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Hawkinge with Index of names and places at end

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The Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard of Hawkinge Church 
                                                                      Noted 24th September 1891 by Leland L. Duncan  

The following is as far as possible an exact transcription of Mr L.L. Duncan's field notebook for the M.I.s in the Folkestone area where he seems have stayed during September and October 1891.  His notebook written up in his shorthand, in pencil, on the site leaves something to be desired. The paper of the notebook has over time become somewhat dirty and aged but is an immensely valuable record of that date.
                                                                                 Transcribed and typed up by Christine Pantrey

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759, added 17th March 2008

South side of yard.
54. Low cross Tomb:- In Memory of James KELCEY , J.P. of Folkestone, died August 6th 1879 aged 70 years. In Memory of Charlotte wife of James KELCEY of Folkestone, died January 21st 1847 aged 41 years.

55. Slab in iron rails:- Jane wife of Richard MARSH of Uphill, Folkestone, died 26th March 1855 aged 48. Henry Mempes, youngest son of above Richard Marsh and Ann his wife, died 26th April 1836 aged 2 . Beatrice Mary daughter of above Richard Marsh and Jane his wife, died August 31st 1842 aged seven months. Above Richard Marsh died at Folkestone December 16th 1875 aged 84.

56. James KEMBER died August 11th 1840 aged 65. Left Susanna his wife and one daughter: Mary-Alice. Above Mary-Alice died 13th January 1844 aged 24. Left one son and two daughters.

57. Daniel BATC I I I I (Batchelor?) Died 6th November 179(?3) aged 92.

58. John MATCHAM, died July 10th 1857 aged 85. Sophia wife of above died July 28th 1852 aged 80. Left surviving three sons and one daughter: Thomas, John, Charles and Sophia. Also Richard son of above died July 9th 1824 aged 18.

59. John MATCHAM died 15th February 1877 aged 68. For 40 years friend and Bailiff of James KELCEY J.P. of Folkestone and this parish.

60. Thomas MATCHAM died 24th March 1871 aged 67. Left Jane his wife.

61. Charles MATCHAM of South Alkham died 3rd January 1890 aged 75. Also Sarah wife of above, died at South Alkham, 25th October 1886 aged 65.

62. Richard GODDEN died 9th September 1886 aged 83. Mary wife of above died 23rd December 1886 aged 75.

63. A fragment: D FE E 163/ 80 YEA

64. Here lieth the / Body of Ami / wife of William / ELLINDEN She / died June ye 5th / 1715 aged / 40 years. Here lieth the / Body of William / Ellinden her husband / who died the 13th of / August 1733 / aged 70 years /

65. Mara wife of Richard BIRCH of Folkestone died 12th October 1875 aged 47.

66. Henry KELCEY who died April IV MDCCC XLIV aged XXXIV years . Left Frances Charlotte his wife and Rosamond his daughter.

67. Eliza wife of William Marshall KELCEY died 20th December 1837 aged 23. Ann- Sophia daughter of above, died 28th January 1838 aged four months.

68. William Marshall KELCEY died 7th April 1886 aged 75.

69. Elizabeth wife of William Marshall KELCEY died 23rd October 1861 aged 56. Elizabeth Marshall Kelcey daughter of above died 1st October 1862 aged 17.

70. Richard KELCEY third son of Mr James Kelcey late of Sandgate, died December 30th 1841 aged 27.

71. Elizabeth wife of James KELCEY of Sandgate, died 30th September 1831 aged 46. Above James Kelcey died 26th November 1836 aged 61.

72. Eliza KELCEY youngest daughter of Mr James Kelcey (late of Sandgate) Died 25th April 1843 aged 24.

73. Altar Tomb opposite porch:- In Memory of Richard KELCEY of this parish, He died 16th of December 1791 aged 49 years. Also Alice daughter of above who died 11th of December 1791 aged 21 years. Left surviving Rosamond his wife, three sons and two daughters, viz. William, James, Richard, Elizabeth and Ann- Sophia.

74. Flat:- In Memory of Rosamond KELCEY of this parish, who died the 12th of June 1798 aged 60 years. Left issue two sons and two daughters: Viz. James, Richard, Elizabeth and Ann- Sophia.

