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               Some Monumental Inscriptions of Bishopsbourne Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

1. Half coverd by ye Pavement on which ye Communion Table stands, is a very large Flat Stone, enlaid with ye Brass Figure of a Woman at full Length, which has had a Margin or Verge of Brass, with an Inscription, which is now gone. The Inhabitants have a Tradition, that it is for one JOANE of *Shelving.
(In S. part of Barham psh. near Denton & Wootton).
*PHILPOT tell’s us (and, from him, Dr HARRIS) that, ye Manor was, in ancient Times, calld. simply Bourne; from a Family of venerable Antiquity who lived there. When this Name resolv’d into a Daughter and Heir (viz. of Bourne) who married to SHELVING – this Manner (sic), he say, then was called Shelving Bourne. A Female Inheritrix being afterwards married to HAUT, it was stiled Hauts Bourne. This Parish was called Bishops Bourne, because it was given by K. KENULPHUS, at the Request of the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, to ye Priory of Christs Church. (Pages 89,90).

2. On a Flat Black Stone. Here lyeth ye Body of George ELLCOCK the Soun of George Ellcock Gent, who departed this Life June 6 Ano. Dom. 1674. Aged 3 Yeares.

3. On Another, with this Coat.
[Per bend or & sa. a lion rampant countercharged] (G. note: FRANCIS). Here lieth the Body of John FRANCIS Gent, who died the 23d. of March 1696(7). Aged 82 Yeares.

4. On Another. Here lieth the Body of John FRAUNCIS (sic) Soun to John Fraunces (sic). He died Apr. 14 1707. Aged 63 Yeares. Here lyes also Antonina his Wife, buried June 1711.

5. On Another. Hic jacet Corpus Gulielmi GRESHAM obijt 24 Aprilis 1718. Aetatis 19.

6. On another. Georgio HOW qui Post duas in Insulas Indiae Occidentalis Navigationes hic tandem Sarcinas terrenas deposuit. Sanctioris Mercaturae Fructus e Caelis expectans. Georgius THORP Avunculus S.T.P. Hujus Ecclesiae Rector posuit. obijt Octob. 16 1703. Aetatis 26.

7. Another has these Coats, E 7e following Inscription – on Brass.
[I. Sa. a lion rampt. betw. 3 escallops or *GIBBON). II. ¼ly 1&4). Az. 3 demi-leopards arg. (HAMON of Acryse, 1.60, Upr. Hardres). III. Gibbon imp. No.II. (G. note: COSSINGTON).
Obijt Augusti 15 1617, Aetatis 60. Sub hoc Marmore requiescit Corpus Johanis GIBBON, Gener. hujus Parrochiae (sic) quondam Inhabitatoris, desideratissimi.

8. On Two adjacent Flat Stones are still to be seen the Arms of GIBBON as before; but the Inscriptions are worn out.

9. About the Middle of the Floor, but to ye Southward, is a large Flat Stone, abt. 12 Feet long, and 5 broad; but without Inscription.

10. On The North Wall is a very Fine Mural Monument
(moved to S. Wall at Victn. restn. of church), on which are carved Globes, Books, etc. and a Bust having on a Square Cap. Towards ye Top these Words – Sunt Meliora Milii – and underneath is the following Inscription. Richardus HOOKER Exoniensis, Scholaris Socinsq Collegij Corp. Xti. Oxon: deinde Londonijs Templi Interioris in Sacris Magister; Rectorq hujus Ecciae. scripsit VIII Libros Politiae Ecclesiasticae Anglicanae quorum tres desiderantur. Obijt Ano. Dom. M.D.C. Aetatis suae L ( - x is added oppt. on f.49b. (1600). Posuit hoc piissimo Viro Monumentum, Ano. Dom. MDC XXXIII (1633) Gulielmus COWPER, Armiger; In Christo Jesu Quem genuit per Evangelium. 1. Cor: 4.15.

