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St Mildred's Church, Tenterden with index of names and places at the end

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This M.I. listing of Leland Duncan's work is different, in that it is not taken from his notebooks, but from a book printed at his own expense in 1919, and that he handsomely presented a copy to every member of the K.A.S.  Records Branch.  A copy of the book,  being of only a limited print run in 1919, is very difficult to obtain.
                                                                 The text from this volume was typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Leland L. Duncan must have spent a considerable amount of time in St Mildred's churchyard writing down the information from each gravestone, no doubt many of which were very difficult to read due to erosion and plant growth. He says in his introduction that he checked as many as he could against the parish burial registers, however in typing up his manuscript for the publishers from his little notebooks, to the re-typing for our website by volunteers small errors are bound to have crept in. Now Robert and Patricia Chown of the Woodchurch Ancestry Group having just completed the the transcribing of the Tenterden Burial Register for 1544-1911 have very kindly checked through our website, and have supplied corrections to seventy-four of the individual grave listing. The vast majority were usually of one digit of a date etc. that have now all been corrected, with
(Amended 2017-01) at the end of the entry. We extend our thanks to Robert and Patricia for sharing with us the results of all their hard work. Ted Connell 2017-02-02.

The history of Tenterden as a volume for our library shelves has yet to be written, but meanwhile a fair foundation is being laid. A general outline will be found in Vol. III of Hasted’s History of Kent and contributions to the volumes of Archaeologia Cantiana deal with various phases, amongst them "Early History of Tenterden", by Robert Furley, F.S.A. (Vol. XIV pp. 37-60). "Notes on the Hales Family", by Rev. R. Cox Hales, M.A. (Vol. XIV pp. 61-84). "The Rectors and Vicars", by A.H. Taylor. (Vol. XXXI pp. 207-270). This has an appendix of early bequests to the Church in wills. Mr. Taylor has also printed in Vols. XXXII and XXXIII valuable extracts from the Municipal Records and in Vol. XXX he dealt at length with the story of the chapel of St. John Baptist, Smallhythe.
   The yearly editions of Thomson’s "Tenterden Almanac" also contain many extracts by the same author from the Churchwardens Accounts whilst Mr. J. Ellis Mace in an interesting little book entitled "Old Tenterden", has put on record much information about the Town and the older houses and their inhabitants.
   All these will be of great value to the future historian of the Town, but they touch but a tithe of the information yet to be sought out and put into print.
   The present contribution to the material for such a History contains all the Inscriptions on the monuments now existing in the Parish Church of St. Mildred, an epitome of all those in the Churchyard and in the extension in the Station Road, and, in the appendix, those in the yard of The Old Meeting House, which will be found to supplement the record of the churchyard. The inscriptions in the churchyard of St. Michael’s, of the Jireh Chapel and in the Cemetery have not been included, being all of recent date.
   It is a matter for regret that the memorials in the Church are so few. No a single monument of mediaeval date has survived, save the matrix of a brass to a former Vicar c 1450, now under the Tower. Of the Tudor period there is only a ledger stone to William Austen 1595, with two brass shields of arms the only brasses remaining. Of the Stuart times the fine monument to the Whitfeld family [No. 501] with its wealth of heraldry helps to fill up what would otherwise be a long blank. A few 18th century ledger stones to Austens, Blackmores and Finches etc., were moved to the west end of the nave at the restoration, but they can hardly represent all the families of this ancient Kentish Town once commemorated in their parish church.
    The history of any parish or township is inextricably bound up with the lives of those who have passed their days within its boundaries. Of the majority of these it must be said "their memorial is perished with them", but a proportion of all classes have their names handed down to us in some form of monument within the church or churchyard. The information contained in these inscriptions is of much interest both to the topographer and genealogist and the particulars as to age in the case of the earlier stones are unique, as they are not recorded in the Registers.
   Owing to the increased cost of printing it has been found necessary to epitomize the inscriptions but all essential details are here given. For the same reason the insertion of a plan of the churchyard has had to be abandoned but the following general directions will be useful to those who desire to find any particular stone:-
   Numbers 1 to 86 are in the S.W. part of the yard, beginning at the S.W corner, going northwards and taking the stones as nearly as possible row by row. Nos. 87-97 are in the little plot on the southern side of the Churchyard. page iii Nos. 98-133 are in the plot against the South Aisle and under the east end of the Church, beginning at the Porch and going eastwards. Nos. 134-396 are in the Northern part of the yard, beginning at the east and going westward row by row. The tomb No. 224 is in the centre of this plot under a yew tree. No. 396 is at the west gate of the yard. 
   To economize still further the following abbreviations have been used:- ‘P’ or ‘late P’ = ‘of this Parish’, or ‘late of this Parish’. "died" for "died" or "departed this life".
   Amongst the church muniments is a carefully made plan of the churchyard which indicates the position of very many internments not marked now by any stones.
   There is a tradition in the Town that the churchyard in ancient times extended southwards as far as the High Street, and bones have been found in excavations on the site of the present houses which tend to support this, but as some of the houses at least are of the early 17th century, if not earlier, the encroachment must have taken place many years ago.
   I am indebted to my friend Ralph Griffin Esq., F.S.A. for the identification of the various shields of arms on the Whitfeld tomb. My special thanks are due to the Rev. J.A. Babington, M.A., Vicar of Tenterden, for his sympathetic interest in the work and for such personal kindness and goodwill which has enabled me to clear up many doubtful dates from the Registers. These notes add considerably to the value of this record of former generations of men and women of Tenterden.
                                                               Leland L. Duncan., Rosslair, Lingards Road, Lewisham. October, 1919

Preface I-iii
Inscriptions in the Churchyard, Tenterden 1-46
Inscriptions in the Churchyard Extension 46-53
Inscriptions in the Church 54-68
Appendix (Old Meeting House Yard) 69-73
Addendum 73
Index of Persons 75-77
Index of Places 78
Index of Coats of Arms 79
Index of Occupations 79


- Stones in the South Western part of the Yard
1. Thomas ASSITER, died 12th September, 1869, aged 82. Sarah his wife died 20th November, 1856, aged 68.

2. Mrs. Mary Thomson spinster, daughter of Thomas THOMSON of Kenfield, in the parish of Petham in this county, died 4th February, 1813, aged 85. (Amended 2017-01)

3. Hier Legt Begraaven Schipper Seibe NANNES, Van de Jouwer in Vriesland is in den Heere Gerusteden, 8 November, 1781, ondt 47 iaaren.

Here lie Interred the remains of Captain Seibe Nannes of Jouwer in Freisland, who rested in the Lord the 8th November, 1781, aged 47 years. "As he’s the first the Neighbours say that lies/First of War Captives buried in this place,/So may he hope to be the first to rise/And seek the mansions of eternal peace." (Register. 10th November, 1781, Siebe Nannes, aged 46, buried.)

4. Phillis, wife of Richard COOPER of this parish, died 13 September, 1844, in 52nd year. Left surviving one son James.

5. Ann DAW, wife of Henry Daw of this parish, died 27th December, 1826, aged 65. Also said Henry Daw died 16th August, 1839, aged 82.

6. Joseph COVENEY late of this parish Yeoman, died 10th December, 1810, aged 58. Left issue Joseph and Thomas. Also Elizabeth his wife died 17th January, 1817, aged 63.

7. Ann, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth COVENEY of this parish died 9th October, 1808, aged 16 years. Also Elizabeth, daughter of above J. and E. Coveney of this parish, died 9th April 1809, aged 20.

8. Edward WICKEN late of this parish, died 2nd February, 1799, aged 48. He married Mary, relict of John WYBOURN also of this parish by whom she had issue William, Mary and Ann, and by aforesaid, Edward, Thomas, Jeremiah, Edward, Elizabeth, Martha, Sarah, James, John, Rebecca, George and Charles, who are all surviving. Mary his wife died 15th January, 1827, aged 75. (Amended 2017-02)

9. Thomas SAMSON late of this parish Yeoman, died 22nd October, 1794, aged 82. Mary, wife of Thomas Samson of this parish died 8th June, 1788, aged 78. Also on the left side lie the remains of Stephen, son of the aforesaid who died 28th August, 178(3), aged (31) years. (Register. Stephen Sampson, aged 31, buried 5th September, 1783.)

10. A vault, on keystone "SHEATHER, 1840".

11. William PHIPPS, died 22 October, 1800, aged 70, and Mary his wife, died 16th February, 1815, aged 85. They left issue four sons and three daughters, viz., Robert, Ann, William, Mary, Sarah, Thomas and William (sic).

12. Jane, wife of James MURRELL, died October 18th, 1834, aged 66. Left surviving three children William, Jane and James. Also of aforesaid James Murrell who died 6th November, 1848, aged 82.

13. John WELLER died April, 1829, aged 84 (buried 7th April, 1829, aged 84).

14. A vault, on keystone "MACE, 1835". On a tablet below: Joseph Mace died 5th June, 1833, aged 59./Eliza Steer died 9th April 1836, aged 92./Amelia C. Mace died 31st October, 1869, aged 83./John S. Mace died 25th May, 1895, aged 73./ Joseph S. Mace died 27th February, 1901, aged 79/S.M. Hermitage died 13th February, 1902, aged 9 months./Charles Mace died 27th March, 1902, aged 75./Elizabeth Mace died 26th May, 1912, aged 82./Marion Mace died 26th October, 1917, aged 81. (Amended 2017-02)

15. Hannah, wife of Stephen GOODSALL, of this Town, Builder, died 30th march, 1866, aged 70. Also said Stephen Goodsall, died 22nd September, 1869, aged 77. having issue two sons and seven daughters, viz., George, Mary Ann, Caroline, William, Eleanor, Elizabeth-Paine, Harriot, Charlotte and Hannah. George died 18th June, 1823, aged 6½ years. Harriot died 7 January, 1832, aged 1 ¾ years. Hannah died 21st November, 1913, aged 72.

16. Here lie the remains of James HOTT a light Infantry Soldier, Capt. Bullock’s Company of the Third Norfolk Regt. of Militia. He died at Reding Street Barracks ……….. 1798 in the …… year of his age. (Register. 9th November, 1798, James Hott, aged 22.)

17. To John, Stephen, Samson and Joseph, sons of Richard and Mary KNIGHT of this parish Gent. John died October 31st, 1808, aged 7 months. Stephen died 23rd November, 1811, aged 4 months. Samson died 1st January, 1816, aged 3 months. Joseph, died …… 6 January 1816, aged 8 months. ……………… (Amended 2017-02)

18. William FUGGLE of this parish, Draper, died 26th December, 1846, aged 77. Frances his wife died 23rd April, 1826, aged 54. Also:-
1st John ) 18th October, 1794 ) 2 years
1st Henry ) Their 11th December, 1807 ) 14 years
1st William ) children 2nd April, 1800 ) 4 years
1st Joseph ) who 18th December, 1809 aged ) 1 year
2nd William ) died 25th June, 1824 ) 16 years
2nd Henry ) 21st February, 1831 ) 21 years
Maria ) 17th June, 1835 ) 17 years
They left issue surviving, viz., Frances, Eliza, John, Mary Ann, Joseph and Charlotte.

19. Jane, daughter of Stephen and Jane SAWYER of this parish, died (10?) December, 1797, aged 12 years. (Register. 13th December, 1797, Jane Sawyer, aged 12). Also the … Stephen and ….. Stephen their sons who died in their infancy.

20. Henry HOUGHAM died 8th September, 1818, aged 75. Had issue by Jane his wife ………… Children, viz., Josias, Henry, Amelia, Ralph Papworth and Eliza survive. The aforesaid Jane his wife died 18th July, 1830, aged 82.

21. John SISLEY late of Tenterden, died march ye 2, 1769, aged 80. Jane his wife died ……. 7, 1742, aged 49. Left issue by Jane his wife, three sons, Peter, John and Sharington. Footstones, J.S. 1769. J.S. 1742. (Register. Jane Sisley buried 11th September, 1742.) John Sisley from Wittersham buried 8th March, 1769, aged 80.

22. Edward YOUNG (?senior) died May ye 14th, 1740, in ye 74th year of his age.

23. Edward YOUNG, Junior, died February ye 3, 173…aged ……. (Register. 11th February, 1733/4 Edward Young buried.)

24. Altar Tomb. No inscription on top. 
North side. Thomas Samson died 31st December, 1809, aged 71. Sarah Samson his wife died 10th September, 1805, aged 77. Stephen Samson died 2nd September, 1782, aged 30. 
East end. Elizabeth Samson died 24th February, 1829, aged 54. By whose desire this Tomb was erected. 
South side. Benjamin Samson died 13th August, 1815, aged 66. Anne Samson his wife died 25th April, 1828, aged 74. 
West end. Elizabeth Samson died 24th February, 1829, aged 54. By whose desire this Tomb was erected. [repeated for some reason?]
[Peter Anderson 2017-02-16 believes the original transcript from 1919 has misread Anne Samson (Benjamin''s wife was Jane (nee WILLSHER/WILCHIER) - they married at Rolvenden on 24 March 1774 - and was buried 2 May 1828 age 74]

25. Stephen SAMSON, gentleman, died 10th May, 1783, aged 69. Left issue Stephen, William, Thomas, John, Richard and Joseph. Lydia, wife of Stephen Samson of Stone in this County, died 1st August, 1755, aged (?32).

26. Mr. Thomas SAMSON late of this parish, died August ye 24th, 1736, aged 66. Mary wife of Mr. Thomas Samson died 21st June, 1739, aged 60. Leaving issue Thomas, Stephen and Mary.

27. Thomas BOWLES died February, 1756, aged 37. Jane his wife died 26th March, 1812, aged 982. Left issue Jane, John, Mary, Hannah and Sarah. Also Jane their daughter, widow of Henry ALLEN who died 19th January, 1816, aged 72. Hannah, wife of Edward GREAGSBEY died 8th December, 1835, aged 81. Also of the aid Edward Greagsby who died 16th January, 1836, aged 89.

28. William BOURNER died 28th June, 1825, aged 56. Sarah his wife died March, 1851, aged 82. Also Sarah MILLINGS grand-daughter of above died 13th December, 1858, aged 34. Footstone:- W.B. 1867, H.B. 1871.

29. Mr. John SAMSON, of this parish died 7th May, 1836, aged 86. Elizabeth his wife died 3rd February, 1824, aged 71. Elizabeth Samson sister of above John Samson died 17th May, 1840, aged 88.

30. Ann COLVIN wife of William Colvin of this parish, died 23rd October, 1815, aged 42. Hosea their son died 25th March, 1802 [aged 2]. Eliza their daughter died March ………18.. Left surviving Laban, Trephena, Abigail, Meshach, Hosea, Milcah, Levi, Salome, Isaiah, Ebenezar and Christiana ………..

31. Ann REDMAN died 14th November, 1871, aged 88. Also William WINSER first husband of above died in the year 1831, aged (blank) years. Also William Winser first son of above died 3rd February, 1842, aged 27. Thomas Winser second son died 30th August, 1859, aged 30.

32. Robert WILLS ye husband died May ye 14th, 1706, aged 63. Joan, wife of Robert Wills died March ye 23rd, 1705, aged 55.

33. Martha RUSSELL died …. September, 176.. aged ?68 years. Register. 21st September, 1765, Martha Russel buried.

34. Mr. Joshia HURD …… 1707 in ye 55th year. (Register. 10th April, 1707, Mr. Josiah Hurd buried.) Dorothy, daughter of Josiah and Dorothy Hurd was baptized 12th February, 1697/8.

35. Stephen WRATTEN of this Town, Inn-keeper, died 30thh November, 1805, aged 46. Mary his wife died 24th January, 1818, aged 63. He had issue by Mary his wife four sons and five daughters, viz., Elizabeth who died 9th February, 1780, aged 17 weeks. Mary who died 10th May, 1783, aged 2 years. George who died 1st October, 1801, aged 9 years. Stephen who died 12th April, 1805, aged 22 years. Charlotte who died 8th May, 1806, aged 18 years. Elizabeth who died …… 1808, aged 21 years. Left surviving ?William …………………………….., Mary …………. (Amended 2017-02)

36. George JELL of this parish died …….? 1790 or 1800 aged 68. Also Mary his wife died 2nd February, (?1800), aged (?3..) years. (Register. Mary Jell, aged 78, buried 7th February, 1800.)  (Amended 2017-02)

37. Ann, daughter of George and Mary JELL of this parish, buried 26th October, 1759 aged 17. (Amended 2017-02)

38. Thomas WRATTEN died 20th March, 1803, aged 38. Remote from friends now here I lie God hath decreed that I must die. My marriage bed is in the dust, I hope ……….

39. John CHAPMAN died 16th September, 1755, aged 68. Elizabeth his wife died September, 1762, in her 67th year. Leaving Elizabeth his wife with issue Mary, Elizabeth and Hannah. She left surviving Elizabeth and Hannah.

40. Mary, wife of Francis FOWLE, daughter of Thomas and Mary MERRELLS, died 15th April, 1756, aged 21. John Fowle their son died 7th April, 1756, aged 8 days.

41. Thomas MERRALLS died September ye 17, 1762, in 59th year. Left issue by Mary his wife two sons, viz., Thomas and William.

42. [Wooden rail] William GRISBROOK died 25th June, 1787, aged 59. He married Susanna KNOLLYS. Left issue Elizabeth, Jane, William, John, George, James and Joseph.

43. Thomas GRISBROOK died December, 1765 [no age]. Also Elizabeth his wife, died 10th January, 1735, and had issue John, Elizabeth, Thomas and William.

44. John Martin GRISBROOK died 18th September, 1778, aged 24.

45. Thomas BALLARD died April, 1790 in the 77th year of his age. Baptised 9 December 1713 in St Mildred's. Married Alice Haffendend (1) September 1st 1745 of this parish who died 26th May, 1769 and was buried 31st May 1769 aged 68 and Sarah Pollard (2) August 6th 1771 in High Halden. Register. Alice Ballard wife of Thomas Ballard of Halden, buried 31st May, 1769, aged 68.

46. Robert WOODGAME died 19th August, 1762, aged 44. (Register. Robert Woodgame, buried 22nd August, 1762.)

47. John and Stephen RAYNER. John ) March, 1780 (or 9) ) aged 57 died Stephen ) April, 1770 (or 6) ) aged ?44 (Not traced in Register)

48. Benjamin MARTIN late of this Corporation, Draper, died 1st November, 1773, aged 65. Rachel his wife died …. 1st August, 1785, aged 74. Their issue Joseph and Frances. Joseph died 24th October, 1784, aged 43, and age 7 lies buried ………… Frances married Thomas HUNTLEY of this parish who caused this stone to be erected …………son Joseph and Thomas ……………….( 13th November, 1773, Benjamin Martin, married, ( aged 65, buried. ( 12th July, 1708, Benjamin son of Benjamin and Elizabeth ( Martin, baptised.Register. ( 31st August, 1785, Rachel Martin, aged 71, ( buried.( Marriage Licence, 12th July, 1735, Benjamin ( Martin, Tenterden and Rachel Ballard of      ( Benenden, spinster.

49. Edward PARKER died 21st June, 1735, aged 41. This stone was erected by John T ……ELL his cousin. (Register. Edward Parker buried 2nd July, 1735.)

50. James STARNES of Yalden in Kent died 1…. October, 1745, aged 2 (?5). Register. James Starnes buried 16th October, 1745.

51. Elizabeth second wife of Richard STARNES of ye parish, died December ye 2, 1748, aged 34. Register. Elizabeth Starnes buried 2nd January, 1748/9. A stillborn child of Richard Starnes buried 2nd January, 1748/9.

52. Mary ye wife of Richard STARNES of this parish, daughter to (?John) JARVIS of Rolvenden, Kent, died May ye 17… in the (?2) 8th year. Register. 21st May, 1746, Mary Starnes buried.

53. Coped Tomb. South face:- John CURTEIS of Woodside and Ashenden, Tenterden, and of London, Merchant. Born 6th July, 1801, died 22nd March. 1875. Curteis Coat of Arms and Crest on the East end of the Tomb. On North face:- Elizabeth, wife of John Curteis of Woodside, Tenterden. Born 28th July, 1809, died 19th November, 1902.

54. Flat stone in railings. Robert CURTEIS late of this parish, gentleman, son of Robert and Elizabeth Curteis, departed this life on the 11th day of October, 1841, in the 82nd year of his age. He married first Ann, daughter of Mr. Richard BEALE by whom he had issue one daughter, Ann who married Mr. Thomas WILLMOTT and died without leaving issue. He married secondly Mary, daughter of Mr. Thomas TRESS, who departed this life on the 20th day of April, 1805, and by whom he had issue six sons, George Robert, Thomas, Francis Tress, Walter who died in his infancy, and John.

Thomas departed this life on the 2nd day of October, 1810. Robert departed this life on the 22nd day of November, 1840, having had issue by Caroline Mary his wife, daughter of Mr. John RUSSELL, three sons, Robert Bassett, Frank Tress and Alfred Tress of whom Robert and Alfred survived him.

Alfred Tress died at Heidleberg, Germany, 7th November, 1856, aged 17 years. Francis Tress departed this life on the 21st day of February, 1859, without issue. George died at Canterbury, August, 1861, leaving two sons and two daughters. Caroline Mary died at New Cross, November, 1870. John youngest son of the said Robert and Mary Curteis died 22nd March, 1875, aged 73 years. Leaving issue (by Elizabeth, daughter of Richard BEALE Esq. of Riverhall, Biddenden), one daughter Elizabeth Fanny died 12th March 1894. Robert Bassett Curteis died 20th February, 1914.

55. George CURTEIS late of this parish who died March ye 24, 1742, aged 54. Margaret his wife died March 2  1759, aged 75. He left issue two sons, George and Robert and one daughter Mary.  (Amended 2017-02)

56. Coat of Arms:- On a chevron a dagger or pike head between two fish (?pike). Crest a fish tail downwards. Here lyeth the body of John PEMBLE Mayor of ye Town and Hundred of Tenterden who dyed April ye 9th, 1695, in ye 49th year of his age. Also Mrs. Anne Pemble his daughter who died December ye 26th, 1702, in ye 14th yeare of her age. Also Mrs. Mary CURTEIS once Pemble before WALEIS (?) buried January 13th 1704. William Pemble their son buried December -, 1715, aged 20. Register. 13th April, 1695, John Pembl Esq. Mayor, buried.