75. William son of Richard and Rosamond KELSEY, died 5th January 1792 aged 24.

76. Elizabeth FRYER wife of William Fryer of this parish, 24th August 1763 aged 65. William Fryer died 27th March 1771 aged 88. Left three daughters? Christian, M….. ….. under grass.

77. Flat enclosed with low iron rail:- Nicholas Rolfe MARSH? , died 2nd June 1838 aged 47, and the undermentioned children; Adam Manger died 8th November 1828 aged 4, Nicholas Rolfe, 24th August 1829 aged 11, Frances Elizabeth, 16th February 1840 aged 6. Thomas Richard and Richard Manger died in infancy. Also Charlotte Blaxford, Marsh died 17th November 1844 aged 13. Also Mary-Ann KELSEY daughter of above died 11th May 1853 aged 37. Also Mary Marsh widow of above, died 16th January 1879 aged 84.

78. Flat in low rails:- Charles HARWOOD Esquire died 25th September 1866 aged 88. Mrs Anne Harwood his wife died 2nd September 1869 aged 74.

79. Small head:- Here lieth Interred the sonne of N I I D.^ N (Nicholas Dean?) of Dover who deceased the first day of JVNE Ann. Dom. 1647 Aged 21 mom .

79a Flat:- illegible (Old) Altar tombs.

79b Another: ditto

80. John MUMMERY died 15th June 1799 aged 65. Also Mary Mummery wife of above, died 22nd September 1813 aged 88.

81. Mary Alice WELSH, 29th October 1890 aged 90 years and eight months.

82. Jane MURRELL died at Folkestone, 10th June 1868 aged 32. Erected by one to whom she was a faithful Servant for 12 years.

83. Footstone:- M. C. 1849, J. C. 1854. I. C. 1856. M. C. 1887.

84. John COURT died 11th July 1865 aged 47. Also two children of above: Margaret died 13th February 1849 aged ten weeks. John, 31st August 1854 aged 11 years. Also Margaret wife of above died 11th September 1887.

85. Rebecca wife of Robert MARCH died 30th May 1855 aged 65. Left nine children: Mary-Ann, Robert, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Thomas, Joseph, Harriet-Ann; John and James. Also James and Richard who died in infancy. Also Dorcas died 2nd January 1837 aged 4 years. Also above Robert March died 6th May 1873 aged 88.

86. William MURTON of Uphill, Folkestone died 26th June 1885 aged 81. Robert Murton son of above died 2nd February 1872 aged 33.

87. Charles SUTTON died at Uphill, 24th September 1886 aged 59. Left Rebecca his wife.

88. Thomas SPAIN died 6th September 1835 aged 79.Elizabeth his wife died 20th August 1837 aged 83. Left one son and two daughters.

89. John Spain died 28th July 1822 aged 28, After a long and painful illness. Also one brother and four sisters of above.

90. Thomas son of Elizabeth SPAIN died 23rd September 1811 aged seven months.

91. Low Tomb with iron rails:- In Memory of The Reverend George S. ELWIN MA. formerly 21 years Rector of this parish Born 3rd July 1814 , fell asleep in Jesus 7th April 1872. Also Jane widow of above Born 15th October 1814, fell asleep 12th June 1879.

92. Cross:- Elizabeth WESTON born 22nd June 1818 died 14th March 1889.

In West portion.
93. William TUCKER of Uphill, Folkestone died 1st March 1867 aged 75. Ann wife of above, 16th May 1872 aged 76. Left two sons and two daughters: Mary-Ann, Julia, William Frederick and Ingram.

94. Wood:- Edward Rolfe TUCKER died April 29th 1854 aged 18.

95. Mary Ann KELCEY, 29th July 1889 aged 83.

96. Tomb:- George Robert Elve Eldest son of George and Harriet CASTLE of Uphill House, Folkestone died 22nd December 1860 aged 8 years. George Castle died 11th December 1881 aged 69. Also Harriett died 25th November 1880. Also Sarah Ann died 8th December 1870 daughters of above.

97. George MORLEY of Canterbury formerly of Swingfield died 8th January 1869 in 49th year. Mary his wife died 22nd February 1859 in 49th year.