11. On Another very Handsome Monument, on ye Same Wall, is the following Coat & Inscription.
[Arg. 3 cocks gu. imp. Or, 3 cinquefoils gu.]. Near This Place lyeth ye Body of John COCKMAN, Dr. in Physick late of Charlton, in this Parish, Son of the Revd. Mr Thomas Cockman, Rector of Cowden in this County. A Person, for his Probity, Generosity and Good Nature and other valuable and endearing Qualities, universally beloved and esteemed, when Living, and no less universally lamented, when dead. Having quitted the Trouble & Fatigue of his Profession, he retired hither to a Religious Repose and Quiet; but was soon snatch’d away by a too hasty Death; and could not long enjoy the Retreat which he had chosen. He had 2 Wives, viz. Margaret, Daughter and Heiress of Sr. Felix WYLDE, Bart; by whom he had 1 Daughter, Eleanor, now surviving. And Elisabeth, Second Daughter of Sr. Thomas DYKE, Bart, by whom he had no Issue. He died Nov. 28 in ye Year of our Lord 1734, and of his Age 54. Elisabeth his sorrowfull Widow, in Regard to The Memory of her Dear Husband, erected this Monument at her own Expence; desiring to be laid in ye same Grave with him. According to her Request, by his Side, in ye same Vault, lyes Elisabeth his 2d. Wife, who departed this Life Aug. 24 Ano. Domini 1739. Aged 50.

12. Underneath, on ye Floor, is a handsome Black Marble, with ye same Coat, and ye Following Inscription. M.S. Viri Optimi et Desideratissimi Joan COCKMAN, M.D. Thos. Cockman de Cowden, in hoc Comitatu, Rectoris, Filij; et nuper de Charlton in hâc Parochiâ. Qui, propter Probitatem, et Morum Suavitatem, aliasq egregias Animi Dotes, semper Omnibus carus vixit; Nunc omnibus flebilis occidit. Nultis Maguisq Laboribus defunctus, dum Medicinae Artem Maidstoniae coleret hìc pio Otio et Quieti Se Tradeus praematurâ Morte alreptus est. Binas duxit Uxores, Viz. Margaritam Felicis WYLDE, Bart. Filiam et Heredem Ex Quâ unam procreavit Filiam Eleonoram, adhuc Superstitem. Elisabetham Thomae DYKE Barti. Filiam; ex Quâ nullam suscepit Sobolem. Obijt, Nov. 28 Anno Dom. 1734. Aetatis suae 54. Patri charissimo, Eleonora, Filia, et, ex Asse Haeres. H.M.P.

13. The Altar Piece is very neat. And, there are Remains of very good glass in all ye Windows of this Chancell. The Portraitures of 5 Saints or Martyrs still are to be seen. And in ye Second Window on ye S. Side is ye Following Coat.
[Az. a pall ppr surmounted by a cross head arg. imp. ¼ly 1&4). Az. (sic, for gu). a goat’s head erased arg. 2&3). Ermine.]. This is ye Coat of A. Bp. MORTON. I have met with ye Field Gules – wch. I take to be right.

In The Body, or Middle Isle.
14. On a Plate of Brass affixed to a very Ancient Flat Stone. Hic jacet Willmus Primogenitus Willi. HAUTE etiam Jolies, Robt, Jacob, Ricus, Johanna, et Cecilia Fratres et sorores ejusdem Primogeniti.

15. On Another Flat Stone. Here lyeth Buried the Body of Farnham ALDERSEY of this Parish, Gent; only Son of Farnham Aldersey late of Maidstone in this County Gent. Who married Mary, Daughter of William BROCKMAN of Cheriton in this County Gent, by whom he left Issue surviving one Son Farnham. He departed this Life Feb. 11th 1723/4. Aged 33 Years.

16. On Another. Here lieth the Body of John BURTON, Husband of Elisabeth Burton. He died in ye Year 1699. Aged 79 Years. Here lies buried the Body of Elisabeth Burton, Wife of John Burton of Bishopsbourne. She died Nov. ye 12th 1680. Aged 46 Years.

17. On Another. M.B. 1673.

18. On Another I.B. 1678.

19. On Another R.B. 1716.

20. On Another. Sarah Pepper 1732.

21. On Another. Here, and near Here, lie Jane and Anne, the Daughters of J and M, DENNE. The Former died Oct. 27 1719. Aged 4 Months. And ye Latter April 15 1726. Aged 15 Years.

22. On Another. Here lieth ye Body of Mr William DENNE who was 4th Son of Mr Peter Denne of this Parish; he departed this Life on ye 28th Day of November 1713 in the 58th Year of his Age.

23. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Ann DENNE, Widdow, late Wife of Peter Denne of this Parish, Gent. She departed this Life Jan. ye 10th Day Anno 1691. Aged 74 Years. Here under also lye Mrs Anne and Mrs Susan Denne, 2 of her Daughters. Mrs Anne died Oct. 13 1719. Aged 74. Mrs Susan died April the 1st 1720. Aged 67. Both buried in the Mother’s Grave.

24. On Another. Here lies interred the Body of Mrs Katharine DENNE, of this Parish, who departed this Life ye 15th Day of Sept. Anno Dom. 1707 in ye 50th Year of her Age.

In The North Isle.
25. On a Brass Plate fixt to an Ancient Flat Stone, close by ye N. Door. Hic jacet Edus MYVOT, nup de Cantuariâ qui obijt vicesimo Die Novembris, Anno Dni. M. CCCCLXXXVII
(1487). Cuj Aie ppicietur Deus. Amen.

In The South Isle.
26. On a Plate of Brass, inlaid in an Ancient flat Stone. Near the Font. John COLLWELL, and Elisabeth his Wyff lyeth here./Grete Friends to this Cherch more than XXX Yere./Beyng Servaunt with Sr. William HAUTE Knight./On who Sowlys have Mcy God full of Myght.

27. Mr BECKINGHAMS Chancell or Pew, to ye South.

28. Under this Pew, or Chancell is a very fine Vault, the Buriall Place formerly of the AUCHERS; and now of the Beckingham Family.

29. On 6 Small black Marble Tablets (on Each side of the Window, which fronts to The East, 3) are ye 6 following Inscriptions:
1. Sr. Anthony AUCHER, Knt. Mareschall of Callice; Governr. of Guisnes; Master of the Jewel House, in Times of HENRY YE EIGHT. EDWARD YE SIXT, and QUEEN MARY. Slayn at ye Loss of Callice. Affra CORNWALLIS his Wife.
2. Edward AUCHER their Son, and Mabell WROTH his Wife.
3. Sr. Anthon. AUCHER Knt. and Baronet their Soun and Elizabeth HATTON his Wife.
4. Anthony AUCHER their Soun and Elizabeth BIGG his Wife.
5. Anthony AUCHER their Soun, and Margaret SANDYS his Wife.
6. Sr. Anthony AUCHER Knt. Their Son, and Hester COLLET, his Wife.

30. The Window in this Chancell, or Pew, is as fine an One, as I ever saw; but did not originally belong to it; but was, by the present Stephen BECKINGHAM Esq. brought from An Ancient Seat of his in Worcestershire. It contains no less than 11 Historicall and Scripture Pieces, each in a Circle of about 1 Foot Diameter and ye 8 following Coats of Arms. The Borders and other Embellishments are very beautyfull.
[I. FRANCE ¼g. ENGLAND. II. Purp. (or vert?) a lion rampt. sa. (sic). III. BECKINGHAM ¼ly:
1&4). Arg. a fesse embattled betw. 3 escallops sa. 2&3). Arg. a chevn. betw. 3 stags’ heads caboshed gu. imp. Arg. 3 hawks’ lures gu. (on whole sinr. side). IV. BECKINGHAM imp. Az. a chevn. betw. 3 escallops or. V. ¼ly: 1&4). BECKINGHAM. 2). Arg. 3 hawks’ lures gu.   3). Az. a chevn. betw. 3 escallops or. VI. BECKINGHAM imp. Arg. 3 bars gu. on a chief gu. a quatrefoil(?) arg. VII. BECKINGHAM imp. Arg. 3 hawks’ heads erased az. VIII. BECKINGHAM imp. Az. on a fesse or a greyhound courant gu. betw. 3 spearheads arg.].

On The South Wall hang these 2 Atcheivements.
[I. Or, 2 ravens in pale & a border engrailed sa. (CORBET) imp. Erm. on a chief az. 3 lions rampt. arg. (AUCHER). II. Tierced. 1). Gu. 3 cocks arg. (COX). 2). Arg. a fesse embattled betw. 3 escallops sa. (BECKINGHAM). 3). CORBET].