57. John CURTEIS of Birdyle in this parish, Gentleman, who died ye 3rd of May, A.D. 1722, Act 38. Also four of his children, George, William and Anne, infants and Pemble who died ten days before his father, aged 4 years and 6 months. Register. 7th May, 1722, Mr. John Curteis of Bordes Isle, buried. (Mary his wife ob. 1726).

58. (Much worn ? to W. CURTEIS) …….. also ………. Left issue by …………., Samuel, John and ………….. 1790.

59. Mrs. Jo….. PEMBLE ……fe of M …………… Pemble ……….den, S …….. day ……. Ma …… in ye 92 y…… of her age. Left no issue. Register. Mrs. Joane Pemble, aged 92 years, buried 4th April, 1718.

60. …………. CURTEIS of Boresile, Gentleman, died May ye 8th 1757, aged 50. Sarah his first wife died January ye 29th, 1747, aged 37. Left issue by Mary his second wife two daughters, Maria and Martha. Register. Norton Curteis buried 13th May, 1757. Sarah Curteis buried 4th February, 1747/8.

61. Mary GILBERT of this parish died 31st August, 1826, aged 77.

62. Elizabeth wife of Thomas GILBERT, died …………. 1819, aged 72. Also Thomas Gilbert who died 18 (?49), aged ?95 years. Register. 28th December, 1819, Elizabeth Gilbert buried, aged 72.

63. William GILBERT late of this parish yeoman, died 21st January, 1811, in 70th year. Judith, his wife died 3rd July, 1780, aged 37, and left one daughter Elizabeth. Also in memory of three of their grand-children, Frances, Susan and Elizabeth MORPHETT. Francis ) October 23rd ) ( 4½ years ( Susan ) died November 8th ) ( 3 years ( 1808 Elizabeth ) November 10th ) ( 8 months ) (Amended 2017-02)

64. William Gilbert MORPHETT died 6th January, 1878, aged 65. Susannah Morphett died 20th February, 1905,
aged 90.

65. ………….. CURTEIS died ………. August, 1797, aged 64. Registers. Elizabeth Curteis buried 2nd September, 1797,
aged 64.

66. George CURTEIS died ………? 1794, aged 74. Registers. Mr. George Curteis buried 16th June, 1794.

67. (South side of Tower). Joseph SMITH ……… Derbyshire Militia, died at Reding Street Barracks, 1800, aged …….Registers. 10th March, 1800, Joseph Smith, aged 65, buried.

68. Thomas GILBERT died 21st August, 1832, aged 80. Sarah his wife died ……….. aged 59. Also Thomas their son died ……….. aged 48. Elizabeth …………..the aforesaid Thomas …………. Likewise ……………(N.B. – The stone is in the style of those of 1750. Not traced in the Registers).

69. Richard TAYLOR late of this parish died 9th April, 1805, aged 70. Elizabeth his wife died 2nd April, 1805, aged 62. Richard their son unfortunately drowned bathing, 8th July, 1794, aged 15 years. Left surviving Sarah and William.

70. …………FV | ………. od…….| ………..d………|………….| ………….| Brida …………| ……………dden Dep ……….| ………th 1737 in ………| of her age | and four children Born …………| Body and three Living ……….| Gilbert and Eliz …….. | and William ……….. ilb ……….| and Ann Gilbert ……………… Registers. An Ann Gilbert buried 16th January, 1737/8.

71. Lydia, wife of Henry LEIGH of this parish died 27th September, 1721, aged 35. Left issue Henry, George, Elizabeth, Richard, Ann, Frances and Thomas.

72. George LEIGH of this parish Saddler, died 1st June, 1848, aged 56.

73. James BLACKMAN died 20th November, 1866, aged 65. Mary his wife died ………… aged ………. [not filled in].

74. John BOZIE, Woolstapler of this parish died 13th March, 1820 (or 9), aged 59. Leaving a widow.  (Amended 2017-02)

75. Mary BRUNGER wife of John Brunger of this parish, second daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth PAIN also of this parish died 24th September, 1819, aged 24. Leaving issue two children, Mary Ann and John. Also aforesaid John Brunger of this parish died 28th April, 1867, aged 75.

76. James HUKINS of this parish died 18th September, 1882, aged 82. Lucretia, wife of James Hukins died 10th January, 1865, aged 66. [See No. 408]. [He was baptised at Woodchurch 22-3-1800, son of John Hukins and Elizabeth (Crittenden) his wife. He married Lucretia Hopper of Tenterden in 1819. He was descended from a family long seated at Woodchurch and High Halden and which appears first in the High Halden Registers in 1629 as Pryce alias Hukins and is therefore probably of Welsh origin. The name appears in Herefordshire in the 14th century].  (Amended 2017-02)

77. Joseph HOLDSTOCK late private in the 3rd Cinque Ports Rifle Volunteers, who died 2nd May, 1866, aged 47. Erected by his comrades as a mark of their respect. Leaving a wife, seven sons and four daughters, viz., Caroline, John, Herbert, Sophia, James, Nelson, Richard, Mary Jane, George, Henry and Julia. Also Caroline daughter of above, died 8th November, 1872, aged 31. Caroline wife of above, died 28th April, 1893, aged 71.

78. Elizabeth wife of Richard REYNOLDS, died 21st September, 1871, aged 72. Above Richard Reynolds died 8th June, 1878, aged 77. Left surviving (?Charles), George and James.

79. Richard BINHAM ………… died September, 1778, aged 69. Registers. 11th September, 1778, Richard Bynham, aged 69.

79a. A Vault, on keystone J. BLACKWELL, 1827 E. BLACKWELL, 1856

80. Edward BLINKS of this parish died 2nd march, 1848, aged 70. Susanna, his wife died 23rd August, 1832, aged 55. Leaving issue seven sons and four daughters, viz., George, Thomas, Ann, Edward, Susan, Benjamin, John, Elizabeth, Martha, Samuel and Richard. Benjamin died 22nd January, 1810, aged 10 months. George died 21st June, 1830, aged 31.

81. Elizabeth wife of Thomas BOURNE, farmer, of this parish, died 7th September, 1857, aged 67. Also above Thomas Bourne, died 28th February, 1873, aged 84. Mary, daughter of above died 6th May, 1860, aged 44.

82. Thomas BOURNE, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Bourne died 12th May, 1829, aged 11 years. Sarah Bourne, sister of above died 23rd November, 1897, aged 86 years.

83. Mary Ann, wife of George BOURNE died 15th May, 1877, aged 52. Above George Bourne died 27th April, 1897, aged 75.

84. Sarah, wife of William AUSTEN late of this parish died 12th February, 1867, aged 66. William Austen died 2nd July, 1883, aged 85. Having issue two sons and two daughters, viz., William, James, Mary Ann and Ann. William died 17th June 1833, aged 7 years. James died 25th December, 1840, aged 12 years. Mary Ann and Ann died in infancy.

85. John AUSTEN of this parish died 18th January, 1877, aged 68. Ann, widow of above died 14th November, 1883, aged 72. George, son of above died 25th November, 1875, aged 31. William died in January, 1847, aged 6 months. Left surviving five sons and three daughters, Caroline, John, Thomas, Ann, Jane, Henry, Edward and Frank.

86. A Vault. AUSTEN, 1851.

Stones in the southern part of the Yard on the east of the path to the porch
87. Ann, wife of William FUGGLE of this parish, bricklayer, died 1st October, 1845, aged 60.

88. John FULLER died 5th April, 1803, in 55th year. Naomi, his wife and relict of the late John SIMMONS, died 26th October, 1834, in her 87th year. (Amended 2017-02)

89. Margret SMITH late of Tenterden widow, died January ye 13 and was buried January ye 18, 168(?8), aged 66. Register. 18th January, 1688/9, Margrett Smith, buried.

90. …………mas Smith of Tenterden, dyed April …. 1690, aged ….. Register. Thomas Smith, buried 23rd April, 1690.

91. Illegible – same date as 89 and 90.

92. Harriot Dean SANTER, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Santer of this parish died 27th April, 1828, aged 18. J-M. Santer died 2nd May, 1853, aged 25.

93. James HUGGET, nurseryman of this parish, died 12th November, 1840, aged 73. Leaving issue by Rebecca his wife, William, John and Mary. Rebecca his wife died 23rd May, 1848, aged 81.

94. Illegible – (mid 18th century).

95. Richard MARTIN died 19th February, 1878, aged 66. Mary, his wife died 1st April, 1858, aged 53.

96. Sarah SPRATFOURD died 11th August, 1771, aged 23. The above Sarah was daughter of William and Mary Spratfourd, late of Stone in the Isle of Oxney. Registers. William Spratford of Stone and Mary Water- house of Tenterden, married 7th May, 1848. Sarah Spratford spinster, aged 23, buried 18th August, 1771.

97. ……….. Robert SPRATFOURD ……………

Stones in the plot outside the South Aisle and east of the porch.

98. Stephen LANSDELL of this parish died 21st January, 1813, aged 73. Sarah, his wife died 30th November, 1807, aged 71. They had issue George, Stephen and Sarah. Stephen died 26th November, 1774, aged 7 months.

99. William ROBERTS Esq., M.D. formerly of Hatton Garden, London, and late of this parish, died 10th May, 1832, aged (?72). Ann, second wife of above and lately widow of Mr. Edward BLINKS, farmer of this parish, d8ied 1st (?9) November, 1854, aged 63.

100. 101. 102. Flat stones covered with grass. No inscriptions apparent.

103. Elizabeth MUNK, wife of Isaac Munk of this parish, died 7th February, 1804, aged 56. Aforesaid Isaac Munk died 25th January, 1830, aged 82. Martha Munk, widow of above Isaac Munk, died March (?9), 18(?44), aged 89. [Buried 16th March, 1844, aged 89].

104a. Mary, wife of Humphry WIGHTWICK, died 12th January, 1839, aged 45. Also three daughters of above Humphry and Mary Wightwick. Elizabeth died 25th November, 1830, aged 2 years and 8 months. Sarah died 5th February, 1838 aged 19. Ann died 25th December, 1842 aged 23. Leaving surviving Humphry (?Susanna) and Thomas. (Amended 2017-02)

104b. Humphry WIGHTWICK late of this parish, died 13th May, 1791, aged 61. Sarah, his wife died 29th May, 1771, aged 38, by whom he left issue George, Humphery and Charles, and by Sarah his surviving wife one son, John. (Amended 2017-02)

104c. Charles WIGHTWICK died 4th December, 1827, aged 56. Ann, his wife died 28th May, 1852, aged 83 years. William, their son died 7th April, 1806, aged 11 months. They left surviving three sons and five daughters, Ann, Jane, Charles, Humphrey, Eliza, Frances, William and Lucy. (Amended 2017-02)

104d. Charles WIGHTWICK, late of Beckley in Sussex, died 13th June, 1853, aged 53. Left surviving his wife and four children, one son and three daughters.

104e. Sarah WIGHTWICK, wife of Humphrey Wightwick of this parish, died 1st April, 1818, aged (?5)6 years. Had issue eleven children, eight of whom survive. The aforesaid Humphry Wightwick died 18th December, 1827, aged 64. Note:- The family was long seated at Tenterden. Edward Weightwicke sonne to Vmfrey Weightwick was baptised 5th October, 1594. A Humphery Wightwicke buried 29th April, 1714.

105. S.I. 1835 – [Susan wife of James ISARD]
F.I. 1833 – [Francis died April 18]
H.I. 1835 – [?Humphry]

106. M.W. 1836 – [Apparently Mary, daughter of Humphrey and Sarah WIGHTWICK].

107. Daniel SOUTHON died 30th March, 1866, aged 57. Leaving a wife and four sons, viz., William, Thomas, Benjamin and Oliver. Also Ann Southon who died 7th April, 1886, aged 77.

108. Thomas COVENEY of Belgar Farm, Tenterden, died 31st July, 1886, aged 78. Mary Ann, wife of Thomas Coveney, Tenterden, died 24th August, 1874, aged 63. Leaving one daughter and three sons, viz., Mary, Ann, Stephen Chittenden, William and Henry.

109. Ann SMITH during (?4) years’ service in the family of T. DUBOIS Esq. gained the esteem of her master and mistress. Ob: 17th March, 1807, aged 28.

110. Elizabeth, wife of John WIGHTWICK died 22nd July, 1833, aged 37. Also one son and two daughters. Elizabeth died October, 1826, aged 6 months. William died 1st July, 1829, aged 6 years. Martha died 13th March, 183(?2), aged 3 years. Left surviving John, Humphry, Mercer, James, Brissenden and Elizabeth Mary. (Amended 2017-02)

111. Martha, wife of George JUDGE late of this parish, died 1st June, 1806, aged 35. Leaving issue, George and Mary. Afore- said George Judge died 7th May, 1836, aged 65. Leaving a widow and four daughters, Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah and Mary.

112. Chamberlin BATES, son of William and Marcy Bates of this parish, died ye 28th January, 1753/54, in ye 7th year of his age. (Amended 2017-02)

113. Lucia BRETON, second daughter of Whitfeld and Lucy Breton, died at Harbledown near Canterbury, 3rd January, 1848, in 72nd year. (Amended 2017-02)

114. Lucy ELMESTONE, wife of John Elmestone, Gentleman, died ye 2nd of April, 1772, aged 58. Said John Elmestone died 21st June 1780, aged 65. (Amended 2017-02)

115. Ann, youngest daughter of Whitfeld BRETON, Esq. And Lucia his wife, died 22nd June, 1806, aged 18, and lies buried in St. Margaret’s, Canterbury. Lucia, wife of Whitfeld Breton, Esq. formerly of this parish, died 21st April, 1834, aged 84. (Amended 2017-02)

116. Martha, wife of William MERCER of this parish, the eldest daughter of Whitfeld BRETON, Esq. and Lucia his wife, died 23rd March, 1797, aged 22. Whitfeld Breton, Esq. died 21st August, 1837, aged 85. Left surviving four children, Lucia, Elizabeth, Thomas and Robert.

117. Jane CASSINGHAM of this parish died 28th April, 1833, aged 77.

118. Jane ELMESTONE died ……. 1734, aged 18 (much worn). Register; 28th June, 1734, Jane Elmestone buried.

119. Samuel FURBY late of this parish, bricklayer, died 27th March, 1831, aged 7(0 or 9) years. Frances, his wife died 23rd February, 1821, aged 70. Left Samuel, Mary and Frances KNIGHT. Likewise Ann ROLFE, grand-daughter of above, died 26th April, 1818 ………….(under grass).

120. Thomas SHARP died 27th June, 1793, aged 36. Children: James, died 17th November, 18(?11), aged 18. Mary, died 11th August, 181(?9), aged 21. John, died 22nd (?November) ………

121. Thomas CHALONER died August, 1805, aged 77. Mary, his wife, the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth TILMON, died 18th March, 1807, aged 82. Issue: Maria, Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah and …………y (?Lucy).

122. Samuel TILMON of Boresile, Black……… died …..obr 25th, 17..0, aged 65 (worn). Register. 29th October, 1760, Samuel Tilman buried.

123. John SHARP, late gardener to Richard CURTEIS, Esq. 39 years, died 11th May, 1810, aged 68. Martha, his wife died 12th March, 1817, aged 77. Leaving issue one daughter, Sarah who married Robert WALKER of Eboney by whom this small tribute of respect was erected.

124. Elizabeth Penelope WALKER, widow of the late William Walker of Bersted in this County, died 15th July, 1815, aged 72.

125. An Altar Tomb, South East Corner of the Yard. On top. Arms of CURTEIS much worn. Near ………|Body of Samuel Curteis | Gent who dep……| De ……17…… | …….th……….| Philadelphia……..| died………. | M……… | died 1st February …….. aged (?4).Frances Curteis | died 1st February, 1817, aged …6 |grand-daughter of | the above named | Jeremiah Curteis Esquire.
South side. Here lies Interr’d the Body of Jeremiah Curteis, gent, late of Tenterden, who departed this life May, 1725, in the 63rd year of his age.
North side. Here lies Interr’d the Body of Sarah Curteis, the wife of Jeremiah Curteis, gent, who departed this life the 24th of December, 1727, in the 58th year of her age.
West end. The aforesaid Jeremiah Curteis left issue, Samuel, Jeremiah and Edward.

126. A large vault. On keystone:- Edward CURTEIS, gentleman, died 3rd October, 1777. Enlarged A.D. 1822.

127. An Altar Tomb. No inscription on top but two shields of Arms. One (left) CURTEIS, and (right) a bend (much worn).
South side. James Curteis, son of Samuel Curteis, Esq. and Sarah his wife, died 12th March, 1819, aged 81.
East end. Sarah Amelia Curteis died 2nd February, 1839, aged 75. Eldest daughter of the late James Curteis before mentioned.
North side. Elizabeth, wife of James Curteis, died 3rd May, 1833, in her 83rd year. Sarah HOGBEN her sister, died 4th October, 1830, aged 70.
East end. Frances Catharine Curteis died 28th January, 1866, aged 86, youngest daughter of the late James Curteis, Esq.
On keystone of a vault to east of above, Sarah Amelia Curteis, 1839.  (Amended 2017-02)

The following are to the East of the Chancels.
128. Altar Tomb. In memory of the late Reverend and learned Humphrey HAMMOND, A.M., son of Robert Hammond, gentleman, of Waldron in Sussex, and the Master of the Free School in this Town and Rector of East Guildford in Sussex, who departed this life march 4th, A.D. 1735, aged 67 years, and also of his sister Elizabeth Hammond, who died 20th of March, 1740, aged 72 years.
On South side. This monument is raised in testimony of his esteem and affection by their Dutiful Nephew.

129. Elizabeth, wife of Richard CLARKE of this Corporation who died without issue, 27th January, 1795, aged 55. The said Richard Clarke who was 25 years Master of the Woolpack Inn in this Corporation, died 28th February, 1799, aged 65. Catharine HUGHES ………… died August, 1798, aged 41.

130. Here lyeth ye body of James SKEETES Gent, who departed ys life May ye 26th, 1717, in ye 85 yeare of his age. Left issue one daughter, Elizabeth. Register. 31st May, 1717, Mr. James Skeets, 86 years.

131. Here lyeth ye body of Samuel TILDEN who died March ye 16, 1705, aged 57.

132. Sarah HOPE, wife of John Hope late of Ebony, yeoman, died 8th November, 1811, aged 77. Mary GRIST, her neice, died 17th February, 1799, aged 22. Mary Hope, spinster, her daughter, died 24th November, 1823, aged 65. (See No. 266).

133. A large vault to east of above last two stones. On key-stone the name SAWYER.

According to the plan of the Churchyard there are also vaults in this eastern portion for MILLS, DYNE, GOODSALL, WARD, but no stones mark them.

Stones in the Northern part of the yard beginning at the east.
134. A large Vault and Altar Tomb marked on the churchyard plan as WHELAN vault, but there is no inscription now to be seen.

134a. A.C. G.C. Ann CURTEIS, wife of George Curteis died February, 1827, aged 5(3 or 5). George Curteis died 15th October, 1848, aged 80.

134b. A vault. FOWLER 1836.

135. Edward WINSER late of Plomar House in this Parish, died 10th May, 1829, aged 85. Sarah, his second wife died 26th January, 1829, aged 76.

136. Martha, wife of Edward WINSER of Plomar House in this parish, died 2nd April, 1795, aged 49. Left issue four sons, Edward, Thomas, James and William.

137. Mary, wife of Edward WINSER, Junior, eldest daughter of John MORPHETT, gentleman, of this place, died 20th December, 1808, aged 36. Also Mary, John, George and Charles their children. Mary died an infant, 19th April, 1791. John died 1793, aged 7 days. George died 6th April, 1799, aged 27 years 9 months. Charles died 16th November, 1799, aged 3 months. Left surviving Edward, Thomas, James and William.

138. Ann WINSER, wife of Edward Winser of this parish, died 27th January, 1824, aged 47. Ann, their daughter, died 30th March, 1812, aged 17 years 8 months. Left surviving Maria and Elizabeth NEVE. The above Edward Winser died 15th March, 1851, aged 81.

139a. Mary WALKER, widow of Mr. Thomas Walker of Dover, died 9th March, 1860, aged 75. Left surviving issue Mary-Frances and John-Field. Also Mary, her daughter and wife of Edward WINSER of Tenterden, died 12th June, 1860, aged 46. Left seven surviving children Edward Thomas, John Henry, George Frederick, Catherine Frances, Alfred James, Ann Maria, Joseph Sawyer.

139b Ann, wife of Edward WINSER and daughter of the late Mr. John SAWYER, died 12th February, 1842, aged 50.

139c. Edward WINSER died 17th March, 1863, aged 71. Catherine, his second daughter, died 16th August, 1851, aged 22.

140. Edward BALLARD died 24th September, 1816, aged 75. Sarah Ballard his wife died 8th December, 1800, aged 74. Left issue Edward, Robert, Elizabeth and Ruth.

141. Caroline GRIFFEN, daughter of George and Elizabeth Griffen, died 12th January, 1836, aged 22. Thomas their son died 4th June, 1818, aged 1 year.

142. William CURTEIS of Eastwell House in this parish died 28th February, 1855, aged 55. Ann Lydia, wife of Alfred BARRY and daughter of above, died 13th March, 1855, aged 28. Lily Curteis, infant daughter of above Ann Lydia and Alfred Barry, died 9th March, 1855, aged 2 days. Ann, widow of above William Curteis died 2nd August, 1883, aged 81.

143. Mary, wife of John MEEDE of this parish died ye 13 ….. 1736, aged 21 years. Left issue one daughter ……ary.
17th May, 1736, Mary Mead buried.

144. Robert MEAD died April ye 26th, 1714, aged 49. Anne Mead his daughter died February ye 21st, 1718, aged 19.

145. To Mr. Christopher FULLAGAR and Elizabeth his wife. Ye said Christopher died 26th November, 1713, Aes 43 years. Elizabeth his wife died May ye (?1), 1724, Aes 45 years. Left issue ……….. and Daugh……. [The following baptisms of children have been traced; 23rd February,1700/1, Ann; 1st July, 1703, Mary; 1st February, 1705, Thomas; 28th December, 1708, John; 13th June, 1712, Elizabeth].