98. Susannah BURVILL, 27th October 1886 aged 76. George Burvill husband of above died 11th April 1847 aged 38. George son of above, 18th March 1850 aged 12

99. William HOGBEN, 6th April 1873 aged 66.

100. Richard SMALLEY, died 1st December 1835 aged 33.

101. William MARKES son of William and Jane Markes died 6th November 1734 aged 29.

102. Here lieth ye Body of John LADD and Ellezabeth his wife and Elenar his daughter. John departed March ye 20th 1714……… ……….. (under grass).

103. Thomas BRISLEY of the parish of Folkestone died 30th October 1822 aged 57. Left Sarah his wife and nine children. Elizabeth daughter of above died 1st June 1833 aged 19 years. Mary daughter of above died 29th April 1843 aged 25. Above Sarah died 7th January 1848 aged 65.

104. William SAUNDERS died 11th November 1865 aged 74. Mary-Alice wife of above, 13th January 1819 aged 69.

105. Mary DRURY died 5th October 1859 aged 70.

106. Steed DRURY of this parish died 9th March 1832 aged 71. Left Hannah his wife and seven children: viz. Hannah, Mary, Sarah, Ann, Elizabeth Chilest, Harriet and Edward. Hannah wife of above died 5th June 1865 aged 97.

107. Joseph TAYLOR died 21st April 1874 aged 89. Mary wife of above, 21st December 1838 aged 46. Thomas Edward son of above died 18th February 1839 aged 8 years. Left Mary second wife of above, three sons and one daughter: William Henry, Joseph Wood, Jhondo? and Elizabeth Ann.

108. Cross:- Robert William PECK died at Folkestone 30th August 1870 aged 49. Susanna CLARK his wife died at Florence 7th February 1876 aged 43. Also Emily HOHMAN their only daughter died at Florence February 17th 1876 aged 20.

109. Low Tomb:- Rev. Thomas Cuming DEAN Died at Folkestone October 8th 1879 aged 52.

110. Small low Tomb:- Mary Ethel daughter of Reverend Thomas Cuming DEAN and Mary Ann DEANE, Folkestone. Died April 16th 1871 aged 5 years and nine months.

111. Elizabeth Harriet DANIELS Born 4th February 1876 Died 16th August 1876. Also Violet Lucy Daniels Born 27th June 1877 Died 14th February 1878. Silvanus Edward Daniels Born 3rd April 1882 Died 20th April 1883.

Northern Part.
112. James MUMMERY died July 1st 1865 aged 19.

113. James MUMMERY of the parish of Folkestone died 7th April 1849 aged 32. Left Charlotta his widow one son and one daughter.

114. Ann wife of Thomas MAXTED of Folkestone died 5th January 1852 aged 35. Left four sons viz. Edward, Thomas, Amos and James. Above James died 16th April 1852 aged eighteen months.

115. John MUMMERY died 11th August 1865 aged 72. Left Ann his wife and three children: Mary, Thomas and Edward. Ann wife of above, 12th December 1874 aged 84.

116. William Frederick FINN died at Folkestone 31st December 1878 aged 28.

117. Thomas MUMMERY of Paddlesworth died 22nd July 1868 aged 48.

118. John MUMMERY died 19th January 1870 aged 24.

119. Charles LASLETT died 12th December 1865 aged 61. Mary wife of above, 15th June 1879 aged 80. Three children of above: William died 31st December 1864 aged 32. Alfred, 18th June 1871 aged 30. Elizabeth, 15th August 1854 aged 16. Buried at Elham Erected by their son Stephen.

120. Percy Edwin BEDINGFIELD died 4th February 1876 aged 8. Roland William Bedingfield (a member of the choir) died 6th February 1876 aged 11 years. Ada Lucy Bedingfield, 13th February 1876 aged 6.

121. Henry BINSKIN formerly of Maidstone, died 29th July 1884 at Uphill, Folkestone in 68th year.

122. Arabella SLADDEN of this parish died 10th May 1870 aged 69. Left one daughter- Jane Ann.

123. Richard KELCEY died 31st July 1891 aged 80. Elizabett ? his wife died 26th July 1887 aged 67. Also their daughters: Eliza died 14th June 1859 aged 14. Rosamond, 6th October 1870 aged 8. Sarah, 17th October 1875 aged 22.

