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               Some Monumental Inscriptions of Crundale Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

1. This Church consists of 1 Chancel, and 1 Isle, or Body; a Small Vestry, & another small Room, used only for Tiles, Mortar, etc. near the Porch, which is on ye North Side. The Steeple is a Tower, cover’d with a Leaden Spire, about ye Middle of The Church, on ye North Side. In it hang 3 Bells.

In The Chancell.
2. Here is a very Neat Altar Piece, which was given by Sr. Robert FILMER, Bart. in 1704. The Wainscot, within ye Communion Rails, was given by The Revd. Mr FORSTER, late Rector of this Parish; as appears by the following Inscription cut on it. Deo. D.D.D. RI Forster Christi Minister Indignvs 1704.

3. On The Floor are 2 very ancient flat Stones; The Inscription and Brass Plates of 1 of which are lost.
(Possibly the indent now outside W. door of nave). On The Other, is cut, at near ye full Length, The Figure of a Man in a Priests Habit, with this Inscription, almost obliterated, round ye Verge. Orate pro Anima Johannis SPRATT Baccalaurens (sic) Juris Canonici, quondam Rector (sic) hujus Ecclesiae, qui legavit cuilibet Parochianorum suorum, tam conjugatorum, quam viduatorum, XL Denarios: cuilibet unmarito (sic), XII Denarios. Qui obijt Nono Die Mensis Decembris MCCCCLXVI. Cujus Anime propicietur Deus. At his Feet. Pastor Mundiciae, sobrius Gregis Vir fuit Ille Ter Denis quinis Sexto redit sibi Finis.

4. In The East Window is this Coat, viz: Az. a Bend cotize’d, between 6 Lionels Rampant, Or.

5. The following Inscription was formerly in this Chancell (perhaps, on the former of The Two last Mention’d Stones) but is, now, not to be found. I copied it from some Papers of The Revd. Mr John LEWIS, late Vicar of Myustre, in Thanet, who copied it from the M.S. Papers of Filmer SOUTHOUSE. Christo Sospitatori/ Et Bonae Memoriae./ Judithae Cercleriae MISSON./ Vitae Integritate, Suavitate Morum, Constantia, Pietate,/ Et Excellentiss: quibusq Animi Dotibus praestantiss: Matronae./ Quae, cum Draconum, ut ainnt,/ Barbaros Furores per totam galliam contra Reformatos/ Nefande saevientes ex infeliciss: Patria fugeret Loudinum/ Optatum beatae Anglorum Insulae Portum, post varia rerum/, Terra, Mariq, Discrimina, An. Dom. MDCLXXXV – XXI Octobris,/ Feliciter tandem appulit; et ibi VI Ann. cum VII Mensibus,/ Transactis, Lectica Febri consumpta, perseverans in Precibus/ Ardentiss: plena Fidei, pleni Spei, inter vota et Suspiria suorum,/ Placidissime Obdormiens,/ Ad Patriam Calestem pie commigravit,/ An. Aetat LXX. XPIETORONIAZ MDCXCII. Maji XII.

In The Body.
6. On A Flat Stone, is this Inscriptn. & Coat.
[Purp. 2 lions rampt. combattt. imp. 2 bars erm. in chief, 3 foxes’ heads erased]. Here lieth interrd The Body of George CARTER of Crondall, Gent, who deceased in the Year of Our Lord God 1653, being of ye Age of 63 Years. Here also lieth interrd The Body of George Carter, Gent (Grandson of the above George Carter Gent deceas’d). He left Issue by Catharine his Wife, 7 Sons, and 2 Daughters and departed this Life, Novemb. 27 A.D. 1700. Aged 57 Years.

7. On Another Flat Stone, with this Coat. [
CARTER as before, P.19. imp. Sa. a – betw. 3 right hands arg.]. Here lieth interr’d the Body of George CARTER, Gent, Eldest Sonn unto George Carter, Gent, deceased, leaving Issue (by his Wife Jane, the only Daughter of Thomas BATE of Lydd, Gent, also deceased, and Joane his Wife, eldest Daughter unto William WILCOCKE, of The Town aforesaid, Gent) 6 Sons, George, Thomas, John, William, Robert & James; and 4 Daughters, Joane, Elisabeth, Mary, and Anne; who died ye 27th Day of July, Anno Dni 1662. Cui Nasci contigit, Mori restat. Who has his Birthday, has his Burial too;/ As we into The World came, out we goe./ Why boast we of Our Wealth, what Lands we have?/ We all, at Length, are landed in the Grave.

8. On a Beam under The Queen’s Arms, this Inscription: Mrs Catherine CARTER of Winchcomb, gave The Painting of The Queen’s Arms, 1710.

9. In the Porch, which is well built of Brick, is a very ancient Flat Stone, with a raised Cross on it, but no Inscription. One of The Steps into ye Church has had a Brass Plate, which is now lost.

