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Tudeley with Index of names and places at end

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                    Some Monumental Inscriptions of Tudeley Church,  Noted by Leland L. Duncan
                                                                                                                 Typed up by Dawn Weeks

1. In chancel against North wall a large tomb Above 2 coats drawing nec timere nec timide Inscription Hic jacent George FANE et Joane WALLER uxore eiis, Filius et Heres Ri Fane et Agnet, Filie et heredis Hen filii et Hered T STIDULF ……. (et?) Marion, BADSELL, Filie et hered John Badsell, Qui Geo. obit 4 die Fe. 1571 et Jo. Walker 6 Die Fe. 1545.(NB his will PCC November 1572)  (Sept 2006, Mark Waller advises that Joane's surname is WALLER not WALKER and is quite clear on the memorial))

2. In north ??????? Mrs Mary HEDGES died July 4th 1782 aged 52.

3. In north ????? The Reverend John HEDGES died August 1 1787 aged 68.

4. Monument on south wall drawing PMS. EDUARDI DERING M.A. / Filii HENRICI DERING / ECCLIÆ Thornamenſis VIC. / in Com:CANT) in hac ECCLESIA / per Annos J3 Vicarii Officio / Functi. VIR fuit Eruditione, et / Moribus, Clerico undiquaque / digniſsimis, Qui Cælebs ob:6t.o /die Dec : / MÆSTA E 3 9 MARIA / A / SOROR D J7J5 DERING / Posuit
Sacred to the devoted memory of Edward DERING, M.A., who performed the office of Vicar in this Church for 13 years. The son of Henry Dering, Vicar of Thornham Church in the County of Kent, he was a man with the learning and character in every respect most worthy of a priest, and died unmarried on December 26th in the year of our Lord 1715, aged 39. His sister, Mary Dering, in sorrow placed this monument. [Translation kindly supplied by Geoffrey Allibone September 2013]

Edward DERING 1715 - Photograph by Geoffrey Allibone

5. Brass man and wife in chancel (2 coats of arms gone) Hic jacet Thomas STYDOLF Gentilman et Mariona uxor ei q quide Thomas obiit 1 die mes Nomeb Ao dni MCCCCLVII.
Here lies Thomas Stydolf, gentleman, and his wife Marion. The said Thomas died on the first day of the month of November in the year of our Lord 1457. [Translation kindly supplied by Geoffrey Allibone September 2013]

Thomas STYDOLF 1457 - Photograph by Geoffrey Allibone

6. Sacred to the Memory of the Reverend John HEDGES AM late Vicar of this Parish a Duty he discharged for 30 years with exemplary? Piety, Humility and Charity. He died August the 5 1787 aged 68. Also to the Memory of Mary Hedges his sister who died July the 4 1779 aged 52 years. Greatly Lamented He was the second son and she the eldest daughter of the Reverend John Hedges Vicar of East Peckham in this County.

7. Mary LIPSCOMB wife of William Senior late of this parish died July the 20 1791 aged 70. Also William Lipscomb Senior died 1808 aged 77. Also Ann Lipscomb their daughter died ----- 4th 1792 aged 39.

8. Sarah daughter of William and Mary Lipscomb died September 20 …………. ……..

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Badsell 1
Dering 4
Fane 1
Hedges 2 3 6

Lipscomb 7 8
Stidulf 1
Stydulf 5
Waller 1
Places Index
East Peckham 6

Gentleman 5
Reverend 3
Vicar 4 6