124. The GANSBY’S Also Mrs HORWOOD, September 22nd 1864.

125. George COLTHUP Died 25th October 1888 aged 54. Left Maria his wife.

End of Hawkinge Churchyard.

24th September 1891

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759, added 17th March 2008

1. On a Small Stone fixt to The East Wall of the Chancell. Here lieth the Body of Alexander, the Sonne of Andrew BARTLETT who deceased Nov. 21 A.Di. 1644.

2. On another small Stone in the Same Wall. Here lieth the Body of John BEGEANT, who departed this natural Life, July 3 1642. Aet. suae 30. Marmorem (sic) posuit Alexander UDNEY hujus Loci Rector Annis 32.

3. On a Monument on The North Wall.
[Arg. a cross engrailed sa. betw. 3 fleurs-de-lis gu. (HERDSON)]. Memoriae Sacrum. Here lieth buried the Body of the right worshipfull Jo. Herdson of Folkestone in Kent Esq. who departed this mortall Life the 29th Day of March 1622. who gave toward the repayringe this Chancell £20. In whose Remembrance, his Nephew and Heire Basill DIXWELL, Esq. hath erected in Folkestone (of whiche Place he was Lord) a seemly *Monument (*see P.52).

4. On An Altar Tomb, On ye North Side. See here the Place where Stephen sleeping lies;/Till the last Trumpet shall him make to rise./Each Part of Life, and godly Period,/Unfolds to Us, that, his true Friend was God./Ending, he died, in Hope to rise again;/No Loss to him was Death, but greatest Gain./*His Faith built on the Rock, his Hope was sure;/Only his Charity doth e’er endure./
(*Cozens says this is start of anr. tablet; but obscurely put, & query?).

5. On Another Altar Tomb, on The North Side
(gone). Here lieth buried the Body of Stephen HOBDAY who was born at Hope (Hope Farm, betw. Cauldhm. & Wingate Hill – V.J.T.) in Hawking Folkestone, and …. lived there neere .. Yeares. decessy’d ye 1st of …… 1640.

6. One other Flat Stone, very ancient, and not legible.

7. An old iron Helmet, on ye North Wall
(this is over, & belongs to the HERDSON monument).

8. In The Body. 3 Flat Stones all without Inscription.

9. This Church consists only of The Chancell and Body. In the Steeple
(now a stone bell cot) which is low, and stands at the West End, hangs 1 small Bell without Inscription.

10. In The Church Yard, is an Altar Tomb for James BURVILLE, 1722, and 4 Others not Legible.

11. This Church is dedicated to St. Michael. It is a Rectory, in the Patronage of the Arch Bishop. The Present Rector is the Revd. Mr LANGEHORNE,
(ob. 17 Feb. 1772 aged 51; bur. in Folkestone Chancel; Coz. Ms 2.397-8) who is also Curate of Folkestone. 1759.

(See Secker Visn. of 1758. No.117. Langhorne’s curate at Hawkinge was TOURNAY, V. Alkm. & Capel-le-Ferne, at salary of £13 p.a.).

Index of Names and Places

BATC I I I I (Batchelor?) 57
Blaxford 77
M. C. 83
Cuming 109
N I I D.^ N (Nicholas 
   Dean?) 79
D FE E 63
DEAN 109, 110
DRURY 105, 106

FINN 116
KELCEY 54, 59, 66-75, 
   95, 124
LADD 102
Manger 77

MARSH 55, 77
Marshall 69
MATCHAM 58, 59, 60
MUMMERY 80, 112, 113,
   115, 117, 118
PECK 108
SPAIN 88-90
TUCKER 93, 94
   South Alkham 61
Canterbury 97
Capel-le-Ferne 12
Dover 79
Elham 119
Folkestone 3, 11, 54, 55, 
   82, 103, 108, 109, 110,
   113, 114, 116
Folkestone Uphill 86, 87, 
   93, 121
Folkestone Uphill House 96
Hawkinge Hope Farm 5
Maidstone 121
Paddlesworth 117
Sandgate 70-72
Swingfield 97

Bailiff 59