146. Elizabeth HOOK widow, died 14th January, 1860, aged 95. Left surviving Thomas, Elizabeth, Stephen, Henry, Edward, Sarah and Stephen. Ada, eldest daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth hook of Tenterden, born 9th August, 1870, died 4th February, 1873.

147. An old double topped headstone c 1750 quite illegible.

148. A Vault. On keystone RUSSELL.

149. A Vault. On keystone HOPE 1827.

150. Mary MORPHETT, wife of Mr. Jno. Morphett of this parish, Grazier, died 30th October, 1797, aged 58. John Morphett late of this parish, gentleman, died 28th January, 1813, aged 71. Left issue seven children, John, Thomas, Mary, Rebecca, Nathaniel, Ann and ……….. (covered by footstone).

151. John MORPHETT late of this parish, Grazier, died 31st October, 1801, (altered to or from 2), aged 36. Left issue by Ann his wife, Ann and Mary. Ann, wife of above John Morphett, died 29th August, 1859, aged 83.

152. Thomas MORPHETT late of this parish, Grazier, died 25th July, 1807, aged 36.

153. (Next Vicarage fence) Rebecca, wife of William LONGLEY and daughter of John MORPHETT, gentleman, died 8th December, 1807, aged 32. Leaving issue two sons, John and William. William their son died 10th September, 1836, aged ……….. (behind footstone).

154. A Vault. On keystone WESTON.

155. Altar Tomb. On top. Shield of Arms (ar) a cross between 4 martlets (gn), impaling ?3 escutcheons (the details are worn). To Reginald MANTELL, died 28th December, 1743, aged 70. Frances, his wife died 12th November, 1743, aged 79. William, son of Edward Mantell of Mersham, died 29th December, 1789, aged 38. He married Ann, daughter of Turner MARSHALL of Mersham, by whom he had issue Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, Catharine, Charlotte and Edward who died an infant. Ann, relict of above William Mantell, died 7th January, 1822, aged 65.
South side. Mary, wife of Hillier RUSSELL of Aylesford, daughter of William and Ann Mantell, died 11th September, 1807, aged 27. Leaving one son, John Mantell, who died 27th November, 1836, aged 34.
West end. The above named [sic] Eliza Manclarke WESTON died 28th J……….. , 1866, aged 44. Ann Weston died 28th November, 1892, aged 78. (Amended 2017-02)

155a. A Vault. GODDEN.

155b. An altar tomb by Vicarage railings covered with ivy to Edward and Philadelphia CURTEIS. He died 12th April, 1797, aged 65.

156. Mr. John DOUBLE, late of East Grinsted in Sussex, died 29th December, 1735, aged 41. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John Double, died 31st August, 1738, aged 41. Leaving issue one daughter, Elizabeth.

157. Elizabeth, widow of the late Mr. Daniel WHITE of this place, yeoman, died 1st April, 1810, aged 70.

158. Daniel WHITE late of this parish died 5th February, 1789, aged 61. He had by Elizabeth, his wife, three sons and four daughters, viz., Elizabeth ) ( 5th May, 1766 ) 20 ( John ) died (28th July, 1771 ) 3 ( months William (5th June, 1775 ) 3 ( (nothing of the others)

159. Thomas CHAMBERS late of this parish died 24th February, 1803, aged 77. Mary, his wife, died 2nd February, 1778, aged 51.

160. Mary, wife of Edward FINN, died 24th March, 1846, aged 26. Leaving issue Emma and Edward. Edward Finn died 5th December, 1897, aged 78. Willie, infant son of Edward and Alice Finn, died 5th December, 1875, aged 15 months.

161. Daniel PARTON of this parish died 11th April, 1772, aged 65. Infield, his wife, died 11 February, 1757, aged (?4)9. Daniel, their youngest son, died 2nd April, 1770, aged 28. John, their elder son, died 3rd January, 1773, aged 3(1 or 4), and was buried in the Parish Church of St. Botolph without Aldgate, London. Left surviving two daughters, Elisabeth and Infield. Registers. Daniel Parton married Infield MORPHETT, both of Tenterden, 15th May, 1732. Infield Parton nee MORPHETT baptized 17th September 1707, buried 18th February, 1757 aged 49 years. (Amended 2017-02)

162. John MORPHETT of this parish died August ye 30th, 1753, aged 37. Left issue john, Jeremiah, Elizabeth and (?Mary).

163. John MORPHETT died December ye 11th, 1745, aged 74.

164. Thomas MORPHETT late of this Corporation, gentleman, died 5th April, 179(5), aged 83. Left issue four sons, Thomas, John, Robert and George.

165. Elizabeth MORPHETT, wife of Thomas Morphet junior, daughter of Elizabeth INFIELD, died ye 7th of September, 1707, in ye 24th year of her age. Mr. Thomas Morphett of this parish dyed February the 3rd, 1721, in the 53rd year of his age. Left issue ….. sons and four daughters. Jane, his second wife, died …….y, ye 2…., 1720, aged (?4) … years. Registers. 7th February, 1721/2, Thomas Morphett buried. 1st June, 1720, Jane Morphett buried.

166. Jeremiah MORPHETT died March (?11), 1829, aged 77. Elizabeth, his wife, died 30th September, 1829, aged 72. Jane, their daughter, died 10th June, 1832, aged 38.

167. Robert STACE, gentleman, died 13th March, 1757, in the 81st year of his age. He left issue one son, Robert.

168. John Parton MERRELLS died (?3)0 January, 1788, aged 10. (Register. 4th February, 1788, John Merrells, aged 10). Also Elizabeth Merrells died 7th June, 1789, aged 18. Register. 12th June, 1789, Elizabeth Merrells, aged 18.

169. Abraham MERRELLS died May ….. 178(?4), aged 4-. Elizabeth, his wife, died October, 1797, aged 55. Also ……….. two grandchildren ………. Registers. 22nd May, 1784, Abraham Merrells, aged 47, buried. 28th October, 1797, Elizabeth Merrells, aged 55, buried.

170. A small stone probably early 18th century. Here …. th |………. | ………h ……. | | ……..BRISSENDEN………D………| ………| …….. | ………| years. [Note.There are many Brissendens in the Registers and it is not possible to identify this stone. Brissenden is a homestead in the eastern part of the parish.

171. Daniel PHILLPOTT late of this parish died January, 1763, aged 7(?2). Elizabeth, his wife, died May, 17(?50), aged ?58. Register. 27th January, 1763, Daniel Phillpott buried.

172. Harriot BREDEN, daughter of Edward and Mary Breden, died 1st August, 1816, aged 20.

173. Samuel HARMAN of this place died 27th July, 1819, aged 81. Ann Harman, his wife, died 20th August, 1836, aged 88.

174. John LONGLEY died 28th October, 1875, aged 84. Elizabeth, wife of John Longley, died 18th March, 1858, aged 66. Had issue Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Mary, Susanna, Ann, Louisa, William, Jane and Thomas. Ann died 7th February, 1834, aged 9. Mary died 24th March, 1846, aged 26. Jane died 14th April, 1848, aged 18, Louisa died 16th June, 1864. John died 19th February, 1868 (no ages). Elizabeth Longley died 24th November, 1879, aged 66.

175. A vault. LOTT, 1831

176. Altar Tomb. Thomas BRATTLE of this parish died 1st June 1757, aged …… [buried 9th June, 1757]. Near this place Anne ) (3rd June, 1760 ) (16 [buried 8th June, 1760] Stephen) (1st February, 1770 ) (60 [buried 23rd February, 1770, aged 59] Mary ) died (3rd October, 1770 ) aged (63 [buried 20th October 1770, aged 63] Thomas) (2nd February, 1777) (64 [buried 6th February, 1777, aged 63] who all died without issue. In a vault on the right hand of this Tomb lies the body of Batchelor Brattle a relation of one of the Executors to the will of the aforesaid Thomas Brattle junior, who died 23rd February, 1785, aged 37 [buried 29th February, 1785, aged 36]. In the vault adjoining this Tomb are deposited the remains of Stephen Brattle of this Town, gent, who died 4th October, 1798, in his 38th year, and also of Sarah his wife who died 20th January, 1813, aged 58. Registers. Stephen, son of Thomas and Mary Brattle, baptized 17th September, 1710.

177. Vault of above.

178. Here were deposited on 28th August, 1844, the remains of Francis FOWLE. Born 26th September, 1767.

179. Sarah TAYLOR, wife of Thomas Taylor, who lieth buried at Halden. She died 27th December, 1794, aged 86. Elizabeth, their daughter, died 3rd June, 1759, aged 5.

180. Elizabeth HOOK died 19th January, 1850, aged 81. Erected by Rev. T. Curteis in whose family she lived for 60 years.

181. Arthur J. POWFIELD, born 23rd April, 1885; died 7th February, 1886.

182. John SKEER died February ye 6, 1714, aged 28. Also Richard, his son, died March ye 19, 1714, aged 3 years. Registers. 10th February, 1714/15, John Skeer buried. 24th December, 1719, Mr. Richard Skeer, aged 83. 22nd March, 1714/15, Richard, son of John Skeer deceased.

183. Mary Ann, wife of Henry LEIGH and daughter of Edward and Mary BREDEN, died 18th February, 1853, aged 61.

184. George, Dorcas and John Henry BREDEN, children of Edward and Mary Breden. George died 9th April, 1800, aged 14 months. Dorcas died 7th March, 1804, in her 4th year. John Henry died 13th February, 1807, in his 19th year.

185. Edward BREDEN of this place, Harness Maker, who died 4th July, 1816, aged 56. Mary Breden, his wife, died 4th May, 1826, aged 66.

186. Samuel AUSTEN died 10th October, 1838, aged 52. Elizabeth, his wife, died 3rd November, 1851, aged 74. George, son of above, died 13th April, 1825, aged 27. Joseph, son of above, died 16th April, 1827, aged 16. Left surviving one son and three daughters, viz., Mary, Elizabeth, John and Ann.

187. Richard and Mary ?RELF late of this parish. Richard ) (October, 17..6 ) (7… died aged Mary) (February, 1771) (71 (Not traced in Registers).

188. Richard RELF late of this parish, died 31st March, 1801, aged 57. Leaving issue with Mary, his widow, nine children: Mary, Ann, Richard, Susanna, Thomas, Elizabeth, Frances, William and John.

189. Thomas, son of Richard and Mary RELF, died 23rd October, 1801, aged 21.

190. Mr. Jeremiah CLIFF late of this parish, died 5(or 3) February, 1742, aged 64. Mrs. Frances Cliff, his first wife, died ye 9th September, 1716, aged 33. Mrs. Katherine Cliff, his second wife, died 15th April, 1739, aged 44. Registers. 10th September, 1716, Mrs. Frances Cliff buried. 11th February, 1742/3, Jeremiah Cliff buried. (Amended 2017-02)

191. Jeremiah CLIFF of this place, Surgeon, died 17th January, 1775, aged 69. Martha, his wife, daughter of the Rev. T. CURTEIS, D.D., late Rector and Vicar of Wrotham in this County, died 24th June, 1794, aged 84. Register. Mr. Jeremiah Cliffe jurat, buried 24th January, 1775, aged 67. (Amended 2017-02)

192. Mary, wife of Stephen HOOK of this parish died 13th March, 1837, aged 44. Charlotte, their daughter, died 31st October, 1835, aged 5. Leaving issue four children, Esther, Stephen, Elizabeth and Zenas.

193. Stephen, eldest son of Stephen and Mary HOOK of this parish, died 31st December, 1840, aged 17.

194. Stephen HOOK, formerly Butcher of this Town, died 20th November, 1879, aged 72. Maria, wife of Stephen Hook of this town, butcher, died 23rd July, 1844, aged 44. Left surviving two children, Elizabeth and Stephen. Elizabeth, second wife of Stephen Hook, died 9th July 1879, aged 86.

195. Eleanor, wife of John Curteis MARSHALL, of this parish, died 2nd March, 1830, aged 57. Two of their sons, George died 18th August, 1828, aged 23, William died 2nd August, 1837, aged 23. Left surviving, Maria, Turner, John and Thomas. John Curteis Marshall died 16th October, 1840, aged 72. (Amended 2017-02)

196. Lydia, wife of George CHILDREN of this parish, died 20th January, 1795, aged 74 [buried 28th January]. Left issue Ann, William, Lydia Sarah and George.

197. Monument with urn. Apparently to William CHILDREN, only son of George Children by Frances his wife, died June, 1788, aged 43. Erected by George Children of Tunbridge, Esq., his sole executor.

198. Thomas HARPOLE of this Town, Tallowchandler, died 19th January, 1870, aged 69. Left surviving one son and one daughter, viz., Thomas-David and Ellen Cheesman. (Amended 2017-02)

199. Elizabeth, daughter of William CHILDREN Esq., and wife of William GIBSON both of this parish, died 19th December, 1761, aged 54. (Amended 2017-02)

200. Jo…… BRIDGLAND of Tenterden, Bouc ……… son of Sam BRIDGLAND ……. Elizabeth his w …… of Goudhurst …….. December ye …… aged 21. Register. 18th December, 1709, John Bridgland buried.

201. George CHILDREN gent. died 24th May, 1752, aged 34. He married Frances, daughter of William MUNN of this parish, gent, by whom he left issue one son, William. Frances …………. died 1st August, 1776, aged 60.

201a. William CHILDREN Esq., Mayor of this Town and Hundred, died ye 14th of April, 1748, aged 65. He left issue one son and four daughters, George, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary and Ann. Sarah, wife of William Children, gent, died ye 31st of May, 1734, aged 51.

202. John HOOK died 5th March, 1804, aged 67. Elizabeth, his wife, died 29th July, 1800, aged 59. Two of their children; Hannah died ……….. 17…. aged 12 weeks, Lydia died …………. 18 …. aged 1 year. Left surviving Elizabeth, Susan, ?Eleanor, Hannah, George ………… (Amended 2017-02)

203. Lydia, wife of Jeremiah LINDREDGE of this parish, died 13th September, 1817, aged 34. Left issue Harriot, Jeremiah, Lydia, Susanna and Frances. Sarah, his second wife, died 7th September, 1826, aged 44. Leaving issue Margaret and Maria. Aforesaid Jeremiah Lindredge died 22nd May 1866, aged 85. (Amended 2017-02)

204. Sarah, widow of T. TREVILLON Esq., late of ………. died ………… 18(?51), aged ?84. On footstone S.T.; W.B. Register. Sarah Trevillon buried 25th September, 1851, aged 85.

205. William BAYLEY, of this town died 30th April, 1815, aged 71. Mary, wife of William Bayley, died 31st July, 1839, aged 64. Having issue fourteen children of which six are buried near this place. William died 18th May, 1802, aged 3 years and 6 months. Sarah died 4th October, 1825, aged 17. Mary Ann died 9th May, 1833, aged 33; and three died in their infancy. Left surviving Eliza, John, William, Ann-Tapply, Henry, Maria, Emily and Thomas. William died 18th April, 1844, aged 37. (Amended 2017-02)

206. Thomas WINDER late of this parish, Draper, died 1st September, 1764, in his 63rd year. This stone was erected by his relict, Elizabeth Winder.

207. Mary, wife of William CARPENTER of this parish, died 5th May, 1791, aged 28. William, their son, died 5th December, 1790, aged 14 days. Left surviving one daughter, Mary. The above William Carpenter died 22nd April, 1828, aged 62. (Amended 2017-02)

208. John BAYLEY died 5th November, 1873, aged 69. Jane Bayley his wife died at Hastings, 30th December, 1881, aged 67. John Russell Bayley, their eldest Son, died at Rye, 30th January, 1887, aged 35.

209. John GODFREY died 30th April, 1709, aged 68.

210. Thomas CHECKSFIELD died 19th June, 1857, aged 77. Catharine, wife of Thomas Checksfield, died 23rd February, 1854, aged 71.

211. Large vault in railings covered with ivy. The churchyard plan marks it HAFFENDEN.

212. Martha, youngest daughter of William and Mary WHITE of this parish, died 14th July, 1754, in her 19th year.

213. Andrew CHITTENDEN died 5th October, 1713, aged 41. Left issue one son, John. (The other half of the stone is blank). (Amended 2017-02)

214. Susan wife of Richard LUCKHURST died 12th July, 1759, aged 49. Left issue surviving one daughter, Susan. Richard Luckhurst died 6th January, 1780, aged 82. (Amended 2017-02)

215. Illegible.

216. John, son of Richard and Susan LUCKHURST, died – July, 1754, aged 18.

217. Susan LUCKHURST died 12th March, 1773, aged 42.

218. Altar Tomb. Shield of Arms: Checquy, on a bend 3 mullets. In memory of James HAFFENDEN, eldest son of James Haffenden, jurat of this Corporation, who died October ye 6th, 1755, aged 20. Also the said James Haffenden who died 1783, aged 79. (On west end): West of this lies John BURRIDGE and Sarah Haffenden his wife, she died 1767, he died 1771, aged 33.

219. Martha Benhill, Elizabeth and William MOON, children of Jesse and Hannah Moon of this place. Martha Benhill Moon died 28th December, 1810, aged 4 years and 10 months. Elizabeth Moon died 2nd August, 1813, aged 4 years and 4 months. William Moon died 4th August, 1813, aged 2 years and 8 months.

220. (Flat stone next to 218). To Captain Richard JONES, of His Majesty’s Royal Navy, died on 11th December, 1829, in his 61st year. Jane Elizabeth, his infant daughter, died 28th September, 1817.

221. Jane, daughter of John and Jane DIBLEY of this parish, died 4th October, 1804, aged 7 years 8 months. Also John, their son, died 2nd October, 1815, aged 21.

222. John DIBLEY died 23rd February, 1822, aged 64. Jane, his wife, died 21 March, 1839, aged 75.

223. Two sons of John and Mary SAWYER of this Corporation, gent. George May, 1777) 3 years 2 months died aged George April, 1782) 13 months

223a. (Small flat stone). John TIMSON died 18th November, 1755, aged 50.

224. William, son of William and Sarah TABRET of this Town, born 3rd May, 1836, died 3rd May, 1837. Jane, their daughter, born 1st May, 1841, died 20th November, 1844. George, their third son, born 17th July, 1846, died 31st August, 1869. William James, their second son, died 16th February, 1871, aged 33. William Tabret died 13th May, 1872, aged 62. Sarah his wife died 30th December, 1874, aged 67. Elizabeth, their daughter and wife of W.S. TURNBULL, died 1st January, 1875, aged 35.

225. Ann SLADDEN died 21st February, 1825, aged 31.

226. Mr. Joseph GREENLAND and Jane his wife. Ye said Jane died 18th August, 1701, in ye 23rd year of her age, and Joseph ye husband died November ye 2nd, 1701, in ye 33rd year of his age. Having had six children, two surviving, viz., Joseph and Jane.

227. Elizabeth, wife of John BALLARD of Staplehurst, died 22nd October, 1792, aged 46. Left issue Vincent, William, John, Philadelphia, Ph……… and Charry. John Ballard aforesaid died 11th February, 1819, aged 80. Left issue by Sarah, his second wife, George, Isaac and Sarah. (Amended 2017-02)

228. Altar Tomb by north aisle. On top Arms, a lion rampant within a bordure, impaling a chevron between three (?beasts) head couped. On side: To Richard RICHTON of Heronden in this parish, Esq., and Sarah his wife. The former died 25th December, 1772, aged 71. The latter 2nd February, 1773, aged 76. Also Sarah, wife of John BUCHANAN Esq., daughter of the said Richard and Sarah Richton, who died 17th March, 1780, aged 50. In whose memory this Tomb is erected by the said John
Buchanan. On the top under the coat of arms is: John Buchanan Esq., is also interred, he died 1st January, 1784, aged 48. Registers. 12th January, 1784, John Buchanan buried, aged 47.

229, Richard APPS, many years Plumber and Glaiser of this parish, died Feb…………. after a lingering illness, aged 77. Mercy, his wife, died 17th February, 1865, aged 77. Footstone: R.A. M.A. 1865.

230. Charlotte, wife of Edwin BARNES and daughter of Richard APPS of this parish, died after a painful and protracted illness 3rd June, 1852, aged 43. Erected by her husband.

231. Flat stone by entrance to North Chancel. Here lyeth the body of William WHITFIELD of this parish Gen. He departed this life February ye 13th, 1733, aged 71. He left issue by Martha his wife …. sons and two daughters, viz., James, William, Ann and Martha. A coat of arms above but now worn plane. Register. 19th February, 1733/4, William Whitfeld Gent. Jurat Aet 71 buried.

232. Flat stone close to above. In a vault beneath are deposited the remains of Mary ROBERTS, wife of the late Rev. Thomas Roberts of Tottenham, Middlesex, died 19th July, 1837, aged 81. William Roberts, only surviving son, was born 10th March, 1796, and died 25th May, 1840. Her daughter, Caroline Roberts, died 20th September, 1840, aged 48. Catherine Roberts died 6th February, 1843, aged 54. Jane Dorothy Roberts died 3rd May, 1843, aged 49. This stone was restored by Harriett Roberts, only surviving daughter, August 22nd, 1868, who died at Newton Abbot, Devon, April 8th, 1870, aged 85.

233. A footstone opposite door of north chancel, E.W. 1820. Register. 9th August, 1820, Eliza WARR, aged 4 years, buried.

234. Richard TAYLOR late of this Town, gent. died 31st March, 1796, aged 56. He left issue by Elizabeth his wife, one daughter, Elizabeth, who died in her infancy. Elizabeth, his wife, died 9th march, 1801, aged 52.

235. William TAYLOR late of this Corporation, died 19th November, 1786, aged 30. Elizabeth, his wife, died 20th March, 1785, aged 34. Likewise five of their children.William ) (May, 1772 ) 2 ) months Ann ) ( 1770) 6 ) Richard ) died ( 1780 ) aged 2 ) Hen. ) ( 1781 ) 5 ) years Nat ) ( 178(?2) ) 8 ) Left …………… son William. (Amended 2017-02)

236. Sarah, wife of Nathan TAYLOR of this parish junior, died 16th May, 1761, aged 48. Nathan Taylor died 30th January, 1794, aged 77. Sarah, his second wife, died 11th September, 1796, aged 73. Nathan, son of above Nathan and Sarah, died October 176(?2), aged 7 years. (Amended 2017-02)

237. Ann, wife of Nathan Taylor senior, of this parish, died 25th August, 1752, aged 66. The above Nathan Taylor died
26th July, 1771, aged 89.

