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Canterbury, St Peters churchyard


St Peters Church, Canterbury with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Canterbury, St Peters ChurchNoted by Bax & Rice May 1892

                                             Pages 78 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758, added 10th March 2008

1. At the W end of the South aisle painted on a black board in gilt letters
Benefaction. Thomas RYE by his will proved the 18th of April 1814 gave a third part of the dividend of £50 in the three per cent red to be given to the poor of this parish annually in six penny loaves on St. Thomas’s day.

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758, added 10th March 2008

2. On a Flat Stone, with this Coat. [
Sa. a saltire erm. betw. 4 leopards’ faces or (SPRACKLING) imp. Gu. 3 crescents or (MONINS)]. Hic Jacet Leonardus Spracklin, Gent. qui obijt 19 Junij Anno Dom. 1629. Aetat suae 49 relinqueus unicum Filium Leonardum ex Uxore Franciscâ Monins quae hic quoque cum Prole defuncta requiescit.

3. On Another. Here lieth interred the Bodie of Francis HUFFAM, only Daughter of Vincent Huffam, whoe deceased the 7th Day of Aprill Ano Dom. 1605.

4. On Another. Bennett, Daughter of John HALES Gent which Hee had by Mary his Wife, & was bury’d August the 10 Aetatis suae 4. Salutis ns 1647.

5. On Another. Here lyeth the Bodie of John HALES Gent. one of the Sonnes of Sr. Charles Hales, Knight. Hee was here buried the 28th of July in ye Yeare 1627.

6. On Another Flat Stone.
[A chevn. betw. 3 birds]. Hic Jacet Ludovicus KILLBURNE, Filius Caroli Kilburne, hujus Ecclesiae Rectoris; qui obijt xxiii Maij Anno Dom. 1704. Aetatis suae 17 et x Mensibus. Punctum est quod vivimus, et adhuc Puncto minus. Mors nos sequitur; Vita fugit. Homo Bulla – mit Hora.

7. On Another. C.R. obijt xxv die Dec. A.Dom. 1735. Clauditur hoc Tumulo Catherinae nobile Corpus Mens petijt Caelos. Hic Peregrina fuit. M.M.P.

8. On Another. Wm. Gunsley-Frend-AYERST born May 17, died Jun. 27 1750.

9. On Another. Here lieth interred the Body of Mr. Joseph TOLBUTT late of this Parish; he married Ann, Daughter of William NETHERSOLE of this City Gent. by whom he left Issue 3 Daughters. He was an indulgent Husband; a tender and affectionate Father; and, a kind Master. He died June 25 1757 in the 64th Year of his Age.

In The North Chancell.
10. On a Flat Stone. Here lyeth the Bodies of Ralph BAWDWYN and Marian his Wife; which Ralph was Alderman, and twice Mayor of this Citty; who departed this Life, the 2nd Day of January 1611/2 in the 75th Yeare of his Age. By which Marian, he had Issue One Sonne, viz. Samuel, deceased, and here buried; And Seaven Daughters, viz. Johan, Rachel, Martha, Thomasin, Mary, Sara, & Sara. which Martha, together with her Father, departed this Lyfe and with him lieth here interred.

11. On Another Flat Stone. Here lieth the Body of Jane, Wife of James FOWLER who died Dec. the 24 Anno. Dni. 1664. Aged 31.

12. On Another. Here lyeth the Body of James FOWLER of this Sitty, who departed this Life Apr. 25 1694. Aged 73 Yeares. Here also lieth the Body of Jane, the Daughter of Robt. and Eliz. YOUNG, and Grand Daughter of James Fowler. Near to this Stone lieth the Body of Francis, the Daughter of Thos. and Eliz. Fowler.

13. On Another. Henry FOWLER, and Eliz. his Wife, were Parishioners of this Parish, and lie buried in this Place.

14. On Another Flat Stone, wth. this Coat.
[Sa. 3 battle-axes in fesse or]. Here lyeth interrd the Body of Mr George HALL, one of the Aldermen of this City. He was Mayor in the Year of Our Lord 1704. He married Martha the Daughter of Mr Robert WOOD, by whom he had Issue 1 Son, and 1 Daughter, viz. Samuel and Mary. He departed this Life Aug. 18 1706 in the 39th Year of his Age. Here lies also Mary the Daughter of Mr George HALL, an Infant, who departed this Life Apr. 15 1707. Aged 10 Months.

15. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Mary the Wife of John CASTLE, Alderman of this Citty; She died Jan. 9 1748/9. Aged 57 Years. Also, here lieth the Body of the Abovesaid John Castle, who died Sept. 1 1750. Aged 58 Years.

16. On a Flat Stone. Here lyeth Dorothy the Widdow of Giles HINTON, D.D. 1730.

17. In the East Window are these Coats, with others not distinguishable.
[I. Barry of 6 purp. & gu. a bend gu. a bend gu. imp. Erm. a + engrailed gu. (D’Elboux’s note: POYNINGS, NORTHWOOD).
II. Or 2 chevns. & a canton gu. imp. Az. a fesse gu. betw. 6 lepards arg. (D’Elboux’s note: CRIOLL, ROKESLEY).
III. As dexter of II. imp. Or, 5 chevns. gu.
IV. Az. 3 chevns. arg. imp. Sinr. of II.
(D’Elboux’s note: AVRANCHES, ?BAND).].

18. Here lieth the Body of Elizabeth KENDALL, Grand Daughter to Eliz. YOUNG, Daughter of James FOWLER, who lieth in this Place. She died Aug. 22 1720. Ag. 2.Y.

