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Littlebourne with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Littlebourne Church,  Noted by Bax & Rice Friday 6th May 1892

                                                        Pages 18-20 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758, added 25th May 2008

No B's

1. HS. South West angle of church: cherub’s head Here lieth the body of Thomas DENNE of this parish he died August 5th 1762 aged 66 years.

2. HS In memory of Ann DENNE the wife of Thomas Denne who departed this life March 1 1772 aged 80 years.

3. HS. Cherub’s head, trumpet Here lieth the body of Judith daughter of Thomas DENNE and Ann his wife who died September 13 1762 aged 41 years.

4. HS. 2 sculls and bones Here lieth the body of Elizabeth DENNE first wife of Henry Denne of this parish daughter of John HOLNESS and Elizabeth his wife late of Ickham. She departed ys life November 8 1716 aged 20 years.

5. HS. Coffin, sculls, hourglass. Here lieth the body of Mary wife of Stephen PILCHER who departed this life August 3 1743/5 aged 62 years. Also there lieth near ys place the body of Stephen Pilcher. He died May 24 1749 aged 63 years.

6. HS. Here lieth buried ye body of Margaret ROSE relict of William Rose of this Court Lodge who departed this life February 2nd 1727/8 aged 82 years.

7. 2 HSS the face smooth covered by grass

Copied by Mr. R.G. Rice
8. Head with body stone. N of church In memory of Mr. John KINGSNORTH late of Fryday Street, London, who died September 1st 1783 aged 72 years.

9. High brick tomb North of church. Arms at top as rubbed: on two flanches a leopard’s head aporte. Crest: a stag conchant Here lieth buried the body of John DENNE late of this parish Gent, who departed this life November 10th 1730 aged 61 years. As also of Mrs. Esther Denne his widow who died October 6 1742 in ye 73rd year of her age.

10. Other ‘Denne’ memorials.

11. High brick tomb, North of church. Here lieth the body of Mrs. Esther DENNE youngest daughter of John Denne formerly of this parish Gent (Italics) by Esther his wife. She departed this life April 18th 1764 aged 59 years.

12. Large flat stone North of church. Underneath are the remains of the Rev. Joseph PRICE vicar of this parish. He died October 29th 1807 aged 70 years.

13. HS South of tower In memory of Mary the daughter of Edward and Jane MUNNS who died December 26 1783 aged 23 years.

14. HS close to, and to the N of last a cherub’s head at top. (Italics) In memory of Edward MUNNS late of this parish who died June 28 1775 aged 52 [years]. (Italics) Also of Jane his wife who died ye 1 January 1776 aged 52. Left issue 4 sons and 3* daughters * sic. 2 altered to 3 or 3 to 2 probably the latter.

15. HS close to and to the N of last. Two cherub’s heads at top. Here lieth the body of Elizabeth wife of Edward MUNS of this parish who died February 18th 1755 aged 24 years. Also Eliza their daughter who died February 20th 1755 aged 15 months and left issue 1 son William Muns. Some poetry ……….

16. HS North of tower, two cherub’s heads at top. Here lieth ye body of Robert BILLINGHURST who died December the 5 1727 aged 88 years and his 3 wifes leaving issue 1 son and 3 daughters, Michael, Hester, Elizabeth, Mary. Also ……………… ye said R…………… (sunk).

Copied by Mr. R.G. Rice
17. White stone leger in Chancel South side – arms as rubbed:- On a lozenge – a fess between in chief two acorns in base a rose? between two ammulets on a escutcheon of prentice a chevron between 3 unicorns heads? Elizabeth DE L’ANGLE died June VII MDCCL.

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758, added 25th May 2008

In The Chancell.
18. On a Flat Stone, with this Coat. [On a lozenge: Az. a fesse betw. 2 acorns in chief and 2 bezants over a rose in base, all or Pretence of HEAD (4.57, St Mildred’s, Canterbury)]. Elisabeth DE L’ANGLE died June 7 1750.

19. On Another Flat Stone. Here lyeth buried the Body of The Revd. Mr George JAMES Curat of this Parish, who married Susanna, Daughter of Edward ANDREWS of Hinxhill in this County, Gent by whom he left Issue 1 Daughter. He departed this Life, Feb. 6th Day 1699/1700 aged 25 Years.

20. Two other Flat Stones, not Legible.

21. In all The Windows of this Chancell, are Remains of good painted Glass and, in the Middle of The East Window, which is still pretty entire, are *ten small Scripture Histories, as they seem, one above the other. *If they did not exceed ye Number, I shd. take them for ye 7 Sacraments of ye Church of Rome – they were placed too high for Me to examine them, with Accuracy, without a Ladder wch. I could not conveniently obtain.

In The Body.
22. On a Flat Stone. Under this Stone lieth interred the Body of Jonathan DENNE of this Parish who departed this Life the 6th Day of April 1689 in ye 62d. Yere of his Age. in the First Year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady, KING WILLIAM, and QUEEN MARY.

23. On Another. Here lieth The Body of David DENNE, who lived last in the Court Lodge of Littlebourne. He died November the 30th 1675 aged 57 Yeares.

24. On Another. Here lieth The Body of Eliza DENNE, Wife of David Denne of Littlebourne Court Lodge and Daughter of Michael PAGE, one of the Olderman of the Citey of Canterbury, who departed this Life the 7th of September, in the 64th Yeare of her Age in the Yeare 1689.

25. On Another. Bu: Desemb: 25 1651. Mary The Wife of David DENNE.

26. In The North Window is a Coat of Arms which I could not make out; but, it seemd to be this. Arg. a Bull pass. Sab. betw. 6 Cross’d Crosslets, fitchy impaling Erm. 3 Fusills…..

In The North Isle.
27. A very ancient Flat Stone, which has been inlaid with a large Cross, etc. in Brass.

28. The Windows appear to have been finely painted.

In The South Isle.
29. At the East End is a Door Way wch. formerly led to ye Rood Loft.

30. In The Westmost Window is the Figure of a Bishop, as it seems.

31. In The Eastmost Window is this Coat – viz. Sable, 3 Cocks Arg.

32. This Church consists of The Chancell, Body and 2 Side Isles. In a low Spired Steeple, at the West End, hang 5 Bells, thus inscribed.
   1. J. PALMER made this Bell. 1659.
   2. Soli Deo Honor et Gloria.
   3 Joseph HATCH made Me. 1610.
   4. William HATCH made Me. 1650.
   5. Robertus MOT Me fecit. M.B. 1597.

33. In The Church Yard is an Altar Tomb for David DENNE, A.D. 1657.

34. Another, with ye Coat of DENNE, A.D. 1730. Two other Altar Tombs, one of wch. seems very ancient, both without Inscription. Here are Also Memorials of Persons of The Name of BILLINGHURST, BROWNE, MUNNS, PILCHER, ROSE, RIGDEN, RAYNER, REYNOLDS and SPAINE.

35. This Church was dedicated to St. Vincent.

36. It is a Vicarage, in the Patronage of The Dean and Chapter of Canterbury. The Present Vicar is the Revd. Mr. Osmund BEAUVOIR, Master of The King’s School, at Canterbury. 1758.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
DE L’ANGLE 17, 18
DENNE 1- 4, 9, 11, 22-25, 32-34

MOT 32
MUNNS 13, 14, 15, 34

ROSE 6, 34

Places Index
Canterbury 24
Hinxhill 19
Ickham 4
   Court Lodge 6, 23, 24
   Fryday Street 8

Alderman 24
Curat 19
Dean and Chapter of Canterbury 36
Master of The King’s School, Canterbury 36
vicar 12