238. Ann TAYLOR died 22nd August, 1783, aged 40. Registers. 27th August, 1783, Ann Taylor, aged 40, buried.

239. Rev. Samuel HOOLE died 26th February, 1839, aged 81. (He was Rector of Poplar).

240. Sarah HOOLE, widow of Samuel Hoole, formerly of London, died 20th March, 1795, in her 93rd year.

241. Magdalene TAYLOR died 1st May, 1808, aged 70. Sarah ELLIS died 16th October, 1809, aged 73. Both daughters of Samuel and Sarah HOOLE.

242. Jane ELLIS died 1st November, 1817, aged 49. (Amended 2017-02)

242a. A footstone, J.T. 1762. [In the Registers a John TONG was buried 26th May, 1762.

243. An Altar Tomb. On the top: Under this stone are deposited the remains of | Thomas WILSON gentleman ……….. born | at Ashurst in the County of Sussex on the (?9) of | January, 17(?31). Son of the Rev. Edward Wilson | M.A., the Rector of that Parish …………. |…………. me County and Mary | his wife. | He exercised with acknowledged Skill …… | success the Profession in which he had be….. | brought up ……….. | this Town during which time he ……… in the ………..* | where Mr. Edward BACK his G ….n……… | Dr. Thomas Black his uncle ………. | formerly lived and died. H………… | Principle ………. the Church of | England ………. | his Faith ………… | (Five lines illegible). He departed this life the | …… of D…….. 1791. | He married 11th April, 17…. Sarah daughter | of John WOOD G……….. and ………. his wife | of Street in Sussex who died the 1- of June, 1790 | aged (?51) years, and whose remains lie interred | in the same vault in which his own are now | deposited. They had several children but two | daughters only survived them, the youngest of | whom Ann Wilson departed this life | September the ……. 1792 in the 20th year of her age. | Her remains lie buried in an adjoining vault. | This memorial was erected by the eldest | Sarah Wilson as a tribute of dutiful respect and affectionate regard.

On the south side: In the same vault in which lie buried the remains of the above mentioned Ann Wilson are interred likewise those of her eldest sister, Sarah Wilson. She departed this life the 7th day of July, 1798, at Ashurst in Sussex whilst on a visit to her uncle, Edward Wilson, D.D., Rector of that parish. A monument has been there by him erected to her memory.

On the west end a panel of Arms – a bear, in chief three mullets. Crest, a demi bear. (Wilson).

Registers. Mr. Edward Wilson and Mrs. Mary Back married 1st June, 1721. 15th September, 1792, Ann Wilson, buried, aged 19. Sarah Wilson buried 17th June, 1790, aged -, Thomas Wilson buried 25th December, 1791, aged 59. Sarah Wilson buried 16th July, 1798, aged 32.

244. Three daughters of David and Jane DUNK of the Woolpack Inn in this Corporation. Jane died 21st January, 1819, aged 15. Elizabeth died 23rd July, 1819, aged 18, Mary Ann wife of Jno. BRUNGER, died 28th February, 1821, aged 21.

245. Mrs. Elizabeth BEXHILL late of this parish, spinster, died 19th September, 1803, aged 77. Martha her sister, wife of Thomas MOON, late of Mayfield in Sussex, died ………ber, 1808, aged 87 years. (behind footstone). (Amended 2017-02)

246. Thomas BEXHILL late of this parish, gent, died 29th October, 1794, aged 69.

247. Mr. John Bexhill, son of Mr. John Bexhill and Sarah his wife, mentioned on the stone adjoining, died a Batchelor 12th December 1779, aged 61.

248. John BEXHILL late of this parish died 5th January 1766. Aged (?88). Left issue two sons, John and H…….. Sarah, wife of John Bexhill, died October, …… 1750, aged 59. Sarah, daughter of above, died ?October, ?1750, aged 13 years. Registers. Sarah Bexhill buried 9th October, 1750. (Amended 2017-02)

249. The lower half of the top of an Altar Tomb now destroyed ………. a gentleman, well ………… Literature, excellently skilled in his Profession, Orthodox in his faith, Pure in his Morals, Loyal in his Principles, Stedfast tot he Church, a lover and beloved of good men. Ob. 30th October, 1758, aged 6.. In memoria eterna erit justus. Register. 3rd November, 1758, Thomas BACK, M.B., buried [see No. 243].

250. An Altar Tomb:- Here lieth the body of Edward BACK, gent, who was born at HINXHILL, 20th November, 1662, and lived in this parish of Tenterden, in a laborious and successful practice of Phisic and Surgery and in his constant and conscientious worship of God in this Church form the year 1685 until he died may 1st, 1739. Here lieth also the body of Sarah, the wife of the said Edward Back, daughter of Thomas MARSHALL of Halden, gent. who departed this life June 21st, 1734, in the 6(?3) year of her age. Registers. 23rd June 1734, Mrs. Sarah Back buried. 22nd May, 1739, Mr. Edward Back buried.

251. Elizabeth daughter of Edward and Sarah BACK, died 27th February, 1776.

252. Richard HOPE late of this parish died 13th June, 1786, aged 58.

253. James HOPE of this parish died 6th March, 1793, aged 50.

254. Thomas HOPE late of this parish died 4th January, 1802, aged 69. (Amended 2017-02)

255. Jane BUSHER, wife of the late John Busher, Esq., of H……gford Place, Kennington, died 27th December, 1824 aged 75. (Amended 2017-02)

256. An early 18th Century stone, the only lettering now visible is JOHN ………ON……….

257. John DRURY of this place, fellmonger, died 1- February, 1810, aged 75. Mary his wife, died – February, 1803, aged 71. Left issue John, Sara, Elizabeth and Jeremiah. Also Ann TRAFFORD, spinster, her sister, died 2nd April, 1812, aged 86.

258. John DRURY of this place, carpenter, died 17th March, 1839, aged 83. Judeth his wife, died 24th January, 1839, aged 76. Left issue John, Mary, William, James, Jeremiah and George.

259. George STACE died 10th June, 1661, aged 57 years.

260. George KYTE sone of Richard Kyte of Tenterden, died 12th January, 1712, aged (5 or 6)2 years.

261. Elizabeth STACE widdow, died 26th February, 1680, aged 63 years.

262. John ROLF and Elizabeth his wife, He ) (18th December, 17(?5)-, aged 63 She ) died (……………… 17(?6) 1 0r 4 aged 47 Leaving issue John, Sio………, Mary and Elizabeth. Registers. John Roalfe was buried 23rd December, 1757, and Elizabeth Roafe on 4th June, 1764.

263. ……..ab………… of Jas. Ba-den of this parish, died 1- April, 1754, aged 34. Registers. 24th April, 1754, Elizabeth BAYDEN, buried.

264. Mr. George STACE of Tenterden, died January, ye 20th, 1721, in ye 82nd year of his age. Had issue seven children of which four survive viz., George, Elizabeth, Catherine and Sarah.

265. Mr. William BEALL late of this parish, Smith, died 31st May, 1845, aged 64. Ann his daughter died 1st March, 1843, aged 33. Leaving issue one son, William. (Amended 2017-02)

266. John Hope late of Ebony, Yeoman, died 22nd January, 1787, aged 63. Left issue by Sarah his wife, one daughter, Mary. (see No. 132).

267. Elizabeth, wife of Edward JELL of this parish, died 7th December, 1815, aged 33. The above Edward Jell died 9th March, 1836, aged 56. Three of their children died in infancy, David, Thomas and Sarah. Left surviving three sons and four daughters, Mary, George, Stephen, Edward, Elizabeth, Rebecca and Martha. had issue by Sarah his second wife, two sons and two daughters; Ann, Thomas, Joseph and Sarah. Thomas died 5th September, 1829, aged 2 years.

268. George JELL late of this parish died 11th September, 1801, aged 68 years. Elizabeth, wife of above George Jell, d….. h 18th ….. aged ?6- years. Had issue sixteen children, of whom ten survived them viz., Joseph, George, James, Thomas, William, Richard, Benjamin, Edward, Ann and Elizabeth.

269. The Reverend John HOLLAND, aged 58 years. He was curate of this parish 20 years and died the 30th day of April, 1760.

270. Altar Tomb:- Under this Tomb is a vault adjoining to the left side of that of his Friend the Rev. Mr. Robert TURNER Vicar of this parish, Lie the remains of Mr. George STACE, eight times mayor of this Corporation. He married Catherine, daughter of Mr. John MITTELL, of Lyd and died without issue April 16th, 1753, aged (?68). After a plentiful provision for his Widow, he bequeathed a great part of his fortune (acquired chiefly by his own Industry and Prudence), in various portions among many of his relations and acquaintances (to whom in his life he was a kind friend and benefactor), and the Residue to his kinsman Mr. Richard GILES, and his friend Mr. Joseph PUXTY, Joint Executors of his will, who erected this monument to his memory. Here also lie the remains of the above Mrs. Catherine STACE, relict of the above Mr. George STACE, who died 28th February, 1774, aged 80 years. After distinguishing ……….. particular friends with small bequests she bequeathed the residue of her fortune to her adopted heir, Mr. Richard TAYLOR, at whose expense and particular respect this inscription is subjoined to the above. Registers. 23rd April, 1753, Mr. George Stace buried. 7th March, 1774, Catherine Stace, widow, aged 80, buried.

271. Monument with urn, within rails: west face. Joseph PUXTY, of this Corporation, died 8th November, 1780, aged 62. South face:- Mary, relict of Joseph Puxty, of this Corporation, died 22nd March, 1799, aged 69.

272. Susanna AVANN, wife of John Avann, died 14th August, 1801, aged 74. John Avann, aforesaid died 25th November, 1829, aged 91.

273. Joseph LORD, of Pembroke, South Wales, died 15th June, 1801, aged 57.

274. Sarah, wife of Robert HAFFENDEN, died 25th February, 1754, aged 52. Grieve not dear Sisters, etc. Also above Robert H., died 1 (?5) October, 1779, aged 80. Had issue by Elizabeth his wife, Robert, Elizabeth, Sarah and James. James died 1st November, 1765, aged 2 years. Robert died 24th December, 1782, aged 26. (Amended 2017-02)

275. Richard, son of Robert HAFFENDEN, of this Towne and Elizabeth his wife, who was drowned at Rolvenden, May 21st, 1719, aged 11 years. Robert and Elizabeth Haffenden, father and mother of the above Richard, she died 13th January, 1757, aged 84 years ………………… (under grass).

276. Elizabeth, wife of George JUDGE, late of this parish died 19th November, 1856, aged 81. Left surviving four daughters Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah and Martha. Ann, daughter of above, died 4th April, 1857, aged 14 years. Sarah died 21st December, 1875, aged 63.

277. Mr. Joseph FAGG of this parish died 28th March, 1777, aged 70. Leaving issue five sons and two daughters. [No names given]. (Amended 2017-02)

278. Susannah, daughter of Joseph and Mary FAGG of this parish died September, 20th, 1748, in the ninth year of her age.

279. John NASH (many years baker of this Town and formerly of Walmer, in this county), died 20th September, 1846, aged 69. Left issue by Elizabeth his first wife, one son and two daughters, viz., Elizabeth, John and Mary. Mary his second wife, died 20th September, 1847, aged 75. John Nash died 1st September, 1870, aged 61.

280. Rebecca APPS, died 2nd February, 1892, aged 21.

281. William COLE of this parish Bricklayer, died 7th March, 1835, aged 49. Lucy his wife died 23rd June, 1862, aged 76.

282. Here lyeth ye bodies of Richard and Alice SETH. Ye said Richard Seth died December, ye 21st 1705, aged 63 years and Alice his wife, died July ye 16th, 1706, aged 63.

283. Margaret HAFFENDEN departed ye life ye 28th of July 1719, aged 79 years. She was ye widow of Robert Haffenden elder of ye parish gent, who is also here buried.

284. Here lyeth ye body of Robert HAFFENDEN, Esq., maior of ye Town and Hundred of Tenterden, who dyed November ye 29th, 1701, in ye 37th yeare of his age. Here lieth the body of Elizabeth, wife of the said Robert Haffenden, who departed this life the 21st of June, 1717, aged (?3)0 years.

285. James BURWASH, died March ye 5th, 1762, in ye 78th year of his age. Hannah, ye wife of James Burwash died January 1st, 1747, in ye 66th year of her age. They had issue two children, John and Hannah.

286. James HAFFENDEN, gent, of this parish, died March ye 24th day, 1709, aged 38.

287. Grace HAFFENDEN, late of this parish, died 13th August, 1770, aged 68. Registers. 20th August, 1770, Grace Haffenden aged 68.

288. John WINTON, late of this parish died 24th June, 1816, aged 81. Elizabeth his wife died 8th November, 1828, aged 87.

289. William BENNETT, late of this parish died 19th March, 1794, aged 36.

290. John WINTON, late of this parish died 25th October, 1859, aged 70. Jane wife of above died - aged - [not filled in].

291. Jane BISHOP, daughter of Edward and Ann Bishop, died 4th January, 1818, aged 17. Ann, her sister and wife of John CHANEY of Cranbrook, died 25th January, 1840, aged 40.

292. George, only son of Edward and Ann BISHOP of this place, Stonemason, died 19th March, 1844, aged 53. Left surviving, by Mary his widow, four sons and two daughters, Stephen, Gregory, Charles, Jane, Edward and Mary. Mary his widow, died 17th August, 1854, aged 64. Also Ellen youngest daughter, died 12th November, 1831, aged 15 months; Sarah second daughter, died 16th January, 1834, aged 6 years; Frank, youngest son, died 13th August, 1840, aged 7 years.

293. Ann, daughter of Samuel and Sarah CLOAKE, of Stone, in Isle of Oxney and wife of Edward BISHOP of this parish Stone- mason, died 25th April, 1825, aged 68. The aforesaid Edward BISHOP, died 5th March, 1832, aged 65. Left issue, one son and three daughters: Mary, Ann, George and Sarah. (Amended 2017-02)

294. William ALLEN, late of this parish died 1st May, 1814, aged 73. Elizabeth his wife, died 2nd February, 1822, aged 69. Leaving issue by Elizabeth his wife two sons and four daughters viz., Elizabeth, Sarah, William, Stephen, Charlotte and Jane. Elizabeth died 25th July, 1781, aged 5 years 8 months. William died 2nd January, 1786, aged 3 years 7 months. Stephen died 28th February, 1787, aged 7 weeks. Charlotte died 5th April, 1788, aged 3 weeks. Left surviving Sarah and Jane. Also in memory of Henry Allen, died at Bath, December, 1778, aged 34.

295. Stephen ALLEN of this parish died January ye 14th, 1763, aged 53. Left issue Stephen, William, Thomas and Henry. Sarah, wife of Stephen Allen died 10th January, 1789, aged 82. Near lieth Thomas, son of Stephen and Sarah Allen, died January ye 24th, 1770, aged 27.

296. Mrs. Sarah WICKEN of this place, died 20th June, 1828, aged 50. Leaving issue one son and one daughter, William and Elizabeth.

297. Frances, wife of Stephen WINDER, died October ye 16th, 1761, aged 30. Erected by her husband.

298. Henry and Ann PARTON. He died 1st May, 1769, aged 25. She died 29th September, 1771, aged 22. James Parton died 10th April, 1776, aged 29.

299. Peter PARTON of this parish, Miller, died 30th June, 1749, aged 31. Left issue three sons and two daughters. Elizabeth, his wife, afterward wife of John HOOKER, died 5th March, 1773, aged 58. By whom she left one daughter, Martha.

300. John HOOKER, late of this parish, Miller, died 29th August, 1792, aged 77. Mary his wife died 2nd November, 1806, aged 77. Martha, his daughter, died 4th May, 1784, aged 27, and is buried near.

301. Peter Parton, late of this parish, Miller, died 1st December, 1818, aged 56. Had issue by Elizabeth his wife, Elizabeth, Ann, Peter, William, Susanna, Jane, John, Mary, James, William-Grisbrook, Henry, Grace and Richard. William died 19th October, 1787, aged 6 months. Susanna died 12th December, 1798, aged 10 years. William-Grisbrook died 22nd march, 1795, aged 8 months. Jane died 5th June, 1817, aged 28 years. Elizabeth, his wife died 2nd February, 1823, aged 64.

302. Thomas WINTON, died 22nd June, 1826, aged 86. Hannah his wife, died 27th July, 1812, aged 64. Left surviving Ann and John.

303. Philip NORRIS, died 8th April, 1828, aged 49. Mary, wife of above died 6th January, 1852, aged 73. George LEWIS, died 23rd January, 1819, aged 33. Ann, wife of above died 2nd January, 1859, aged 74. Left issue three sons and two daughters, viz., Mary Ann, George, Sophia, William and John.

304. Joseph CATT, Yeoman, died 5th June, 1852, aged 77. Frances Catt died 29th July, 1859, aged 84. Had issue four sons and two daughters, viz., Frances, Joseph, James, Thomas, Ann and Stephen. Stephen died 3rd June, 1829, aged 10 years. Frances Catt, died 14th March, 1863. Ann Catt, died 20th February, 1898.

305. Thomas MERCER, died 28th September, 1849, aged 61. Charlotte, wife of above, died 11th July, 1874, aged 85.

306. -ames PARTON of this parish died ………. 1762, in the 52nd year. Leaving no issue. Elizabeth his widow, erected this stone. Registers. 13th March, 1762, James Parton buried.

307. Thomas BRUNGER of this place, Yeoman, died 22nd December, 1817, aged 77. Amy Brunger, second wife of Thomas Brunger of this place, Yeoman, died 25th November, 1815, aged 59. Left issue Thomas, Jane, Charlotte, Martha, Stephen, John and James. John died 12th November, 1830, aged 32. (Amended 2017-02)

308. Thomas EVEREST, died 10th March, 1761, aged 79.  (Amended 2017-02)

309. Lucy, wife of George CURTEIS of this parish, died 8th November, 1856, aged 56.

310. John and Susan WINTON, late of this parish. He died 27th November, 1766, aged 55, she died 1st June, 1787, aged 80. Their issue, John, Thomas and Mary. Mary, wife of Thomas BRUNGER, died 30th November, 1778, aged 29. Left issue, Mary, Susan, Ann, Frances and Elizabeth.

311. Amy BRUNGER, died 15th July, 1853, aged 79. Also Susan KADWELL her sister, died 20th July, 1853, aged 51. (Amended 2017-02)

312. In memory of two sons and two daughters of Thomas and Mary PAINE of this parish, three of which died of malignant fever w…………… in the space of twelve days. Ann ) (…………) [Buried …… Edward ) (…………) [Buried 6th September, aged 2 Leeds ) died (…………) 1770 [Buried 12th September, aged 4 Mary ) (…………) [Buried 19th September, aged 9

313. Mary PAINE died September, 1770.

314. Leeds PAINE died September 1770.

315. Henry TIWSDEN, the elder, died ye 20th April, 1753, aged 83. Also Henry Twisden, grandson of the above died November, 18th, 1807, aged 60, and Mary his widow, died 3rd May, 1828. Memento Mory (sic). Jane, daughter of Stephen ELMSTON, wife of Henry Twisden by whome she left issue surviving five daughters, two sons and one son deceased. She died January ye 27th, 1716, aged 38 years. She in her childhood dutifull was and in her youth both sober and chast and in her middle age void from strife, a faithfully companion and a loving wife. A tender mother of her children, a good example left to imitate her care, etc. Registers. 26th April, 1753, Henry Twisden buried. 2nd February, 1716/7, Jane Twisden buried.

316. Ann, widow of John HARMAN, sister of Henry TWISDEN, died June ye 11th, 1746, aged 74.

317. William HASSELL of this place died 1st June, 1829, aged 77. Ann, his wife died 21st November, 1783, aged 30. Left issue one daughter, Ann.

318. John GILBERT, late of Brown’s Corner Farm in this parish, Yeoman, died 25th November, 1860, aged 79. Ann, wife of above and daughter of William and Ann HAS………..[?Hassell] died 10th May, 1868, aged 86. Leaving issue, four sons and four daughters, viz., Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah, William-Henry, John, Jane, Jeffrey and Stephen.

319. Sarah, wife of Thomas RUSSELL, late of this parish died 7th March, 1791, aged 40.

320. Sarah, second wife of Samuel ESPENETT of this parish died 16th January, 1817, aged 55.

321. Samuel ESPENETT, of this town, died 30th March, 1840, aged 86. William his son died 13th March, 1828, aged 28.

322. Samuel ESPENETT of this parish died 28th April, 1816, aged 23. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife one son, and one daughter. Elizabeth and Samuel.

323. (Small monument with urn). Elizabeth, wife of George COWELL, died 17th April, 1841, aged 25.

324. Elizabeth, wife of Samuel ESPENETT of this parish died 17th June, 1786, aged 33.

325. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas BLACKMORE, died 4th October, 1791, aged 33. Left issue, Elizabeth, Jane, Sarah, Thomas and William. Jane died 7th May, 1797, aged 13. Thomas Blackmore of Pittlesden House ob: 14th November, 1827, Aet 70.

326. (Altar Tomb) on top shield of Arms Quarterly, 1 and 4 ermine, a fess; 2 and 3 a chevron between 3 lions jambs, impaling a chevron between 3 bulls’ heads cabossed [Curteis]. Mr. Walter BRETT, gent, one of the Jurats of this Corporation, died 30th July, 1756, aged 54. Philadelphia, wife of above, died 1st November, 1745, aged 42. Left issue, two daughters, Philadelphia and Elizabeth. Thomas Brett, youngest son of Brett and Sarah ELPHICKE of this parish, died 7th January, 1865, aged 29.

327. Elizabeth Akid BRIGHT, wife of William Bright, of this Town, died 15th February, 1854, aged 63. Above William Bright died 5th March, 1869, aged 52. Their issue were William, William-Thomas, Emma Frances and Frederick. William died 1st May, 1828, in infancy. William-Thomas died 31st August, 1853, aged 24, was buried at Dover. Frederick died 27th December, 1855, aged 22. Emma Frances died 13th June, 1862, aged 31, was buried at Swadhincote. The aforesaid William Bright left surviving a widow and three children, viz., Margaret-Eliza, Emily Elizabeth and Albert Edward.