In The Church Yard.
10. On The South Side is a neat Altar Tomb, rail’d in, with this Inscription & Coat.
[Sa. a chevn. betw. 3 pheons arg.]. In Spe Resurrectionis per Christum beatae Hoc Corpori suo Dormitorium, vivus, praeparabat, Richardus FORSTER, A.M./ Generosa ortus ex Familia/ Apud Dumock in Com. Glonc. olim sita. Ad Rectorias de Beckley Dioc. Cicest: et de Crundale, Cant./ Ac, tandem, ad Vicariam de Eastchurch, in Scapeia./ Favente Deo, promotus./ Rectoriam Aedificijs, Gleba, Libris,/ Redituque, adauxit./ Pauperibus annuum legavit Stipendium./ Tri’nuno Deo Animam reddidit VIII Die Januarij A. Christi 1728(9). Aetatis 79.

11. The Bells are Thus inscribed.
1. Robert CATLING fecit, 1750.
2. William LUCE, Thomas PALMAR, Made Me 1663.
3. Robertus MOTT Me fecit 1593. The 3d. or Great Bell, has on it The 3 following Coats of Arms.
1st. 3 Garbs, within a Bordure engrailed (viz for KEMPE) and Many other different Quarterlings – as on ye 3d. 4th, 5th, 6th & 8th Bells at Wye, which were cast at the same Time.
2nd. A Fess Wavy, between 9 Guttes du Sang.
3rd. a Cheveron Ermine, between 3 Swanns, by ye name of SWANN.

12. This Church was Dedicated to St. Mary. It is a Rectory, in The Patronage of Sr. John FILMER, Bart.

13. The Parsonage House is very neat, having been rebuilt by The late Rector Mr Richard FORSTER, who has furnish’d it with a very good and pretty Numerous Library, which he has left for ye Use of the Rectors, for ever. The Present Rector is Edmund Filmer. A.M. Brother to ye Patron. 1757.

14. In The Windows of The Ancient Manor of Tremworth in this Parish, wch. was formerly in ye Possession of The Family of VALOIGNS, Then of de ALDON, then of HERON, Then of KEMPE, Then of TUKE of Essex, and now, of Filmer, are ye following Coats still remaining, pretty entire. All of The Family of KEMP.
[8 shh.
¼ly of 14.
1). KEMPE.
2). Broke (pencil note: has been CHICHE, of course).
3). CHICHLEY. Or, a Λ betw. 3 cinquefoils gu.
4). APULDERFIELD. Erm. a fesse vair or & gu.
5). APULDERFIELD. Augmentation: Sa. a + or voided sa.
6). Or, 2 chevns. & a canton gu.
7). Az. 3 lions passt. & a border arg.
8). Broke.
9). BROWNE. Sa. on a \ arg. voided sa. 3 lions passt. arg.
10). Per fesse gu. & sa. in chief a lion rampt. or & in base a fret arg. ¼ly Do. reversed.
11). Broke.
12, 14). Broke.
13). (wide). Arg. a saltire betw. 4 stars of 4 pts. sa.
II. (CANT & KEMPE). Arch. Bishop Kemp. Az. a pall ppr. & +head (only) arg. imp. Gu. 3 garbs & a border engrld. or.
III. Cu. a saltire arg. with a torteau at centre imp. Kempe.
On a beam in ye Hall cut on ye Timber.
KEMPE imp. ¼ly of 6 arg. & purp. on 1, 3, 5 a lion’s head erased gu.
ARGALL as I think for Sr. Regd. KEMP mard. a Dr. of ARGELL of East Sutton. See my Pedigrees Fol. 54.
V. CANTBY. as before imp. Or, 3 torteaux, a label of 3 points gu. Arch. Bishop COURTNEY.
VI. Gu. 2 swords in saltire arg. hilted or imp. Kempe. T. Kempe Bishop of London.
VII. Tierced: 1). Broke. 2). Or, a saltire betw. 4 martlets arg. (sic). 3). Kempe.
VIII. ¼ly 1). KEMPE. 2). Az. 3 lions passt. & a border arg. 3). BROWNE (as before). 4). ¼ly 1&4). Gu. a lion rampt. or. 2&3). Sa. a fret arg. ARUNDEL (sic) quarting MALTRAVERS. Motto: Volabo ut Requiescam. A. 1574. Crest (directly on sh). a martlet on a garb or].

15. On a Door Case in the Hall. Over ye Parlr. Chimney in ye Wainscot. 1596. E.R. 59. W.E. KEMPE 1600.

16. In The Parlour hangs a very Ancient Picture, painted on Board, with a large Ruff and Sword; said to be One of The KEMP Family. This Ancient Seat (i.e. as much as remains of it) is now turn’d into a Farm House. It has been much larger.

17. On ye Down (near this Mansion) call’d Tremworth Down, this present Year, 1757, I had the good Fortune to find, by digging, a great Many very curious, and well preserv’d Roman Urns, etc. – Of which I intend, One Day, to give a full Account.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
CARTER 6, 7, 8
FILMER 2, 12, 13, 14

FORSTER 2, 10, 13
KEMP 14, 16
KEMPE 11, 14, 15

Essex 14
Lydd 7
Tremworth 14
Winchcomb 8