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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Hoath Church,  Noted by Bax & Rice  April 1897

                                             Pages 107 to 112 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1760, added 8th July 2008

1. On the South side of chancel is a brass to Isabella CHAKBRON in the original stone.

2. Blue marble Beneath this stone rest the remains of Vincent VARHAM late of this parish son of Thomas and Elizabeth Var…… of the parish of Herne: obt. May 15th 1803 aged 68 years. Also Sarah widow of the ab…. mentioned Vincent Var…… She died 11th of October 180… aged 71 years. NB ….. covered by organ and choir seats.

3. Tablet of W. marble in on black on the South wall of chancel In memory of Thomas WACHER who died January 1st 1868 aged 80 years. Also Sarah Elizabeth wife of above who died March 30th 1867 aged 82 years. Leaving four sons and two daughters.

4. Memorial windows on the N side of the chancel to:- In memory of James COLLARD died December 5 1850 aged 59 and Hester Collard died September 20 1870 aged 77. To the glory of God and in memory of George Rammell 1887 by the parishioners (S of Nave).

5. Memorial window on the S side to GWD EVANS MA vicar who died November 3 1873.

6.Beneath this stone rests the remains of Thomas CARTER, Gent late of this parish who died ye 29th June 1780 aged 62 years.

7. Tablet W marble on black on the N wall of the nave Sacred to the memory of Mr. William LASEY a highly respected inhabitant of this Borough obiit 31st March 1825 aet. 62 years. His remains are interred in a vault in the churchyard of Chislet.

Stones in the floor of N aisle
8. In memory of Benjamin MORRIS died January 29 1823 aged 74 years. Also of Frances Morris died August 13th 1823 aged 64 years. Hanna… died May …. aged 4 …. whose re… deposite….. this…… (…. covered by pew).

9. In memory of Emily MORRIS died November 10th 1859 aged 4 years. Also of Jane Morris died December 26th 1859 aged 2 years. Also of Henry John Morris died July 8th 1862 aged 10 months. Also of William Morris died February 10th 1865 aged 1 year whose remains are deposited beneath this aisle.

10. In memory of Sarah DARBY died March 28th 1859 aged 60 years. Also of Terry Reed died February 8th 1862 aged 65 years whose remains are deposited beneath this aisle.

11. Memorial window E end of N aisle In loving memory of Margaret Hester LASEY COLLARD died August 12th 1891 aged 24.

HOATH CHURCHYARD  12 April 1897 No B(ax's)
Commencing SE
12. HS In memory of Elizabeth the wife of William HYBON of this parish only daughter of Valentine and Elizabeth Cock of this parish. She left issue one son Valentine Cock Hybon. She was a dutyfull child both maid and wife she departed this life March the 29th 1784 aged 27 years. 4 lines of poetry.

13. Granite cross – stone edging George RAMMELL of Old Tree, born May 16 1817 died May 1 1887.

14. HS In memory of Ann SLADDEN wife of Thomas Sladden of this parish who departed this life February 8th 1796 aged 51/4 years. She left issue six children ….. Thomas, Mary Ann, Richard …….. (4 lines). God did to me no warning give so pray take care how you do live.

15. HS In memory of Elizabeth BROWN who died October 13th 1822 aged 62 years.

16. HS Sacred to the memory of William SMITH late of this Borough who departed this life December 16th 1816 aged 55 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife who departed this life January 24th 1820/9 aged 64 years.

17. HS 2 cherub’s heads In memory of Lydia wife of William MILLGATE of the parish of Chislet? who departed this life October 29 1800 aged 38 years. 4 lines of poetry. Also William son of the above William and Lydia Millgate. He died the 27th of April 1801 aged 6 months.

18. HS W other side of path to the South door of church In memory of William CAREY late clerk of this Borough died 18th November 1804 aged 90 years. Also of Ann his wife died October 12th 1794 aged 72 years.

19. Low, railed tomb Sacred to the memory of Henry HUTCHINGS of the City of Canterbury surgeon who died March 19th 1879 aged 46 years.

20. Sacred to the memory of William LASEY late of Whistable, dredger, who died December 15th 1778 aged 38 years.

21. HS Sacred to the memory of Valentine LASEY late of this parish who died October 15th 1774 aged 36 years. Also of Sarah his wife who died September 14th 1820 aged 83 years. They left issue one son and one daughter William and Margaret.

22. HS 2 sculls and bones Here lieth ye body of Ann ye wife of Valentine COCK who had issue 5 sons and 2 daughters. She died September ye 11 1711 aged 40/6 years. Also 2 sons of Valentine and Ann Cock. John died July 10 1704 aged 1 year. Thomas died August 27 1711 aged 20 weeks.