328. Edward LAMPERT Esq., R.N. died 5th November, 1832, aged 64.

329. Samuel PLUM of this parish died May ye 2nd, 1743, aged 43. Left Martha his widow. Martha plum died 3rd December, 1763, aged 63. (Amended 2017-02)

330. Sarah, daughter of James and Sarah HOWARD and wife of William AVERY, died 23rd May, 1848. Aforesaid William Avery died 2nd June, 1877, aged 75. Leaving a widow, three sons and one daughter, Alfred, Edward, Elizabeth and Howard.

331. James HALL, died 21st September, 1784, aged 58. Philadelphia his wife, died 18th November, 1794, aged 58. Leaving issue, one son James, who died 12th September, 1799, and three daughters.

332. Elizabeth, wife of William JAMES of this parish, gent, died 20th October, 1766, aged 62. Also two of their children, Thomas and Elizabeth. Left issue surviving, Mary, Priscilla and Philadelphia.

333. John MERCER, late of this parish, Yeoman, died 19th July 1806, aged 78. Had issue by Mary his wife, John who died 11th July, 1759, aged 4 years; Sarah, who died 6th May 1799, aged 28. Left surviving Robert, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, John, Ann, William and Joseph. Mary his wife, died 11th August, 1809, aged 75. (Amended 2017-02)

334. Elizabeth SILCOCK, late of Tenterden, relict of William Silcock, late of Benenden in Kent. She was daughter to Edward SHARP, gent, of Crutthole in Benenden, by Elizabeth his wife. Had issue, five children. Two only of whom survived her, viz., Henry and Edward. She lived a widow 42 years and deceased April ye 7th Anno, 1716, in the 74th year of her age and was buried April ye 12th following.

335. Henry SILCOCK late of Tenterden, son of William Silcock late of Benenden in Kent, by Elizabeth his wife. He deceased October the 14th Anno, 1720, in the fiftieth year of his age. He died a Batchelor and only one brother survived him viz., Edward.

336. George Frederick VARTY, died 4th May, 1897. Rachel Barbara Varty, died 28th November, 1892. [He was Master of the National School].

337. John THWAITES (late of the parish of Stone, Isle of Oxney), Grazier, died 6th December, 1820, aged 71. Sarah, wife of above, died 31st January, 1848, aged 87. Had issue by Sarah his wife, Sally died 18th August, 1794, aged 8 years; Mary Ann died 5th May, 1797, aged 8. Left surviving Betsy and Charlotte. Two grandchildren of above sons of James and Charlotte, STONHAM, Thomas died 22nd May, 1829, aged 2 years; John Thwaites died 20th February, 1838, aged 17. [On the back]:- Charlotte, wife of James Stonham of the parish of Lympne and late of Stone, Oxney, died 20th December, 1852, aged 62, leaving one son and two daughters viz., James, Charlotte and Adelaide. James Stonham died 25th February, 1868, aged 79.

338. An old headstone with iron spikes along the top:- H.L. /Dorothy the wife/of John BLACKMORE/of New Romney/gent, died July ye 5th/1747, aged 49.

339. (An altar tomb). On top are the BLACKMORE arms impailing -, and an inscription now illegible. [On South Side] Ann Blackmore, wife of John Blackmore gent, died 19th October, 1739, aged 64 years.

340. (An altar tomb). No inscription apparent on top. On south side a slab now broken and lying on the top:- James Blackmore Esq., late of this parish died April 3rd, 1762, aged (?51). He married Margaret, daughter of Thomas MARSH of [?Ash]ford, Surgeon in this county, by whom he had ……… children, Thomas, Margaret and James. [North side] Margaret, widow of the said James Blackmore, died 20th April 1784, aged 66 years. (Amended 2017-02)

341. Jane BISHOP, wife of William Bishop of this Town, Surgeon, died 5th May, 1819, aged 33. Left issue, William, Jane and Thomas. Also the aforesaid Mr. William Bishop, died 15th October, 1837, aged 52. Also Lydia, widow of the above, died 2nd November, 1843, aged 55.

342. Mary MERCER, died 11th M……… 18(?44), aged …….. years. Edward Mercer, died January (?1), 18(?64), aged ……. years. [?Mary mercer buried 3rd July, 1844, aged 89 and Edward Mercer buried 7th January, 1864, aged 100 years, 1 week and 1 day].

343. (Altar tomb). On west end is the Coat of Arms: Quarterly [gu. and erm.] an eagle displayed [or]. (On top):- This Tomb was erected to the memory of Joseph HUSON late of Tenterden, gent, who died June ye 7th, 1738, in the 68th year of his age, by his relation and friend Joseph VINY in testimony of his esteem ……… gratitude, etc. Registers; 7th June, 1765, Joseph Viny buried, 13th June 1738, Mr. Joseph Huson buried. 17th July, 1732, Mr. John Huson buried.

344. H.W. PARRY Esq., Major in the Montgomery Militia, died 7th February, 1798, aged 43.

345. Peter RADLEY, gent, died 24th July, 1779, aged 94. Elizabeth his wife died 25th September, 1794, aged 93. (Amended 2017-02)

346. William RADLEY, gent, late of St. George’s Canterbury, son of Peter and Elizabeth Radley, formerly of this parish, died 5th August, 1812, aged 78. Also Owen JACKSON, nephew of above who in the prime of youth, died 18th March, 1790, aged 20. (Amended 2017-02)

347. John JOHNSON, senior, late of this Corporation, gent, died 23rd February, 1820, aged 85. Also Geny Johnson, his wife, died 31st March, 1796, aged 67. Left issue one son, John.

347a John JOHNSON, died 10th January, 1821, aged (?34). Left surviving by Ann his wife ……… children, Ann, Elizabeth, John, Hope and Edmund John.

348. Ann, wife of John JOHNSON, Junior of this parish, gent, died 10th August, 1786, aged 24. Left issue John and Ann. Ann died 26th January, 1787, aged 1 year and 7 months. Also John Johnson abovesaid, gent, died 18th May, 1824, aged 58.

349. Mr. John JOHNSON junior, died September, 26th, 1734, aged 24 years, 5 months. He left Sarah his wife and John his son, born November ye 10th next after. John Johnson ………. elder, died 27th May 1…….., aged 74. Elizabeth Johnson his wife, died the 18th October, 1765, aged 86 (or 90) [the figures have been recut]. Registers; Mr. John Johnson, aged 75, buried 2nd June, 1737.

350. John BREDEN, late of this parish, Bookseller, died 10th December 1810, aged 75. Ann, wife of above, died 20th January, 1826, aged 82.

351. Richard ELPHICKE of this Corporation, gent, died 26th January, 1788, aged 57. Philadelphia his wife, died 19th January, 1794, aged 62. Left issue one son, Walter.

352. The 17th of May in the year of the Christian Era, 1774, was returned to its original dust, the earthy Tabernacle
of the Rev. Cornelius HANDCOCK, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, aged 84. [He was minister of the Presbyterian "Old Meeting House"].

353. An early 18th century double headed stone quite illegible.

354. Mary, wife of William DAWS of this parish, died 25th July, 1842, aged 68. Above William Daws died 24th November, 1851, aged 80. Harriett his second wife, died 21st February, 1871, at Exeter in her 85th year and is interred there.

355. A vault, on keystone TANNER, 1844.

356. Samuel HARDEN of this parish died 6th July, 1827, aged 79. Hannah, wife of above, died 12th July, 1829, aged 82. Jane, their daughter, died 7th February, 1855, aged 66; Samuel, son of above John and Sarah Harden, died 26th August, 1854, aged 26. (Amended 2017-02)

357. Quartermaster John TITLEY of the Dor……..hire Militia, who died at R[eding] Street Barracks, 13th March, 1800, aged (?55). This stone …….(illegible). Registers. 19th March, 1800, John Titley, aged 55, buried.

358. Ellen, wife of T. RUSSELL of Gray’s Inn Terrace, London. obt 26th January, 1826, aged 27. Above T. Russell died 16th March, 1859, aged 74.

359. (Altar tomb). On top:- Mr. James MUNN of Boresile, Tenterden, died 4th May, 1797, aged 57, leaving the following issue, Ann who died 21st October, 1797, aged 21; James died 18th August 1799, aged 21 and Sarah died 27th February, 1800, aged 20. Also another daughter, Mary, died 20th December, 1782, aged 9 weeks. Ann, his wife died 5th December, 1801, aged 56. Mr. William CHAMBERS died 22nd May, 1841, in 72nd year. Mary, wife of William Chambers, died 14th January, 1849, aged 71. James Munn, son of William and Mary CHAMBERS died January 26th, 1849, aged 28. (North side) Mary Chambers, eldest daughter of above, died 24th June, 1877, aged 80. To the dear memory of my Mother, Martha (Patty) WRIGHT, 7th daughter of William Chambers 1812-1888. (South side) Harriett COPLAND, wife of S.R. Copland, born 29th September, 1817, died 17th August, 1871. (Amended 2017-02)

360. Martha JEFFERY, relict of Richard Jeffrey, late of Tunbridge Wells, died 2nd February, 1809, aged 79.

361. To one son and two daughters of Richard and Martha CLOUTE of this parish. Martha )(15th June, 1799 ) (14 weeks Edward ) Died (27th November, 1810) aged (10 months Ann ) (25th January, 1817 ) (16 years

362. Richard CLOUTE of this parish, gent, 23rd July, 1841, aged 76. Martha his wife, died 4th April, 1849, aged 82. Leaving
issue two sons, Richard-Jeffery and Thomas.

363. Samuel TURNER, gent, of this parish, died 30th January, 1775, aged 79. Catherine his wife, died March 16th, 1781, aged 75. Erected by his nephew John Turner, of Stone, in the Isle of Oxney.

364. John MUNN of this parish, gent, d….. .. 25th, 176… Anne, wife of Jno. Munn of this parish, gent, died 6th July, 1773, in 36th year. They had issue three daughters, Mary, Anne and Sarah. Registers. 30th September, 1763, John Munn buried.

365. Elizabeth, wife of William Strickland of this place. She suddenly expired without a groan 22nd August, 1819, aged 42. Leaving issue a surviving daughter, Elizabeth. William STRICKLAND of this place, died 12th june, 1821, aged 44.

366. Jeanette ELLIS died 15th October, 1884, aged 34. Clara Ellis died 31st October, 1884, aged 23. Caroline Ellis, mother of above, died 16th July, 1892, aged 67. George Ellis, husband of above Charlotte Ellis, died 27th July, 1903, aged 83.

367. Elizabeth Eleanor, wife of the Rev. Joseph WELD, died 17th June, 1873, aged 74. The above Rev. Joseph Weld, A.M. of Westwell House, Tenterden, died 16th May, 1877, aged 81.

368. Eleanor Ida, daughter of Frederick and Eleanor STANBRIDGE, died 10th September, 1878, aged 17. Above Eleanor Stanbridge died 30th December, 1914, aged 78 and Frederick Stanbridge died 17th March, 1917, aged 84.

369. Harriett Emily COLE wife of James Cole of this parish, died in London 11th December, 1876, in 29th year.

370. Mary MADGSHON, wife of Robert Madgshon late of East Lane, Old Kent Road, Newington, died 13th October, 1831, aged 65. Also Henry SWIFT her Father, who lies buried near this place. Likewise Elizabeth and Jane FARLEY, neices of the above Mary Madgshon and of Henry Seift, son of above Henry Swift who died 11th October, 1839, aged 69.

371. William WATERS, died 8th December, 178(?5), aged 85. Elizabeth his wife, died 21st (?) May, 1793, aged 9(?2) years. Also (?3) children …….. Margaret, (?Ann), William. Margaret died ………. 17………Registers. 27th May, 1793, Elizabeth Waters, aged 92.

372. Charles WALKER ………… Surgeon, died ………. July, 1790, aged (?2)4 years. Registers. 7th July, 1790, Charles Walker aged 25, buried.

373, Lydia, wife of Edward TAMKIN (not Lamkin), died 12th February, 1877, aged 33. Left issue one son, Ernest John. Edward Tamkin died 5th May, 1880, aged 38. (Sandra Everhart informs us that the name should be TAMKIN as in 475 & 476 18-03-2007)

374. Edwin William S…..ett, eldest son of R.E. and S. WARRINGTON, born 24th September, 1864, died 15th June, 1875.

375. Edward, son of Edwin Percival and Eliza APPS, died 2nd March, 1878, aged 24. Frederick and Abigial, children of above died in infancy. Rosa their eldest daughter, died 7th June, 1882 aged 26. Above Edwin Perceval Apps died 24th October, 1888, aged 64 and Eliza his wife, died 20th February, 1904, aged 80.

376. Richard BURDEN, of Guildford in Sussex, died 21st September, 1797, aged 59, after a long and painful illness. Jane Burden, wife of Richard Burden, died 29th December, 1805, aged 68.

377. Thomas CHAMBERS, died 28th May, 1816, aged 76. Martha his wife, died 26th June 1826, aged 82. Had issue, six children of whom three survive. (Amended 2017-02)

378. John OSBORNE died (?6th) January, 1789, aged 77 ……James BLACKMORE, of Westwell, in this parish, Esq., in which ………. in that family, 17 years and 9 months.

379. John Murrell died 7th May, 1853, aged 71. Jane his wife, died 11th April, 1852, aged 61. Left issue, two daughters Elizabeth and Esther.

380. James WELLER, died 5th May, 1887, aged 92. Hepzibeth, youngest daughter of Mr. James Weller died 26th June, 1873, after a long and painful illness.

381. Samuel FREEMAN died 26th March, 1877, aged 30. Samuel William, son of Samuel and Emily Freeman, died 2nd July, 1878, aged 51. (Amended 2017-02)

382. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas BRIGHT (late of Tenterden), died 5th January, 1867, aged 61.

383. James Howard, son of James and Sarah Howard of this parish died 8th August, 1806, aged 2 years and 6 months.

384. James HOWARD late of this parish, Tanner, died 25th July, 1826, aged 54. An affectionate husband, father and sincere friend. Sarah, wife of James Howard, died 14th June, 1836, aged 58.

385. Samuel HOWARD died November, 25th, 1841, aged 2 years and 3 months.

386. Sarah, wife of Henry GOODSALL of this parish, died 22nd April, 1852, in 44th year. Henry Goodsall died 15th March, 1895, in 85th year.

387. Mary, daughter of Stephen and Mary, GOODSALL of this parish, after a lingering illness of 16 years, which she bore with the greatest fortitude, died 28th July, 1823, aged 33. Eleanor, daughter of aforesaid Stephen and Mary Goodsall, died 27th September, 1837, aged 32, at whose desire this stone was erected.

388. Stephen GOODSALL, many years Builder of this place, died 28th January, 1855, in 86th year. Mary, wife of Stephen Goodsall, died 24th January, 1844, aged 73.

389. Susan PIGRAM, youngest daughter of William TURK, of Wittersham, died 3rd August, 1786, in 35th year.

390. On 15 April, 1809, died Mr. William PIGRAM of this place, aged (?5)8 years. (Amended 2017-02)

391. Frances, wife of John MARTEN of this parish, Stonemason, died 23rd April, 1778, aged 57. Left issue one daughter, Fanny. John Marten aforesaid, died 18th April, 1814, aged 86. Charlotte his fourth wife, died 31st December, 1828, aged 68.

392. James BRUNGE, senior, died 12th November, 1813, aged 70. Leaving by Mary his wife six children, James, Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, Ann and John. Mary Brunger his wife, died 30th March, 1825, aged 73.

393. William HYLAND died 27th September, 1878, aged 90, many years President of the United Brothers Society in this Town.

394. (By Western Gate). Robert REED died ye 10th of January, 1737, aged 27. To whose memory, Jane his wife, caused this stone to be erected. Jane, relict of Robert Reed, and wife of William GIBSON of this Town, died ye 15th of April, 1741, aged 27 years. Left issue one daughter, Jane Gibson. Registers. 14th January, 1737, Robert Reed, 20th April, 1741, Jane Gibson buried. [A Mr. William Reed from ye Woolpack was buried 10th May, 1727]. (Amended 2017-02)

395. (A Vault) on keystone, CURTEIS, 1831.

396. Christopher (?CHRISTMAS) …. ?December, 18…Also ………. (illegible. Not traced in Registers).Footstone C.C. (no date).

End of Churchyard.

Stones in the Churchyard Extension near the Railway Station.
397. Richard CASINGHM died 11th November, 1866, aged 72. Mary his wife, died 15th December, 1848, aged 53. Two children Samuel and David died in infancy. Left surviving three sons and four daughters. Also Sarah, 2nd daughter of above died 23rd October, 1875. Hannah Cassingham died 17th March, 1910, in 69th year.

398. Thomas CROUCHER, died 8th February, 1871, aged 81. Eliza his wife, 2nd February, 1871, aged 69.

399. Thomas AUSTEN, late of this parish, died 7th December, 1850, aged 79. Mary his wife, died 11th March, 1848, aged 77. Issue, sixteen children of whom ten surviving, John, William, Mary, Jane, Eliza, Stephen, Bartlet, Harriott, Ann and James. Also of Thomas, Sarah, Richard, George, Henry and Joseph, departed children of above Thomas and Mary Austen.

400. William CUTBUSH died 11th September, 1884, aged 77. Eliza his wife, died 19th April, 1902, aged 92.

401. Amelia, wife of Thomas MARSHALL of this Town, died 11th September, 1870, aged 57. Left surviving John, Amelia, George and Emily. The above Thomas Marshall died 25th August, 1882, aged 71. John their son, died at Raniket, Bengal, 9th February, 1882, aged 37.

402. John RELF died 13th December, 1868, aged 52. A last acknowledgement of a valuable service of many years.

403. Richard, son of George and Elizabeth DENNISS, died 10th March, 1877, aged 29.

404. Mar………. fe of William [EDW]ARDS, died ………..……… Also George their, son who died in North America 27th May, 1865, aged 35. Register. Mary Edwards buried 27th February, 1865, aged 56.

405. Henry ROBERTS died 17th August, 1857, aged 38.

406. Frederick Harvey SMITH, late of Hastings, died 24th March, 1860, aged 28. Charlotte, wife of James HOOK, died 21st December, 1864, aged 56. James Hook died 2nd October, 1877, aged 69.

407. Eli WENBAN died 15th July, 1881, aged 64. Laura his wife, died October, 1872, aged 65. Hannah their daughter, died 1st March, 1851. Interred at St. Mary’s Ticehurst, aged 5 months. Frank their son, died 7th February, 1855, aged 11 months. (Amended 2017-02)

408. Lavinia, wife of George Hopper HUKINS (Watchmaker,etc., of this parish) died 24th August, 1860, aged 38. Also Lavinia Lucretia, daughter of above, died 22nd August, 1858, aged 9 years. [See No. 76].
In Tenterden Cemetery there is a memorial to Ann Frances wife of George H. Hukins, who died 12th March, 1904, aged 73. Also the above George Hopper Hukins who died at Montauban, St. Martin’s Guernsey, on 28th July, 1910, aged 86, and is interred in this grave.(Amended 2017-02)

409. Sophia Matilda SHEPHERD, born 25th July, 1814, died 6th March, 1888, aged 73.

410. Henry KENNETT died 22nd October, 1859, aged 29. Only son of Mr. Henry Kennett of Hambledon, Hants.

411. Charles SHEPHERD, Solicitor of this Town, died 10th September, 1854, aged 47. Sophia Ann, eldest daughter of above, died 11th June, 1887, aged 49.

412. Felix DUNSTER of this parish died 9th August, 1861, aged 78. Mary his wife, died 20th November, 1868, aged 85. Having issue four sons and five daughters, William, Mary, Ann, Sarah, Jane, John, Caroline, George and James. Sarah died 1st May, 1855, aged 45. Charles, son of above William Dunster, died 15th April, 1856, aged 22. James Dunster died 22nd January, 1894, aged 71.

413. Ann FAZAKERLEY, second daughter of the late Felix DUNSTER, died 5th September, 1878, aged 70. Also Caroline Dunster his youngest daughter, died 8th July, 1883, aged 66.

414. Richard CRITTENDEN died 20th August, 1872, aged 68. Elizabeth his wife, died 19th June, 1876, aged 72. George son of above, died 23rd February, 1876. Jane, daughter of above died 19th January, 1880. [No ages].

415. Charles MILSTED late of this Town, Blacksmith, died 3rd May, 1862, aged 70. Also Milisent his wife, died 25th November, 1858, aged 74.

416. George Thomas SEARLE died May 18th, 1858, aged 29. Leaving Mary his wife, by whom this stone was erected.

417. Jasper WHEELER died 1st July, 1857, aged 41.

418. Martha, daughter of Charles and Martha SNOAD of Brook land, in this County, Grazier, died 21st July, 1860, aged 43.

419. John LONGLEY of this parish died 19th February, 1868, aged 52. Tom Longley, son of above, died 19th November, 1865, aged 19. William Longley died 15th May, 1890, aged 47.

420. Albert, son of Frederick and Eleanor STANBRIDGE, died 31st January, 1871, aged 9 months. Arthur Frederick Stanbridge who was interred at Banghurst, Hampshire, died 19th February, 1865, aged 8 months.

421. Samuel MILTON died 20th April, 1879, aged 67. Mary Harriett his wife, died 24th January, 1884, aged 78.

422. Thomas COLEMAN died 7th November, 1887, aged 58 Elizabeth his wife, died 11th December, 1879, aged 54. Leaving three daughters, Mary, Elizabeth and Ann.

423. William FUGGLE, many years Baker of this Town, died 19th March, 1889, aged 67. Louisa Jane his wife, died 27th June, 1850, aged 31. Leaving issue three sons and two daughters, William Henry, Alfred, John, Mary Jane and Elizabeth Ann. Also Elizabeth, second wife of above, died 11th march, 1887, aged 60. Leaving issue seven sons and one daughter, Edward, Stephen, Frederic, George, Emma, Sam Sinden, Charles and Albert Richard. The above named William Henry, died 1st October, 1869, aged 27; Alfred died 28th September, 1870, aged 26; Emma died 16th March, 1863, aged 3 years.

424. John LONGLEY died 4th January, 1878, aged 83. Sophia his wife, died 17th November, 1869, aged 60, and four of their children, George Longley died at Malta, 4th October, 1857, aged 25; John Longley, died 8th October, 1857, aged 20; Nathaniel Morphett Longley, died 3rd January, 1875, aged 35. Helen Longley died at Tunbridge, 4th October, 1868, aged 24.

