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                    Some Monumental Inscriptions of Barfreston Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett in 1759

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Zechariah Cozens about 1795, added 14th November 2008

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

1. On a Monument on the North Wall, wth. ye Arms of BOYS, see P.77
(Nonington). M.S. Thomae Boys de Bvarfreston, Stirpe Generosâ de Fredville oriundo, Viro in Bonum Patriae Nato, ejusdemq, maximo In commodo denato: Actib ad Exemplum praecipus. qui ductâ Christianâ SEARLES, Thomae De WYE Filiâ, 6 Filios, et 4 Filias, suscepit. Amnicitias singulari semper Constantiâ coluit; Humanitatem in signi Reverentiâ temperavit, notabilis in omnes Adfectus. Mortus Patri desideratissimo, vivus Filius Maestissimums fieri curavit. Obijt Anno Christi 1599/1600. Vitae 72. Prid. Kal. Mark – Pater, valeto! Plura non sinit Dolor. Salve, recepte Calo; et, aeternium vale! Brevi sequemur; interim, Vale! Vale!

2. On Another. On The South Wall. In Memoriam Roberti EWELL, nuper denati, hujus Parochiae Rectoris, et Patroni, dignissimi; Ecclesiae Metropoliticae Cantuariensis ex Sex Concio natoribus unius; et semel in Clericum Convocationis Publicis Suffragiss asciti. Inter Proximos, Litis componendae, Arbiter erat, integerrimus. Duxit in Uxorem Margaritam HARRIS honestâ Familiâ prognatum; quae peperit illi 5 Filios, quorum 4 ad huc sunt superstites, et tres Filias, ante Patrem demortuas. Qui Mensis Septemb. Die decimo sexto, piè obdormivit in Domino; Anno Salutis nostrae 1638. Aetatis suae Septuagesimo qunito.

3. This Church which is beautifully adorned with *Carved Work, both within and without, and whose Arches are circular (whichs shews its great Antiquity) consists of only the Chancell and Body, which are separated by a very beautyfull circular Arch. In The Steeple, which has a shingled Spire, and stands at the West End, are 2 Small Bells without Inscription. *The Arch over the South Door, and some Figures under the Arch, are remarkably well carv’d and very beautyfull; but, are almost hid by ye paltry tiled Roof of ye Porch.

4. It was dedicated to St Mary
(sic, for Nicholas). It is a Rectory in the Gift of……………. The Present Rector is ………….

5.  See My account of some Tumuli; in this Parish, in ye 4th Vol. of my Inventorium Sepulchrale.


Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Zechariah Cozens about 1795, added 14th November 2008

Having thus completed our observations at Eythorne, we next visited Barfreston which is situated about a mile and a half from the last described church.

6. This appears to be a very small Parish and as thinly inhabited, as the Church stands almost solitary, on the side of a hill, having only a house or two within sight of it: but it is, of itself, a structure that demands peculiar notice; for if we say, that it is the most perfect Saxon Church remaining in the Kingdom, perhaps, no one can contradict us. It was, probably, originally longer than at present, and perhaps, once had a tower at the West end as handsome as the Body and Chancel which remain. The whole of the building, except the West wall, is of pure Saxon Architecture and is enriched with highly ornamented Doors, windows, niches, cornices and mouldings, with a profusion of grotesque sculpture on the outside; and indeed the inside is in no point deficient: but the arches between the Nave and Chancel are incomparably beautiful, and would have been more especially so, if the side ones had not been stopped up; here, at the South Door, and in the circular window at the East end, the Architect seems to have fully exerted his abilities. But the reader must remark that the walls only remain of the original structure, for the roof is evidently a much later work, and so slovenly performed as greatly to diminish the beauty of the Church, for it is lower pitched than the original one, and therefore hides many of its ornaments: as the present Churchwarden (1793) has also done, thinking to beautify the Church, he has so loaded it with a whitewash, as entirely to conceal the lightest, and of course the most beautiful strokes of the chissel.

7. The Pulpit is fixed in the center of the West wall, a good situation to command the whole congregation.

8. Here is one Bell, also at the West end.

9. On a Mural Monument at the North side of the Chancel is: M.S. Thomae BOYS de Barefreston, stirpe generosa de Fredville oriundo: viro in bonu patriae nato, eiusdemq maximo in comodo denato: actib ad exemplu praecipuo: qui ducta Christiana SEARLES Thomae de Wye filia 6 filios. 4 filias suscepit amicitias singulari semper constantiae coluit, humanitate in signi reverential temperavit notabilis in omnes adfectus, mortuo patri desideratissimo vivos filios mestissimus fieri curavit. Obiijt anno Christi 1599: vitae 72 pridi Kal. Mart Pater valeto phra non sinit dolor Salve recepte caelo, et eternu vale: Brevi sequemor, interim vale, vale. Arms: BOYS.

10. On a small mural Monument at the East end of the South side is: (On a tablet of black): In memoriam Roberti EWELL nuper denati, huius parochiae rectoris et patroni dignissimi, Ecclesiae metropliticae Cantuariensis, ex sex concionatoribus unius, & semel in clericum convocationis publicis suffragijs asciti.

11. Inter proximos, litis componendae arbiter erat integerrimus; duxit in uxorem, Margaritam HARRIS, honesta familiae prognatam. quae peperit illi quinq filios, quorum quator ad hoc sunt superstites & tres filias ante patrem demortuas qui mensis Septem. die decimo sexto pie obdormivit in domino anno salutis nostrae 1638 Aetatis suae septuagesimo quinto.

12. On a plain stone in the middle of the Chancel is: In Memory of the Revd. George SMITH Forty six Years Rector of ys. Parish. He died on the 16th of May 1752 Aged 74 Years. And also of Hannah his Wife Who died on the 21st of Septr. 1758 Aged 76 Years.

13. In the Chancel are two Niches for HolyWater.

14. Before we leave this church, we must observe, that the arch of the South door demands more than an ordinary share of attention, for it is superlatively rich in its ornaments, both in design and execution; though it is in a great measure concealed by the uncouth porch that is before it: As this, with several other parts of the church, especially the East end, which is very handsome, has been laid before the public, by Grose, The Gentleman’s Magazine, etc. we forebear saying any more respecting it, and do not pretend to give drawings of it; not having vanity sufficient to suppose we can excel those already given.

15. This Parish, as abovementioned, is very small, the soil appears barren, and the prospects are uninteresting.

16. The Living is a Rectory, and the Church is dedicated to St. Mary.

17. Patron: St John’s College, Oxon. 1795. Incumbent: Dr. John LUNTLY.
King’s Books £7.14s.2d. Tenths 15s.5d.

From Barfrestone we pursued our Visitation to Tilmanstone.

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