23. HS ………………. joyfull resurection?. Rest the remains of Ann the wife of William SLADDEN ……….. in this Borough? died July …. 1799 aged 39? years. Several more lines – very indistinct.

24. HS Sacred to the memory of Sarah Elizabeth the wife of Mr. James SLADDEN of Hoath Court who died December 12th 1839 aged 45 years. Left issue three sons and three daughters.

25. HS In memory of William SLADDEN late of this parish who died February …… aged 70 years. He left surviving Margaret his wife and 3/5 daughters.

26. Large HS Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Margaret TAYLOR who departed this life 5th December 1813 aged 66 years. Mr. James Taylor who departed this life 9th January 1818 aged 81 years. Sleep sweetly on thou lump of lifeless clay for soon the trumpet will proclaim the day when Christ thy Lord will with a shout descend at which the mansions of the tomb shall rend, and those that sleep in him again shall rise and with him mount triumphant to the skies.

27. HS 3 sculls Here lieth ye body of Mr. William PEARCE late of this parish who had issue by Ann his wife 1 son William surviving. He died June ye 2nd day 1713 aged 43 years.

28. HS To the memory of Henry GOLDFINCH who departed this life the 6th of February 1812 aged 8 years.

29. HS In memory of W. GOLDFINCH who died February 7 1816 aged 2 (or 25) years.

30. HS In memory of Mary relict of the late Alexander SAUNDERS of this parish who died September 28th 1853 aged 80 years.

31. HS In memory of Alexander SAUNDERS who died October 1 1817 aged 55 years.

32. HS Sacred to the memory of Mary Ann COLLARD the beloved wife of Robert Collard who died June 5th 1889 aged 54 years. Weep not for me my children dear I am not lost but sleeping here. My race is run, my time is spent to you my dear children I was but lent.

33. HS Sacred to the memory of Robert COLLARD of Maypole eldest son of the late Robert Collard of Brook Farm born April 6th 1816 died February 22nd 1893 aged 77 years. Leaving 6 sons and 3 daughters. Weep not for me my children dear because I die and leave you here, but only trust in Jesus name and you shall see me once again. Watch for you know not when the keeper cometh (sic). His end was peace.

34. Brick tomb, very low under the S wall of church HP 1791 EP 1791

35. Names besides those noted
"Cross" to Spratt 1885, HSS to Emma Wanstall Smith 1866, Pett 1883, Groombridge 1865, Gardner 1895, Bulger 1879, Wyborn 1849, West 1889, Robert Ernest Blakey 2nd Battalion INL Regiment 1888, Hilton 1886, Hatton 1879, (on the NE side) (on the N) Dixon 1879, Larkin 1842 and 1882, Hollbourn 1883, Steed 1882, 1877, Taylor 1888, Smith 1844, 1870, 1871, 1875, 1868, Wilmshurst 1893.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1760, added 8th July 2008

In The Chancell.
36. On a Brass Plate, on a Flat Stone, under ye Fig. of a Woman. Hic Jacet Isabaella CHAKBON cujus Aie ppicietur Deus. Amen.

In the Body.
37. On a Brass Plate, on a Flat Stone, on which are the Figures in Brass, of a Man, a Woman, 2 Sons, and 5 Daughters. Pry for the Soules of Antony MAYCOT, and Agnes his Wife; the which Antony decessyd the last Day of Februarye A.Dni. MVXXXII. On whose Soules, …../Jhu have Mercy. Amen.

38. In the Porch is an ancient flat Stone, which has been richly inlaid, but, is, now, without Inscription.

39. This Church consists only of The Chancell and Body. The Steeple stands at the West End; in it hang 3 Bells without Inscription.

40. In the Church Yard are Memorials of BALDOCK, CHRISTIAN, COCK, and PEARCE.

41. This Church was dedicated to St. Mary, & the Holy Cross. It is now only consider’d as a Chapell to Reculver, to which it is annex’t. It is in the Patronage of The Arch Bishop. The present Incumbent is The Revd. Mr. Thomas THOMSON 1760. [see Secker III. No.193 – V.J.T.].

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Blakey 35
Bulger 35
COCK 12, 22, 40
COLLARD 4, 11, 32, 33
Gardner 35

Groombridge 35
Hatton 35
Hilton 35
Hollbourn 35
Larkin 35
LASEY 7, 11, 20, 21
EP 34
HP 34
PEARCE 27, 40
Pett 35
Reed 10
SLADDEN 14, 23, 24, 25
SMITH 16, 35
Spratt 35
Steed 35
TAYLOR 26, 35
Wanstall 35
West 35
Wilmshurst 35
Wyborn 35

Places Index
Brook Farm 33
Canterbury 19
Chislet 7
Chislet? 17

Hoath 24
Old Tree 13
Whitstable 20
2nd Battalion INL Regiment 35
dredger 20
surgeon 19