32. The Windowes of this Church have had very good painted Glass in them. 3 Figures still remain pretty entire, in the Westmost Window, on ye North Side

33. This Church consists of a Chancell, S. Chancell (or Pew for ye BECKINGHAM Family). A North Ditto, now a Vestrey; The Body; and 2 Side Isles. The Steeple, which is a Tower, cap’t with a Low Wooden Spire, is at the West End. In it hang 4 Bells, inscribed as follows:
1. Christopher HODSON, made Me. 1605.
2. Joseph HATCH, fecit Me. T.C. – C.W. 1618.
3. Joseph HATCH, fecit Me. T.C. – C.W. 1618.
4. Josephus HATCH, Me fecit. T.C. – C.W. 1618.

In The Church Yard.
34. On an altar Tomb near The Chanclel Door, with this Coat.
[Arg. 2 flaunches sa. each with a leopard’s head or]. Here lieth interr’d the Body of Mr Thomas DENNE of *Bursted in this Parish, who died October 25 1743, in the 81st Year of his Age. Here lieth buried the Body of John Denne late of Chilham Gent who died January 13 1750/1. Aged 84 Years.

35. On Another close by the last Mentioned. Here under lieth Buried The Bodyes of William DENNE of Bishopsbourne Gent, and Julyan his Wife. He died ye 15th Day of August in the Year of Our Lord God 1640 and in the 71st Year of his Age. Thomas DENN Executtor. Once Two, made One by Wedlock’s Tye/By Death disjoyn’d, now Two, here lye./Both lived and died in Hope to see/Each Other in Eternity./Souls to Bodies, by Christ, again,/United, shall forever reign.
   *In a Wood near this House, which goes by the Name of Bursted Wood, as The Labourers dig for Chalk, they frequently meet with Human Bones. About the Year 1751, they discover’d a Skeleton at about the Depth of 18 Inches; and, on carefully removing the Surface, they found about a Dozen Beads, about as Big as a Pistol Bullet, which they supposed had been a Necklace; and on the Left Side of the Skull a Small Glass Urn. They are in the Possession of Mr DENNE the Owner of Bursted. This Skeleton lay with its Feet to the North.

36. This Church is a Rectory, and has Barham annext to it. It is in the Gift of The Arch Bishop; and was dedicated to The Virgin Mary. The Present Rector is Dr. John LYNCH, Dean of Canterbury, etc. etc. viz. 1757.

37. All the Land in Front of Mr BECKINGHAMS House, in this Parish, called Bourne Place from the River – up to ye very Hedge with parts ye sd. Land from Downe, is full of Tumuli of different Sizes. Trees are standing on many of them and in digging to ye Depth of abt. 2 o 3 Feet Human Bones have been continually found.

38. On the right Hand of ye Downe, just before you turn ye Corner of ye Lane which leads from ye Downe to Bishopsbourne Church are 8 or 9 Tumuli – one of them having been casually disturb’d in mending ye Road, in ye Year 1765, ye labourers found an human Skeleton, & some Pieces of Iron.

39. For an Account of ye remaining 8 – of these Tumuli – see my Inventorium Sepulchrale. Vol. 3, Pag. 77.
(This is paler again, and seems a 1757 entry).

40. [5 loose sheets inserted here, with writing in ink, probably by T.G. FAUSSETT. Says PARSONS in 1791 visit seems to have omitted sevl. of B.F’s epitaphs, owg. to their disappearance by then (or by his negligence). Omissions:   ELLCOCK 1674, FRANCIS 1696, FRANCIS 1707, 1711, GRESHAM 1718, BURTON 1699, 1680, U.B. 1673, I.B. 1678, R.B. 1716. The DENNES 1691, 1713, 1719, 1720, 1707, 1719, 1726].

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
AUCHER 29, 31
I.B. 18
M.B. 17
R.B. 19
BECKINGHAM 30, 31, 33
BECKINGHAMS 27, 28, 37
BURTON 16, 40
COCKMAN 11, 12

COX 31
DENNE 21-24, 34, 35
DYKE 11, 12

HAUTE 13, 26
Pepper 20
WYLDE 11, 12
Barham 36
   Bourne Place 37
   Bursted 34
   Bursted Wood 35
   Charlton 11
Cheriton 15
Chilham 34
Cowden 11
Maidstone 15
Worcestershire 30