425. Mrs. Sarah CATT of this parish died 18th March, 1866, aged 88. Leaving seven sons and one daughter, James, William, Joseph, Isaac, Harriott, Stephen, Charles and George.

426. Elizabeth Hester, wife of George BUTCHER of this parish died 23rd July 1875, aged 51. George Butcher died 11th August, 1894, aged 72. He is interred in Charlton Cemetery, by Dover. Also George Thomas son of above, died 4th March, 1854, aged 1 year and 5 months.

427. The children of Arthur and Catherine HARROW of Ivy Cottage, Heronden Hall, Mary Catherine died 26th February, 1871, aged 1 year 5 months. Arthur George died 4th March, 1871, aged 5 years 7 months. Jesse Margaret died March, 1872, aged 4 months, 16 days.

428. Sarah, wife of William ROFE of Plomer House, in this parish died 8th June, 1873, aged 77. Above William Rofe died 14th January, 1876, aged 78. Ann Rofe daughter of above, died 21st January, 1901. (no age).

429. Henry SANTER ……….rn February, 11th, 1789, died ……… November ……. 1856, aged [67] years. Elizabeth ……… born …….. 1790, died [June], 1863 [aged 71]. Sa………… Footstone H.S. 1856 E.S. 1863.

430. Arthur, son of John and Mary HOWARD, died 14th December, 1858, aged 2 years and 1 month.(Amended 2017-02)

431. William Jones died 21st November, 1861, aged 64. Elizabeth Jane his wife, died 6th April, 1864, aged 67. Harriot their daughter, died 29th September, 1858, aged 27.(Amended 2017-02)

432. Jeffery GILBERT of St. Michael’s, died 6th October, 1889, aged 67. William Frederick, infant son of above, born 30th November, 1850, died 20th January, 1851. Edwin Charles, second son of above, died 18th October, 1869, aged 17.

433. Charles BUCKMAN died 29th January, 1875, aged 53. Left surviving Mary his wife, two sons and two daughters. Mary his widow, died 21st February, 1899, aged 70.

434. James CATT of this parish, born 7th March, 1811, died at Blackheath Hill, 12th October, 1858.

435. Mary Ann, wife of Henry MILES of Tenterden, died 23rd October, 1883, aged 69. Henry Miles died 10th February, 1885, aged 76.

The following are on the Western side of this Burial Ground:-
436. Edwards ROBERTS died 4th July, 1851, aged 77. Sarah Sarah Roberts his wife, died 19th February, 1853, aged 73. Catherine Roberts died 16th November, 1875,. Aged 52. Mary Ann Roberts died 23rd August, 1883, aged 81.

437. Isaac JARVIS (Nurseryman), died 17th December, 1875, aged 52. William, eldest son of above, died 13th April, 1911, aged 60.

438. William CHECKSFIELD of Leigh Green, Tenterden, died 27th January, 1871, aged 53. William his only son died 8th August, 1885, aged 36.

439. Thomas Edward CHECKSFIELD, died 3rd August, 1853, aged 4 months.(Amended 2017-02)

440. To the children of George and Jane CHECKSFIELD, Charles died 1st January, 1859, aged 8 hours. Alfred Herbert, 16th November, 1872, aged 7 years 11 months. Mary Jane, 28th November, 1872, aged 10 years 6 months. Olive Agnes, 4th December, 1872, aged 5 years 10 months.

441. Thomas CHRISMAS, born 24th June, 1805, died 11 September, 1869. Jane his wife, born 15th December, 1811, died 12th July, 1886. Louisa Delphia daughter of above, born 13th June, 1840, died 11 July, 1854.(Amended 2017-02)

442. (Flat, within rails) William Peel CROUGHTON, Esq., of Heronden, in Tenterden, died 17th June, 1856, aged 38. Mary his wife, died 9th June, 1898, aged 84.

443. Eliza, wife of W. Charles FINTER, died 30th November, 1883, aged 48.

444. Edward CROUCHER died 7th July, 1888, aged 89. Mary his wife, died 27th May, 1874, aged 71.

445. Jesse Henry NEWINGTON, died 18th April, 1904, aged 91. Harriette his wife, died 14th January, 1859, aged 59. Harriette Sophia daughter, of above, died 31st May, 1882, aged 34. Charles Gilbert, eldest son, died 17th November, 1882, aged 36. Sarah Louisa second wife of above Jesse Henry Newington, died 13th December, 1884, (no age).

446. Edward WICKEN, died 1st July, 1879, aged 70. Mary Wicken his wife, 18th June, 1881, aged 67.

447. Eleanor Rees, second daughter of the Rev. Marmaduke WARD, late of Trunch, Norfolk, aged lxxiii years. Sister, of the late Rev. Philip Ward, Vicar of Tenterden 1830-1859. [No date given].

448. Fanny HAVERS died 16th November, 1870, aged 2 years and 8 months.

449. Stephen HOOK of Woodchurch, and late of Smallhythe, Born 10th July, 1834, deed 9th December, 1885. Mary Ann wife of above, died 18th July, 1911, aged 76. Frank Frederick son of above, born 6th February, 1865, died 30th January, 1877.

450. John BURTON died 2nd December, 1859, aged 81. Philadelphia his wife, died 2nd February, 1855, aged 70.

451. Frank WOOD, third son of Thomas and Susan Wood of Tenterden, died 28th November, 1867, aged 25. Mercy, widow of the late Thomas Wood, died 27th September, 1882, aged 80.

452. Susan, wife of Thomas WOOD, of Tenterden, died 9th July, 1870, aged 65. Thomas Wood died 2nd November, 1881, aged 80.

453. Jane, wife of John WOOD of Tenterden, died 17th September, 1870, aged 25.

454. Ann, wife of David MASTERS, died 19th April, 1863, aged 36. Leaving issue, Ellen, Jesse, David and Albert. David Masters, above named son, died 10th November, 1895, aged 34.

455. Amy Miller WOOD died 29th October, 1890, aged 58.

456. William Hubert, son of the Rev. W. BELL, Wesleyan Minister, died 21st January, 1876, aged 8 months and 4 days.

457. William COCK died at Tenterden, 10th May, 1869, aged 66. Also his four children, Harriett-Phoebe aged 7, Sally Chamberlain aged 3, Thomas Henry aged 6 years. All died in 1858. Victoria-Elizabeth aged 20, died 11th February, 1869.

458. Henry CROUCHER died 5th March, 1886, aged 90. Mary his wife, died 25th November, 1860, aged 62. Leaving surviving two sons and four daughters. Henry, Thomas, Betsy, Ann, Harriett and Louisa. His second wife Caroline Elizabeth Amelia Croucher, died 17th March, 1886, aged 65.(Amended 2017-02)

459. Ann, wife of B.O. CROUCHER and fourth daughter of Mr. Henry BRIGHT of Woodchurch, died 22nd December, 1881, age 32. Dear little Ernie, born 25th January, 1888, died 12th October, 1892.

460. Grace GLASSCODINE died 21st November, 1848, aged 56. Left surviving one son and three daughters, viz., Mary, Charlotte, Henry and Susannah.

461. Thomas GOODSALL, butcher, died 25th January, 1861, aged 66. Ann his wife, died 5th November, 1865, aged 75.

462. Thomas SHOESMITH died 22nd October, 1872, aged 68. Mary Ann his wife died 24th October, 1880, aged 68.

463. Philadelphia, wife of John HUGGETT, Nurseryman, of this parish, died 24th November, 1859, aged 60. James their only son, died 22nd May, 1866, aged 37.

464. Stephen SHERWOOD died 21st November, 1880, aged 33. Henry Sherwood died 24th November, 1865, aged 30. Mary TAYLOR, grandmother of above, died 25th February, 1869, aged 97.(Amended 2017-02)

465. Robert CLARKE died 28th August, 1873, aged 39 years. William Clarke died 1st October, 1872, aged 3 years Frederick Clarke died 17th September, 1872, aged 4 years 9 months Ann Clarke died 18th December, 1908, in 75th year George Clarke died 8th January, 1876, aged 4 years 9 months Harry Robert Clarke died 5th June, 1890, 26 years.

466. Jane, wife of Benjamin Thomas GOLDSMITH, died 2nd May, 1886, aged 54. Lewis Rolfe, eldest son of above, died 12th July, 1861, aged 8 years.(Amended 2017-02)

467. Humphrey PARSONS, late of Beckley, died August, 26th, 1874, aged 71. Elizabeth, wife of above, died 19th November, 1884, aged 84.

468. William CHAINEY died 20th March, 1856, aged 24. Left surviving, Mercy his wife and one son, William Frederick Marcy, wife of above died 27th June, 1902, aged 65.

469. William BARNES died 5th March, 1886, aged 42. Hannah Jane, daughter of above, died 14th July, 1884, aged 6.

470. Thomas HAFFENDEN died 14th July, 1883, aged 74. Ann his wife, died 29th October, 1901, aged 82. Elizabeth their daughter, died 6th December, 1882, aged 21.

471. Jane, wife of George LEWIS junior, of Tenterden, died 28th February, 1882, aged 33. James, son of above, died 5th September, 1878, aged 1 year. Lizzie their daughter, died May, 30th, 1882, aged 4 months.

472. William KING died 13th November, 1885, aged 75. Catherine his wife, died 22nd October, 1885, aged 78, leaving three sons and one daughter. Erected by their daughter Harriet of Topeka, Kansas, America.

473. Henry CHECKSFIELD died 12th February, 1898, aged 70. Ann his wife, died 26th January, 1899, in 78th year. Her children shall call her Blessed.

474. William KIRK, late of Tottenham Curt Road, Painter, died 20th June, 1867, aged 44. Mary, wife of above, died 30th September, 1901, in 83rd year.

475. Henry TAMKIN died 23rd June, 1877, aged 54. Sarah Tamkin his wife, died at Mersham, 17th October, 1891, aged 71. Leaving issue Henry Tamkin Verrall, Jane and Frederick James. Also Thomas, Stephen-John, Fanny-Ellen, and Anne, children of Henry and Sarah Tamkin of this Town. Thomas died 29th July, 1849, aged 4 years. Stephen John died 9th August, 1858, aged 4 years 4 months. Fanny Ellen died 19th June, 1866, aged 3 years 6 months. Ann died 14th October, 1866, aged 1 year.

476. Sarah Jane Judith TAMKIN died 15th December, 1881, aged 32. Mary Elizabeth COPPINS died 5th November, 1882, aged 31, and Charles William Tamkin died 30th November, 1889, aged 30.

Inscriptions in the Church.
The following are now on the floor of the Tower and west end of the Nave:-

477. Here lyeth interred the body of Stephen CVRTEIS Esq., Maior of this Towne and Hundred, who died the 12th of August, 1654. Having ……….. sonne named Nathaniel and onely davghter named Elizabeth. Being aged 28 years. Registers. Stephen Curteis Esqre. Major, buryed the 12th day August, 1654.

478. Arms: A chevron between three griffins. Impaling a lion rampant debruised by a chevronel. Here lieth the body of William FINCH Esq., of Leigh Green, in this Parish, who died the 28th of November, 1735, aged 74. Here also lyeth the body of Mrs. Thomasine Finch, sister of the above William Finch ………. March, 1742 [buried 16th March] in the 80th year of her age.

479. Here leith the bodies of William ……. HOPLEY ……….(Stone broken and worn about three lines). Also Elizabeth their daughter. She died October 21st, 1807, aged 19 years. Likewise the aforesaid Jane Hopley, died August 20th, 1810, aged 59 years.

480. Stone with matrix of a brass to a priest and inscription (now lost) c. 1450.

481. Arms: On a fess between three (birds0, two (?roundels) between two fleur de lys. Impaling a chevron between three bulls heads cabossed (Curteis). Crest, a mailed hand holding a fleur de lys. Robert STACE of Tenterden died 23rd April, 1718, aged 77. Elizabeth his wife, daughter of John CURTEIS of Tenterden, died 2nd August, 1739, aged 70. They left issue one son Robert.

482. In memory of Robert STACE of Tenterden, Ob: July 30th, 1774, aged 70. Elizabeth his wife ob: May 2nd, 1783, aged 79. Robert Stace their only son ob: February 15th, 1818, aged 77.

483. Here lyeth ye body of Ann TVCKER, wife of Elhanan TVCKER, of Tenterden, gent, and daughter of John FILE of Wye, Wollen draper, who dyed the 30th Day of August, Anno Dom. 1680, in the 29th year of her age. And left issue one son viz., Andrew. Here lyeth also the boyd of ye above named Andrew Tvcker, who dyed ye 16th day of October, in ye 10th weeke of his age.

484, Arms: A chevron embattled counter embattled between three sea horses. Crest, arm grasping a battle axe. Here lyeth ye body of Capt. Andrew TUCKER of Tenderden in Kent, son of Richard Tucker of Brixham in Devon, gent, who departed this life ye 3rd day of April, Anno Dom. 1680, in the 54th year of his age. Leaving issue two sons and two daughters, viz., Elhanan and Kemuell, Ann and Judeth.

485. Arms: A chevron between three griffins passant. In centre chief point a roundel. Impaling, on a chief dancettee three goats’ heads erased (Downton). Crest, a griffin passant. Here lyeth buryed Edward FINCH Esq., who dyed ye 4th day of May, A.D. 1677. He left issue by Thomasine his wife, daughter of Richard DOWNTON of Sandhurst, in this County, Esq., deceased, Edward, Richard, William and Thomasine. Thomasine ye wife, dyed the 14th Day of December, Anno Dom. 1689, and here buried. Edward ye eldest son of ye said Edward and Thomasine, dyed without issue ye 16th of September, Anno Dom. 1696, and here buryed. [added]. Edward Finch of Leigh Green, only son of the above Richard, died 19th March, 1780, aged 79 years, leaving issue William, Richard, Nicholas and Elizabeth. William Finch of Leigh Green, son of the above Edward, died 30th November, 1794, aged 56 years. Leaving issue Elizabeth, William and Mary.(Amended 2017-02)

486. Sacred to the memory of ……am Henry SHEPHERD, second son of ……… and Lydia Shepherd ………. This County …….. this life on the ….. day of February, 1826, ……. 19 years and 11 months. ………… Edward son of Charles and Sophia Matilda Shepherd ……… this life on ………. day of June, 18-2, aged 6 months, also of Mary Elizabeth ………. (under Church chest).

487. Two brass shields (a) a chevron between 3 lions’ jambs (Austen) (b) the same impaling 3 arrows points down (Hales). Inscription on an inlay of white marble is largely illegible. Here lyeth the body of W……………. this Towne, whoe d…………. mber, 1595, leavinge Elizabeth ………… Edward HALES Esquire, by who …………..nnes Edward, John, Robert, ………….Margaret Mary, E…………….. A-I-a-ll, Martha and Svsan. All ………… Hodie mihi cras tibi.
Note:- This is to William Austen who Married Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Hales and was Bailiff of Tenterden in 1585 and 1586. The following entries in the Registers help to elucidate the above inscription. 20th January, 1577/8, William Austen and Elizabeth Hales married. 16th November, 1578, Margerett, daughter of Wylliam Austen jurat bapt. 20th December, 1579, Marie, doughter of Wylliam Austen, jurat bapt. 17th March 1580/1, Elizabeth ditto. 3rd June, 1582, Edward, sonne of so. 22nd December, 1583, Rebecca, daughter, do. 11th Julie, 1585, Sara, doughter of William Austen the Bailie bapt. 21st August, 1586, John, son of Mr. Austen, bailife, bapt. 15th October, 1587, Robert son of William Austen, jurat bapt. 16th February, 1588/9, Abigaiell, doughter, do. 20th February, 1590/1, Samuell, son, do. 24th August, 1594, Martha, daughter, do. 19th October, 1595, Susanna, daughter, do. There is no burial of a William Austen in 1595, but a William Austen is recorded as being buried 22nd February, 1596/7.

488. Two brass shields now lost. Inscription on an inlay of white marble almost illegible. H…………….n eldest ……… of W……………………xxviith day …………. winge ………….. [?Gent], …………..y …………. [?wald] ………..n (liv)ing. Hodie mihi…………..i
Note:- This seems to be to Edward, eldest son of William Austen, who died in 1610.

489. Arms; A chevron embattled counter embattled between 3 seahorses:- Underneath lyeth the body of Mrs. Ann TUCKER widow, who dyed April ye 19th, 1690. Also Mr. Elhanan and Mr. Kemuel Tucker her sons, all of this Parish, the said Elhanan died April ye ………… and Kemuel ye 27th of June, month and year their Mother died. Mrs.Ann Tucker aged about 70 years. Mr. Elhanan 35 years. Mr. Kemuel 29 years. Mrs. Anna BLACKMORE, widow, laid this stone in memory of the above persons.

490 and 491. Matrices of two brass inscriptions now lost.

492. Arms. A chevron between 3 lion’s jambs. Crest. Out of an embattled crown a demi stag:- Here lyeth the body of Robert Austin, gent of this parish, the ………..d son of John Austin of Broadford in Horsemonden, Gent, ……....Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas WELLER of Tunbridge, gent, ………….d of the smallpox, January ye 27th, 1727, ……….d in ye 25th year of his age ……….. monument was placed here …….. gratefull memorial of him ……… his five surviving brothers and one sister [partly under pews].

493. Arms. A griffin segreant between 3 estoiles. Crest, a griffin’s head between two wings charged with estoiles. H.J. Thomas SHORT fil Dan. Nep Tho. qui vixit coelebs ann li mens iv anima Deo red: 3 Id Quint 1706. Henr SNOOKE ex sorore Nepos Avunculo P. Register. 14th August, 1706, Thomas Short, gent, buried. [See Short pedigree p. 90 Vis. Kent, 1619, Harl:Soc:].

494. Arms. A fess between 3 Blackamores’ heads. Impaling a chevron, on a chief 3 mullets. Crest. A Blackamore’s head. Underneath lye the bodies of William BLACKMORE late of this parish, gent, who departed this life August, 5th, 1709, in the 73rd year of his age. Also Frances his wife who dyed June ye 29th, 1699, aged 72 years.

495. Arms. A chevron between 3 lions’ jambs. Crest, out of an embattled crown a stag’s head. Here lyeth interred John AVSTEN Esq., who dyed withovt issue the eleventh day of December, 1655, in the threescore and tenth year of his age. Hee being sonne of William Avsten of Tenterden, Esq., and leaveing Robert Avsten of Bexley in Kent, Esq., his onely brother and Elizabeth, the wife of Samuel SHORT of Tenterden, Esq., his onely sister then live ing.

In the North Chancel.
(which is now known as the "Roberts" Chancel).

496. On the floor. Shield of Arms:- Two chevrons on a chief 3 cinque foils. Impaling Curteis. Crest. Out of a mural crown a demi eagle displayed:- Here lyeth the body of Robert BRODNAX, late of Tenterden, gent, being the youngest sonn of Tho. Brodnax Esq., of Godmersham in ye County of Kent, who was born 5th of November, 1615, and departed this life ye 22nd of February, 1673, being 58 yeare of his age. Who married Elizaebth CURTEIS sole daugher of John Curteis of Woodchurch, gent, the 8th day of August, 1643, who departed this life ye 30th day of April, 1644, being ye 25th yeare of her age, they both lyinge here interred.

497. On west wall over door which led to the Rood loft:- In memory of Joseph GREENLAND who died on the first of April, 1739, aged forty four years and Elizabeth his wife who died the twenty eighth of October, 1744, aged thirty nine years, and was buried in a vault near the Yew Tree at the North East corner of the Churchyard leaving issue two sons, Thomas and Jere, and one daughter Elizabeth who was married to Edward CURTIS and died with-out issue the fifteenth of July, 1758, aged twenty six years and was buried in the same vault. Also Thomas Green-land elder son died the first of March, 1793, aged sixty three years. Surviving issue three sons and one daughter. Registers. 6th March, 1793, buried Thomas Greenland.

498. On north wall. Sacred to the memory of Abraham MERRALLS, Grazier, died 16th of August, 1805, aged 39 years. Had issue by Philadelphia his wife, four sons and two daughters, Abraham died 2nd November, 1792, aged 2 months. John died 19th December, 1796, aged 3 years 4 months. Abraham died 23rd May, 1801, aged 5 years 3 months. Abel died 10th March, 1804, aged 1 year 9 months. Left surviving Ann Parton and Elizabeth Bexhill. Elizabeth Bexhill died 17th March, 1818, aged 17 years 9 months. A.P. Weston died 31st July, 1826, aged 36 years. Philadelphia Simmons died 16th September, 1826, aged 62. years. Abraham Merralls WESTON died 5th October, 1815, aged 3 years 5 months. Betsy Bexhill Merralls Weston died 12th June, 1840, aged 22 years.

499. Over north chancel door:- Vandelure MILLS Esq., died 5th April, 1850, aged 81. Mary Ann his daughter, wife of Capt. H.B. WESTON, died at Calcutta 18th August, 1845. Jane Mills another daughter, died at Tenterden February, 1st, 1862.

500. Over the last:- To the memory of William DYNE, late of this place, gentleman, son of John and Jane Dyne. He died January 27th, 1794, in the 30th year of his age. He married Ann, daughter of Francis and Ann HOPE, by whom he left issue one son, William who died an infant. Ann, wife of Vandeleur Mills and relict of William Dyne, died May the 3rd, 1820.

501. The Whitfeld Monument. Here lyeth interred the bodies of Herbert WHITFELD, late of Tenterden in the County of Kent, Esq., descended of the antient family of ye Whitfelds of Whitfeld, in the County of Northumberland, and when he lived, was Jvstice of the Peace for the Covnty of Kent, and Martha his wife, davhter of Robert SHEPHERD of Peasemarshe, in the County of Sussex, Esq., whoe had issue Raphe, John, Herbert, Anthony, Robert and Elizabeth. The said Martha dyed the 26th of Janvary, 1613, and Herbert the Father, dyed the sixt of Febrvary, 1622. The said Robert married Dorothie, eldest davghter of Sir. Henry SPELMAN of Congham in the Covnty of Norfolk, knight, and by her had issue Herbert, Henry, Raphe and Dorothie. The said John married Mary, davghter of Raphe ATKINSON of Wobarne, in the Covnty of Bvckingham, gent, and by her had issve Martha and Hee, Anthony and Elizabeth dyed after their Mother and in the lyfe of theire Father. Under an arch are kneeling figures of Herbert and Martha. Over the arch is a shield of six quarterings
1. Arg. a plain bend between 2 cotises engrailed sa.
2. Sa. a lion rampant bendy of 10 arg and gu. [Whetley].
3. Per pale az and gu a griffin segreant or [Gyles].
4. Gules a chevron or between 3 cocks arg [Crowe].
5. Gu. a boar arg. [Boare].
6. per pale gu and az a lion ramp. arg, pelettee [Stockett].
Crest. Out of a crown vallery arg. a stag’s head or. These are the arms as given at the Visitation of Kent, 1619 (see Harl. Soc. Vol. XLII). Hanging over is a helmet with a crest.

