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               Some Monumental Inscriptions of Molash Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In the Chancell.
1. On a Black Flat Stone, within ye Rails with this Coat.
[Per chevn. arg. & gu. a cresct. at fesse point countercharged imp. Per pale, 3 boars’ heads couped facing to sinister, the lower one countercharged]. 
Here lyeth the Bodies of Henry CHAPMAN, Gent, and Mary his Wife. He died the 13th of April 1668. And she died the 2d. of May 1680. In the 80th Year of their Age. And ……. Chapman the Son of Edward Chapman.

2. On Another Bl. Stone, with the Arms of CHAPMAN having a Crescent for Difference. Johannes Chapman Generosus. Nov. 19 1679. Aetatis suae 47.

3. On a Grey Stone. Here lies Buried the Body of Michael GYLES, Gent, The Son of Gabriel Gyles, Gentleman, deceas’d ye Last Day of May, at ye Age of 40 Years. 1611.

4. Here is also Another Grey Stone in an Old Character not Legible.

In the Church.
5. On a Grey Stone, A Man and a Woman inlay’d in Brass
(now lost), and under them ye Following Inscription. Pray for ye Sowlis of Johann MANFELD, and Ursuley his Sister, wch. John died the VII day of April, ye Yer of our Lord MVXI. The sayd Ursula died ye XXII Day of May, ye Year of Our Lord MVXIII. (Error for 1503). On who Sowlis Jesu have Mercy. Ame.

6. On a Stone Over a Vault with ye Arms of CHAPMAN as above. Pvlvis CHAPMANNORVM. NB. This Vault belong’d to a Family of Chapmans who liv’d at ye Bower.
(Bower Farm, north of Canterbury Road, in East of parish).

7. The Font is very Ancient.

8. In the Windows are to be seen the following Coats.
[In line: I. Arg. on a chief gu. 3 martlets or. II. Gu. a – arg. charged with a cresct. gu. for diffce, betw. 3 griffins sergeant or. imp. Tierced per pale & per fesse gu. & Arg. a molet or at the fesse point. III. Gu. 3 open right hands & a screct. arg. at fesse pt. for diffce. (pencil query added: MALMAINS?).]

9. This Church consists only of a Body and Chancell, both Tyled. At the West End is the Steeple wch. has a *Shingled Spire
(removed c. 1793), and 3 Small Bells, with ye following Inscription.
1. Sancte MARTINE, ora pro Nobis.
2**. Joseph HATCH Made Me 1622.
(No. number 3 given).
This evidently means a cap. Cozens, 254 (1793) calls it "a pointed top covered with shingles").
** Ibid. has " & 3 by Joseph Hatch, 1606 and 1629.

10. This is a Chapel of Ease to Chilham, and was call’d St. Peter’s. Visited 1757.

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