON, CHAPMAN, CLARE, COVELL, COSTEKER, DUNK, EDWARDS, FILMER, FRENCH, FOWLE (a mur. Mont. on ye E. Wall of ye S.Cross), FARLEY (on a mur. Mont. on ye W. Side of ye Porch

38. On The Stone Basis of the North East Pillar of The Corn Market, is this Inscription in Large raised Figures & Letters. 1602 GOD SEETH. On The Wood Work, over the next Pillr, Southward, are the Arms of ye SMITHs (as at Page 149 [not reproduced]) who were Lords of the Manor of Ashford. And, On The Wood Work, over the S.E. pillar is their Crest; viz. A Bears Head (as it seems) collar’d & chain’d.

39. On The North Side of the Bridge (on the Out Side) Are to be seen the following Coats and Inscriptions, on a Square Stone.
[3 shs. set in line:
I. TOKE, 1.54, Boughton Aluph.
II. Arg. on a bend engrailed & cotised sa. 3 molets or (ANDREWS).
III. Gu. on a + arg. 5 molets sa. (RANDOLPH)].
This Bridge was erected at the Charge of the whole County, An. Dom. 1688. Sr. Nicholas TOKE, Knt. and William ANDREWES, and William RANDOLPH Esqrs. Commissioners; and Thomas BODDS, Thomas BIGG, and Thomas JOHNSON, Workmen.

40. The present Vicar, viz. A.D. 1757 is the Revd. Mr John CLOUGH; who is, also, Rector of Monk’s Horton. He was succeeded, A.D. 1765 by the Revd. Mr Charles COLDCOLL, Prebend of Rochester.

Index of Names and Places 

Names Index
DAVIS 36 ,Dering 10 ,DUNK 37
JACOB 37 ,JOHNSON 37, 39
WADE 22 ,WAGE 18, 37 ,WARREN 1, 2, 6 ,WARREN 35 ,WELLER 16 ,WEST 37 ,WHITFELD 3, 12 ,WOODWARD 30 ,WOOLLET 37 ,WORGER 21

Boughton Aluph 39
Godmersham 32
Godstone, Surrey 7
Monk’s Horton 40 
Shelve 10
Smeeth 21
South Harting, Sussex 16
Captain 5 ,Cornet 7
Horse Guards 7
Lieutenant 7  ,Corn Market 38
Rood Gallery 20 
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