Below the monument are two shields. That on the left (the shield of Robert Whitfeld) has the above six coats, impaling 12 quarterings (of Spelman):-
1. Sa. twelve plates between two flaunches arg. [Spelman].
2. Gu. a chief erm. [Narburgh].
3. Az. a chevron between 3 leopard’s faces or [Froyk].
4. Sa. two wings in lure with a bordure engrailed arg.
5. Az. 3 sturgeon naiant or, over all fretty gu. [Sturgeon].
6. Arg. on a bend gu 3 martlets or [Danvers].
7. Gu. 2 lion’s passant arg debruised by a bend or [le
8. Or. on a fess az 3 garbs of the first [Vernon of Mottram].
9. Or on a chief gu. 3 bezants [Camoys].
10. Arg. a lion rampant sa. on the shoulder a mullet arg.
11. Gu. a bend or billettee sa [Morrieux].
12. Gu, 2 lion’s passant or [probably intended for Le
The right hand shield that John Whitfeld has the above 6 quarterings impaling az, a cross voided between four lions rampant or. [Atkinson].
On the arch over the figures are nine shields, giving the alliances of Whitfeld of Whitfeld in Northumberland:-
1. Whitfeld impaling arg. a bend engrailed sa. [Ratcliffe].
2. Whitfeld impaling gu. on a chevron arg. between three
garbs or, three scallop shells sa. [Eden].
3. Whitfeld impaling arg. a fess sa. between 3 moles
4. Whitfeld impaling arg. on a mount vert a bull standing
gu. armed or. [Ridley].
5. (The centre shield) Whitfeld differenced with a mullet
or. The other 8 Whitfeld arms in this series of
shields are undifferenced.
6. Whitfeld impaling fretty arg. and gu. a chief az.
7. Whitfeld impaling az. six annulets or. [for Musgrave].
8. Whitfeld impaling arg. a chev. sa. a chief dancettee of
the last. [Thornton].
9. Whitfeld impaling barry arg. and gu. on a canton of
the last a lion passant or. [Lancaster].
On the left hand column are three shields:-
1. Whitfeld as before, but on the bend a mullet or impal-
ing Gyles (as above).
2. Whitfeld (with mullet or.) impaling Crowe.
3. Whitfeld (with mullet or.) impaling erm. on a chief sa.
three pole axes arg. (Shepherd).
On the top of the column the Whitfeld crest.
On the right hand column three shields:-
1. Shepherd, impaling arg. a chev. vert between three crows sa. [possibly intended for Wells or it may be Atesbury].
2. Shepherd, impaling or a chevron dancettee between 3 eagles desplayed sa. [intended for Birchett of Rye, but the tinctures are reversed].
3. Whitfeld impaling Shepherd.
On the top of the column the Shepherd Crest:- On a mount vert a stag courant reguardant ppr. attired ar.
[See Berry’s Kent and Sussex Genealogies for pedigrees of Whitfeld and Shepherd and vol. xix p. 83 of Sussex Arch: Society’s publications for proof of the Northumbrian descent of Whitfeld].

501. The Whitfeld Monument. Here lyeth interred the bodies of Herbert WHITFELD, late of Tenterden in the County of Kent, Esq., descended of the antient family of ye Whitfelds of Whitfeld, in the County of Northumberland, and when he lived, was Jvstice of the Peace for the Covnty of Kent, and Martha his wife, davhter of Robert SHEPHERD of Peasemarshe, in the County of Sussex, Esq., whoe had issue Raphe, John, Herbert, Anthony, Robert and Elizabeth. The said Martha dyed the 26th of Janvary, 1613, and Herbert the Father, dyed the sixt of Febrvary, 1622. The said Robert married Dorothie, eldest davghter of Sir. Henry SPELMAN of Congham in the Covnty of Norfolk, knight, and by her had issue Herbert, Henry, Raphe and Dorothie. The said John married Mary, davghter of Raphe ATKINSON of Wobarne, in the Covnty of Bvckingham, gent, and by her had issve Martha and Hee, Anthony and Elizabeth dyed after their Mother and in the lyfe of theire Father. Under an arch are kneeling figures of Herbert and Martha. Over the arch is a shield of six quarterings
1. Arg. a plain bend between 2 cotises engrailed sa.
2. Sa. a lion rampant bendy of 10 arg and gu. [Whetley].
3. Per pale az and gu a griffin segreant or [Gyles].
4. Gules a chevron or between 3 cocks arg [Crowe].
5. Gu. a boar arg. [Boare].
6. per pale gu and az a lion ramp. arg, pelettee [Stockett].
Crest. Out of a crown vallery arg. a stag’s head or. These are the arms as given at the Visitation of Kent, 1619 (see Harl. Soc. Vol. XLII). Hanging over is a helmet with a crest.

Below the monument are two shields. That on the left (the shield of Robert Whitfeld) has the above six coats, impaling 12 quarterings (of Spelman):-
1. Sa. twelve plates between two flaunches arg. [Spelman].
2. Gu. a chief erm. [Narburgh].
3. Az. a chevron between 3 leopard’s faces or [Froyk].
4. Sa. two wings in lure with a bordure engrailed arg.
5. Az. 3 sturgeon naiant or, over all fretty gu. [Sturgeon].
6. Arg. on a bend gu 3 martlets or [Danvers].
7. Gu. 2 lion’s passant arg debruised by a bend or [le
8. Or. on a fess az 3 garbs of the first [Vernon of Mottram].
9. Or on a chief gu. 3 bezants [Camoys].
10. Arg. a lion rampant sa. on the shoulder a mullet arg.
11. Gu. a bend or billettee sa [Morrieux].
12. Gu, 2 lion’s passant or [probably intended for Le
The right hand shield that John Whitfeld has the above 6 quarterings impaling az, a cross voided between four lions rampant or. [Atkinson].
On the arch over the figures are nine shields, giving the alliances of Whitfeld of Whitfeld in Northumberland:-
1. Whitfeld impaling arg. a bend engrailed sa. [Ratcliffe].
2. Whitfeld impaling gu. on a chevron arg. between three
garbs or, three scallop shells sa. [Eden].
3. Whitfeld impaling arg. a fess sa. between 3 moles
4. Whitfeld impaling arg. on a mount vert a bull standing
gu. armed or. [Ridley].
5. (The centre shield) Whitfeld differenced with a mullet
or. The other 8 Whitfeld arms in this series of
shields are undifferenced.
6. Whitfeld impaling fretty arg. and gu. a chief az.
7. Whitfeld impaling az. six annulets or. [for Musgrave].
8. Whitfeld impaling arg. a chev. sa. a chief dancettee of
the last. [Thornton].
9. Whitfeld impaling barry arg. and gu. on a canton of
the last a lion passant or. [Lancaster].
On the left hand column are three shields:-
1. Whitfeld as before, but on the bend a mullet or impal-
ing Gyles (as above).
2. Whitfeld (with mullet or.) impaling Crowe.
3. Whitfeld (with mullet or.) impaling erm. on a chief sa.
three pole axes arg. (Shepherd).
On the top of the column the Whitfeld crest.
On the right hand column three shields:-
1. Shepherd, impaling arg. a chev. vert between three crows sa. [possibly intended for Wells or it may be Atesbury].
2. Shepherd, impaling or a chevron dancettee between 3 eagles desplayed sa. [intended for Birchett of Rye, but the tinctures are reversed].
3. Whitfeld impaling Shepherd.
On the top of the column the Shepherd Crest:- On a mount vert a stag courant reguardant ppr. attired ar.
[See Berry’s Kent and Sussex Genealogies for pedigrees of Whitfeld and Shepherd and vol. xix p. 83 of Sussex Arch: Society’s publications for proof of the Northumbrian descent of Whitfeld].

In the Chancel.

502. On north wall. Arms:- Quarterly 1 and 4 gu a lion ramp. ar. (Wallace) 2 and 3 gu. a fess chequy ar and az (Lindp say). Crest, out of a ducal coronet an ostrich’s head and neck.
To the memory of the Reverend Matthew WALLACE, son of the Reverend Dr. Wallace of Edinburgh, Vicar of Tenterden. Doctor of Laws. Who was born on 28th October, 1728, at Moffat in Scotland, and died in his Vicarage on 14th November, 1771, aged forty three years and six days. Agreeable manners, great benevolence and excellent parts united to extensive learning, Pastoral fidelity and discourses uncommonly elegant as well as instructive rendered him universally beloved, respected and esteemed in an English Parish even in times during which the National Prejudices that had formerly subsided were again attempted to be highly inflamed between the Northern and Southern Divisions of Great Britain.

503. On the north wall between the arches of the arcade to North Chancel:-
Arms: Quarterly 1st and 4th, a chevron between 3 bulls heads cabossed (Curteis) 2nd and 3rd a fess dancette in chief 3 scallop shells. Impaling Curteis. Crest:- Curteis.
Sacred to the memory of Jeremiah CURTEIS , late of Heronden House in this Parish, Esq., who died 11th June, 1828, in the 76th year of his age. A Jurat of the Corporation, a Deputy Lieutenant and a Justice of the Peace for this County, he discharged the duties of these stations with intelligence, discretion and integrity and for half a century his active exertions were constantly directed to maintain peace and to promote the public welfare. He was a true patriot, a loyal subject and a firm friend. He was the only son of Samuel Curteis, Esq., and Sarah his wife. He married Sarah, youngest daughter of the Reverend Thomas Curteis, D.D., Prebendary of Canterbury and Rector and Vicar of Sevenoaks in this County, who erected this monument in memory of an affectionate and lamented husband. Also of the aforesaid Sarah Curteis- who died 7th December, 1839, in the 80th year of her age.

On the South Wall.
504 Sacred to the memory of the Reverend Philip WARD, M.A., 28 years Vicar of this Parish, who died 16th January, 1859, aged 63. Also Caroline Mary Ward who died 19th February, 1859, aged 23. Also Edmund Nelson Ward who died 7th February, 1832, aged 6 months. Philip Ward, B.N.I., aged 31, died at Pinner, Middlesex, 12th September, 1865.

505. In a vault beneath are the remains of William FINCH, Esq., of Finchden in this Parish, who died 30th November, 1794, in the 57th year of his age. Also those of Elizabeth his widow who died 7th February, 1824, in the 87th year of her age. Also those of their only son William Finch, who died 15th September, 1804, in the 28th year of his age. Also those of their youngest daughter Mary Finch, who died 11th November, 1847, in the 69th year of her age. Also those of their eldest daughter Elizabeth Finch, who died 18th August, 1851, in 79th year.

506. A brass plate:- These choir seats and screens, the Pulpit, the Lectern and the Chancel Screen, were the gist of James Dampier PALMER, of Heronden Hall in this parish, A.D.1899.

In the South Chancel.
507. On the west wall. Above is the Curteis crest, a stag emerging from a burst of trees.
Sacred to the memory of William CURTEIS of Camber- well, in the County of Surrey, Esq., who died June the 20th, 1813, aged 67 years. Also Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heiress of Francis WHITFELD of Bethersden, Esq., who died December 29th, 1795, aged 43 years. They left issue three sons and two daughters, viz., William Whitfeld, Edward, Sarah and Mary Ann. Likewise Mary widow of the above named William Curteis, Esq., she died 21st May, 1830, aged 83 years, leaving no issue. Below is the Curteis coat of Arms with Whitfeld on an escutcheon of pretence. [See the Curteis pedigree in Berry’s Kent Genealogies].

508. On the back of the Organist’s seat are three panels, evidently part of a Whitfeld pew. They each bear a coat of arms.
1. Whitfeld (with a crescent for difference) impaling Shepherd.
2. Whitfeld (with mullet) impaling Shepherd.
3. Whitfeld (with mullet) impaling Spelman.

509. On the east wall of the nave near the pulpit a brass:-
To the glory of God and in memory of the Reverend Samuel Campbell LEPARD, M.A., for 22 years Vicar of this Parish, departed this life on St. Thomas’ Day, 1906. Erected by the Parishioners.

In the South Aisle.
510. Over the arch leading to the South Chancel. Arms. Curteis impaling Beale.
Edward CURTEIS, gent, died 3rd October, 1777, aged 65 years. He married Sarah, third daughter of Richard BEALE, gent, and had issue three sons and two daughters Jeremiah, Richard, William, Sarah, wife of Mr. Thomas JACKSON and Mary, wife of Mr. George JEMMETT. Sarah Jackson died 5th July, 1779, aged 38 years, and was buried in her Father’s vault. She left issue two daughters Sarah and Eleanor, Eleanor died an infant. Sarah, the widow of Edward Curteis, died 20th February, 1791, aged 78 years. Elizabeth, wife of William Curteis, died 29th December, 1795, aged 43 years. She was the surviving daughter and heiress of Mr. Frances WHITFELD of Bethersden. Jane, wife of Jeremiah Curteis, died 1st March, 1796, aged 54 years. She was one of the three daughters and co-heiresses of Mr. Searles GILES, late of Biddenden. Jane, daughter of Mr. Jeremiah Curteis and Jane his wife, died 11th June, 1796, aged 20 years. Edward Jeremiah Curteis, eldest son of Edward Jeremiah Curteis of Windmill Hill, Sussex, and Mary [BARRETT] his wife, died 7th August, 1795, aged 4- years. The said Jeremiah Curteis [of Rye] Esq., died December, 31st, 1806, aged 71 years. He left surviving issue Edward Jeremiah Curteis of Windmill Hill, Sussex, Esq., Martha [MASCALL], Anne [COLLET] and Katherine Sarah [LUNFORD].

511. On south wall. Above is Curteis Arms and Crest. Sacred to the memory of Richard CURTEIS, Esq., who died August, 21st, 1814, aged 76 years. Mary his wife, eldest daughter of Mr. Searles GILES, of Biddenden, who died April 10th, 1806, aged 66. Having issue two sons, who died in their infancy and two daughters, Sarah and Mary. Mary, wife of J.B. PROMFRET, Esq., and daughter of Richard and Mary CURTEIS, died 26th December, 1804, aged 36 years. Leaving five sons and two daughters, John Dewe, Virgil, Richard Curteis, Charles Wilson, Mary Catherine, Harriett and Edward Giles aged 6 weeks. Charles Wilson died March 26th, 1808, aged 9 years. Edward Giles died August 26th, 1812, aged 7 years. John Dewe died 6th March, 1820, aged 30 years. John Butler Pomfret, Esq., died 12th February, 1834, aged 69 years. Mary Catherine died 31st May, 1862, aged 62 (Buried at Ashford). Richard Curteis died 6th May, 1867, aged 70. (Buried at Rye). Harriett Pomfret died 28th July, 1870, aged 68 years. Virgil Pomfret died 18th May, 1875, aged 79 years. Sarah the eldest daughter, married William CROUGHTON, Esq., of London. Having issue two sons and one daughter, Richard Curteis, Samuel and Sarah Curteis. Samuel died 3rd April, 1814, aged 24 years. Richard Curteis Croughton died 22nd April, 1822 aged 34. He married Hester, daughter of Thomas PEEL of Manchaster, Esq., by whom he had issue, William Peel, Ann Curteis, Hester and Sarah Bradshaw. Sarah, wife of William Croughton, died 30th September, 1827, aged 63 years. William Croughton, Esq., died 2nd November, 1827, aged 70 years. [see No. 442].

512. A brass:- In loving memory of John CURTEIS of Woodside, Tenterden, and Gordon Place, St. Pancras, youngest son of Robert Curteis of Ashenden, Tenterden. Born 6th July, 1801, died 22nd March, 1875. A humble Christian who feared God and lived in charity with all men. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. Also in loving memory of Elizabeth Fanny, only child of the above John Curteis, for 38 years the beloved wife of John Clarke Crosthwaite McCAUL, a devoted daughter, wife and mother and a faithful friend. Born 4th May, 1832, died 12th March, 1894, leaving five children, John Curteis McCaul, Florence Ella McCaul, Alice Mary McCaul, Madeline Beale McCaul and Ella Mildred McCaul.

513. The Haffenden monument. The inscriptions are on marble ovals and two side panels. There are two shields of arms. (1) checky ar and sa on a bend az 3 mullets (Haffenden), impaling sa, on a chevron between 3 eagles heads erased or, 3 estoiles pierced of the first. (Beale). (2) or a between 3 lions rampant sa (Burridge) impaling Haffenden. Richard HAFFENDEN placed this stone 1785, in grateful remembrance of a provident and indulgent Father, an amiable and lamented Brother, a sincere and valued Friend, and an affectionate and beloved Sister. James, his father died 1783, aged 70. Elizabeth his mother, daughter of Richard BEALE, died 1795, aged 85. Elizabeth his sister, died an infant 1737. James his only brother died 1755, aged 20. John his friend, son of Benjamin BURRIDGE, Rector of Halden, died 1771, aged 33. Sarah his sister, wife of John Burridge, died 1767, aged 33. Richard died 1791, aged 54. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of John ELMSTONE, Eliza, James, Richard and Sarah. Eliza Haffenden died July 10th, aged 57. James Haffenden died August 2nd, 1838, aged 52. His remains rest in Langford Churchyard, Nottinghamshire. Richard Haffenden died 11th May, 1792, aged 4 years. Sarah Haffenden died 10th May, 1792, aged 1 year and 11 months. Elizabeth his wife, died 17th July, 1795, aged 39.

Left hand panel. James Haffenden, eldest son of Alfred Haffenden, Esq., of Homewood, died August 24th, 1847, aged one month. His remains rest on the north side of the Church. Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings Thou has perfected praise. To the memory of Caroline-Sarah Haffenden, the beloved wife of Alfred Haffenden of Homewood, Esq., died September, 10th, 1848, aged 32. For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.

Right hand panel. Harriet Cecilia Haffenden, youngest daughter of the late James Haffenden, Esq., died March 24th, 1848, aged 27 years. Watch therefore for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. Alfred Haffenden, only son of James Haffenden, died at Waplington Manor, 11th January, 1871, aged 46, and was buried on the 19th at Allerthorpe, Yorks.

In the North Aisle.
514. Arms. Quarterly 1 and 4 or a lion ramp. sa. grasping a chess rook (?) in his fore paws. 2 and 3 Quarterly, 1 and 4 Curteis, 2 and 3 per pale sa and gu a griffin statant or. mpaling Arg 3 sheaves of as many arrows ppr banded gu. On a chief az a bee volant or (Peel). Crest, a griffin’s head erased sa, armed gu. Motto, Esse quam videri. In memory of Richard CURTEIS CROUGHTON, Esq., of Heronden, who died 22nd April, 1822, aged 34 years, and of Hester his wife, who died 4th January, 1856, aged 59 years, and of their second daughter Hester, who died 15th April, 1840, aged 19 years, and of their third daughter Sarah Bradshaw, who died 14th March, 1842, aged 20 years, and of their eldest daughter Ann Curteis, who married George WILDE, Esq., of Cheam, Surrey, and died 14th September, 1864, aged 45 years, leaving issue one son Spencer Croughton and one daughter Ann Mary. In memory also of William Peel Croughton, Esq., of Heronden, their only son who died 7th June, 1856, aged 38 years. He married Mary, daughter of Robert PEEL, Esq., of Accrington House, Lancashire, and left issue one child, Hester Ann Curteis, who was born 30th May, 1843. In memory also of the said Mary, wife of the above William Peel Croughton, Esq., who died July 9th, 1898, aged 84 years.

515. Arms. Or 3 eagles heads erased gu. crowned or, impaling per fess az and gu a cross or (Lott). Crest, out of a coronet a (?pelican’s) head. Sacred to the memory of Thomas WESTON, Esq., one of the Jurats of this Corporation, who died June, 24th, 1819, aged 73 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife, eldest daughter of William LOTT, Esq., of Tenterden, died 31st October, 1828, aged 86 years. Had issue Elizabeth Hyland, Harriot, Jane, Thomas and John Tempest. Thomas died November, 11th, 1827, aged 47 years. Leaving three sons and three daughters. Also Jane Pix, wife of John Tempest, died June 9th, 1821, aged 36 years, who left four sons and three daughters. Elizabeth Hyland MANCLARK, widow, died March 4th, 1846, aged 75 years. John Tempest died October 14th, 1848, aged 64 years. Elizabeth, second wife of J. Tempest died November 4th, 1851. Harriot died January 24th, 1855, aged 82 years, whose remains are deposited in the North East corner of the Churchyard. Jane PIDDLESDEN, widow died at New Romney, March 25th, 1863, aged 87 years, and was buried in Mersham, Kent.

516. Sacred to the memory of Dousabel LOTT, fifth and last daughter of the late William LOTT, Esq., of this place, died January 26th, 1831, aged 76 years. Is buried in the north east side of this churchyard.

517. Arms. Arg a cross engrailed between 4 martlets sa. On an escutcheon of pretence barry of six ar and sa a canton erm. [Marshall]. Crest, out of a mural crown a stag’s head couped at the neck.
   Sacred to the memory of William MANTELL, gent, eldest son of Edward Mantell of Mersham in this County, who died 29th December, 1789, aged 38, and of Ann his wife, second daughter and co-heiress of Turner MARSHALL, Esq., of Mersham, who died 7th of January, 1822, aged 65 years. Had issue Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, Charlotte and Edward, who died an infant. Catherine married Thomas Weston, Esq., one of the Jurats of this Corporation, eldest son of Thomas WESTON, Esq., also one of the Jurats of this Corporation. Had issue Catherine, Thomas Tempest who died an infant, Ann, Thomas Tempest, William Mantell who died an infant, Reginald Francis, Eliza Manclark and Edward Mantell. Thomas Weston, Esq., died November 11th, 1827, aged 47 years. Catherine his wife, died march, 31st, 1855, aged 75 years. Edward Mantell their son, died 2th June, 1829, aged 3 years and 5 months. Also of the above named Eliza Manclark Weston who died September 28th, 1866, aged 42 years. Also of Ann Weston who died November, 28th, 1892, aged 78 years.