In The North Isle.
19. On A Monument on the N. Wall. Near this Place lyeth interrd the Body of Elis. Wife of Thomas LINEALL, Junr. of this Parish, Daughter of William SMITH of this City by whom he had Issue Six Children, of whom 3 are here interrd; the 3 Surviving are, Thomas, Dorothy, & William. She departed this Life, Nov. 14 1714 in ye 44 Year of her Age.

20. On Another. In Memory of Elizabeth the only Daughter of Aldn. LINEALL, by Mary his First Wife, who died May 18 1708 in the 14th Year of her Age. Also, of Elizabeth the first Wife of Thomas Lineall Senr. who lye buried near this Place. died 1703 Aged 65.

21. In The
(Nth) Window are ye 2 following Coats.
[I. Sa. 6 keys, wards uppermost, 3&3, arg.
II. Barry of 6 purp. & gu. a bend gu.].

In The Body.
22. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth the Body of John LEE, Gent. Mayor of the Citty of Canterbury who died 22 of Feb. 1670/1 Aged ../.

23. On a Flat Stone. Here lyeth the Body of William CUCKOW Senr. who departed this Life Apr. 2 1700. Aged 43 Years. He left Issue by Elisabeth his loving Wife, 2 Sons, and 1 Daughter.

24. On Another, with this Coat.
[A chevn. & in chief 3 crescents imp. Arg. 2 lions counter-rampt., facing each other, & holdg. in their forepaws a castle arg.].
Here lies the Body of Anna the late loving and beloved Wife of Daniel CUCKOW of this Citty Gent. and Daughter of Benjamin KELLEY late of Sandwich deceased. She departed this Life on the Twenty Second day of February A.D. 1720/1. Aged 72 Years. Also here lies the Body of Daniel Cuckow Gent. who departed this Life the 25th Day of January A.D. 1742/3 in the 5oth Year of his Age.

25. On Another. Here lye Buried the Bodies of Mr. Tho. LANE and Eliz. his Wife who had Issue 4 Sons of which 2 survived, viz. Thomas and John. He departed this Life, Apr. 21 1721. Aged 73 Years. She departed this Life Feb. 25 1719/20. Aged 73 Years.

26. On Another. Here lyeth interred the Body of Mr Henry TOMLIN, Merchant, late of this Parish who departed this Life, Feb. 17 1702/3 in the 54th Year of his Age. he left Issue 2 Sons, and 1 Daughter, by Elisabeth his First Wife, viz. Henry, Peter and Elisabeth. Also the Body of Henry TOMLIN his Son, and 3 Children, viz. Edward, Stephen, and Mary. He died 19 Apr. 1716 in ye 33 Year of his Age.

In The South Isle.
27. On a Mural Monument, On the South Wall
. [Purp. a fret arg. on an inescutcheon or, 2 lions passant gu. imp. Or, 2 lions passt. gu.]. Near this Place lies interred the Body of Joseph SAWKINS late of this City, Gentleman. he was 2d. Son of John Sawkins of the same City, Gentleman, and Elisabeth his Wife; and Married Hester, Daughter of the late Revd. Mr John COOKE by whom he had Issue, 8 Children, viz. Joseph, Hester, Elisabeth, William, Charles, James and Jane. Of whom 5 are now surviving; John and Charles lie buried in this Isle. Having lived Many Years in the strictest Tye of Conjugal Affection, he was suddenly taken away on the 21st Day of November, 1752 in the 55th Year of his Age. His Sorrowfull Widow out of a due Regard to his Memory, hath caused this Monument to be erected. Near this Place also lies the Body of the Abovemention’d Jane SAWKINS who died the 12th Day of March 1755. Aged 19 Years.

In The Vestry.
28. On a Flat Stone. Hic jacet Gulielmus READE Gen. qui discessit ex hâc Vitâ, nono die Octobris Anno 1618. Anno Aetatis suae Sexagesimo Tertio; quatnor Liberos linquens, quot et peperit Conjux dilectissima Rebecca Filia Roberti MENES Gen. Christus Milii Vita. Mors Milii Lucrum.

29. Mr SOMNER and John WEEVER have preserv’d the following Inscriptions wch. are now not to be found in this Church.
(D’Elboux’s summary:
   Thos. IKHAM & Jone, 1400.
   Wm. IKHAM 1424.
   Wm. SEPTVANS, Kt. & w. Eliz. [n.d.].
   John BYGG Esq. & Constance – in window.
   Wm. BIGG & w. Johan, 1468 – glass.
   Jn. COLLEY, Rector, 14.8.
   Jn. SYRE, Rector, 1436.)

30. This Church consists of the High, North & South Chancells, Body, and North and South Isles. The Vestry is part of the South Isle. The Tower stands at the West End of the South Isle. In it hang 3 Bells, thus inscribed.
1. John PALMAR made Me 1637. J. LEE Senr. & W. BALDOCK, C.W.
2. Johannes, Christi Kare, dignare pro nobis orare.
3. Sancta Maria, Ora pro Nobis.

31. There are many Roman Bricks to be seen about this Church, especially in the Wall of the West End.

32. It is a Rectory, united to Westgate, and in the Gift of the Church of Canterbury.

33. The present Rector is The Revd. Robert Gunsley AYERST, A.M. 1758.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
AYERST 8, 33
BAND? 17
CUCKOW 23, 24
FOWLER 11-13, 18
Frend 8
Gunsley 8, 33

HALES 4, 5
LEE 22, 30
LINEALL 19, 20

YOUNG 12, 18
Places Index
Sandwich 24

General Index
Alderman 10, 14, 15
Mayor 10, 14
Mayor 22
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