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Canterbury, All Saint's Church


All Saint's Church, Canterbury with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of All Saint's Church, Canterbury,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

1. The Chancell and Body of this Church are not distinct from each Other, but compose One long Isle.

2. On a Flat Stone with this Coat.
[On a bend cotised wavy 3 roundels (sh. drawn)]. In Memory of Thomas HURNARD Esq. Alderman of Norwich who died in this City on his Return from France, the 3oth of August 1753. Aged 41 Years. In Propriety of Conduct he was an Honour to himself; by his Humanity, an Happyness to others; In Resolution equal to the greatest Difficulties; by Perseverance Superior to the most Injurious Attacks on the Trade of his Fellow Citizens supporting their highest Honours with an Integrity they remember with Gratitude.

3. On Another. Thomas SHELDON dyed Nov. 18 1700. Aged 2 Years. Here lies a Blossom of the World’s great Tree,/As sweet and fresh as Budds of Roses bee./He seem’d the whole Delight where e’re he came;/He bore the Glory of his Youthfull Name./He died an Angell: Heavens are for such;/His mournful Parents pray to have as much.

4. On Another. Depositum Eliae MAUROIS qui in Gallo Belgio natus atque Religionis ergo Profugns, Cantuariae Mercator sedulus, probus, 50 circiter Annos, Fide plenus, 60 Aetatis Anno 27 Januar. 1628/9, tristes cum M…../Viduâ Duos Filios, et Quatuor Filias, relinquens. Mercator Gazas quaesivit fidus opertas; Has vivus petiit, plenius at moriens Anglia Tishbitam suscepit, candida, sanctum; Angelica at Civem jam Loca pura tenent.

5. On Another. Here Lyeth, betweene two of her Daughters, Margaret the Wife of Daniel PISTOR buried the 23 of July Anno 1621.

6. On Another. Susanna, Daughter of Val. SIMPSON and Mills his Wife. She died Dec. 9 1740. Aged 1 Year and 3 Months.

7. In the Eastmost Window of the N. Isle is still remaining the Coat of Arch Bishop BOURCHIER. In the Next, are the Arms of the Deanery of Canterbury.

8. Here are many Flat Stones wch. have been inlaid with Brass, now lost.

9. This Church consists of the Chancell and Body (wch. are both in One, without any Distinction) and an Isle toward the North. The *Steeple is on the South Side, in it are 3 Small Bells – all cast by Joseph HATCH 1627. Over these hangs a Small Bell, in a kind of open Turret, on which the Clock strikes, without Inscription. The Dial of the Clock is fix’d to a Beam, which reaches cross the Street, from ye Church to East Bridge Hospital. *The Steeple was pull’d down A.D. 1769 in Order to ye Widening of the King’s Bridge.

10. This Church was dedicated (as its Name Shews) to All Saints.

11. It is a Rectory in the Patronage of ………/.

12. The Present Rector is The Rev. Mr. Theodore DELAFAYE 1758.

13. [Précis by D’ELBOUX: Suggests the Mitre was Stone Hall, and gives details of Tassellated Roman Pavement found in 1758 in digging cellar under the Mitre. Three coins: 2 Caransius and one Valens. All this presumably in the Faussett stuff published].

Index of Names and Places

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