518. Arms: Gu. 2 bars or. over all a bend ar. charged with 3 Talbots heads erased sa. On an escutcheon of pretence, Quarterly 1 and 4 A bear, in chief 3 mullets (Wilson), 2 and 3 a fess between six martlets arg. Crest, on a garb fessways a bird, close, in the beak an ear of what all ppr. In a vault at the north east corner of the churchyard, are deposited the remains of Robert GODDEN of Finchden, in this Parish, who died 1st July, 1823, aged 58 years. Also Henrietta, wife of the above named Robert Godden, daughter of the late W. Worcester WILSON, D.D., who died 19th June, 1808, aged 41 years. Also of Anna Eliza, their infant daughter, who died 30th March, 1807. Also of Robert Wilson, their eldest son who died 15th May, 1809, aged 15 years. Also of William Thomas their second son, who died 25th April, 1814, aged 19 years. Also of Henrietta their eldest daughter, who died 25th June, 1817, aged 17 years. At Alington in this County, are deposited the remains of Martha their second daughter, who died 28th March, 1858, aged 57 years, also of Frances their youngest daughter, who died 9th April, 1859, aged 54 years. Also of Henry, their youngest son and last survivor, who died 13th October, 1861, aged 64 years. Frances Godden died 7th November, 1825, aged 67. Elizabeth Godden died 9th May, 1838, aged 81 years.

519. Sacred to the memory of Mr. John PIX, late of this Parish, who died 1st February, 1831, aged 74 years. Also of Jane his wife who died December 8th, 1844, aged 87 years.

520. (A brass). To the glory of God and in memory of Lance Corporal Frank William Spain ELLIOTT, son of William and Jane Buxton Elliott. Born in Tenterden, Kent, on the 27th day of September, 1874. Killed in the brave charge of the xxist (Empress of India’s) Lancers, in the Battle of Omdurman on the 2nd day of September, 1898. This glorious victory grained over the Dervishes, delivered the Sudan from the tyranny of the Kalifa and his fanatical followers. Thus this man died leaving his death for an example of a noble courage and a memorial of virtue, not only unto young men, but unto all his nation. This tablet was erected by his fellow Townsmen.

On the Western Walls of the Aisles are large framed Notes of Charities of the Parish of Tenterden.

End of M.I.'s from Tenterden Church

Inscriptions in the Yard of the "Old Meeting House", Ashford Road, Tenterden, Founded in 1662.

At the left side of the Chapel.
521. Thomas VINY died 27th July, 1812, aged 81. Elizabeth his wife, died 28th December, 1813, aged 83.

522. William BLACKMORE, died 16th April, 1814, aged 23.

523. Joseph MERCER died 11th April, 1880, aged 71. George his son, born 29th September, 1856, died 7th June, 1857. Ann his daughter, born 20th September, 1857, died 4th March, 1858. Robert his son, born 1862 died 1862.

524. Ann AVERY, wife of W. Avery, died 14th April, 1837, aged 65. Above William Avery died 19th May, 1847, aged 71.

525. Mary, wife of William HILDER of this parish, died 26th December, 1836, aged 29. Leaving issue Jane and Martha.

526. Joseph GIRSBROOK died 13th February, 1834, aged 60 Ann his wife, died 29th June, 1853, aged 78.

527. Vault. SHOOBRIDGE, 1838.

528. Vault. MACE, 1846.

529. Vault. WINSER, 1846. Suzan GRISBROOK died 16th October, 1846, aged 45. Spes mea in Deo.

530. Vault. WINSER (of) Ratsberry, 1865.

531. Tablet on Wall. William GRISBROOK died 29th April, 1856, aged 54. Joseph Grisbrook died 11th October, 1861, aged 56.

The following are on flat stones to the rear of the Chapel
532. Thomas AVERY born 25th November, 1799, died 23rd February, 1877. Mary Ann his wife, born 27th August, 1801, died 29th September, 1877.

533. Thomas CLOUTE of this parish died 30th April, 1866, aged 71, leaving a widow and one son, Thomas martin Cloute who died 21st August, 1871, aged 31. Sarah, wife of above Thomas Cloute, died 4th May, 1875, aged 72.

534. Jeremiah VINY, born at Woodchurch 9th September, 1770, died at Cranbrook 29th August, 1856. He was the youngest and last surviving of the family of Thomas and Elizabeth Viny, whose remains are deposited on the west side of this chapel. (No. 521).

535. Jane TOWGOOD born 24th May, 1798, died 13th June, 1856. Margaret Towgood sister of above, born 15th March, 1790, died 27th July, 1869. Harriet Towgood sister of above, born 13th July, 1796, died 25th January, 1882.

536. Thomas AVERY, plumber, died 11th May, 1861, aged 40. Leaving a wife and four children, Elizabeth Hodges, Thomas, Alfred Burfoot and Mary Ann. Elizabeth, wife of above, died 10th August, 1893, aged 78.

537. Edward GRISBROOK died 29th January, 1851, aged 42.

538. Peter PARTON of this parish died 13th April, 1856, aged 71, Anne his wife, died 23rd March, 1860, aged 72.

539. Vault. BLACKMORE, 1847.

540. George BUSS died 19th February, 1876, aged 50.

541. William MERCER late of this parish, died 31st October, 1851, aged 77. Mary Mercer died 25th March, 1863, aged 85. Had issue Eliza, who died 29th November, 1839, aged 35. Left surviving William, Joseph, James, Stephen, George and Alfred.

542. Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. Edward TALBOT, who was born 19th April, 1778, and died 9 September, 1847. The above Rev. Edward Talbot died 3rd January, 1869, aged 64, for upwards of 40 years minister of this Chapel. Ellin Peach Talbot, widow of above Rev. Edward Talbot, died 5th April, 1899, aged 76.

543. Sarah, wife of John BUTTON, died 15th May, 1862, aged 66. John Button died 12th June, 1864, aged 70. Also their children, Alfred died 25th February, 1829, aged 5. Frank died 30th August, 1846, aged 12. Ann died 25th October, 1846, aged 22. Mary died 6th October, 1854, aged 22.

544. Thomas CHEESMAN died 28th November, 1851, aged 57. Left a widow, three sons and three daughters.

545. Sarah, wife of Henry Peach BUCKLER, died 5th January, 1884, in her 91st year. Henry Peach Buckler died 31st May, 1889, in his 93rd year.

546. A cross. Ellin Maria GRIFFIN died 30th December, 1889 aged 64. Sarah Roberts BUCKLER died 23rd December, 1912.

547. George Geer GODFREY, born 15th November, 1836, died 18th June, 1883.

548. George GODFREY died 7th February, 1876, aged 66. Hannah Godfrey, 2nd wife of above, died 28th May, 1881, aged 69.

549. Ellen, daughter of John Vennell and Mary CAISTER, born 3rd April, 1853, died 15th July following. Mary, wife of J.V. Caister died 30th November, 1882, aged 71. Jane, 3rd daughter of above, died 22nd April, 1884, aged 35.

550. Robert CHAPLIN of Goodshill, in this parish and late of Maidstone, died 7th January, 1854, aged 50, leaving a widow and three sons, Robert-Allwork, Thomas and John.

551. Charles, son of James and Martha SIMS, born 28th September, 1851, died 2nd August, 1854. Also a child who died in infancy. Also Martha Sims died 20th March, 1883, aged 70. The above James Sims died 22nd October, 1897, aged 95. James, son of above, died 12th July, 1907, aged 57. Mary Ann his wife, died 27th June, 1916, aged 67.

552. John AVERY died suddenly December 5th, 1870, in his 61st year. Elizabeth Hook, wife of above, died 12th February, 1881, aged 79.

553. Lydia F.A.V. HIGGINSON, wife of Rev. Edward Higginson of Wakefield, died at Pear Tree Farm, Halden, 8th February, 1856, aged 42.

554. John WICKEN of this parish died 24th February, 1842, aged 81. William Wicken son of John Wicken, bricklayer, of this parish, died 23rd October, 1843, aged 53. Jane, wife of William Wicken, died 15th May, 1883, aged 41, and lies in the Churchyard in this Parish. William and Jane Wicken had issue four children, Frank, Jane, Sarah and Ann. Sarah died 4th May, 1829, aged 5 weeks and 3 days. Ann died 13th September, 1833, aged 2 years and 2 months. William Wicken left surviving a widow and two children Frank and Jane. Elizabeth Wicken died 31st July, 1876, aged 80. Frank Wicken, son of above, died 21st June, 1881, aged 54.

555. Ann MACE died 23rd April, 1868, aged 71.

556. Rosa Rachel, daughter of Samuel and Annette REED of this parish, born 28th April, 1868, aged 12th August, 1869. The above Samuel Reed died 23rd May, 1904, aged 75.

557. Thomas BEAL died 3rd December, 1878, aged 69. Harriett his wife, died 9th September, 1879, aged 67.

558. Edmund HOOK born 23rd June, 1826, died 1st November, 1886. Also Ann, daughter of Thomas AVERY and wife of Edmund Hook born 10th June, 1825, died 17th April, 1904.

559. Frederick, child of Richard and Annie AVERY, died 2nd August, 1876, aged 13. The above Richard Avery died 3rd July, 1886, aged 51. Annie Avery died 5th March, 1887, aged 55.

560. Louisa, wife of Thomas AVERY, died 28th April, 1882, aged 34. Sarah Jane, 2nd Wife of above Thomas Avery, died 17th November, 1910, aged 63.

561. A Vault. HILDER, 1866.

562. Sarah Norley, daughter of William and Harriet MYALAM, late of this Place, died 14th December, 1863, aged 31. Lucy Maylam, late of 5 Oak Place, Tenterden, died 19th January, 1913, aged 86.

563. Charlotte, widow of the late Henry POILE of Beckley Sussex, died 21st September, 1861, aged 32.

564. George AVERY born 10th February, 1833, died 19th February, 1911. Lucy his wife, born 11th December, 1851, died 5th April, 1913.

The following are in the front yard of the Chapel.
565. Harriet, wife of William MAYLAM died 6th March, 1834, aged 32. The above William Maylam died 11th July, 1837, aged 36.

566. Edward WINSER, youngest son of James and Elizabeth Winser of Ratts Berry in this Place, died 2nd August, 1836, aged 19 years 4 months. Emma, daughter of James Winser junior, and Maria his wife, died at Hailsham, Sussex, 2nd December, 1835, aged 6 years 6 months.

567. James SMITH, North Briton from Dundee, lived 54 years in this parish, died 23rd March, 1887, aged 73. Elizabeth MERCER died 31st March, 1858, aged 81. Stephen JUDGE died 17th March, 1857, aged 79.

568. The Rev. Lawrence HOLDEN for 70 years the faithful and beloved Pastor of this Congregation. He was born on 15th March, 1753 and died 19th March, 1844. Esther Ann Holden died 4th September, 1844, aged 75.

End of M.I.'s in the Yard of the "Old Meeting House", Ashford Road, Tenterden

569. Mr. A.H. Taylor states that there was on the west side of the South Porch of the Parish Church a stone "Here lyeth Susanna the wife of John ADAMES, who dyed the 2nd day of August, 1672, aged 56 years".

Index of names and places

Name Index
Adames 569
Allen 27, 294, 295
Apps 229, 230, 280, 375
Assiter 1
Atkinson 501
Austen 84, 85, 86, 186, 399,
       487, 492, 495
Avann 272
Avery 330, 524, 532, 536, 552,
       558, 559, 560, 564
Back 243, 249, 250, 251
Ballard 45, 140, 227
Barnes 230, 469
Barry 142
(Bassett 54)
Bates 112
Bayden 263
Bayley 205, 208
Beale, Beall 54, 265, 510, 
        513, 557
Bell 456
Bennett 289
Bexhill 245,246, 247, 248 (498)
Binham 79
Bishop 291, 292, 293, 341
Blackman 73
Blackmore 325, 338, 339, 340,
       378, 489, 494, 522, 539
Blackwell 78a
Blinks 80, 99
Bourne 81, 82, 83
Bourner 28
Bowles 27
Bozie 74
Brattle 74
Breden 172, 183, 184, 185, 350
Breton 113, 115, 116
Brett 326
Bridgland 200
Bright 327, 382, 459
Brissenden 170
Brodnax 496
Bruner 75, 244, 307, 310, 311,
Buchanan 228
Buckler 545
Buckman 433
Bullock 16
Burden 376
Burridge 218, 513
Burwash 285
Burton 450
Busher 255
Buss 540
Butcher 426
Button 543
Caister 549
Carpenter 207
Cassingham 117, 397
Catt 304, 425, 434
Chainey 468
Chaloner 121
(Chamberlin 112)
Chambers 159, 359, 377
Chaney 291
Chaplin 550
Chapman 39
Checksfield 210, 439, 440, 473
Cheesman 544
Children 196, 197, 199, 200,
Chittenden 213
Chrismas 441
Christmas 396
Clarke 129, 465
Cliff 190, 191
Cloake 293
Cloute 361, 362, 533
Cock 457
Cole 281, 369
Coleman 422
Collet 510
Colvin 30
Cooper 4
Copland 359
Coppins 476
Coveney 6, 7, 108
Cowell 323
Crittenden 414
(Crosthwaite 512)
Croucher 398, 444, 458, 459
Croughton 442, 511, 514

Curteis 53- 58, 60, 65, 66,123,
  125-27, 134a, 142, 155b, 180,
  191, 195, 309, 395, 477, 481,
  497, 503, 507,510-12, 514
Cutbush 400
Daw 5
Daws 354
Denniss 403
Dibley 221, 222
Double 156
Drury 257, 258
Dubois 109
Dunk 244
Dunster 412, 413
Dyne 133, 500
Edwards 404
Elliott 520
Ellis 241, 242, 366
Elmestone, Elmston, Elmstone
       114, 118, 315, 513
Elphicke 326, 351
Espennett 320, 321, 322, 324
Everist 308
Fagg 278
Farley 370
Fazakerley 413
File 483
Finch 478, 485, 505
Finn 160
Finter 443
Fowle 40, 178
Fowler 134b
Freeman 381
Fuggle 18, 87, 423
Fullagar 145
Fuller 88
Furby 119
Gibson 199, 394
Gilbert 61, 62, 63, 68, 70, 318,
Giles 270, 510, 511
Glasscodine 460
Godden 155a, 518
Godfrey 209, 547, 548
Goldsmith 466
Goodsall 15, 133, 386, 387,
    388, 461
Greagsbey 27
Greenland 326, 497
Griffen 141
Griffin 546
Grisbrook 42, 43, 44, (301),
     536, 529, 531, 537
Grist 132
Haffenden 211, 218, 274, 275,
    284, 286, 287, 470, 513
Hales 487
Hall 331
Hammond 128
Handcock 352
Harden 356
Harman 173, 316
Harpole 198
Harrow 427
Hassell 317, 318
Havers 448
Hermitage 14
Higginson 553
Hilder 525, 561
Hogben 127
Holden 568
Holdstock 77
Holland 269
Hook 146, 180, 192, 193, 194,
    202, 406, 449, 558
Hooker 299, 300
Hoole 239, 240, 241
Hope 132, 149, 252,253, 254,
     266, 500
Hopley 479
Hott 16
Hougham 20
Howard 330, 383, 384, 385,430
Huggett 93, 463
Hughes 129
Hukins 76, 408
Huntley 48
Hurd 34
Huson 343
Hyland 393, 515
Infield 161, 165
Isard 105
Jackson 346, 510
James 332
Jarvis 52, 437
Jeffery 360
Jell 36, 37, 247, 268
Jemmett 510
Johnson 347, 347a, 348, 349
Jones 220, 431
Judge 111, 276, 567
Kadwell 311
Kennett 410
King 472
Kirk 474
Knight 17, 119
Knollys 42
Kyte 260

Lampert 328
Lansdell 98
(Leeds 312, 314)
Leigh 71, 72, 183
Lepard 509
Lewis 303, 471
Lindredge 203
Longley 153, 174, 419, 424
Lord 273
Lott 175, 515, 516
Luckhurst 214, 216, 217
Lunford 510
Mace 14, 528, 555
Madgshon 370
Manclark 515, 517
Mantell 155, 517
Marsh 340
Marshall 155,195,250,401, 517
Marten, Martin 48, 95, 391
Mascall 510
Masters 454
Maylam 562, 565
McCaul 512
Mead, Meede 143, 144
Mercer 116, 305, 333, 342,
     523, 541, 567
Merralls 40, 41, 168, 169, 498
Miles 435
Millings 28
Mills 133, 499, 500
Milsted 415
Milton 421
Mittell 270
Moon 219, 245
Morphett 63, 64, 137, 150,
   151, 152, 153, 161, 162,
   163, 164, 165, 166
Munk 103
Munn 201, 359, 364
Murrell 12, 379
Nannes 3
Nash 279
Neve 138
Newington 445
(Norley 562)
Norris 303
Osborne 378
Pain, Payne 75, 312, 313, 314
Palmer 506
page 77
Parker 49
Parry 344
Parsons 467
Parton 161, 168, 299, 301,
    306, (498), 538
Peel 511, 514
Pemble 56, 59
Phillpott 171
Phipps 11
Piddlesden 515
Pigram 389, 390
Pix 515, 519
Plum 329
Poile 563
Pomfret 511
Powfield 181
Puxty 270, 271
Radley 345, 346
Rayner 47
Reed 394, 556
Redman 31
Relf 187, 188, 189, 402
Reynolds 78
Richards (?) 404
Richton 228
Roberts 99, 232. 405, 436
Rofe 428
Rolfe 119, 262

Russell 33, 54, 148, 155, 319,
Samson 9, 24, 25, 26, 29
Santer 92, 429
Sawyer 19, 133, 139b, 223
Searle 416
Seth 282
Sharp 120, 123, 334
Sheather 10Shepherd 409, 411, 486, 501
Sherwood 464
Shoesmith 462
Shoobridge 527
Short 493, 495
Silcock 334, 335
Sims 551
Sisley 21
Skeer 182
Skeetes 130
Sladden 225
Smith 67, 89, 90, 109, 406,567
Snoad 418
Snook 493
Southon 107
Spelman 501
Spratfourd 96, 97
Stace 167, 259, 261, 264, 270,
    481, 482
Stanbridge 368, 420
Starnes 50, 51, 52
Steer 14
Stonham 337
Strickland 365
Swift 37
Tabret 224
Talbot 542
Tamkin 373, 475, 476
Tanner 355
Taylor 69, 179, 234, 235, 236,
     237, 238, 241, 270, 464
(Tempest 515, 517)
Thomson 2
Thwaites 337
Tilden 131
Tilmon 121, 122
Timson 223a
Titley 357
Tong 242a
Towgood 535
Trafford 257
Tress 54
Trevillon 204
Tucker 483, 489
Turk 389
Turnbull 224
Turner 270, 363
Twisden 315, 316
Varty 336
(Vennell 549)
(Verrall 475)
Viny 343, 521, 534
Waleis 56
Wallace 502
Walker 123, 124, 139a, 372
Ward 133, 447, 504
Warr 233
Warrington 374
Waters 371
Weld 367
Weller 13, 380, 492
Wenban 407
Weston 154, 155, 498, 499,
    515, 517
Wheeler 417
Whelan 134
White 157, 158, 212
Whitfeld (115, 116), 231, 501,
     507, 510
Wilde 514
Wicken 8, 296, 446, 554
Wightwick 104, 106, 110
Wilmot 54
Wills 32
Wilson 243, 518
Winder 206, 297
Winser 31, 135, 136, 137, 138,
 139a,139b,139c,529, 530, 566
Winton 288, 290, 302, 310
Wood 243, 451, 452, 453, 455
Woodgame 46
Wratten 35, 38
Wright 359
Wybourn 8
Young 22, 23

Place Index
Accrington, Lancs. 514
Alington 518
Allerthorpe, Yorks. 513
Ashford 340, 511
Ashurst, Sussex 243
Aylesford 155
Beckley, Sussex 104d, 563
Benenden 334, 335
Bersted 124
Bethersden 507
Bexley 495
Biddenden 54, 510, 511
Brixham, Devon 484
Camberwell, Surrey 507
Canterbury 115
Cheam, Surrey 514
Cranbrook 291, 534
Dover 327
Eboney 123, 266
Friesland 3
Godmersham 496
Goudhurst 200
Grinstead, East Sussex 156
Guildford, East Sussex 128
Hailsham, Sussex 566
Halden, High 179,250, 513,553
Harbledown 113
Hastings 208, 406
Hinxhill 250
Kennington, Surrey 255
London 53
Grays Inn Road 358
Tottenham Court Rd. 474
Lydd 270
Lympne 337
Maidstone 550
Manchester 511
Mayfield, Sussex 245
Mersham 155, 475, 515, 517
Montgomery 344
Newington, Surrey 370
Newton Abbott, Devon 232
Norfolk 501
Northumberland 501
Peasemarsh 501
Pembroke 273
Petham 2
Poplar 239
Rolvenden 52, 275
Romney, New 338, 515
Rye 510, 511
Sandhurst 485
Scotland 502, 567
Sevenoaks 503
Staplehurst 227
Stone in Oxney 96, 293, 337
Street, Sussex 243
   Ashenden 53, 512
   Belgar Farm 108
   Birdyle, Boresile 57, 60, 359
   Browne’s Corner Farm 318
   Eastwell House 142
   Finchden 505, 518
   Goodshill 550
   Heronden 228, 442, 503, 506
   Homewood 513
   Leigh Green 438, 478, 485
   Plomar House 135, 428
   Ratsberry 529, 566
   Reding Street 16, 67, 357
   Smallhythe 449
   Westwell House 367
   Woodside 53, 512
   Woolpack Inn 129, 244, 394
Ticehurst, Sussex 407
Tottenham, Middlesex 232
Trunch, Norfolk 447
Wakefield, Yorks. 553
Waldron, Sussex 128
Windmill Hill, Sussex 510
Wittersham 389
Wobarne, Bucks. 501
Woodchurch 449, 534
Wrotham 191
Wye 483